The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 17, 1939 · Page 11
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 17, 1939
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

FmD\Y, M \RCTI 17 19,-i'i THE DAILY COURIER CONNELLSVILLE PA. able meit on a-e Myra Kreger and Lucille Kui / Sophomoie cli^s--Honor (3 003 09) Paul Staik, HelCT Heckne", Jine Reeves and M i j Sellers Kay Bu lov. Rex Ci tcKicld PaiU Ivick- low. Kenneth Turnej Maiy Hnyden ind TYecH Plum all eceixed honot able mention PAGE ELEVEN GHOST PATROLS' POPULATE BRITISH HIGHWAYS AS WOMEN UNDERGO TRAINING FOR WAR Wins Film Trial By Unttict I vcw LONDON Mai I - i t«v.l IM arols aie populiUuK I ut ii ^ ·· Ixul Every evening uu i umhsf ill .here rnciy be scin on IM! uu · i\ ul- *om oys o£ ti UL! s md uuL it! met «* 3i iven by he n i\\ R u bv.d I^KW* N A hose fices aio luridtn bx R i ^ masks The ghost p i t i o l ait (.ompo «.d :£ women bcu g tiinud lo dn\t jnder \ v a i U K e condition 4 ; in oider hnt in linn, of emu gent v men imv DC rehe\ ed foi moi e impoi tint duties This was rev eiled in London i c~ ^ently b the Dowager Lndj Reid- Jig chief of the \Vo*nen s Voluitaiy Services ' On moonless nights ' she said we loose the duveis 30 at i time, and make them dnve about in con- toy foim \uthout lights and wearing gis mi=ks ' Thc dn\c foi about three miles and then at a signal thc stop and re\eitie foi about a quaitei of a mile still m convoy form and in Complete daikncsb An ofTicinl of the oiginization stated that hundicds o f women who enrolled in the Women s Voluntaiy Services h a \ c been undergoing this Uammg 'The e\eicises depend largely on the imagination of the organizer,' the official added "The uomen operate as a volunteer transport unit working under emergenc conditions A headquarters is set up and dispatch riders fanng details of imaginary bomb explosions "Women dme ofT in their cars to supposed bomb explosions "They d u v e off \vithout lights because they h a \ c got to get accustomed to blacP -out conditions * There have been no accidents The uomcn cinve at then own risk Before undeigoing the training they sign a .foim to tnis effect" Fiery Itching Skin Gets Quick Relief Home Treatment Eases Unbearable Soreness.--Distress There is one s mplc yet inexpensive way to ease the itching and torture of Ecezmn itching toes or feet rashes ind many othtr eMernnlly caused skin eruptions and t]iat Is to applv Moone s Einer aid Oil night and iro"nlrg and people who suffer 'rom such embarrassing or un- Fightly skin troubles would be vise to try it Just ask -uij first class drufieist for an original bottle of Moone s Emerald Oil ' and refus" to accept anj thing else It is | «uch n highl concentrated preparation that a small bottle lasts a long time and Eurthe-more If *his clean powerful pene- tratlns oil thit helps prorrote healing tails to give ^ ou full and complete satis Faction you can have your money refunded Burn's Drug Store and limon Drupr Company High School Readers Enler Slate Contests m i M i t i i K i i i\ n n -- TI j,h ih il ml nt \\ tl i c i d i n g ibil