The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 9, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 9, 1918
Page 4
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FOUR. 5 THE DAILY COUJUER, CQNNEaXSVIULE, ;PA- TUESDAY, JULT 9, 1918, ft** l*iiy terirr. if".;'." Jroun**^ aWL** l .V r - '.M 7 *^' 1 *^ ;l TJHJC COEWiBsV-COJll? AJlVt. ..... .; · :;v4"r«smeji.i;x-.;.%.-._.··,/,· !..:.· s JAMES J. DR1SCOLL, ' · S«jy and Treas. B««tn«s!s, Man»««r. i; ' Manaslne Editor. " - :· WAI/TEfl S. STIMMEU- ;: Clty.i.'£dUor~ L-. '.-'".-;·'v;-\ ·V CISS LYNJQ5 i B.5K|Jll r iKtI* L \:''^ t ' '·;·' ;; MEMBERS OFir ^ ; _; ', £-'·· JIAudtt Bure»lt;st^Clre'nlation. : : -"-,' fjBnnsylvania Associated ,:Tailtes,-c Two cunt* per r *^*^jM* e V**;£?*?" t1 ^ ·Pi. " WILLIAM ·»; :« Hospital Unit 3* ,'j ;; peditlonary gf«5 " KALPHT. " 'Company ·V. 3. N. A.. 3: tioaary , - Q.. Am5 :j · ary F o r S t r a n c e . j - ;'. ·· liOVD--B.-COX.-. :.'cumpany F. «tK ·EB»»««r».-O. ;: S. X. Fort My«r, Va. JULIUS CHOOSE. : ^Company B. 15tA- _E.nglne«r« t; (Rall"ay). AnwKan ;*«·-- *-. dltlimary Forct»rrr»«t --7 I; JAMES J. JleFARTliAND.-- ·Company B. Uril Engineers. :: tBnil«ay);-PSrt B«njan.ln i: " HUSSBEL. UCSHABT. tU. S. S. President Grant. V. 8. ; t: . Navy. · J ;,, CARL STBHI.E, ;Jrd Company, 1st Battalion. In- « »ade. Camp -l*si Va. ' ':"" ' jjtealwr of ; This AMociated Presi I» «i- -elusively entitled to the u»« for Jtpublicition of all the news 2di!patehes credited to it or no; ··tlieririse credited In this'Bap^r ^nd also the local n«w» - published herein. :',. CilS DEPEND'TtTOX THE COKE ' The pubUcatio*' o( -thfe list of sub-i ·eruptions made!.' to. the.; second; Red Croks Wv fund vifF, ticicoxl'ind.coke- companies and fhelr-'employesi-sho'ws' Vti the importance of these (actors lad"their patriotic interest'in all tho Measures intended to move the war :.: program forward with gathering momentum and force. Without the very Material help from these sources Fay- ·tte covnty would have bad much lesa reason .to bef proud of the contribution to its credit'tofcehalf ot a more complete equipment of the Red Cross to carry on its 'great work of merer during tli«;war. A paiCoI'the J182.792.27 was made up of subscriptions from the operating companias ranging, in amounts from $10.00; ail through an ascendin; icale to 135.000. the latter given by · the H.J C.'. Prick Coke-company, the ; largest! operator.... In making these i' there was Ep.'m'ore spirit of rivalry,' ·-" or desir.e.'to:suirpass or outdo a neigh;: bor tha».:the~riB .was ; amongjthe em- ' IJoyes ot.tfie'V several plants whose Croup Sub'scriptfons... ranged.;thrtugb : '; 'anotber^.as«endang, ; ..scaie "from' 149.00 "· to $5,21.92r?^heUlo"Uer given_by the ;v employes"n»f -'the c Gonsolidated .Coke 'V company. --Each ; donor,--whether em- ': ployer or employe, .was prompted by ihfc-tame.-imotive--'that: :of wishing to ·' help, bring.relief, to the suffering.and comfort to thc distressed. 'In the LilA · «rtji Bond and War Savings Stamp campaigns the element ·.-of." self... in.'. taresi was presentAih 'ardegree. thojigh. loaning money to tbe govern- 'meiit was In .itself,a .patriotic action. InHhe Red Cross campaign .it was wcjj understood that an absolute gilt wiw: being made, hence all selfishness · was] forgotten in the biggerr purpose · ot -^e-Ddering service Vithouf'hope -of expectation o f ' material reward. - · tH these, particulars the coke con*. paijjes afld"therr-employes differed il ao tKideJbronx other, subscribers; to^the Jt«a Cross Tnnd. The. 