The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 9, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 9, 1918
Page 8
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ADMINISTRATOR AGAIN SOUNDS GALL FOR PUBLIC TO CONSERVE SUGAR AND BtEF Mtions as to .the saving of ·and beef «re contained In a cir- T teaed by Howard Heinz, fed- food administrator for Pennsyl- *.;·;. .!.'. '. ;-.; ' '... - 3jJ»r -the conservation of-sngar the " ' says: ' ' '- .~- iMMiscliolder may save sugar · ·many ways ' during' the present ·erjeecy by scbsiituttng and: by 're^ ~ greatly the amount' previously ' ' as sugar, that'.is, 1 1-2 cups of corn syrup if recipe calls for a cup - o f sugar. . , . . , : ':;- _ - . . "Use strained honey or maple syrup pa cereals and griddle cakes. , " . "When eating raw fruits and berries, ; use less sugar as generally 'the proper flavor 'of 'th«se is' lost by too much sweetening. . . . · . . · --"Counsel the use of less sugar as a .method. 'of improving health, that too, ' great a' use of candy or sweets count great deal. of poor health, espe- of .· '^Following are a: few' suggest i which anyone may follow: - : - ----- »« «o ices or snerbels. . · · , . j'alljr OB the part of. children." Use milk- desserts, custards andr Along, the line of conservation puddings ' sw-eetened with corn- {beef -the administrator says: - : . - - - ' ; i "Use no more- ;ftan 1 1-4 pounds of dried figs, dates and raisins in icleaMjeef weekly or.-l 1-2 pounds in- which add sweetening in j eluding- the 'bone, : per person in the elves. "If'cake, is made it should be 'dark ICe/'ma'de of molasses or syrup.'Usc i'icing on cake. household. "The. demands for beeffor our Army aod the Allied'armies'and their civil populations, for this summer, are be- LITTLE-TALKS ON THRIFT By S.W. STRAUS fraiJtut Jmtriee* Smjir thrift Iced drinks, such as ice tea, yond our present surplus;, on the reetened while hot. so that all sugar 1 otlior band, we have enough increased j ·solves and less may be used. '..' supply of pork this summer to permit j tf*ioly cooking fruit. . sweeten . ng and while hot rather than tiring the boiling process. . com syrup-in cooking recipes JHje.«sslt*tmg sweetening by allowing "t-balf asain as" much - corn syrup Smithfield. ' permit j economical - expansion in'Us use. I t j will, therefore, be. a direct service to our armies and the:Allies if Our people would .in some degree substitute fresh -pork, -bacon, ham-and sausage for beef products."' · ITSMITHFtEtXl,- 3uly-8:--Rev:-Ra4ph fell ii-oa. a., two. _ weeks _ acation. e'-'willrspeEd:.with.'his-.children i'PiUsawg and-vicinity. · : ;*_Rev. Delbert" [i-'JoSiison of Dravos- m'rg, superintendent of the Home (or . i Ajed association of the Pitlsbnrg iieihodist Episcopal "conference, filled lev. Bell's puipiS in the YMethodist plscopal ctturch here Sunday'morn- · ' "'" s. G. .\f. Grimm returned from an jljended. vlit with' relatives In Ohio. *"-*-.Grimmj has received a letter. i,.the War .Department telling o£ ariyal of.J-.A- Grimm, her son, in nfic. He .had been, in the hospital ott. ue started over, was siek dur- the trip aver and went, into a hos- r'oa hla'arrivaJ, where ue had 'an- eratlon performed: "Jud" as we all ew aim here, should 'never hive R.~accepted for.military service by' .1-Board No. 4 that passed him, SV. h« was- so anxious to get In that £i? c'oncailed' his physical condition ~-'-"----··' · · · " : ' · · - his physician and Sunday visiting'-the former's daughter. Mrs. .James Beatty. i- W. H. Burfcett spent yesterday visiting his family at Cumberland, lid. Mr. and Mrs. Felix Calile of Whitsett attended the -funeral of. Mrs. Laura Mickey here Sunday. .. A REMARKABLE NEW PAIN KILLER St«p» Rheumatic ·«·! All. Olhcr . Those- snarp,.' tw'nees are ^ ,. almost instantly relieved by the markable new pain fcill*r. ami rh«u- .nwitic remedy, .20th Cen«tu'ry Liniment. Just .nib It on -- that's all. Acts like niapfc. / Xo hot water bath needed. Ycu simply .apply It dlrccr from the bottle. - ' Its positive, quick action in all cases or Rheumatism, Lumbago. Xeuralglm, Bekache, etc., prove 20th Century Holment to be the. sworn' enemy of all pain. It's the finest preparation in. the world /or soothing spralnff -and bruises. Try it. . Just . the thing- for your tired, aching-, burning feet. Takes ~-'~^'~ .' L ^ ' ,. ·" ', -., ont.'all soreness and pain, leaving k-. J. Stewart, better known as Jack],them frcsn, cool: and -comfortable.. 