The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 11, 1930 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 11, 1930
Page 10
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PAGE TEN, rflB DAILY COURIER, CONNEL1 VTLLE, PA. TUESDAY, MARCH II, 1930. I Don't Say Anything Is Lost Until You've Sent A "Lost And Found" Ad After It Satin (Emsrtrr Announcements Deaths CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION All ads. are restricted to t h e i r proper classification and to the regular »tyle of typo. The publishers reserve the r l g r h t to edit or reject any classlfled a d v e r t i s i n g cop}. Errors in a d v e r t i s e m e n t s should be reported i m m o d . a t e l y . The Courier will not bo responsible for more than ono I n c o r - e c t InsurtiQn. Charged ads tor responsible parties ·will ba received oy t e l e p h o n e , ami. If paid within blx clays, cash rates will t« allowed. A d v e r t i s i n g o i d e r e d for Irregular Insertions tnkes t l i e ono time rate. No ud. Is taken ;ii' less than a basis 01 three lines. Count t h o average w u r d u to the line. An average word contains blx letters. Ads. ordered for three or nix times and stopped b e f o r e - expiration will be u n a r m e d lor onl* the n u m b e r of times t h e ad. appeared, and a d j u s t m e n t made at the rate earned. .,_.,,., Special rates for y p a r l y a d v e r t i s i n g upon MRS. ELLA SOU ELL CI-ARK. Mrs. Ella Schell Clark, a form or r e s i d e n t of Unlonto^ n, died Monday at -the homo of her so i, Major R, W. Clark of Sarasota., J''la. She waa the widow of Dr. H e r b e r t W. Clark, who Cor m a n y years was .1 practicing physi- ( Ian In Unlontown. Since th« death of - husband February 20, 1024, In M t t s b u r g , she had made her home with a d a u g h t e r , Mrs. B. J (Speaker of Cleveland, Ohio, and her son, Major Clark. Mrs. Clark was a cousin ofM. M. Cochran and an a u n t 01 Mrs. Wiley L. By era of Union town. The body wl^l bo b r o u g h t to Pitts, burg for I n t e r m e n t . CLASS -FIFO "ADVERTISING HATES. Dally rate ptr line tor consecutive insertion*. THOMAS E. T The f u n e r a l sorvi Young-blood. 48 yea Monday at 3 o'clock C u m b e r l a n d , will bi a f t e r n o o n at 8 o'cloi Methodist Kplscopal land. Ttev. Frank Y tor, w i l l officiate. M t r a n s p o r t a t i o n yard tho Baltimore Ohi n e l l s v i l i e u n t i l abo w h e n ho was t a k e n w l f p , Mrs. B e r t h a " s u r v v e A l by two ctaiu S h l r c l l f f and Miss M«i two sons, C l i f t o n and blood; n sister, J*.,: I t v , n nil u b i o t h o r , J W i I k t n s b u r B . 1UNGBLOOD. c- for Thomas E. ra old, who died at his h o m o In h e l d W e d n e s d a y k at the Klngsley Church, Ctunbei- Jagrsrs, the paa- r. Young-blood was car inspector for Railroad In Coun t a m o n t h ago ill. Besides his I'ounKblood, lie Is liters,''Mrs Robert garet Younjrblood; FrocleHck Young- "tta Fletcher, this h n Youngbiood of Flowers and Mourning Goods 4 FUNKHAl, DESIGN a -- A n d -n-pddtnsr b o u i j u e t s a J i p e c l a l t v . Oglevco's Flower Shop, 10B E. C a w f o i d Ave. Phone 424. Automotive One Tlmo . - . Three Times Six Times .. ' - 00 WHEN AND W H E R E TO PLAITS YOUtt ACS. The Cla.