The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 17, 1939 · Page 13
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 17, 1939
Page 13
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FRI0-\\, MARCH 17, 1933 TTT DAILY COURIER CONNnTJ,SVTW,K} PA PAGE Sheriff's Sales The following described propc t -ui be exposed by Thomas B Aubrcj EherilF of Kayette Countj Pa on APHJl/ 8 1939 it 30 O clock A ^r A t the Court House in Lnkmtemn bj Or uc of the below elated writs tstued ou o' the Court oC Common Picas ot TJJ cttc County Pennsyh anh Eustace H Bane Attorney No 10 March Term 1039 i, D National Bank ol Fa\ ettc Count} a National Banklrg Association row in the h nds ot E S Ty]er Receiver \«: Prc^ ley B Dixson and Datsv H Di\son hii i H ifC Fi Fa Sur Judgment Iso 26 Marcft Term 1 039 All the right title and irtcrest ot the defendants In and to the following de scribed property-All those three adjoining re tain tracts o£ land situate In South Union Tawn- Rlilp Faj cttc Countj Pennsj l\ anla bounded and described as follows Trict No 1--Beginning at a point In the rond lendirg from Hatfleld School House to UnJonrow-n and known as Dor rick Head thence In sild road North eight degrees thh (5 minute" Eai fi\ c hundred thirty four and seventy f v e hxmdredihs (N 8 degrees 30 rrfnutes E D34 75 f t ) feet to -v point corner lOA other lands o£ the £-anto s thence with other lands ot the grantor North se\erty- nlne decrees fifty two minutes West ·three hundred sKtj four and fifty-two hundredths (N 70 dLgrces 52 minutes W 3G4 52 f t ) feet to d stake thence with s me North cfpht decrees t h i r t y - t w o minutes Ea«*t one hundred and fifty {(N P degrees 32 minutes E 150 f t ) f cet to a slake in 1 no of lind of R Porter Craig s heirs thence with said Criig and Norta seventy nine degrees fi r ti two m nutc*. West twelve hundred ninct -one and foitv hundredths (N 79 52 minutes W J29140 ft ) feet to a post thence \\llh land of Albert H Cnlg Henry Korhnan ind Harr* "iowlcr South thlrt- nlne defrccs fifty-six minutei. Enst twelve hundred nlnctj si\. nnd twenty two hundred hs (S 39 degrees 5C minutes E 120622 i t ) feet to an fron mil *henco with line of UIvs;es Jeffries tsorth seven degrees forty-eight minutes East one hundred forty-one and nine tenths (N 7 degrees 48 rote J ci E 141 9 f t ) fee to an iron rail kieice with land of *aid Jeffries ind Thomas Gricrs heirs Sou h cightj degrees 'wcnty-threc minutes East, six hundred eighty seven and two hundredths S 80 degrees. 23 minute;, E 687 02 f t ) feet to the place of beginiini, containing eighteen and eighty-three hundredths fiS83 A ) acres as per eurvey o* H B Cnns C E made in January 3923 Being the same property which -was com eyed to the ^nid Presley B Dixson by Vf Jliam C Dixson by deed dnted February 9 1324 and recorded in said Fnyette County in Deed Book 451 Page 68 Excepting and reserving thereout and the-efrom a lot 75 feet bv 180 feet in size and the proposed 50 foot street afc described In a deed from the said Preslej B Dixson et ire to Raj mond P Hansel and wife by deed recorded in said Fiyctte Coun*y on October £4 1930 i-\ Deed Book 309 Page 325 Also excepting and reserving thereoux end therefrom «11 that certain lot or t-'act of land more particularly bounded ana described as follows Beginning at an iron pin on the West's, ard side ot Derrick Avenue or road In Una of land of Thomas Greer hei-s nnd 23 feet West of the center Lne of the bricked part of the said road thence Isorth 80 degrees 23 minutes West 18007 feet along the said Greer heirs land to a stake in line of other lands of the printers thence along the -aid other lands of grantors North. 8 degrees 32 mirutes East 6163 feet to a stake corner of; other lands of grantors thence South 80 decrees 23 minutes East 1BD feet along other lands of the grantors to the Western line of the satd Derrick Road thence along cald Derrick Road South 8 degrees 32 minutes West 50 7a feet to the place o' beginning Said lot of land was convced by Presley B Dixson et us to Hedwlg Cook by deed dated NOA ember 27 1936 and of record In the Recorder s Office in Deed Book Vol 524 Page 471 Also excepting and reserving thereout and therefrom all that certain lot or tract of land mo^e particularly bounded ond described as follows Beginning at an iron pin located North eight degrees thirty minutes East three hundred thirty-four and seventy-five hundredths feet (N B ciegreec 30 minutes E 334 "5 ft) from the line cj* land formerly belonging to the heirs of Thomas Greer, and North seven*y-n -ne deg-ees fifty-two minutes West, twenty five feet (N 79 degrees 52 minutes W 25 f t } fron the center line of the brick paved portion of Derrick Road formerly known as Hatfield Road thence w. th other p-operty of the said Presley B Dixson Nort i seventy nine degrees fi'lj two m nutes West one hundred eighty feet £N 79 degrees 52 minutes TV 180 f t ) to an iron pin thence \vith same Isorth eight (trees thirty-two minutes East ev enty- five feet (N 8 degrees 32 minutes