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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, July 10, 1918
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J'' CornielbviHeY Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,778 VOL. 16, NO. 205. CONNELLSVILLE. PA^ WEDNESDAY EVENING, JULY 10, 1918. TEN PAGES. LULL IN WEST AND ON THE ITALIAN FRONT CONTINUES; ALUESJMPROVE POSITIONS More and More Comes Evidence That Battles Rivaling Previous Off ensives Will be Launched; Nibbling Tactics Continue to Add to Strength of Allied Line. KAISER WILHELM STRICKEN WITH INFLUENZA By Associated Pres.^ . . Fighting activity on. the Western and Italian fronts still is confined to local operations. The lull on both fronts, however, will not be prolonged as there are many signs that the great combat.which marked the German, offensives on the west and the-, Austrian, stroke in Italy will shortly be rivaled. Satisfactory as has beea the "nibbling" tactics of the Allied command apparently they have not yet roused the Germans to action. ' Franco-American troops on the French front liave taken 5,400 prisoners since June la.i The Germans' hesitation in resuming the offensive is giving the Allies, although prepared to meet it, little concern, as day by day .they improve their positions by advances in local operations which a year or so ago would have : been looked upon as sizable battles. Berlin continues to report officially that all. Allied efforts are being repulsed. Claim is made by the German command that "successful local engagements" have been fought west of Chateau Thierry where the;Americans and French hold the line northwestward toward the Ritz forest,^east of Villers-Cotterets. Allied communiques make no mention of any fighting there. · OEKMAS AltllLLEtT AXD SACHEfE CUSS ACTIVE. LONDON, July 10.--Considerable activity was developed, early this morning by German artillery and machine font in tie region , east of Amienz from the vicinity erf Villers- Brfttonnettx to the Ancre, says today's war office report. : The Germans delivered local attacks in the Villurs - Bretonneux area. but.these were repulsed. On the Flanders treat the British carried out ;in operation 'in the vicinity of .Merr ris, northeast.'; of Nieppe wood, by means of wbicii the line was advanced a short distance and prisoners were taken. : DKIT1 05 rOEfT flTHERE COMFORTS BRANCH TO GIVE BICYCLES TO TWO HUSTLERS XaeklMft, One for Boy, Other for . 6iri, Are Placed on Display in Local Stores. To the most popular girl and the most popular boy In Connellsrille · or vicinity, the Charleston Comforts. Branch of the'Navy League is going'; to give ,two handsome and expensive' bicycles. .The -boy's bicycle may be seen on -display in the show window of "Wright-Metzler 'company, and the girl's bicycle .in.the show -window ot the CoBnellaville .' Drug company. j S, tatf 10.--jArtilftry duds on | ... tb» tronti *»rti of Montdidtz and. " sooth of th'» Aisoe near ChtTigny farm, -where French troovs have recently made inroad* upon tbe German lines, were announced by the war office today. TT JB *· ^r, . tup vu*i.uc**av.ii.ic _ js-*i u^ wumjJitiij. KU£ -ntBOADS. I Both, ^machines - are beauties, of the ' ' FITX SJJUVS IS KAKEIE · COBFS CASUA1TT LIST. WASHINGTON, j-uiy 10.-- The jta- rtoe Corp* casualty list today con- tain«d names which Pr«viouslT reported killed in action, *now renorted seriously wounded, Pri- ' fxit Gfaefe E. Mictiae!, Dalmatia, Pa, -». · _ TWKTH.O-M! KPJ.BP ; 15 J»IK OF -THEEB TTOOTf DS. . WASHINGTON, July 10.-- The Army : cavnalty ' list today contained 103 nam«», divided as fojlows: Killed in action, 21; died of wounds, "15: died at disease. 4; died of accidents and " other -causes, 3; wound«d severely. 