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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 1

Ottawa, Canada
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Wednesday, April 1, 1964
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40 per ent of the peisimal in- sweeping proposal was sketched loans to university students Tuesday, they had a mixed re-come tax pot mote than twice ,,t .the opening of the federal- A march on the Quebec leg- action to Mr Pearson's plan ' their, pieseni sh.ue . ptovitui.i! tiiileien e called to'islature building was scheduled preferring to keep some roeas-j (he oiler holds :,,! tot piov- mnsider thj wide lange of over-,by Laval' l'nis?i sity students, ure of these jointly - financed im ps wanting to take over the lapping iipefations carried on by . supporting .Quebei 's stand at schemes. The federal proposal! whole bin den nf i ertain pin the twlevHs of government un- the conference wouldn't-be a compulsory one. , grams now aided by the ted det 1iaml t nst plans. ' Doens of plaimloies police" Meanwhile. Premier Lesage! eral tieasiiry hospital msuV' Ihese opeiatums ire almost men federa' provinTSV and lo- of Quebec wants Wp even-far- ame. an.l wellare navmen's to the need, ,'t'i! ur.emp o.ed. the piomies under the L. I .. I I I L : . ..... uniiu aim isan;ei ; Brazil Revolt Rebels Reported Marching on Rio $30 Million Paper Mill In Pontiac? Consolidated Paper Plans Given Top Priority By CHARLES LYNCH of The Journal A $;0.0OO.0O) paper mil! in Pontiac County is underst id to h.ive top pno: tv :n the plans of the C'.m.s;, dated Paper Corpori!iin which a' quired the Cn'lies limiLs within he, few month-s. Sile of the mil will be between Wallham and Portage da foh. Preliminary p!)ns call for an. otiipal oi.k,m MX) to .")0i t on.s of paper a day Ti s w uld require 150 (KK) coriLs of pu'.p wood yearly. There is an abu'idance of power for the ptojett and a b g labor market The Consolidated Paper ("or , poration us understood to'bCi lining up markets for the, Pontiac mil! The subiect hasi been d.scuxsed by P'mtiacf leaders including mayors, j chambers of commerce and, others l! ..s expeiied that ! decision lo pr need wth the: venture will be made w.trtm a.x' months Belgian Doctors On Strike BRl'SSLLS (Reuters) Some 12.000 Belgian doctors went on strike todav against government health service plans and quickly touched off protest dem oust rations by Workers. The strike began at 7 am after the collapse of- talks be tween government officials and labor union leaders Tuesday. Two thousand metalworkers in Charleroi. near Brussels, staged a rally in the centre of town in pritrf over the str ke and causotl a gigantic traffic jdm Theyi whistled and shouted in front "ol the offices, of the piedn'af assrH i.n on the sinking doctors l1'1 ,n operation a k'e I e t o n emer gertry service to handle the most serous medn a eiwhiit warped in a communique the emergency service would halt immediMely !f there erp any "maltreatment" of doctors, 'their families,' or ther property. Home Delivery 83 Cents This Week Home delivery subs ribors should pav their .loiirnal carrier only tV) cents this week for period ending April 4 as there was no Journal on Good Fndav ; l i ; : ' j Prepared Income Tax Share r' - c!!.-,t it would meanSy. the innfei me turns to hijilier expenditures for the tworhore matters bristlip with pniunies, m. itched ir nearly the ','jirvim lal rights" issue Vh bv lamer revenues. the ( anada Pension Plan, and i i. (,(., .i .rnmniiihi. foHerH to make the ledera entirely in fields that belonu to British North America Act Spreading RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) Brazilian President Joao Gouiart, fared with demands to quit, flew from Rio de Janeiro today to the inland capital of. Brasilia where Congress is in session. Some sources speculated his mission was to hand over the government to Ranieri Ma-zili, president of the Chamber of Deputies. By returning presidential- powers lo Congress he might- prevent the establishment of a military junta. Rio ni. I.mhattled IAM.IRO (AP) Pres. dent Joag Gou- art government said it had dispatched troops to rebel! strongp tints north and outh-, west ot K o de .jane ro todav in an effort to smash a spread- ng revolt against h. left-lean- n; regime. XsN.Goulart sought to rally furies loyal to him. Gen. Hum-hiHlo C.istello Bianco, ch.ef ol the Virmy genera; staff, and two tber h gh commanders e'e- Mail Trucks A In Montre V Loot Estrrnated At $400,000 In One Robbery MONTREAL (CPA Band.ts iCyd up :wo mail triVks Tuesday, h'ght in the Montreal area In ido' mown Montreal, seven armed and masked merKdrove off m one :rurk