B 7o f t ) to an Iron pin thence along line oC lot of Raymond P Hansel and vile formerly lot of Presley B Dixson South seventy-rine degrees forty-two minutes East one hundred eighty feet (S 79 degrees 52 minutes E 180 f t) to an Iron pin located twenty-five (25) feet from the center of file brick paved portion of said Derrick Road 'thence South along Western Jine of seld ~oad eight degrees thirty-two minutes West seventy-five feet (S 8 degrees 32 minutes W 7o ft) to the piece of beginning containing thirteen thousand *our hund-ed ninety five square feet f 13 49a sq f t ) Said lot of land was conveyed by Presley B Dlx^on et usr to John D Ilinner ct u-c by deed dated June 2 1°38 and of record In the Recorders Office in Deed Boo* Vol 542 Page 482 There are no erections upon said lot or tract of land Tract Jso 2--Beginning 1 at stake on dividing line between land of first party nnd A R Craig two hundred fourteen and fiftj-rtto hundredths (21452) feet from point in Derrick Road corner of land of first party and said A R Craig thence along other land of first party South B degrees 32 minutes West one hundred fifty (150) feet to stake In line of land of first pirlv thence along said lind of frst part\ North 70 degrees 52 minutes \\ est one hundred fift 150) feet to stake thence continuing along other land of first p u t Worth 8 degrees 32 minutes East, one hundred fifty (150) feet to stake in line of said A R Crate land thence along said Craig land South 73 degrees 52 minutes E one hundred f f t y (350) fee* to stake the place of be ginning containing 0516 acres Being the same property which %va; conveyed to the said Presle B DKson by William C Dlvson bj deed dated April 1" 3924 and recorded in title and irtcrest i m and to a certain agreement be v,een the Unioi town Coun try C ub and the 'said Pres ey B Dixson and William C Dixson dated May 2 1024 and recorded! in "aid Fojetic Coun- tv In Agreement Hook 47 Page 4 3 E*i.ccp ing ard rescrv ng from all ^ald th ee tracts of land and thetr cxcep Uon r and reservations all the n i n e foot \eln of coal ind all Ihe mincra s unde a:d e n oC coal tog*, her \\ith the min mg rlgr^ s and p i v i c^ei, se fo tl in a dccc 1 fi om Louisa M\on to Jn^pei M Thompson and John j\ E u m g daKd 1 ebruary 10 ISfil and ecorded m said Fact1e Coun y in Deed Book Vo 43 at Kiee -JOG ScUcd and taken in e x e c u t e i as the property of th^ cc r endants Piesley B Dixson and Daisy H Di\«:on his wife it the suit o r the plili tiff E S TJer Re ceivcd of the Natioi al Bink of! Factte Couni Donald M Hlgbee Attornej No G" December Term 1938 E D Federal Finn Mortgage Corpoiation vs Joseph LconarJ and Etta Leonard 1 If, wife Fi Fa Sur Judrment No 47D Decem ber Term 3938 All the right title interest property claim and demand of the defendants Joseph Leonn d and Etta Leomrd his wife in and to Al those two certain contiguous tra ts ot ttind forming one trac and altuntc in Henry Clav Tounshlp Fa^e tc Coun y Pennsj I van! a bounded and described as follow* First --Beginning at a hickcrj corner v.ilh land now or former! o£ Charles Tishue thence along land of Charles Tissue North 83 1 2 degrees West 1315 perches to a v.1 Ue oik thence b the same North 0 degrees "U est 32 perches to stone thence alon? la rK now or formerly 01 Matthias McCHntock \\e 50 perches to stones thence ilong land now or formerly of Clark Flanigan South 30 degrees Ea 100 pciches to » po^t therce along same South 15 dcgrtei East EG perches to a post it load thence G -"m^ said road and lind of Andrew Mc^eai South "4 dcgrcci Eist 6-J perches to itones thence along land o£ SamueJ Ale Nea" isorlh 2 1 2 degrees \Vest S perches to stones thence along land of .?amc fcorth K 9 degrees East 405 perches o T post thence along land of same Nor h C degiecs East 32 perches to t post thence along land of same Nor h. "6 degrees Eist 355 perches to a post thence along land no« or formorlv of Isaac Hall North 6 degrees \Vest 1G percics to c tones xhencc along land of same North. 23 degrees West 27 perches to a hickoiv the pl-\cc of bcginnj g containJrc 85 acres st Ic* mcisure as per su^cy of A S MftchtU sur\ cor made March il 1877 Excepting and reserving out of and from the aboA c described tra t of land all tha* ccrtaui trac f of land conveyed to SImond P Sp tznagle bj WilMam Bouman et u\ bj deed dattd November 10 1903 and recorded in the Recorder a Office of Faj t t t e County Pcnns Ivanla In Deed Boo^ 226 pg 16 said conveyance being fo- 7 1 2 ac*-es o r land Second --Boginr-ing at a point at count road thence Nor h B6 1-4 degrees East 305 perches to post thence "North 74 decrees East 35 5 perches to a pOit thence Nortn 5 degrees East 32 perches thence North 58 1-4 degrees East 40.5 perches to a post thence N ""-A, degree East 8 perches to a post thence North 76 1-2 degrees "West 176 perches to a post thence North 5 degrees East 2 perches to a post thence JJorth 86 1 2 degrees West 12 perches thence North 66 degrees \\est 36 perches lo stones thence South 2 degrees West 23 