The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 4, 1938 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 4, 1938
Page 3
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Second Part Pabes.11 to 20 VOI-. 36, NO. 162; - CONNBLLSVILLE.IPA.. FRIDAY EV13NING, MARCH 4, 193S. TWENTY PAGES.- GRAND JURY'S FREE DINNER STIRS -RANKIN a ~ Commissioner 1 n s i s t s County Home Shouldn't Foot Bill. House Crushed by Landslide During (Los Angeles Storm BUCK PASSING GAME, HE SAYS' Special to The Courier. UNIONTOWN, Mar. 4.--County Commissioner John W. Rankin is vehemently opposed to free dinners for members of the March grand jury at the expense o£ the Fayctte County Home. Steward Alex J. Mead 'prepared a buffet lunch for 30 on 45 minutes notice yesterday morning. "They have been passing the buck to the County Home every term of court and the home has had to foot the bill of expense in feeding the grand jutprs and court attaches," Ranhin said, "with no question being raised. But the County Home shouldn't be responsible for feeding people who are not dependents. By right this item should be added to court expense if the right thing is done and this buck passing stops. "It's a matter of -keeping the records straight' and I mean straight," he continued. Applications May Be Filed for 1938 Crop, Feed Loans Applications for emergency crop and feed loans for 1938 are now being received at 319 Second National Bank, Uniontov/n, by Miss Donna Van Gilder, for P. E. Day, field supervisor of the Emergency Crop and Feed Loan Section ol the Farm Credit Administration. The loans will be made, as in the past, only to farmers who cannot obtain credit from any other source. The money loaned will be limited to the farmer's immediate and actual cash needs for growing his 1838 crops or for the purchase of feed for livestock, and the amount which may be loaned ;to any one farmer in 1938 may not exceed $400. Farmers who can obtain the funds they need from an individual, production crecT* association, bank, or other concern are not eligible for crop and feed loans from the Emergency Crop and Feed Loan Section of the Farm Credit Administration. The loans will not be made to standard rehabilitation clients whose current needs are provided for by the Farm Security Administration, formerly known as the Resettlement Administration. As in the past, fanners who obtain emergency crop" and feed loans will give as security a first lien on the crop financed, or a first lien on the livestock to be fed if the money borrowed 5s to be used to produce or purchase feed for livestock. Where loans are made to tenants; the landlords, or others having an interest in the crops financed or the livestock to be fed, are required to waive their claims in favor of a lien to the governor of the Farm Credit Administration until the loan is repaid. · · · Checks in payment of approved loans will be mailed from the Regional Emergency Crop and Feed Loan Office at Baltimore, Md. Attend Sister Gonzaga's Funeral. Mr. and Mrs. William H. Soisson and son, William H. Soisson, Jr., have returned from Cresson where they attended the funeral of Mrs. Soisson's sister, Sister Mary Gonzaga, held Wednesday morning at the chapel of Mount Aloysius Academy. Solemn high mass was celebrated by Dr. Anthony J. Flynn, brother of the deceased. Monsignore Thomas J. McNally . and Rev. Dove were deacons. Interment was in the. Convent Cemetery near the academy. Among those attending the funeral were Bight Rev. Bishop Gilfoil, Monsignores Fox and Connelly, all of Altoona; Monsignorc Thomas J. McNally of Philadelphia, Miss Mary Ellen Barnes of Harrisburg, Edward Chaplain of Clearfleld and John Ford of Tuba, Okla. Landslide Crushes House*. One of the tragedies of the southern California storm: When this house was crushed by « landslide x mall boy was killed. The house of the boy's grandfather is seen resting precariously on the edge of the hill at the left, --Central Press. California Flood Toll Mounts Hourly; 169 Dead or Missing LOS ANGELES, Mar. 4.