The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 11, 1930 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 11, 1930
Page 12
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L'AUE TWELVE. TJAVCT CO'OKTER, TLLE, PA, TUESDAY, MARCH 11, 1930. At the Theatres The Paramount ! f Joy. I on a; n favorite of motion jirtnr«* fans, t-anio to the Param o u n t Theatre yesterday In a First N a t i o n a l picture. "A Most. Immoral Lady." adapted f r o m Town-send Mart i n ' s s(,ai;« play of the sauin name. Tbo story lU-ats with it wife ' who fMidoavws to hoip her luiabaml "get j ;ilong" by t r y i n g t o Influence other j nioii. The (l:«;istrouM results) of this j phui miike a story that la dramatic j j i n i l ICUHP, sustaining the Interest of the audience U n n u g h o u t ami giving Miss Joy and hor Eellow-artlats oppor- l unity for some really marvelous i buracterlzalions. As Laura Sarg«unt. t h e boauttlnl ;ind attractive wife. Miss Joy is most iiappily (.'a«t. She demonstrates again ··hat she Is oiift of the finest dramatic actresses on (he .screen today, and firings to a difficult role a warm and lasting sympathy. Miss Joy seems to iw moro beautiful than ever 3n this picture, and certainly i« one of the 'boat tx'ls" of the screen. Sidnoy Blaclciwr, a Broadway. stage actor of great ability, is seen in the role o£ Humphrey Sargoant, the husband, and brings to the part an artistry that. Is practically flawless Walter Pidgeon is cast as the "other man." and doos the role very well indeed. Montaguo Ixive gives his usual .smooth performance as the "heavy, 1 and Josephine Dittin also Is outstanding. The program also includes Amos and Andy broadcasting at 7 o'clock, a news - reol, featuring Graham Mc- Nam«e, a Vltaphono act and all-talking comedy. Tin* leading picture for Thursday, Friday and Saturday .!« "Disraeli," starring George Arltssi Paramount Theatre Tod^y and Tomorrow too% and T A L K I N G The Orpheum "Th« lxve Parade." with Maurice Chevalier in thtv loading -role, opened Monday afternoon at the Orpheuin tor a three-day attraction. Maurice Chevalier at the peak" of his form, in a role and a musical romance setting that couldn't b0 better for his raw gifts as the aor-eon'B leading sii)g«r, lover, comedian and personality purveyor, -Ho was a personal sensation In "Innocents of Paris." sweeping all of random "before him. What he does In "Th» Love Parade" has already proved a super- panic on Broadway--and what he doos to the women moviegoers to nobody's business. It Ja a dashing, singing smiling, infectiously captivating rol« that flrat entice*, then enthraais, then enraptures every beholder. Jeannette MacDonaid heading the supporting cast. A girl with "It" in her voice and in her demeanor. She possesses much of, the sanie magnetic personality and gay, refreBhlnR viewpoint that is Chevalier's. No more tilting choice could have been made for the leading woman for the great French star. No feminine heart in the audience will rebel when the handsome Maurice Jays his heart at the well-shod feet of the fair Jeanette in '·'The Love Parade." laipino I/ano, well-known to moviegoers every where; and Lillian Roth, a newcomer to the fllnva, but at 19 a veteran of vodvil, musical comedy and revenues, supply the secondary comedy as the valet and maid. The crafty master-strokes of the director, Brnfjt Lubitsch. Here 1» a film that ha» the