The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 1, 1964 · Page 2
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 2

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1964
Page 2
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V 'n.ght for vuts pi shmn:s in t.He tres and s ia! Tori'n'.o contpj tnr S.r F.rnesi arlis'. Frederic x: :r By The, Canadian" press Six Canad.ansf received IVn ada Council -aiardx Tiiesdav linking' At rnm .NJacM i;an. ftf. Vjjr'Vyv-jioied Montreal econoihfs. Esdras Mtrr- v.',e and th Man:n. an British Column the Canada the ciHinc:',s arts, .humani- Sciences , ' ser aiHi romlur e chief Mungo Indian carver from. a. a';l received C(ini;!' nieda! - hijeM award cents for vhe first two ounces a rate set in 1951. This rate covers advertising material, unsealed greeting cards and most books when individually addressed. ' 'A special rale of 2'j cents for th first two-ounces will be established for large mailings, usually circulars, which are presorted by the mailer and made up according to postal regula- t;ons. f . -'the new c u.o enprges will range from a minimum 1J cents to it cents compared with the prent range of 10 cents to 30 cents. T)jevid-e was estab-Jishtd in 1940. 1 was not known when the abolition of local delivery rates for first class rnails might become effective vri - vivhjo i i 93 Bank Street 238-9507 OPEN , la ( MONIJAYtTHROI'GH r m. SATl'RDAT FAST SERVICE OS FILM DEVELO PM ESI KODACOLOR 24 HoursV 'blackwhite Same Day Service. PHOTOGRAPHIC. STORES LTD. (S Sparks It Richmond Rd. 1 Main U O.K. ASTiir.m Muur mttnm ir ftn4in it nu to eembtt brnrd brthln. couthlnt. rt-lin n4 vhmtinm d'i ta rx-ur-tm tttckt or Bronchial AMhait and Bron-ehitlt Thin i t Ukint Improrvd .uick-rllB WEN DA CO Art tut to combat UrT. rli brom-hlal lubn and hfla remor thica.conaatiTa miicua Thtant-naUF mn brrathint la.L ailan oouah. I'ItUk'n, '" ork 'rr. Oti WtMDACO at driuiuta. Prt bMtcr faat ADVT. J. D. Sanderson Company Limited ROOFING ' ROOF REPAIRS SHEET METAL WORK 437 CATHERINE ST. CE3-9369 PIANOS r4 Cr SON. LIMITEO zss RamrnL al Cnoprr) Our Lost Property and Information Office Will Be Moving Soon to a New Locatioh Ottarm TrmMMporlmtUr t OUTSTANDING ACCOMPLISHMENTS W( ReceiveCohcjl These A4irdv rp a tf.e, jse by the ec p;es)is, be :,en ani)lia;! .n i ecognit.n Of outstanding service- to the lanaii an' cultural heritage, or"--rtr ou!s:andinR contribution to good relation's between Canada's' ,o major language groups. Chief Justice RobertTascher-eau of the Supreme Court .of Capada presented the -award on behalf pf the council',. ,. .... a , .,.,. .. . - ce.ved the . medal' on beriaLf ol I Two 'other men historian Don-1 h.s a.her. who was uiab: to aid Creighjon of 1 Toronto and j be- prrtent'oue io til earth. . 1 writer and poet Alain Grundbots j - Chjif f -Mart n nWa!. tyh e fof Quebec City became the firt j second to be presented posu winners of the council's newly-created $15,000 Moison prizes. Postal Rates Up Today L. ; (By The CP) -Certain postal lhanHmR rates, includine the postage on.naf ,)f 8,1 preetine cards and the cost of Ernest CO D. shipments, will be jn- humously since, the aards were. begun in 1962. wasyaccepted by Canada Council member Stuart. Keate of Victoria. It will be added to thr-VhrnjiJariin col- lection at the provincial mus-. eum in Victoria. ' f2.M ALSO ..''I '-The first posthumous award of a Canada Council medal was ' 'f: made to "the" Honi Brooke, Clax-ton. Except where awarded posthumously the medals "atso carry a $2,000 cash award. the council on be-the recipients. Sir MacMillan. a council member said for met" that a!