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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, July 9, 1918
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- ConneDsvilie'c Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,778 VOL. 16, NO. 204. CONNELLSVrmS, PA., TUESDAY EVENING, JULY 9, 191S. EIGHT PAGES. FRENCH CONTINUE NIBBLING AS HUNS PREPARE FOR NEXT BIG WEST FRONT OFFENSIVE Important Positions Taken by Allies on Front of Two Miles Where Gains Were · Made Last Week; Teuton Airmen Busy and Allied Fliers Give Germans jPlenty to Think About. COUNCIL MOVES TO HAVE OFFICE Op SEMMVACATED Written 'Opinion on Authority to Oust 3. S. Bryner is Requested. RUSSIAN SITUATION REMAINS QUITE CHAOTIC ; - ^----------. By AuocUted Prea*. PARIS, July ».--Freach troops early this morning attacked the 6ertnM lines on a froat. of about ttro a»4 a aalf nlles west 'of Antheii it, on the front between · MomUMter and the Oise, penetrating the enemy's position and realising an advance of a mile ai certain points, tne war office announced today. Tie Germans' counter attack upon the French . line* at the Loges farm in the area of this adyanee was repulsed, the French entirely maintaining ttielr gains. : Prisoners were taken to the aumber of 450, including 14 officers. In the LongrMmt region east of .the Ketz forest th« Freich increased their gains of yesterday and took additional prisoners. French troops again have been successful in a resumption of the "nibbling"^tactics which the Allied command has followed. While the Germans prepare-for a new blow the fighting activity on the western front, however, still is much localized. | Important positions on a front of two miles to a depth 61 ; two-thirds of a mile and 350 prisoners were taken by the French ;-ln their latest effort in the region of Longport, northeast of f-ViUers-Cotteret. The sector on which the gain was made is j. ju*t south of -where the French last week made important local · gain* in the region of St. Pierre Aigle and northward for six miles toward the Aisne. . . . . · ," : " German aerial activity has increased ia the past few days /and it is probable the airmen are making ready for the next .onslaught. The German artillery Sre has increased a'ocve nor!"%al only on certain sectors. Entente airmen are keeping up an active bombardment of ; the area behind the German lines.. British fliers have invaded Germany and dropped bombs on ICaiser Lautern, east of Metz, and on Luxemburg. 1 Patrbl.activity and locel operations are increasing in num- ' ber on the Italian mountain front. On the lower Piave the Austrians, it is estimated, lost 20,000 men ia killed, wounded and prisoners in lie action last week in which they were driven : back across tie" riTer, ; reUevinsjwinewhat the pressure against 'Venice. In'-western, Albawa'JE*rench and Italian troops are with- standins strong ^counter attacks by! the Austrians. , '" ; Various reports of happenings in Russia in connection with ; the murder of German Ambassador von Mirbach lack official i ·confirmation. Germany, apparently, has not-yst acted. An advance toward Moscow has not been reported although the Ger- · many have had large .forces of troope near Smolensk, 250 miles i west of Moscow. UNCLE SAM'S NAVAL TROOP ESCORTS PKE GOODJNTERTAINERS TJsitors" Did Sot Tarry Long, Says SlOth Bojr's Letter, Referring Presumably to li'-Boats. The 319th Infantry encountered submarines on its way to France, a letter from Ralph F. 'Sligcr, former Courier employe, indicates. In the! letter he .speaks .of "visitors" and of; the fact that "they aid not make a long call." His letter is interesting otherwise.' In part it reads: "We are safe in France after a wonderful voyage. We had all kinds of weather--calm weather, rough . weather and rougher weather. When we started it was .fine, i proceeded to get'seasick and was sick for a couple of days. Then I' commenced to get better and was congratulating, myself on being a pretty good sailor when wo tooT'p7eliminary"steps toward hav- LICENSE OF, HOTR WITH WOMAN BAR : ! TENDER REVOKED PROBATIONER ALSO TO GO August SpeUier, Mount Pleasant, Loses ' Ulght to Sell I!ci«or for JEm- ' ploying Mrs, Schacale. QREENSBURG-, July 9.