The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 9, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 9, 1918
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

PAGK SEC THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVJLLE. PA. TUESDAY, JULY 9, 191S. BY C. A. VOTOHT WESS SAKE. . "TOST DM- KIOW TAKE AI to OK. AT TV(AT OWB COM! MO- OtfT SOME. 5UIT ^(OU ST^V IW ALi. DAW -- "TC-uwtc i't UKE.TO USE IT SlRO--^- A "REAL PCD FASHIONED BATHIU6 iuiT-- AT i-AVt I'VE. A SEwsrete vtooes.T "THE HIULCREST MYSTERY"-- -In which £rene Castle; kttoVn as the best: .dressed woman In America; is appe*£ jng-i»- tne Oeadip'g role,'.is-beiri^~shown l»*»yj~Kvery'ont likes^stbrfrs -tfiat-are ~ £ action and--thrills. Such a K)RMER 50UARED-RIN8 STARS NOW WEAR REGULATION JACKIE UNIFORM IN NAVY . . T-"-'; U:: 1 ? -tremendously" exciting, j _ ag.d there is sijnys which -has'-j-" WIT '?t_art to rtnishjJThe i . . story -has; a touch of jiotor ;from-;_tSe- great war; in which' JIrs.'Casrtl'eVaVJ »tor husband, Vernon Castl«,-Jpjt tis^ ;life. The picture shows 11ts....Ca3tl6 ·, in a most" appealing role, which is i said to be "the best in which she has j ever appeared. Much attention has.: "been paid to the settings of the pic- |. turei rortheicasFmfh Mrs. Cattle are j lldlpti.-Kellar£.:w...H.- Oplmq'ur -ndi Wyodharo 'Staot^.J|«A iblcctcT^com- j ed^U Includ^dT^Tomorrpw, Eila~HalI j i^#rtaclya;pe»n2wJfl be starred in | ·;jyhteh;j.Vfcni*itT' jsr 'Bluebird'- attrac- ' ig£«-e«n ! ;JXQOC"Eve!rn' 'Campbel 1's -^niunMiay. :Kthcl Clayton,-* ifae; capti-^ ;.''t»tia».. _55teen. ,_star.. - -sirprorted -^b ! Kctcltciiffe Fellows. wir.Jbe seenHn: - "Hie Man Hunt," a stritinslj- pleas- linj new.'World- feature, whicir-.tells; KOt» eSicienu method"By wKic'h a TBO.II-, j .era girl secures for her husband ithe; '.nan sh« has picked cult as being most fitted for the plac«J--*riday ahd^Sat-' irrdiy, Mary GaraenVt the ' : CoIBVyn. itmr, will be presented in "A Splendid Sinner,'.' m. powerful story; which de-- pplets !il» as we see.It-today, and the: night. The "Count and.the Gitl" was well received, and the audience showed its appreciation of Miss Nina Belle's singing. Al Berger, as the farmer,. makes a very funny character, and Lillian Raymond, as .his daughter, wins her audience .with her everlasting smile. The chorus is well deserving of their title as it is one of j the best found in a tab show. They I put over the singing and dancing num- I bers with a snap that pleases. Blab- j orate wardrobe and special scenery i succeeds in making It a first class of-; fering: Helen Holmes thrilled In h«r j daring exploits. The show will be! offered again today. Wed-nesday and; Thursday will be a complete change! of program, and on the screen will be aeen the famous war serial, "The Woman and the Web. 1 ' BanJc Statement*. BEPORT~OF~IJONDITION OF THE. First National Ba.-.k at Perryoplls, In the State of Pennsylvania, at the close or 'business cm J u n e 29, 1918. lacole ranges from New.York «nd its' U:icle Sam. Engaged In friendly spurring, while the third man refercra, are from, left to'rlsht: "Ch!cago"^Tommy Murphy, the lightweight; Joe Bonds, heavyweight, nnd" Joe "Welirn'g, world's charjpion middleweight.' Wearing regulation Jacbies' uniforms instead of the fighting togs of the sqnareil circle that they are more nci.'ustbmed to", these three former pugilistic .star* are now serving Uncle Sam. At present they are on the Granite State waiting an opportunity to fight for SATlOJfAL 1KAGCE. I'csterday's Resolts. Boston 5; Piltsburg 0. · Chicago 6; New York 3. . New York 3; Chicago 1. .Cincinnati* 4; Philadelphia 3. BfooWyn-SU" .Louts--No game. Standing of tbe Clubs. W. L. Chicago ] New Yovk ! Pittsburg 124.350.0"! US.-50.00 ·arironi to the battle front of France. tfRTHElOLTHEATKE. "STHJSH1NE NAN"-- A story oi an ambitious little,, slum-girl who Arises Vo 'become the wile of a successful to- Tin tor, js cleverly .portrayed by Ann P«nnt»rton in.', h'er. 