-' rraMt'iod'av i tnougn bnanciai limitations naa But the abolition of the local often forced lhe councl1 ,0 " rr delivery rates for first cla'Jecl applications from -many- f-f ". i ,. . . ma i buii i ji ik limit w ivuui for today, has not yet leen nroved bv Parliament, and uledjwn0 fi11ttht have proved well ap. ; worthy of support", the cumuia- fe-in. ' five results of, the council's - ( ..i.i.jiiiho mishl hav nroved well vi i , lo- "rintealed nveloSes can still be work had een gratifyme.- sent within cities, for four cents. ! "Even organizations that have " The changes that do effect today include t The new general print' ter rate will he increa three cents for the ounces, compared ' suit of the arts, humanities, ' LMUjf social sciences of this -coun-, tryK' said Dr. Trueman. . SUBMARINE POWER j ' ANNAPOLIS The U.S. navy's first submarine derived its power from a conventional four-cylinder gas engine. AS LOW AS Guaranteed REBUILT TVs .225 Bank Street - -Htm fir- ..,..- i .Sr. . ' i' '7S " go mto ,eceived ""'y f upw'e i ; . hese- aamu vjne merely vonen recog- . - - . n linn hw the Canada Connf-il 1 s .. " . .- 1 ed mat- " T 7 1 ' F 1 ised to has encouraged- lodal supporters y:, jt, ., v ...... 1 first two- 8'vemor. gerwmi-y, -T- f ) with two! .'"It has a!was been difficult K'., -:-JnK fW to strike a balance between giV' ing liberally to bodies of national scope artdjimportance and adopting a so '- called "grass roots", policy by spreading the butter thinly. v Debate onthis question will- probaby go oh indefinitely." Sir Ernest said. NEWLY-CREATED The Toronto conductor added that compromises would continue to be inevitable unless.tb council's funds were "very greatly augmented." Dr. A. W. Trueman. director of the Canada Council, expressed appreciation to the Mol-son Foundation for the "generosity, the imagination and the far- - reaching value", of its' newly - created awards". "k is'bur view that the new prizes will not only be welcomed by., and be of value Jo the recipients, but that tljiey wll 47 '. sy r 7- i - ( t -"To foster the arts and .works NDP JL Ba $49 232-111 OPEN FRIdAv EVENING T cks a of Jb of Council medals presented . Tuesday; 0 f j . : qttawatjqtjrn; 1 j s V fa rvice t;:' .'.V-f . --i.- . j, .v .f - tiamu. vvu.iviu tiiiuuo. 'ii mniotti , y- - ARTES ET INGENIA FQVEREV befrknd'-i reads the inscription on cWt'dii yj6ight to four Cwadiatw .at the Ottawa Hunt GIjluV At left is Quebec City writer and poet Alain Grindbois receiving from Chief Justice Taschereau (rght), the Molsort Award of the, Canada. Council. Secondfron left is - " JeanJMinville who accepted rrrtada" Council award on behalf-of h'js father, Montreal y, economist Esdras Minville. Dr. Donald CCreighton. second from'right,cwa-warded - Mojson prizk of the Canada Council fof achievements t Canadians htjtbrian. The- . Molson pjrize Irt scroll -aod $15,000 and the Canada C un c i 1 prtzflT medal and $2.000. ' ' ' ' '.','.'' b.'' ' ''''-'" :'. ' : 'VJurml Photo bjr Dominion Jtei.. CHMGE PCs 'WANT TQ SNEAK AWAY V add needed prestige to the pur-f.. rs ' ,i , . ..