45; wounded sligbtly, 1; missing in acttea, 12; prisoners, 2. KA18EK BTIJL SCFFERI5G FBOX SPA1HSH 6EHTE ROME, July 10.--Emperor "William himself has fallen africtim to in- BucBza which has-been so prevalent in th« German army, according to advices from a Swiss source that have reached the Epocha. These declare that the emperor, has gone home £rom the French front because of. the attack of "Spanish grippe," as it is called, and that several members of lateit .design 'and. cauipped irith tires, «tc, ;.. ; - ·;:.,.; · . . The contest will begin on Monday, July 15. and continue until 9 o'clock E. M. August 17. Any boy or girl in Conuellsville or vicinity may enter the race without-any charge and every contestant will have an equal chance to win. Those who wish to be hava enter the popularity contest required to call in person or some person call for them at Room 210, Title * Trust building, between the hours of 2 and 4 P. M. any afternoon until Saturday, where Mrs. A. D. Soisson will enroll all who wish to enter and give them 'full particulars Regarding the contest The contest is open to any boy or girl in ConnellsviHe or 'vicinity and the more contestants in. the race the more exciting will be the finish. the emperor's family are from the same malady. suffering j ' . , ACSTKU DECLINES j ' GEKMAX COJMAXDEK. I ROME, July 10.-- Austria bW de; ., dined to accept the German general. Otto von Beulow as commander-in- i chief of the forces on the Italian \\ ^ front because Germany refused to j send 12 German divisions with him, t according to 'the newspaper Epocha, I which bases the statement on advices \ from a Swiss source. . Austria, it } adds, has temporarily given up the *·' Idea of revenging hers«l£ for her re- ·-·rf cent defeat by Italy. ' ' ! . . _ XKISSKBR FIFTH PLA51:. ,'WTTH THE AMERICAN ARMY IN PRANCE, July 10.-- Lieutenant James X Meissner of Brooklyn, won his fifth aerial ^victory, thereby . lecom- ing an ace by bringing down in company with Lieutenant Hamilton Coolridge of Boston, an enemy two seated airplane r-cr Chateau Thierry. The German machine fell in 'flames. IS FINED J20 MARKLETON HOSPITAL TO BE CLOSED DURING IHE WINTER MONTHS Markletiin sanitarium. recently tak-en over by- the government for a hospital for soldiers snffermg from tubercular · affections, will be closed for the winter. It was announced today that the place will not' be in operation from. October or November until in the spring. It will not be closed permanently, it was said, ·Reports that the reason for suspension was' that' the climate was not suitable for tubercular patients was deuied.. HOFBUR6 PALACE IN VIENNA STONED BY RIOTERS [OMUL GOVERNMENT FOR SIBERIA IS ESTABLISHED; WILL FIGHT CENTRAL POWERS PERSHING LIMIT CLUB MOLLS 95 MEMBERS IN CITY! Vladivostok Selected as Temporary Capital of Nation. ASSEMBLY TO BE CALLED .This is the facade of the Hofburg palace In Vienna, on* of tbe residences of Empcrpr Charles, which VBB stoned by a hungry mob not long ago. CRAWFORD AVENUE, WEST SIDE, TO BE IMPROVED AT ONCE Temporary, Bat Will Go long Way Toward Bettering V.p : Conditions. ". s i,~-,'..'' .· M'CORMICK IS IN CHARGE M'ADOO PROPOSES RADICAL WAR TAX ON ALL LUXURIES i Jenelrr, Clothing, Drinks, Antomo| bllem Servants, included in List · . Submitted to Congress. | WASHINGTON, July 10.--Taxation! ' on so-called luxuries--all articles of wear selling beyond a nominal price, is suggested In a memorandum submitted by the Treasury Department to tho House Ways and Means Committee. ' Tbe recommendations in part are COMPANY G GOES TOMT. GRETNA FRIDAY EVENING Street Inspector TTill Pat Force o f | « follows: Can Be £otfen to Scene; Mayor Fa- V.Ten Concrete Work ior Streets. ..Men to Work oe Soon as Materials | . pit , tT * tr "£ ° n ^e retail price of ! jewelry, including watches and clocks, except tbose sold to Army officers, Twenty per cent on automobiles, trailers' and truck units, motorcycles, bicycles, automobile.' motorcycle and bicycle tiros and musical "instruments. A tax on all'men's suits for, more Tytnporary improvements will be made-, in W-est Crawford avonue immediately, .by- Street Commissioner William iieCor v ik. If labor enough can | than $30, hats over .