'noteworthy : fealure'oT'the coke works, sub»crip- Uons was that .they.were.drawn from aucst a '"large, iumber-bf. foreign peoples; among whom there were, DO . douibij many who were native to coun- · triej now at war "with"' the United Statts. It ha* been popalarljr-'Stip- pos*|l.that many of the coke : workers hire: had but vague ideas of the war situX-ton, as well ateo of'the needs of lucK agenciea a the Red Crois. The HUTot subscriptions should servp. to disabuse the public mind of that-M- tio^: or at least give proof tnaCahr naployers and employe* of the coke rtgfttt are no less ready to respond to appeals for worthy and deserving causes than they are quick to see the advnuaget of a good investment, like Liberty Bonds. Remembering this it can safely be said:, that on any call made upon the coke tegion-during the war, the patriotic:" substantial, willing and unselfish '^·. asaitance ofTthe employers and em- ptoybs can »t all times be .depeaited npoi.', Just .'as'iurelTVcac the:confi- denca *b* mtVlted. that leaders cn MCk lime o« found to organize and roaiaet campaigns" tJiat 'will 'achieve a»y measure of success the circum- ' 'i may require. Germany's Conft3ssioii Arfmito GaUt of Her Crim. Agaiiut Cirilitalioo . · · . Part IL . ' ' . · 1 ' ' . / "··: j'~ Tea Jagowy Admissioao. And finally Herr von jagow, man's.foreign minister,.at the out- to arrive at »n'agreement with us. * *. » jjeither was the war popii-r lar with^the English .people. Belgium break"oTi,lh«,,Sr»r;.' ,In- replying to |had to : serve as a battle field." Von Prince Llchnowakys evidence, makes 1 jagow even admits that war might thl! startling admission, among'have been'averted by an internationothers: :' ; "I-by no means-share the l a l conference on tho Serbian situa- opinion pre-valent among" us - todayjtion. "We could not agree," he says, that England laid, all the mines f o r ) "to the English proposal of a confer- the 'outbreak of the war; on the con- r, r'bejiere "in. Sir Edward Grey's encc of ambassadors, for it would T - .. ,. . - -. .-.-. doubtless have a serious diplo- lore' o£ peace and in his earnest wish ''matte defeat. For Italy, too, was pro-Serb, andi with. her. Balkan interests, stood rather opposed to Austria." That is to say, Von Jagow admits that war was chosen by Germany as an alternative to. an international conference, which would have ing .which .'declares actors' and motion picture-producers as- engaged in productive.' employment with, the attitude of ..General' Crowder u'poo,.the question oCgivfng mine ".workers , a deferred clakaifjcation. ,, From : the outset he to' ihe' ruling that men engaged"in. the production of coal and eoke^can-- 'not,' be granted deferred cfajsincation as a class, thereby placing upon; the local boards, the whole responsibility of determining thc degree ofjiability for'Vservice of the registrants, no matter .what their occupation. al boards generally having interpreted 'their function to* he to provide as'many men for'military service as are physically fit, and in the absence of ^specific, directions to .give, pref er- -ence-:: to -aBy-"Jn*iistrial classification, particularly as may relate to mining and the manufacture of coke, have 'demurred to making wholesale deferred classification of coal plbyes. In a.nJ coke em- mining industry continues 'to supply its full quota on the calls to sen-lea and thc number of -workers is thereby tting continually depleted. If the production of moving pictures has become so necessary an industry that men ol military age engaged in .it 'are entitled to deferred classification, what of the men wh» declared