--At the THICMTV CTUP RCA ft conclusion o[ the bearing of the peti- 'I.WCIVl I-flVC uCAU, tion. charging August "SpeHcer, of Mount Pleasant, with employing Mrs. Rose Schaca.te, as bar maid in his hotel, judge A. D. McDonnell yesterday revoked .Mr. Spelfcer's license to sell liquors during the year at his bar. TWENTY-ONERS OF DISTRICT 5 IN CLASS 1 ARE CALLED FOR EXAMINATION JULY 17 TenKre of Miss Anne White TO11 he Terminated Angnst 1 (or of BednchiR Expenses; Track for Street Use i» Ordered. ell li( Cou: Motor ran Into some rough weather, or the weather Into us, I don't know which. But which ever it -was it surely made me sick again. When you get seasick and feel like I did you don't care if a hole flock of subs comes. "When the rough weather was at its lest a posi- As was forecasted in The Courier yesterday city council last night ing the office of city sealer of weights and measures, held by J. S. Bryner, abolished as a means of reducing tie operating expenses of the city. It was agreed that Council- O r accounts and finance, shall lay tion at the rail was at a premium. I] tne matter before the city solicitor got my position early but that did not| a n j se curc a written opinion on the make me feel any better. j authority of council to vacate the "I would likCito tell you about somo i position. of the things that I saw but I am n o t ] q^g matter was brought to the permitted to do so. We had someif O r e j n connection with the adoption mty Detective Paul L,. Feightner, the prosecutor, testified that he had visited Spelter's hotel in Mount Pleasant June 19'last, and found Mrs. Rose Schacate tending bar. John 75 HURT IN CRASH AT NASHVILLE, TENN. Two I'assengcr Trains kim« Together Tests Scheduled to Begin at 8 O'clock in the Morning in Sobnrb .( City at Karly Hour , NINETY-ONE ARE AFFECTED Tins .Horning, j By ..Associated l'r»ss. j " NASHVILLE, Tenn., July 9.-Two i Sine Othcrs HaYe C ;j aimed Ex . pasenger trains on the Nasbvi'ile, I Reilly, H. B. Thurston, Alex Parftt, J. j Chattanooga St. Louis railway col- S. Sislcy. John Berryhill and others ! lided earlv trid . ay testified to having seen Mrs. Schacato tending bar OR June 17, 18 and 19. Some o! the witnesses testified they had been served with beer or other liquors by Mrs. Schacate. Most of them testified under cross-examination that they had seen her husband, Roy W £o7er, superintendent ^Schacate, a crippled man, about the bar. At the conclusion ot this testimony, : E. Marker, of counsel for Mr. Sjcl- emption and May Have to 13nter Service. Telephone reports from the scene of the wreck arc to the effect that 25 ( were killed and between 50 and 75 \ LIABLE TO CALL AT OXCE persons injured. - j ·Tie wreck occurred at 7.15 o'clock! on thb Batchman's grade, seven miles i Tbjrly-tno Claims for Exemption on from Nashville. Every doctor and nurse available in the city was rushed to the scone with all the ambulances. One train was eastbound from .Ifemphis and St.. Louis and the other ker. moved that the charges bo | | rom Nashv lUc "to Memphis. quashed'on ; " the grounds that the evi- 8 wa TM aat * at io visitors "but they did not make a long call. cun bet. were good entertainers, yon of a resolution discontinuing the po- "This is a pretty nice place and tbo.tSis also as a means of reducing ei- people t'nat -we see treat us finely. Welpenses. It was agreed that the offi- have to get our money changed into jeer is not a necessity at this time. French money and it is laughable io' "If the probation officer is not a see some ot the fellows trying to buy | necessity neither is the sealer oE jomething. I know about all the d i f - j weights and measures," declared fereat pieces and can get along pretty Councilman C. "W. Utta. well. A franc is about 20 cents. We immediately called a half franc '.Mike' and a halt 'Mike' a 'John.' Five centimes is the same as one of our jpen- (Contlnued on Page Tvro.) make out; a-jjasc. District Attorney N. A. Cort replied, citing three or four f7i -a. I t;a(jiut.Luii uIOLL/U(.Luuu»e, ."