The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 1, 1964 · Page 3
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 3

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1964
Page 3
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iU RAHOn. DBYEM art Fimt .ittTt-iinnna771.M .. 51 'ON THE, HO: thB Inthe I icht against increas ingjuveriile delinquency -4nore lychiatrlc' help is. needed reil as more co-operation Be tweenk welfare organization's .and more money. - 7 These conclusions were (iwn during a "hot tln discussion organized by the Ottawa Youth Services Bureau, at the University of Qttawa'tNPhilosopny Faculty on Main Street Tuesday eve ning. -A VAAA - Three members of th YSB placed. themselves "on the hot Thcv were TODAf A A N 1 - assessment. 4. AT? J , The newf tax rate was- unani ously .adopted Jy council in one of . the" quietest - meetings cently. CT '! ureau iNeeas To Fight Deli nq uency as some teamwork among the agencies. -YOUTH HOSTEL OUT On money. Mr. Eean said! , 4 - - . -1 pans, to turn the old juvenile courlhuilding "on Bronson Ave nue into a ypuin nostei naa fallen short. A Kiwanis Club project to Ta ise $50,000 for renovations fell apart last week,was learned lowest tender for the job vifes $66,000. Among the questions left un answered or which caused-diM lerences 01 opinion were; teat'1 andvanswered all quer---Should parents be held. re- l vtions. TheHrio ivasi rnade u v 0( Magistrate U a. nerwooa, . fiht chainnan of the four-year-'oldbureu; bureau director Maurice ; E g'a n Ant James KeecHAthe -bureau's 'juvenile "i "Worker. A--:V ' 7V Four pcns were selected 7 to urexQucstionKj...! ni f reel a rie wl i t e ADor is ir ducstions. wHteAporis Frcnchrl .todies' need more monev: " radio ersonalityPaur- Ake e. a 1. . ? hurst, Afdermaft Howard Henry - t ween. welfare organizations A T MrT. Keech: "WJjrrj.. ffmiTyJ .It 1ft tfoubleHhere are so many welfare peopletnbcking on the door the people Vpt tired of an- : fwwing the door. K' time there sponsible or even j)unished for theTtrimes 7 of their teenage children' hr the; line taken by the law towards teenage of fenders tooWtvWha:- causes juyertile deJipqueiW? How do Lyou fight delinjuen(?v in girls? .v.Jjncse are questions . for tudy Mr. Egan i saTdandsuch it " The Youth Services Bureau 'Zi Tfw' 2 iJ the only, community. u liitri organization of iuty, Francjs! was moderator About 200 attended the disCvssipn.-A .On the psychiatry 'problem. Magistrate Sherwood sata: "" Suites about six; weeks ; to get an appointmetft for a " boy you feel may. have ' psychlalrkproblems -"and . then helomygeta a 2D-mln-"rueloUffw.VThe magistrate blamed this problem on P- ype in Canada, It was orsan?ed four years ago with a $I5,000J grant fronuCity Council. NEED BIGGER BXfDGEX The bureau now operates on a $25,500 annual budget made upo-Ji 18.000 from the city and $75wTfdiffHheCtmmttrj ity Chests It "hatiwo full-time employeesMr Egan and Mr. Keech. isJlWrta"le of piychlatrlsts.J i During thecpst year, -the, .'"6irtrTa. latk .of c6-ooerationbureau has concehtrated on mainlv with 10 to 1 Wear. old offenders. It has -hartdfed about 200 such cases durTrig-ih past year with "gratifying results Only'theTwighest problems' . . V - ; .. va-. A .. .. - . . . V - -. ) ' V lown to n from'M.7 but rkte- hours spare. - s tie jV taxable value of. property u v by 8 per cent: i ' City Council barelymade wine aeaaune or Apni-j in iix ir the new tax rate"at 17 f.'"" muni Tuesday evening. i . lneuy cnarner stales uie rate musi De men in Aiarqn. rl.A are picked out for t attention. - i .