The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 1, 1964 · Page 6
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 6

Ottawa, Canada
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Wednesday, April 1, 1964
Page 6
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i-K7 . t V . . n ..... Hv V uW'hfJ fcJ The Jtniroil 'Piibljihliic O fi WEDNESDAY. APHJtT 1, oitl V 964 the conference goes on after; the gamesmanship and the publicity of the. preliminary- encounters. -r-7. i That's April V1 7 lAnrtl is theTwav from where March goes out lo May Day. Itbegins " k . I- rW-.l'- FX ft M I.HU iH goes out io Auiy vwiy. u octi "Anri! Friol" D.iv and ends with i But after Irtaking alt.due allowances'April would nQtxglpryjn it,v but make . for pbt1( pUtu're And provincial poli- the. oe'st of it .and teach us taf, as a . tics. tneqiiierencea oetwcg n me aowh paymenr, on wnai t iscoming in ancjeano ine iione oi mi. iuoh May, it is a gooa investment. and Mr lKhgels vftas snow cieariy how. miick;n,trlfiigy; forcesi are stilt at work insiUa CdnfedHat ion.1 Here Was a pull. notony PI tne provinces againsi th rpntraipetnmcni "r- that " is a Learning to team At the opening of the annual confer ence of the Ontario Education AssocSa familiar strry, lt -wiisl region against ; 'lion in Toronto this weekprnlich of the rcgionf proi',inte agaiVAt pxqvinpe. It talk.was of the swifrpace' of echnolog-wasn6t thai ?mV Leialaid anything ' ical change today and -4he difficulty,, that could n()t.hae beertWxpWcted.' Que of finding how to 'giveyoung bee's brief was lah 6rdeVly ah"d some-f educationalfoundation( that wjll enable lt wliat JuUei restamen ve nowAlr.R6barts ihlfull ' ciatidn. Mr. Harold Klinck. might-hav reaction. He was M) quibbling, about " seemed at first to be talking from left v the particiilarsof dfoizatU) payments field when hei departed fr6m techtesZ br .the details of How fcosUshanng pro- ana skius ana. joo security jmaiorna-; grams might berbuj;ht ibto the pro-. .tion to speak of the ideals . of education vihcial domain. The Premier of Ontario and the importance of thinking. He said: afKod the.largphiJiS( phical questions. " Wespalnow of teaching our children ething neW-fronva man who seems lo ,7' Lw !t Tv. ,Z !7u.:-..,-.? -.J- to them$elvU for the purpose with the more given- ii pi uifMK1" . v result ihaf we are not thinking for ha tneory anq tnc pqawsopny ui guvci.u- lent. "How.'.: lie asked, can the "aspira- ftorisfoU)iiebecV.. . be achieved while maitamingeanadian unity., and the -pfegress otr country?" He saidlur- .'-ttier iheuffulwqrds:.,,We. are convinced' that arrangement? u n d e r themradicvl TUbstvtrierrVT rithletic coacjh is thinking for them. The result will be a aociety of conformists, who all think' as they have been taught to think . . . . -.; .- ' ." - nicr r-XA Via - (nntitsil. . .. - r.. t 1 r , - i .. ... A r ; J- ss :l : ft Otul OKtvtn income .T'Ta -deadline and- the aoine between -Jthem jji. muddy. ? L'ven, the . mohrtV n.L' " proudest boast, mat, as showers Drini JJL' rwvMV" ' .1. . May flowers, is amyth. livery garden TKS Right Questions , ' Knows that what, realty brings M,sf y - ' Lach. openinR . .statement of J Prime numb and chilly fingers last November. 1 Minister' Pearson. Premie Robrts and What April show ers really bring is May , Premier. Jf age at-the Federal-Pro vm dryenin,is , and deep holes, the cial Conference went so much its owiv?sh;ipe o the feet' of children, in t h e i way tht if oneJiacLnoLsee'rf the three awn. AprVTfwurse can't help rit men .sitting around the samer table, they There is bound toi be; a sauishv browh night We seemed to .be- speaking .at Reason between" twhite season ahd different meetings. . 