The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 8, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, July 8, 1918
Page 8
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THE DAILY COURIER, OQNNELLSvVIUiE, PA. MONDAY, JULY 8, 1918. -« ·GOAL AND COKE COMPANIES AND EMPLOYES GIVE TOTAL OF $162,729 TO RiED CROSS ifrr.v,'.TTii«.coml and coke 1 companies of 'etmaiy and their employes 1162,792^7 In the recent - JJUd Cross .dprive, according to figures [need today. ..The tabuljUipn. fol- | J3H..C. -Jriek Coke Co, ^ (jSBnlon. Supply Co £ if Strutiwrs .Coke Co ---- : ·.ji'New ..Salem Supply. Co ' fcC. Co. s«Uw»rt" Iron Co. . 'jat'.H. Dunn ___ : Works t* Coal Co. ! 36,000.00 2,000.00 . 500.00 100:00 3.797.05 304.00 '281.10 30.00 1.930.35 179:55 ; S|E»an» Coal * CokerCo. 624.25 Braddock .'Works 2,257.70 1,000.00 600:00 2,001.18 230.00 560.00 1,518.15 879.67 43.14 1,000.00 1,000.00 1,333.00 1,161.82 . 4SO.OO 400.00 400.00 5,215.92 1-00.00 i lepnsoildated Supply Co. _^. 300^00 ' i'jBope nnfcc I7ri · fHuetead-Semara i \jOrient .Coke Co. _ i fis'Cpntinental No. 1 . ; ilitteenring Mb. 2 _ ·Works *§;Brownneld "Works ... ^Phillips- Works f i fToungstown Works SSJWalters Mine : { YjiThompson C'villu-Coke Co_ \ l-Tower Hill C'ville?Cc*e Co. .Works -^ _ J JjCromsland. Works -| HiElm, Grove "Works I jf Continental "·'" "· j;£Contin«ntal No. 3 ' · .."sConsollditcd Coke-Co. Bmp. ' 'Coke 'Co · ;KValterstourg Coke. Co. _ ' y,W»ltersmirs Supply-Co- __ _. ; : '.rT»yhr-Coal CoietCo. _ ^-"Whye!- Coke Co. ' _ " :7i»»wickley Creek C- ·. Co. ^Banning C'vilie Coke Co. _·· Y.'IWneiand-Oilinore __^^ 250.00 .'. 250.00 500.00 1,000.00 200.00 5,000.00 5M.OO 250.00 150100 Juniata "Wori Jimtown Coal Co. . Grace Worts American Manganese Co. _ W. Harry Brown L Luzerne C. C. Co. ·-- Snowdea Coke Co. American C'ville Coke,Co..: Brownsville Coke Co. L Colonial No. 4 : '. '. Century Coke Co. Employes Century Cake. Co. Bltner. Works . .-,I..H..Dunn -- ' " Orchard-Mine Co. Works Paul Works · Nellie Works Fort Hill Works Wash'gion' C. C.. Co. Wks. Perry Coke Co: Banning No; 2 _--: United Fire Brick Co. . Republic Iron Steel Co. _ Ronco Works _-T. J. McClernan ;_ New-Geneva Fuel Co. ,, Provins Coal Co.'_--· ' Livengood Coal Co. __--TM_ Sterling Grahani _ ·-- Plumcr Works _ Puritan Coke Co. _J_ Leckrone . - :-- Bowwpod Mine-Republic Iron Steel Co. Bufiington Works -__: Fayette Coke Co: Employes Fayette' Coie Cc. --:-- Atlas'Coke Co : : _ . "Footdale "Works Lincoln Coal Coke C o . -Low Phos Coal Coke Co. _ Dearth Works ---- 1-- Menallen Coke Co. Smock Works ' I -Coke Co. _ '·· 'South .Fayette Coke Co. -- ;|jimlor..Coke Co. ; Wirel.Eoal k Coke Co. vPyille ProdocerstCoke Co_ ,;:Reducers..Coke Co.. '-vPenn.Fuel.'Co.. Smiley .'Coal Co. York- Run W.orks.. 150.00 ; Collier Works 150.00 jOliphaat Works _ 150.00 pVynn Works 250.00 Kyle Works : Oiiphant Coal Co. . Shoaf Miaes I James Byrne Cote. Co. i;Jolra H. Whyel Co. 'iBuchaanon Coal Co. Hill Works .: Works _ -AllUon Works -- .^Thompson C'ville 'Works -ft Smock Works . '^Watteirtiirg ·" Works, ^ -Superior Works:- vXepubUe I. fc S. Works '.f^Republic I. S. Co. _ . iSStmthws C. C. Works _ '"iJPilbert Works ' ' yCHerb'ert 'Works - · · · .^Genuine C'ville Coke .Co. i Semans 151.20 50.00 500.00 100.00 loo.oo' 100.SO 250.00 2,015.10 1,000.00 3.273.74 2,004.90 3,796.24 551J." . 