subtlety, the volatile aliveness that can come from none but a genius at picture-supervision. Iitibltsch hero sets a maTk for many who will try to imitate him. The whole tone of the picture i» one of majestic laviahness ot production blended with inspired simplicity and directness of action seQuence. A movietone act, sound news reel and talking comedy are also being shown. Tin* feature picture for Thursday, Friday and Saturday is "The Klsa," with Greta Gan-bo in the steelar role. The Strand One. ot the principal players ia Kaoul Walsh's new Fox all talking Movk'tone' picture; "Hot For Paris," on the screen at the Strand Theatre, Ounbar. Yola D'Avrll, appears as the sister of Plfi Dorsay. Both are native The completed cast for this rollicking, adv«ntr«rous love story Includes Victor MciLaglea, Mls/i r»orsay, Kl Br«n,d«l, Lennox Judeln, George Fawcett, Eddie Dillon, Risita Marstinl, STRAND T H E A Y R E 1UNBA«, PA. Lust Time Tonlte · · · · · · · + + · *' + · · + · + · + + · · IMMORAL LADY T0o LATRIC J O Y Oh Joy! SYDNEY'BLACKMEJi WALTER PIDGEOX JOEl'HINE DUNN + 4 + + + « * + + · + + * + + · + · Hear her lift up lier voice in joyous song, snappy repartee and tinkling laughter, playing a game where the cards were stacked against her. Forfeiting her heart for a stake of riches. ^ · Based on 1'lay bj Townsend Martin VJta]hono Act and All Talking News Reel Sporting Youth in "Footlights and Follies" Admission--Matinee lOe and 25c; Night 15c and 35c Thursday, Friday and Saturday George Arliss in "Disraeli'* ^ · · · · + · + t f i + · · · · · : ORPHEUM THEATRE ! Today and Tomorrow J MAURICE CHEVALIER -in-The Love With Jeanette MacDonaid Lupino Lane and Lillian Roth The Top of the Talkies! Also All Talking Comedy, Earl and Bell, and Sound News Time of Shows--1, 3:30, 6:00 and 8:30 · + | · · + · ^ · · PARIS TALKING Movietone Rio! with , VICTOR Agofltlno BorgaTo, Polly Moran, D'Avrll, and a number oE others, equal'ly cromirient on atage and screen, " ." Billy K. Welln who wrote the dialog for that previous big Fox hit, J'The C!oi:k Eyed WvrM," also wrote the dialog for "Hot For Purls." A nitnvber ot' r'.ppllug Boniis in this feature, which Is at the Strand Theatre, were written and composed by Walter Don- uiiison and Kdg^r LUTHERAN BODIES PLAN FEDERATION Sniithton SAHTHTON, March 11--lUilph Lee of Pittshut'K H - i A n .looa! bu.'ilnessj culler Kriclay. · lidei;.lsali«Uu Uaanu-eri-i was a Cliur- vlttltor S»iurUuy. Walter SVoods of KitLannl'iiK was u :c«at sue«t ui the houifc- ot his sou- ln'-law wild littitglitur, Mr. .itiitl MI-B, 11. C. -I'Uluvino. -Kalph Muli-olQiu of-Cliarle'riil- M-tia ii locul taller, frulay. iylis. C!*argB Uateiniin «iileruiined the UKjinbeid i(. the; Ladies' Aid So- titty of th« M. 15. Church at her home here ThurvUl.iy afternoon. Those were lrs. Kobert \Volf, Mrs. John Shupe, M .·», .«. A. Uaiwl, Mrs. Al- liert. Hough, Mrs, ThoniUrt Paigit, Mrs. ICtlmund -Khoai'e.i. .VIrs. H a r r y - Doi'inan. ; ihoadc-i IUK| Mrs.- Karl luul \tisi-i Pish Hixenliiiugli . Mi?s A n n - i Bella Nlchote of M e u - ' Pr«s«. NEW; YORK t Marcli 11--Plans for a .number, of Luth«caji genei'airjbodifig in .th; TJnited Stafes aki«i Caiiaila""have liee'n projected By ooinimltiee-s offlfiaJly representing the- Norwegian Lutheran Church .of America, thf Lutiierau Synod of Iowa, the Auguetaua Lutheran Synod, the Jpint Synod of Ohio, the ;UniU;d Daniah Lutheran Church, arvc! otliws. The fel«ratio.u, to be . k n o w n aa" "Tlte AmericiiV Lutheran. Conference," will n n m b e r about 7,000 congregations w i t h a 1.