7 the green season. The trouble is'' that These statements are,' of cpurse.4sefT.laU. our. leading weather poets: took" 'their : tieces : ffddress'ed as much to th e basic .training in. England where the tublic as to the conference. They are sea'son is factner ahead. From t h e m ' not the lait word. The realwork 4 of u we've come toVexpect too much,' bnly to learn that-wh'a"t's lilac time inHew .is another story in Carleton Cpunty.v Poetry .or''l4is.Clnctively''SXiiadiah . .w- . .y , t- .jt .j . i 'CJZTi' " '. -fa. ' .a. W I I . - -WMHBk.. .e. . 1 : I gg !f jl ' :'hia ppince nd prosperity Lii .. . V'r!TV V ;'. Bruc Hutcn v.-; -: .' m.. -m vm. m. -- ' -M -xH 1',tb mVfeit, That's All CIMned Up y Jlimmh I ' T.-'-S -m;- , ' . : f V W: V ' A; - respectful . advi(e to V- nowtoi ill ''UntWatterS i bout -garden ii rpecuur adv .. IT . : J 7 ; I . ' - Tl 7. . -V'T . . ( . -i. .A V JfleUit and ' : NvA-A : 7-By "- J. ROSSANT v.. . 7V M ; ', . A iVjfi '-r By M. J. ROSS ; NEW) YORK. . .yHE American economy will . celebrate 38 njonhs of expansion this week, making -itthe Tongest-lived of peacetime! upturn C) 1M K(W Tark Tltrt rlt ernmeht Dolicv But while 1 , 7-'7 . 7- ' H'C aihave snuff- li mav b Dossible tftfward i ed out previous Sexpans.ons. y ' Mf .excesses that cduld, the current vance isih no immediate dan an anv ser. once rises are threatening ing 10 Dnne an ena lo me.remarK- u The administration7 .stressed that the' amp!. or underutilize imperil H ctkhilitv of rh trndmvi ciy, lias ipe ince consistent contracts out "or ted- . "7? C- w TJ' avance1 ege.tne .expansion . trigger . increases in oeipano, vn eraf services wAld not Ibgood for any t0 TVe- cf d- T mmm m of us. It would isolate that province TKrtcA ,,ri,tu .7! . AV" ' "t:':"S.;V..Lr'"Z:'?22 " : ' " ."V""' . i, . j., iA, m rfriva K'?" wv..svvuhi..i its yuuiiKcr rvsL iwuh uvuc ui uij cApaiisiuii aouui poiennai aesiaouiz-i a; wedge bet weeM-H would make Aor disunion' rathir than unionyj- Klihck Vs an' idealist -Riirit, mstr h'r .income and corporatev profits encesr . ' V nowin its fourth year has been . f ; long rut his iclealtsticyiew lZt-JsaVZ long mt his idi Residential construction Y AncuAgain. -p. " .v.A--, that in the TS-ui ccperatWe federalist can--Sr. sesidemxJohjmrhihief r 4 " me mum pramidi. r lint man a svstem under which sc , . .. . provinces with FederalTapprdval vcan stajouL ofprograms, whtlefBmsi others that also elecrstavtHitrjs levelledeaccusation that they are V".. s",."r',J . '. "?'"v'L'':"7r -"vcar "WUl probably .agree provinces fe properly understood as "is growing with new vigpr' QuebdA 7 seeks a -(greater degree of . ants veu with the CPR can much autonomy. - - ' . be wrong -with Canada? !7 There wis nothing ominous about-Mr. People have'been mad at the CPR, RrAdfts' pbsion; it contained no thought jf had too much power. They Vthreats Qrniltirriatums....The mofct re- have sneered, referring to prunes as arkable thing is perhaps that R was "CPR strawberries." Old - timers with so lone in comina. ' ' . , blind loyalties were called "CPR men." The Unenfbloyment Riddle The New Yo tion the other dy Times imes onVP. i. An irK a ininmn racnnnca rn i 1 10. a . . y . . was acknowledged by eatirigNnto idle capacity. And 1 if JnhnaaAnf flia hif thnncrh iin.mnlnl.mMl nmiini ' business spfiBgjmmven-ecoftomic adviser, Dr. Walter a problem, there are shortages business soetrdiaB on mvem economic adviser. Dr. Water .Utile. . Pri- cVill- th t i-'tfls m nt a vi....,!. . . J . . i . j m t J -1 . . 