The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 1, 1964 · Page 5
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 5

Ottawa, Canada
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Wednesday, April 1, 1964
Page 5
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1. 1 " .ffrpnch i'i f . .cdea ; '' pnuarj I ' H'he ' '.'l'niane 4,' , teacher - V, Second t' teachel Till lay lo ui'ce e Toff t'langrfdej nec-. f scnot:s in OntaTm in. a t'p be presented ' '''"leW'ng and (biculturausrn. '! iVsbcUtinn:"V(L'Afbia desf Ense giwnU Franco ns) .spokesman, for- 3,200 J in .'Ontario's - bilinftualJ BEC BRIEf 1 QUE M - qkes No Boneis Abtout Views t -Special Journal Correspondence j " QUEBEC .CITt At bg' federaPTMWinciiL conference 1iere Quebec hasrmade no bones 'about its views on federal-provincial ; shared cosjVpro- crarns. In principle, says its ''Quebec- contract out or . all pro grams of continuing : naturem:wbich Quebec ns at present participating). That i -to say, among' others, unemployment assistance, . disability . ahdi blindness allowances, bid . age -jassistance. Winter 'works, ; hosmtal : .insurance, hospital construction and grants :for puonc neaitn. . Quebec hat also, or course. t'ppted' out of the CSnadaPen- Sion r larr: i ni - nsr ip-cu Ontario under heaprrfure-Ually to join, for without one or tne two major provinces in it, tne plan -will not get, off.' the ground. ' - Premier Robarts of Ontario -apparently is chafing under thusj !emefctary. krtwolsv .adef., -it, aniiual m":n2 to .subm!' I The f0-rfowventipn delegate adopt e J 'cini m. (a"Tf ptwnat" ne main themes of such BRb(tEs said fcitthdafv 'I The FrencH e school khoyid in areas. ,thrf h-speamg .per- -7-''- p'reAsurt. t"or paragraph in the Ontario submission lys:'-j "If it (co-operative; federal ism) . rneans ,a svstern unuer wh-h ' thase I provincfei' which desire, to do so mav remain out of fedVal servKesuneither.par- licipating in the benefits of such services nor being :,' re-auired . to t ontn'buie Tff-Jtheir fasts, we" wbiild also approve. ; "BuK to tas, co-operative federalism caniot mean k system under which some provinces with federallapproval. can stay out of programs, while against ojthers that Also ejert to stay out .is leveuwJte accasatttin that they arfeVbreaking-up Coiwj federation.' y'e believe that . if the federal government concurs in the 'opting! out' of services by one provTnde. it cannot logy pbjec if follow suit." 1 : ; In other wortds, reading between the linesl if Quebec can stay out-of thi pension plan with. Ottawa's blessing, so can Ontario Tenon r ancuii e. e.stkb'ishW sumcirnr i rent t i i i 1 a nOIH TdgB UMB- I ' I Pearson He also proposed that Quebec be allowed to "contract out" AYiiV is, forgo federal grants in return for, more taxing power .u- -i 'If .u. .,n;,;Mi!rnmf tax fields' and the sole in me case ""c i'; - - ... - ,t. Arrm andlncht to Jevy .death . duties. health- and hospital v construc-jtion grants; -y . . . NOT RULE vDOt'T Mi". Pearson's .statement not rule out" such . transfers individual provinces. Tn nrnvidf taxina room for lld , . oi aegree ieatners, no iu. j- a . Mr, Nasop emphasdt re for:u- t,.Umpo.rtante Of -the-ssroom. -d bacher. Too manVpersons ft- K, ccm HUT jr ..Itsral government s proposed xf .lwrew-l..JJ-;en!tion -per-cent-tn. 1966-rmar year ol , .il i -j.i ..r ' r- Y ' ' inr!;J...- lui i.....'