*· v '.. · , - - . , , ^ , , sition of probation officer, filled by TMHn SS mad8 by Philadelphia, and the Superior courts in parallel cases that came before those tribunals for adjudication. The defense set up tiiat Mr.. Miss Anne White, after August i, ROAD BOND ISSUE Is Bfiiff 1'ought bj the State Grange; Tole on Amendaient in Xurcmhor. The constitutional amendment permitting the state to sell }50,000,000 bonds to build roads will be voted on this year in Pennsylvania. A doterro "I agree with you," said Council- :naan Hoover. There was Bentiment in favor ot Immediate action toward declaring the office vacant but Mayor John Dug^an counseled delay so that ttu matter might be laid before the solicitor. ; The purchase of a Clydesdale truck from the Conncllsville Garage company for $3.775 for street use was authorized. Eventually it is the intention to entirely supplant horses ined fight to defeat the amendment I sprinkler and the street sweeper will has be*n launched by the State j be provided. Grange. The leading opposition con- · Purchasing Agent Hoover was di- tention is that the state should not i rected to secure bids for the con- go into the bond market at this time I struetion of a concrete arch under with a n : issue A HEAVY DEMAND B Hiuie on tfce Surgical M'orkcrs in Conncllsville. _ .., ._, Special allotments of surgical with the motor propelled vehicle. I dressings having been made, part to Couplings for using it to pull the I b« completed by August .1, and part Both engines and two baggage cars were completely wrecked. A combination coach on the local filled with white and negro passengers, was ripped from end to end. Several wore telescoped and passengers are being | at 8 o'clock A. lironnus of Afrricnltnni! mid Indns- trial -Kraniovment Hare Been Placed IVith Board; Some J'ot Classified, Following upon the classification of the class of 1518 by Local Board for District -No. 5, the aicn placed in Class 1, subject to immediate service, have beea called to appear for a physical examination on Wednesday, July 17, got out with difficulty. Six passenger coaches in all were demolished The registrants Spelkerlhad contracted with John and lwo cars of ,,,,, lhrougll train Schacate to tend bar and admitted fcaught fire and were burned up. that Mrs.'.Schacate was to "wash glasses, polish the bar and assist her crippled husband." The court cited several higher court rulings as well as reviewing the liquor license acts ot 1878 and 1887, declaring that the language was such that it prescribed a revocatioa of the license. by Seplember. which, together with the regular monthly allotments, will require unusual application -and In- Connellsville branch of the Red Cross. will report at ttre offices of the .draft board in the Title Trust Building. Ninety-one young men out of 1ST who registered, nave been placed in Class 1. and there are nine wao have claimed deferred classification whose status has not yet been definitely decided. The examinations on Wednesday AUSTRIANS PAY PENALTY Czecho-SIaTs Execute 10 For Every Prisoner tturdered by Hnns. ! win ^ in everj . man Ju ^ first The Payette county organization of | class, and if the physical tests are the Slovak League of America has j passed successfully, [he registrant opened a press bureau in Unlontown! w jj] be ready for a call to service. and is keeping the public informed on the activities o£ the Ci'echo-Slovak and Russia, the United States. The first communication to The Courier reads: 1 "Czecho-Slovaks fought shoulder to shoulder with Italians and captured forces in France, Italy also of the Sloraks in Class 1 of Board No. 5 is about depleted, and according to information issued at Washington, th« new registrants may be called to service be- fore'the last of August. Of the new registrants only two were placed in Class 2, they being married men with dependents. In di Vat Bella hill. One thousand five .'Class 3, five men were placed, and 16 hundred Austrians fell and 2,000 were captured. Three hundred Czecho-' were put in A-4, being granted deferred classification on dependents. In Class 5' there are six eaemy aliens, Slovaks captured by the Austrians were immediately haaged. j three friendly aliens and two regis- 'Col. Hurbaa with --the..,-.Gwcho-i.t£antvphy«iealJ5?;aercctlv£ 'SSO.OOO.OOO-iind be-| the East Park viaduct where .a .fill, is 'Tie^uaB.rltrorWoftto be hirffiS out | s , oirak . armj . in Hussja afler g ettin g| rh i r , v , tn . 0 cla j ms for exemption on _. -, ».