'l»te»W-l'ara mount jtictuTS: ; 4 Sunsh"lne:Nii5 t -'i5Khe Orphe- «iii:;^th*«tr«-:,tomprrowcrpf course . . , ti«" way »f " thi transformatloa, such .as an enforced .stay In a girls' re- I formatpry for a "crime" she had-never ; · cominltted, and tae fighting of her way | up afterwards as an office girl and stenographer. How she turned ; .ali ^hls to EJJod^accorat^and lent:a;heip- i iag.handViqrmanyl:of'-her;oid--friends £roirfTue^'ai.ley'^ltas" been' skillfully depleted by JUs^-P.ennlngton. Director Charles: fiiblyn produced ithe picture from a "scenario by; Ere ijnsell. · Alice Hegan Rice, the original author, will be remembered as having 'written "Mrs. "Wlggs of the.Cabbage Patch," "Lovey Mary," "Mr. Opp,"- and others. Today's Schednlc. Boston at.^PittKburg. Brooklyn at St. Louis. New^Yorfc at Chicago. Philadelphia at Cincinnati' ARCADE THEATRE. "THE MILLION DOLLAH BABIES" opened a week's engagement at the Arcade theatre yesterday and pleased a large house both afternoon an!d ASLEIUCAX LEAGUE. RESOURCES. Loana and discounts (except those shown in b and c}..;4C2.l:S.l« (52.129.1* Overdrafts, unsecured 1,78J.15 1,782. C. S. bonds deposited to secure clrcula- t i o n ( p a. r value ) .$ 50,000.00 U. S. bonds and certificates of indebted n e s s o w n e d , a n d unpledged · 25.000.00 76,000.00 Liberty Loan bonds, 3 S4 per cent anil -1 per cent, unpledged 33.300.00 P a y m e n t s act- u a l l y made on Liberty 4l£ per cent bonds ( T h i r d Liberty Loan) ...... Securities other than TJ. S. bonda (not in- owned u n- TUodeed 87.103.00 87.103.00 Stocks, other than Federal Reserve Bank stock 4SO.Ofl Stock of Federal Reserve Bank (5.0 per cent oC subscription) 3.900.00 Furniture and fixtures ... 1,100.00 L a w f u l reserve w i t h Federal Keserve Bunk 76,577.00 Cash In vault and net amounts due from national banks · 361.07S.S3 Total of Items 14. 15. J6, 17, and IS 3S1,079'.OS Checks on b a n k s located outside of cily or town of reporting: b a n k and other cash Items ....... 155.4R ruxiemptlon f u n d with L". S. Treasurer and due from U. S. Treasurer 2.500.0* War Saving* CcrtincatcB and T h r i f t Stamps actually owned 15.158.53 Total »1,:15,2«.34 Philadelphia -- . Tesierdur's Ite.inlls. Boston 1; Cljveland 0. Cleveland 4; Boston 3. Philadelphia 16; Detroit D. New York 6 ^Chicago 5. St. Louis-Washington--No game. Standing oi the Clubs. w. 44 40 L. 32 34 31 36 37 38 .29 · 42 44 UABIIylTIKS. . Capita! stuck paid in ,...$ Surplus tuatl Undivided profits 44,240.44 Circulating .notes outstanding Individual deposits subject to check · Cashier'* checks oiit.- I -36 Pet. .573 .564 .563 .526 .486 .486 | .405 .380 Today's Schedule. Cleveland ~at Boston. Chicago at New York. Detroit at'Philadelphia. ' St. Louis at Washington. Ife Sure-" to Serve them the Best-- The same good beer with the; same good reputation it Rad-ye^s-smcl years ago, jwheii the grown-ups of today were kiis.r · / It is aS. Qualtiy. ftlo expense is spared--in materials, labor or procesj^fp make it the: best you can buy. Pittsborgh Brewing Co.'s LE SPEC3AL BEER AT · ORDER A CASE SENT HOME BA5CDALL 5TODIE5 The Cleveland amatenr tasebnll association is made up of 67 nines. · *· » Charley Ebbets in hewing close to Hoover, as Ills outfield is now one-third Wheat · ' . · . . · · * * Casey Stengel was rated 100 per cent perfect when he was examined !y draft board physicians. ' ' " ' I . * Washington is plnylng baseball on Sunday, and the fans probably would appreciate baseball on week days, too. ' * * * Wllbcrt Robertson, chubby manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers, appears to have lost considerable weight since last season. . · . * . » · · New York A. C. will hold track, baseball and .'boxing tourneys for the soldiers" and sailors stationed In the vicinity of. the metropolis. * · · · · ' Sunday baseball in Washington is going to prove a financial boon .to Qark Griffith. "The Senators will probably make money this .season.. * * * " . St Louis aport writers are heartless. One of them has said that a.s amateurs are exempt, Hendricks; Cardinals need not worry about the work'or .fight order. / ' ' . · · * ' · * · ' . Among the amazing features of bosV ball this year is that'the umpire can mlike n rotten; decision against the home team without risking his life a» o f old. c ' · · ' · ' . .