697.01 294.92 Tunnel Coal Coke Works Hose Coke Works _' Clark Coal Works : Harah Sackett Coal Wks. Hertzog Coal Co. Bowers Coal Co. , South C'ville Coke Co. 1 Fancy Hill Coa! Co. · Taylor Coil Coke Co Russel Coal Coke Co. _-Wilson Works Borta Works Orozier Run Works _ 1.996.25 \ *"*: Hill 900.00 I Baiter Ridge 397^00 ! Penn Coke Co. -1,521.03 Ralph Coal Co. _ 1,363.85 Braznell Coal Co. . .^Isabella Coke Co. JTower Hill C'ville Coke Co. YFranklin Coke Co. ' Mines 105.01 923.10 .1.110.75 3.354.77 Henderson Coal Co. Colonial No. 3 Champion Mines S ; s;Edeaborn Mines [-.-i'Gates Mines '. · iirPalmer Works -\ "'W. J. Parshall ..' " *? Trotter Works i ; Adelaide'Works '-' ; .^Genuine C'ville Works J ,fD«ldson Works '.. \ . . 145.60 j LaBelle Minos _ lit. Hope Mines . Cedar Coal J _ 414.60 1,165.15 JBrownfleld Ccke Co. 983.47 I Hartley Coal Co. _i 362.10 ! Grifflu Nos. 1 and 2 105.00! Frank Rocks 1,150.83 233.80 330.00 2,360.50 1,052.55 74.55 803.00 526.10 243.10 1,089.25 846.12 500.00 1,161.82 161.00 - 44.50 502.36 : 200.00 558.00 6,050.00 360.80 ·126.00 150.00 900.00 1,690.00 25.93 122.70 88.00 50.00 200.00 62.50 815.01) 951.4IJ 1,145.65 1,674.70 1.002^7 1,000.00 370^00 1,400.00 1,216.90 240.60 872.77 ' 75.60 275.58 50.00 1,704.00 1,196:45 360.00 403.97 404.42 - 11S.65 781.JO ·148.02 113.35 210.50 . 368.00 ·19.00 . 124.00 226.00 305.00 1,300100 351^6 51.00 93.00 59.00 329.32 131J7 64.00 50.00 850.00 225.00 80.00 150.00 1,250.00 ·600.00 800.00 156.00 2(0.00 66.95 2.327.65 125.00 - 572.55 49.00 715.26 2,000.00 i East Connellsville Coke .Co. '854.05 Bcwwood Works . 155.9011^77.00 Total $162,792.27 Dwsoh. . . .. . _-- , . . '$·· .DAWSON, Jnly: 6:--Miss: .Grace JCrlm o( Pittsborg is visiting at the -x'home of her uncle. Frank. Husband.. : ;f ^Gasoline, 26c. ' Wells-Mills Motor ·fiCmr Co., Connellsville.--Adv-27-lt, ;.V' Miss Rosalyn- Pryce of- Connella- .Jytile--spent the-Fourth at the home ot 4V«" aunt, Mrs. J. C. McGill of North ..s-TJawson; -- · -. ' - · :;-.' Howard Knight of Yonngstown :-}!» Tisiting-his parents/Mr. and Mrs. ijfJL E..,vKnight of Divkerson Run over ;ir:.Mr. and Mrs. William Snowman of Ohiopyle. OHlOPYljE, July 6.--'Mrs. Edward Irwin .is the guest of Pittsburg rela" tivesifor a few days. Mrs. Annie Shaw returned yesterday to her home in Connellsvillc after a few days spent here. William Metzgar of Connellsville was a business 'visitor here yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Collins and daughter, Thelma, returned to Con- nellsvUle yesterday after a short visit spent here. ' " - ' · ' Mrs. Samnel Gales of Monessen is spending this week in Ohiopyle. X'Joungstown are spending a few days Miss Edna Wright of McKees Rocks rwlth friends and relatives. | is visiting Ohiopyle friends; ·· .£---IMrs. Charles Gaal and son spent j Mrs. Jock Woodmancy and mother, : ?I*nrsday at the home pi Mrs. Martin [Mrs. Anctta Shipley of aear Bidwell, '.jTla»ion in Connellsville. |were shopping in town yesterday. ; ·'VrMrs. E. -Hoke 'spent Thursday | Ir. H. P. Meyers of Confluence was Swith-friends In Scott Haven. j a professional caller In town yester- -v-Mrs.--Clarence McGill and family j day. Sirs- the guests over Sunday of Mrs. ] Mrs. Robinson and daughter, Helen. ·'3M. B. Pryce of Connellsville. : i7,-Mr. and Mrs.. J. F. Black and fam- flT.ipent Thursday with friends and relatives in Confluence. . ;.Mrs. A; J.. Manning was a Pitts- ; bur» -rtaitor Friday. : . . '·.