--. ,_,,.._, it..:-- -- j - j. j,. Hbensbel, of the ['under these allotments exceeds that _. .,.. , -- ,,, (1 ,. inn *,*·,,. ,h« ,TM,,,,j.. ,,» -..u , - - _ j .·_...._ the' federal raising war [GUAM DEVASTATED BY TYPHOON; HALF PEOPLE DESTITUTE OFJESSIVF. KT A1BAJSU XAXK JUPll) C.VI.XS. K0JKE, Jaly 9,-^rfce Allied often- j aJUe iayVibaala -is eoattaaing, the war: ·Hee aBnoaaeed today. JT*w progress ·fco.4 beea Made uloag tke left wlag o» 'the Adriatic eoesi tke laad torces be- taf assisted ay British monitors, j C«i* Destroyed anJ Much ])« ·'1'k*' ItaJUa Jnfaatry captured tke | to Property Results From t«wa »( Jkrl aad took important j Stor» of Jaly 6. keifktS. iore tkaa 1,100 prisoners ! By Associated Press. were take* in tk» adracce. ! WASHINGTON, ,'luly 9.--The island come A competito government, arhich _ _ _ ,, finances by tile sale of securities. There is doubt expressed if the federal government · would sanction a bond sale by the state. Unless tiiis being made. city engineer's office, submitted a. j of any ^previous period, making it nee- plan for the arch. essary for every worker, and many The purchase of 13,274 face brlc* new ones, to give all the lime they j ^ustro-German for the city · building under t h e ] can possibly spare in order to provide for the growing needs of the of the hanging of the 300 prisoners tabled Prof. Masaryk in "Wash- he will have the 200,000 the grounds of agricultural'and industrial employment have been- sent to Greensburg. There are still. 10 regis- Crawford avenue bridge at ?17.5Q per nope Italian cavalry flanked the Mala-: ridge, nortk of tke lower Tor- western slope of', ua. actwrra the tke rMtrc aid tlte ot Guam was devastated by a typhoon on July 6, Captain Roy Smith, governor of the island, and commandant Adriatic, getting i° E £he naval station reported todar sanction could be secured from the'thousand, was authorized, together federal board no sale -would be pos- j with 100 feet ot 2x4 wall plates, 100 sible. · - i feet of 2x* I-beam plates, 550 square The bond issue amendment was de- j feet of roofing and 550 feet of sheatn- feated in 1913, but the resolution has j ing, and lime and cement as needed, since been favorably voted on in two!The estimated cost of zll of the sop- sessions of" the legislature, and, five [plies was ?331. Cast-off street brick years having elapsed, it now legally j are to be used for the interior of comes before the voters again. the wall. L-yinan S. Pope of East Crawford avenue having neglected to comply with an order of council to remove an obstruction from Balsiey alley, the matter was referred to the solicitor. ' Mayor Duggan reported that the nue in front of the station, warning aland "into tae Aistrian 'rear, de-j" the Navy Department. He said nttnjfi hridgw over tke SemlnJ rircr; ha!f the inhabitants are destitute. t* tae north. i Crops have been destroyed and i while they were being loaded or un- much; material" damage done. Steps HANG TRAFFIC SIGNS Hlg Fosters Tell Autof*), Wot to Fass Car Being.' leaded. Following a suggestion of M/B. Pryce, superintendent of the depart-! county is prepared to pay its sliars ment of public safety, Uie \Vest Penn of the cost of paving Isabella road. Railways company this morning hung j Council will next take up with Con- two signs over West Crawford avc- i netlsvillc township the matter ot the 'payment of the township's share or this expense which Supervisor Lloyd J. Stlilwagon informed members automobile drivers not to pass cars Armx as our part in the war becomes more important. The surgical dressings classes meet every afternoon, Sfonday evening and Thursday morning. These classes have not failed to fill all t previous allotments, but the quantity has never before been nuito so great as now. The attendance of every worker is b ki Q' ington captives in his pos-' trams unclassified, a claim for de- session hanged unless the Austrians ferred classification being made but treat the Czecho-Slovak prisoners as prisoners of war. Ten Huns to every I Slovak already have been shot not properly Died. The cases will be more thoroughly investigated before, a. decision is made. There are still * J 'Czecho-Slovak troops have com-1 questionnaires which have not been, plete control of Vladivostok, a Pacific j filled out and turned in. port of Hussia- American ships have I The following men have been called already landed and are helping to to appear for examination: ine aLluuua.m:e 01 every wurj^er i , . . . . . eing urged so that Connellsvllte may TM"^ ad ,. 