$4, shirts over $2, be secured,..the material is on .hand i pajamas over ?2. hosiery · over 35 and the rougfi: surface of Ihe street i cents, shoes over ?5, gjovce over $2, will be smoothed out. considerably. i Detwiler, Ella R. Goldsmith, J. M. Grey, Mr. .and Mrs. Joseph Griffiths, L. P. Hoover, ~Dr. J. D. Jackson, Max Levine, ff. Marietta, Dr. L. I'. JicCor- inick, Mr, and Mrs. W. T. .Morris, Wil- bur'Madigan, Swayne Harper, Mrs. J. 11. Reid, Happort-PeaUiennan company, V. H. Soisson, Daniel Sinclair, Wisset Hardware Company, . S. C. Whiskey. L. Galley, A. E. Morticker, Aarou Company, A. J. Buttennore, Prank Bradford, Dave Cohen, Gaetano Corrado, H. L. Carpenter, Charles Davidson, J. H. Davidson, C. W. Downs, H. C. Davis, F. S. Dull, Harry Dull, John C. Dixon, John Duggar, J. J. Dougherty, Al8 1. Daniels, William Edmonds, Etna-Connellsvillc Coal . Coke Company, Cyrus Echard, Thomas R. Francis, G. B. Freed, Katharine | Herbert Frisbee, w. A. Furlong, J. C. ! Greene, J. A. Guiler, Nellie E. Gard; aer, Henry Goldsmith, S. M". Good- .j man. Dr. W. N. Goldsmith, Sara Jaffa ICCITT7r\' Goldsmith, S. J. Harry Company, An- iChjlJ£ls:na Clara Humbert, Wade H. .Mariet- jta. Otto Koc-hler, Josiah E. Kurtz, K. I K. Kramer, J. Fred Kurtz. Alfred Ko- Companjr Will Brill In Sen' Outfits, backer, Jacob Kinsbursky, H. .M. Tonight ior First Timi!; Rifles Will jKephart, Worth Kilpatrick, A. B. Be Issued at Camp: ttllltary Band I Kurtz, J. C. Moore, James McCairns, Will Lead Parade to the Station. llrs ' A ' M - - VeS ' Holland Pierso1 ' Irs ' Each rieuges lo Purchase $1,000 in Uiir Savings Stamps by Uie End of Uie 1'ear. A list of subscribers of War Sav- j ~ ings Stamps, who joined ihe Pcl-shing j J}eii?n of Uie BolsllCTJkJ Soon to Limit club by pledging themselves to pui-ciiase $l.i)0u worth, all that is ai- Joived, had been submitted by John Davis, who handled the limit club drive in Fayolte county. There are i __ 35 members of ite club in Connelis-jFLAG! AJUK-.EADY ADOPTED ville. They are: j C. M. H. Boyts, George w. Camp-1 bell. Mrs. Caai-les Detwiler, H. W.' Fitly Thftiuand Cjwcho-Slovabs Prom End Sewspuper IDispatch. Indicates. Command of Pennsyl vania Reserve Militia to Get Week's Training. Country Enroutc to France by of Pacific and l;nitd States to Fight for Oie Allied Cause. By Associated Press. ASSTERDA3L, July 10---A declaration Uint the Soviet government of Russia will ally it»If with Germany in case of Anelo- .lapanese Intervention in Russia is contained in a Moscow wireless message printed in the 'ten- na 'Seue Frcio Prcsse, according t.i an undated message to the Berlin I/okal Anzeiftcr. The Vienna newspaper quotes the concluding sentence of Oie dispatch as follows: "If the Japanese and English should occupy Russian territory the Soviet government would immediately join Germany." UNIFORMS ARE LONDON, July 10.--A new provisional government for Siberia, which has the unanimous support ot the population and -which will continue to fi£ht the Central Powers, has been estabiifced at Vladivostok, according to a Times dispatch from Tokio by the Vladivostok corres- Uniforms were issued lo every member of Company G'at drill last night, [g. M. F. Pickard. M. F. PicHard. James Pondent ot. the "Asahi." The ne Rapport, W. E. Rice, C. L. Heed, John ! government intends to summon a , . . , . . , Sullivan, A. C. Stickel. Superba Coal constituent assembly and to restore Company, Mrs. A. C. Stickel, , . . . and arraignments have been complei- j Frank H, Sweeney, Mrs. Sannllipo.'P. ed tor the trip to Mount Grctaa for j g aa jillipo, W. R. Scott, Mrs. Aldice law and order throughout the coun- ry. The program of the new.. govjsrn.