the Austrian demands on Serbia unjust even in the eyes of Italy; the'ally ot Austria and of Germany. -. How do these confessions come to be made? . Dr. Mnhlon's Comtricnce. . With Dr. Muhton it was evidently a case of conscience. When the war began he resigned his position a* a director of Krupp's Works, at Essen, and retired to his Switzerland, near Berne. There be lived a retired life. After a time reports began to circulate of statements which he had made to visitors, and he was put under the surveillance of spies from thn German embassy at Berne. Later, a member from the Socialist Party in the Reichstag -vis- ported that a retired Krupp official living in Switzerland "claimed to be in possession of certain secrets seriously compromising the honor of the German government in the matter of the responsibility for the war." The nev/spaper» began to hint that this official was out of his mind. Dr. jluhlon's statements were then published, either as a vindication of him WANTED -- TOUR buin«a. RENDINE'S. BAJRBERING a WANTED-^KITCHEN SMITH HOUSE. GIRL AT SjulySt WANTED--BOV* OVER 16 VBABS of as'e: CONNELESVILDE SII.K MILL CO., INC. 2julytt WANTED--GIRL, to start . to work. LUNCH, Dnnbar. CCtMB READY TOBY'S QUICK 9july3t* WANTED--20 MEN, WAGES J3.75 per day. Apply at FOUNDATION COMPANY, Weal Penn Power plant. ' 2july6t WANTED--TO -RENT PRIVATE saragc or stable in vicinity of Race and Patterson ntreet. Phone 747. SjulySt" WANTED -- TWO SALESLADIES: references required; steady work. Apply F1CKS' DEPARTMENT STOKE. WANTED--LABORERS. LONG JOE; 45c per hour, pay weekly. Apply CHAS. MATZ,' Atlantic Refining Company, or West Side Hotel. are producing the fuel essentia, to ; whlch hou , d a(d the manufacture and - transportation fl dcmoora 7 c revolution ^ Ger . ol war mumtltons and supplies? m .__ · Our paopje, and certainly not oui soldiers in the training camps, should not be denied the recreation afforded many. With Prince Lichnowsky it is a flit-. Terent matter. He is a noblemn of semi-royI lineage, "the sixth urlnce by the presentation of moving pie- p r | nce dom of Grau in Austria tures, but few w| contend that this and Ku ^ clna t Prussia .-, Hls ·is .more vital in its relation to w i n - ; . lh ^- _ .. ;_ _ - . . " - i ''T_ " .t _ : LJ tamer . , . . nmg the «rar than the increased pro-1 patrol]s · BeethoveB wrole many o( ducuon of coal and coke, upon »h ch : )n Llchnow!kT caaUe all .industries. ..even that of making ·· Gn , ^herc the piano that he moving pictures,, more or less direct- \ A |s 8tm vcd; and lhe prea . ly depends. To the .degree that the. ent Kar , Max Uchnowllkyj fuel supply of the country falls short has carr)e(! on th(J trad , Uon of cul . of the-prodigious requirements just tuTe anri libera , !sln wnlcn be inherit- so much will the war program fa)! eB from hfs famlly . He was a brother short.of.functioning properly. Both officer of , hc j, rc , cnt Kalscr , n tnc .becau«e rif lack of number and-the Lffe Ouard Hus5ars of Potsdami bul lack of closer applicatica among those af , er a Met ar!ny ,. arecj . he entered employed in the mines and on the thc rt | p i Dtt]at ic SO rvJcs, and held Jm- coke yards, very material increase ra pp rtant pos(a , n Stockholm. Con- prodnctiou is impossible. To further 5ta , jople- Bucharest, and Vienna. He curtail the strength of the plant forces retirod in W (,4~ be i n g ou t of sympathy by drafting men to the military serv- wllll the Junkcr atn ,osphere of the ice must of necessity still further im- court He was no| a p nIssiaD nor peril-the fuel situation. Mine oper-' eTen a Qcrm-m. His family was Bo- ators have-.long appreciated the. in- bem i an .; and h ( 5 mlnd has never been creasing difficulties of the situation mintaristic. but thus far they have been power- ·WAKTBD--CARPENTERS AND L.A- borcrs. Carpenters' wayea 62i^c par hour; laborem 38c per hour. Apply «)n the job al Greenhouite Btop, Dun bar. P». YANO CONSTRUCTIOK CO. SjulytM WANTED--OLD FALSE TSETH. Don't matter if broken. I pay |2.00 to $15.00 per ret. Send by parcel post nhd receive by return mall. L. MAZER. 