^50,000. In Ihb evitiif. ot uiipfuvu'l by tli« seven genorul Iwdlfes concerntivl, the convention 'orgahlasiag tht fwltirution w i l l take iiltiue In O(.:tob*jr ;t thia year as ·« iiu;uns oi! celebrating' the 400th ·aunlveraury of the ailoplion of the Augsburg Confection, Hie basic co.u- ffd^ion'o'f"faith or Lntlienniri throughout the 6 6 6 Tablets HeltaVCK » Hoaiirtt-lif or Ngiiriilg-lH In " ( » mlniilcs, Checks « CofcJ* Hie firsl tl«.v, JUKI «'Jic-ks Mularlti In three rtny.7. 0(M also iu Liquid. Wednesday March 12th AX%W ifm.*mro'9 === SALE: OF HOUSE WARES frrmincr Finnic) Pad '4~ Kitchen Chair and Step Ladder Ironing Board Pad Of ozlte felt that will noi bum and assure:! 49c a smooth finish 154 Inches long Step Ladders W i t h rod under each step, 1 ucket shelf and hand f ' l y t o open anil close v 1th ease. 5 ft. I wider $!.»« tt ft. T, tdder «2.18 7 ft, I.iddfd- ..$2.58 8 ft. I :»dder «2.9i» Wrought Iron Bridge Lamp $1.87 Metal base with decora ed parchment shade .... Venetian Mirror «. Plate glas.'i mirror with polychrome wood triune. Cut design and scalloped xlgt! on mirror. Sixes-- 8x23 inchiiH and (J»1 "IQ 9x12 Inches V-«-.AO Ironing Boa -d Cover Of-excellent quality m- slin. to lace around hoard to hold pad .021 - - ,,.. ., -- TM Willow Clothes Basket He ivy polish imported clotb is basket, 26 inches long. Extra C1 Afl well made Moth Pro jf Bags WhSte lined cedarized bag In Bldo opening model. 5 'x26 ;nch 8lze. Wash Boards 38c for Small size to use in sink wash boa cl 35: "Wear-Ever 1 Aluminum Specials! Cooking Utensils Double Boiler $1.95 1 Vz fiuart size with color- handles. $2.40 value. Sauce Pans 70c--I-qt size 55c 75c--IH-qt. nize 68c 90c--S.qt' ' Heavy 10-Jnch Fry Pan $1.35 , Made ot heavy aluminum with colored handles. Aluminum Colander $1.00 The hand;- Wear-Ever cooking utensil, $1,60 value. Heary 7.Inch Skillets 58c An outstanding special during this «a!:;. 85c value. 2-Q'JP. 1'BESCH FRYEH With new lyD6 wlr« basket. $1.35 vahia ----~~TM. 95c WATERLESS COOKERS An efficient utensil for the proper cooking of foods Kitchen Chair and Step Ladder A chair that can b« cluuigod into a step lazier 3 foet high. G*1 QK S2.05 value t?J.»«J«J Handy Ann Can Sanitary garbage caa. Press foot, Itver to open. Inside galvanized pail. In colors Iron Stand and Aquarium Heavy wrought, iron stand with 2 gallon, glass bowl. Complete - Bath Room Mirror Made with white enameled frame. 12x18 inch' fl»-| AA Carpet Beater With heavy wood handle - - 15c Splint Clothes Basket Extra well made and 28% inches long ...... $1.00 Step Stool 24 inches high in varnished natural w o o d , \ Strongly constructed and Vr " can b» folded 87c Wash Boards "Full Valun" Wash Board wlf.h soap saving device 75c Clothes Hamper Silver Plate i Table Warn 26 Inches high with reinforced bottom and hinged cover .... Onarnnteed 10 Years 14c ea. «J for 75;) A wonderful assortmi nt of all th« wanted pieces f Silver Ware. Tho- differ«nt modeled forks. Itnlves, spot? is and spreaders that th« wt .1 fitted tahle will carry- Larger Pieces of Plated Silver Ware ---Berry Spoonn--Qrea v Ladles --Coal Meat 1,'orlcs . ,. Curtain Str itchers House Cleaning Essentials Sell Wringing Mops The mop that the thrifty housewife will use. Easy to wring BEST EVER BRUSHES Wall Brashes $1.95 Bottle Brashes _^_-_ 25c Dish Mop ...., i ^. t _^.,«,,, im _.J!Oc Percolator Brush 10c Sink Brush 20c Radiator Brush Scrnb Brush Hearth Brush White Wash Brash ,, O'Cedar Polish . 