perches to post thence SouJi 73 1-4 degrees West 34 perches 4 o stone thence South 22 1 6 degrees V»est 32 perches to post thence South 4 degrees "West 17 perches to a post thence South 32 1 2 degrees West 33 pc-chts to post thence. South 17 deg ees East 26 perches to tha place of beginnirg con talnlng 35 acres and 00 perches The two above described trac s of ]a«a form one tract and contain about 112 acres more or less and upon v.hich there are erected a frame house frame barn about 30 fru t trees all graded all well watered by good springs and the larger part v.nde cultivation Being the same pnd which was con vcyed to said Etta Leonard by deed from Henry H Kodahaver Executor dated October 24 1928 and recorded in the office lor recording of deeds in said coun y in e tc CounU Pennsylvania in Deed Book Vol 300 Pate 40 Seized and laken M execution ab the- propertv of Norman N L t one of the delendan s abovt. nam d at tie ^i It of the tibe plain Lift Lustace H Bane Atio ne'v .No 12 Marci Tern 1939 E D T c Merchants . M l n e i s Stale Sink a coiporatlon rou Cor the use of Faet c Title Trus 1 Compan now merged and consolidated w i t h the National Bank of Fajctte Countv now In the hands of E S T ler receH ei \ s A A McDowell wit i notice to Annie "McDowell Terre Tenant ri Fa Sjr Judgment No 12 March Term 19.JO All *he right title and Interest of the defendant A A McDowell wl h notice to Annie McDowell Terre Tenant in and to the follow! tg described proper All that certain lot of lind situate tn the Fourth Ward of the City of Union tov.n foimcrly "North Union To A 1 ** 1 a ettc Countj Pcnnsj Ivania being | firc es 27 minutes East "70 4 feet thence toy Henderson Parihall A, Ciow A tornejs Ko 16 March Term 1939 A D O C CIuss Lumbe- Company a Corporation now for the use of Frirk Kttz miller Trus ee under the last viil and testa ncnt of Ed\vard A Kltzmiller deceased \ s HaTnond A Bla r Joseph K Oglcvec Ilaurlce E Mcienrt, William M Donahej Harrv E Hacknej and George C Brov,-n Trustees o f Lniontown Distilling S^nd cate Lev Fa Sur Judgrren No -J30 June Term 1935 / All the -Isht title land interest ol the defendants in and tn all fiat cer ain piece or parcel o£ labd sltunte in the SKth Ward of tl f City of UnJontown Tayettc Co m t Pennsvlvanla being a part of the Fajctte Brevve-y Property bounded and described as fo Iow c BefiinnlnEj a a point corner ol Fiy- ette Street ind tlie Soutiiwcs Pennsj - \ania Railway Company thence by line ol faald Railwav Company South 12 de- k n o w n is part of Lot Iso B n the PInn of Lots laSd out by John Collins bounded u d described as follows to wit Beginning a n poln t on Coolspring Street one hundred thirty five and one fox th (135 1-4) feet Wester!} from the intersection of said Coolspring Street ird Austin Avenue thence extcndlrg along said CooJspj ing Street in a \vesterly d roction ^ixty (60) feet to a post thence No-th fifteen (15) degrees West one hun- died th it\ (Ke I35) feet no e o- less to an MK"v thence Eistwardlj along *atd allcv si\Ey (305 feet to the line of Lot tso S thence in i Southerly direction along line of said Lot Iso 5 one hundred thirty n v o (133) feel more or less to the place of beginn ng Excepting a~d reserving thereout and therefrom all tl c nine foot vein o' Con- netlsxlllc coal and the minerals u r d e r ]lng t i c «.amt. with the right to mine extract remove and dispose of the cnt re body of said coal and minerals or an part thereof \vlt\out rescrvition subsU tut on or liability for dimages and with the right to con^ruct all ronds in -^iid conl nccesbnrv 10 rc-novc the ^a d coal ·md rnineraJs and to use the nld roads fn convening an coal and mlne-als from adjacent or other tracts and to convcv materials Boins he s-mie propertv con\c\ert to A A "McDowell bv deed of, Andre \ Ba" ron el i dated October 31st 1923 and of record In the Recorder s OTice of 1-iyet e Coun Penn t ;^Ivanla in Deed Book \ ol 439 Page 189 and being *he *imc property designated ns Tnct Second convrjcc! by Alexander A M c D o \ ell and \nn!c T IcDovvell hli w 1/c to Marie Dunn w i f e of Hoj n Dunn b de--d dated April 23 1923 and o{ record in iho Recorders Office of KijGttc C o i n tv Pcnnsvlvanla In Deed EcoX Vol 4Dj Page 343 nnd being the c ame proper j dc Jgnated ns Trict Second conveyed bv Mirtc Dunn nnd Roy E Dunn her hus band to Arnle McDowell b\ deed diltd April 23 1G20 nnd recorded in the lie cordert. OFc of Fas cttc Co intv Jn Deed Book Vol 405 Page 344 There is erected on satd premise^ i t w o storj *;tx room 'ramc house and small outbu Iding Seized and taken In execution as Jic property of the defendant A A Me Donel] wi h notice to Annie McDowell Terre Tennnt at the suit of the Plaintiff E S TV ler Ttccelv er of T *e Nations! Brfnn: oC Fac te Cojnt^ Samuel J Fcigus Attorncj No 17 March Term 1930 E D Fr-uifc R Mulac now for the use of Josephine Mulac Executrix of the Estate of Frank R Mulac dccea r ed vs Gorman Lint also know n a? \orman N Lj*-1 i Fay- and lilac Lint, with notice to Eugene C ctte County