-..... --~- tbe week camp, beginning July 13. jsilverman, Clara A. Sloan, Mrs. Sil- raent includes the liberation of Si- The company will leave here Friday i vwman, p. X'. sherrick, W. H. Sois- j . beria from U»e. Bolshevik, the av-oid- underwcar over $3, and all neckwear! evening at 5.26 on the Pennsylvania I SOD| ji ev jj. Tomaskl, Dr. J. Y. Woods, i a n c e ; if possible, ot foreign and canes. Mayor Duggaa this morning told McCormick to his men go to work i On women's suits over $-(0, coats Jed now, sine more men having been l^yeibe. David | railroad. No more recruits arc need- i jj rs . Hetty E. Williams, Charles on the street at once and repair some ] over $30, ready-mac's dresses over $35, mustered in last night, filling the com- Of tie deep ruts. ! skirts over ?15, hats over $10, shoes' pany. .No appointment ot a second In places the street has sunk in i over $6, lingeries over f5, corsets over : lieutenant to rill the place of Harry from one curb to the other, and be-:J5, dress goods silk over $1.50 a sciuaa IRostofski, who resigned recently, has j , tween these deep-ruts' there : are innumerable holes- of one. kind or another. It had been suggested that automobile owners turn out for a day to help in the improvement, but no ac- Younkin. Dave Younkin. \Tertheimer, Younkin and vention, universal suffrage. inter- estab- P. E. Ira D. i mcnts of provincial councils and a labor bureau, distribution of the land of yard, all furs, boas, and fans. On children's suits over $15; : been made, cot-; Tbe cora-pany ton dresses over $3, linen dresses over i night and also will have tomorrow drill to-.' evening, j $5 silk and wool dresees over $8, hats: Friday afternoon tbe company will j tion was taken, and this morning 1J2. over $5,'shoes over $4, and giovcs o?er \ report at the armory and at 5 o'clock. Mayor Dugga.n told Commissioner McCormick to go ahead with what help he could, get. Speaking on the street conditions the mayor said he firmly believed that under the "new conditions a concrete base should be used :a. tiie main thoroughfares of the city. "Thip truck situation," said the mayor, "is something we have, never met before." The big coal trucks carrying much mort than any wagon, ever did, have been the chief cause of many of the deep holes, their weight causing the slag or cinder base to give way. ; headed by the Connellsville Military On housefurnishings: air ornamen-; Band, will march to the railroad sta-] tal lamps and fixtures, air table linen, i tkra to entrain, for the camp, cutlery and silverware, china and cut! Toaigiit tho men will drill In nni- glass. AU furniture in sets f o r j f o r m for tho first time. Captain which ?5 or more Is paid for each i Stoua has kad his men in constant piece. On curtains over S2 per yard I drill preparatory for the camp, and and on tapestries, rugs and carpets'the local boys have been well in- over ?5 per square yard. .istrucled in the short period of train- On all 'purses, pocketbooks. hand-] ing. .Although complete uniforms DRAFTEK^GO JULY 23 Orders Giilng Date of EBtralraent Beceired by Board "». .".; Local Board for District No. 5 this morning received orders '· that' the neit contingent of men from this district to Camp Iiee would entrain on Tuesday evening, July 23. The men will leave over the. Baltimore Ohio railroad at 9.25 in the-evening; The JU.T»r IMPOSTS 8»Mj- Sentence in Mas Arr»»ted for Disorderly Camifet. William James, arrested last night for disorderly conduct was given his choice of paying a $20 