The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 17, 1939 · Page 16
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 17, 1939
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

PAGE SIXTEEN'. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE. PA. FRIDAY, MARCH 17, SELF-TORTURE RITUAL Will CLIMAX LENT OBSERVANCE BY HERMANOS PENITENTES' By International New Service. DENVER, Mar. 17.--Again this year Lent is bringing preparations in the remote mountain villages of southern Coloiado and northern New Mexico among Los Hermanos Peni- tenles--"the penitent brother"--for their realistic Pabsion play on the ancient holy day of flagellation commemorating the crucifixion of Chiibt. Activity in the fraternity is pointed to the ntes performed on Good Friday when mcmbeis of the order lash their own bodies to emulate the suffering of Christ on Calvary. The ntual of the mysterious organization represents a stranse heritage of the original Penitente order brought over from Spain in 1594. Its membership is secret, the number of members Ms unknown. Most of those belonging to the order are believed to be in tbe mountainous regions surrounding the San Luis valley in Colorado, and extending down into New Mexico, perhaps as far south as Taos. Membership Widened. Originally the brotherhood was limited to descendants of the early Spanish conquerors. However, during the four centuries of the cult's existence in this country, interracial mingling has produced a membership of persons of inbred Indian and Mexican blood, some illiterate and low- caste, bxtt others of high esteem and political leadeiship in their communities have been known to belong. The Good Friday climatic ceremony is preceded by the 40 days of Lent during which members fashion many-thonged whips of the razor- edged vucca. plant, even studding the lashes with bits of broken'glass and cactus spines. At their weekly Lenten meetings in the windowless "morade" or chapel, members subject themselves to periods of self-torture which reach a severe cjimax during the Good Friday ceiemontes. Tho Good Friday ceremony has its inception in the Bibical story of the crucifixion. A member of the order is chosen by lot to play the role of "El Christo"-- the Christus. His identity is kept secret. If the rigors of the ceremony prove fata!, his family later learns of his "honor" when his shoes are left on the doorset. As late as a half a century apo, "El Chvisto" was actually nailed to the cross, but in more recent'years he is merely bound to it by rawhide throngs. Parade to Ritual. On the night of the crucifixion, the shrill piping o£ a reed fife blown by "Pitero" leads the parade to "Calvario," the scene of the final ritual. Behind the piper is "Hermano," the chief of the local chapter, and following him is the hooded figure of "El Christo." "El Christo" carries on his back an immense cross, sometimes weighing as much as 300 pounds. He is bared to the waist and two escorts lash him with whips at every other step. Behind and around him are the devout brothers, oil barefoot and clad only in loose fitting cotton trousers. Jn measured cadence they lash their bared shoulders and backs with their whips, many wear crowns of thorns and the more devout work themselves up to such a frenzy of religious fervor that they throw themselves into =lumps of cactus to intensify then- ritualistic suffering. Children Also Attend. Following this bloody parade ore the women and children. Male children attend the ceremonies in preparation lor the time when they will become members of the fraternity. This weird procession, punctuated by moans, sobs and shrieks, ends at the hill designated as the "Calvario." Here "El Christo" is bound to the cross he has borne, and amid an impressive ceremony, the cross is raised to an upright position, bearing its human figure. It is only when "El Christo" faints from the pain and ·torture of being suspended by his wrists and ankles, that he is cut down. Thus climaxing another annual event in the world's strangest religious order. Medwick Still With Cards; No Trade is Decision of Bosses By Untied Prcis. ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., Mar. 17.