. (; --get ablaut 22 perTceftt of cm-pOr-( ation income taxes and 75 per ' ' cenCofrdeath dotiesrotestate taxes. N. xThe prim miruster's proposal was to 'increase tne DersonHjiitw . come (A abatements for ny province jjhal wants to contract tfut. in anatement. wouioji worth about as much to th iproylnce.r as the present federal grants. . , ' ' , i Tn the case of hospital? insur nee ff ,h costliest ol aii;pe Joint jprograms, estimaned; to cost pttawa alone about tjlO.-tm.Wfi in the fiscal year Stort ing today Mr. Pearson saiq the) extraabatement would be 'JinJShi order of 12 orA 1J per centf for the provinces 'whole.- . ' , Added Jo this would ' hi . (he abatement for" the four" xlfare programs, which MY. Pearson . said should ' be, treated as a' gruup, Pntstde" the conference, . a federal official sard this abatement. would he in the. ; hood of six per ccrit;"nf personal income ltax.- ; NO ACTION -' -' v-:. AY However, rm-immediate Action was proposed for the joint welfare, schemes. . Mr - Pearson aid this should be left untM after scheduled May-conference if federal and provinciai wel- j fare niinisters'i, , ( .(.,.,' ;.iV, , ; Meanwhile. ny j "abatement .' system Wither iJJj expensive Joint programs Mr. Pearson ' singled but only s ifie of those t lish translation of his . brief again referred to Quebec's "demand" for 25 per cent of both norsnnal and corooration tn BIGGER -TOTAL : . By his - own estimate, tne abatemenisDAill rJn to about AltfedTorthW-"Vrmld- be an Other thfcee per. centr-up o 88 of Jio jnonthly: family un-,rii yr i olds still in s'chpoL Quebec niir plan of its " own ready and wants, ta keep it. Mr. Lesage talso said Quebec wants some compensation ror all t hose years -y obviously He was. referring "to the long" t?rni of e'.x-premier Maurice , Dupleil- i sis when Quebec jitaved ojxl ot. joint programs, on constitutional! grounds. He didn't 7 ug-gest a formula for such compensation orp2t a dollar figufe to it. . HARDER Premier Rdbartsjan while. aUo tookimAiCh harder, line than auhe plfcnary i!onfernce ids brier cited Ontario stf'i perative need Tor addhionul venue." Ontarm 'mlfst hav ditionaKreyenuesA - - ill I I - Mr.-. Roh(jrt-didn:tayiwhat percentage he hasi in mltidJ in saying, . that jbefore the confererce ends pjrobably Thuday-tlere will be a f federal undertaking for a ''more equitable allocation" tjf iax revenues' to the . provinces. . " I On the cost-sharing1 plun, Mr".', Robarts waMrauhous7 " He said Mrv Pearson's propos-'i als would have. to be examined carefully, and n 4he light of national intereswlHe recalled that Ontario- alteady "has -suggested a, system of hloc-k or "departmental' grant--that' js, federal grants covering one broad field of service?, leaving the. "provinces free to spend the unds as local needs .require. A. E.' Bfakeney, Saskfltche- "nun us. miti iiiiiiiiniri . naiu ii i st wan s neaitn minister, said his aemomion tne entire stru ture. y - ierV Robhh of -Manitoba saimthe federal plan has "some built-in defects.y "-. I remier Rnbichaud of N -Bjynwick urged fTiexibility ' future iirrinT5inTms-4BLshaVed cost programs. Premier Shaw oft Prihce ;Ed ward Island 'plead)?avforunderl. standing and appreciaftoh . ol the problems of smajl provj-inres. like his own. ' Premlerjs" Manning. p( Alberta and, Be(i-nett-oLritish Columbia were cautinOs. ' .') ,V'i M .J. f Artnn.l-lnifim r: .Z 'l . L, ...lI'.-T J.,H -Tim. " , i wouldprflvince J ik anxlouVt to avoid i , prooaoiy amount, tijoniy oner tj, m S-Mf ul. fvinyiii iiihiii (taxf officials estlrnaied. i pefisonai income In tne fore.strv f If W - AH-toldr-ftheiu tfhe, provincial share could becomei about 40 prnTrhxttaM per cent would produce; on the batr existing tdx, rat an yields anout J600.00fl.ootl tor ih'pfov - inces."