fine, ta!' til days in a cell or working n.. : on the streets by Mayor Dug^u, police court this morning. No. 5 board wil! send 32 men to camp. Local Board for District No. 2 has not yet deceived orders as to when the men from that district will leave. The list of men to leave will be published when orders -re received. " The No. 5 men will report at the armory on the morning of Tuesday, July-23. at 10 o'clock for "roll call. They will be supplied with complete outfits by the Red Cross. ·' Pennsylvania will send 11,700 men to Camp | Lee during the five-day period be-j ginning July 22, On July 23. 2,019 i Cash Road T»i Appropriation for jmen'will be entrained in. "Western j I Pennsylvania.. . . . . . . Local Board No.-5'hail summoned The mayor said lie believed slag "| gon per was a good, base ' bags, brushes, combs, and toilet articles and all mirrors over $2. Ten per cent on the collections from the sales of vending machines. Ten .per cent on all hotel bills a- mountlng to more than $2.50 per per- were not used much. "Slag will eventually turn as hard as cement," ho declared, "but 1,1 can only be used tfl advantage on a side street where: the surface is not broken dowji before the slag hardens." Improvements of any kind on West Crawford avenue would be welcomed by owners ot all vehicles. One rut smoothed out would he just one rut put into fairly good condition, MINING RECORD BROKEN Workers in Connellsville Region Pro- · OBCC 095,000 'Tons In Week. Coal production in the Connellsville region last wee-k brake all records, a total of 695,000 tons being mined. Working a full day on tbe Fourth together with-added-impetus tae following days to keep pace with the record set on the holiday,, all tended to make the highest mark reached in the local region..: Workers in this region are said to be. realizing more and_ more the importance of remaining at work steadily, and-are showing.their patriotism Ten cents a gallon on all gasoline to be paid by the wholesale dealer; eventually the consumer. have been issued, no rifles have as yet been received. It is likely that ilie guns will be distributed at camp. The uniforms of the reserve militia are the same as tbose of the United States army. The hats are the dark brown with a blue cord, and the material In the uniform resembles somewhat that worn by a marine. SUGE CONSCRIPT ARMY FOR RUSSIA TROTZKY SCHEME By Associated Press. PARIS, Jniy Ifi^-Speaking; at the opening today of the general congress of Russian Soviets, Leon Trotzky. the Bolshoviki minister of vaf, said, according to a dispatch received here from Basel this morning: "Russia is-on the eve of a general military service conscription." Trol/ky also emnhasted Uie necessity of Russia having.a powerful army. j among tbe landless and control economic activities. Siberia will thus, addr, the correspondent of the Times, become the first democratic state in the history of Russia- and it is hoped will be a forerunner of a great Russia. The flag adopted by the new government consists of two stripes of white and green. S. JTfTEXTIOSS TOWARD RUSSIA »TKR.TAnr. CZECHO-SLAVS PEFEAT HUX-BOLSHEY1K FORCE. WASHINGTON, July 10.--The first ,| definite news of an armed body of* j Germans and Hungarian prisoners in, Siberia was contained in a report received today at the State Department from the United .-States consul at Vladivostock. telling of the capture by Czecho-Slovak forces of GOO prison- era and the town-of Nikolsk, about 80 miles northwest of Vladivostok. The Czechoslovaks lost. 40 killed and 200. wounded.. They were opposed" by a large force of Bolshevik! Red . . . _ - - . . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . . . . . ,,,, WASHINGTON, July 10.