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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 7

Ottawa, Canada
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Wednesday, April 1, 1964
Page 7
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1 A' v i: - ' '. " -. , -.. . t - V'.. IX, ". f . ;' I JK , ' rt---" 7- Ja ' , . . t Victory,, for Conservatives By GORDON DfcWAft ' of The., Journal AS ,.u .VffTifl .the ytTVe--OprVrtr, W siUOivhai won, v th Hrili& nt fnnlmnnf ! A '. ? thjrpast week rtfi has ' Sr.,. ..'..L.i, broadly antf'loud.v about the ' attivitie of several dfcnakt- A ment 'XhntiriJinfcmnfrv 7 . f ..rr. :-; estimate;, were up or study Opposition. rrembeT fea1?- J;iicularly Vanted ' to attack ? the governhend Ubpaf f i mange ui siciiui h, Agnit-ui lure Minister I ays on Feb. . '3, again on Feb anajonce ;. more-on March Ihis, say fro t- .and back oencn memrers f the T, was the real era x of the fight ,.lasl- this; which ((eycl.oppdlatej week and tari.ed mtJ -week. '""")' I WThey declare that nrf clear- govern rnent expla na tioft , was erg or rower, nor or Mr Hays' atlionsiduriogthel? ' j . I ! J r. . 1 -a mntf Af hi ftfthnritV .ernmertt i .spokes- aw 1 ransiport Minis ter PitJtersgill declared that there AMV' 'notHmg s illegal abouC h chandiis and thai there, jj ..always r.pmecoi nfu- ton folfowing-al ItransfeH of prAvet-r.A He Utaled mmrl that if, lie House desttja, Foresltry ; mister Sauve (to w'nom Jfte ' 1 J j l u fL I j ii"iil4l VirvmliT. liiiiMirtian neiAKUA agreements wun TJrjva Scotia and Ontario- eight tot them- . . them wnicn were signed by Njr." Hys during the-periodhe had ho author ity to do any such thing. ; . terry Nugent C Edmon-ton-Strathcona), who has figured "largely in the current uproar, declares -be does not-stand alone in his opposition, to the Government aitudT yany. otherHwtoTJench es support him; aiittJp position Leader Diefenbaker . , ha done,- the same ficept on the matter of the Qom-mffnsiitung on Good Friday. .' '". F V nrr YlnnnMon V . - "'N Reeling is thaVt,he Gov-' ernment was trving to club members on the opposite side into passing interim sup- ;l ply and supplementary esti- mates without thorough ex- minationlV", "There is "nb'egal reasfrrr the supplementary estimates rrbe passed, said Mr. N11 pent - . -' " TheConservatives, led by ' Mr. Diefenbaker, were, readij. last week to passjltiie su-plementafie but those ao-V plying to three. departmentsr with agriculture prominent among the three. 1 f. ' Finance, Minister GMw 7iatlyx refused to agree to. passing stages- the estimates in or he wanted all nothing. - ' ' ' 7 ' - This week, with Mr. Gor don ahsent.-it was agreed to paAOhe estimates of three derjtrtmentsAnOeaye the remaindec untii alter sr recess. " Onebfeqncipal mat-ters to (nKtUedswasN the Question of MKasXIetiti-1 m a ry ,iri.,of f ireTh 1 waslset-' tied yesterdavvto the satis faction of the Tories. . Errors-haik been admitted and remedial actions promised. 1 so"" (he.vTorie " were- ready to head homefor (jie . rest of the week. nVT, by then. NPP. bers were annoyed at. being denied a week-lhrrg, holiday, dug in their Tieels-andprepared to keerthe House sitting the rest of the week. It still sits today, Xny rate. . :- The Conservatives now state that theywould have V gotten nowhere as long as Ihe irgumeht. between them arid the government- was -Centred on eityier Mr. Gbrjfm ojjouse Leader Favrea13.v' - . But wherf Mr. Pickersgill7 canie-ln(r the act, the sgyje-went was made, v because -"wHrti Pickersgil'l 1 has his bacli lo the wall,, he becomes reasonable." j 7 ----This-appaxeally entailed " the realization tbjTljhe maior Oppositibn party' had no in,- teniion ot - easing inrougn . either the-suppiementary esti- - mates or interlm'supply with " out full opportunity of debat on aay question il chose. This it got and now it happyevVn if il has to sL herel the1 resf of the w.eek, IN THIS eVtve thing.