In Deed Book 450 Page 496 Dun ip ter-e tenant There is e"ected upon said prcrrises a FltrJ Facias Sur Judgment No 1921 two story 14-room frame stucco (June Term 1927 revved at No 634 June Deed Book 433 pg 03 Seized and taken in exeeut-on is thf prope ty oE Etta Leonard at the suit ot Federal Farm Mortgage Corporal or corporation Robinson. Robinson Attornejs N o 14 Varch Term 1939 E D tin! on town Savings and Loan Company a co-poration vs George Verbanlc and Helens Verbanlc Ms -wife and Joseph Verbnnlc Fieri Facias Sur Judgnert t\o 33 March Term 3939 All the right title in*crcs*' propertj claim and demard of the defendants George Verbanic and Felcra Vcrbanic his wife in and to all those three (3) certa n lots of land situate in Luzerne Township Fajette County Pennsylvania and being lots Nos 6 7 8 in plan. of. lots la d out by Michael Vazza known as McTittetown Addition and recorded in the Recorders Office In Plan Book Ivo 3 Page 1C4 1 2 more particularly bounded and described as follows Beginn-ng at a point in line of pub c -oad leading from Merrittstown to East MlUsboio and corner of lot Iso o In said pla i of lots thence along line of said public road Sou h 67 degrees 18 minutes West 220 feet to a point corner o f Jo* No 9 thence along line of lo No 9 North 22 degrees 42 m nutes West 320 49 feet to a point thence Noi h S7 degrees 56 mirute 1 ; East 12G 7 feet to poirt in Une of lot No 5 thence along line of: lot No 5 South 19 degrees 30 minutes East 130 09 feet to the place of beg nning told lot Ho 6 fronting 40 feet on said public road and being 46 "0 feet in the rear ai d ots Not 7 and 8 eich fronting 40 feet on said pub Ic road and extending back of equal length Excepting and reserving thereout and therefrom the coal and mining rights pre viously sold and convened Being the same three lots of land con- vej ed to George Vcrbaric and Helena Verbanic his \vife by deed of Michael Mazza and Annie Mazza his -wife ddtcd November 20 1923 and recorded in the Recorder s Office of Fa} ettc Count Pennsylvania In Deed Book Vol 4ol Page 26 There is erected on s^ld premises a modern two sto*y sl\ room frame dwelling Seized and laken in cxecu Ion as the propertj of the defendants George Verbanic and Helena Vrbanlc his wife at the suit of Unjontown Savings . Loan Cornpan^ a corporation S elb Ra Coldren A:tornes No 33 March Te m 19J9 E D J D Clarke Lurrbe- Compinv a Penn slvaria Corporation vs John R Kellard ird Alice E Kellard his u i f e F! Fa Su- Judgment No 31 March Term 3933 All the right tit.e claim and demand of John H Kellard and Alice M Kelterd his wife the above mentioned defendan b in and to AH that certain lot of land el uate In Sprlnghlll To-vnshlp Fa ctle Coum PennsjKanla bounded ard described is follov.-- Beglnmng at a cross on stone in he public raid leading from r tate H i P f i w a v nea- res dcnce of Jefferson Eberhart to "Niltm where londs of Lloyd R Stevenson ar d H irry S t e vensoti corner on Western line o f IIarr Majs as ^how-n b surv cy made ta James M Cuhbagc Engr "Miy 20 ID3G thcnte along ^aid Har\ Mais 1 no Sojtli nine degree 1 ? forfv minutes thlrti secords West (£ 9 degrees 40 minuses 30 seconds W) ieventj. five and fifty hund-cdths (7550) feet lo i point tiioncc by land of Lloyd Stcver son r^orth seventy-three degrees forty TWO rnmutes West (K 73 degrees 42 mln utes W) tv\o hundred ninet four and seventy six hundredths (284 76) feet 1o a pojit thence by «;ame at right angles lo Inst line North E vtecn degrees eigh teen mini tes Fast (Is 16 degrees 38 min utes E) seventy-five (75) feet to a point on Southe-n Une of Harn. Stevenson which point is South seventy three degrees forty two minutes East (S 73 de prces 42 minutes E) one hundred ciel tj fvc and elghtv four hundredjis (IBafli) feet from an ron pin on d vidlng line between Harry Stevenson and L,od R Stevenson thence -Hong said Southern line of Tarry Stevenson South sevent- thrce decrees forty two minutes East S 73 des-ees 42 minutes E) two hundred elghti-six and five hundred hs (2B60o) feet to crosb on stone in the public road the place of beginning containing one half (1 Z) aero Being the same premises conve ed to the said John H Kellard ard Alice M Keinrd his wife bj Lloyd R Stevenson and B anchc E Stevenson his wife by deed da ed January 25th 1929 and recorded in the Hccorde s Office of Fayette Count Penn r y vania n Deed Book Vol 409 Page 3 Upon which is erected a two story frame composition roo£ dwelling w th six rooms Seized and taken in c^ecutian as the property of John R Kellard ar d Alice M. Kellard his vwfe a the suit of J D Clarke Lumber Companv a Pennsylvania corporation the above mentioned plain- tlff Sherraid Slierraid Attornejs J.O 3 March Term 1939 E D Home Owners Lean Corporation Washington District of Columbia vs Paul V DMS and Va -y Vlasi;, his vvifc Labe le Luzc-ne Tov ns ilp Fajette County Pennsylvania Fieri Facias Sur Judgment No 11 March Term J939 All ine ngnt, title interest claim and demand o£ Paul Vlasls and Alary Vlasts " ils wife in