-- The gov- ' Guards and armed- German and Hun. The complete roster of the company j ornment regards Uie situation in gariau prisoners. Double tie present taxes on alco- j follows-: Captain. A, 0. Stono; Lieu-j Russia as so rapidly and constantly holic beverages. : tenant, Lyell Buttermoro; Randall Os-j changing as to make it impossible to Tobacco and clgaret tales are dou-l tervrise. Opal Morrison, Charles Irwin, | come as yet to any decision as to bled . ! Robert P. Patterson, Harry 1-tnhns,) what military aid mas? be exleaded : Automobiles---A license tax on pas-'Thomas Groach. Charles R. New- by the United Staes. This was senger automobiles graduated accord- I comer, Nelson J. Leach, Joe Domin- stated authoritatively today. Ins to horsepower. Household servants: Male,. 25 per cent of the wages of one servant up to 100 per cent of the combined wages of four or more. . Female servants, each family exempted from tax on one servant. All additional servants- (female) from 10 to 100 per cent on all over tour. CONDITION SERIOUS Specialist Called in Illness of Ohio- The pylc Hotel Man. condition of Max Rush, proprietor of the Ohiopyle House, Ohiopyle, who is ill of typhoid fever, is very critical. Dr. Lichty. a Pittsburg specialist, was summoned this morning. He was joined here by Dr. H. C. Hoffman and Logan Rush, father of th'e'patient. by.doing so, although the high wages j Mrs . Rush, who is also a victim of paid them would permit laying off sev- , f ev er, is still in a serious condition, eral days a month. - . | Mr. and Mrs, William-Dull,. parents BONUSES CER1 of Mrs. Rush, went to Ohiopyle this morning and Mrs. A. D. Soisson., an j aunt, r 'went this afternoon. '' icfci, Thomas Flunnigan, Nelson E. HarnKm, Victor 12. Mossoly, Freeman E. Franks, Robert Lyon, Horace F.. Atkins, Austin Atkins, R. P. Blaclta, S. W.- Braham, J. D. Burket, Kent B. AIR MAIL ROUTES The following statement issued bj? Ibe Slovak'Press Bureau will do much to make plain to readers of Tbe Courier why the Czecho-Slovaks are in: Russia and what are the purposes and.i intejHlons'of these traditional-enemies- of Austria:' "At the begining of the war Aus-- T ,, _,. , ~ 7 tria-Hungary sent part of her army Letters Jlay be Sent at IB Confe First i to Ru^ia. This army, .contained ao- Clifton, John Cupcheck, C.'H. Dennis,' Ounce, « Eiicli Added'Ounce. j proximately 50 per cent Slovaks, 25 Charles Decker, F. H. Dulany, Frank Mail tor dispatch by aeroplane ser-j per cent Czechs (Bohemians); five per: - -- · -- -- - . ,, . - . , . vice may be mailed now at 16 cents-cent Slavs and only 20 per cent Atis- , . , . , James A. List, James D. Living-' SJK:ctal delivery service at the post- : by the Russians, and when Urey met ne, James I. Lint, Lawrence E.| 0fflce to wni °h ihe mail is addresed. ; or. the battlefield, regiment after reg- J. Erler, Harry M. Gross, E. L". Hodge, William McK. Johnston, Cyrus Kennel, Alonzo M. Krepps, Earl R. Rosier, sto Lee, Q. D. Marietta, Howard lloore, John--Moore, Lawrence H. McCullough. I John T..McGuiro, John Nichols, Carson H-. Paine, Jamea J. Palladino, Doa S. Porter, Joseph B. Heed, Harry R. tor the first ounce and six cents for · trians. ounce. This includes j "The Czech-SJova'ks always stood The Post Office Department has j iment surrendered in a body and went requested that articles mailed to ! over to what was- the enemy of Aus~" ' 's. one reason, why the. acu ui uLiier uittii . wuuueti ! .iUJSLriaTiK nanir nil *K« r*^«« boxes, wooden Richter, Ernest Stillwagon, Wildy Slillwagon, Albert T. Schlinger, R. W. Springer, George William Sellers; Howard H. Taylor, John Venersky, .Walter L. Wortman, Frank Weimer, i ,71° "~A*" · ^ Benjamin Younlcins, Charles H. Yaw! th6 ad(lressee5 '" France and William P. Yeagley. 107 DEAD IN WRECK Following Westmoreland County . - . · .By 'Assocla-ttd .Press;-' · . . - HARRTSBURG, July 10.