--The latest count of dead and missing in the flood which devastated this city and its suburbs for miles around was 169, according to reports filed with the United Press at daybreak. The toll was growing hourly. Less than half the bodies of, the reported dead had been recovered and the majority were listed as missing. As bodies were found and identified, police transferred their names from one list to another. Some bodies were found in, homes where the flood trapped them unexpectedly Wednesday night, or landslides of the foothills buried them alive. Others were p(pked up from the banks of receding streams, or from snags where their clothes had caught and held them. Not until late last night was it learned that the flood crest, Just before whipping out to sea, wiped out the village of Atwood and swept through Anaheim to take a toll of 10 known dead and eight missing. Isolated mountain regions were sending their first reports oC disaster. Two CCC youths reached a telephone from Camp Baldy, in the San Bernadino Mountains, early today and reported that the camp was destroyed; two were dead and several missing. There were 200 guests,at the resort when the storm struck. Airplanes were used to drop food ,n some sections where roads were impassable. There was a form of martial law in force at the town of Indio, 175 miles southeast of Los Angeles, where the xlice chief blocked the roads, to cecp refugees out. There was no serious damage in the town, and pubic food kitchens were providing for the natives, but authorities said there were no facilities for any more people and scarcely enough food to go around. The report, was broadcast from an United Airlines plane. The collapse of utility lines left one-fourth of Los Angeles, principally the west side, in darkness last night and more than 20 surrounding communities had no power. The nunicipai power and light bureau icre reduced the current generated by emergency steam plants. High waters were delaying repairs to the damaged Boulder Dam transmission me. The latest count of dead and miss- BANANAS Golden Yellow 6 Ibs. 25c GRAPEFRUIT Large Florida 6 for 25c ORANGES Juicy California each 1c LEMONS Large Juicy rioz. 17c APPLES Eating or Cooking 10 Ibs. 19c TOMATOES Large Ripe 2 Ibs. 19c SAVOY CABBAGE 5 ibs. 25c CELERY Well Bleached stalk 5c SWEET POTATOES Jersey 7 Ibs. 25c POTATOES Large Mealy peck 23c GREEN BEANS Fancy Round 2 Ibs. 25c 137 \Y. Crawford ATP. We Deliver. 1'honc 15(1 ing were 169. Them were 78 reported dead, distributed as follows: Los Angeles, 7; Riverside, 15; San Bernardino, 30; Long Beach, 4; Ontario, 3; North Hollywood, 9; Glendale, 1; Pomona, 8; Maywood, 1; San Juan Capistrano, Z; Atwood-Anaheim area, 10; Barstow-Victorvillc area, 2; Wildwood, C. The missing: Los Angeles county, 23; LonK Beach, 5; North Hollywood, 9; Glendale, 3; May wood, 2; Anna- hcim-Atwood area, 8; Wintcrsburg 2 Bnrstow-Victorville area, 36; Ventura, 3. By midnight the stars were shining brightly in Los Angeles, where 11 inches of rain fell in four days, water was draining from the streets and some refugees were returning to their homes. In the lower, worse-stricken areas, others had no homes left. The Los Angeles River, spread out a block wide had carried away buildings and bridges and strewn the debris along its banks or swept them out to the ocean. The worst catastrophe so far reported was in the Anaheim-Atwood area, about 20 miles southeast of Los Angeles, where the Santa Ana River poured out a wall of water through a levee break. A groat wave swept through the Mexican