and to the fallowing All two lot^ of ground in a plan of lots laid out by Charlie BaftagMnl named Li- Belle PInn of Lots situate Luzerne ing with garage under sun porch Tract No 3--Eegining a 1 a point In said Ierrick HcMd cornei with land cf ihe aid Presley B Dixson thence with «=aid land North 79 degrees 52 minutes West ZJ4.52 fett to a stake thence \\ith same Jsortii t degrets 33 mlnjter East 150 feet to a stsXe In line of land of H Poner Craig s heirs thenct with ^a d CraiK property and land of Charles M S urgi*. South 79 degrees 52 minutes taat 21452 feet to a point in =ald Derric* Bead thence South 3 degrees 30 minu cs ^vest 350 fee* to the place of beg nnuij, Being the same property vvh Ich v, a^ the said Pre*i!ev B Term 1932 and also revi\td at 1^.0 463 September Term 1937 All that lo or parce of land ·ving on the West side of Market Street in the \ i Inge ol Fast Libcrtj Dunbar Town ship Tijcttc Coun ^ Pum «}Ji/u- bounded ird debcrlocr" d folio -. Beginning at i corner lo of % P Smith s lieii-s on tl e \Vest stdc of Marxe Street thence Norn along taid M rhu St a distance ol fift eigh (58) feet to a tor ncr nf lot ot II G Fulmer thence "Weit atonr «*3id iulmer lot T d it mcc o£ one hundred fiftv eight ClaS) feel o an allej thence SOULI along suid a!1e **ft\ tight 58 feet o the fir^t named lot o" N P hci-i, thence a ong said Smith To vnship Fajelte Count) Pennsylvania bounded and described at follows No 5G and 5" beginning a the Northeast corner oE lot No 58 thence East along Gaiibaldi Street for a distance of eighty (80 feet to Center Street thence South along said Center Street for a distance of one hurdred t A e n t y (120 feet to a fifteen 'cot aHc thence West along said alle-v r or a distance of eighty 80) feet to the Southeast corner of Lot Ivo 08 thence North along siid Lot No 58 for a distance of Q I C hundred and twenty f!20) feet to the place of beginrine This conveyance is made subject to and excepting and reserving all the coal m a_I the veins and all ?is and other minerals in and under ·said lots together with the mining rights and pr vilescs 1 eretofc^c granted and convened Being the same line o r same South IB degrees 42 minutes East 13 55 feet hence bv same South 16 degrees 42 minutes Eas 78 feet (o a point corner of land of Llovd H Hurrbert thence b lino of said Humbert South 2 degrees 30 minutes \Vest 11123 r cc to a point corner of a private allej thence by line of said p r i v a t e allc he two fol lowing courses and distance North 34 degrees 4 mtnu cs West 71 93 feet to a poirt and thence Vorth 23 degrees 0 minutes East 14247 'eel to a point corner of Faj ettc Street thence by line of said F'sy- c te Street Eou.h 6G degrees. 51 mir-jtes East 23 feet to the place of beg nnlng contain txg 14 683 bqviare feet Upon which Is erected a five storj brick building foimerlj used as a brewery and remodeled for use ^ a distlllcrj a one story brick unloading building three gr-iin receiv ng and storage bins ami a two story brick building used as a store room and apartment Together with the right to the use io any and ail purposes of Ingress and ag-css tht eovci of the private allcj hcrein- inaf cr desciibed extending from Fayette Street Southward and Southeas ward through Dunbar S-reel said alley beginni"R at Fajctte Street Imrrcdln elv Westward of the property her tin above described and e-itcnd nt 10 f eet in width nlong- the Western line oC sold propert Soutr 23 degrees *) n Inutcs "West 14247 feet tlienco ex L iding 12 feet in wldi) j onp the Southwcj ern line of propc t hercinabo c described and prope-ty here to/ore cotxvevcd to Llovii H Humbert South 14 degrees 4 minutes East S3 72 feet and thence c\tendins 12 feel In width along the Western line of said p operty here ofore conveved to Llovd 1C Humbert and proper conveyed to D A Griffith ct ai South 17 degrees r ( minutes \\cst Q9 45 feet to Dunbar Street the said a]le alone the hrcc last mentioned courses being bounded on Us Vtcslcrn and Southwestern sides by prop crtv heretofore conveyed to Hasan Inc Whi e Lino Tranifer . Ta^icab Com ponj together with all the right title and int-" of the defendants in and to he "aid alley subject to the r ghts of wa for pipe lines nnd rights of w o across the 'inme as heretofore granted bv deed of reco d E\cep Ing and ic=erving t i c coal under aid allej and mining rights There is included herein the side track connected with the Southwest Pertnsyl- ·vania Hnilwa now built over and upon thi- «aid ibov e described lot of ground together uith tiif "iihls to the use of lint pirt of snid tide tracis. which 1^ ·Jtu- atcd on the prooeilj heretofore convejed to iaid Llojd H Humbert a;» rcocrved in deed to him dated October 11 1923 and o' record in the nccordcrs Office of Fa-v otte Coun*} Pennsylvania in Deed Bool Vol 44! Page 450 Being the wrc premises conve ed to Ra Tiond A Blilr M E Veinert and Joseph K Oglevee TrUbtee c b\ dntd of George Orville Hush c us dated October 11 1933 and oC record in the Recorder 1 ; Ofict jfo ejjiJd jn Deed