'son of Mr, and Mrs. J. "M. . Take a. bottle home tonight and enjoy genuine foot-comfort. There's'no need to nurse:. pal v "When you can Tnr}Dg the n e x t t w o mouth* maoT m i l i i o D S of Anericmas'mU be taking their · T»c*tiona, aod it 19 hoped that in the interests of public ecoo- ocny . t h e s e perioda of idleness w i l l , be cert ailed u ranch u poiBi- blo. Ordinarily a Yacarkn mmy be looked upon at a good ioTestment of time--a worthy example of thrift. But in tha abnor- inal.daya of war when crcry bit ofmaa- power that can' be obtained should be mode available, we ibovld look DM it · a patriotic. dn'ty--at sn instance of patriotic thrift--- to either eliminate our vacation*, entirely or cat them down Tery matemttyl There are probably at least 40,000,000 people in the United State* who nonnally take Tacatiom running from one week to two months. It if not possible to^nako an accurate estimate of thece figwes, but eren two week* each for, 4O,OOp,000 people would be eqoal'to tbo time of tcrcnd.hundred, tbotttand citi»cr» for a period of the whole year. Jnat at Mus, time onr natio* can ill afford thfa IOJM of huaan endearor. , ' We are crowding to tho Thwft to get onr »okHer» the fighting front. Their places mmt be filled at hoca«, and th*/ fuut be anpplied: wftb food and clothing. Waste of time is just as bad as wute of food or. any other material resource. It would bo a fine example of patriotism for, each person who had planned a. Tncatibn to -voluntarily eliminate one week of it. The aggregate benefit of such action would mean much to our country in winning the war... . We are eliminating?, other forms of waste with an enlhusiam borq of patriotic devotion/ Why noteliminntkthe wont waste of all--waste of time?l The elimination of one week of onr nation would nuilce possible the saving of.seyerol million dollars in railway Jiire, hotel bills and miscellaneous vacation expenses. If this saving were pl»ced in Liberty Bonds or Thrift Stamps our set of patriotism would be thus further, shown. This is not .in any way a*,sreepin(; eondennatioa of vacations. The vacation is Dot to be considered as an act of tbriftlesfnesi. But our standards of. today are not what they were two years ago nor what they will be wbeo' . peaca comes again. ' Tb» Tacation i a good thing geneW ally became it gives one a rest and change which prolongs life and adds; to ow efficiency. But the need of man power is so urgent in winning thv war that there saoald be no let down.: The machine of national activity Bust be kept running at top speed undl th« war fe. won, bo matter what inconven- lend H aay cause to (he individual. The necessity of yesterday has be* come the luxury of today. The Tac*. tioo m au. example.. Better Call AT OUR SERVICE IITATIO.V REGULARLY JK YOU WjlIfT THE BET RESULTS FROM YOUR BATTERY. WIUARB SERVICE SIATWfl 115 FTJWT . STHKET. . F. T. EVANS ·Mt of Smithfleld, is .here'on ,- Iroai a training, camp in -New rk. He brought his prospective de, .a young .lady from. Pittsburg', n« with Wm. The young, woman nailer age th«y were unable to rpcur* a license here. They hired a or vehicle from Black'a livery and to Cumberland Sunday, ' but bund tlwy could not procure a license itil, alter. Sunday midnight. ..They JMUilud«d to stay in Cumberland until lillttr ttit time, which they did, and " married and returned here on kV train Monday. · IK. O'Neil visited Mr. and Mrs..B. R. at New Salem, and Mr. and . quick relief at the Tieareit T!i« ConncUsviHe Drug Co. -- Adv. store. Ohiopyle. OH1OPY1E, July 8.