settlement, destroyed more than 20 homes and swept on to join other flood waters roaring down Carbon canyon. The two streams converged north of Anaheim and wrecked another 20 houses. Ten bodies were recovered in the area; many persons were missing, and both towns were still submerged. The destruction of property ran inlo countless millions of dollars. City Attorney Lloyd Aldrich of Los Angeles reported at n meeting late last night that it would cost $3,000,000 to clean up this city and replace the ruined streets and bridges. He said it would take three and a half months to clear away the debris and a year to replace the bridges. He said Federal old was needed for reconstruction. Aldrich called it "the greatest SPRING HATS Smartest New Shades and Shapes Manhattan $2.95 and $3.95 Stetson $5.00, $6.00, $7.50 BiLLY GOLDSTONE Title \- Trust Hide. catastrophe In LOJ Angelci history." Army engineers explained that the four days of heavy rains on the steep-denuded mountain areas 80 miles east ot Los Angeles had sent a deluge into the headwaters of the Los Angeles and Santa Ana Rivers. The channels o£ the streams were nnrrf.w nnd shallow, fnr inadequate for the x'olumc of water. Brush firos had stripped the vegetation from many of the mountain slopes, nnd the water rolled down deep gorges, gained momentum from the cloudbursts in the lowlands. and spread out fanwise over the 30 f 000 square miles of watershed. The city lies midway between a line ot mountain ranges and the ocean. West of Los Angeles, in the path of the flood, were Santa Monica and Malibu Beach; south \vcve the commercial ports of Long Beach and San Pedro nnd many smaller towns; eastward wore the citrus fanning communities of Santa Ana, Riverside and San Bernardino. The first threat of food shortage occurred today at San Bernardio, a Continued on Pace Fifteen. COLORFUL PARADE OF prettiest prints to make you your prettiest this Spring! Massed or strewn in clear, vivid colors. Figure showing frocks with high or low necks, slim or rhythmic pleated skirts. Other New Prints S7.95 Spring Sweaters New styles In light spring shades. $1.95 52.49-$2.95 WINTER COATS Only a lew left Inc. 105 .North Pilt.sljnr;,' Street. GROCERIES AT WHOLESALE PRICES If you nre interested in saving money you will.bring your order to the I'onn Store this week. Join the many thirfty people who nre buying 1 their groceries nt wholesale prices nt the I'enn Store. "\Ve cini have your order delivered in Connellsville for 5c. PILLSBURY FLOUR 93t MIIK, 10 TALI CANS 69c Franlclin Sugar, 10 Ibs. .-38c Brown Sugar, 5 Ibs. -Sic Swnnsdown Sugar, box Oc Octagon Sonp, 10 bars --39c P. aiitl G. Soap, 3 ior lOc Fcls Jfaptha Soap 10 bars 47c GOLD MEDAL FLOUR 97c COFFEE, 2 POUNDS 25c Swansdoivn Cake Flour _.25c Sno-Shecn Cafce Flour ._..25c Soft-A-SHk Cake Flour ...25c Carnation Milk 10 for 73c Noodles, 2--1-lb. pkgs. _...25c Macaroni, 3 pounds 25c Spaghetti, 3 ]onnds .....25c Ivory Soap, 10 bars 59c Octagon Toilet, 10 .ior 40c JMX or lifebuoy, 10 for 63c Odagon,iO gianf bars 39c IMnso, 2 large boxes 43c Oxydol, 2 large boxes -43c CLOROX, 2 bottles ,25c Silver Cow Milk 10 for 73c Franklin Sugar, 10 Ib. 59c Tomato Soup, 7 cans 25c Catsup, 2 Big bottles --25c Peamit Butter lOc 29c Austin's Cariet Cleaner 23c Perfection Paint Cleaner 29c A'l AVosliing Solution lOc-lflc Noodles, 2 Mb. Pkg. 25c P. AND G. SOAP, 3 for lOc Rumford Baking Powder 28c Calumet Baiting Powder l!)c Health Club Bak Powder lOe ' ijaiiiflusli, large can _..~ 22c J)RA'0, large can 22c SUPERSTJDS, large 19c SALAD DRESSING, Of. 29c Tomato Soup, 7 Cans 25c Coffee, Special, 2. Ibs, 25c HJ-Ixj Co/fee, 2 Ibs 2!)c Penn Coffee, 2 Ibs - 3Jfc BON AMI, Z cans 25c Old Butch Cleanser. 3 ens 25c Octagon Cleanser, can 5c J EIL 0, 2 BOXES lie IARD, Fort Pitt, 2 Lbs. 25c Sary Beans, 5 pounds --23c Roman Beans, 5 pounds 89c Kidney Beans, 5 Ibs -39e Ammonir. iuc--Bluing !0c taFraD..