2007 South Fifth street, Philadelphia, Pa. 5inla:tr WANTED--WAITER, CHAMBER- mald and third trick cook. Bust waffeR p»i(i. GUPP'S RESTAURANT, Water street. 6july7t j WANTED -- CARPENTERS AND carpenter hejpws to build construction camp at Fayette vtatton. Good waKev. Apply to A. L. ANDERSON BROS., INC., Fayette station. IJuiytt FOR RENT--ONE SIX ROOM HOUSE. Call Bell ^et-R, Sjulytf FOR RENT--FURNISHED ROOMS for lirht housekeeping. 112 South Pro'npect-street Sjuly2l FOR RENT--LICHT BOUSEKEEP- nir rooms. 307 Bast Crawford avenue. Jjulytf FOR RENT--KOL'R ROOM FLAT, third floor, wtlti tfat and batli. 21C East Cedar avenue. CjulySt FOR RENT--THREE ROOM FLAT, with bath. KTS.S and electric light. Second floor. Inquire 210 Cedar avenue. «july3t r.r tote FOll' SALE--OiN'E FIVE PAS8EN- grer Heo car. cood condition. Soe J, H. r-OLLAR, Smith Kons«. SjulyJt FOR SALE--1-TON NASH TRUCK. equipped with coal body nnd cab; first-clam condition. Too flrnull for prtaeat une. Inquire C. L. WORK, ConncIlBvllIt, Pa. :9Jun«tfd less to affect any change in the rulings ' of - Provost Marshal General Crowder. In the anthracite and central Penn- · To his "great surprise," as he «n-s, he was offered the post of German" ambassador to London in October, 1913, after he had passed eight years 'among flax and turnips, on horse- LOTS FOR SALE--THB JOHX T. HOKK propert:.-. East Tark Addition and South Side, has been divided amoni? the heirs. Mm, Johnston will cell her holding's on liberal tc.rmji and rery 'reasonable, price. Some choice iotn An both pared and unpaved strcjetit. Will help finance buyers if they wunt to build, tjonjr time cany sylvania regions considerable activity jhack and'in my meadows," amusing has been in progress in the direction bis leisure with reading and with ' * " WHAI« OF C011 XDflHG AS I'M" KMIOTKEKTT ot an attempt to secure a deferred classification tor miners. The movement has 'the sanction of Chief of the Department of Mines Button and the anthracite coal commission. In con- seQu'ence a conference is to be .held at Wilkes-Barre on July 16 with Major William G. Murdbck, state draft officer, -with view to considering the question.. . .. . · : "' -C6nnelJ»ville - region operators have an interest in this Question second only to that of the operators in the central and eastern mining fields. 'While the Wilkes-Barre conference may be bar; writing occasional political articles. "I do not know," ho says, "to whom my appointment iras due--at iJl events, not to His Majesty, as I did not belong to his 'immediate set, although he was always gracious to me. I believe that they agreed on me he- cause no other candidate was available." ' . . I'ieKnowftky 3Tadc · Scapegoat. When, 1 In spite of his efforts to prevent It, England was Involved in war against Germany, he returned to Berlin, and saw, as he says, that he was 'to be made the scapegoat for the ren of immediate, results, it would J catastrophe which our government more certainly tend, to t b e j h a d brought down on us, despite my starting-point ;bf, an- amendment in . advice and