8re ^ S ° TM thCRh ^ ccep Its record in bota quantity and O-ecio-Slovaks -Many Russ,, luaHty of its Red Cross products. «"" *TM "° v lomES lhc guard the stores there. Two thous-1 and five hundred miles of the Russian i railroad are also in the hands of the aa peas- Czoch- Slovaks.' VIE-VSA AW.H1T8 10SSKS have heen "taken to feed the destitute. loaded. It is a violation of the traffic would be paid as soon as the county TIBS*, Entente piess«r*' against the Austrian MITCHEL'S BODY HOME liar ia Alhuia is heing continued by i Oreat Throng Stands Silently as Cas T black letters, bearing the inscription, around $860 a month, he said. It was ; ivttis advaaclaf across the river Yor. 1 wna» according to today's . war office aaJmncemat. A gain ot' ground by '. tke Frenek" along " " als* reported. ! Blaee. In tkr ! Vent. let u Carried From Train. By.Associated Press. law to pass a car when : passengers are getting on and off, and many mo- had made settlement. Dr. Utls' report on the financial c-nd of garbage collection ^ showed torists here have been driving through the crowds. ' · that the system is about on a se The signs are a bright yellow with i sustaining basis. The income now "Do Not Drive by Cars While U n - p better last month than at any time loading or Loading Passengers." , New York,. July 9.--The body of \ Pryce this morning said: "We do not upper. Senuol is : j ja j or jojm p urroy .Mitchel, army avi- : want to have to arrest anyone, but s taking Uterior sontkwest "P j j iitor, killed in Loulsia-na while flying' j this 01 j in training: for service in .Prance, was itysan driving through the .crowds ·ding cars must be slopped.' BBIT1S1I / fKYT PR1SOSE.KS. '-. LONDON, July 9.--Balding .opera- · tions carried put .last night by Brit: ish-troops in the region east of Arras · netted a few prisoners, the war office announced today. I brought 'home today to a city which. : mourns in memory of him, its former } mayor. · . A great throng stood silently in the AUTO STRIKEsuGGY corridors of the Pennsylvania sta- ! " crtha Coughenonr Hurt in Plttslmrg tion as the casket was borne 'from i . Street ColUsiu '.he'train. Under police escort and! Bertha Coughenour of the Narrows, was slightly injured last night when accompanied by men who were .'jis the luggy she was driving was caught intimate friends in life, the body was South of the..Somme river the Ger- removed to the home bt the major's between ao automobile driven by Jfiss. m*a artillery; has been display- j mother, .Mrs. John ifitccel, where i t ' Dessie Iser and the machine of Coun-, lot bombarding the posi- j w jji remain until taken tomorrow itlons recaptured br British forces i tne c j ty aa u. i there. ty Commissioner Logan Rush, which I RKPOKTSM · Ki ABXr f WASHINGTON, July 9.--The Army : ca»ualty list today contained 57 imames, divided as follows: .Killed in SITUATION SERIOUS · was standing b y - t h e curb in North j Pittsburg street. The accident oc- Icur'red about 8.30 o'clock. Miss Iser I was arrested by Cornerman- Rondinc, j b a t was released' by ·;Mayor Daggan yet and would have been improved still more it it had not been necessary to hire a truck. Expenses have been reduced $200 a month, he said, by cutting two men from the force. Plre losses in the city tor the six months ending Jnly 30"amounted to $5,235, Superintendent M. B. Prj-ce of the Department o£ Public Safety're- ported. There were 53 alarms, he said. Council will meet again on July 22. SINGER ROBBED Miss llargrie Xonro, IVhp Sang Here in Clmsfauqua, Loses $700. Miss JIargrie .Munro, member of the Lovat Concert company, w" appeared here in the Redpath chautau- qua,'lost $700 in-cash and'jewelry FOOD TRAIN COMING Hooseives 1VI11 be Given Demonstra- ·tion on How to Conserve. The Food Conservation. Train, a school of household economics on wheels, which is malting a circuit through the smaller cities of this state, will begin a tour of Westeru Pennsylvania next Tuesday, covering Allegheny, Fayette, Westmoreland and Washington counties. The train will come to Connellsville on Saturday, July 20. The