ty u nmv p p i l i n g foi plifoim ap- l u im s h ant h i n t PcmibK nn in dt i to i op i st nt then *-chools ns t iritis of poc i \ ind ShaKo peircin (.Itchon*- Dut um M n i c h "ind e irl\ \ ) i i l tin to \vill be high school ie^- mg uonU s in 11010 th m bO Pcnn s \ l \ n n n c o m ic^ I h e c cxcnts t i c piit of the piofii im of the Pcnns-vl- \ inn Fot ii* c ind Mi is c LOIRUC \ \ \ h K i inch Ics SON en speech md 47 ! music cv cnK i Eich \ c u during tl c ^ p i i n g I non hs hui died 1 ? of Pcjniiash ni i hii»I sc \oo\s i id thou^ mdb m the other st Uc-s cng £e in mu= " ind speech compct tion^ The Pcnns\ \ i n n prog am is in i s 12tn \ L i is a Sink u i d e orgn uzition It is ^spon^oicd bv he "Uineisitv of Pittsburgh tl tough its extension dni^ion \V nnci-5 in t i e counU contests in 1 Slnkcspc"ne ind in poctr\ lending i qun 1 if for ore of nme dist ict 01 I ntci-co in ^ metis Tl ost \s i 1 bt_ hold be oie Apr 1 ID nt Fnnl hn C nnon C O i f o i nn Lock II ven Stnto College l i l i e s Bnne N r i l h nmpton im Lypes D^ib 1 - Tl o^c u ho iccn\e fi st honoib in t i c di^ Uict contents q u t h f \ for he imu il Stite meet nt*s .t "\ 7 oi i^lcn n Apn 28 and 2H Picuouc Sti e contc t . ha\ e been he d nt Pit sbu g i Ilnris- I burg Ph licklphiii Altoon S u n b u r \ Johnstoun O 1 Cit Pot b \ i l e ind Grove Cit\ The Snikcsic t*-c vn icidc^ sn or prel then ^elections 'rom the pln- w ng it s comedies d u i m g i 10 m i n u t e t me limat It is not i contest ir nc - ing id'hc** it cmp iisires me mm,., re^nonsKCiies 1 ? nnd ins s t The poc ry leaders nc usinq Ih -. \en Delect ons from the poeh o f Rober Frost Kob^rt Brownu g or Chnstim Rosetti In iddit on to re .cling r or si\ minute^ oil reidc r s of poctr\ mu^t recite a ttst poem w hei I \\ is One- md-Tv, cntv by E \ llous- min First plice winners 'or the Stite News of the Day At Confluence CONFLUENCE M i l 17--Mis Fcjici i Bud was guest at a dinner m cclcb ation o r 101 72nd b i r t h c n y Sund-iv It vvns held it the home of. her soi-in-la\v ind daufchle' Ml and Mrs C \ MilAer Mis Bird is in (,ood hea th in8 is \ c y nclive She has four Ri i idc uldicn and five jreit-giandchilfl pi event nc.1 id ng host ind hoitcl s vvc c Mis May A n d o i = r n s ster RobLi F shcr md «on Cumbciland N r d Mr ind Mrs V, iltci Bovvcis and five clu dren and 1 Mrs Cola A Hdp-il loint Tlostcstses M i « I O M i l tin ind Mrs L B n i k l e were hostesses to the Ladies Aid mcl J O L C T-b of the Medi- j od st Chuich dt the formers home | r i -1 ij c\ on ng At i s lort business i mLCtmR it vv s dt-L ded lo liold the I \p il meeting n the form of a cov- eicd-di^i suppc-r at tlic church audl- to i i-n The e were 18 members piesrnt Two gue^tb we e Mr L A Rccd of B i n \ n s v i l l e incl Miss B l i l c h r B i l l lev A lunch \vns s i t v c d bv the lioste^scs Bible CHss "Mcots The \ \ o m m - , Bib e CI i« of the C h n v t n n C unch held its \ T i c h j meet n,, it ho home of Mis H n n j Hi-n i recrn'K \ s iort business meeli i^ v is h Id ind then i lunch vv is s v eri In the ! io tc c s Theic \ cic ^ * mcrnl n s