warning. It was deliber- draft rules if every mining section in S ately given out, from official quar- :them had representation in the con- i ters, thnt I had let Sir Edward Grey ference. The :Conne!lsviUe region hoodwink me." He retired to Gratz, should have some of its leaders in attendance. They can very properly take-part in the conference and without feai',that..6dium . will rest upon them for advocating at least temporary exemption from military duty of men who, for the next six months or a.year, can render-even better-service in tie mining 'plants of Pennsylvania than by planting mines on the battle- flelds of.Europe. , ;. ·; Th» chance-:in .the syjrtcm of col- lectlnff.'for garbage removal ta a most sensible, one. : Householders are entitled to service when they pay, for It and all the service represents. 'd~uch payment The grame wardens .apparently have need to eqslp themselves with am^ munition trains to carry . away the ordnance store» : they are discovering in the . aliens. of the unnaturalize£. . Abotiahinp;' useless offices seems to be the order In council as well as the order of council. In addition to b«lne: the first day of the week. Sunday, in combination with criminally -wreckless motor drivers, continues to be first aid to the under- If the fnel situation becomes much- more acute we may expect coal to become a drug stor.e .commodity procurable, only on prescrlptitm. 1. Jlirbach's aeaasBination has: the appearance of a' Bolsheviki nareback. The :. weatherman. ' fs-' eani(7U/Iacin«; July very succtBsfully. Ta« .-public general!j has had great admiration for the able maaner In which r ProYOat Marthal, -Oenwal Crowder hat admlal*«r*^ th* draft m* »:o«fide»ce in hli ability and t*L-- ·M U rwdetloc dwttlon o» dto»«tt : IHQi Ttrr few _ ·xetftioe* o«Jy 't»»peifay CMS* , «omtftil ianw iMcflRi- :: |IC ,dfV vlik m few word* of «- wiH be unajrtp, ""-'r»«Bit"'i«Pi W*mM Create Two Yainaelea. Jlew Tork..Time«. Mr.-Ford Is a:man of lovable qaat- i itles, but there are many men of.l'ovr abl*^'qualities ..who- are not qualified lor; the ;pnite*'St««s Senates/and .Mr: Ford'... ia " dljqoanOttd by pcsaesvihff a: kind of;. mind which, how- wall" h« TBlrht".'.apply himself to the ata'dy,. would . leave rorttrhment .; and politics-a Vs«al«4 book to him all his days. Rlif ·ntrance 1 Into the Senate would wtm-te a- vacancy both in,"th'e Senate -and in the-.' automobile- bnirtnejs, an4 .·lroin:i i .the;.-latt« Jlr. Ford --eaBuot b* »parei3:" ·-" r . -."^ .' ; '-;·' : i - - , . . w«T« Vrt«« rustiHi Trr ti«n smarting with - this injustice, and theire he prepared a memoir, called "My Mission in London," for the private information of his kinsmen and his intimate political friends. Of this memoir he had five or six typewritten copies made. One he sent to Herr Ballin, the'head of the Hamburg-American Line; a second to Herr von Gwinner, the head of the Deutsche Bank; and a third to Her: Theodor Wolff, editor of tne Radical- Democratic newspaper, toe Berlioer TageblatL 'A fourth copy went to a friend, an officer attached to the po- lical department of the German General Staff. This officers appears to have manifolded it on his own responsibility and sent copies to various state officials and politicians. He did that,.Herr Theodor "Wolff says, because; "he felt, the longing to serve the dictates of peace with complete devotion, and he surrendered himse'f to a pacifism which is absolutely incompatible with a military "uniform." He confessed to Herr Wolff what he had done. "It was impossible," the editor says, 'to convince him by any