*mul A ment Is situate 1 at This ofllce is open to receive adver m o m e n t , f 1 om S:30 A. M. to 5 0 0 1 M rtuilv All ads received up until J i '" A M . ' wm appeur in editions th. me I'kone Yonr CI«Mnllle4 Aa - A'o. 12, 13 or 41M). .The Ad Taker will B i a d l y "·J" it desired, so that the copy tot _ your ad. la prepared In »uch a m a n n e r aa b r i n g the »«t results for you. Classification Index The ind.v.uua, advertisement, u n d e r classlttcation art, the f o l l o w i n g -anged In Ai quiuK reference. AJ* A O I/ A Cli.31 WATS-1 -- Deatiia £ -- Caiiia of Thanks 3 -- In 4-- Flowei8 ana Mourning Uooda B -- Jfuneral J-'ii«ctur» Q -- Monumouia auu Cemetery L,ot» ar- tor ao1 Social Event* 0 _ -cjocioues antl 10-- titrayud, J.AMII, A. -- A u i u w o u i l u Agcncle* i j _ A u i u m u b U e s lor Sale 12-- Aulu nui-tts. Ti-aciufs, Trailers IB _ Auto Atctjaaanea. Tires, farts !_, _ u a i a ^ u a -- Auioa for tllro. JTaxl 15-- M o l u i c y u m d and BlcyclB* 10-- we iiai l i n t s -- service stations 17_VVauU-U-- \ u t o r u o t l v » USiAW* SkJU V iClli-- la -- iiunines* a u i v i c e Offered I 8 . a -- w u e r e 10 Uiue J 8 -u-- U i i i u u r u i t f , Jieauty Parlors us Contracting jC, Keiiovutlng a n U M-i'l 1 " 811 / !Si-- UeuimB. Viuiiil/uiK, Koollug iid-- i i i b u i a n u o uuU ouiaty iionU* iil -- JuautiUorjnK ^j _ M o v i i i B , 'iiucklns. Storag* 2o_CloaiunB. -- . 2S -- i-rotessioim.l Services ·»y _ Uepairius and KoUnishlng au-a-- A w u i n t t J and Upholstery iiy _ f a i l o r i n g a»d i-Tesslng 31 _ Wanted -- iSusmtsss Service ,'i.0 n aiWA'i' -32 _ Help W a n t e d -- Female aa -- Help Wai.. Jd -- Male 34 _ ueip -- iiaio aud Ketnale S5 -- Solicitors, canvasaors, Agents OU __ Situations Warned-- Fernal* 27-- Situations WluHtiU-- Male 8S -- Business Opportunities ·^ -- investraoi.w. Stocks, Bonds 40 _ Money to Loan, Mortgages 40_ a -- Family Loans 41 -- VVantod -- To Borrow 4'j -- Correspondence Courses 42-a -- Mlauellaneous 43 -- instruction Classes 44 _ Musical, Uanclng. Dramatic 45 -- Private instruction 4j,_ a -- private inatructlon -- Musta 4ti -- Wanted instruoUon LI V KSTOCIV -47 -- Ijoss. Cat*, Other P«t« 48 -- Uoraea, Cuttle, Ulber Stock 4U -- f o u l t r y . iJsgu and Supplies 60 -- Wanted -- Livestock, Aruclos tor Sale jl-a -- Uarter and Exchange ;,i -- Boats arm Aui,«a«uriea 03 -- UuildmiiB, tiuiluinu iiatnrlal. M -- iiusiiitsa and Ulticj l,S -- i'ariu and Dairy Products 60 -- i-'uul, feed, i''«i tiluer ^7 -- Uoud TUniKS to Kttt OS -- ILuiuuiutiUt) Things !jU -- l i u u a e u u l U Uoods 00 -- J e w e l r y , Watuiiea, Diamonds 01-- AiacjiiuoiJ and Tools 01 -- ALusuval Aierctiandisit Ui-a. -- Katiiu Kciuipiiiuut UU -- Seuda, Puvnts, i''lowers 04 -- spooala a t Hie Stores 05 -- v v u u n n g Apparel (jU -- W a u t u d -- io tiuy 07 -- Kouiuj W i t n Board UB -- liuuiiis, VS H a u u t Board OU -- Hyoms, (or 70-- Vacation Place* 71 -- SVueio to K«t Ti -- Wiioio to Stop in Town 73 -- Wanted -- tiooma or Board UK A 1. Ji^JATK l.'Oit liK.NT -- 7i -- Apartwen ts and flats 75 -- Business t'lttccs lur Kent 70 -- firms and i^audjt for Kent 77 -- t l u u a e a for Kent 7t -- utlico and DaaR Hoora 7U -- Shore, M o u n t a i n , UuKa for Runt Bu -- s u t j u r b a n , C o u n t r y for Kent (il -- W a n i a U -- f a ttonl lll^AL