day j previous it will be in Uniontown and \ on Monday, July 22, it will go to Scottdale and thea to Mount Pleasant The train is in charge of Roy L, Preach, accompanied by a corps of experts from State College who will instruct housewives in methods o! conserving wheat, s.ugar. meats, fats and State Police" "Sent to Arnold Cttj-jthis morning., The automobile,.which [Saturday evening in Dniomown when Where Woiw» Cause Strtti!. Informed of the reported imminent action, H; dUid of wounds, 10; died 1 uprising among the mining population : of, disease, 1; wounded severely, 18: | o f Arnold City, where employes went ^wounded sligc.tly. 2; missing in ac-*' Ition. 2; prisoners, l.»" oh a strike yesterday because of failure of the Piltsburg Coal company- 1 to provide a' water supply, state police - ~ i i\ ( w e n t to the place and searched, the ' . ' · - · - ""k «" ACJMOJi.jh omes . | WASHIINGTON. July D.--The^ Ala-i Only in a tow instances were weap- ] riB«," Corps cusiiiii,- lists issuedj. to- j ons found. The situation" was reports i ed i was left as a forfeit, was reclaimed. I . The accident- occurred' when the I buggy going north in the street drove around the Rush car. '-Following too closely on- the vehicle -Sfiss. Iser was unable-to "stop her machine before it crashed into - t h e - s i d e "of the byggy. She said her ^brakes diel not holcl.. '· -. Job Jampers Lose (-lassiflojtidn. . . . ... . . . _ __ _ _ ,.-_ . Notice has'been issued to. all local Jfay contained 52 names, divided as J e d as serious. The company, it. is ! draft boards by state draft headquar- Killed in action, 37; died of: stated, is.doing all it can. to arrange i'ers that registrants who received in- TM«,,nrt.H severe'l!)..; ID; ! for-water. 'Women battled yesterday : '-' ' jwmuids. 10: wounded her trunk was stolen from the Baltimore Ohio station. The thieves missed a $200 ruby on her kilt suit. · The broken trunk, with lingerie and other, articles scattered about, was fouud'somc distance ^rom :the. station along th« tracks. The company ,was on its way to Fairmont, -.- 12. ; with officials. about the place, but no I,ET FOR : : j who procured snch .classification: 'for , . . . . , Stolen .Track Located. them Tia^e lost their right to be so f WASHINGTON,. July 9.--Chairman A truck of Corrado ft Pilla stokn j claisified ' · after a visit 'to -the Vhlte from Highland avenue last night, «as today announced that] t hg found this morning in t'ie Morgan val- board has let contrac^ , or !ey . The-, machine had been left After the^ war standing along the road and wii* re- deferred, classification :,.in.- .respect - to j industry-'ln whiiib they'vf.ere. engaged i . _ ,, .. . ^ and who have'left the employ, of those j change i n ' t h e temperarure, ! is the Fair tonight and Wednesday; little ' ! "WORK ORnOfT'CASE l-'irst to l»e Called up by local lraft Board on Fridny. The first "wort or fight" case, to come up in this section will be before the Local Board for District No. 5 on Friday afterjoon when two men will be given hearings. One of the men is from Springfield township and the other from Henry Ciay, They.had been given deferred classification on account of dependents and word has GREATEST TAX YEAR IB History of Hie 2Snl Internal Beve- nne District; Total $382,140,701. The total taxes and internal revenue collected in the tiventy-third district during Uie year ending June 30 is reported by C. G. Leweliyn to Save been J332.J49. 701, of which J292.27G,- 362 came from income and excess profits taxes. The balance rame from the usual revenue sources, such as tobacco, whisky, pool and billiard rooms, brokers and bowlit ; g alleys. The collections in the district exceeded any previous year and. were the second largest of all the revenue listricts in the United States the amount being ?89,000,000 .greater than that collected by tie other three districts of Pennsylvania. June 15 was the day ot largest collections, more than $102,000,000 was received. CITATIONS ISSUED On J. T. Thompson for Accounting of Several Trusteeships. Three citations against J, V. Thompson, were issued in the Fayettc County Orphans' Court yesterday to show cause why lie should not file an ac*count and bo removed from the trusteeship of the estates of Joseph White, Emma C. Lenhart and John A. -Nichols, j which are now In his hands. reached' the board that they are n o t ; In the oitaUol is it is alleged that acting as the support for their fami-1 T otn P s on failed to file any accounts lies. . i the estates and that moneys given The men have been summoned to him in trust are in grave jeopardy. It appear on Friday and show why they should. not be placed in Class 1. JtilKr Inquest Tomorrow. An inquest in to .the death of Albert G. Miller, who was killed in the'Bal- timore Ohio yards., will: be held'to- morrow night at 8 olclocji at Funeral Directo;.'