logic or on any grounds of reason that- his action was wrong, sensoless, or harmful. He was'a Marquis Posa, or, still more, a Horatius Codes, who, out of love for Rome or for mankind, sprang into the abyss." . , 'One of his copies ot .the memoir reached the socialist newspaper Pplitiken in Stockholm and was published, piecemeal. The German press Look it up. The Reichstag debited it. Lichhowsky was deprived of' his | diplomatic, rank, forbidden to write for publications, and virtually imprisoned in his home in Gratz. The .newspapers demanded. .that .he be court-martialed. A typical letter, printed in the semi-official Cologne Gazeete, demanded that he "be held up ; to : public contempt ruthlessly." The writer argued: "What will our thouaanda of war .cripples .»ay. when this ; affair'"to. brought to their outraged notice? ; Have these- men "Joyfully sacrificed ttetr: health:only'-tp be told at this stage: of.-the,war:;hy a .Prince -I/ichnowsky that' jt. : 'wa« not TKE CONNELLSVILLK NEW AND Second Hand F u r n i t u r e Company are now prepared lo do uphnlsterinfc of all kinds, having- on hand material of itlj the latest patterns. We also repair lock*, make keys, etc. 32S South Pitts* burr street. SjulySt AaminlHtrmtor** Xntlee. ESTATE OF I. E. G. MILLER. DE- cease-1. Letters testamentary In the estate of L E. G. MfUcr. Kite of South Connellsvllle, Fayctte cuunty, Pennsylvania, deceased, having been granted the undersigned, notice t fl hereby slven to all persons indebted to said i eatato to make Inlmedlnte payment, and to those having- claims against the 'same to present them properly authenticated for settlement. J. K. REN'- NER, Administrator 4june6t-tues CLEARANCE SALE Good Shoes, Oxfords and Pumps Thursday, Friday, Saturday, July 11,12,13 If you are going to buy any Footwear soon, take advantage of this sale. You can come in and find just what you want in size and style. You can save several dollars as we never do any fake advertising. This Is a Real Cut Price Sale A MONEY SAVING SALE t Miss \ Men's, Boys', Women's, Misses' and Children's footwear is-offered in this sale. BE6T WAY. The Potlftccl Economist--What do you tio to inspire puhlk confidence ID you? Thc T.tHiu Mngnnle--T don't cnv for confideace. Just so I avoid inviting fltiBDlcloo I'm satlsfled. o(lcr to Pnintcr«. ilDfi WILL BE RECEIVED UP TO and including J u l y 18th for p a i n t i n p the Interior o( the HIph Schor:! B u i l d Ing, Lciaenring, Pa. Specifications may be had from It. K. SMITH, In h i s . office, Hlffii School Building:, at "l^els-: enring;. Pa. july-9-13-15 j ESTATE OF MART Shatter, late ol" the city of Connellsville, county of Fayette and atdtc ot Pcn^naylvania, deceased. Letters yf administration on the above named estate having been granted to the undersigned, notice Is hereby given to all persons Indebted to uaid estate to niak« 1 mine ell ate payment, and to tho^e heaving- claims agralnat the same to present .them properly authenticated (or settlement. MAURICE H. SHAFFER, Administrator, Connellsvllle. Pennaylvania. H. G MAT, Attorney. 35jun«*t-tues STATBMBHT OW CIRCVLATIO K. State of Pennsylvania. County of Fayette, »8. . Befor* m«, the subscriber, · Notary Public withJn and.for aaid County and State, personally appeared J. Wyli* Driacoll, who beinr duly sworn accord, ing to'law, did dtpoae and say: That he is Assistant Manager of Circulation of The Courier, a daily news- .paper published in Conneltsvllle, Pa., and that the number of papers' printed during the . week . ending . Saturday July 6, 1318, wa0 as follows: July 1......M09 July 2 S.'Bt July- 5 5,754 July J «,"5 July ( 6,777 Total J3,830 Daily average .., 6,778 That the daily circulation by monthz for the year 11I to date was as follows: 1318 ' Month. Daily Av. January ...17i,9(,3 fl.szo February .1(6,1(1.5 6,507 March .'