lis'JA't't; KUU SALE -H -- Brukera In Keul ii,atata Bil -- Business I'roytrly f o r Sale ba -- f a i m s u u J i^and for Sals (H -- l l u u u u a f c i Sale 8d -- I-.OL» for Jala 80 -- SJuru Mi u t i t a l n . Lake lor Sale 87 -- S u b u r b a n (or Sale 8S -- To Uxciiange -- iteat Estut* j,U -- Wantotl -- Koal K*iate At'C'I'IUA -- I.KU.ll. -OU -- A u e t i o n t era. Auction Sales Ul -- Legal No:ica* ARK YOU ON ii or the satisfied money savers who u b o thti classified thrift ··rvlce? A COUUTECUS AD-TAKJSR Will h e l p u u t o w o r d a i c s u l t - p r o - ·.«! ;' yui r»U 1- io lUu and nek. tot \M» tf^i m Antomoblles For Sale 11 STOP IN TODAY!--\nd *oo oxlr Used Cars b e f o r e h u y l r vr. K v n n i Motor Service. W C r a w f i . d A\ o. Phone 183-t YOU'LL BE SUHPH 3ED--If you stop In t o d a y a n d aco *w lat real values we are o f f e r i n g In jroo I Used Cars. Easy Terms. West Ski.- Motor Company, West C r a w f o r d av onue. phoue 407 and 408. Y O U CAN BUY--The bvst In Excellent fseil Cars h e r e di.-ing our "MARCH VSKD C A R SAL,K ' a l prices l o w e r t'mn else w h o r e ! n n n e l l s r l l l e - O l d i - mobllo Co., 117 10. st Apple street. Phone S74. NOW ON 3'ISPLAY THE NEW NASH S TRAIGHT EIGHT KVANS MOTOJl COMPANY EAST CRAWFORD AVE. PHONK 77. 1926 OL.DSMOBILLB SEDAN XOTK -- In good r i n n l n s condition. Tires excellent. .1 six cylinder ca.r foi only ?r0, Cas . A Bargain If Ther Ever Was One. II 1 . C. HADDOCK FIRESTONJU SERV1':K STORES, INC. PlfOX J 21. USED CAR BAHOAJN3 Wo Will Hacrlfloe At Greatly Reduced Automotive Kopalrlng--Service Stations 16 ANNOUNCING To OUT And The Public At Large THAT WE HAVE SECURED -- The services of -- SIR. FLOYD KESSLAR-- Who has been employed by the Connalls- vllle Motor Company, formerly Con- nellavllle Bulok Company, for the past eleven years. Like his brother, "Earl," he la k n o w n to be ono o-f the best expert mechanics In this vicinity. Wo Can Now, Double Check Every Job. BARL KBSSLAR'S SHOP REAR, RHODE MOTORS BIJXJ., WET SIDE. PHONE 2038. GALLErS DUCO AND BODY SHOP-- Bo«y and Fender Repalr Duro and top w o r k . Wo you money. Phono 1073. RADIATORS--Rebuilt, repaired s.nd cleanistl. Auto repairing. Low rates. Fuehrer's R e p a i r Shop, 116 North First Btree-t. Phone 2012. Btuines* Service Business Service At the end of the game we see who wins. Arid at :he end of the year you'll see how muci money you've saved through The I aily Courier's Classified Ads. You can't lose when you play the Classified game! When You Want to Buy, Sell, Rent or Announce Phon 5 1 2, 1 3 or 490 For An Ad-Taker, Merchandise Fuel, Feed, Fertilizer CHICK SEASON JS HI3R J WEI HAVE--A f u l l l i n e of Chic I^ceds YOU CLEAN YOUR H O U S E ' E V E R Y SPIUNCt WHY NOT YOUR FURNACE ALSO? IT'S JUST AS IMPORTANT--On r Sup*r Servlre Vacuum Cleaner does t l i o trick and for less money. A. R. BOYBR WARM AIR HEATING ENGINEER PHONE 302. COKNKLLSVLULK Pa Heating, Plumbing, Booting 2Z HEATERS! FURNACES! HEATERS! Repaired and cleaned. All makes. "From W h i t e It's Right." 