-' : Delay todav the' House of Commons waTust 2 hodrs away from its traditional l(f day Eastet-re- cess Only one possibly con ten-I tious item remained supjple-i mentary estimates. Today the Commons appeared 'dug in with no ffoltday at all in, sight asthree New Demo-! crats took over the orig nal Cpt-i servative decision to question in detail each item of the govern-. merit's final spending package 1 for tJf"1963-iS4 fiscal year hat nded at midnight Tuesday. ! Last Thursday the Conserva tives balked at the government's request for speedy; passage of this $240,000,000 supplementary package prior to the Easter recess. They argued that tpis was a government gun limed at their heads. After a b4ter debatel'an unprecedented Good Friday sitting of seven minutes resulted because Conservative Terry Nugent (Edmonton ' Strathcona) blocked any alternative. ' The House had to come back Eaer Monday and then again Tuesday to continue the estimates study, all of. , the debate centring on the first of theM4 '.terns a $60,000 bill for-agncul-ture administration.' Tuesday aftexnoon Opposition Leader piefenbakef said ,is group t immediate desires bad been satisfied .by replies on arm . subjects by Agriculture inister Hays and Justice "Min- ter Favreau. He then sug gested, that . progress tould ji be made, avmed at aqttick redess imt nexr Monday.j j '!.;, v ' But a"trioNpf "Ne DenjyAat ided -byrccasionaXCotvrvv atives v jnlervnf d torifimt hrii progress b TS of tV paM Hay ate s p e n-d t n g items ranging from farming to; rradecrrlarlts. Ihe trio comprised Frank Haward-nrsteeriarrArrHtfdtiTe tersN(TimiskamlngVao(f Murdo (Mlartin (Tinimins)V 'I : I Outside' -the Commons Awn. Martm. vJaidiMc..Diefehbakor Surinco F. W. ARGUE . FueVMerchanU Action No HoliddtfRecess lriSighf See the Games on 1. . ,i,tll'i i . jy HOCKEY PLAYOFF SPECDAILS r v- : . J , .-:;T' Iv'r i'. Jvt'': 7 1 i 'H TWO YEAR WARRANTY on picture Tube f,M.l. C..I1M. A tll.k.U.I.J I'VkkN! lM4IddlIW Monltronic Circuit Stabilizer. WerrwrnatlTunhif . MAHIifAnum-S SUOOBTtiriBT. PRK!.. $319,95 TBADC-IH IU0WAIKE UP TO rJ... . $70.00 . you pay :--so,yin.9 (Bytha CP) 4- A week ago had started t h-Tay uTg ii ctitTrr' but' after Ke . has made his headIineT5jHants to sneak away . . J the Conservatives have madi their non-holiday bed and npw they can lie in it. - . -,r . lit the .Senate," where the.Sen-a tors have Ibeen detained' idly by the hitch m ommons affairs. Senator Grattan ' O'Leary CPC-K)ntar:ioL said he 4t J'con cerned withfthe spectacle,; thai is being madeof (his house of Parliament.?' .v f IS HUMILIATION , . - -t It wasJLde$radation and humiliation of Parliament to keep the Senate, on call for the final spending esti mat eT,Senator O'Leary said. There was no reason in the -world to sit on Good Friday. '....','. "During the past few days peopleoutside Parliamenfiiave been aymg almost unanimously that Parliament has been a, disgrace to our parliamentary institutions," said the senator, adding: "I think this is true. He warned that he will resist m future any attempt to make :T ,, Senate Aa 'mere gtamo-pbone" of the Commons ' by speedy acceptance of bills. ,' FARM QUERIES ' Senator John ; Connolly, gov-ernment leader m the Senate, said unsuccessful efforts had been made to get the estimates bill to the Senate earlier. . ' Thei debate in the Cpmjnonji. began with the conclusion of a statement by Mr. Hays on various farm queries and a oeclar-a'tioi-by Justice Minister Fay- reau