1 - j . I . . . . - v. uan.iu, uiviva w. jjii-uiaiKcsana. new pmrn are piaiea . . nciici, who wj ncu ini oi SKiuea laoor. , trade, areJUthingSarMay bemade to me sharply. sde . rom! the economy's balanced growth - The governmenfa, own fiscal le' most quickly by-rthe . onward agriculture, the economy seems couia upset ty an innauon- policies can effect the pace and rush-ot -new .techniques and new '"J" w v u "ry wage-price spiral, duration of the expansion. It machines ' 7 7 . v iCl uU wul u. p- t.. j tv - ( win te shirting from a deficit i"1" HI..II1.IIIU.4 mo w ncKL are oiner areas wnere - m us Duaget tnis year to a Other VicwK Canadityis TOO MANV LAWYERS? Kmgston. , CoWHrdS S55"Tr - .-'ya- - " We havejo objection i to Yhe . '-i?V,rrii. appointment of Mr.. Al-A. j t-s-i.S?r 7 ' ' '. .Wishart to .take the, place of ' Cyy 7 7 j Mr. Cass as the "TSTprney whether it wouldn't be a good GROW AS, YOU tiree-io he uiAthtainabl IrhoJeriJlUal of enWying i thii dang i, too.lfor year! f the per- get as Attorney rjeneri(L.k non lawyer or wide culture Jjearning for Ichiinge, WORK Or MR. CASS ourace in 4iis 'hands and. re- a solves to remartnlignorantly hu- ntiirafter ta while, even. v.-..-.-..,..v.,. - nave to go on learning new techniques 'r tne iwainaeriiwtsoaof hec race for nrovincial riants: r j Am. i. v t-i - -hni ninv-nnm rl tTisi:r2-rrA- ninrin ..-.j a in r.n J 0 . . iiv siviiis ail litruugll UIC. lite StnoOIS, '' . ' . ,1" ' C -nurainnuTjcij unwr rroi remaps 11,1 neauny nave puvn. can serve him better by helping him Pceu",K; ?"e pace Eisenhower, reefcntly may Twdofni fshave said before inntanqjkr. out of date. - :- others Robarts has brought the. matter -up-at the. right place and in the right way. His reputation as rmoder'afe man and one of deep understanding of Quebec's position should assure him i respectful hearing. -y.-:":' f h .' A Mr. Robarts,' jt sKduld; also' be noted, recognizes the need "for a new approach lib, i not resentA'a genuine unbalance" " - ' I lit OlHM General-of Ontario. " But Mr avj fJ ( a lawyer, and IN c,.,fh1n. are beginning to wonder . .. L - .. f . id'ea. judging from grammar in a Canadian I can n!y guess abou about it-ti M.Anvfc m . yfou KiiJJ :-m ut frnpoiy ure some g the iWin- Smith' aheaMind "a frii easey for- Tnet; rtvlfava- meah fMilizer, Willia thW priest- upon, Mhfir: if who .... v . , Mm PW" World school, what T6rmance of the-law ftaternity went dnr10 oil 20 -on-ftO years t generally ,: during ,Xhec?rfr ag0 .Some itlident might flHid threat to our civu noenies, 10 I - it an interesting thesis ubjek, ah(j to enquire 1 why Jit , ptoductd more risiauy 01 ruie ana aire gard of idiom tnari auch tliachr ing in England. Uf x- : hdard-hneerioider ,,lc,t- Here are twb example I to ass steps but of effect. , One cklikorl I have th?, limelight jof a senior Cab- worked with a wivf insisted met post to the comparative that ihe plural Jfortn ."ones'' quiet W pVaoe enjoyed by t oldnot .be aim W correct privatelnierWbet of tne (House. . ngiish7"Oiw.,,V'ne explained. what His pblitical lUtul-e will is ineapaole j hvingia piufalN be is anybody's gueis fat thia Well. I shared iiia, dislike of time. But red Cass can look'lsucVMtatemenU M "the one back" withr no qualms wha.tso-7whMwore hats ..Ij.. "instead ever to abriefrBUtdtst nguish- ofye "men who More A .7." or, dr careSrun the administration - -j...;.J ...I.I.U ui -t I sci viic uuruiy wiuch tie uiuywy a. leading part ia me progres 'ething of the kind. What eata me is, the lidea' thatif fitte numbered crU you t, notpick"out the fevens,, ra and ; ones I ly i$, Jureiy good .idiomi tic English to eak of : a- big. ysalmod and era-1 .smaller Wiea;'.;, .', i : Another Tbddit.' that W quite utntry round tn. manuscripts read is aa injsUnce pawrit- ' jot William hat iinieant i: WrtWSmith'a' noticuaUy. even,' rie thing Suppose iM ia a hero fallen ys. A millioniire f himt without being with yhirn, buya th h , ananymoualy.' 