1.10 South Pittsbur* Bt, For »«-rvlce, phuii* 918-J. QUALITY PLUMBING-- And n satin*. William SelUra Company, South Plttaburg 1 St. l?hono 34ft. Prompt Service. ln»arauce and Surety «ond» 88 INSURANCB AJjL KINDS EXCEPT LIFE! FAYETTE REALTY CO PHONE 1375 T. D. GARDNER, MOR. INSUR-VNCE--"We write It right," All kinds. Cook and LauKhtin, I no., I n a u r a n c e , 300 First Katlanal Bullulntr. Phone C20. Vitality StartAns Ma»h, with od liver oil. per 100 H)s. $4.60 Conkey's Starting Mashi*, 100 1 IB i-1.70 V i t a l i t y Chick Oiulna, 100 lbn. . .»;i.iC Uollla 3 Pine Dried Butt jrmllk, b. He Rolled OaU for Chicks, per lb.. .. 4n Mica Chick Cirit, pai ll 2c Dine f o r Gardens and Lawns, 1 lb. Back £5c SPECIAL FOR THIS MVTSi K. 25 lb. Golden Link Brcfti Flour. ..$1.00 SF.K US--For Caih PHcsa o.n a ! kinds of m i l l feclB a:ul gra ui. CITY CASH FEB] RTOH C WiONlfi I2U, CONNiSULSVIL E, PA. CONNELLSVIXX.E COKJNO CO JLr--12e d e l i v e r e d ; 9c at the mlns. W. st Bide Coal Company, N i n t h itrect. corner Leleenrlnif avenue. Phon* 18 '5. { f * .mi......!., -11 Household Goods 59 FOIt 8AL1S--Oal *tov«; taa rang j; combination ran tee; kltchoti cahl: tit; extension table; n e w l n s machli ; bods »nd dresner*. Diill'n HtoraK*, J i fcach Street. Phon* 50. Musical FOR SALE--Good Packard Player Piano. Cheap. I n q u i r e I lorenca Grimm, A J v e r i o n , I'a. ,or phone 41K1-H-15, Scot I. dale. 8SA 1020 Model "A" Ford Pomo'nstrators. Sport Coupe, Std. O'Upe, Tudor Selan. OTHER GOOD BUYS 1020 Model "A" Poid'Sport Roadster. Driven only 8,0"0 miles. 1920 Model "A" Ford Tudor Sedan. 1028 Chevrolet Coup-;. 1027 Essex Coach. 1027 Chevrolet Cabriolet. WEST SIDE MOTOR COMPANY W. CRAWFORD AVI!. PHONE 407408. TALK ABOUT YOUR BARGAINS J YOU SHOULD SEE WHAT REAL BUYS WE HAVE ON SALE A Ride Will Convince you CAKS 1029 Chevrolet Coupes (2). 1028 Chevrolet Cabriolet 1020 Chevrolet Coach. 1028 Chevrolet Coupe. 1027 Ford Tudor Sedan. 1828 Chevrolet Coaches (2). 1027 Star Coupea (2), 1025 Oakland Coupe. TRUCKS J027 Dodire. 3-ton Poat Truck, wHii 2 neiv tires on rear. Cheap. 18l'8 Chevrolet 1 1-2-ton Truck. 1028 Two, ChavrnUt 1-2-ton Trucki. TRADES 1 TERMS! TRADES! MASON MOTOa COMPANY Trades--Open Bundaya-- Term*. WEST APPLE STRJIIOT. KHONIfl 106 Evary One In A-l Condllton TRADBiD CAI: BARGAINS Lovyer Prloas Taan ffllzewhera WHY QO SHOPPIKG?--Th«re ar» no comparisons--como In and look them over. 1020 'Modol "A" Fort! Tudor, has been drlvon only 2,500 miles. 1020 Model "A" Ford Roadstar. 1020 Model "A" For.l Touring Car. 1020 Model "A" Foid Standard Coupe. 10U7 Pontiao Sedan. Easy Payments, Trades, Terms! HETZEL-YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY AUTJtOKI^ED I'ORD AGENCY SCOTTDALE, PA. PHONE 470. Auto Accessories, T!r«t, farts 13 NOTIC12--Wa Pay Oash for your old worn out car or , ruck. Bring It to u*. or phon* "SS" and we'll call for It. Fayetlo Auto Wrecking: Co.. Me-, Cormlck avenue. INSURANCE!--All Itlnds. exceptine lltt. Bertha, Cunnluifhiim, Inc.. Notar/ Public. *0t! First National Bank Building. Phone 43S. Rea. 10UB-R. Hu«lng, Trvcktiig, It GENERAL HAULING--Local and long distance moving-. S, M. Grimm, 220 First St. Phono 48. GLOTF SIXTY'S TRANSFER--^Local and long distance, Opp. A r l i n g t o n Hotel, Phono t)12. Residence 4102-IUntf 22. Tailoring and Jfrosulng R1CHMAN CLOTHES--All »22.BO. Sold only by Simons Cash and Carry. Phon« 1960. Employment Help W uuted--Female AT WATER KKNT RAD1 J SA1.ES AND SERVICE PHONM IB-.J5. BOSCH RADIO -- ti«r«»a-QrlcL Fr»e demonstration. Radio Servlc* ro., 15f, B o u t h Pittsbur( street. J?hon 17B5. EDISON AND P1ULCO--Rmdloi Free demonstrations. Thomas J Ltcb, 112 West Applo Struct Pho. o 1062. 