The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 4, 1938 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 4, 1938
Page 4
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P GJJ TWELVIi THE DAILY COURIER, CONNDLLSVILLE, PA. - FRIDAY, 3IARCII I, 193S C H. S. NEWS OF THE DAY TINE PRIZES FOR SENIORS ' ENTERING ESSAY CONTENT Member;, of the Senior Class arc being urged to take part in the Essay Contest on the Constitution arranged by the Pennsylvania Constitution Commemoration Committee. Fi\e prizes in tho form of four- year scholarships, covering tuition, are being awaided by the following institutions. University of Pittsburgh, University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, Duquesne University and Pennsylvania State College Bcsides,the .five .contestants whose essayszivjn the scholarships, five certificates of 'merit _will be awarded to those whose essays arc judged next in older of excellence Winners of merit certificates shall be considered alternates In e\ent scholaiship winners fail to take advantage of their grants in tho~fall of 1938 _ -~ The contest is part of a State-wide plan foi the observance of "the 150th anniversary of the Constitution of the United States and is open only to seniors in high and preparatory schools who will graduate during the calendar yc ir 1038 * A "preliminary contest will be conducted it the High School April 1, 1838. Ihe'-Statc examination will be held April 23 at Schonley High School, Pittsburgh. Those interested m entering the contest may do so by c.illicg at Miss Ruth Sensbach's oflice on the third floor before the end of the week "BIG BILL" PERCY WINNER IV AMATEUR CONTEST William Peicy, sophomore and Vaughn Sipe, freshmjn, won first and second places in the Student Council-sponsored Amateur Contest which ended Tuesda. Percy carried oil top honors with a Ilfc-si7e model ol ' Charlie McCarthy" aiding him to put aciobs a clever act of ventriloquism Sipes icndition of "The Wreck of the 97" while playing a mouth "organ and guitar was second best in tho opinion of the judges. Others "who icached the finals were' Senior":, J R Dunston, soloist. Miry Detwiler, soloist; boys' ouartet composed of Earl Kemp, Kenneth Jones, Elsley Witt and Charles Bishop, sophomores, Billy Vinn, tap d.ancc, freshman, Rebecca Herd, solo. PENNSYLVANIA DAT PROGRAM PRESENTED DURING ASSEMBLY Pennsylvania Day was observed this morning with an assembly program dealing with, the lives and works ol some of the State's outstanding statesmen, writers, musicians, artists, etc All musical selections were composed by Pennsyl- vamans. The program in detail follows: Act and Proclamation, read by Helen Munson. Song, "Pennsylvania," assembly. Life of William Penn, by Leonard __-Vt in Pennsylvania, by Edith Bine. Pennsylvania musicians and their aiusic, by Gloria Inks Vocal ^elections, "At Dawning," by Mary Detwiler; "Narcissus," by Mercedes Mayo; "Whispering Hope," by Jean and Dorothy Ostcrwisc. Trombone solo, "Mighty Lak n Rose," by Lycll Buttcrmorc. Historical Landmarks in Pennsylvania, by Elizabeth Norns Glimpses o£ Stephen Foster, bj Helen Munson Song "My Old Kentucky Home," assembly. Piano a c c o m p a n i s t , Sylvia Schmidlc. The program was directed by Miss Grace Adams. GIRI/ RESERVE DELEGATES AT PITTSBURGH CONFERENCE The annual mid-winter conference of Girl Reserves was held February 25 and 26 at the Y. W. C. A. in Pittsburgh with delegates present from Western Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. The conference program was planned by girls from Washington, McKcesport, Wilkinsburg and Pittsbuigh It featured 1. "The Court of Human Relations" in which problems dealing with family, friends, interracial and international relations were discussed - 2. "The Hit Parade," featuring favorite Girl Reserve songs C. H..S. was represented by Ellen Shivcs, Martha Logan and Mary Elizabeth Whittaker. Faculty sponsors accompanying the girls were Miss Mary Frances Baer, Miss Alice Murphy and Miss Frances Knrr. COKER BASKETEERS EOOK THEIR BEST; FACE CAMERA Members of the basketball team and Coach William E. Doldc kept an appointment at New York Studio Wednesday afternoon, A group picture wai taken that will be used in the Cokcr yearbook For Tired Burning Feet We Urge You To Try This \Vomen who \vcar high heel who stand on their feet a lot and mm v.iu v-aVk or bland a great deal -will ipprcclatc th» coollnff refreshing comfort Ice Mint Aill bring to tired, burning feet Jcc Mini Is easy 1o ase will relieve tlu slinging of corns and the burnlnx of ciMuM/* You will like the \\ay Ice Mint \^orks art! tlie coollnfl rclrchlnff com- fo--t it biinrs to jour Zcct. Econoinlcal to u c-- uill not stain and gives quick re- Milt« An\ druucfst can supply you -- A!