1 an The rich mail ,is the f William Smith, ( the other mm, suppose the liotiaire and another man Jiava good earth Will fail him. A fr. aome time been friendly ear byyeaV e a Vo v rt&Smiiti and he with them some Atiirie. been friendly Uiem; tVangeiy increases in weight l"eH'1 ?l 7em' rdless ed by' what he took 10 be the new con- A it reaches thij implantable recbrd of near tabilit ihjAild serve to JioljT down j, grows harder, the weeds " n&m "t I ept of the purpose of edcationf-to " e'XT i; r!,roth? ' VA vC": 1. Wnicn one province anu umy v" ui - : .v. C. " - . - . 7 in lacu aespue us . relatively petmuons oi niener prices nray- v-vi m.uju, Pi, ind Serine comes' a smiling monster, decked out 6meone of unkriown addres. in daffods to fatter the young you , may ay: ."Well, he'a and burythe old. Once rrWe f riend . f George'i, isn't he? . . Tw " ' . . . i 1 Aa-eiA . ailt lenVta - mrkaiPA fft ak .into tne inree-iooi irencnt oear "vsi; .. friends - once more, and close - "ves. i nai is gooa wiomauc : ... k. -..'j. , ..ikt- uuk ir English, a form used bv all the best " educated .-jyriiafif-And-'' --- speaker for rlturiea. ' 7 -' a.. 7'. ; Oddly ' enQugrt,)( theorisV who so carefully avoids the Utril VJiaVC -phrase 'U tYiend of Jtobinaon's'I Criticism if Br Br. raANK a. moblii ! U Calory Alkwtaat wIl not twritt "a ..friend of him,r or "a friend of me," in-' stead of the uuaJ-.Vof -his" or Z Pf mine." Ht; jut can't do it! . c w.w.Miigi, excesses couia emerge. utK surplus next, wnicn could prove. Willi typical . insensmvuy wj ntJ. .t n Tll that activity wjlforKymond J. Saulftier. who was destabilizing, tor itihay be'- m the;CBC produced tele;l?;acrJ,1 V7 . that activity . will foPa . . - . . s . ogjvmgtneLexpansion too much vised and modernised rSiOJWrsrJJ (7UU5 ideht. stimulus now followed bv too nf th-BiMTmrrtrrn:"The ODert--? t .- J r vised and modernised 'version-T --- . . ... .. n-rnTLJ 1 ni&htA mtirh rctr inf tim. u.h n y ' : .1 t . nf .h. W r- ' I 7i I y" L tnll' "t thtoorapid an incase the economy Wneed for murdeuiUorima-r ' ZZ'"'T.r.lL7. " out tnattooapia an increase tne economy.may.need a jutle jng fc uiiia -x - 'It so plainly,. Mr. Kooarts nas saia no iearri to learn than bv training him to Mylr. Robarts has said no rri to learn than by training him' to more m uueoec tnan-wnat na ana.roaay !fwrtirHiar in-h'ih.r'n,.-i i Li::.:" :."r- : v " N5Pu.m, .penamg on new-mi., . , . - .bett YJesus Christ?) and the v, :. , -v ,: iiean 10 in. ,,hiiim:t anmidinv mi" nw . 'lift , V-.. -. etitrbethanhatnd many job that soon be l 7 ' plantnd equipment would rep-x woneury policy isnouier rnyterious disappearahce of his imDonim lannr in iptrmir. i .. . .u. ... - it . -n c r I 1 1.- ..-A .A .A . .. .. . . L . r . - . r" " A- oouy iruni nc ... v.. 1 13 iu icdiu iu icarn 11 e musi learn 10 1 riti secret or me exoansions mat couia oroauce.a aownturn in; now lnnv fh Mnanirn . .1 t. . Of think. The schools" cannot f each thinking prolonged, lease on life has in 1965. 7y Will last In previous post-war "'jfji Ik WaaklaiUa cuon.