present Honor Roll Announced Th of mcinbeis of the sonl nmore r'-i" M rv Di\ Mi Rnie Woods nnd J ck I! nb u"h were it the top of ! v e ho lor l o l l foi thf f r j r t h s xv v e r k s p tlod ended Tucsdiv m the h gh st- mol Eich of the thiee r nkcd on the high honor list with a t - M " it fou- V C - I C P The honoi roll for the mm 11 idci of tl e =c) ool is as iblo mention Fieshm-ir c.1 ss--""lonoi (3 OC- 3 09) Elizibcth SlnfTci Robert Vincent, Tl omas Clanse Mary Kuitz Fnnk Hilennn Geoige Cunnnisham Fca Mibel Harold TeiioU Norton ilumbert Robei 1 - Kurtz and Charles Ilaibaugh Members listed on the 1 ononble mention were Eleanor Biooke, William Beggs and Jure Wilhelm Personals Daniel Smith was a business \i s i or n Tohrbtown Tuesday Mifs He en Thompson of. Washmg- on p C is visiting hei F athei P S Rcwp MJs Calvin Gioft h=s ictuincd home after visiting her diughters Mrs Huth Hush and Mis Gladjs IVc- La n in Clan ton and Connellsville, re c pectively for the past week Villiam Booi employed in Somerset Muted at his home here for » fcv das Liquid Tiblets Drops S llve-NObC S A L V E ttelie-v es COLDS Price 10e 25c Dorothea DJMS f n b o v c ) 17 jctr old model f i e r i VN nncpcfr C nada w-x=i chosen from more thnn 2500 screen a^piran · in New \ ork who competed in rcp-ioml dim na ions of Hoi wood s bcarcti for new fnccs Sn ir cl)ss--Honor H 00 399) Ru h "I C m ock E\n Nell Hall T imos Di\ « Vmot i RUMI MRrjone H t m h n i M u f i n e t , Roe\es and Mtl- *on J'^nti cn"~ in T lost \vho "cu \ c d honoi ible ment on nre Cclia j in tl c c 10 c n K c\cn ·= h e boi n \ h] P CnrI B j r n \ \ n r L h I-dgnr Kenj s t u d c n s f om t i e follnv. ng hi^h Un ci Kscnard }I\dc ind V i \ n n ' schoo s I-1 don i N r h u n b e i h n d Red ck | ( t \ s i t c C i h f u n i ( v. ce) M n h m o j J u n or clns-;--Honor (300-399) Cit\ HP'-mnu S loiuKfoiirR Biowns- \ n g m i i Bhc v June Ro*c Foiem n \ i l l c ^ n n c bo o Nc \ B n / h l o n ' I pnli G l o t f r l t Clern AHn \rnbr rlq£ N o r r to\ n tt^ »-e) nnd Rrcl nor Louibe Rus i «nd William Gro\e C t\ \V ible Those v.ho receded honor- Brand New EASTER Suits Topcoats You Save $5 Here You pay $5 00 more foi equal quality elsewhere All CEueful- ly tailoied in Springs smartest style and colors New Hots $1.95 New Oxfords $2.95 New Shirts $1.55 New Pants $1.95 H A R R I S ' 210 N. Pittsburg St. 5c AND lOc STORES SENSATIONAL LADIES' O Guaranteed fast color 9 Gay florals, stripes, dots ©Varified values 9 Newest styles of season J£pirnlnr '1.0S \ n l u t ·. Pick m o n i s t i c a Picnuiiitl of I h t s e b n l l i a n t (oUons--(.hoose from T()0 models Bright i- i nev\ p e n n v , llie\ rt smartlv « t v l c i l , faiiklebfclv i ulorod Tlio best cotlon "value e v e r offered at $1 TJ 'Believe It or Not' Ladies' Cotton String Sl'OHJ in Colors, c, Ifcd., Small. Reir. 51c A Sensation At This New Low Price SHADOW PROOF U l u t e -- Blue learose--32 (o 44 Our Regular 59c Line of Ladies' HOUSE « I list Color 91 ong M ( . » SI/PS 1 1 to 44 WE MUST MAKE WAY FOR NEW SPRING STYLES OUTSTAHDiNG VALUES AT THE BUSY THE BIG WEEK-END FEATURE