that he would meet a Con serViijve Cto and NDP request for sVrutiny h.M.he shift of V o w e r sbetveen Mir. ndcXForestfV, , M'miste Sauv v ThisNtritres on.whethi'r be)reirf eb. J aid FebNJQ Mr, Hays exertsed certain pofwef grVoHd. to Mr. Saiuve'r ,. V It an tts lla"je'aad ti Mr. Hays'ansers thatVMr.. Diefenbsker called off the Con- hi mi! nii uiW 1 , I ' . . . nWlt SAlT ; ?I Ji' " :v i' Colonel Douglas- IL Werdon. Canada Ccbncil cha" ".pcdhducl" and Torono-pallTteTFredericlr Varley awj' ' mai centre, is tMwjj with --council award AwinncM jhe awards dinner Tuesday ryght-atibdttawa Hunt" Sir Ernest MacMillan .(left). Toronto composer and Club. Journal phto bDomi'niois Wide A Just Say jCharge-ir .with A taton ; tonvetiienrritiarge or Budaet Account it " CHMTTANf speciHsTof In thfl.Grea thnJ! mnf beaJI whitJ wiciions ...ti 7 iNU COUN WEpESDAY, .APmilj 1964 Animals ntains, lisitJ OVER-NIGHT CI ir'" INCR AN TRAIL (AN 01 RSE (I DING PREPAf AGED I O f I iii m rs sj WELL ' . .. . BO ATI ;fES FREIGHT . BL'ENO URE (AP) r kf gentina hasa new tax -en pcean Hjmr per c entypn ;1(tipQriS-.in4 twa-per ceBjf.pepprijC The"- taxes witl hep payji improve ftnenf and rxpansidn of the mrchant Aianne. m w-. i w m a - m m i - t CANOW .LORS V I TQ 17 YEARS rilD PQNIESSS! " 4 ; RUCTION ;N..J. . ,' AND CIEAN '"' F" " v ttUAROtO . ' 1 ' - v; IES N NO CIEAN O MOTOR-. BbWBOATS I W. MlflAD PMaTQftlAPW II , T- 1 X PCKIMANEMT RcaiUCflCe ON ICALL 1. NO WELL ' wfur lima SPORTS orqanizeoj-includin TENNIS I BADMINTON AUCHER RIFLERY BASEBALL BASKETBALL I KC AI TWftUAltUI LOCATION : miles west OP ; . ?. ;. MONTREAL . , Write for Free Brochure '. fAINS V. ELL TRAINED . 1 i AMPJNfiVl . f ( ... 1 V- '. I a , i A AU' v. Dr. Harold G. Martin, Dirrttor Camp Wlldwaod - ; VAUDREUlLQUE. Phone: Area Code 514 : 234-331 MURItAY A. IIEIT, D.D.S. - announces trie change Of location of his dental office ',to - .7 224 LAURIER AYE. 7. 234-2868 FUNERAL LMrl nrvn Jv ,'VJ I' i i VP riJiirrii.,rr. uTi tnr: : i i txt. u Yo right for tha vVsathsr ill ' " :- 1 . . t . young debs ung-fashions L.y 1 .I"-. '.v ; . or S P R IIM t I IPaPr a(IS i pkre Butt of Black and Whie houndatonth. -Cherklfd. lawm Jacket with lamthatd to foam plaallc linln Skirt haa all 'round box pleata.'Sizn 1 10 14. Rrtular ISM' EATON'S Special Prpe..ach 2.9a SPRING MILLINERY FOR YOUNG GIRLS Lively youn Sparkling ne V lAyelie$. in Fashions for EATON'S 1 QQ A QQ Price, each AY't JO Set.thU lovely collection of jritlUnery iri our Gtris' Wear Dept... . 2nd Floor Cirai.wi's, 1 A.-''BIRKDALL; 1 - r Reversible Men's -Raincoats F ne -quality vise1 ahd, wool in, patterned f shajde..!.pf. J'. A.w& ., Charcoal or Olive ne- versing to plain shade. Sizes 36 to 41" length price, each 39" length price, each 21-9? each .4.4.... ft i If 1 , NG As "i 4 Br REVERSIBLE WEATHERC0AT : 65 terylene and 35 Xottoir treatt lor water repfeiiency. Sirtgle.breasl a-Duiion styieA Choos shades Olive reverifnfc to Beige rBlack re- -V C-YOUNG. MEN'REVERSIBLE jft.umITO:X0t..j(ndtv1Uustrated.. ZtdIV crtnbcd.tbtton In wnn 6f Lodfh, Blud Brown, revekihe to BoigtijsHade.. Styes 34 to 42: t no EATON-exPrice each -a:-' Li 1 .".-T Ltvix . . v: ' 4 T EATON ta eatom h 236 Bar St.,. ,. , CE2-S777 lt'X.. ww. ira X fcfcaataw .1111 a i - -' L - - ' ' - - a .a - - -1,. -1 i. - . a ' -A- JA A - -J - --A.A.A . r m J . a A. -A.

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