-aor me ngni ana opportunity to -ny;-'- w...w. , w'.haV r. !j - 77 . ar- ki,,iijT i i. COmoete even' terms with other forms threatens tneinoepenoence m " J"-7; "aicu "rT J . C,I 'rff "ampiej picturea as. a I" when Saviour i t r c V:..-:'- Pm..i.tift dn(it.r. .n on, -x Romantically, the CPR was the agent VI I.." arr" 'ay'ng what wa called "the steel ... . ' . . . kuuui no tme j' reiai. were tne greatest on recora - hi headJA And -industry, plans to put bill ons of L.,, a - ... "Jj 7ii,- i..r-A I. ...A- . ipend on rails al uuuaia iiiiu new jjiuiii ouu CHUiiicni ; . A Inn364. 5 , lknow;n, unemployment' fn. March stood . r. , 7. .r x xi i.iii . T r. r l ai-ayj per ceni oj ine ai u.o. iaDr force H'Rher than fnjCanada7-v :J A What is the an; some economists. 'net profit from ir 'modern industrial society there must- fnternrise always be unemployment pockets to JjhusinLses elirnirration, and this espedally In c6uh; r; rsucKuiy in vuuii lai aicdj: ui is Jl uiiijmuiiianuii 13 , - , same thin here in "Canada-presenls a words' 4-piclyre as strange as it Is disturbing, pleasant w The CPRlinlomffVll vaiicu nuricsipari yronx iisnnus-scanBn 0ct uld come to 54. On- tario Liquor ContfoFBoardcom-missioner.died in . Toronto. " Lt.-Cpl.-J. D, Eraser presided . over a meeting of the United' live, enough to think Service Institute where Lt.-Col. ilwSymen "WO.uld tie- Kenneth Stuart spoke on "PVob- ie 1963CPR re- Ifms of Canada Defenc." lieVm Of 529.dO0.000 - Alhe University . or 'Ottawa And vet? WelW desDite all this Dros .' J. . i . . 1 . . 7 ST .1 - t ' . . oiTho . . mH-- v.iff a- . -i-.7. o lca Mining ana .-meuing, ana mere " " . vf. " f. prrjrr.-mt-grpaie5i me y.p.. ndvcr nlhpr -llh-MlariU ... WW A Jul!w Caesar at .tne. Llip . V . Jul 1 11 bVeNit riasV .?TrrrM..a ." n! aJwa be6atke " V - i uiui aaiiu ,na 7 ' J J """'8 " . ln DriiV paptVMu county's oldest Ctti- .W.V.. e rails and bu It 'the anH riairl tha' Tf7l . . . j j. . t.t acivca inuic junta -wwras man if Zeis wiDinout jnore lob thatr-manv of us . Jgies. una-v.ommenr are willing tpfadmit? .. j . - -Whatever the answer, the fact of . a natioh at "a i peak prosperity wjlh 5Va per cexitAf . Hs labor force iuntmployed -and we are peeing isomething of the r The most unupual of men Is the one who doesrrt mind being cilled average. A bulleti office the from the th inds. weather, Fdund MhMi diMt enterprise in tahada . where pjriate VMa. SheWas 102 I.U .1- - . rvt.. - - V enalo iieorgeA b. oraham nf BrocVville 80th birthday as observing his Prime Minister w. L. Mac kenzie King fold the Commons that "to V tor&-fc th-aWrr-T government-iemains in power" there wouldJe no conscription : In Canada fir overseas servicer--1 jfittawil hhd a seven-and a- half Inch it no wf a II darine the ' eay(r-wJth Ohese-nigh,. rfaT" tVe " heavit in . it. will bfta.suW butljj, years.4or-7tlHrtcttme-of Ihe -.( ....... ... j ., . , . . . , ..V . ' ' - year.-.--, . V . . our US. Hesai d," from Iv ame among. Wise, I feel ; He would W or. V refused it himself, J' , ; MQHSY 7- at ;;.;':' fONCC I WENT OH AN ONION DIET AND LOST-ISO P0UNP3-.H ' ; MY OOy PPICNDr T - 1 7. . . . . wr-.v --I. 1 " 7:. . 7-7:-. . . . .. rf - . 7 ' . ' ;'7lw4,"wS' 7 : i . . ' have .'tlinirf imJrfn. nitwit .! r railroads o strikes b HLself is described as a oueir Yugoslav workersmeans the mm lm? ?1-! "whosoever Umite thee on my ed to re-open the case he states1 imposed compulsoiyu.. w""bui 'c uiiu.iiwu w .- .. J. t.. responds witn mate s question, barea n ntf on the raHiroada of Canada today is the fact but they .