Book Vol j58 Pice 34* 1 The said Trustees hold title to the above described real estate and appu-tenances in trust 'or Union low n Distilling Sv ndicate Under tlie terms and condi ions of i certain trust agreement nnde and entered into Scp tcrnbc- 14 1333 by ard between D W Sml ey and such otlur persons a Titii become parties thereto is pirtics oC the frst part and sa d Trustees at par ies of the second part The remaining de fe idunts mmeli Ifiro E Hacknc^ · William AT Donar'cy and George C ; B own were subsequently appointed Trustees 1 under said tr^st of r cement ; So zed and -takt_n in c\cutlon as the propert of the defendants at the suit of use plafn iff lo s c o n v e n e d tc dated Mirt Recotdcr b Ofl cc Paul Vlnsis b deed S^O ind recorded in of Favetlc Countv con\ e ed and wife b William C Di-vson by dted _ dated December 23 132" ard -ecorded [ot East a distance of one hundred hits in said Fajette County ii Deed Book 4B5 ' ' Page 317 There Is erected upon said premises a tv,o-stor nine-room frame dwelling with outbuilding Also the said Mortgagors C»resle B Dixson end Daisy H Dixson his wUe) assign to the sa d Mortgagee (National . of Fajette Countj), all their right Contain ng 9164 superficial feet Ha\ing erected thereon a 1 1 2 storj frame bungalow house -ind a frame gat- age ^hed Being the same premises convtsed to Norrraa \ Lint bj deed o' Su anah Lint Pt-nn^vl\anla Deed Book \ o l 397 Page 481 Unon which is eit-clet. ore one and half TIM, \oom dwelling hoiiie and one frame o t hou^c Bclr^ the same lots of gl o nd t ^t were convened to Jie Browns lie Con trucUon Co~ipan% a Corporation bv Ueed of Paul Vlasls per Sheriff dn i.d Ocxiber 25 392" and re- co ded in Deed Saok 491 Page 58 of the Keco ds of Fa-vcti Countv Per isv Ivan a Being t c same piece o£ propertj cor- v e v e d to Paul \"n Js ard Mary Vlasis his w i f e bv deed of the Brownsv lie Con- si'-uctior Cor-mnv a corporation dated \ovtmber 9 1 J-, and to be -eco^ded et vi" dated A igust 14 corded n ML Recorde" s O'u'ce of Fay and re Seized and ta«" propc-^i o' Paul his w i f e at tlie Loan Coi po alioi of Columbia i in execution ss the li« and Mary Vlasis «=uit o* Home Owners ^ Ashing tun DtiUict C C Car e" At'oirej No 35 March Term 1039 E D O S Vance \ b George V Kun z Fi J"a Sur Judgment Iso J4 Inarch Term 1939 All the right, title Intc est and clairr of the de'erdant in and to the following described real estate Beginn ng at a point on the West side of the Hopwood FuJrchance Road at the Southeast cjrner of iand formerly of Ezra Simmons heirs now L C Patterson thence along the line oC land of said Patte son North 58 degrees JO minutes West 494 feet to i post H the Eastern side of the right of way of the Connel svillo and Un on town Riilroad Company now West Pern Railwajs Co thence along the East side of said right of way South, 44 degrees 30 minutes West 5 3 feet to a post at corner o* land formerly of Belle Me Vicker now Charles B Bierer and wife thence along said line of lands of Biercr South 71 degrees 30 minutes East 603.5 feet to a post on he West side of said public road thence alons the West side of said public road North 35 degrees 3475 feet to the p ace of beginning containing 5 687 acres strict measure Together with all such contra tual rights demands and casements as against the Connellsvlile and Urlontown Railways Co now the West Penn Hallways Company as a-e particularly set forth In that certain deed fron Absalom C Fouch et ux to the ConneUsvJUc and Uniontown Railw aj s Company dated Novembe- 2 1900 and recorded in the Becorde- 5 Office of said Fayette County in Deed Book Vol 130 Page 243 xvhich the present owrer of the ·'ee now 1 as for the purpose of enforcing compliance therewith by said Hallway s Companj The undivided one half, Interest in said prcm ses "being the same as became vested In the defendant herein from the Estate of Nicholas Wilson t virtue of the will of said Nicholas Wilson tile Intestate Laws of this Common weal tli and the proceedings in he O i p l i n s Couit of Fajette County at No 56 June Term 1033 (Deed Book Vo 529 Page SG4) m the Estate of Eana Marie Wilson j£untz and the re mainJ ig undivided one half interest therein bv deed ol O S Vance et ux to the defendant herein of record in the Recorder s Ofl ce alo esaid in Deed Book VoJ S2B ^sgc 3J8 The undivided one half interest In the above described premises devised by will of the «^id Iv cholson WJlsor to his Widow Edra Marie Wilson and vested n the defendant here! i su vivirg husband of the said Edna Marie Wilton Kuntz In accordance w th the In estate laws of this Co*n- monwealti ard the proceedings at above number and teim in the Orphans Cour o£ said County is being sold subject to the lien of that ce: ain judgment entered of record in the Court of Common Pleas of 1017 Coun y at No 132 December Term The ibovc ccicribed p-emi^t.5 are part Jj improved as and for a public burying ground without h a v i n g been used or occupied as sue i D V C for a single mauso- e im erected therLon