--Miss I*lah Taylor has returned to her home in West Virginia, where she has accepted a position lor the Western Maryland railroad. Miss Taylor has been the aj;ent here for the past several months. . Miss Josephine Blaney of Lonaconing,. Mi, will succeed Mils Taylor here.' Mrs. E. E. Hamilton and son Fremont, spent -Saturday the guest of. i4, u .u »t «. u ./.u.,·='"' ijjr. and Mrs. Charles Thorpe in Con- ·3irs. H. OTJeJl is visiting 'relatives! Eel ' 3v « le - · . . . . Toint Marion-and .'other points: "in I «rs.;H..C. Jones spent.. Satorday forks oJ Cheat river-.--- ' j sapping" in Connellsvflle and calling' on friends.: v? . . - ilr/- and Mrs;'- Edward ' Jeffries, daughter Fern.'arid-sori Ernest ol Confluence, arrived here- Friday evening to-spead-a few-Says visiting at Ohio- |.»ld A.- J.VSutton and. daughter, «ttr-^Whet«VleK Kere Friday for Camp W%, N. J.. to visit - fCKEaSON' RUN, July 8.--^The re- as rtc'ently" transferred ^from a c o*mp : at-bittle Rock, Ark;; to Dicker»on Run. ·of-Mrs. -Laura, wife .of Prank POUS», .:' pyle and Mill Run. ..-. Mr. Weaver of'PittsbnTg, is spendV ing over Sunday h«fe"jrtOt his son-iiiT. law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Burdette. ... . . . , . Mrs., J. E. Benson 'and daughter of Pittsburg,-are guests at th« Ohio Prle ley, were laid to rest jresterday Mrs. Mickey.''.died'; of a : of diseases, last jv. ;Mis. Mickey leaves her. husband ( children, the jjoung-Bt a stven. days old. Funeral: serv- .w«re .the Bast Liberty :h of God, Rev. D. A^ Stevens of^ itior. Sunday at 2.30. Interment in ckarson Run Union cemetery. ! and Mrs. -Willianj Shannon have ««d to their .home at Beaver after spending, a few days visit:-the latter's parents, Mr., and , I. Thomas, at Dawson. i . I:. K. Irwin is spending a few i visiting relatives and friends at Roger Welsh of. Wellsbiirg, W. Va., is visiting Ohiopyle friends for a few George Kurtz, of Humbert, spent Saturday and Sunday here the guest ot relatives. . Oran Waters has resigned his posi- tiba as.clerk for tne Burdette Sali- or store. .. ' Fatroaize those who advertise. Foreman spent Sunday·· 'at .- ··· · · si^Hs* Martin Grouse ha* returned i her horn* at PCttsburg after spend! a week here the guest of friends, f Mrs. Anna Moran and son-William- Fourth aveauf, Scottdale, spent gOW 5qf0 Kte, Burns and Scalds Heal Very Quickly Langhrey Drug Co., Connella- and Broadway Drug Co., Scott- le. kell an ointment called San that surely, does do anything it FOR INDIGESTION V CfurVe Hu » Tr»«tmt,» Tl.t H« G«mtrr« In roi. p ll r Rc . Here .4(1 St««urck Dhtnta. · People KO on sufferine' from little -·Jtoma«h .troubles'' tor ' · years 'and imagine-they have a serious disease.' . .They over-eat or . over-drink and force'on the stomach ( a. lot ot erftra 'But they never ..thing-, that the stomach needs extra help to do extra work If these people would take a JIl-o- na tablet'-with or after'meals it would be R Trent big help tythe stomach in its strain of.' overwork: . Ml-o-ha .tabietsr^help ^our tired-out. stomach Ho do'-itsAvbrk and banishes] the cause. V. · ' ' . " . . . · . I N'o matter what ypu eat or drink Mio-na tablets should Btweetei'i your sour stomach : ayl stop'gras belching- in 10 minutes. The ' heaviness disappearft. .ind the stomach lie greatly aided in its- work of digestion. : - .. . .: And Mi-o-ria not only promptly relieves -all ^distress but If taken regularly will absolutely ,'nanish indigestion b.y building up;.-the :flabby,..overworked walls of the stomach' and making them strong-enough: to digest the WORLD'S GREATEST Saxaphone Orchestra To Feature Big Dance at Shadjr Grove Park, FRIDAY, JULY 12th Wright's Orchestra Of Columbus, Ohio Selected by Leaders of the Music World as the Best Feature Concert Intermission. 