Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 18, 1976 · Page 19
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 19

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 18, 1976
Page 19
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3B -July 18, 1976 SunitavGa.eM6.Moil. Chwlwron, Wttl Vlrjlnl. Attorney Requests New Trial Location ATLANTA (AP)-The attorney for the man being tried a second time on a charge of extortion in the 1974 .abduction of former Atlanta Constitution Editor Reg Murphy has asked a federal judge to either dismiss the indictment or move the irial to a new location. Bruce Kirwan, a public defender appointed to defend William A.H. Williams, made the requests in motions before U.S. District Judge William C. O'Kelley. * * * KIRWAN CONTENDED the prosecutor had'misled the grand jury which.returned the indictment by implying that, if found innocent on an insanity plea, Williams . would be released rather than held for treatment. Williams' first conviction and sentence were set aside by the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals on grounds of pretrial publicity and prejudicial remarks by the prosecutor. O'Kelley, who presided over Williams' fifst trial here, set the retrial for Aug. 16 in Key West, Fla. He said he chose Key West because it was a non-metropolitan area far removed from areas where there has been considerable pretrial publicity. Kirwan said the trial should be moved from Key West "outside the Southeast" because Williams has relatives in the area and has suffered adverse publicity there as a former seasonal resident. · * * * THE PUBLIC DEFENDER also argued that the city has poor travel connections and that the date for the trial is during Florida's hurricane season. Kirwan said later in an interview he wanted the trial moved to San Diego or New Haven, Conn., "because I've come to the conclusion that these people tend to be open and tend to think about these things." In a separate motion Friday, the court ' ordered Williams transferred from the At- 1 lanta Federal Penitentiary to the Fulton Reg Murphy Kidnap Victim County jail in downtown Atlanta. But Fulton County officials, citing previous trouble with Williams, refused to take him. "I'd made up my mind not to take him,' said Nick Eason, the county's chief jailer * * * 1 "I TOLD THEM 1 wouldn't take him,' said Eason. "Idon't have .to take a govern ment prisoner . . . He's a problem." "The first time we had him, he took ui to federal court three times over such a; candy and cigarettes," said Fulton County Sheriff Leroy Stynchcombe. "We don' care about the suits. It was just the aggra vation." Williams was moved to the Clayto County jail on the outskirts of Atlanta. Murphy is now editor and publisher o the San Francisco Examiner. Police Still Searching For Modern-Day Tagin' FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) Police in three states are searching for a man described Saturday as a modern-day Fagin who ordered a ring of 14 teenagers to rob hundreds of homes and to try to murder a police officer. Robert Varone, 44, has been charged- with conspiracy to commit felonies, receiving stolen property and solicitation to commit murder, police said Friday. They said Varone had fled" and was believed to be in California or Nebraska. The charges were filed in April but had been kept secret until Friday. "I call him the big kahuna (boss)," said detective Michael Sullivan of the Broward County sheriff's office. "All the little kids in the neighborhood looked up to him. He supplied them with drugs and money." * * * OFFICIALS S A I D the youths who worked for Varone during the three-year operation ranged in age from 12 to 17. They stole hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of television sets, furs, radios and jewelry from 200 homes, police said. They said he recruited youngsters through his son. Robert Varone Jr., 16, and from a youth center near his home. "He went there 10. maybe 15 times a day." police said. "He paid in grass, pills, Quaaludes (a depressant drug) and coke (cocaine! at times." Officers said the younger Varone pleaded guilty to a burglary charge earlier this month and is awaiting sentencing. At least eight teen-agers received immunity from prosecution in return for their testimony, police said. Police said the elder Varone often pinpointed the homes he wanted burglarized, and rarely held the merchandise for longer than S few hours. He often had the youngsters deliver the goods directly to buyers, officers said. * * * VARONE ALSO offered two youths S2.000 each to murder Detective B. Edward Madge of the surburban Lauderhill police force, officers said. But the scheme was not carried out because on the night of the supposed killing another officer replaced Madge on a stakeout. Asst. State Atty. John King said Varone regularly cheated his corps of youthful burglars. "He would take a tube from a color tel- ^ evision and tell the kids it wouldn't work," King said. "He would then give them $10 for it." In a deposition, one teenager said Varone would offer the youngsters $30 for mink coats and would tell them that jewelry they had stolen was worthless. But he kept the "worthless" jewelry, the youth said. Police said Varone was arrested three times in Boston between 1951 and 1958 for breaking and entering, he received a 10-day suspended sentence in 1963 in Fort Lauderdale for assault and battery. He also was charged in Lauderhill last January with assault and battery, officers said. Prominent Investment Banker Dies NEW YORK (AP)-Samuel Culver Park, Jr., a prominent investment banker and financial associate of John Hay Whitney, died here Saturday of a heart ailment. He was 73. Park was an honorary governor of the New York Hospital, where he died 10 days · after being admitted. He also was 'an honorary trustee of the U.S. Trust Co. and finance committee chairman of Whitney Communications. Park was born in Salt Lake City and was married to the former Katharine Anderson, of Baltimore, Md., who survives him. Funeral services will be held Tuesday at St. James Episcopal church here. Burial will follow in Druid Ridge Cemetery, Bal- FDA Accused Of Improper Drug Testing WASHINGTON (AP) - The Food and Drug Administration is not properly monitoring new drug tests to protect the general public and human test subjects from severe side effects, a study said Saturday. The U.S. General Accounting Office, (CAO) the watchdog agency of Congress, made the accusation in an 85-page report which called for better FDA regulation of new drug testing. The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and the FDA's regulations require the agency to closely control the human testing of new drugs and to approve a new drug for safety and efficacy before it is placed in the interstate market. "Poorly conducted clinical investigations unnecessarily expose human subjects to potential hazards and could result in the FDA's approving a drug for marketing on the basis of inaccurate and unreliable data," the