with I0bags ol m.r' after handcuff. ng the d; ver and h.'s assistant In ( auchhaw aga. a commu,: mtv across the St. Lawrence River from Montrea'. two men. i"mrd with revo'vers. escaped on f kV af'er hold ng up the driver o! a mail truck parked .n front of the post The value, of the bags stolen n both cases was not immedi-a'e'v known. I he Garetie how ev er.. reports he loot in the Slohtrea! holdup inr uded $400,000 in cash. The .newspaper says two of the 10 hags con'a ned money destined for an east bound tra n and was to pay workers at construction projeits at Baitht-omeau, Que., and Manirouagan. Que. Police and post office officials' 'were unable to con' rm the re-pors One Mont real pol'ce spokesman, however d s losed Mhe mat! bags did contain monev and the amount sto'en "could be ciinte high." MINISTER DIES BUDAPEST Wi Frigyes Doleschall. 67. health minister! i Himtked ... V - ; j I A ,,f Hungary, died Tuesday, the rC(?derj are iooking for cot-. Hungarian news agency MTI,oc., f0 buv or rent. You reported reach these readers in double' i quick time when pst tall 236- VENUS PROBES FAIL ,THl to place your cottage ad NEW YORK A) The Soviet ( the eye-catching column. i mon tailed twice in tne last month to send pvdoads . to Venus, presumably" because of a recurring .problem with an upper-slage rocket, the New York Times says today. to Double ('a! wi'ie shadow ing fhe IJO .oiiteienie delegates, .both in the legislatiue hui'dingam) at the leg is daTFd they had swung to the rebel caiise. Justice M n.ster Abelardo Ju-rema announced that units of he stiJKloyal 3rd Army had been sent from Rio Graqd "do J Sul to attack the rebellious 2nd I rmy'S base in th industrial .entre of Sao Paulo, 220 miles .iu'hwe-t ; R.o (.oua:t a'si) 'ideted troops to novf aa.nt lu:: de F ira. in Minds (,e;ais state 8t) miles north of R o Whore the levolt, ?n'ip!ed Tuesday, and against f)elo Hor.7 mle, the cap tal of Almas Getais. A rebel radio I proclaimed Ju z cle t-ora the . . . . .. 'revolutionary capitaj ' CONVERGE ON RIO? Rebel broadcasts' said the vanguard of the 2nd Army com manded by Gen. Amaucy Kruel ,nA tr.. f tn fton ti hv r..n Ol.mpio Mourao, commanaer ot ;he fourth ' military region ol Belo Hor.onte, were converg-ng on Rib de Janeiro to try to depose Gouiart. A proclamation announcing their switch to the rebel cause as signed by the chief of staff and Gens. Arthur da Costa E. silva and Decio Palmeiro Escobar ' I; charged that Gouiart had 'p aced himself in open illegal-;v through Successive a'.ttvnpts iga.nst the jut of he democratic regVme." !wnton RioXwas v r,UJ1 v deserted this mornng as a general .trike, called jv the Communist-dominated GWral Command cf Workers in upport of Gouiart. para'yed traVpsjtort. ( lOve.T.ment tra ns operating ut of R ii were stopped and :n- rstate haes were halted Mediator Confident I'NlTKD N.ATIONS (AP) -"Sakari S. Tuomioja of Finland srtid Tuesday his job of United Nations; med ator lor Cyprus is "terribly diff.cult" but he ex- x ' -N Gypru ' j , i ' I I j j I ! i the Chateau I nmtenac six blocks away, where of them are registered, As provincial delegates about most filed1 out of the conference room ; ther in getting camoiete provin- cial control ol sucn j3fograms Turn to Page 5 PEARSON Senate Threat Arises The Senate today ' threatened' to adjourn until April 20 without approving me government's final supplementary spending estimates for the 1963-64 fiscal year which ended at midnight Tuesday. The threat arose after protests by Liberal and Conservative senators against th I'pper Itmtse being kept on call hour bv hour to consider the estimates after they have been approved by the Commons. Nicosia Alert Called Canadian Troops Guarding Against Possible Outbreak NICOSIA (CP) Canadian so'd ers of the I force went on. 'nlted special Nations alert Tuesday on the eve Day April 1 marks of EOKA the nin anniversary of the beginning by tF.OKA. the Greek-Cypnot un. Iderground organization, of ihe aiiTied azamst the British .n Cyprus "I think if we get over Wed-1 nesday we are over the hump." said Lt.-Col Andrew Woodcock, commander q' the 1st Battalion. ! Rov-a' 22nd Regiment, in his, headquar'ers on the cease-fire. line in suburban Trakhonas. Y The Van Doos have not been mvo'ved ;n a s ng'e shooting mt c.den; since they went into the ,'ne in Nicosia ?'