- MarJynXrawXDrd-and Blair Armhaee run through a fipuVfl frn'm one of-their Tdances in the upcoming Minto Follies to be held at the .VM-yWCAAuditorium. . April -C The youngOttawasskaters were winners of the .ft.. '" - .,..' ..., - .. Little Change in Hull recent reassessment llcAv nrooertiei broueht t n free dance cham- Photo 6y Dnmininn Wide) -k4 nvpr. ,w WniSaThr7m: Pre4kd oT taxes the f ilt generaTTybe paying i"; "c r"--- - the; mill ttteV Hull maV bel They Wade It withlmosi our: Council 'liul'IKe (irial'ttep -iApi ..y..- . ratepayers wi be paying s as April r.'T r, v r- General tax.' $6.85; Water tax, $2.65;' Streets, $1.45; r Sidewalks, 55c; , Special tax; $5.50; ' " Toul, $17.00 per" $1,000 of for , a referendum to "BeTie!d 15 election day in , Money 7 bureau's ITttistear the bureau will ask for at $3100 budget and in 1965 . will try for $52,000. 7T 1AA 4 " A " I TTAWA - HT DAT - r i x-A r-l v-r a av ' t : a -a,v v:CvY)t r-.A 4 vx r - ., 7 - L' Wt' 1 f - T I .1?' II -V. i j ..'sr :t f ", , ... ... 'J, V v I . toii.ettes. peffcaiiey a. .. 1 v".'V :T-Jfronv the late ejj.titwn -K i. riiii.ciii'. ririr.. u t v u s r iruni tno idvcNL tuiiivn -y- ," of the head office of the Cana- 'satisfactorily' within dian Broadcasting Corporationjjxnemonth Tuesday, as they moved rhto PLAN LOBBY SHOW, their new headquarters' on Bronson Avenue at Confederation Heights. V,-4- But when a' special pre?s tour visited the $2,750,000 Y-shaped building late in the afternoon the personnel were better orientated. Office manager William I ' 1 : 7 . The CBC atarted work TuCsdav in its soankina - rtev ofhee on Confederation Heights. vHcad office staff front seven locations in Ottawa have now movc"d under r . A still to be Icompleted irkrnn were 'nuttino finish. f : ii o ie touches to the building. He fxpected ; everhing to be broadcasting museum in To ronto to be put on show, in the main lobby of the CBC Building; later this week. plated Chip ! late Hi microphone u.sed by, the ng George VI duringnls ' T The Third ;Pdge ) I T ; ipets Kayfc reached - - - a Radio City line-up.and the junior eys, .from solemn d to excited boys of 12. are polishing oerformances like. seasonal troupers h'M hard work, but it's sti better ihan school." explain TrTornnJ' show plan ' ai ihe went tbroush bis " routine on the New HQ Where's my office? said, many of the officej 1$39 RoaCiTSitto this coun ah try;' a Blattnerphsoe tape- re corder used, in I93uhich weighs 1.000 pounds; and poger-battery less radio. , IT'S 'COPTER CAMPAIGN REGIA (CP)"" Saskatche- Plans are "now beino-made-o.wari' Progressive Conservative bring exhibits -fijom ihe CBC Leitfer Martin -Pederson says he having great successwith a Mewmethod of election-nrt ' ipalgning. He is using arhelicop- id. ''It's a tremendous way ol covering a lot of ground -fast." ft ' 1 71 a. ' iPJKVropf on a l5-acre site'at. Riverside urive artd. fetorisnn Avenue. Here, Wne of the girls in one of the J75 offiVek-hrgin work .in their new. surroundings. . I Av"v. 