-;: 3 for 25c--lye lOc Argo f-i;;.rch, 3-lb. box --25c BROWN SUGAR, 5 Ibs, 31c B1BD, 3 Big Loaves 25c Salad Dressing, quart --29c Salad Dressing, pint 18c Salnd Dressing, J pint --lOc J)H' Pickles, Quart 19o Sw;et Pickles ; 29c Mustard, quart jar ; 19c HI-LO COFFEE, 2 Lbs. 29c MACARONI, 3 Pounds 25c Sardines-in-Oil, 6 cans _25e Salmon, 2 tall cans Tomato Paste, 4 cans , __.29c Corn 3tcal, 5 pounds 22c Pastry Flour, 5 pounds ...25c SALT, 4 pound sack lOc PENN COFFEE, 2 Ibs. 39c SPAGHETTI, 3 Pounds 25c Lima Beans, 5 pounds Rice, .Fancy, 4 pounds Fort Pitt, 2 Ibs 49c 25e 2."c NAVY BEANS, 5 Lbs. 23c Duff's Slolasses, large .....2!)5 KABO, Half Gallon ------ 39c KABO, Xedlum can ............ Me Ex-Cell S. Crackers 2 Ibs 20c Graham Crackers, 2 Ibs. 25e Irins Graham Crackers ...19c SPRY, 3 POUND CAN 52c Bitz Crackers, big box :_.22c Cocoannt, pound 25c Dates, fancy, pound lOc A and H Baking Soda 3c SARDINES, 6 CANS 25c PRCXES, Fancy, 3 Ibs 25c APBJCOTS, Fancy, Ib. ...28c Seedless Raisins, 3 Ibs 25c llerslioy Cocoa, 2 Ibs. 25c Horshey Bak. Chocolate 7c Eacrle Brand 3IiIk, 2 for 33c SWANSDOWN FLOUR 25c RICE, FANCY, 4 LBS. 25c Hoinz Ketchup, 2 large ...3flc Heinz Soup, 2 large -- 27c Ucinz 3tnstnrd, jar lOc Campbell's Bcaiis, 3 cans 25c libby's Baked Beans ..A-2~c Ubby's Applebuttcr, it. ...19c Sno-Sheen Cake Flour 25c Roman Beans, 5 Lbs. 39c Shredded "Wheat, box lie Puffed Wheat. 3 boxes 25c 2 boxes 25c IJbby's Corned Beef 23c tibby's Vienna Sausage lOc Campbell Tom. Sonp ...3-25c Soffasilk Cake Flour 25c lux Soap, 3-f9c, 10-63c MOTHERS OATS, box _...9c Mothers Oats, big box ..._..23c Mothers (Cup Sn«cer)27c KIDNEY BEANS, 5 Lbs. 39c Coco "Wheats, box 23c Shredded Ralstons 14c Cream of Wheat 24c Lima Beans, 5 Lbs. 49c Jersey Corn Flukes 4 for 29c Kellogg Flakes (Boivl) 3-23c Grnpc Xnts, large box 17c P E A S , 4 C A N S 25c Post Bran Flakes 12c Kcllogg-'s Rice Krispics ...12c Heinz Rice Flakes 12c TOMATOES, 3 CANS 25c Postuni Cereal, large _...23c Instant, Postum, Large ...-t.'tc Tctley's Tea lOc nnd 19c Heinz Ketchup 2 large 39c Peas. '1 cans 23c, lOc and 13c Libby's Delicious Peas -.l"c Diced Carrots, can lOc Prunes, Fancy, 3 Lbs. 25c Corn, can lOc--3 cans _...25c Goldeu Bitutani Corn _.2-23e Baker's Whole Coru 2 for 25c CATSUP, 2 Big Bottles 25c Tomatoes, fancy, 3 cans 25c Green Beans, 2 cans 19c Mixed Vegetables, can .....lOc Ex-Ceil Crackers 2 ibs. 20c HOMIN'Y, 2 Large cans ...19c KIDXEl" BEAJfS, can lOc SPtXACH, 2 cans 2.»o Rumford Baking Row. 23c Peaches, 2 large cans .....39c Bartletl Pears, 2 cans 23u lied Pitted Cherries, gal 9c: P O T A T O E S , Pk. 25c Teller's Tea Balls, 50 for 49c ilclly Beans, pound lOc Chocolate Drops, 2 Ibs. ...23e Lifebuoy, 3-19c, 10-63c BAYER'S ASPIRIN, box lie EX-LAX, 2--lOc boxes :.13c EPSOM SALTS, 1 Ib. box lOc SHREDDED W H E A T If c Chocolate Ovalline 33c OVAT/riXE, Sl.OO size _59c Fletcher's Castoria _ _29c ForfPiif Baton, Pound 22c .TICK'S. SALVE, jar 29c VICK'S NOSE DROPS ~39c Citrate Magnesia. 2 for _25c FRESH EGGS, Dozen 22c BLUE RIBBOX MALT ...C3c HA/OR BLADES, 10-for lOc Toilet Paper, 6 rolls ...'.-.....25c IVORY SOAP, 10for59c J'rlucc Albert Tobacco'--lie Cigarettes, plus tax, 2 for 25c Tobacco, all brands, S for 25c Matches, 6 Big Boxes 25c Wax Paper Rolls, 4 for --23c Matches, G large boxes 2Sc Safety Matches, 2 doz. 15c C R I S C O , 2 CANS 39c BR.OOMS _.39c, 49c, 39c, G9e MOPS 19c, 29c and 39c SCRUB BRUSHES ,, _..10c Tomato Paste.. 4 Cans 25c Clothes Pins, 40 for lOc Clothes Lines, 50 feet _.2Sc WASHBOARDS 49e, Sflc, C9c K A R O , Haif Gallon 39c Tubs, Galvanized, large ...9Sc Boilers, Galvanized $1.39 Boilers, All Confer ... BISQUICK, BIG BOX 29c

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