--'-'- ;. Mr, Lesage wants morejland ,' his opening brief .Tuesdayjlwas insistent ,lhat the tateehts. . for the shared-cost'-yprojttams 'should 1e completely seiwrate from , tht regular final ware. . ' X Hfs government's own LEng- Mo 7-, v. v.. jn I. ve- as, the only iy 'to tar'de the disastrous gap for. in ;e!!ei:i ual for mat ioi" which : ,ts Between -: primary " schools nd.ioivetiiJ.'-' The report said SO.DOO Ontario, students go ,(o French-language elementary schools but must :ake ,ihir high school classes tplire'f m EngfT, unless they jnnil' 'private, jrench . langu-ae' fMilieges.'v , ;) -.' TtA,lrt IN BOTH v - ; Tle . universitefof : 0t!aa and'; Sudbury., liffei-",' university dtjd chKl teaching courses in bota-Jf .rench' and tnglish. V'fie-:"repuft .isaid .the'.Freiych- iangaage secondary'' "c h dLq I shou,'d. aioacnt.ngrksri out nut sotnat K wouia oe tne main language of thnught and exprei sum . - ; ..-' ;' - The pr each Vspeaking teach-ei f "association; 'alsojEaif d for. French - language matriculation exam'nations and, Freoch- j.i u i .u: pRin c n u u i inspci-iui- whiVh jt said are needed to m-! TensifyJ:rench culture and e'iny! inJie handiraDS tmtKtsed on Stu- uerufby the present school iyrr tern..- V : .. ; The delegates" also supported revn'ti)ron for eq'ual salaries after taxe between religious order and lay teachers. A The 'association call on other Roman'CatholiC teaMiers' associations in Ontario toip-port this principle. At present, teachers - belonging to religious order are naid .- ess. than lav liejicners-in most regions. All Teachers Need Degree -Nason v tJ A W 'A! JIM1FA AJHC P) -VGera!d Na- tsoiCUsT Ot t a ri-necfe t a ry -1 r t a s- Kurer of tfi Tapadiarf teachers teache'rs swld be re- qu. red to hold a university de gree. ; "' ; (.;; : ; He suggested effohs'be made to turnfassroom -teachingjinto a "respectable careernd pfb- Ltessional decisions should be made by tn teachers, .;..-'; -- Mr. Nason was interviewed here prior to tne. start of'' the annual council of the N 0 V a Scotia TeachersUnion.TH " Jr, We areshamifd jnthe pro fession of 'the low percentage to. believeJ Demotion a n t moying om tne .ciassroonv to om t nuiiiiiiisii.aLi iw9iiuii.-i. Becttuseof-the-practicat fif-'. tdre W their work, he, said, teachers "were more , ablei. than the administrators to make de cisions for the profession: Teach-1 ers should he given freedom to jhooseleacliing. methods, teach er training curriculum Sod standards for graduation. i- 7T. ' '" ' ' ovyyer Refuses ToiPay $2 . Parking Ticket -JV1NNIPEG (CP) A young UwyCTjierasrused-4 Py 4 $2 parking. -ticket on the grounds that f a 1I iMetfopolitan Winnipeg parkingmeters I"1- ' . ; , ii rSadl Froorfikirt received me ticket Febr 4whtle parked qu .11 - Vir f Ll' ' W- Slue a, -Winnipeg ponce sianun, rtte told Magmrates .VP Tuesday tht ' inetersinstlri motorists t isrt a'riickeT' for 60 minutes! of parking j. But thVfCufrendV Mint ExchangeTKund Act docs mention fniflkCLf . but , i"five cents" k Icial tender . Magistrate! Ian Dubiep reserved deeiisionV. on the to April 7.