- said" . ,Mr. NugerK "my prin" ciple . has .beehVcleitr ' and should be, evert to- those VJliiiajthey cata'r sey it. -. v "I was fighting for the right of! the indivutial member to say what heVtirrks is right and opposing the, idea that the overnmentv can . M .7 - H X I - ' - 1. ' '' , ' ' ;; iApX-- ' ;' .. v ' I ', J. r ......... ' . ' - - - - - - - . vim fl ' - , v- 1- X'i ': ' ' 'l4 ;V:V.:mi -WEDNESETAVv .AFRIL71; 18.64 " 7 ....-' ' ' A 1 A A Prosperity in the Valje - 4 V A A- ft. 5 m - - - mM- mm m m .ttvslvj-.- womeiil woi outside ,t vkoi outside .t numc. ,i y is-hifjher t I hi- avetaCL pay lor m in Aimont-.- fhr msiame, m!y -4 dt)'la"ra ?ar hy he !Tnrjii!n aft erase. . .1 kf !"T1: goidljw'ase. co.uped ine numoer 01 .vaiiey a Ireswhere Wh husband anjd ' 'wifework. is producing re- ! marlwible cpange in liyink copd.flons.Af :'J-.Ten years iao ih the fcastrn ounie,.-uuf ide GaRolvla'rid- Jay is-hifiher in tfeirofro- - . pan-, . y . .i, dea h"5-' . I . '' J rescrm ana miini.r.u 19- rtusseu-tnere ywere - u.j ine-T-iy in m -i t pruwucai me wppmiyofv into i :"P $in' i what we wanted a"dA about or one, am.happy U all. Ihe'h.lida.y V N . doesn't ma iter we in pnduct " busineu and we'll Vond - that' bus es to the lest-f behalf L 1 1 1 $ t $ carry mote ight and meaning if they t' tignttd. But; if th icriiekt nqmt Is disclosed io the Cdttori thiy may pub-itsh JetUfioret pen-names. The besiie(ter is usually' the $hort lt(ter ZOO words ihqttld be ceding.) " - 7 x 1 I lA . lJ fA -'"V V people r-. .''.'..'. v J. ': - nrarn-. Why Concerts Ended ir: Many letters to your rme r have exprfssed regret - 1 ' 1UI A. ttnuatiiii of ' ouiiui inr uitv uiii iiiuaiitm tale concerts, hy. the MontTI m,r3hany.. If theymusicilov-'; s or Ottawa warrtA. these concerts tobe corltinued, iW ustificatiori '.of ; their ;:jsi pression hy a local uo'l (local 1S of the ATM) shoil nr beUrefillv- sprutinized,- Tl .union eive'as a reason fl it$ stanfl. "unfairness" of t miccrois.-oi ine.i di rectors :-of the Ottawa fh f AsTiStoscriber.'- -of (Us ,-.k, . iJ L series, .1 : , ' . "IT . ir mmrm i n a mm ni ins n . continuation of.' the series. n. 1 . ... - . : . i nis letter contains ne .ioi- . lowine statementL , "In spite of the fact, that irxoruracls witn rmisictans" and their federation had bt?n scrupulousjy fulfilled by the -iociety -and that the last such contract expirtdjner three years ago. oh SepbStS-lait the American Federation: of, Musicians, "at the request of its Otuwa, Local, Na ISO, placed the society and. mem bejrj -of-lhe boa rd of d 1 1 eo tors -individually on an fun- . ...J. . ..... .." lair. 1ISI Claiming a.IOCKffUlv v'.xif,fd between the society ,ne teaerauon. ine Doarar hai been advised .by counsel thathrt-actioj was tliegai." . i have.n0 reason to doubt : correctne.i'of (his state- ment anrt fad tajee how any person or corporattofi can spean 01 iockoui - m suf n s.tualion,. justifying - thereby any action whif slronglj melr-fj inttmidaCrorr. W To anyfair-minded person Cass Abused '' Sirs: I think it is about :' , :. . v-. . . J,,a ' ' ,m ,halt,omJe tJ 1 "I"" VJ ""c h'm " C. Mr. Fred Cass, recent Attor , - ney uenerat shoul spyk are ,rejny (ruUl Wllh Con. . appearing, in the press) Mr. , up. He has-' had