\.rti ( nicnt Cairnbrook Safe Looted. SOMERSET, Mar. -J.--Safe crack- cr^ who forced their way into the PennsylvaniJi Railroad freight station at Cairnbrook found $8 after succeeding in bittcnng open the strong- tax. Hopo Shock Treatment Is Used for Mental III U.\ LOGAN CLENDENIKG, M. D. WE RECENTLY havo been hcar- ijng a great deal about a. form of (treatment of certain forma of mental disease by which the mind la eo disturbed that It may possibly b« shocked Into g e t t i n g b a c k o n t h e tracks The m e n t a l disturbances In w h i c h t h i s method has been most successful arc those called the "split personalities" or " H c Ji 1 z ophcn- Ics"., They are s o m e t i m e s called also "dc ate In more or less norm 1 union. Moro Ktmurkablo Than Insulin Probably even more remarkable than Insulin, h8i been the use of a drug called ' mctrnzol". This makes' %ery profound changes In the body and usually results In a convulsion If ghcn In sufficient dosage It Is used In dementia praccox because, according to alienists, epilepsy and dementia praccox are abtolutcly antagonistic Mctrazol upsets all the chemistry of the body and produces a convulsion. Tho hope Is that when th» Dr. Clcndcnlng nentla praecox" because they are "likely to affect joung people The condition has been rightly called ~ "UvlnfTdcaUi" because the patlcnto draw into thcmschcs, take no Interest ln-the outsldo world, and ^appear, to hibernate. They alt in n one position _and_ do not answer -qucstlonSj show no Initiative or no desire to-tako part In the activities of others. Tho Substance which was first used In theso casqa was Insulin, that remedy for diabetes which reduces sugar In the blood When the blood sugar gets sufficiently low, the body goes Into shock of i severe character After thli shock period has lasted a certain length of tlmo It Is possible to restore the blood sugar to normal; to gi\o sugar injections In the veins and the shock Is stopped. In quite a good many Instances the shock wakes the mind up and disturbs It so that It begins to opcr- Dr Clendcolng will answer questions of general Interest only, and then only through his column. mind bogta* to recover from the convulsion, It will somehow throw Itself back Into gear. Both of these treatments ar« \cry dangerous, but the condition of tho patient is usually so dcspcr- ato that death would be more welcome than a continuation of the deranged state, and most people will take the risk In order to tako tho chance of a good result. I ha\e seen one or two Instances of tho operation of these methods \\hlch aro quite remarkable, and reports from many sources indicate that as much as CO per cent of good results can possibly be expected. N. P C : "I would like to know what to do to stop my little daughter s feet from su eating." Aniucr Soaking morning and night in a cool solution of formal- dehyde--ona teaspoon to a quart of water. Fox Hunting in Spain Wins Eden's Approval LONDON, Mar. 4 --Anthony Eden has told Commons it's all right for his government of the Royal Calp Hunt at Gibraltar wants to hunt foxes in Spain again Liborltes were bothered about the I hunt club's negotiations with General Fi.incisco Franco Ldcn quo'cd a letter to tho president of the hunt who had alreidv received Francos permission to resume tallyhomg. Patron's Day Program Presented by Students Of Bear Run School BEAR RUN, M.ii 4--P.itions' Day wjs observed at the Bca^ Run school Friday afteinoon, uith th. following program' ( Bible reading, William. Scarlett, program announcer, Anna Ruth Ohler; Hag salute, school, song, "Out Country," ithool, recitation, "February," C. R Firestone; dialogue, "Two Kinds of Fun," George Friend and William Scarlett, song, "Washington," school, plaj, "Trials of the Teacher," Emma Lou Firestone and Edgar Friend; song, "Boosting for Good English," sextet; recitation, "Abraham Lincoln's Mother," Edgar Friend, play, "A Sick Doll," Anna Ruth Ohler, Emma Lou