- ,; . - DRAINAGE LEVEL : NEW DRktANS Drainage area of Nev' Orleans is below sea level and also-the level of" the Mississippi Rivef. r. SPECIAL : . . UUJf ITKU Shopsy Instant SmokkMeal PaksJigetone Shop$y Instant Salami PaKvl. Tw j . . i i i T ' J j FREE S . . . L . Doolintoh Public Weather j Officcjfocecast; Ottawa, Munt-' reai." Laurehtian and ' Eastern Townships region -"Maijy sunny today anaTThu'day; noWquitjeo cold',. Winds light exoepr'west to fiortbw'es'terTyj 1 5 to,, 20 this afternoon. Low totigbt and high Thursday, at 0tawa IS and 12. Summary UL-. - 19,000 tension; Tp Church Construction of 'a 1 19.000 extension to St. Martin's Anglican f20 Pf4nfca- Charles Road willbeginj in about tWiJ weeks i ' II. Rev.l Daviff Thomson, rector. saidltokay a tender from w; R; Bourne! Constmction Ltd., was acceptei at vestry meeting Tuesda ightl , v. ' Ardhi ts aj-e Burgess, v Mc- Lean lanl MacPhadyen,. " insion. which is to be The e rea'dyll Septi-jvj)i consist of nine 1 cl; srooms. ' two large, opms. a suite "of of meeting fices for tttie rector, and an extension to It he sanctuary.; . - - - - Journal! W. quick i XSt y 4s quick results, '.U.. : ; . ; it .'.V7- -TP " save16c--drvballard;sjciiampiox DOG FOOD - ".r 8, $CQTTIES FACIA VOGUE TISSUES TiSSOE DOLLS -J" '. " ' SUPREME, HOMOGENIZED y AYLMER-Wjth Added Pectin stnAwBEm it tVJAM -3UK LIUIU . DETERGEIIT uy et If AIIACI1I 7 i i RESDAII DISCOUNT PRICES ftVVM' V'' iWons V.V 'rV T ?"Vnons meT V k i 'rom! p a.d-io .the( XW' ' "i C I s) t H' JPT' ' f M M Tjl ' I' r i for Thursdayi'Wairi; Warm air, currently over .u. , ....I A it Li i..; eastward and may reach.Easlj it ern Ontario and jwestefn yue-bec in) a modified form' by C......JL.. ; I d'.' ' J... & the (cold air, now oyer Quebe JI TJZu reglonls, ...this wi.1 result I temperatures! vadually be- corfiine- miWr during the t Jew ds's. " 1 - umfttary .little change in present weather conditions is, fwfedaf Jor Thursday,' except fof aUsCght m6deratlng, trend in estemegions TEMPERAtCTtES, Low- last night, and high Tuesday at Daw son 19, 27; Vancouver 43, 51;" Edmonton 34. 61; Yellowkmfe II. 18 Winnipeg 2125; North Bay I, ;23; Toronto 21, 30; Ottawa 12, 26; Montreal 15. 27; St. 'Johp's 27, 42; Chicago 19, 34:' Boston J4. 34; New" York 30. 38; Tampa 4.V-66; Miami 55. 70 Denver 4168; lucson 61, Rj. of 200 f 12 for - -1 " 24 0! 1- ftfre Reg.-89c 607s JM- '50 F&ATURii Reg. 49c each "I 2 for 2 Ih. V 49c fcon, bag J rYiJ.; f eaSfptlc Tanks : 89 y sunny. is ushered Pv it mm. mi. I '; t Syriopsis-Aprl Ms ushered Jin toddVijbyVunTiV Vt continu-1 Hn ckd WkertiherliVipr mot of i '"aern ,tanada. WWebte ' windnltrQuiDet eA VgiowiiretgiVing irWry bite SfAMUthl 'conditions ifi Wesftt'nQueliecllfJ regiont'uhder- ligfitipdsjf J n beW pleasL in-spite; ot netDW normal temperaiuresv 7t , I I DIIISTAII TABLETS rm 2324 . 99p iBAfCfRY 1 1 SUNBEAM LEMON til GUEST CAKE f FRbZEN FOOD FEATURES SAVE. 4c BIRDS EYE ORAflGE JUICE 1 r supreme , ; FRENCII FRIES I SEPTO-DAC -AlmqstDry By The CP) The govern- I'meML lot the power' to leid miKiy io .trjejo nem pioy men Kin suranise (und5! midnight TueV ay. thtsNplacing ,its reliance on anient ary approval of new uihontv before the si"bly tuns dry at the th.'weck . bie source said it was not to' act under powers! w the ISffi3 4 fiscal- ivsianeo oaay. ii in the final appro-b,il firthe. WtTfiscal beii'L debated jn the; exlnds the govern-; M.mejt the '.claims for benefits "'T."t" "'T'".'. rcucidi oan or jjo.noo.000 or S12. 