Seized a" d taken in execution as the prone-tv of the defendant George V Kuntz. at Jie salt of the plai itiff O S Vance Eustace H Bane Attorney .o 0 Marcn Term 1339 E D Wilmer H \\ Ikej now for the ^se of the IvaUonal Bank of ^ i j e t e Countv now ir the hands of E S Tler He celver vs Charles L Semans w l t n no dee to G adjs E McAfee terr« tenant, Fi Fa Sur Judgment Iso 25 March Term 1930 AH the right Jtle ard Interest of the defendant Cra-les L Semans with notice to G adjs E McAfee T.err« Ten ai tn and to the following described propertj AH those two adojinirg pieces parcels or tracts of land situate in Vorth Union Towns nip F a j e t e County Pennsvlvania beirg yrore paitlcalarly bou ided and de scribed as foil tws First Beginn ng at a point of Intersection of Mount BraddocK Road with the Connellsville aud Lniontown Road th B J]ce in t e middle of snid first mentioned road by land of Jacob Rusck South 69 deg ees East 14 883 icet to s point thence by land of Chules Holland South 41 degrees 58 m nutes West 116623 feet to a point i hence by other linds of the grantors being the second tract hereinafter described North 71 degrees 4 minutes West 087 30 feet lo a stake In the hedge side of eatd Connellsville and Lnioniovvn Road thence by side of said road North £0 degrees 15 minutes East 1124 63 feet to the place of beginning containing 304D9 acres as pe" survey jf Fayette Engineering Ccmpary dated August. 15 1322 Together with the right to lay a pipe lire acioss other lands now or formerly of Wilmer H Wilkcy and across the tract sold to Char es Hallind by Wilmc- 1! WtUcy to the pipe line of the Trotter \\itcr Company Excepting and reserving the cout and therefrom all of -he nirs ioot o* Con- nellsv lie coking coal together with the mining rights and privileges and other rights and privileges as conveyed bj Robert Jlogsctt to W Hlam J Raincy by deed da cd February 20 1893 recorded j i the Recorders Office of Fayette County in Deed Book Vol 118 Page 453 Excepting and -cserving also there out and therefrom all of the five foot vein oE coal together with mining rights is are set fo**th tn the deed ot Peter J Guyaux and wile to Wilmer H. XV llkcj dated February 4 1016 nnd Accorded In the Recorder s O/Uce of Fayette County in Deed Eootc \ ol 352 Page 48 Being the same trac of land convejed to Charles L Semans bj deed o( Jo in I Weslc Matthews Smith R Matthews and ' Penrl Matthews dated July 14 1028 and to be reco ded Second Beginning a* a point on the East side of the Unlontovvn ind Con- neUfiviHe Rond a come with other lands of the grantors thence aloni, the Ea-=t side of saiti road the fol owing three courses and distances North 21 degree" "9 mtnu es Esnl 32379 feet North 31 degrees 30 3 2 minutes Eist 568 OB ·''eet North 21 degrees 27 mirates Zist 47817 feet to an Iron pin n corner of the first tract herein above tlesc ibed thence bv first trac above described and Cnarles Holland South 69 degrees 51 mlnu es Eabt 1250 11 feet to in Jron pin a corner ot land of Charles Holland thence b land G' Charles Holland Sojlh 44 degrees II minutes East 50233 feet to a poirt a corrto- with land ot Charles Holland th_nec by Jand of W J" Kiincy South 44 degrees 2ft minutes EDS! £33.32 feet to a stake thence South 40 degrees 17 minu tes \Vest 287.58 feet to the Western rlght- of ·way line of the Pennsvlvania Railroad thence b said rigl t of way line South 48 degrees 40 minutes West JI29 37 feet to a point In the \Vestcrn right of v \ a j III e of the Pennsylvania Railroad thence bj other and of the grantors, North 60 degrees 2J 1 2 minutes West J392 09 feet to the place of beginning containing 58JT7 acres as per su-v ej ot Fa ettc Engineering Company dated July 5 1028 Excepting and reserving thereout and therefrom al] the nine foot vein of Connellsville Coking Coal togc her with Hie mining "ighto and privileges and other rights and privileges as conve ed by Robert Hogsett to William J Rainey bv deed dated February 20 1803 and re corded tn the Recorder^ Office of Faj- Utc C o j n t j In Deed Book Voi 118 Page 4o3 And excepting alio theieoul and tl e"e from all the five foo* vehi of coal o- gether with the righ to mine and re move all the sa d five foo vein o' coai v/IU ojt being required to provide or leave support for the overlvlng strata or surface and without being 11 ible fo n any injury to the same or tc ans thing there In or thereon by reason 1he eof vvlth all reasonable privileges r or ventilal ng pumping and draining the mine and right to keep ard mainta n roads and vvavs in and through said ntnes fore er for the transportation of sild coa and of coal minerals and other things to and from other lands Under and subject also to two rights o' woi granted bv Fuller Hogsett a fo-mer ov-ncr to liie L«mont Water Companj now the Trolter Wa e- Compan 1.10 one dated Ajgust 12 1905 recorded in Deed BOOK Vol 238 Page 276 and the other dated September B, 1905 and recorded in Deed Book 243 Page 219 Being tl e same tract of land conveyed to Charles J Simons by