. the Kyren.a area Good I r day and Saturday. A fe stray shots from a netgh- bor ng area hav e gone over their heads. "We have not fired a shot and there has been no reason to." Woodcock said, "But April 1 Is not April Fool's Day here," he added. He said the Greeks and Turks have been'"nibblina at us to see and the movement of persons tne move ieseTiTmse to these hittises. Lanacitan soif- lers had had no difficulty in making the .Cypriots take down the ""barricades and evacuate the houses. Somali Orders Truce MOGADtSHU (Keuters) The Somali government announced" today it has ordered its forces along the border With fthiopia to cease fire from mid. night tonight in accordance! jvifh agreements reached Monday in talks at Khartoum, Sudan. TJtspite the agreement,, fighting continued Tuesday along the 9t0 mile border, according to 1 a ' Somali government spokesman here. 4 ' jpects lo fn sh it ",n a matter jlf wf are aertancl we are." of months V. not even a year''; Th.$ -n.bbhng" included the Tuomioja rttld a press con'er- j erection of new barricades,, the jence he wouiti start v . t h the sandbagging of more houses status quo lfieanmg Cyprus constitution, and. the Cypnoi- British - Greek VTurkish treat- ties guaranteeing that constitution and the country's independence and territorial integrity. He sa d he considers the constitution still valid. But he added he does not exclude revi sion of the constitution or the treaties, provided all the parties agree to it. Sells Cottage ""TFrrough JourhafWant Ail 4 COTTAGE BUILT LAST SEASON on tArKe lot. 1 niiirik frrmi'eity nn Ridru 2.13 after 6. Thi. r ,nlirn, r - -i '..n - ii i " i j "i i iN On farm PM Rob ' . Quebec Staying Out QUEBEC (CP) Premier Le-sage declared today Quebec intends to go ahead with its own portable pensions plan, outside the Federal; Government's Canada Pension Plan. During a morning break in the Federal-provincial fiscal conference he told reporters Quebec's psaion on pensions hasn't changed Mr. Lesage refused to com- ment on the attitude of premier Robarts who said Ontario is ready to participate in the national plan on condition that all the provinces lake part. "Hie ruies (of the con Prime Minister .Pearson 1 Talking X. 1 I'l SUNNY, WARMER ' Low, 15; High, 32 79TH YEAR 95 SEVEN CES OTTAWA, WEDNESDAY, APRIL. 1, nrise 5.43 a.m. GRTY-FOUR P.G'ES Sunset e.31 p.m. V Mixed Reaction to Plan Unless Federal Plan Truly National' :j6irmal! u . , v , V - ; The' Ottawa : 7 n x-i - M. 19fi4 ' 236-751. i 7 rr y Pearson Provinces' By DON MANRK.III QITHK (ll'i- I'rmeMm. ister Pearson imln .I'ed 1 uesday his government is prepared to let the nrovim es h,ie nnu-blv .a-T I m; (left) of .Ontario and Premier Lesage of Quebec; during ence, at Quebec Cityi Queensway Link Open May 18 Victoria Day holiday, 1964, promises to be a busy on in Ottawa for official functions. On that May 18 holiday: , The long-awaited Kjrk-wood-Bronson leg of jthe Queensway will be opened; Visitors will be welcomed in a ceremony openingsland Lodge Illume for the Aged on Porter's Island, and The 2ndV Battalion. The Canadian Quards will ' receive the freedom of the city in appreciation for performing the daily changing !of the guard ceremony th'fct draws thousands of tourisljs., Highways Minister1 Mac-Naughton will officially open the three and one-hjilf-mile stretch of the limited-access highway across tne centre or the city. Construttion delays prevented its scheduled opening date last year. Another section of the $27,000,000 Queensway from Bronson to O'Connor is scheduled for opening Jater, this Summer. v SYMPATHY MESSAGE MOSCOW VP) Soviet Premier ' Khrushchev has sent 4 message of, condolence to Pres idem Johnson pver the earth quake in neighboring Alaska, close to Siberi The message asked Johnson to accept oui thy and to con profound syrnpi vev the Sovie peopled sincere condoleV lol the population of the affected state. n Possible arts ference) are that we don't discuss the attitudes of the other provinces" Mr. Lesage said. The Quebec premier said he has received reports from teams of actuaries and economists who have been working on the province's portable pension plan. "These reports- are far enough advanced to allow me to discuss in full knowledge of the facts the differences, between Quebec's planned program and that of Ottawa." The reports he said, "have given me great satisfaction." He could not make their contents public but said he y if at the conference (centre), holds serious discussion With Premier Robarts Inside The Journal Westwick tells of Canadiens' theftfreqi Leafs Page 19. Ailing Sawchuk paces Wings into series' lead - -- Page 18 Second article in a series on the economic outlook for the Ottawa Valley : Page 7 Letters to the editors Page 7 Below the Hill 17 ; Better Grades ......... Billy Graham 23 Bridge 13 Classified Ads 36-42 Comics 34, 33 Crossword 24 Editorials Financial 8 Horoscope lilgallen iDorts 18-21 fell Me Why 24 leatres 14 V, Radio 34 Weather 5 Women's News ...... 