000.000. I n the pa it, the fund . has bel?n able to borrow tempbrarilv Ifnt Inane tL'4fn. .Amnlm ar.m 'T vi.MPVll Vllipiu 9. I Ill" jplovee contributions outpaced benefit payments in periods high employment., Minor Earthquake In New.Enland LACONIA. NH-P- New England - had a ' minor earth quake today, apparently centred in the Lake .Winnipcsaukee area esioents ..m.. tne sector weened to sounds variously scribed as an airplane's sonic boom, a dynamite explosion, or a ' long rumble like thunder. There were no reports of-dam - V J - ' f. r A i ...V WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1, 1964 THE OTTAW JOURft. '4 roa c;li mail. PmI OfTir Dortmot. Ottawa ana tnr pymnt om pou in run ! TEACHERSRIEF I -. mm i Lfru i n - Mn tsjs naa 34 cars-ilii num." (CHICAGO An'average raiU'ber halt increased to aprewni X". Jicnjjkiii nam In the U,S. avorjide uf 55 tarv.. AT. ' VV5 li ii if i -faaa ' Olobless (num. WEATHER prewni I .A. ..1 -V -- , r - -.. ---- - . . . . - Journal' Want Ads bnng - (JowhtOW4 it's Ccdan'S .. . .RideOU' St. 1 ' OT' quicK-results. I . , , . . . ..... . .,. ;. ,. , . . , ! ', .. ll ARE . - SPECIALLY SELECTED, WEIL 0' for Rojjling..-(ie. 3 to 4 lbs.) r IbT r FOR YOUR FRtER Whole o? Half; PORK LOITIS 45 Breakfast Sausage FOUR VARIETY 1 ' ' V ' LUNCHEON MEATS a Ml v INTRODUCINI 1" Canada' . FREE . - V J- BRAND " Boans with Pork WyPeasj kernel Corn Sv 1c HERCrORD orned Beef r ATELLI'S MACARONI nr Spaghetti i 5 CARNATION. , Hashed Potatoes 4 FRESH .Sweet Jujpy Sunklst t Oranges v7" Nutritious and Deli 'lows n I Skf Carrots:. 3 IX 'EM OR MATCH 6 Odor. Hy You- Dotintc tint Store With tht SEW Street. Floor Cnrinn-OIai Sleeveless tleevf ovrl' ' or aist. tesel ?s r- rolled -collarsSlaadcs -of . bo afft iriinerorn Viiii Inserts lilac., Sizrs ' Skirf-U-lottes Beautiful ahades in new soft linel fabric i.Ka!lu deep -joxj pleating, neat zippered back .. Hand - washable and .crush proof Excellent, fitting 'skirt-u-lottt tor culottesiire tn " shades of yellow, pjnk, blue platinum. f I I Sues 10 to 20 N Vl I. . o Pi l)? I r'ear;:il fcith; ll ''hv f' u Jjril(acrm v ' i 1 1 ;-r.- 'ri' ' -: 't:lXjfi$i'X'- stars jt.tth a very with a perlired white black;, pink ViOTTon Completely pink. S. , i. . STREET- FLOOR : 5 : ' -I A X I Cr WHITE SELLINC PORK Y THE v - . ' - TRIMMED - RIB PORTIONS PORK - -A Short and Meaty Pork Hocks Mpir. .t.r SMNLISS 3 L 1.00 WIEIIERSi ; ' ' lZ M:-:'',f-"t .': . . i. . "'V3 Slar. Si Chfi flrklr i - EMBASSY FILTER Outstanding Cigarette rCOUPaS IN EVERY PACK --.T' IATURESi n. SMITH'S Pie Fillings TS'isst-i '.tifia " 936 1 19? icde "or ' U n f jsjr ' - --styles to be liorn' : tucked in . Shirt . -. A-r ' ' " ' ' street txobiy '' ) ' Nnii.Lqrqigans ash4b.e ' . Shades '.of sous. '--PowderA yellow.- sand. plains or . oft . white ground M-i'L. , .., , . UN.-: . , :. . White ohly OS 'STRT STREET FLOOR TON THIS WEEK' -v.- si ;. 5 - ry" s t ; Value . Ruv I Applf and rherrr Applr f IS itf 99c J ALL - fVRPOS' Na '' .. 1 lh.pnlv,. .!',."7 :.i .. .A ... 1 Tomato Sauce 10 nf 99c Dove Beauty Bar 5 if-99c Hiinz Spaghetti ,6 'pc rN.t'V 0.1'XIITY Apple Juice CHOICK qt'AtlTY RtO Pitted Cherries "rb a.- w hits. FRUITS and VEGETABLES; lon; 5 v ' l 'Jt f t A VOl nri l. nmniic UlllUIia mr (i 'f n rirMAjjt i s if ; a a no iifinfllin .'. -ijmFrND riRi.v SPINACH- necklines ay Piur. Hwi on sides of skirt finished s' store .-Tj f'.r aftrtouse nd. '. y.-. with-.- ' . ,?:. smart shift." - . . . ; i.'xy '- ' p ' JP - - p-. sett-coiorea iao-ana i isrc,. buttons . Soft neckline scoop ; Shades of ,navy. powder. Sizes 10 to 16 : " i'A'v ';.' t .'.'i- -f-t1 - t. "Y , 1 I -,yj: y. i Y'sii ,.': -' i

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