-stay -there for davs nni -neeK,i turn since confederation began. hospital service when they have ' 7 And yet if the CPR is. doing well - .1 - -7 ' -.J" . Canada can't help being pleased. What - 'r . V k the CPR today represents is frecenter- ZS Y GflrS A0O who who went to hospital before, in the' have prepaid hospital coverage voluntary pay-days, are 'now 'squeeze t to ""the last possible covered by hospital insurance drop, which creates a bed through7 the province or the shortage in hospitals through- He gave this'cnferenlce the chance TheC;R "a been a ,PlltlcaVssue ever Dominion arid are demanding-out the Dominion of Canada to face the -heart of the' matter. Oncp there is understanding in the, highest places on where Canada and its provinces are going, nothing will be. easier than setting expertsto work to figure opt the mechanics of some new sysi of distributing ffiir tax dollars. Drv Guy Marcoux (SC Que. Montmorency): Earlier, the ;-memhr for. Hastings Pi.Se imaer . preuy i.rraovernmem . . -JL - South .,aRrtfca,t many things tria. in short for various' rea- superviSM)rt-in the-formof--th,e Board r. th 1 Mink at. in have changed) iince the early jsona.rbiclv4n our cpiniofcdid of Transport Commissioners. The CPR.7 pRlME MINISTER NEVILLE days when rt was said: ""an noTwarrantthe death pehalt and Government - owned CNR too, CHAMBERLAIN announced ,0T,tt and tootn tor But He-accepted that Tatefto. say tjidy ache for more freedom of in, the Commons "that in the "f Ml"1 .'efetl. ahow tnat, m future, ,tapitai F.'V vn tini ituna nun uiuci minis - - .. a financial secf transport anfd prove that railways , f018 Bhla,n presented a strahge ,a- .... .. K. . T" 'her aid. - 4 . 6 can Tight, fight,, fight. -The zest of the . . : n t .:. 7 7:rDD ;r.;.. 7 7 . Edmond .G. Ode CPR. infectious on Odette, ecoming increasingly was the result a trial more troublesome to tell the wltlM. 4ia rt tit A tn AifnA A J..., u. uA - as a skill, But they (tan shape their ee the absnceof economic A number ofjeconomists re- expansions, the tightening of himseif Coupled wUh the indig- Talc fthV-matter of worked courses, to help the stWnt learn for "cfc.ctvitys moved Zli SXfV ? ?a inf,!:tio"ary nation aroused by, arm, manu- freedm. supposedly one of th. i.;M.Air! i$ tuJ. a 11 w ahead without sudden unsus- lus provided bytax cuts will pressures has. had a hand in ....,.,. ,k, ALni ' Wi iv Ll. lAm-JL.- h mselfl irthey-do. they will be Uliabie tpuri in the prlv,te keep-the expansion going with- choking off the Upturn In ?' hct.r ert-? J'S'-K . d'fferenc e18" h m toward both the hAttPr lifp an th .J, .u-r.I :. ... i..:r. - " lur ' pacifism and a policemanwho the Western democracies and if.:-.- . - , ' r 7 r - A had been t diseruntled rollower-the -cmintnea under cominu- ,Z ' c- - 1 . ' Ih- e relationshipsi between tne Jred- t ' . '.r .ni - x -U- 01. j. TJii. ur xnrr wir .. .t t . .. in iy-i w i r ms w w aj w m r.num.n aWH th. hrnvinrA - ' - . . ' : . UUUll M. X Will .a.AMAMMA.V turriinz back the clock but he 7 The Canadian Pacific Railway Com and gave lying evidence. This nLsmt-Aa the, conventional view is a notion popularized by De holds, thi former bpMlofLir, yuincey wno mainiaineamai traoe unions, witntne rignt to -Judas did hot betray Christ for bargain and strike, and the lat- 30 pieces of silver, but because ter have captive unions,- under iSXatking that the position ot other pany says in its annual report that it ' Kaipn towan tLr-yorK lium- tne siigntest coio tne siigntesi win not e "an eye lor an eye of disillusion witrrhis methods. (He state's tWrnb. V . ' . - .a. . ... . . I . -k t ;-u a U l:.LU-a . . L . 