GAO said. « · * IT ADDED: "To prevent this, the agency must monitor the performance of clinical investigations. Such reviews, however, have been limited." To satisfy FDA requirements for safety and efficacy, the sponsor of a new drug must, among other things, clinically test the drug under closely controlled cir-' cumstances. The GAO said that at any time about 4,000 drug investigations are in progress, involving about 10,000 investigators and tens of thousands of human subjects. It said between 600 and 1,100 new applications to test new drugs are filed each year. ' · * * * THE GAO SAID FDA's system of new drug regulation depends heavily on the accuracy of the data submitted by the sponsors. These generally are drug manufacturers, private and government institutions or agencies, or physicians. GAO said the FDA has failed to fully protect human test subjects from "unnecessary dangers associated with experimental use of drugs and protect the public from dangers from new drugs approved for marketing by insuring that the approval decision was based on accurate test data." The GAO report also said that many human beings involved in the clinical tests of new drugs are not fully informed of their participation in the project. "Patient consent, required by law and recognized by FDA as a principal means of protecting test subjects, has not always been obtained as required," said the GAO study. It called upon the Health, Education and Welfare secretary to tighten and enforce the consent requirements. U.S., West Germany End Troops Program From^P.A'.V. WASHINGTON - The United States and West Germany announced Saturday they are ending a multibillion dollar program under which the Bonn government for the past 14 years has partially compensated the United States for the stationing of troops in West Germany. The announcement was made in a joint statement by President Ford and West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt at the conclusion of Schmidt's two-day Bicentennial visit here. Schmidt flew to Philadelphia Saturday morning. Ford and Schmidt also announced that West Germany will contribute $68.5 million for the relocation of a U.S. combat . brigade totaling 3,800 men near Bremen in northern Germany. It will be transferred from the United States. * * » OFFICIALS SAID the move was part of a plan to place greater emphasis on U.S. combat capability in Europe and phase down support facilities. The West German contribution to the relocation is about 60 per cent of the total cost and officials said the brigade is expected to be in place at the end of 1977. The United States has about 217,000 troops stationed in West Germany and under so-called "offset agreements" over the years the West Germans have contributed $11.2 billion under various formulas to help defray balance of payments costs to Washington. The last such agreement, costing West Timtt Win DiipatcM Germany $2.21 billion, expired in fiscal year 1975. Much of the German contributions over the years was made in the form of purchases of U.S. military equipment. Officials said that even though the West Germans will no longer be tied to a specific arrangement for compensating the United States they will continue to be a major purchaser of American military equipment. Since the expiration of the last offset agreement 13 months ago, officials said West Germany has acquired several hundred million dollars worth of U.S. equipment. * * * A SENIOR AMERICAN official told reporters the United States had decided before Schdmit's visit that it was not interested in a new offset agreement but Pentagon sources disputed this statement. They described the U.S. decision not to press the issue as a major concession to West Germany. The announcement said the two governments felt a new agreement was not necessary in view of the improved strength of the dollar and the more acceptable U.S. balance of payments situation. The United States, West Germany, France and Great Britain also have reached an informal understanding to bar further loans to Italy if Communists hold cabinet posts in any new Italian government. Administration officials said Saturday, however, that under the formula advanced by Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger, Communist party participatiwun the government, short of membership in the cabi- . net, would not constitute an obstacle to further financial aid. Schmidt disclosed the understanding, which was reached during the seven-nation economic conference held in Puerto Rico last month, in a background briefing to reporters Friday. The White House deputy press secretary, John G. Carlson, said Saturday: "I would have no quarrel with what the chancellor said." * * * THE UNDERSTANDING goes well beyond previous warnings by administration leaders about the consequences of Communists' coming to governmental power in Italy. Administration officials said the understanding had been communicated to leaders of the Italian Christian Democratic party in an effort to dissuade some of them who might otherwise be tempted to share cabinet authority with Communists. As a result of last month's parliamentary elections, the Communists hold 228 of the 630 seats in the Chamber of Deputies, the lower house, where they are second only to the Christian Democrats. Administration officials said that Canada and Japan, two other participants in the Puerto Rican conference, had raised no objections to the formula. Italy was the seventh participant in the meeting, which was called to discuss mutual economic problems. ·The subject of financial aid to Italy was not specifically on the formal agenda, but officials said it had been discussed in informal meetings between U.S. leaders and the other heads of government. The officials maintained that in terms of the timing of the conference-just after the Italian elections and before the American political conventions-the question of what to do about Italy was uppermost in the minds of the American participants. As one high administration official put it, "Our objective was to link further financial aid to Italy to certain economic and political conditions." In the formal conference communique, officials explained, there was only a veiled reference to Italy in the context of ejfab- lishing this link. "If assistance tojfvoid general disruptions in economic afiwth, then it can best be provided by nyiRilater- al means coupled with a firm program for restoring underlying equilibrium," the statement said. This was discussed in the formal sessions and was meant to apply to any country with a severe payments deficit, and particularly to Britain a: well as to Italy. WANT TO SELL SOMETHING? U5 i e nm OWCO " Ga ' £t 'e-Mail Want Ad. Over a 1.000 people do every day i And they get re KVi' 5°" 348 ' 48J8 '"" |BI °"« 01 our friendly Advisors help you word your ad From now until August 13,1976, GE has reduced its price in varying amounts on these selected models, so you may get big savings. 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