·... . « · · · · · ·· ···, · · "Walters batting for Loy«;" 'yelled the announcer .in the fifth inning «t the Polo grounds. "No; he's batting for money," insisted ont of the wags In the stand. " · · ·· ' ». · * Slowly .but Barely Bob yeaca 1» climbing to a plsc* among the bead. linen ofiwat fn the American league. j Veaeh started poorly bat li nittinf i hard now. .Total oi demand deposits (other than hank d e p o s i t s ) nubjcct to R o s o r v e . Items 34, 35, 36. 37. 38, .IS, «, find 41 .. 948.S2JUO Advancer' received on Third liberty Bonds Total SO.DOO.O* 80.000.lXt 44.240.4A 4 9,400.0* 946,710.26 1,918,04 .42.396.50 ?1.215,265.34 State of Pennpylv.inia, County o£ Fay- otte, ^ H i 3. HO\VARD ADAMS, Cashier oMh« above-named b u n k / d o aoJcmnly swear that the Jibove statement i s - t r u e to the bsst of my knowledge and beHfjf. HOWARD AtXAMS. Cashier. ' Subscribed u n d sworn to bc£o« ra« this 5th day oC July. IfllS. EDMUiVD JVIARTTN, Notary Public. Correct--A t test: If. Tit. COGHRA.V. .T. H. PRICE. 1L li. STR,\WN. Directors. LET AN EXPERT DO IT When Yon Are Not "Up to the Mark Ucst Sec Mo 'First, REPORT OP CONDITION OF THE Citizens National Bank at ConncllKville, In th« Ktate of Pennsylvania, at th« clone of business on J u n e 29, ]5!8. RESOURCES. Tjoana and din- , counin (except in b and c) $522,377.94 Overdrafts, unse- Trust Company Si a tea REPOHT OF THE CONDITION OF ! Title Trust Company of "Western 1 Pennsylvania, located at corner Craw- ; ford and Pfttffburg- streets, Connells- vtlle, Pa_ at the close of busloeas, June 29, 1918. cured U. 3, hondK deposited to secure circulation (par value) 100.000-00 L'. S. bondu and certificate* of Indebtedness owned and un- pledged 20,000,00 L-lberty Loan BonJa. Z '.£ per cent «ind 4 per c*!Dt, UB- pledpcd 25,000,00 Liberty Loan Bonds, 3% per »cent and 4 per cent, pledged to HBCtirc postal navinKH de- · posits , 50,000.60 Payments actually on Liberty 4i£ p«r c e n t .bonds (Tbird Liberty Loan) .... ir5.S5Q,0 Bondsj otiTer th an U. S. bonds pledged to arccare poet- al aavings deposits 91,445.51 Securities' other than U. S. bondit (not Including- stocks) owned un- ptodced .... 10S.CT3.f'4 Collate rai trust and other Rotas - of corporations ia- ftued for not . less than one year nor mope . than 3 years' Cime 34,31X25 Stocks, other than F sd~ eral Resarve Bank stock Stock of Federal 1 Ke- aerve Bank;- 50 ier pant of «*u.b»criptkn.. ^Valu* of bamkr ' Ins hocae .. 55,000.00 Farnfttire and'fixtures :. He*l ofitatc owned other than banking: house .Lawful res*rve with Federal Reserro Bank .... Cash In vault, and net amounts due from na. tLonal tanks Checks on other banks in the same city or town ' · as- reportinE bank (other I h a n Item. IT) Total o f ' Items 14, IS. 16, 17. and IS .. ^, 1SS.S23.1S Checks on banke located outside · of city or t o w n ' of . reporting and other cash items Redemption fund, with U. S. Treasurer and due from U, S. Treasurer War Savings Certificates and Thrift Stamps actually owned Total 156,954.54 57.35 4.786.17 5^2,3_7r.S4 RESOURCES. Reserve Fund: 200.79 Cash, specie and notes ..S 47,455.75 Due from approved reserve ( agents 105,498.79 ; Nickels and cents' . . . . K Checks and cash items.. | Due from banks, trust I companies, excluding: [ reserve . . . . ? 120,000.00 j Commercial paper uur- ! chased: Upon on« I name ; Commercial paper uur- ; chased: Upon two or more names ; Time loans with coliat- j eral 91,110.39 -Bonds, stocks, etc. 97.375.00 Morlgaffes and judgments of record 193,441,42 Office building and lot.. 241.143.57 Other real estate 10,903.77 F u r n i t u r e and firtures .. 