8 P. M. to 1 A. M. Admission $1.00. Wrights Saxaphone Orcheeira. · Juan a word to tell you that your vvqrh at the Military party waw .wonderful ."and musical admirers concede it to be the best music in Lnsinff fcp to date, and very rrateful .to : you for your co-operation; In making the party a success ovtii 1 all military par-ties ever fflven here, W. J. TEOMPSOX, Hesperian House. Micigan Agricultural Colleee, East *LansinE, Michiern. . ,. - · "Wrights Orchestra is undoubtedly best dance orchestra to be heard in State College d u r i n g house party time. . JOSEPH WH.SOX, Chairman Phi ivappa Siema, State College, Pa. "Wrights ever Hince . its first been The "Washington Lee (lance .orcheatru. BOB McDUGLE, Secretary and Treasurer, "W. ·L. Cotillion Club, Lojiington, Va. COMMITTEE B. E. Miller C. Ray Goodwin to do or money back. F. McCauley, Cooperstown.. 'rat hi* finjrer; blood poison set trm *w«ll«d te.-ribly; friends de- [ lt«Ur*d; »id arm naut come off. S a n j . 'Cura Ointment dr«V. out .water and B ^"" fcrt. pus; igony ceaied; arm and a good aj ever. most hearty meal. 'A. A. Clarke, sells and guarantees Mi-o-n GOIG AWATI Place Tour TaJmaWes IB Safe Weposit. Tori .won't, enjoy jou.r "vacation, if quickly drairs .out. poison, from | you are worried about the safety of . ferer »or«, rJcen. boil*,;car- yoar.jmportant papers, Liberty Bonds, ' " '"- ' etc. Pur them in the Safe Deposit cuts. burn*, scalds and Vault of the First National where ab- itchtng, bleeding or protrudiag solute, security is" assured at a very f|U**,'It haa"r«c«tT«d the highest ia T .jmoderate charge.--Adv. *"·*-"-:--~*~ -- fcn ~ imumera'b'l*' - ciaM* j . " "^' --~---·---·----- »f Thanks. Mr. Frank-Mickey and children wi»h to thank tho*e who so kindlr helped them in their recent bereavement of mother and wife, Mri. Laura Mickey. They, also 1 wish -to thank . recorded wh«r« «ci«ima;tetter'and] f rfceom «*n cored in ti« iborteit lie tini«. 3an Cira Ointment li ybory snouW. u« SiaV Cora germ ef U« akin ·,clear,. «oft and jtbo»e,who .sang;, and gent floral trf; ·ty, 3» : c«U.;; T»orap»ira -Medical i but«s. Mr. Frank Mickey:: and fam-' PARAMOUNT JHEATRE 10c --TODAT-- Some strange cnrrent of mystery was sweeping her along. Her father had been killed, her lawyer too. Bad her sweetheart accused of tile murder. What was it all about? See Irene Cas'Ue in the thrilling play "THE HILLCREST MYSTERY" . Also a Good Comedy. --TOMOBHOW-- "TEE GOD OF GOLD." BLUEBIRD PRESENTS PRISCILLA DEAN AND ELLA HALL IN "WHICH WOMAN" PROM THE BOOK--"NOBODY'S WIFE." ALSO AN L KO COMEDY IN 2 ACTS. TUESDAY, JULY 9, 1918. Good Music An Essential in Every Home The New Edison Essential to Good Music . i Music has been deemed essential in the various great military cantonments throughout this country. Its value in developing proper morale--its value as a developer of patriotism--and the keen pleasure it gives the men, have been quickly recognized. What good music does for the men in camp, it will do tor The rest of the family at home. Too many homes are without music, and need not be, when the,NEW EDISON can supply them with actual re-creations of the world's best music, both vocal and instrumental. Free Concerts on the NEW EDISON Every Day--Come and Bring Friends We know you'll enjoy these concerts. Every one does. They are absolutely free and your attendance carries with it no obligation whatsoever to buy. Come today or tomorrow, just whenever and as often as you wish.. An attendant will gladly play your favorite selections.--Edison Department, Second FJoor Annex. The aboTC illris- (ration is of the Mi- sou official Laboratory model . There are · a number of other styles. In finishes to go vriUi your oihor fine for- niture. Prices Tar- ied. Wanted Style* in Women's and Children's --Children's one-piece Bathing Suits'in a number of good colors,--at 76c and $1.00. --Ladies' Wool Jersey Suits.