29-32 Ybur Health 33 ARC rirculaUon 7J.3I Four pie in Crash Of Survey Plane TORONTO P) Four members weVe killed todayj when thevr twin-engined survey c,. plane crasbedjoft takeoff at thin tween airport in inompson, Man), Kentjng Avlaony Ltd.. vNtalton, reported here; SEVEN DIE IN FIRE BEVERLY. Mass. (PI Fitr. swept- through a two-family house early today, killing father, mother and their five children, l V Pension . .. hoped to table them in the Quebec Legislature later this, month; Mf. Lesage, h o w e v e r, dampened " hopes Quebec might be able to pass legislation on pensions 'during 'the current legislature' session. "I fear not," he said, when asked whether legislation would be presented this ses-slorir "It ijs a very complex matter. I want to give the. - . members. JtimeJp digest the two voluminous reports." Mr. Lesage said most of today's morning session was devoted to pensions and that work on the question ha ended for the time being. Federalrovincia,! confer (CP-Jouimiil Wire Photol Atlantic Air Fares Lowered MONTREAL P) The International Air Transport Association announcea Tfuesday member airlines operating over the North Atlantic pave unanimously agreed to a new iched-ult of fares "subsUntially be-lofv previous levels':"-'t Under IATA procedures, the nfw fares, which woVld take effect today, must be1 accepted hii; a formal vote of airlines on- Bints i JJerating on each sicje of the rbut and directly affected by North Atlantic faTe (evels. The economy farej one-way. Montreal and London i-olild e $258.40 during the 0' yeeks of the Summer sea-on and $209,80 thelrest of the ear. The fare has been $287.10 he year round. i L Fir5t-ciass one-way fares between ;the two citWs would be S39O.10 the year iou'nd com pared with the did rate of $498.40.. (V. X ..."j.v. -''Sri ' . - , -- QUEBEC (Cr Prime Minister . Pearson said today that the positions of Ontario and Quebec don't alter the Federal (Jovernment's intention to go ahead with the Canada - Pension Plan "as it has been drafted-" QUEBEC (CP) Premier ; Robarts hinted broadly j today that Ontario might i n s t i t u t e a retirement : pension plan- in the prov-! ifice if the proposed Fed-i eral pension plan is not "truly national" covering "all -of Canada:"" v I His statement to rtafi Federal Provincial Con-erence "was ah obvious reference to the Quebec Government's stated intention to have : its own pension system in place of i the Federal program. Observers saw in Premier Robarts" statement the possibility that the federal govern- nent s Canada pension plan might not apply in the two big central provinces. GORDON COMMENTS But ledera! finance minister Walter Gordon told reporters: "Our own plan'ia folng through." . '.i "ThU ' is something that everybody wanU and t can't believe anyone win knock it on the head," Mr. Gordon said. Though federal , government officials have claimed the fed eral pension plan is technically possible without operating, in Ontario -and Quebec which have more tharflialf Canada 's popuhilion. Ottawa has been anxious to have Ontario, in it. . Mr. Gordon .said , he doesn't think more than one province Quebec will "contract out" of the federal plan. JFFY QUESTION Asked what, would happen if Ontario instituted itj own pension scheme and thin was exempt from the federal plan, the finance minister reolied: That's an iffy- question and we'll cross that bridce when we come to it." Another federal spokesman said the central government doesn't regard the Ontario premier's statement as meaning a rejection of the Canada Pension Plan. . "He hasn't contracted out and we are carrying on," the spokesman said. - The comments were made as conference delegates took a morning coffee break arter completing a round of discussion' on the Canada Pension Plan. In his conference statement issued to the press. Premier Robarts said his government intends to make sure the peo- nl of Ontario wi'l have "tha best possible pension protec- 1f lion" whether it results from C Federal J or provincial legisla- tion. . JJL . Turn o Page 33ONTARIQ 'Quake Toll Still Not Determined ANCHORAGE, Alaska WPV- figures for the stricken areas of AJaska were reported today. Thf ,lQss of life was stilt un-"aetermined. Figures, gathered independently by various state y agencies, changed constantly. It might be weeks before an ce4HU nl of the de,d cn . . ..T. V be. obtained. State Civil Defence said Its count showed jJLdead 7 missing ana presumea oeaa, . plus 55 injured. The U-S Coast Guard had W one death not included in the Civ il' Defence j figures. There were unofficial reports- f single-deaths elsewhere. i4 M 4 '., v -f fir -4 a - I- urv ' At :,t. 3X - ' n

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