The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 9, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 9, 1918
Page 2
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THE DAILY COURIER, CONNEHJuSVTLLE, PA. TUESDAY, JULY 9, 1918. f · Miss Anna Kiite^Frnmp wMi hoBt miscellaneous shower last'evcning at acr home: in^East.G.reea. street i w of " iore hejrBOrrtage -wsgr^ilsSSDe Rush. rwenCjptfiir^suests-.JHSKS present :anil spent ~a~%nQs£-^ de"lfg2i£f til 'e*venin££Tn. music, knitting and other amusements. About 10 o'clock a delicious , ~-.luachada,. marked-^y charming-apr ""' " "joiotments, was "served"."'Covers" lor ; l__ sixteen^ wer-e-Uud'at one-ftable, -which. · " was"centered' with a cuTglass"basket of laurel, caught with a large bow--p£ pink tulle. Three smaller tables. , r from-which- the ·· remainder of the guests were served, each held vases of. sweet peas and nasturtiums. The dainty, place-cards were ^adorned with' daisies and sweet peas. Large bowls 'and- vases-.'o£ laurel, nasturtiums and daisies formed the attractive decorations in other-i-obiM.- Following the luncheon Mrs. Evans was presented with many gifts, including a beautiful jieture, handsome linens, cut glass ind other useful household articles. : ~ "-."Graduation exercises' of the teachers' training class of the Christian EEAUTIFITL MINK CAPE . DESIGNED FOB SUMKEB. is'.-home from the Catskill -mountains, New York, ..waare he is superintending the sinking of scv- ·erjT; shifts:; -;-. : :'-~ : · · : ' · : MiSs^Mary _ Katharine- Fleming is spending- i. vacation'- in ladiana and Homer City. " Knit and save! Save and knit! Thrift stamp with evory. pmlnd r of our Liberty Yarns., All,colors; |4 pound. Send check. ; or money order. Liberty Yarn Co., 114 North Highland' Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa.--Adr.-7-29. . ,Miss Mollie-Freshley left last night for New "York' for a few days. Mrs. Mar)' Burnette Sca-royer and son James of Carn-J-cbaels, are guests of Mr. and .Mrs.' F. R., Graham of i Chestnut street. friends '-^ u ' lQ £rs2ao'oT,''"()f.. which Boyd £t*2i«£;«Ja5s-ftat!]ier, will be held to- T-?° r J?*5? i *! 1 i!??"-'- 45 o'clock in the ".T.?iH^£'".''_"5?? : "?r?sram is. as follows: '." ll^i^mfl. Jy.~the,-eongregation ; invoca- ·.'C'iwfcMScBuciner; diiet, Mesdames :..Kn.os;and:jy'etmer;. paper, "Why I Be-' Meve^the Bi.bie;" ..Mrs.- ,J. L. Gilmorc; ;paper,.r rwly...I Believe .Christ to be :.ti.e Son" 6t;God." Mrs. MI'.K Tounkin; ^aper,". "The -:S5blii_. School and the ' :ChuTcli,"~- if rs. Hentpa"3Boyd; paper, "Qualfflcations -ol- the '.Teacher," Mrs. .]_ ; W,.-'H."'Eerger; paper; "The Character- "£ "fitica. of jlhe Puiil,' ; "Miss Jean Por-;ter; jduet^MMdames knos and Wei- m«r; graduation- -address, Geo. W. Buckner; presEntatlra of diplomas, benediction, Harry ing his vacation with his parents, Mr. and Airs. Jere Lowney. Sarah and touise Evans of Pittsburg, are guests of their aunt, Mrs. A. C. Herbert of North Third street. West Side. · · · · Mrs. Louise Baker and daughter; Miss C!ara,~Baker of Greenwood, and guesU, M"r. and. Mrs. Charles Baker and baby of Cleveland, O., motored to Frostburg, Md., ^Saturday and visited Mr. and Mrs. Athey over" Sunday. Miss Tess Hopper of Pittsburg, returned home yesterday afternoon after a visit with Misses Rose and Alice Donegan. Mrs. Frank Tahner and two children of L'niontown, and Miss Margaret Harrlgan of Cedar avenue, left this morning for Cleveland, O.. to visit Mr. and Mrs, J. Whitney Soisson. John L. Micher, Paul Alexander, A. F. Micher and Michael Zavatchin spent Sunday afternoon at St, James Park, near Dawson. returned after spending a week with, i Private Arthur K. Herman and the Benton- Boyd; Restofsky. . . . . The .1. X...I*. Bible class ol the ; :.;Uni£ed.TEresbvterian