--at $5, *«.8« and np to $11.50. --Ladies' Cotton Jersey Suits,--at »3 to $*--Indies' Surf Cloth and Mohair Suits,--at KJW to S5.00. Separate Bathing Tights, cotton,--*t $1.25. Wool--at tOO. Bathing Caps More attractive than ever in their pretty shades and delightful new color combinations, of pnre rubber, and excellent values, at 2Se to SOe. For Your Vacation Trip You Probably Will Need New Many people are planning early vacations this year because of increased fares soon to go in force-which has accounted for a great demand for luggage. Exceptionally well are we prepared to meet it with cases in all wanted styles for both men and women, to say nothing- of the finest assortment of traveling bags and trunks in Fayette county. --Bags to sell at 93 to $35. --Cases to sell at $140 to $25. --Xrmnks to seJl at $6 and up. Dainty Summer Neckwear White Washable Satin, georgette crepe, fllet and organdy collar*--attractive styles--at 76c to $4.50 each. Women's Silk Hose Dependable qualities in a Bomber of shades, including brown and tan, at $L25, $1.75. t2£», *2-W pair. Women's Silk Gloves A big assortment in white and colors with contrasting embroidery--at $L25, 11.50, $1.76 pail. Toilet Goods Itainty and lasting Perfumes and Toilet Water*, including both beat French and domestic makes. Service Flags Sili, cotton and wool Flags, with one or two stars, all sizes.--at Sic t» *UM each. Soldier Kits Soldiers' khaki-covered Comfort Kits, waterproof, either complete or to be filled,---at 12.00 to $5.04 each. Social Stationery Latest ideas of Eton, .Crane and Pike in white and ail suitable shades,--at 40c to $5.00 box. Orders left here for social'engraving of highest order are promptly and "carefnilj executed. Children's Parasols Children's Parasols in various popular sizes--· plain colors or fancy designs--with silk loops on handles--at 26c to $1.50 each. Linen Towels Irish Linen Huck Towels, soft tnitt, -with hemstitched borders,--at SLSO to t2M each. Women's Colored Umbrellas Colored Silk Umbrellas fn green, pnrplte, brown and blue with satin borders and silk loops or very smart Bone ring on handles,--at $6ito $10. Minerva Yarn In all-silk, all-wool and silk-mized, snowing all the aev bright shades soitabio for Summer · sweaters,--at 65c to 55c ball. Minerra. Ktafcl and Oiford yarns f or i army and navy,--at 60c and COc ball. Embroidery 40-inch Swiss all-over Embroidery is small designs, suitable for waists and dresses,--at O.J5 aad $2£9 yard. 27-inch Organdy Embroidery Flouncing tor children s dresses.--at S2J09 yard. Porch Cushions Beautiful cretonne porch cushions in assorted floral designs,--at $LOO and $LaO each. Knitting Bags A new assortment of cretonne knitting bags in many colors and styles,--at S3e to S3M- Foulards 40-iucb printed Silk Foulards in navy, taupe, black, and plum backgrounds with white and colored designs,--at SiSO and $3.00 yard. Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% on Every $100 You Spend--Save Them. ORPHEUM THEATRE --TODAY- DOUGLAS'FAIRBANKS IN "XR. JEt-IT- An Artcraft Picture. . Also a Good : Comedy. : ---TO M O B B O W Adolph Zukor Presents Ann Pennington: in ' . ' . ' . - . - ^infSBairE HAN* . ; . . Comtiig-^Guy Bn)pey.;-in "Over the Top." --THE-- EVERYTHING COOKED LIKE AT HOME, Strictly Fresh, Clean and Pure. ASK FOR OUR SPECIAL CLUB BREAFAST AND SUNDAY DINNER, "Our Pastries Are Delicious Because They Are Homemade." NEXT DOOR TO WEST PENN WAITING ROOM. . atronize Those Who Advertise. MOVE BY AUTOTRUCKS BOTH PHONES OPPMAM'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. THE THEATRE THAT PLAYS ONLY THE BEST Come When Ton Please. Stay As Long As You Like. THE HIT OF THE SEASON "THE milON DOLLAR BABIES" A Cast of Artists Featuring Miss Nina Belle, Late of Aborn Opera Co. Al. Berger and C. B. Gayles, Comedians That Are Funny. SIX BEWITCHING DANCING DOLLS Special Scenery Wonderful Gowns On the Screen--Helen Holmes in "THE LOST EXPRESS" OPOOOOOOCOOOOOOOOOOOOUJOCO OOOOOOOOOC WEAR Hornet's OotMog J. B. KURTZ, WUTARV PUBLiC AND REAL E4TATK. to. 1 Qouth M«ad«. U CMHMllWlU* fm. ooooooooo

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