-The St. Louis Cardinals Wednesday removed Joe Medwick from the trading block after a conference between Cardinal and Brooklyn Dodger officials. Vice-President Larry MacPhail and Manager Leo Durocher of the Dodgers left the conference today saying they had offered a "lecord price" for Medwick, but it evidently was not enough to satisfy President Sam Breadon and Vice-President Branch Rickey of St. Louis. Medwick is a holdout, demanding $20,000. "Medwick will not be sold or traded by the Cardinals," Rickey said tonight. "I make this statement with no thought of trying to force Mod- wick to accept the contract terms offered but with a desire to deny current reports that Medwick is on the open market. "If Medwick does not feel he cares to acccept the club's terms, that is his own business. In that case he will have to sit it out by himself for the Cards will place a full team on the field against Pittsburgh in the opening game April 17." Durocher said Breadon a n d Rickey turned down every proposition he made for the outfield. "I thought we had a chance to get Medwick," he said, "but everything is off now." By Central Press VANCOUVER, B. C. --Eighty thousand square miles wore added to United States territory by the recent Lincoln Ellsworth Antarctic Expedition, according to the three sun-tanned young explorers pictured as their party arrived in Vancouver aboard the Canadian-Aus- tralicn liner Aorangi. Smiling their pleasure at ncar- incr home, the trio are (left to : Fred G. Scid, of New York City, radio operator; Burt J. Trc- rice, of Nova Scotia, pilot; and Dr. U. T. Rlioads, of Everett, Wash., expedition surgeon. Dr. Rhoads announced that the new lands explored have general mineral possibilities. They arc not volcanic. Ellsworth made contact \nth the new territory at the 69th latitude south and the 79th longitude east. some tjOO miles east of Endcrby Island. Several narrow escapes from disaster were experienced by the explorers. The closest came when ice stove a large hole in the bow of the 400-ton expedition ship W\ Earp, which the crew were able to patch op before the vessel could fill. Germany nlso is claiming lands in the Antarctic as result of a recent expedition there in the Se/iwo- bcmland. NO POLICE RADIO FOR MONONGAHELA MONONGAHELA, Mar. 17.--A proposal to purchase police radio equipment for the city's law enforcement officers was detested when a vote by council ended in a tie. Mayor W. E. McCrackcn and Councilman W. J. Blythe favored the purchase but Councilmcn H. Clark Underwood and Joseph 1 P. Warnc opposed it on the grounds that public sentiment was against it. 7/ZWgWWJgmwa Su AJSMSwStiS; JCrnfn' 1 -1*^"^ '3tr so mild, tborougti. re- JrcMbltiK. Invigorating. Dcpcodnblo «Uel from nick headaches, bilious epclla, tired Icclins wncn U/-'thnnf W RkTS«" ? °' 1 ' ra ° x* " m '?" nltnOUt KISK dniKStet. Mate the teat--theQ If not dPJlRlitetl. return tbe box to us. We will refund tho purchaso ^ p r i c e . Thut'i f a i r . ^i.% Set NS Tablets today. «£'* QUICK RELIEF FOR ACID INDIGESTION Defends Sit-Downers Buff Donelli Named I Women's Committees Af Country Club Are Reorganized for Year At a icctnt reorganization meet' ing of the women's committee of the Plenum! Valley Country Club Miss Esther Loucks of Scottdale was elected general chairman and Miss Jane F. Cans of Connellsville vice- chairman. They in turn appointed the following committee chairmen for the year: Dinner, Miss Carrie Jane Marietta of Connellsville. Luncheons, Mrs. Paul O. Malone of Connellsville. Golf, Mrs. Basil J. Soisson of Con- nellsviUe. These chairmen will name their own aides for each event of the year. Mrs. Philip L. Theibert of Scottdale will serve as secretary-treas- Stole WPA 'Gosgles, Charge. UNIONTOWN, Mar. 17--Mike Herbinko, 31, of Pittsburgh, and Chailes Konkus, 30, of West Brownsville ·were lodged in the county jail Wednesday charged with the theft of several pairs of goggles used by WPA workers engaged in stone work on a project in Jumonville. Privates T. A. Maggioncalda and Robert Harting of the State Police rounded up the two mspects. WHEN YOU NEED EXTRA CASH PHONE 1-3-1-3 Inquire About Our Auto or Fwrnitw* Lotnu UP TO '3OO U N I O N LOAN CO. To Hospital First Time at 78. AKRON, O., Mar. 17.--Seventy- eight-year-old Minnie EHet is in the hospital for the first time in her life, but she considers it "just a vacation," although she is afraid that she won't be able to keep up her annual custom of. giving Bibles to members of Successor to Smith PITTSBURGH, Mar. 17.--Aldo (Buff) Donelli was selected Thursday as new head football coach and athletic director o£ Duquesne University to succeed John Philip (Little Clipper) Smith, who resigned yesterday after being head coach of the Dukes for three years. Donelli was elevated from first assistant coach and had served on the coaching staff of Duquesne through four regimes--Elmer Layden, Joe Bach, Christy Flanagan and Smith. His plans for the future uncertain, Smith resigned for the "best Interests of the university," after a conference yesterday with the Very Rev. J. J. Callahan, TJuquesne's president. 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