Firestone and William Scarlett, reading, "Examining for Disease," Emma Lou Firestone, piny, "Dixie Nion," school, school paper, George Friend; song, ' Vacation," school Miss Ada Blgelow is the teacher. Tho following patrons were present Mi. and Mrs Richard Scarlett and son, Glenn, Mr ind Mrs Roy Friend and children, Vergna and Lorcne, Mrs. Orville Firestone and children, D L nnd Gerald, Lee Stull. Personals. Mr and Mrs. James Friend of Somerset visited the former's parents, Mr. nnd Mrs Clyde Friend, Sunday Mrs. Bessc Friend and daughters, Vergna nnd Lorene, attended the home economics meeting at the home of Mrs Mary Marietta at Mill Run Thursday Miss Lydla Friend was in Con- ncllsvillc Tuesday. Miss Emma Lou Firestone visited her uncle and nunt, Mr. and Mrs. Wilmcr Burkholder at Mill Run, Friday and Saturday. Mr nnd Mrs Vance Shank of Con- ncllsvillc visited the lattcr's uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs J Earl Skinner, over the week-end Mr and Mrs. Ray S. King nnd daughter, Constance of Ohiopyle, visited the latter's parents, Mr. and When you look fit yon fed fit--and when you feel fit you can get that extra pep into everyday life. Fit yourself out m one of our suits and see if that doesn't put some pep in your step. All have two pairs of trouseis. 50 UP TO rsce B a May we remind yon that there is lots of paiking space in the rear of our store. Our attendant will gladly park your car for you and return it to the, front of tho storo when ou are ready to leave. Tako advantage of this convenience. MEN'S DEPARTMENT CONTINENTAL STORE New Gadgets Designed To Take Trouble, Care From Man's Daily Grind WASHINGTON, Mar 4 --Three Americans received p-Uients for a trio or gadget designed to make life a little easier. Waltel C. HiRley o£ Toledo, Ohio, thought up a cigarct that lights itself with - sort of ignitable tip Frank Zajicek o£ Now York figured out a mcchanicism that curls eye lashes. Axel Signd Malm o£ West Hartford, Conn, developed a pair of hand paddles to help you swim Mrs Roy Friend, Sunday. Robert Hall oj Ohiopyle visited his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Scarlett, over Sunday. Mrs Isaac Hall, who hns been very ill Is improving. Orville Miller and Richard Stark visited Mr. and Mrs Frank Miller at Moycr Sunday. Rev and Mrs F. S. Wortman of Ohiopyle visited Mr. and Mrs C. B. Iricnd Saturday. DIVORCE IS ASKED FOR LOST WEIGHT Federal Court Halts Sale of Schoolhouse NEW PHILADELPHIA, Ohio, Mar 4 --Henry Chi ' petitioned the court | PHILADELPHIA, Mar 4 --A Fed- Tor a divorce from his wife, Almo, eral couit order h ilted plan*, for an who, he charged, nagged and mis- | auction Saturday of little red srhool- trciilcd him until he loit 20 pounds houses in the Pennsylvania tobacco He also asieitcd she packed hib country wheie bl.ick-rrock»d Amish- lunch box with food she knew he disliked men ore fightmf: what they term 'citified' education VV hen a man gets biscuits with his meal ^ His wife receives a kiss that's real EMPHATIC THE "BALANCED" FLOUR--MAKCS GOOD BAKING BETTER ALWAYS TASTY LWAYS TIMELY mg CLOVI3R VARAI CONII2XSKD -~^£OUPS t» ^^ ^K CHBCKENSOUP Ma«1« Trnm Knll 8fr«n|r4h l« Trnm Knll 8fr«n|r4h Chlrkrn Iiroth w ^, 0t IOC CVOVEH. l-AUM I T^/»i| Srvi' -- · R8IADY TO SI:KVK 1 oJSOrtrn 8 ^ Soups 2 'c.^ 25c 1 L, alwoy* « W.HT V.HMIr. * °^ SUNSHIJfB BAKKR'S KIHbl'V C R A C K E R S 15 C " i*. ivC »»« * CO A O" V K L IES KIufTy MnnhniRllo** Sprinkled W i t h Cocoaimt FKTKIWI HICJtOttT fJLKM--JL K*w TIM** mtf J*t«nm* Cl P--A Illrnrt of Rrn! tort r Oovrr J?«rm Hforra. PORK and BEANS CIXVHR IFAItM S P A G H E.T T I CIOVKIL I'AUJI N O O D L E S ftTN A F I S H POTTED MEAT pToTs F E E T S A R D I N E S Oil ·«· M«»4M PAllST-l-"!*! C H E E S E Oc . 3lc Rinso Rinso 2 stnan m/, 17c Soap 3 BM* 20e Lax Soap 3 B»» 2Oc Lux Flakes '££ 23c Lux Flakes 2 rs ^. 19c Babo 2 CM* 25c Paint Cleaner I*K. 15e iPaper Cleaner »·» 29c CTo-««T Vam Brooms R«* 89c ·Brillo Lftrsc 7c Brillo 2,»^. 15c ·"«* "·"· 16c Borax II \»ft»IOrt LIGHT ' MOTOR OIL CI/OVKR JTENN-- 1« thr Pare 10O% Pcnn*. Oil the SANI-FLUSH ^-2!c TOMATOES _ 2 as 19c Rodda Jelly Eggs 2 ·*· 25c VI*k tbe R4-«l Jelly C«-nti»r--And How DrllcluDa Old Dutch C l e a n s e r SIIvervrnr« Mndr I(r Onrldn I.tU. PltlCES BjnCFCTHK I 1 V R I A N I N G rninAV. MARCH 4. IMS

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