8KB!--The New Btewart-Warne · Radio ilolejs now on dlspiny at Jiarke's Drug Store, North Pittaburg street. Phono 194. Wo service all n akes. Specials at the Stores 64 Real Estate For Rent Business Places for Rent 76 STOREROOM--At 111 West Apple St., suitable for any purpose. I»x40. Inquire B lOc Wall Paper Company. Farms and Lands for H«nt 76 FOR RENT--Twelve acre farm, house and good outbuildings. Phono .1081 or I m i u l r o 13. 12. Bowers, 1310 South Arch street. Bonnes ior Bent APARTMENTS, HOUfiES, STOREROOMS AND GARAGES--Inquire 128 West Pcauh street. Phon* 475. SNYDKR STREET, 208--A six room modern house, with electric, bath, haate*. Rents at $26 per month. I n q u i r e A. E. Wajfonr and Son, 1000 Wefct Crawford avenue. Phone Real Estate For Sale Houses tor Sale 84 POPLAR (JROVB--Six room frame house, w i t h bath, gas, electric. Has hot water heating system, cemented cellar, stationary tubs. House Is In beat of repairs. Ilotno l s located near car stop. Grounds consist o' three lots with nice purdon spot. Will sell at bargain price of $4,500. Terms, part mortgage. Inquire A. JS. Wagroner .and Son, 1009 W««t Crawf o r d avenue. Phone 143. Auctions--Legal* Legal Notice* ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. ESTATE OF HAR.R3 FORD, JjATE of the City of ConnelUvtlle, County of Fayetts and State-of Pennsylvania, deceased. Letters of Administration on the a b o v e tin mod Estate having been granted to the undersigned, notice Is hereby given to all persons Indebted to «ald Estate, to maka Immediate payment, and to those having claims against the aame, to present thtm, property a u t h e n t i c a t e d , for settlement. John R. Ford. A d m i n i s t r a t o r , Now Salem, Pa, R. F. D. No. 1. H. George May, Attorney. 4f»b-6t-tue«. IT WON'T BE LONG NO'VI BEFORE--You are plantlnj your garden. Stop in today and lo ik over our garden tools. Order your sardan seeds and fertilizer from u, nowl Frlsbee Hardware Co., 134 W Crawf o r d avenu«. Phone KM. Waited--To Boy CLEAN WHITE RAQ8--Want* i. Will pay 60 par pound. Courier C mpany. WANTED -- SALESLADY -- Must b«i thoroughly experionoed in ready-to- wear and millinery. Good salary and steady position. Write f u l l details as to salary, experience and age. Address Box 40, care Courier. Help Wanted--Male 88 WANTJ3D--Two married mon with cars. Steady workers only. $35.00 to start. See Mr. Fox, Thursday between (I and 7:UO P. M., at Y. M. C. A., ScottJale. Solicitors, CunraHserH, Agents 85 AGENTS--Either »ex, to Introduce Wan ior Spary, to kill motha, roache«,' bed-buff a and m a n y other Insects. A splendid scll'er for part or all time { workers. PHtubui'K Insect Exterminator Co., SOS Lincoln avenue, PHitsburg, Pa. COPIES OF THE DAUVS 1 COURIER-- Thr«e. Dated October 111, 16 :». Will pay 26c for each copy, Th* Daily Courier Company. TO BUY--Flat tor typewriter desk with typewrite · compartment at alda. Call J usiu»*« Office, Courier. Rooms and Board Hooms Without Board 68 PITTSBURG STREET, SOUTJ , 611-Front bedroom, targe and i omfort- able. ttaomu (or Houeofcecpln t W Situations