nb end of, tempt ad coldndifTerencffr- t7ss'name-iS to be remem-abuse irom the public. . JA Fin, ,his show f on. v ; us and , nr.c wou.a inuera na howl from aome of these people who are so ready to ' crucify Mr. Cass, if they ever were the victims of the organized criminals, . we saenrjee some or our soldiers for the good of the country as a whole. Why cannot thewitnesses of criminal attacks he made to testify to help to save "our country frOm these insidious criminals who are Creeping into our qouotry? W: .,. v C: M. ChejHWvi i tsrfs: Your . content1onf1'ewmn sr- Jipeakintf from' x Vt fie; Open tJrave," Macfi 26) that those of "frail faith" are of no concern to the rest of to say the least,. a i - twisted logic If it were a valid principle it would apply ; equally , to frail bodies and . frail minds. TJiere is reason " to believe that the subtle at tempt to lampoon not onjy , ;Tihe sovensigh, the church, morality, andf the mores of our civilization, but finally, and of much greater, signifi- cance, -the mighty act of God in the resurrection of Jesu , Christ Hi's Son our Divine1" - Lord,' on the pretext, of7 modernizing something, that is timeless, is part of a Veil-conceived plan, - of W'hi(,h some of those involved may he only the dupes, t destroy ' us .through the erosion of faitkamd consequentlV- the" collapse of morality, ! It miry be true Jat phone 7 much plpe aS coTtdcmnjition of. The y Open GraveXbut the voice -of the public not always the voice notion that sonritt ccptable . because small percentage listening audienc disapprobation pertain wrterdr m tpirrtual', impact clrned.v -, . TETtR McARTI ; Chalk River. OnC.A oTXGod. arid the- mng is ac- it nly "r a of the r presses . fljrcnv mwtfrs or a con- - VV -By PETF.R TAUiMAN Xj .'Vhji . been a ihVQa'a i7erk .1. Thomson. "Oyr. 7 va.iwy f-r nw. k.'jhe -Maritime "7inyt. . M.r. Simpson-. ' , has 'js that;' its. majj prouuci jOd fjauhifViS ms been iMiii who wei driven elseheie to find ivork And. fiAoitet th indusrra. growth ' of y the-'VaMey. in. the last 15 yeari.: ih s remains a valid contplaint. Many of the towns today are unab!e-lo hold, rhwf - natural. nriu!jJopula-jjveajie ' w ae Ipf births ,overTBrockiJ,ire7roi'i .v . A T - uuJW t- IV .JU...f W is clear that- for a rtpn DYofit or2jTiuaiKn ; sucnl as the Ottawa i' 'Philhar'mci1 nic , Sofety ; financial considpra-: t;ons enter: th decision 4,nly In .as far as size of the btar, abwbdeficil is concerned. Any member; on such aargdnliza lionv fully nealiZM.that h or she participates in the fiiMfl, rial I resnonsibiliiv for. Ithis deficit. If. th)se YresponAble l for the. uriuin's. action , hye the 'nerve tocall people un- fair, whot. after considai-aWe WrsorUtacjufice,' refuse toj- i,., th'h,.hli; ii.Ho. iihTTV. atcept-mutn oiRger ocncn, .. ' ' - .1 A . u 1 1 1 i i r . . . - unfair ' .'"-?";;'.i;';BENDFjRi. cl-a i-v . . . a r. ' ' ' .. Wr-Z..-.-': iwciiiuuri avciiuc, i OUawa. -'. '.-.' ",-f 'OpenGrciYe' t Sirs: I .watched thetele- -rr- vision - show: v"The Open Grave share t h'i s show. ' and I would like; f my - appreciation ; of. excellent .; 'tcjevision . I - suppose that - ln the-watching of ' this show, s with everything els?., different people sa"w:idirjernt" "thincs. Td mv owft:,humble IS! great success," and ought5 to ." be televised aeain sometime. - For me personally, the most revealing facrt tnWh is show aje. Jealous v!vy, "spite, fntrigue.. sctishness, greed arid' hatred, wjhic; if allowed to " run their full iWrse, in the 1j v es of penWc, will always- read to strife and killing, . ' 'X I ,1 "think -that 1 one ibf 7 the most. truthful characteriza' lions Of our. present-day life .re the sneering w,ordrcf the attorney general: 'What- ,rutn?". We are. living in .A timit U'hnn far inn lima niv , urine .111 time, when, far too large a numher ot our feow-citizens ' vincd me tf ,h .1,.; 1 ' , " . : dow of a doubt that, what , the existence and the Uangfcr huVfotiety .'