church, will meet tonight at the home of Mrs. "W. L. Balsley, 27! East Fail-view avenue. Tie L. C. B. -A. wUl me«t -Wednes. day ni^ht in the Parochial school halt PHSONALs. Miss Jessamine Smith, a teacher in the Iron City college, Pittsburg, has Miss' 1 . Sarah. Lewis. at New Castle; was.'fte,guest,ot iTiss. Margaret Rees j = o£ South Prospect street, Sunday. I Mrs. 1. V. Rush of South Prospect | UNCLE SAM'S NAVAL TROOP ESCORTS ARE GOOD ENTERTAINERS Continuddtfrom Pagre'One. nies, 50 centimes make a dime. The smaller pieces of money have a hole in the center. I just put them on a string. They are -more easily handled that way, "My brother, Walter, is somewhere in Prance, but he doesn't! know where I am and I don't know his location." | Ralph'would like to have letters from. Cprinellsville'.^ His address is Company H, 319th ° Infantry, American Expeditionary Forces, via New York. a leader among.them 1 is sure to-be this exquisite mink fur. Faced with white and cut" loose and full, it is very graceful. GREENE COAL OPTIONED street, has returned home from a visit j with relatives at Confluence. 1 Mrs. Harold Losey is the guest of relatives at Hornell, N. Y. 1 Sleeveless sweaters In bright colors knitted will the new sweater ribbon, are the .latest lor women. We 'have all colors: 60c spool (6 to 8 spools required). Semi check or money order. ! Chicago Financiers Reported After a Block of 5,000 Acres.- Five thousand acres of Thompson coal land in Whitely and Franklin AIHHTIOSAL KVrDEJiCE OF EXCITEJIENI' f OR 319TH. Three submarines which made an attack on a transport on which was a jPayette county young man, will not annoy further transports, according to a letter received a taw days ago by his parents from. George Allen Ben- ,nett, Company B, 319th Infantry. Young Bennett is from East Millsboro. In a letter to his mother, Ralph B. Bygate, of 900 Peebles street, "Wiikins- burg, a member of the 319th, Infantry, te'.ls of an encounter with submarines on the trip to France. He writes: j "We had an exciting tim« the last day on boat. The gun crew on our boat got two subs." townships, Greene county, has been j __..__ T ftrrvr optioned by Chicago interests at an -"»""' twu-°w average price ot 5350 per acre through the trustees in bankruptcy of J. V- Liberty Yarn Co., 114 North Highland ! Thompson,' and preliminary steps will Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa. -- Adv.-7-29. j shortly be taken to secure the ultl- Jere Ixwney of Pittsbuig, is spend- 1 mate approval by the court of the sale. The deal ranks second in magn h«r sister, Mrs. J. S. Driscoll of Dun- *»; ' Miss Swith' formerly was an instructor in Douglas Business college* r«eh. Miss Leona McPhail is visiting relatives at Confluence. The best place to shop after all. Brownell Shoe Co.--Adv. Miss Elizabeth Mirier was the guest of friends tin Unioatown Sunday. Mr. and! Mrs. John Parkhill and daughter; Eleanor, of New^-Brigbton, formerly of.-Connrilsville.J.have returned home after a three weeks' · iMsit._with Mrs. Parkhills parents of Patterson avenue. . V- · Miss Marie Coi, who is. In the gov-, ernmeat Washington, D. C." to «B«ndin£,a vacation with her parents, Mr. ind Mrs. S. R, OH of the West Side! ,..^T-~.",' Knit for -theTTifflaferSi "-All colors Stajjdiid/Jffit'trrig^Y/irD'Vrlfl.oo pound. Send ch'ecl^'^iivi^mey-of-der.. Liberty Yarn Co.,' 'li?3«ortn"*H!ghland' Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa.--Adv.