deed of Jol n Wesley Matthews Sml t\ R Matthews and Pearl Matthews doted July 14 1923 and to be recorded Reserving to the grantors the privilege of tapping" at the nearest point the water line now on the propertj hereby con- vejed for the purpose o£ supplying \vater to a tract, containing 17 acre* more or Ies' adjoinirg tract hereby conveyed and belonging to grantors And being the same two lots or trac ·; of land convened bv Cha-les L Serrans and Dorothy W Semans his wife to "William H McAfee and Gladys E Me Afee his wife by deed dated December 1, 3930 and reco-ded December 11 1910 in Uie Office o£ the Recorder o£ Deeds In Deed Book Vol S12 Page 119 and being the same tv.o ots or tracts of land conveyed by William H McAfee and Gladys E McAfee h s wife to Gladys E McAfee by deed da ed February 25 1Q37 ·md recorded February 11 1338 in the o2ice o£ the Recorder of Deeds in Deed Book Vol 542 Page 309 There are erected upon said premises a ore b or f ame building operated as a filling station and i ight club a large fnme hanger and other small frarre outbuildings Seized arc taken fn execution as the property o£ the defendart Charles L Se- rnana with notice to Gladys E McAfee Tnrre Tenant at tne suit of the plaintifT E S Tyler Receiver of The Vatlonal B-irk ot Fayet*e County Hcndcrbon Parshall Crow Attorneys No 31 March Terrr 1S38 E D The Second N attonal Bank of Uniontown a corporation vs Frank Santo Fl Fa Sur Judgment No 27 March Term 139 All the right title and interest of the defendan Frank Santo in and to all that certain lot of land situate in the Sixth XVard of the City of Unlontown Fajette County Pennsvlvania bounded and described as follows Beginning at lot now o formerly of Hankfns and Hogsott on the r^orth side of Church Street and thence with said lot North 1 degree and 09 minutes West 872 feet to corner of lo* lately owned by A ejvander D Evving and thence with said EwJng lot South 89 degrees and 31 minutes East 48 2 f aai to an alley and thence with said allej South 5 degrees ·md 15 minutes West 8G feet to Church Street and thence with said street South 87 degrees and 43 minutes \\cst 387 fret to the p ace of beginning containing 37G2 bq mre feet upon which is erec cd a two- jto"s biick garage building Together ivifh he use of the private allcj Let ween the lot ard the stone ^table and alba Lhc alley reserved In the ded to William Thorndeil from 1*1 e Northwest corner of said stone stable to South Street Being the same premises conveyed to Frank Santo by deed ot Charles W Springer ct u^ dnted February 14 39^1 ind or record i i the Recorder s Office of Fi ettc Countj Pennsylvania in Deed Book Vo 404 Page 170 Seized and taken In execution as the propeTtj of Frank Santo defendant at i ic suit of The Second National Bank of Union tow n a Corporation plaintiff Deadlock Creates 10-Day Recess In Labor Negotiations By t/nited Press NEW YORK, Mar 17--A deadlock on jur sdictional questions, it was re- por ed Thursday, forced the 10-day iscess in peetce negotiations between the American Federation of Labor and the Congress of Industrial Organizations AFL peace negotiators left New York to confer with President Wil- 1 am Green "on questions affecting piogress of the negotiations" It wa^ reported without confirmation that the federation's executive council would be called into special session or polled privately on some i CIO suggestions before the unity ' sess ons resume March 24 in Washington CONDITIONS OF SALi, Ten per cent of the purchase price or R sufl cient imount to pay oil costs Jf the ten per cent Is not enough for that pur ' pose must he paid o the Sheriff a the , time the property is struck off and the I bilance of the purchase money before twdvo o clock noon of the fourth daj thereafter Otherwise the property may 1 he re bold without further notice at the i risk jnd expense of the pe-son lo whom it was struck oif at this «ale ·vvho In case of a deficiency iji the price bid at any re- I sale will be required to r~axe good the j ame Should the bidder fall to complj { with the conditions of *=ale the money I deposi ed by h m at the tune the p**op crty Is st'-uck of" shall he forfeited and ipnllcd to the costs and j idgmenXs All piymc its must be made in cash or by certified check Return of sales, will be made in open Court on the third Tuesday following the date ot sale it 10 o clock A M THOMAS R AUBREY ITnar 3t f d Sheriff WhHtler Lives in Past KORTIL DARTMOUTH, Mass, Ma" 17--Andrew N Gifford, 70, whittles his leisure time away for the pleasure of neighborhood children Playthings, carved iiom discarded wood -\\ith a jackkmfe may be found m 32 homes in nearby towns He makes rmmatuies of horse- and ox- drawn vehicles OH them what YOU -will they »re capping the strength and vitality of millions ot people today We cuaranti« that your Hemorrhoids: or Piles as you may call them will become en-all cr and mallc» inttl they jrr*du»lly disappear if jou ~ 'lemon-hold Relief M directed. 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