.. .171X711 6,587 April ·.'.' 17Ma» . 6.88C May HI.359 · 5.71S . That the dally circulation br monthc for tk« J«»r HIT to date was as follows: ·ALE By Ptircel Post to y n nr door. Send y o u r money now. We will ship at once,' Parcel Post charges paid, Harrod Plymouth Hocks anU Hhode'l:ilnnd Rdds at 2B for J 1. r,0 60 for $ 0.00 100 for H7.5CI Also White and Brown Leff- hor.13 at 25 for : ( 4.00 50 for ( S.OO 100 for H5.60 BLUE lUDr.B POULTRY FARM Bell Phone 1770, Untontown. Pa. January February · · · · Ifaroh . . . . . . April '·'· Jun«' · · Auciist SspUmber ,. Jctober ....· tfovernber ... Oecerober ... Month. Daily Av. ..1.7,251 UO.Sif ...13V1BO 148,161 ....141,506 .. .155,576 ...165,oOE .. 16«,23J ...153,13* '' 155,81! 5,834 6,451 5.S34 5.567 S.C4 S,44 1.149 9,13) Lie? 6,150 S.I 2? S.234 Total -.»...-.1..'..:. .151,343 6.869 And further sayeth not .. ;'. J r !:WYLlE DBISCOLU Sworn to ; aiid srubsc'ribe'd .before me thl» «th day of, July, 1911: ·. ' : Printing Are You in .Need of Tap Cwdi Blanks Fdders Dodgers Receipts Envelopes Statements Bill Heads Invitations Packet Beads Letter Headi Call at this office Good Work Is Our Specialty Your attention is called to the high class groceries in the grocery deartmeuts of our department stores. Sixty-three grocery stores ia Fayette, Westmoreland, and Allegheny Counties remember; every one of them taking care of a growing business. There is a scarcity of goods in most every line; there are abnormal advances in prices in all kinds of foods we hear daily through the newspapers and other sources, and they are all true. Ydt, notwithstanding this scarcity of goods and the abnormal high prices, wo believe that, we can take care of your wants. We have been successfully purchasing goods in most every line in quantities enough to take care of our trade. Of course sugar, flour, and flour substitutes, the quantity is regulated, but we have been taking care of you according to the rulings of the Food Administrators .for Fayette and Westmoreland Counties. Our prices speak for themselves. They are higher than a year ago, two years ago, we admit that, but we insist that they are not unreasonably high. We insist that they are lower than most competitors throughout the sections where we operate. During the next sixty days the weather will likely be hot; perishable goods will be hard to protect, but our facilities for taking care of them are such that you will find this class of goods "always in good order. To the farmers in our vicinity or other producers of vegetables and all sorts of country produce: We invite you to bring your goods to pur stores; we will pay you market prices either in cash or trade you good, high class merchandise. No difference how large the quantity of butter, eggs, cheese, fruits u vegetables, anything you produce, we are able to handle it. 03 Large Department Store*, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. Y. M. C. A. Calls for 4000 Men The following volunteers wanted immediately for overseas'service:--500 Business Men; 500 Chauffeurs and Mechanics;5(X)PiijsjcalD!rectors;500 Social Secretaries: 2frt)0 Hut Secretaries. For inforinzti-,;!, write E. D. Poucb, %· Y.M.C.A.,347 Madison AY«., N.Y.I PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS FAPEB,

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