-7-29: '. -^- rB . A o . n ?tha. n -..,.Rankja: ^n.d. ;son, Harry-of'. Burgettstown, were guests, of the formers, daughter, Mrs. A. B.) Plersol of Greenwood .Sunday. · .Miss- Virginia MeO-an "aurg.'is v'lsilin- ills* Elizabeth. Straub Lovat Concert company, of the Redpath Chautauqua, iwere in town thia morning on their way from Morgantown to Greensburg. RED CiiOSS XCSICALE. tude and importance to the Frick deal now virtually completed, In the liquidating of the vast - estate of Mr. Thompson. Every detail in the Frick deal has been executed with the exception of. the passing of the deed which it is understood will be done this week, when approximately · $3,700,000 will change hands in return for a block, of 1,100 acres of river front co»l in Greene county.' AETNA VICTIMS HONORED Tribute Paid to Men Who lost TJven In Monition? Explosion. Tribute to the memory of George W. Bell, brother of Dr. H. J. Bell of Dawson, with which almost a hundred others who were victims of the explosion May 18 last which wrecked the plant of the Aetna Chemical company at Oakdale, was paid by speakers at memorial services Sunday afternoon in the Oakmont cemetery for the victims. Flowers and small American flags ere placed on tie graves and addresses were made by ministers of that community. Dr. S. B. McCormick, chancellor of the University of Pitts- burs and Dr. John Royal Harris of Pittsburg being among 1ic speakers. Hvc»t of Yanderttlt Club Scheduled for jXlgnt of Jnly 13. The Saturday Afternoon club of Vanderbilt will give its annual musicale in the Presbyterian church at that place on Saturday evening, July 13. beginning at 8 o'clock.- An' ezcel-j tion of 40,000,000 -bushels in the pros- IVhcai Crop Dwindles, July 0.--A reduc- lent program, presenting local talent, has been arranged under ttw direction of a committee headed by Mrs. Elizabeth Hazlett. ' . A silver offering for the Bed Cross will be taken. Granted Xuriage Lfeeue. Parker P. Ewjng of Snydertown, and Edna Rodabzck of Grindstone, were graded a license to wed 1n Uniontown. . Soa at H»iMi Hone. A »pn, the second child in the fam- Jfas born this morning to.Mr. arid Mrs. John Haines of South Connells- pecttve wheat harvest was shown today in the department ' oE agriculture's forecast which is S91.000.00fl. VOJLtlKTEEH SEHTICES. John J. Maugan, Charleroi; Michael Drick, Brownsville; Ray H. Um- | stead, Mount Pleasant; Donald S. | Mclntvre and James Livingston, Un- j iontown, enlisted in the Army; Cbar- ; j_ lee R. Goodwin, Uoiontown, in the ; tank service, and Thomas P. Logan, Mount Pleasant, in the Navy. SCOMDALE TOTING MAX V. J. AWAITING CALI* Magglieri of Scottdale, brother-in-law of Michael Bernardo! of this city, has enlisted in the Navy ( and IB awaiting the call to service, j He expects to leave In a few days. i ROBERT HOOPER TO E.VTEH KAKIKE SERTICE. Robert Hooper has resigned as assistant to Funeral Director Charles C. Mitchell to enlist in the Marines. He has Snader. been succeeded by John Mill / Remnant Sale TKe HOME of QUALITY and SERVICE! ti9 to !33: N PITTSBURG St.; CONNELLSVILlg} . CONNELLSVILLE'S GREATEST STORE Mill Remnant Sale nant Sale Every Day in · tf ·» You've been worried about how rapidly prices have advanced -wonder how in the world to make things meet. You'll welcome thw Sale in a way that will never be forgotten. Every investment you make here guarantees you a great saving over future prices. Sic Sheeting Heavy, closely woven, 35 inch, unbleached Sheeting, a genuine 21c a yard quality-Mill Remnant Sale Price lu^c yard. 22c Batii Towels Good sir.e Turkish Towels, bleached, very absorbent. Wqrt.h 22c each, .Mill Remnant Sale, 14Wc each. Plain with hemmed ends. 25e Toweling Strong, heavy, full bleached Crash, worth today 25c a yard. Splendid quality. ·Will give good wear. Miss Remnant Sale, J5}4c yard. Suits Mighty encouraging news to the woman or miss who has been wishing for some kind of wind fall in the woman's suit line. Here is the event you have been looking for-- Soils worth np to $40.00, choice . . ' $22.95 Suits worth np to $60.00, choice $31.95 Splendid