Wanted--Mule !J7 WANTED--Position by farmer, married man, general farm work or dairy. Inquire Room No. 1, Wobb HotoJ, ScottdaU. Financial Family Loans «0-A NEED MONEY QUICKX.YT 34 Hour Courteous Servlc* On CASH LOANS Up To *800. SMALL MONTHLY PATMBNTS--Come in for full Information--Just Phone, "34" or writ* PERSONAL FINANCE COMPANY 112 WEST CRAWFORD AV13NUB, CiTT Instruction EACH GROUP of . Hers In tho Classified Section contain . b l a protlts for someone. THERE'S SATISI ACTION for both advertiser and reader in every classified ad. THK MORE DETAILS you tell In a classified ad tho m *re a t t e n t i o n your offer will receive. Private Instruction--Music INSTRUCTION -- Private! mandolin", piano, banjo, guitar, ukulele. Gibson School, above Kurtz Jewelry Store. Live Stock CRAWFORD AVB., EAST, SO'i --Three room furnished light houst seeping Apt., bath, porch, private e itrance.' 102S5, SOUTH l84-- rcioms for housokeplni . Phone TH'BRE'S PROFIT as wall aa interest in the classified aewi. . A VITALLY IMPORTANT art ot every day's new* Js found In th classified a da. Iron Bridge IRON BRIDGE, March 11.--Earnest Noye» of Charlerol, was a recent visitor here among friends. Mrs. Norman Yothers was a Scottdale shopper on Friday with friends. Glenn Miller, Jr., Is 111 at We home with scarlet fev«r here. Mrs. Delilah Deahl has returned to her home at Smock, after a visit Here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ell H. Crosby, Sr. Miss Clara B. Gloor of Mount Pleasant was here Saturday with her friend, Mrs. Roy H. Miller. Miss Virginia Lavhead spent Sunday in Mount Pleasant visiting friends. Assistant Postmaster D. W. Gates and Mrs. Gatea, Mr. and Mrs. Campbell K. Yates and son, Campbell, Jr., all ot Latrobe were Sunday guests here of the Gates brothers' uncle. Lee Roy Kelly. John Faith was a business visitor, to Mount Pleasant Saturday. Friday's storm and high wind uprooted many valuable fruit trees aud damaged house and outbuilding roofs. William Longanecker and daugn- ter, Miss Lulu of Pennsville were Saturday callers here. Bridge Not Illuminated. PITTSBURG, March 11--Pilots running the Mbnougahela River stated that the navigation llghta on the Belle Vernon highway bridge have been out three nights last week. It also was said that the new piers of tb» Pitta- burg West Virginia Railroad bridge below the Belle Vernon structure are not properly Illuminated. Horses, Cuttle, Other Stock 48 FOR SALE--Fresh cow. Te»ted. In- I quire Paul Voltz, 1303 South Arch,' Street. PEOPLE WHO READ the classified ads know how. when and whore to! spend money most profitably, I They Mean Business .People who i sad this page mean business. TLxey are not re ading it just to pass the time awa y--they an definitely looking for offers which meet th-ir needs. That's why these ads mean busir ess for the advertisers. Always Dif Went--In Opportunity The A-B-C- Classified Ads Always t ic Same--In Service WESTMORELAND SUPERINTENDENT ELECTION APR. 8 OREENiSBURG, March 11.