The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 9, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 9, 1918
Page 5
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TUESDAY, -JULY 9, 1918. THE DAILY COOKIES, CQNNEIJLSVILLB. PA. NEWS OF THE DAY AT MT. PLEASANT BRIEFLY RELATED Nick Rudy, Who Malligned Unite*! State*. Held Sot . Responsible. IWD AFFECTED BY OLD INJURY JfUl Be SdMsed Today; Civilian Belief Coulttee 1'akcs lip InTesUgm- tk» »i Cues of Xred Among FaraJ- lie» oi Soldlm Go»e to the Fro»t. Special to The Courier. , MOUNT PLEASANT. July 9.--Bur- jess Sam P. Stevens will release Rudy N'Ick, who was held for »»ir-working »nd declaring that he did not care who wins the war. Investigation proved that Nick was feeMe-minded as the result of an accident that be had been in several years ago,(when he had both legs cut off and was unaccountable for what he s;dd. Nick will likely be released today. Belief Work. The Civilian Relief committee, composed of Rev. J. E. Knox, chairman; Mrs. D. H. Stoner, Mrs. Smith Shaw, .Mrs. T. O. Anderson, .Miss Mary Hitchman and Robert Goodman, is considering several cases that have come before the local civilian relief. One case :n the township that has been brought to ihe attention, of the committee is frhere a- soldier's child died 'and the expenses must be borne by the committee. · Women Jlajtle. In an .assault and battery case held last evening before Justice of the Fscee.L. S. Rhodes as the result of a wordy'battle ou the ball grounds at d later of a fistic encounter, between Anna Lovlak and Mrs. Neitiht of that place.- the defendant was held under 5300 bail for'her appearance at the August term of court. · I'ersoBal. ; -Miss Acna Edwards left yesterday PAGE FIVE. lor Boston, .where sh«. will visit" her sister, ills* Lydla Edwards. Lester Moyament,' known as "Ken : tuck," has joined tin army. He left yesterday for Columbus barracks.. Prof. H. H. Belong h«s relurned from Pittsburg, where he attended the' National Educational convention held there last week." ; . . Vaiderbilt. VANDERBILT, July 8.--Mrs. D'. C. "White is visiting her mother, at Jeannette. Gasoline, 26c.' Welis-Mifl's -Motor Car Co., Connellsville.--Adv-27~»t. · Mr. and Mrs. David Hughes.: o£ jPittsDurg are visiting at'the home of Mrs. Hughes' mother, Mrs. Anna Hair of Bunbar township. · . Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Freed attended the Smiley reunion at Smittiaeld on 1 Thursday. . " . J. L. Love and daughter, Jeannette. of this place, and.Mrs..Howard i Morgan of Unlontown motored to Plttsburg to see Mrs. Love, who is a patient in the Mercy hospital. ; L. L. Collins .attended the 77th i birthday anniversary of John Robin- j son of Snydertown, who is a member I of the William P. Kurtz Post, Xo. 104, G. A. R. Mrs. -Lou and Mrs. Charles Shel- lenbcrger, Kelly Meanti and Mrs. Jo-'; Means were called to Scottdale by the serious illness of their sister, Mrs. Earl Riley. i Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Freed 1 were host land hostess at the anual picnic 'which was in the nature of a family | reunion held Thursday, July 4, at their {home at Highland ' farm, Dunbar j township. Among the guests were Mr. and Mrs. A. P. JPreed and son, Children Cry for Fletcher's CASTQRIA The Kind Ton Have Always Bought has borne the signature of Chas. H. Fletcher, nnd has been made under his personal supervision for over 3O years. Allow no one to deceive you In this. Counterfeits, Imitntiom; and "Just-as-gootl" are but experiments, and endanger the licalth of Children-- XfXpericnce against Experiment. What is CASTOR I A Castoriu Id a harmless substitute for Castor OU, Paregoric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other narcotic substance. For more than thirty years It has been in constant use for the relief of Constipation, Flatulency, Wind Colie and Diarrhoea; allaying Feverishness arising therefrom, and by regulating the Stomach arid Bowels, aids the assimilation of Food ; giving healthy and' natural sleep. . The Children's Panacea-- The Slather's Friend, The Kind You Have Always Bought P Bears the Signature of MRS. IRA NELSON MORRIS In Use For Over 30 Years Confluence. CONFLUENCE. July 9.--Mr. and Mrs. James M. Cook of MoyersdaJe, ! Preston. Mr. and Mrs. George Freed, i have returned to their-home after vis- Mrs. Rebecca Long, A. H. Long and j W»S Mrs. Cook's sister, Mrs. William Emma Long. Misses Ella and Grace Riebcr, here a- few days. Workman, all of Connellsville'; Anna i ilr - and Mrs- "William Butler and Kate Workman, Mount Pleasant; Mr. i family of Hagerstown. Md., were re- and Mrs. J. T. Means, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hirshman, Ruth and Esther cent visitors with his mother, Mrs. T. L. Butler, at Johnson Chaptl. 