-call. ; "capital of cyme, within the provinrje; -puhihmeht,' "rtiuit ' be done but as a man who was will- " away! wfth i J ingHo put his career on tfie EV?Ar Zj ASTER- ' -Douglas. One., ' -- - h,' 'HanTs' at k Sirs: "AH telephone-eWm- munirations are dead," "Thejesign over this issue, j1 submarine phone cable is "T hone our " vleiUnce and ailenced." v -"All electrical service is dead."1 ; -And. .so ., was Anchorage. A,aska- last" Friday "nd Sat-,wday. But then. thexradio --stations reported. "Here is mob-'le amatetn- radio (nick- named ham ) In . K Suddenly , disasters corne, and . sriraehowfTav little TV interfererKe i.v immaterial. x It -was amateur radio which lived up ,toi-:sectiori 12 156 of the FCC rules which says they shali"avsi5t in the promulgation" of information relating to the declaration of a general itate . of A communications . emerg-N.' yfcy, That is a big reason why certain.- not eccentric t---. - C0.minS Ph th, Chris -ln jhought.' and. Uis or7gi-and naI idea..; 7 -f. A'VOR J." HARJUESr 32;Cofcper Street, - ""T -rOitawaA v js.i. i.j;..,j...i. - i.j-!. .. .t.ons, -.' -XA : - v; Buf :his.X we. forget.' 7; M ...m I... nl ,A 1. 1. n . . - . ".. - :KZ:L i: .k.a.--. j mar-: spVki'frorrt ,,k,u ,.a. ti enprr inaiviaua:s go 10 pains to learn Morse Code at the ' rate of 6S letters a minute-r dig in dusty old tomes to learn f the wherefores about at- tenuated harmikycs.- gr,a.' bias, 7erd' beat and oscilla- tj com pii!rth"Vn''lC0,n anonymous KL7 a man who ourned up Hutomobile g who Nresppated h lis transmit Could get a rt I WE7 ter jothe world newsman t report, '-' " savV. ATnTEOM? TlianksAOId.Maru - , ' 73,WOBtliGVEi REV. ROBERT MORE, Jr. . Reformed PreAbvtenin 7 Church. VAv J -. A monte; Ont. '. iturea me fywav to uie j to trt n eaVy ind ustry in n ere with-jvbt lor t.ast men." fef'4 500 You- hfr iher'sme norj 'tn every tommHjnity. . . r, - Jlutjjere is the paradox: ' Siud.eS'. . byl. Ihe Doiiniort Bureaudt Statistics show th Arnpnor. "froqUffis4,- Fluoride facts Sirs: frf repfy to Mrj ora KeilM tictter Marcn'Mj permit, to state that in the "Feb. jl. lf4, lissue of ' Saturday -Review on .page 40 urtdef! the - title .. "The Fluoride IDebate" is to .be -found a rebuttal of the nypo- thehcal theories puDiisnea Dy three" workers . at the Na- -tional Research Council in. Ottawa. This rebuttal is'writ-ten by Professor of Nutrijiipn and the Asscxriate . Professor of Biological Chernistryat : Harvard ; University. . The " view's of other rtf .txpinr , nnrw.i.v-j , - ronto are presented on page nM nLihe March 21 issue ' ' " .MS.W. miMtint. -"'- " o ' thereis a great difference between grarting pejmpsion v; for aiv article to be publish- ed and endorsing. the views expressed; . I The NationarRe-' .search Council, has yiot enV ''dorVed- the views expressed! in this paner; neitner nave the editors vyf .the Archives of Environmental Hea'th.. ,. Viewed against the. hafq background ' of facts about the effects of controlled ' "fluoridation, this hypothetical ; paperis .