1 u. 1 . . . . - "Hi 1 w(j. vne 01 we mam reasons urn ur me inRmpi i.iir. otor a tooth for a tooth" but When tne attorney-general is Yet last 1 vear the Uhii177 Q ra-P" "Whit ii truthr - - r.r ....h it. ;. that we have prepaid hospital and days -unnecessarily,,; We Jther also means that . . . , .tfcVm. A, . ,n, Cina,. fmir' ritim: nsurance People who never have foun.d Peopta we have to forgive pne another Christ.f teachin. w notj)adior er government trua and live bycharity and loe SismrSia. He drove the teeship.,iAnd now Communist only. He said that wte miMtfpjl money-changers from..the,Tem--"Yug6slavia- i- allowing certain give often, that We ! must forFple or excoriatedr"the Pharisees, kinds of worker strikes, known give seventy times fVpTnd od. He was certainly .tip.c euphemistically as "stoppage of ' .... .1..,.,.! nacifBtr Nor were His follow- wont. - ineir ijmiu were in forgive one another. But, just' ,the sartie He eyen let Himself be sentenced to death following - a charge,- a poltxical ers. John wanted to can down mcaiou Dy me omciai wno saia fire from Heaven on a Samari- they were heither politically an vhlaee: Nor had the maior- Rivaled nor of a hostile na-e" but were rather soarked motivated but were rather sparked ty of the disciples of Jesus lure" een active in oreanizations of by, low orithheld wages in- jny kind. Most of them were slain, honest workmen of the liealthy kind. . .' a . .a adequately explained to tne ade; prkers. All the same, certain worl Jtrik of a ' kes now have 'the sanction Nor were they a group of T v""" 'u'"" "7 10 awiKio eveni. aucn as com- wfio never approached people1 end-oT th system in which. rnronbualwaysmGSlgs PJL nE!LL behind.' Marion Morrison (Mary- a P?W??er: w1er MJgdalene), Jthe prostituteis he old, -associations ofs th only moving character but '-democratic and -. iinfree- thili poor creature never sug- Comm"t areisleading. .f mJL t. m.t.f nf i. .." Relevant. Th.s is particu- ; hRn I ' . larlV so in the case ofxYugo- ?TfZh; L '7 ' . ': -slavia, whose liberalization-has l,; This is the crux . of the aided hv.- enlihten-dX che(LrJay If CBC Wishes -Amriran k,.nnnt : " 1 to portray flctibn. let therti have . tictipnjBut;rtoti.pflrodyjif(Ljajic : . n .. . i- 1 ... r . r . . 1, jvii wnai iu vnrisiians is pro- foufiHWi sacked and true.. If 5.. .'. '.- . - -. - C..7- . . tney depict Hinother ra,'un let them! beYaithful and truthful ' 'y- The " 'vrritable conclusion wouio ne toaismiss tne wnoiei miserable business as dttirtid and calloused birKe fcan't d tnauii is too wen4rodUceil for one thing. Foranothert is too sinister. It hits at our c Lights Whdle way of life, our- faith, aZ '" Vw7 TaIZ-.moralW courts. businesvSnd so. rtff.,P?S ha Wdn'twake jeasy .u,iri-i. i.. . 1 speciiteor a testimonial mtyTlt part of the VKjous fom her headmistress might .thinking be,ng fed to imprts deiirabI ..pur$e sionable yh ; by the long- qf eelmr seem, an Indisjen-haired beatnik programming, of 8ble ltemWill thur. h. inv. CBC-TV brainwashing, -the thing about kissing?This thing ,. , ... . ju, jrtMiin couia . end tip asa oui; institutions-ana misrepre-, tiveeh planning pei m ?i. ,7 r "1 " - - - -1- : .777 7--7 IftWtUIng '.V V M ; . Punch v f It's all verv welLf6r the l headmaster of Soulhwell Grartu-. mar, School to rula that-xhi boarders can't meet girls wltftv - Lvu WIIHm l UII99IUIIr vub - the'form itseW .cnui.g uur lauir. ., . . iri A leveTbfl cross b- rmission and. flTONitwDer .: V- : '7-,-Ji'' 7'

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