'Means, Mount Sterling; Lena Col-1 Mr. and Mrs. John Osier have re- bert. East Liberty; Walter, Mary aiyi i turned to their home In Morgantown, Christian Freed of Vanderbilt, and! W. Va., after visiting friends "here Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Fr»c"d and daughter, Sara, of Highland farm. Patronize those who advertise. several days. John Cronln, an employe of the Pennsylvania Railroad company at Meat Must Be Sold Fresh meat is perishable. It must be sold within about two weeks for whatever it wiD bring,, A certain amount of beef is frozen for foreign shipment, but domestic markets demand fresh, chilled, unfrozen bee£ Swift Company cannot increase prices by withholding meat, because it will not keep fresh and salable for more than a few days after it reaches the market Swift Company cannot tell at the time of purchasing cattle, what price fresh meat will bring when put on sale. If between purchase and sale, market conditions change, the price of. meat- must also change. The Food Administration limits our profit to 9 per cent on capital invested in the meat departments. This is about 2 cents per dollar of sales. No profit is guaranteed, and the risk of loss is not eliminated. As a matter of fact, meat is often sold at a loss because of the need of selling it before! it spoils, ; Swift Company; U. S. Pittsburg, is spending a few weeks here with his parents, .Mr. and Mrs. David Cronln, on account oi being on the sick list. Miss Edna Augustine has gone to Erie, where she will remain for some time. Rev. W. M. Bracken, pastor o£ the First M. E. church, was visiting friends in Marklelon yesterday. McKinley Walton, a former resident here but now of Turtle Creek, was visiting friends here recently. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Bower and family motored to Somerset Sunday and spent the day with Mr. Bower's parents. Mr. and Mrs. William.Bower. Mrs. M. H. Dean and little son. were here on their way to their home at Addison, after visiting friends in Pittsburg several days. A. G. Buglmer, a valued employe of the Eirtimore Ohio Railroad company at Baltimore, Md., visited his family here over Sunday. Mrs. Lee Wagner and baby of Con- ] nellsviile, are visiting her father, C . I L. Hail, and brother, C. W. and wife i here at present. j Leo Cronin of Connellsville, visited i his parents here Sunday. William Engle has returned to his home in Connellsville after visiting j his daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and j Mrs. C. W. Hall, a few days here. Mrs. Ira Nelson Morrls--of Chicago, wife of the American minister *o Sweden, has been taking a rest In the United States. The reports furnished the American state department by her nushand have kept the Wnshiug- ton government in close touch not onjy with Inside conditions in Germany, but with the swift change* in the remnrh- 'ab!e Russian situation. Mrs. Morns hna labored Incessantly to alleviate suffering In Sweden and recently was publicly thanked by King Gastuve fcr her help to tho destitute. WORTH TWO WEEKS TRAINING Tanlnc Quickly and Surely i'al H. Mn- suii, I'ti^iliii), In r i n k i-! CoutUUim. Cliff $w«Mow*» Revenge. L. M. HoHinggwortJi tells a story of Lbe wnj cliff swallow treated a blue bird who bail stolen Us nest: "Wblle oniklDC my home with grandmother, an uncle told me the following incident In the life of the dUT swallows.. One spring, an returning to their old home under the earea, B pair of the swallows found their ant already In possession of n pair of earlier blue birds. They tried In Tain to drive them 'out. .At lest they allied a council of war In which the whole company joined. After reaching v a decision, they formed a constant line of swallows from the horse pond to.the nest, each carrying n little pftllet of mud. Each one built his pellet Into the mouth of the nest until they bad the bine hird that held the nest walled up within ft. The nest afterward hecame dislodged and fell with the carcass of the hlue bird 3tW within it. The bird had died In Its prison." Try Our CUasifled Ails. One cent a word is aJI they cost. 