Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 18, 1976 · Page 26
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 26

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 18, 1976
Page 26
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1 IB -July 18, 1976 Sunday Guette-Mail ' Ch*rloiftn, W«t Vlrglnli Reconciliation' Urged in Portugal New York Times Service LISBON--Mario Scares, Portugal's premier-designate and the leader of the Socialist party, ignored widespread attacks against his plan to form a minority Socialist government and urged "national reconciliation" Saturday. In his first public statement since his nomination Friday night, Soares declared that his government would carry out a program for "national reconstruction" and he hoped it would receive broad support crossing party lines. He emphasized the need to put aside bitter political conflicts and return to "the spirit of April 25." By this he meant the show of quasinational unity that accompanied the overthrow of the right-wing dictatorship on April 25, 1974. "What we need is people to pitch in and rebuild the national economy--not political martyrs," Soares told newsmen when questioned about the fate of prominent left-and right-wing oppositionists. * * * ONE OF THE immediate problems facing the new government is how to handle the cases of people implicated in unsuccessful left- and right-wing coup attempts since the revolution. The most controversial figure is Maj. Otelo Saraiva de Carvalho, the charismatic extreme leftist leader who ran for the presidency last month and came in second. Last week, the authorities released a detailed report conclusively implicating the major in an abortive leftist uprising last Nov. 25. A lesser concern is former President Antonio de Spinola, who sought exile in Brazil after the failure of a right-wing coup on Mar. 11,1975, and who now wants to return to Portugal. "I believe that we should sponge um U i» disagreeable past, forget what happened on Mar. 11 as well as Nov. 25, and return to the spirit of April 25," Soares said in an interview with the conservative Lisbon daily, 0 Dia. Portugal's new president. Gen. Antonio Ramalho Eanes, has said that anyone implicated in the coup attempts, including de Carvalho and Gen. Spinola, should go on trial. ' : Soares will begin consultations Monday with leaders of other political parties and with the labor unions to try to win a consensus for his government. He has 10 days in which to present his government and its program before the national assembly. The three other main parties in the assembly have all expressed strong opposition to a Socialist minority government. f * Queen EUzabeth smiles as she watches-Montreal Mayor Jean " Drapeau pick up a glass which had been jostled off the tray of a waiter · « serving white wine during a reception Saturday at the Montreal City Hall. None of the wine splashed on the queen. (APWirephoto) Ooop Rhodesia Wants to Provoke Open War, Mozambique Thinks By Tony Avlrgan (C) Wathington Star MAPAI, Mozambique - Officials here consider the destroyed buildings in the center of this village to be evidence of Rhodesia's desire to turn its problems with black nationist guerrillas into a conflict involving all the countries of southern Africa. A Rhodesia-based raiding party with air support attacked Mapai on June 26. Sixteen civilians, half of them children, and three Mozambican soldiers were killed, officials here say. "Rhodesia wants to provoke us into open war" said a senior official of Mozambique's ruling Frelimd party as he surveyed the damage. "They figure that their only hope is to turn the nationalist struggle into an international conflict. That way they hope to get South Africa and the Western powers to back them. But it won't work, they're doomed." The raid on Mapai was the most daring and serious yet in a series of Rhodesian attacks on Mozambique that officials here say began in early March. Some 40 attacks before Mapai, the Mozambican ministry of defense says it can document, were confined to villages along the Rhodesian border. * * * WHITE-RULED Rhodesia - which has never admitted launching raids across the border - appears to have intended the deeper Mapai attack as a kind of "punishment" of revolutionary Mozambique for allowing black Rhodesian guerrillas to use the country as a base for attacks in which a number of Rhodesians have been killed. But Mapai is considered to have opened up a new phase in the rapidly escalating conflict because it lies a full 60 miles inside Mozambique. It also is near Mozambique's own,southern border with South Africa. According to Mozambican officials, 30 to 40 soldiers in six vehicles sneaked across from Rhodesia on the night of June 25, as Mozambicans were winding up celebrations marking the first anniversary of independence from Portugal. Most of the raders apparently were black and some spoke Portuguese. They wore camouflage suits similar to those worn by Mozambican soldiers and their vehicles flew the Frelimo flag. As they drove to Mapai they were greeted enthusiastically by numbers of villagers along the way. According to Frelimo investigators, the party 'camped outside the village and at dawn radioed for air support. Two Rhodesian jets and two helicopters arrived and the attack began. The center of the village was crowded with school children from surrounding