conservative models, suitable for present and early Pall wear. These garments formerly sold at J27.50, ?37.50 and ?45.00. In order lo effect a quick disposal we have marked them 515.00, $24.95 and 532.50. Finest kind of all-wool cloths-- really materials alone are worth more than the prices asked Tor the garments. W Hat omens an sses as In This 3HH Remnant Sale at $1.95, $££», $3.35 and $5.95. Finest Leghorns and Milan Hals, beautifully trimmed vritk the very newest flowers, ribbcra, wings, etc. This is an opportunity that a thrifty woman is not going to overlook of saving $2 to $7.50 on seasonable millinery, louses Good styles. Just because they've become slightly mussed from being used for display purposes -- all perfect in quality -- of Voile acd fine Batiste, lace trimmed and tucked models, featuring the round or square collar. A very special offer at J1.50. -- (First Floor). Scrim Certains Eeal $2 values, full 2 yards long, lace trimmed, worth every cent of $2.00 per pair. Mill Remnant Sale, $1.39 a pair. Women's , Stockings. Seamless, black only, reinforced at heels and toes, 25c quality, all sizes, Mill Remnant Sale Price, 14c. Sheets and Pillow Cases. Kenwood Sheets, 81x90, Mill End Sale, $1.C9. Mohawk Sheets, Slx90, Mill End Sale, $1.38. Kenwood Pillow Cases, 42x30, Mill End Sale, 29c. Kenwood Sheets, 72x90, Mill Remnant Sale, $1.39. MAKE REOAjglFICATION if Tft» (Brim Keapeif ||j Roarrt for District Ke. B Places Defectives In Limited Service. In order to lill up the depleted Class 1 of District No. 5 the local board of that district has placed 25 men who were in Class 5 into the limited sen-ice class. These men had been rejected on examination or had been returned from camp en account ot some slight physical detect. Although not flt for general redlitary service the men will be of service in ^ j vices were held last night from the · j.McCune residence with Rev. "W. J.' J' I Turner officiating Mrs.- Brooks was I born near Dawson and was widely. PATRICK C. RODGBRS. j known in that community. Her Patrick C. Rodgers of Pittsburg, a · maiden name was Miss Rose A. Coch- former well known resident of La- , ran. j trobe, died Sunday afternoon in the ; Mercy hospital, Piltsburg, following·: a lingering illness. Funeral ser-1 vices, will be held tomorrow morning \ in Pittsburg after which the body will be taken to St. Vincent's cemetery, LaArobe, for interment. was a brother ot tne'-late Mrs. F. J. , Stader of LAtrobe an'd an uncle oE certain branches and It is · for thisjjaines B. Stader of this city, purpose that the ^classification is I -being made. j PATRICK CAFFBRY. the n addition to the 25 meu placed in limited service class, six were placed in the remedial clasE. Men in MRS. HUUAH PIXLER. j Mrs. Huldah Pixie.-. 9-1 years old. i widow of Rev. James T. Pixler, died Saturday evening at ber home at Morgantown. Amoug the out of town Deceased I persons attending the funeral yester-- day morning were Mrs. Louvaria Powell, a siste-r of the deceased, and Mr. and Mrs. Homer Davis, all of Connellsviile, and Mrs. David Poole of ·· Scottdale. -Mrs. Pixler was a sister of ' this class have only a slight physical held , his raorning ^ s ^o o'clock'from Goidie Newell, nine months old compared with SSl.000,000 forecast in June. defect which can be remedied. A call Mrs. Didn't Go Togelher. Roy Halhtll, formerly bush o i s j for there men to appear Friday for re-examination was also made. The men bad previously been turned down or returned from camp by army phy- Miss Edna, Poiser, denies that she and her husband were accompanied .to Cumberland by Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Tober, who .were also married week in that city. last H. Smith Dies. PHILADELPHIA, July 3.