8,864.07 Overdrafts 4,212.47 Total J1.252.S20.12 234,438.7* "55,000.00 5.000.00 11,341.91 58.794.32 * 154,811.87 10,811.33 33,517.50 5.000.00 200.00 LIABILITIES. Capita] stock Surplus fund ...., Undivided profits, less expenses and taxes paid Demand deposits: (exclusive of trust fnnds) Deposits' subject to check 378,506.67 Treasurer's checks outstanding ... 4,521.25 Time deposits: (exclusive of trust fnnds) Time certificates of deposit 52,125.76 · · Specail time deposits .. 1,853.80 Savings fund deposits ... 318.SJ9.S7 Dividends unpaid Bills payable on demand Bills payable on time-.. Total £50.000.00 140,000.00 8.96S.97 SS3.027.92 375,819.23 104.00 45,000.00 50,000.00 ..$1,252,920.12 Jl.419,244.34 Specialties: All .Stomach diseases. Blood diseases, Asthnia, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Bladder arid Kidney diseases. Nervous diseases and all disordered coiiditicms of both sexes. I .accept cases only that can helped or cured. OR. be Stair Hotel, ConncLUvillc, Pa. tVerfnemlnjr Only JCnch Week. J. N. Trump TRANSFER MOTOR TRUCK AJVD 4 IPXClALTV, Offlc* IftS K. G»p« Ailvjr, ·It* P. R. R. Depot. Rath atronize Those Who Advertise. LIABILITIES. Capital stock paid -in.. Surplus fund Undivided profits 51 : ,319.09 A m o u n t reserved for all interest accrued Circulating: notes outstanding- Individual deposits subject to check ertiflcates oC deposit due in less than 30 days (other than for money borrowed) .... Certified checks Cashier's checks outstanding 1 Dividends u n p a i d . Total of demand ' deposits (other , than bank deposits) subject to Reserve. Items- 34. - 35, 36. 37, 38, 39. 40, and 41 , 601,586.50. Certificates of deposit (other than for money · borrowed) · *. Poatal savings deposits.. Other time deposits .... Total of time deposits subject to Reserve Items 42, 43. ·14, and 45.. 439,738.75 100,000.00 135,000.00 51,319.09 1,600.00 100,000.00 £90,203.S3 Trust funds: Mortgrag-es tS,OS7.3'. Other investments, etc. t,4I^.2G Cash balance ........ 2,450 80 Overdrafts 544.53 Total trust funds .,,...$ 35,434.39 CORPORATE TRUSTS. Total amcunt (i. e. tace value] of trusts under deed sof trust or mort- eagres executed by corporations to the company as trustee to secure Issues of corporate bonds, Including: equipment trusts .... State of Pennsylvania. County of Pay* ette. ss: I, EWD. K. DICK, Treas-jrer of the above named company, "do solemnly swear that the above statement is t r u e to the best of my knowledge and belief. BDW. K. DICK, Treasurer. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 3th. day of July, 131S. EDITH HARRIS. Notary Public. Corre c t--A ttest: R. MARIETTA, HARRY DUNN", 1 H. GBO. MAT, Directors. 4,403.37 5,000.00 Patronize the merchants who advertise in this paper. Theywfll treat you light 15.62S.85 120.] 87.21 303.922.63 : Total 51.419.244.31 State of Pennsylvania, County of Fav- ecte, as: I, JAMES U KURTZ. Cashier of the above named bank. do selcmnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. · JASIES L. KURTZ. Cashier. Subscribed and sworn lo before me this 8th day of July, 1918. J. B. KURTZ. Notary Public. Correct.--Attest: F. E. MAUKEL.L, F. A. KAIL,, J. D. SHERRICK. . . Directors. TitledndTrustCompam of ' WesfernPennsvlvama DILIGENCE !' THE GAEDEX PATS By diligence and care in the garden, the production is enhanced many fold. So -with accumulating money -- regular deposits with' us, aided by tne interest we add, assure the growth of funds. Start an account with ns. This is the only bank in this community paying 4% interest on Savings Accounts. t * £SISIC ' E YOUR LIBERTY BOJTDS ARE SAFEGUARDED Do you realize the risk you are running, if you are keeping your Liberty Bonds and other valuables at home?. Our Vault is a place of Absolute Security. Safe Deposit Boxes for. renjt $1.50 and np per year.

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