-iniercMinjj uui i- vr' "relevant and the conclusions reached are the' opposite of . those indicated, b the most recent studies ROBERT JAlSON.lD; -2036 Knigjirtiridge Road Ottawa." , V Praise of Cass :Ja. 7 Sirs: The newr ' of the fesignation ,of the1 Attorney General, Hon.. Fred M. Gass, provides no cause , for re- joicing amongjionest cut-. zens. - ; -A ... Vc Whether Mr. Cass made-a blunder in his proposed Jimeridment jf the Criminal ; k- 1 lit. muii 1 V JV ' rVMa i-xm, ' it . onrwart : ,mi fh mornent from the statJmVnts - , no, one who denied , J'ne out of a concern to fill- 'fiLthe duties of his office ..With fj. " to see . With .others, I have points sa(;reement from Mr. but L4im -sorry indeed see him heing forced' to. lUI tCdl Will UC sTAJM IJSCU as well when attorneys-gen- eraf of the future err in the ..,.11 U. other direction, viz. when , they are lackadaisical Iri the - pursui)Xrime.- ' J EVERETT HAWKES. Morrrsburg, Ont. - ' Christian Thought . . : j -w. - - - I . .irs: ine unprecedented seven-minute session of the House Of Commons, on Good Friday,; when our, elected representatives were there, not to discuss politics at all, but for prayers only' should. l lhtnlf Io L a r itm annuallti .mr..ame time, con- :??Zr'". "w . Mr. lerrv iMuoenr. mh. inr . r Maid pn .Nnmp I 7 S,rs: .enachy-Wh - wnicn women seem to want s .hfV-oa io their maiJenr? names, or .pajrtstnereot. .is , or . pa)rtsthereoft ,is ing; iliilifln orr4ha rNfnrth AmeArAn rnntintMil i find! Il a iittle Inconcmnus T" GV hen The Journal, reports - that' Robert ,)let and his wife ". . . were divinely hanpv Tues. dait.aftpr learning thaf Miss Lawrence is , expecting ' a bapy, in November.- - ... V -V V V. H.: W1CKHAM. - 91!rt rtnaught' Avemie, ' , ' 1 in I . ' ...(L 7 7 . - , -ttaw1. :, V CCKn Sa$katcfiewan Sirs: There are two stk?- mcrrfs5nj particular in your Cadtan editoMarartTcler CGF GrownJ7ncTr" would hke'toSkp issue" You state that t he i'CF ex periment : in- Saskatchewan has f not demonstrated that socialism will ensure a better life"Ih7 CahadaTlIow, sTr, dor; you reconcile this statement .with I he facts? Hefe are a few 'r Saskatchewan's .' finan-" cial '.(-ecords of 163 show sensational progres in- de vekipment and jVosperity. Since I943whn te . CCF overnnjeni tpik - hird-pH. net flebt "has been liquidated. This.; while drier provinces ' have. steadily iricreased 'their ' debts, private and public in-.: vestment incrasedby liine per cent from 962-151963. Mineral production (oi 1 and -isolasb). increased by, per-- .v. ...c JMr. . W(iu- r.f..e.M. .... . . .' "P yi"e..' - per cent in, factory slWV- ments. The only figurerhich nas torfle 'down is unempioy ment, an amazing one per, venTT t he. lowest m Canada. . i V Over rKlsdelMs 11 are - vj - 'viriniureinan r7UWL-' - '" W)5incholarsmps, bursariefARG andnterest-Jligihsioo. -"people., received benefits u V ! uruiheijvledical Care. In surance Plan in 1963 atthe fantastically loW cost to the province of $25 pee capita as compared to . $ other prov - inis is twameiiJJiicaI Care Plan wWhrf.m suggests thatfie CCF? had tost itsjfrrfTs irVjiegosiation-ayd-TTSrnprorrirse. 15 y 614. ib look back' through files "of ories-pirfed "By The Journal in: July. 1962 hearins ih. lnew'rthe compromise made by the governrnent-tinder the mediation of . Lord TayW? This was only the" end of years of effort on the part of the CCF 'government in Sas-katchewan to negotiate with the medical profession The crisis was ' created ."bv the doctors, hot by the govern- ment. When the CCF is reelected in Saskatchewan, cn April 22, 1964, it will be be. cause the people of tha province are aware-of the fact that they have better life The Bible Sirs: Many people reject n . . ' " WepjUhe assumptions I , n. IS an unscientiflc ,, 'i u init, or course, that the Bible is not a textbook on the physical sciences; but in' the instances in which maners of science are in-1 cidentally mentioned, the statements are accurate,--A . Genesjs 1: 3. 