- Charles -C. ilitcheirs office by Coroner S.' H. Baum' of Dniontown. is also alleged that Thompson allowed the funds of tie estate "io become intermingled with his own holdings. f^ army transports.. . trinspons will be put Into r carrying trade. ·ported to the police by a Scottdale man who noticed it Co»«ii»it:fiPrajer Service. Community ..'prayer: services- of. the churches of. Dawson will : .be: :hcld *to- morrojF evenin'g in the First Pres byterian. churcl). Beef at Noon Menl Onlj-. Begiining next Sunday, all hotels,, restaurants, cafes, clubs and other noon weather forecast tor Western '.public .catiag. places in Pennsylvania will be allowed to serve beef in one form · at the noonday meal each day until further notice. Pennsylvania. lempsratnre Rccbr.d. ,, 1D1S 1917 Maximum -_-----__74. 85 Minimum _ :--41 \ , 6S Mean 61 77 The Yough': river, remained stationary during the night at 100 foot Two.Tay Forfeits. TwoVmen. .arrested during, the night foi being dnmk and disorderly each left, a ^5 forfeit with, the police, 'v 21'RSMAYAPPLY ·Jew Registrants Can he Indncted lir 5o. 5 Board' in "special Call. IJocal Board, y'or District No. 5 this morning announced that registrants j of June 5, the twenty-oners, may ap- ',. ply for .special induction into t h e ' engineers corps, if the application i»' made before July 15. The call received by the .board asks for. auto re-. PairmenT blacksmiths; cooks, draftsmen, electricians, machinists, plumbers, ' teamsters, telephone operators, surveyors and many other trades! Tbc call closes on July 17 and registrants . who wish to go under the special call should^ apply .at the draft board office fay next .Iilqnday. Dwight Kooser. Vanderbiit. John Brasko, West Leisenring. William Henry Seders, Dunbar. John Urosek, Dunbar, R. D. 1. "William John Oswald, Adelaide. John Andrew Kryszroflak, Leisenring No. 3. Alva H. Conway, Soroerfield. Heniy Smith, Dunbar. Clark Rowan, Mill "Run. Paul Sumner West; Vanderbiit. Lloyd Jackson Hall, Xew York. N. IT. Russell McBlroy, Clifton Mills W. Va. . . _ -.. '..'. : ' Albert Kemp...Connellsville, R. D. 3. . Joseph Conko,.Trotter.' William Prevailed, D'uobar. Earl Monroe Williams, Clovertop. Harry B. Brown, Confluence. Mike Purdo, Jr., Vanderbiit. Kichard Cramer, Champion, H. D. 1. Emmett Emory Collins, Adelaide. George Thomas McConnick, Dunbar. Jialp-h B. "SVorthington, Dunbar R. D. 1. · Oren B. Ritenour, Indian Head. Reuel White. White. Harry'Loar Smiley, Dunbar. Boyd Porter Warne, Dunbar. Byron Henry Brooks, Normalville. John Salem Rex, Dunbar, R. D. 1. George Washington Dumbanld. Indian Head. Bryan Jennings Nevrmyer, Vander- biit · Amzi Hardy, Dunbar. Frank Clarence Hartzell. Dtmbar. Michael Depaolis, Dawson^ Kick Siders, Vanderbiit ·William Emery Hardy, Dunbar. Joseph Vansil, Vanderbiit George Washington. Garland, Dun- Charles Russell Hawk, Dunbar. " Charles Lynn Kingan, Connellsville. Michael McKinley Banner, Normalville. Ira Sylvester Buraworth, Ohiopyle. . George Lova.5, Vanderbiit. , Joseph Lampart, Leisenring ,No 3 '. George H. Hall, Normalville. Joe'Dinatale, St. Louis, Mo. Gabriel Marfong'alla, 'Dunbar. Michael Mehallick, Leisenring. William McKinley Hall, Normalville. Frank Edward Bloom, Dunbar. Samuel Earl Brown, Acme, R. D. I. .lohn Francis Owad, Leisenring. Bruce McClelland Hall. Ohiopyle. Thomas M. Shipley, Bid*ell. ' Andrew Francis Micher, Lciiea- ring. · . · ' . ' Wilbur Robert -Sherrer, Leisen- .ring. James Phillip Wortman, llarkleys- burg. Edward Liston, Dnnbar. Charles William Brilt, West Leisenring. John PoTkubla, Leisenring. Clifford Binson Morrison, Ohiopyle. Continued on Pace Two.

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