0'Ce«»r Mops ...__...,, O'Cedor Dost Cloth . »5c Brighten-all Furniture Polish ftOc Johnson Wax In Uqnid and |)a»tet 60c to $2.40 I/Dbrlcating- Oil TM_^ __..3ftc ,25c to 60c .._$1 to The Waterless (leaner "KDTOL" o Ponnd i'alls »I.(W T h e cleaner liarmless to all paints, yet tightens the labor for all cleaning purposes. Hewitt's Carpet Cleaner S5« 8 For .11.00 Wrfffht Stlrer Cream, jar .Se Brillo Holder ...,,_,, Me Large Size Brillo ... .25c Blue Top Cleaner . 30c Liberty Polish _, ,, _.._85c 125 ft. Boll of Wax -Taper ... ,, ...25c » * » · · * · *"i"Sj|» s $4.25 The adjustable Curtain Stretchers for ,,. any size cur-- tain. $1 Brooms 67c Wash Boilers Auto Ba jkets Well constructed Uncy shopping basket An extra good quality broom with a smooth v a i- n i 3 hed dandle. $4.95 An all copper boiler for ext r a strong wear. Made with seamless tin cover. $1.00 A Complete Line of Paints and Varnishes We can supply you with paint or varnish for your home or car. Will suggest or show you new design-: or patterns · to make your home mor» attractive. Paint Brushes Krom lib 4 Inch Widths Well made brushes with good quality bristles. Water Pail 39c Heavy hot dipped pail with colored wood hand grip. 12 qt. size. Garbage Cans $1.00 Galvanized caa with side handles and ticht fitting cover. 10 gallon size. Clothes Driers $1.00 The propsr dried for In the home. Is attached to the wall. TROUTMAN'S The Needs for Lighter Work BisselFs Sweepers $3.95 The inexpensive leaner -for the home --Made with the lew Hi-L.0 Brush Joutrol. Also another model, tor $6.50. Windov Shades ..."VViiter. color wind' w shades in all ool- ora. Ilfi luuh'ds wide aud C I)!t-t long, eacU .................. . .................. ... Basket desitfi ud busli«Ls lin lit walnut a n d - e.olTH. Made with pouket£ iu (lit ·opfii or clfisetl two $1,00 Braided Oval Rugs :i.8xao incli oval 3 jga in th.p -wanted colors 5Sc,;2 " Card Tables if! fnc-h si|iiare c ;rd table w i t h paiirtgd top. in colors, of red, green Hiid black ........................... . ................. ...... 36 Inch Cheese Cloth lOcYard An excellent "white cheese cloth of fine quality weave. 20x23 Inch Scrub Cloths 18c Made of imported heavy eolton yarn. The cloth for long service.' E. Z. Washable Dust Caps, 25c in I)eatitiiul colored prints with elastic iu thii bttclc for the adjui'.t- hl»le size. Criss Cross Curtains 50 inch ciirt'ttiae of plain fl»-J cream marrjuiaette ........; *P-*- Stair Treads IS inch aleel--edge stair' treads- with cu'rve.rt'- nosing. In .jrej' ouly,-...S5c value DAYTIME FROCKS $1.00 Plain Colors, Prints, Dots, Piques. fThe Smart Frock for All Occasions These are the frocks you iwill want to wear aroijnci the hpnie, and wbeji visiting your neigh- bo fri. Frocks that are vei-v attractive and chic for these delightful spring days. Make your selection early while th« assortment is at its best. Short sleeves and sleeveless models in the new spring colors. Belted models with charming collars and. cuff short sleeve. The frocks are made of the. finest-quality fabrics w i t h good-workmanship.- Trontnian's--Second Floor.

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