'Tanlac is worth almost as much j to me as two weeks' hard training," ' said H. .Mason, atllletU and pugilist, ! of J306 Stale street, Erie. Pa. I "I suffered from stomach t r o u b l e and a catarrlial affection, the latter; having been brought about by my i contracting cold after- a leu-round r · bout at the Harlem Athletic club last' j Thanksgiving afternoon. "It seemed as though my nutrition wag retarded and my strength was leaving me rapidly. "1 would awaken at uight from cold sweats. "I could not eat with any satisfaction, and as a consequence my stomach went completely back on me. "I bought come ot tills new medicine, Tanlac, because a friend told me about it, and because he recommend-; ed it to me so highly. j "Since using Tanlac my stomach j has resumed its normal condition. I I eat fine and sleep well. I am as strong as ever; in fact,. I feel like I am flt for the battle ot my life. "This Tanlac Is certainly a great strength giver. It beats anything I have ever seen. I am going to keep the medicine around handy to take in Lhc future. You- certainly can bet on:hat." Tanlac is now sold here by the Connollsville Drug Co. Tanlac can also be secured in Dun- Oar at D. C. Eason's Drug Store.--Adv. Meyersdale. MEYERSDALE, July 8.--Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Dougherty returned to tfeelr '·aome in Connellsville today after a few days' visit here with friends. Miss Myrtle Smiley is speuding several days visiting relatives at Glencoe. Air. and Mrs. Fred Raymond and children,, who had been visiting relatives at Boswcli; returned home today. Alfred Dahl, who some time ago eniisted in th'e U. S. Navy, and is at present located at tho .Great 'Lakes near Chicago, arrived here Saturday to .spend a 10 day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Dahl. Thomas Courtney of Acosta, spent' Sunday here with friends. ' j ' Mraand Mrs. Daniel Dahl left Sun-| day : evening for Cum-berland, having! been called there'by the. death of. the j latter's sister, Mrs. Mary Neering,! whose funeral will be held Monday! morning." ·' '-; ..' . Mis ; s 'Gladys Deeter of Johnstown, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. .Deeter, for several days.\ ^jiap Edna Bittner has returned to i her mSme, in Qlencoe after 'visiting.: with friends here for severaljdays. . j , Mrs. Catherine Askey is home from i Fried-ens, where she spent a week | visiting relatives.;. j J Mr., and .Mrs. .Peter ,' Shultz and ^daughter -of Brotherton, Pa., spent 'Sunday, visiting relatives and friends, i :in this vicinity.: . , · ' . . ' · ' . - . ; ; : ..j Wash That Itch Away We know of no jaCGerer from 'Kczem« - ·*dio ever u*al tho rim Ae xra*h D, D. D. an- did not feel irjimedlately that wonderfully calm, cool ncnjation that come* -when the itch is takcnawmj-. Thi**ooth- iar waab pcnetntet the pores, trivw in- itant relief from the most diEt;cssinj[ *kln duetuei. Me, Me and f 1.00. . D. . J. C. Moore. DruEfflBC. I Water St., Connellsville. Pa. j RESTAUMffT Cndur Management. A Clean Quiet Place ror Your Family to Eat. Let Us Know What You Want and How You Want IL GOOD SERVICE. Mrs. C. J. Armstrong, Prop. Cormellsville s Big Selling Event -, \v. ' ^r · ·. : ._ ^_?r . " " · _ - . ": CLEARANCE 1 Sale Begins. Thursday, July 1 A 10-Day Shelf Emptying Event. Gigantic Saving in Each and Every Department. The, COAST L/ WE to The delifbu of your vacation bc£io the moment yon board · D: C. Coait Line Si earner for beautiful Mackinac Id and -for half of the dclUfaia are in the Lake voyage. Railroad tickets arc honored on all D. C. Lice atearaen without extra charge. The D.AC. Iniignia injures the bctt in ftppomttnenti. cuUice. and ptinttnkini tervice. Safety and bciJih provisions arc all lh»t could be deiired- All it earner* «re equipped with Utest wireless terricc. All ·water is sterilized by ultra violet ray process. Two iplcndid vessels-City of Madeline U end City of Alpena 11-- operate four times a week 10 Mtckicac Island From Toledo Mondays and Saturday! 8.30 A. M .. Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00 P. M. From Detroit Mondays end Saturday! 5:00 P, M . Wed net- days and Fridays 8:30 A. M. Send 3-ccct stamp for illustrated ptmohlet sad Great Lakes map. Address L. G. LEWIS, G. P. A., 9 Third Avenue, Itetrclt, Mich. TO UiUXINAC ISLAND Fraca fciiltto JIJ.OO Roiad trip 19.00 From dcvelud » 9.00 Round trip 14.00 Toledo 9 7.15 Round trip 13.00 1^ From ^ Dsiroft (6.50 Round trip $12.00 Now Save ?10.00 by placing your order now for a CALORIC Pipeless Furnace. Estimates cheerfully furnished'' on plumbing and heat of all kinds. C. A.BRILHART Bell 48-31. SCOTTDALE, PA. Tri-Staie-84-S:. Attending lilkB Contention. : Edward . Duggan,la attending .. the grand lodge .reunion: of ', the .B. 3'. :· O. . - Elks being held In Atlantic City,, The; convention, opened.,, on...Saturday;-v'aml:.: ' will. closepn. ^nextj Sunday.; v-J/v»

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