-- Three two more men to 'appear on '.Tuesday, ! counties-, -Westmoreland,. Bradford' and ' July 23, for entrainment to camp. They arc Mahlon. Edwards, Vanderbilt, and' Jesse "W.- Piper, Imnabr. K. olC. lo B*ise NBW YORK, July 10.--Tie Knights of Columbus' will raise $50,000,000 in N. S. Smith and Harry Staut'er of !the.development of:.war work in the Mount Pleasant, -were arrested for train ridtaj., I'hey were eacii fined next .12 months, it; was announced here by the.committee on war work activities^ Somerset, have been certified for over $70,000 as their share ot the 1911 cash road tax bonus appropriation which is now being:-prepared at. the state capitol. - . . - . . . . . - . ' . . Bradford, which has. 2,300 miles ot township highways, is to .get $24,583761; 'Somerset withl,S32 miles will get $25,802_.12,.' .and. .Westmoreland with. 2,578.45^' miles-will, be/certified. #,,_.' AA'a*'!oe i; J " ' · · - ' ' . · ' ' · · · - · ' ; · for'$22,1.86.84. Bighty-six in Hospitals Crash at JMiri By Associated Press. emiJ July 10.-- Revi" members of the Expeditionary Forces j tria. This « UJJO reason wny the he packed ir. other Oian wooden , Austrian's hang ail the Czech-Slovak imvoe Many packages are mailed, in .prisoners. bo TM s both to camp in this | "Professor T. G. Masar'yk organized country and m France. In most cases i-the prisoners into what is now the they are tob light to stand the Hand-,Czecho-Slovak army in EussJa He ling to which they are subjected. | got permission. from the czar to' arm Many of the boxes sent to. camps in i them. Tien-came the revolution and ""TM",°.?l.l a !'! ?TM.l» 6d "i" 16 Czecho-Slovaks just waited while the Hussions were tearing themselves into many parts. "W-he.n tiie-Bolsheviki -wanted to dis- KltS. Jrii'A GETS ·!. Kirk Hcnner Xajned itoster in Divcrce Case. [man agents in disguise, so they had-to Upon recommendation or Master J. flght. Masaryk ordered" them to the . Kirk-Renner the court granted a decree of divorce to Kathleen Mina, of nearest pacific port in order to get to America'. ..They, have lo date cap- , , ____ ______ ______ ._ __ ,. _ Connellsville, from George .Mina, of ] lured almost 3,000 miles of. railroad. Partly .cloudy tonight and. Thursday; little : change in. the temperature is 'the 'noon weather forecast ';tor Western Pennsylvania. Temperature Record. 191S 1917 Maximum 77 84 Minimum--.--: 57 . - . "62 Mean 67 73 The Yough nver fell during th« ·;- night from LOO feet to 95 lee*. Uniontown. They were niarried Jan- '. captured Vladivostock and Irkutsk injured in yesterday's collision ca the j uary 8 1J14 ' at Ujlion i ow u- Cruel and ' and almost all the war material the Nashville, Chattanooga St. Louis ; Darbarous treatment and indignities; Russians had.- . . . . ' ' "o the person were alleged. j "Professor .Masaryfc is now in Wash- Attorney Renner was appointed | ington, and there are over 50,000 sion today of the list "of. the. dead and railway hi- the suburbs .of Nashville i showed 107 dead and a hospital list of 8«. : Among the.dead are 35 unidentified negroes Has Xipe Tomatoes. Miss .Gladys Yowler o£ South Con- neilsnlle picked, the first ripe tomatoes 1 from'her war-garden July,3- master in the case of Katharine Petty 1 armed Czecho-Slovak - soldiers on. against Charles Petty. Hotel Man Found Bead. ,Robert E. Lochrie, proprietor of the Boswell-hotel,, aad one of the best known residents of Somerset county, was found dead in bed Monday, at his .iome. . : their way from Russia to France by way ot the United States. . "If the American Anny comes in. time to save the remaining -Czechoslovaks who arc holding the Russian ports and railways maybe they will Slay there and fight shoulder' t» 1 shoulder."

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