--William H. Smith, former state banking com- slcians. They are Andrew Egnot, Duniar, R, F. D. 32; Wade K. Newell. Mill Hun; Ray Hussell Brooks, Normalville. The funeral of Patrick GafTery. who waa fatally injured Saturday night when run down by a motorcycle, iwas Mrs. Ann -McShace of Scottdale. GOLD1E NEWELL. Get Your Digestion in Shape Many ailments are caused by stomach weakness. Faulty digestion leads to biliousness, sick headache, dizziness, sallow skin and eruptions. Maintain a healthy condition of the stomach and you will get rid of the chief cause of your the family residence at Trotter and at! daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George, sufferings. · Do not neglect 9 o'clock at the Immaculate Conccp-l Newell of Spring- Grove died .Tester-! .1 l a r£c o f health K.CCD lion church. Requiem high mass was day afternoon ot measles and pneu-j ulc : ^ celebrated by Rev. Father John T. Burns in the presence of a number of relatives and friends of the deceased. The pallbearers were Peter Duffy, James Clark. Anthony McNulty, Philip Morgan, Patrick Moore and Patrick i Hanlop. Interment, iu St. Joseph's! cemetery. DR. DAVID T. McKINNET. Ir, David Towsend McKinney, roonia. Funeral services will be h e l d ' from the home tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock, with interment in Cochran cemetery stomach, liver and bp'weJs in order by timely usfc'of , s MORE MEN CALLED Local Bocri) "o. 5 Snnunous Four Additional Draftees. Four more men have been notified foraer »«» known practicing ph'ysi- by Local Board for District No. 5 to j cian ° f Dunbar, and a son-in-law of hold themselves - in readiness to go j M r s - Ma T c - M l n n j s of East Craw- to Camp Lee in the five-day period I f o r d avenue, died this morning at 4 beginning July 22. i °' c i° c k at h-is home in Pittsburg, ?ol- The men arc: John Ferns, West'- Iowin|!: an illnes s of aljout a month. George R. Cramer, Champion; John H. Llvingood, Gib- Alva Hitenour, Vander- OF DISTRICT 5 as a wheai saver is most s-jbrikin^ ly exemplified in ·the peerless corn "flakes FLAG SERVICE ARRANGED Dr. J. H. 'PeWhluR of Grecnstourg, lo Speck « cdnesday jVight at Hover. A community service flag will be dedicated at Johnston school house at Moyer on "Wednesday evening, July 10, [ orial Methodist church at Dawson. Dr. McKinney was located at,Dunbar for several years and is well known in Fayette county. He married Miss Catherine Minnis, who with two children, -David and George, survive. MBS ROSE A. BROOKS. Funeral services for Mrs. Rose A. Brooks who died Saturday at the home of her sister, Mrs. P. TV". McCune a,li Mceesport, were held Uiis morning a t j 10.30 o'clock from the Cochran Mem- with Dr. J. H. Pershing of Greensburg, am) Rev. W. F. ConJey of South. Ccn- nellsville, as speakers. Christner's band will 'play and a male quartet, will sing. Dawson.Orer Top. Dawson went over the top in the War Savings Stamps sale drive, according Lo figures that were given out last evening by the committee in charge of the drive in that tow ( n. j Its allotment was {21,200 and the total amount* subscribed to date was given 'put last evening at ?26,700. The committee in charge of the campaign was 11. D. Henry, H. M. McDonald and Dr. Harry J. Bell. Rev. H. A. Batiin, the pastor officiated. Continued from Fa^c One. Brown Hall, Ohiopyle. Harry Leonard Spaw, Farmington. Percy Howard Overton, Vandcrbilt. Edward Lawrence Miller, Dunbar. Andrew Emery Lipovsky, Brookvale- Come Bailey, Dunbar. Lorenza White, White. James Perrin Barger, Normalville. Raymer 'Paul Seal, Juniata. James Miller, Dunbar. John Arthur Thrasher, Indian Creek. Norman Wallace,, Adelaide. Ira Allison Lowry, Dunbar, R. D. 2. Bryan Wells, Mill Run. Harry Emmett Mitchell, Dunbar. Albert Twardesky, Connellsville. PILES Sid. of AP M«Udw In Ih. btWM.10b.ZSc. Interment in Cochran cemetery. Ser- i NO. 3. Joseph Paul Wardzella, Leisenring --artyour grocers. . . Serious Operation. Mrs. Leo Crossen of Bast Fairview avenue underwent a serious operation -yesterday at the Cottage Stale : hospital. Mrs. Crossen is a daughter of Mr,-and Mrs. John. Zimmerman. Xi Sngar famine. WIASHINGTON; July 0.