Gaza Province who had come to Mapai to put on an independence day performance. Many had spent the night sleeping outside on the ground and they were the first to be hit. Frelimo investigators are certain some of the raiders were Mozambicans. At the end of the war with Portugal many black Mozambicans who served in special commando units of the Portuguese colonial army fled to Rhodesia. It is suspected these strongly anti-Frelimo soldiers now have been formed into a strike force with the mission of penetrating deep into Mozambique. The force that attacked Mapai had excellent intelligence. * * * THEY KNEW only a dozen Frelimo soldiers were in the village and that they had none of the Same shoulder-fired antiaircraft missiles the Soviet Union is sending Mozambique. The raiders knew which building the Frelimo soldiers slept in and it was the target of the fighter bombers. Three soldiers were killed instantly. Two of their bodies still remain, partially buried under tons of rubble. The attackers also knew where the only radio in the village was and they knocked that out with dispatch. At least some of the intelligence was supplied by Sergio Pais Namedo, son of Orlando Pais Mamedo, former owner of the Ngala Transport Co. headquarters in Mapai. Villagers say Sergio arrived aboard one of the attacking helicopters and directed the troops as they systematically went from building to building, destroying everything in sieht. Orlando emigrated to Mozambique from Portugal some 40 years ago. Sergio was born in Mapai about 30 years ago. Shortly before Mozambique's independence they moved to Rhodesia, abandoning all their property. Among the attackers' targets was the Mamedos' former home, occupied by a Mozambican government argicultural officer. "Sergio Pais Mamedo preferred to destroy the house he was born in rather than see an African living in it," a villager said. The raiders destroyed all six buses of the Ngala Transport Co., under the control of a workers's committee since the Mame- do family's departure. Most of the men in Gaza Province work in the mines in nearby South Africa. The buses of the Ngala Transport Co. were the only means available to the miners to get to the South African border. Prime Minister Ian D. Smith of Rhodesia has denied any responsibility for the Mapai raid. Frelimo army commanders expect more attacks similar to Mapai in coming weeks, but they feel that they can handle them. "They can get away with it two, maybe three times but soon we will be organized to stop them," a senior army officer said. GEE DAP, rF wt'P I GONE BiRPiNG j INSTl ; ADOF FI5HIN, YOU'P HAVE MAP A j pReTTY6occ DAY! Fire Thought to Be Arson Kills 6, Hurts 4 in Chicago CHICAGO (AP) - A fire, apparently the work of arsonists, raced through a four-story apartment building Saturday morning, killing six persons. Five of them were children. The rest of the building's 120 residents - fled or jumped to safety or were rescued by firemen. Frances Balasquez, 15, said she and her sister Maria, 14, were awakened by a noise. "My sister saw someone toss something in our window that exploded and caught our curtains on fire," Frances said. * * * FIRE COMMISSIONER Robert Quinn said one or more arsonists apparently set fires in several places. He said two stairways where fires were set collapsed, making escape difficult. In addition to the dead, four persons were injured in the fire on Chicago's Northwest Side. 7 The victims were on the upper floors near the stairwells, Quinn said. Authorities checked with medical clinics for a man, possibly an arsonist, who they believed was burned in the blaze. The authorities were having difficulty identifying the victims. "I lost some friends today," (Saturday) said Felix Colon, 13, who had been trapped for a time with his 9-year-old brother, Benito, in a bedroom of the family's third- floor apartment. "We were hanging out the window to breathe," the youngster said. "I saw my father down below shouting for us to jump. I let go of the window ledge but when my father tried to catch me I went through his arms and landed on a woman who had just jumped from the top floor. "My father and some other men tried to catch Benito in a blanket when he jumped but he fell anyway and hurt his head." YOU'LL HAVE A 6COP PAY... EVERY PAY FINDING we MANY ,eAeiSMN6 IN THE. I FAMILY WANT ADS n mi, Gazelle-Mail 348-4848 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS SUPERIOR BEEf FRAMKIK 59* 1201 fKC. UIIWiCTION GUIUNTHO ON ill NODUCTS SOLD 01 tout MONIT CHiiirgur ipvMon [Prices in effect at al Fas Ghek locations through July 24,1976 WE KESERVE THE RKMT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES PRICESEFFECWli' INAllSTORES ' SUPflHOR LUNCHEOHMEATS I LB. PKC. 50 EXTRA TV STAMPS SUPERIOR = 1 SLICED \BACON SUPERIOR SMOKED A ~ _^ PICNICS J8X-79' GROCERY CRISCOOIL DOMIHO SUGAR 3802. BOTTLE 5LB. BAG COCA-COLA, \SPR/T£, TAB 8PAK 16 01. BOTTLES 99 99 $J29 (\ PRODUCE .1 **,... New Yellow Onions . California Nectarines New Tender Cabbage i" Colt/en Ripe Bananas .............. i 9 u r 16. STOKK'SmiBlUY BREAD 2001 LOAF 200 Extra T.V. Stamps With Purchase of 10 Lb. Idaho Potatoes 50 EXTRA TV STAMPS C W.JH ON SOFTtDRI ANTI-PERSPIRANT TONE SOAP BATH SIZE 99* R* MRS Reg. 1.47 WITH FAS CHEK EXPIRES 7/24/76 COUPON WITH FAS CHEK EXPIRES 7/24/76 COUPON

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