IS FULLY DRESSED - READY-TO-COOK FOR ROASTING FRYING OR STEWING each 2 Pounds 3 Ounces to 2 Pounds 9 Ounces Nef Package Weight Th«« chicVcru are a sad on a sc enhfica ly balanced dn I of m Ik and gra ns eip«c ally for lablc Lie The meal s dal cioutly toidcr and full of flavor Thero » no waste ai all nediblo parls have been removed and tho ch cksns «r» ready for the pan Try one of iheift tondor birds r or your Sunday dinner OTHER BIG MEAT DEPARTMENT BARGAINS OR BONELESS RUMP Strictly F nt Grado Whole or Strng Half 2 to 5 Ib LOIN HALF Ib 2 ) o 5 ! b R16 HALF WAFER SLICED Idaal Luncheon M'at '^ b 13c 23c 17c 29c , 25c THIS IS NATIONAL FEED WEEK Scratch Feed "i Fine Chick Feed Chick Starter Oyster Shells Standard Bran Red Dog Feed Dairy Feed '£[" 1.45 '."A" 1.69 '2.PU9 IM ib 7Q, uct (3G 100 Ib 1 nr lack 1.35 100 Ib 1 rn lack 1.39 100-lb * f lack 1.4!) 100-lb 1 1 n .«c 1.1 3 Del Maiz Corn 2.=.-, 19c C tarn Styli Green Giant Peas 2 «n, 25c Large Sue--Very T«nder Margarine Made from Pun Vogefablw O Is Salad Dressing Rich and Creamy Fresh Eggs 2 dor 41 c GOOD A LUCK A Ibi Ui* Them for Every Purpoi OUR OWN TEA INDIA CEYLON Hall Win a trip to the New York p ac kngo World's Fa r Ask tho man ager for detalU. 19e NECTAR TEA A Finn Quality Orange Poltoe Tea Quarlar Win a trip to ths New York p ac v,ag. World t Fair Ask the man ager for details =FRESH FRU5TS and VEGETABLES: FRESH ENDIVE fROM CAUFORWIAS IMPERIAL VALLEY--LARSEST SHE SHIPPED head !jC Maine Potatoes Oranges u s No I G/jd. Grapefruit FLORIDA C J5« 44 S I S . D Icr 3C FLORIDA 150-171 S I. 2 d« 39c Oranges CALIFORNIA NAVEL PURE SOtD 203 2!u SIZE quarf box TENDER AND FRESH lona Beets Green Beans Wax Beans Apple Sauce A Bartiett Pears lona Peaches Grapefruit Juice Tomato Juice Bon Ami Cleanser DUTC Octagon PG Soap Rinso Soap Flakes LA s u cT Y 3±25c No 2 r can JU 4"Jf25c S'ilOc · 1Qc n.2flC 10b. n 35c Corn, Peas or Tomatoes lona Corn c s."r 4ca°n, 2 22c Corn ""Mn" 1 " 3cTM J 25c Baker's Corn ·'" 2«»19c Butter Kerne Corn N c° n2 10c Del Maiz Nibiets 2cn,21c White Corn »:L 2' ona Peas 4' Peas A1P FANCY TINY SIFTED Butter Kernel Peas 2 M . Del Monte Peas 2« lona Tomatoes A5P Tomatoes XT. 11 ,, 2 21c ,. 2 25c , 2 25c , 2 22c Sunnyfield Wheaties HU^ Post Toasties Cheese Chocolate PR» Cake Flour c s r= Bisquick Baking Powder Rajah Cocoanut Pink Salmon Tuna Fish ; Fancy Snnmp Lake Herring Sardines 2 P T,', 13c p ( , 20c K 25c '£ 19c U! lOc 2c,n,23C «. lOc 3 0Kn cant Luu Prices Below Effective in All AP Food Stores in This Vicinity FRESH AP Fresh Butter 2 ,., 49c Count y Roll S /U BAKED GOODS PSSIsbtiry FI Q ur 2 ^ lb 75c The Balanced Pioii 5 )fa pkg 2lc Nyt9ev ^l"L^ 2 «. 55r I^MW«y MARGARINE ^ Ibs J.3C. An Ecorom ea! Spread '" h39c Bjht P'Clock Coffee !£39c Fr.ihlv Roail.d Sm 5 l« Pound He Doughnuts piiBii ,o,10c White House Milk 4c f :l',22c Pla,n-Spc.d-S u , a od P =h and, 10 t Qinnanion Roils -13o SunsiyficSd Flour : ^ Fresh Bread 2^150 SoH Lunch.or-4 Other Kmdi ID t«Ii can SSc Maple--Vdnilla--Crunch Top An AIE Purpe» Family Flour 5 I b pfcg 15e

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