4 decares that light existed before the Creation of the sun. For many , yrars. infidels mide great sport Of , this passage, but now scientists are uni versally agreed that fhe sun -isiot the only sourceof light. . . . ; wic mat tnt eartn li round was reieeted hv mo.t .' - scientists until the 1 6th cen-J tury A.rj.l"But 700 ylears bev frrte the. birth of Christ." Jkaiah refentrodjiiihiE rTrnWho sitteth above the cirrle of the 'earth." (Isaiah 40:22; see also Proverbs Ct.obVref erreo" to-the fact that the earth is poised in . o AJT uumvcicu mu n i in reality hanging tupoii notMinE. V" 1 v Truly, "We- cannot for this advance Infor- matiOn inv any other way than 'that the writers were nou.reaKing rrom -tneir own knowledge, but 'M ere 'giving a revelation from God" (W.'L'dltpharTO G. F. RAINES. Mnor HII. . j ennessee. fi e Ji e Inday the figue d" hv almost t w,.o '- 'Whert' the. ne 'International' .!)!' a; Perth opened last" tr iSif.t .jiU ..e&iimateiiAnnuaf rea frr oneMihukl of its 'neA.emp'.oees wert hAVse ives who had not kedtW years. - '' This ewra income reflect ed hmboy ways. The'ri l have beerT 10 i I have hreir 10 new curlirtg ti'ubs ancj haif dozen ; oil courses opened in - f ai)d a b jre tnan any, other pihv (Mi TOWNSUF 50 elkrk On wa. 'Sol ire Stri: I Jowdeli htf ully re freshing to read this sentence in The Journal of MarcH 182j "'Mr. Pearoh also laughed cartilv (Mr ;Little-tmltaHorv- ofv hims, !."; Thiji happened v 1 r ral P,arty' dinnlpr in the same. . v. : i ' Tr"'''n.An3iliforiima!e side, eect two paraeraphsi he- o,the programjwas,v rhe Jore 1 his sentence. The Jour, usthat Mn 'Palton I 'amn rfatinhal . rrirfVif - rt ' the: t'Dhsrvattve Partv, FCt- ticizedi4hex prime Mrrfster for laiSghing jat ahlrnitiitipn ! of Opposition Leader QH tfen-haker. '.a. ' .1 . ,.; .v'Ooe can ohly assyme that. , Camr hiis-faint kAnwil . ?v --7 1 edgeof Ehclfth- literature Jlas he ney.-heard of that ;towmnr''geWtt4 ofthe 17th 'century, Johari.'J.Sf t? . And what rwwti''4Sch''?' May "we vCajvJdiaijs" grow' in he' capacifV'to, laugh at our ces :'. ' . " ----- MAftgARLl I. 1 1 ALK txf 216 Lyon Street, Ottawa, New low " ' :-v,7-.77'''7...-7:iA7 ECIAL HELP IN BASIC SKILLS READING AND ARITHMETIC 7 crade i- : . bmall classes ..: ;y" . Highjjv (tjuallficd teachers , " 2 hoirs every gaturday mWning - April 4 to June 27 only So prTV'f ek CAPITAL TUTORING I 1725 BANK ST. hone 828-7030 -. " 7t';-7- :, . . ' . EuroDe.onsale fafe$ffiffective today :;.. . ' Ay A'A',A a '-' Wf , Jl j :. :7. 7v; j i v . -v.. -' y I I A Aw i ;;. ' AX, k,j 'it:- 77 ' 1 , - . f . - i i , ..' ii i itm i . i in i m mi .S ..T. ' -a -meriTV- -.(n . ' ' : i - your I A I Ai ravei jugem t Al DUFOUR " TRAVEL AGENCY ;. ' INC l ten Mafnnin PfciHent. 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''- :- TbprRram. ended ,up as very . subtle anti-Chns::an ProPanla rrncre ' far too- much of this these days, - iihout spending thetks- . pavers' money on more W A, '' damagesto the image of as- lite and Ithe police (especially in TorOritOlT ; - -;l LS. Laurien Avenue East.' ;n-t P -r. -LUFTHANSA , nim itv in . . a . J a your I AT A Trarclifw?r VOYAGES GUERTIN TRAVEL REG'D; v .... .. -Ynur Traitl :r' 103 Main SU Hull 77M351 j .j "t. ottw' . -..'.....'. 0 , ., -7 . ... u -.- .7 -- : ,-;Xa--t:- '"--a "h . -- ,i 'V " ' ... i -. - . . -. - ,v. 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