--"Definite assurances that there is no danger of a sugar gamine were given by the food administration today. . · Undergttes Throat Operation. Jack ..Zimmerman, four years .bid, of Fourth' street, West Side, : underwent, a throat .operation this morning at the Cottage State hospital. PeiiisvUle Red Cross, The Penns-rille Red Cross will -meet at the. home of; Mrs. A. W. : i Figley Thursday! afternoon at one o'clock to sew;-; -..V^.-.'^V'i-S 1 wi-ii-Sii^c;:.;;;^;. Also Burned for Almost a Year. Got Worse. Hair Came Out By_Combfuls, Cuticura Soap and Ointment Completely Healed in Three Months. "My hair begin falling out mod changed from a shiny black to an ugly deadcolor. Myheaditcbed and burned day and night V foralmostaycar. I thought ' I-had dry ttner and the hximorgotworse. Myhair came out by combfuli. · "I.was told to use Cuti- cura Soap and Ointment ·nd I did. The first application seemed vtiy cooling no Icontinuedusing them, ·na in three months' time my bead wa» completely heated.". (Sinned) Mi»» Sarah Hurst, R. 1, East Earl, Pa., October 3, 1917. . Clear the porea of impurities by dally uae- of Cuticur* Soap *nd occasional touches of Curicul* Ointment as needed to aoften, »ootbe cndthdil.- Theyiue ideal for evexy toilet and BUZMTJ ' purpoK. Smmt\* Eaob Ftw fcr Mail. AddreM PM»- cuiil: "Cotio-.sra, Oeiit. K.BMIOII." SoU everywhere. Sa^p^Sc. QintrnentSSaad 90c. Albert Henry Schmidtko, Connellsville. Lee Gyles Dennis, Dunbar, R. D. 1. Ralph A. Gibson, Dunbar. James 0. Soloman, Indian Head, Albert Piersoi Rohm, Vanderbilt. Francis Marion Cunningham, Ohiopyle. Henry Sanncr, "White. William Andrew Honnei!, Dnnbar, R. D. I. Ralp hBryan Raymond, Chalk Hill. Carl Duffleld, Dunbar. John Sankey, Jr., Leisenring No. 1. Victor Clement Gibson, Dunbar. George Conetsco, Leisenring No. 3. Lloyd Richter, Connellsvilie, R. D. 3. Your Eyes Earn Your Living. Without sound eyes a person is handicapped. Much unrest DOtn. mental and physical, comes from e-ven slight eye defects. i No person can know of the | condition of his eyes unji} they 'have been examined by'an Optometrist. Maybe this ad has a message for YOU. Maybe you wouid be benefitted wonderfully by wearing a pair of glasses Let us find out for you. I. W. Myers, Opt D. Optometrist and Optician. Wool-worth Bldg,, Upstairs. Our Specialty -- Comfortable Vision. WHOLE FAMILY SICK TONIC - UPBUILDER Ugre Co.jlt, Wnk Laip ud Cilfc Eckman's Alferatlra ir many yearj tttl« Calcium "AM of my six brothers and sister,; «J* tt ^ n "tofSS^^aS as well as myself, have suffered since · ·*'«» remarkabio rcwUA^ childhood from stomaclj and liver 'W Sia trouble and bloating. I thought it ran ! ""w $1-50 in Ihe family and that I could never: Prtct Itavdn trcr be cured, but, thanks to Mayr's Won- · derful Remedy, since lairing it nearly i j a year ago I have been enjoying the jbest of health and feel like a new per} ROQ. I bave no trouble from anything! j I cat." It is a simple, harmless prep- i aration tbat removes the catarrhal mucus from the iniestinal tract and | allays tne inflammation which causes j practically all stomach, liver and in; testinal ailments, including append!- ! citis. One dose will convince or mon- j ey refunded. A. A. Clarke and drug- t gists everywhere.--Adv. Jt Si, nowSOc VO APTAJfCE DT PEKB N EURALGIA For-quick mult* rub the Forehead andTeanplcawith 2Bo--50c--tlM

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