--Two elections of Interest to Westmoreland county and Greennburg re«ld«nta will be held Tuesday, April ·*. The first will be that of the «ounty superintendent, the second t h a t of the Greensburg city schools. The election of the county superintendent of schools will be held in the auditorium of th« old high school building during the afternoon of that date. The use of thj old auditorium for the directors' meeting was made necessary because of hlgii school being in session and requiring the use of the new auditorium an a study hall. Greensburg school bo*rd at the regular March meeting last nlgJit, decided to convene at 11 o'clock Tuesday morning, April for the election of the city superintendent of schools. This election will bo for a four year term as is the county election. , Dr. Thomas 8. March will be a candidate for re-election to the office of city superintendent W. G. Dug an, county superintendent of schools, has served in 1 hat capacity since the elevation of Dr. Robert C. Shaw, former county suiwintendent, to his post in the state department. The salary of the county superintendent and of his tour asslstitnts, Charles F. Maxwell, S. C. Wallace. John H. El- Hott and James Hughes ire paid by the state and are fixed by law. In the case ot Westmoreland county however, directors of the county have exercised their privilege o£ adding to these figures from county funds. The offices of the four assistants were created by law In 1011 but it was not until 1914 or 19M that funds were provided for the payment of the assistants. In th* entire county, Westmoreland has approximately 2,000 teachers. Under the supervision of tho county superintendent of schools are some 1,200 to 1,300 teachers. More than this number of teachers attend the county Institute held in Oreensbiirg annually however, for 'Greeuabur^'s teaching force joins with the county group and so do the teachers of Mount Pleasant, township. Fashions Spring Suits Get Into .Step With Their Male Escorts. Beat Wife, Chaise. UNIONTOWN, Marcn 11.--Jo« Molchan of Lemont Furnace » being held for a preliminary hearing next Monday on charges of assault and battery and aggravated assault and battery preferred by hla wife, Elizabeth. He Is bein« held in default o£ $1,000 ball. Molchan attacked his trlf« In their homo and administered, a severe beat- lug, she alleges. Only 250 Tears Old. PfilPING, March 11--Li Chins who claims to have attained the age of £50 and to be the oldest living man, left his home in the Szechuan province for a trip to Chengt.u University to tell the students how he did it Li believes he reached the dignity of bin credited years through a discerning use of certain herbs that grow In his native province. Abductor* Bob Fattier. DALLAS, T«x., March 11.--H«r life threatened ty abductors who robbed h*r father of $8,000 In Pln« Bluff, ArJt., Cornelia Quattlebaum, co-ed student, is under heavy tuard this morning. Th« parent wcs carried into the Mils and robbed. Un Classified A At. Cost te tnntUl. Rwoltu are btt By FRANCES PAGGET Copyright, 1930, by Styl* Sources. NEW YORK, March 11.