'A JTtvl PhHo t Jmlnln WlA T f "called- IN ALE reafti." of. the spaijtling sho circus on'ke,' 6m ..... b '- 'Tin 7v . ' i : . HEATING fl TIIEa VEGQT YDu COvTRED ; ' . V I. II ' I I I W I.I :IM . . II, dii -aiieriu nt in Li i tc n mis i i a Luni:ii i inuiiiLn:i i i uulsi oiaiai ijo .'jj oi iiiicviuuu iruuicp. i ic uuw-1 uminiiti i - it t . ... .1 . , u . ., ... -y . i. . . A A 77TT T7 17 ' trt- l ' milll A' xl W 1 W-MllL ' ' 1 Af -TK- Jo.,rZV Wendy! 'OMee,' North' ArericaW ijur'iitiorl Tao !WichaejfeilkdOfye8 r a wib-oi morn man chilreiMfrom city iHools, - rr- - j; 'ODiyns, Kittens., ana cowzirra, ,. ,. v., . ; .. .t h " 7i. ..: -. ... , . . ;rwen urmsDV. ntie-no ins -oance in - 7 snnenuv - Drtren uwi urunj snnehtlv Dreentation 1 . ..- - . j ' r 1 . n . 1 1 '. 1 111 'ii f . ' j j 1. 11. 1 1 . iiil :u , , 7 , ... ikbh m ..'- e)ves-nd a fewchubbWttnow Pair; .. ueo W Wy "7., 7ru ,ur!n 1 bildren qtOthsr- A ! .; men..ire riavWa real cool Ke!e 5ec?rnr Lan1 . A. - . ' ."ItimeciperiKroH ke this week. ""'"""W'" Rrtsor tb snow fc , tr big show 'A-A K Thev arJ iust' some of t h - Wr?iiugo oi uiowinwnD w- oing A.aome BV-J going jm ytor some preAaratkm for ooentriiKroiiiettes " starting.oickt and cast' of 250 Minto dub 'fmmA tW psonM voters wilKrffecidei pjithe creafibTr-C3Tpost-.of director of muniefpal ser The director would be under a four-year contract with the city at a salary. not yet mentioned, but expected to be in 1 the neiehBorhood of $15,000. The position has been offered to city . treasurer. Bernard Clairoux, but he has not 1 yet indicated if he would accept. ca.TjBr,ss Jer. ' includirrc tWe famous Ichohjs ri 1 a tt. 1 , . . 1 - . ji 1 1 1 . 1 ... i rauion, nromises to oe -niwiM- v.--r 7. nl e r'.- r.rrrr.. jt Jjrcir:.. Ji -,::. .Vf--Th? vir4BJt-FW ferf wi tat r ' f iiMuni: lairni irum rnanvi -".t 7 places. - . ing Datietne yiia wesi. ,inexir- I u m:. .....A- .. !n ,1 . cus and Santafs Workshony I ncnuiinc auraction win 'oe . "7 .. I i.yianiieu acnnenaorier oi upr- pvnwir- aiyii cw j 1 1 Imanv. lhi vmr't flVmni- and I I snW-iat r..i, u;n,7kV k.l ... , . wti.wi-'., .'Hll -l. fl.HIUIl V IHI m tllC I 3Z -A. ' 7 1 '-it. t s ' 1 r I . ISWFFACE PROBLEM 7 ; 7 A v -;. f n - mvdeslc? Whero'tT ,wre I 1 mot were me prooiems iac- j These were theprooleks I : . .1 .L. jor t . J I i V , . I '"K aunic 01 me too employe! some of the 485 employe Public -rthool f A itfc a cast of 250 rltjb members .and championship 7 ifVf Audrey1 Cantysnd Nick of xMichelees. willbe voice soloists. se- assisted dv tna-Mjnw singers. 4 1 1 Pirector and choreographer i Dpn Tobin, well-known ;Ottai 7 kater. . Z X 1 :. A p Fenormances win UKe piacw winrViriTTthowd an) fM'.lXnrH3 3 nd at 8.30. t.m. turing U the favorite perform- There will be a niatine on ers 01 ine Dig lop. - i raaroraay. Apru t What's New? tn nnM nn 1 - l (' xs 7, A A CrA. V7 KCC i ! ,A. . ,1 ; ' ;.,-A-:-..-'S. .if i f ?A, ''-'U- I ' , f- 1. , .w. . i ' -11' J II". 1 I U A- AiX A ( A ; SEE THEM A 'feA . v-'" ( :M . L '.M :0"!tSH6wR00M:.2 - a,: U . :-c: 'a;-F, ;:v A : -tvA- : ,A.i,A a: JlWAs -J -1 -j't -V AV' ''a a IV: , .'. ', V ' 1 . 1 . V AaV:V,1.A . .:h .... A ,v:---7.-: -- IT- I ;A 7U JJ mxyiii u u ; AA- .-SUPER CTRim'iiDn r-oiMilUHnu The newest in the low-price field! Eylf-DELUXE -STATION WACOM - Stylish cConomyat its best! I v t ".- -' - j SPARKS , STREET AT IY0N f - I" i " 235-3321 7- .... - !-A iAAAj A - h if .: AAA' ::i7(

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