--The diver- elty in eprlng suite, ranging as they do from «o£t dressmaker typed iu three-piece versions, to the mannish tailored treatments, promise* to put suite into high. The extent to which women will accept the extreme of the ·inannteh idea for a cpring when fashion, has expreeswJ laerself as chiefly concerned with softer moods is questionable, but there eeems to be little doubt that there are many smart women who understand the «uit as a type to affect a businesslike character entirely opposed to this clothes for the more formal hours. However the masculine themes may bo exploited, and they are scheduled to a fair share of apring buainese. It is logical to believe that distinguished tailoring will also have a full year. It Is the square and upetandlng line of the military silhouette as adopted by English tailors and affected by smart Bngrlleh women which gives the newest phase to mannish tailoring for women this season. The padded shouldere are, of course, the mo»t emphatic feature to promote as giving breadth above and accent to tho elim- ness of waistline and hips. Jn tho strictly military version, the auit should, of course, have the several button closing, either single or double breasted, and aluwld affect the strictly mannish fabrics in whicb. London i* emphasizing blues and black. Tbo padded ahoulder idea, developed in a suit of men's wear wonted wlth a Dingle button tuxedo silhouette, has created much discussion. "Padded shoulders" suggest an exaggeration of the natural figure lines and some producers believe that If it becomes popular it may point to a revival of uniformity or a classic type in tailored fashions. SOVIET COMMISSIONER MISSING IN PARIS By United Frew. PARIS, March. U.---Paris police today investigated the disappearance of another Rumlan--this time an official of the Soviet. The disappearance or kidnaping of Alexander Ravflovich Koutepoff, anti-Soviet leader, still re- , mains a mystery. The new myetery involve* one of four members of a commission .sent here by the Soviet National Committee for Economy. Three of the commission members Insist the fourth, whose name is not revealed, committed suicide by drowning himself iu tho Seine. ' Alverton ALVERTON, March 11.--The Young Women'a Bible Clase of the Church of God met at the home of Mrs. Helen O'Roark on Friday evening. Devotions, were led by Mrs. Caroline Rose. The business cession was in charge of the president, Mre. Daisy Kalp. During the social hour lunch was «erved by Mre. O'Roark, ossleted by Mre. Mildred Snyder. Mm. Ottenberg of Meadow Mills vtelted Mrs. Margaret Moore Friday. Today's Cross Word Puzzle 10 ts ys. -43 40 60 II IS 16 -48 n ACROSS * Make* Indifferent 10 A Jlflit blow 12 By word of mouth 13 High mountain peuk 14 Makes a mistake 15 Park of Alaska (abbr.) 17 Killed 1» Halt* 21 Clanlfyinc 12 To pull 18 City of Franc* (POH.) 24 Elevated railway (abbr.) S« Walk* 2* To soak SO To cut off 81 Letter of tit* Or«)k alphabet St Man's nickname 24 Intoxicating bev- erag-*e 85 BecauM * fU Located £9 Hypothetical force 40 Put tc get her 41 To nitke a no)M . tike a dove ,. 4S Shed 44 Poet of antiquity 44 FamouK forert of England 47 Within 4» To go by 60 One who make* m will 51 Recording *scretary (abbr.) DOWN Thus To attempt Rodent Man'* nickname TroU Ancwtr to · CoIorteM liquid «om pound* of Hattjr olto * Tunth atxmt 10 On* who annoy* 11 Allowance for wart* IB Complacent IT Country ot AJ|» It No food tfanf St Solicitor lUMtal abbr.) II Blued SB AeoompMMI If Copted IT To dlstuA JS Kill* tl Lowto* of * cow S3 Make* * Joud «· An woman IT A catkin n A DOOM ' l 40 Fortnu 41 Aa Aalatlc abbr.) «llpa i 41 Btet* pine* 4ft Loiter of tho ·tphabtkt 4? That 15ln«

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