^Lana.Bell Whipfcey. of East Daw- "»on is on the sick list with »a attack ·pf-app«nd5cltiB.- ' i-Mr. and Mrs. JOavld Scourfield and hare'-returned home from a Tistt !· OW«. ·i.3tr^:»nd.Mrs.:F.:P. Bute and Mr. and JMr«. Charles J. McGill and family .motored, to. tee Summit Thursday. -Dickerson Run. of Ursina are the guests of Ohlopylis friends fod a few days. Patronize those who aavertlse. . - D1CKBKSON - RUN. July 5.--M«, -Kobwt.KayloT and Mrs. Harry Sulli- l»a of McKeesport are spending a few day* here visiting their parents. . Jlr. and Mrs. William-Christ. l^jirs. A. E.:Kiaigh't.and Mrs. Wii- Uam Ramsey were calling on Connellsville Mends yesterday. · V..W...A- Smith, sijnaljmainlainer, Is olf-duty taking his usual annual 10- day-TacatKm- i';... .. ' ..'j : .Mrs.. J. B.- Crouse ,and daughter. Miss Martina, of Pittsbur? spent Jujy Fourth here .the gnest* of friends. "-Mrs. L«ona Coojiiienour'and -Miss T^oraine Ambrose of Vanderbllt spent tbe-Fonrth at Oakford Park. - -^iamea- O'JDonneirof" McKees Bochs spent TBundar here vlsItlnF tlvei and r friend«. ; ,-..'; TOO WEAK TO WORK Termont Woman Tells How she He. gained Her Health. :Altburg, VL -- 'l.was runnio.wii, . no appetite, and too weak to do my housework-- medicines . did not seem to help me until i tried Vinol -- I aoori noticed, an ImproTement, and am now- well, »trong, and able to do my work." --Lillian Babba. The" reason Vinol wu BO succeuful In .Miss Babb»'» case, . Is because It contains beef and cod liver peptones, iron and manganese' ' peptonates : and glycerophoEphates.' the. very elements needed to "build -up a weakened, rundown system, make rich, red blood and create strength. .- . Drug Co., CdneliBVille; D; NEWS OF THE DAY AT ML PLEASANT BRIEFLY RELATED Officers Find Stolen Eorci and are Seeking the Owner of It. FIRST AMERICAN nrDTAJf WITH MFATE'CTE AYIATOBS. SAILOR BOY TAKES BRIDE HERE Charles Skcr^m of United States SWp Wisconsin, is Honied to Hiss Catherine BoDiUng at St. John's Catholic Church; Child Breaks Ita Arm. , Si)ecf;il to .Th« Courier. . MOUNT PLEASANT, July 8.--A stolen Ford car was picked up n^ear the Standard store of. the H. C. F.rick Coke company by the local police, and i the' burgess had written .in to Harris- j burg, giving the number of the car ia an effort to learn the name of the person whose car it was. Saturday evening Ralph Nelson, driver_cf the fire truck, had driven the Po'rd out and put it alongside tUe building about 11 P. M., and went to Crusan's barber shop around the corner. When he returned a few minutes-'later he found that .the lock had been broken and a brand new tire and rim had been stolen from the car. .. ' . Bonning-Skergan. . Charles Skergan. who has served four years in the navy and is aboard the U. S. S. Wisconsin and is home on a furlough., and Miss Catherine Bonning were married Saturday morning at 8.30 o'clock at- St. Joseph's church by, the Rev. John Hacfcett. Miss Kirk played the wedding march. The attendants were John Bonning and Miss ROB« Skergaa. A wedding breakfast was served at the bride's Bast End home.and the young couple left on a short wedding trip. Mr. Skergan will return to duty tomorrow. I Bnaks Bis Arm. i While Kenneth Miller, son of Mr. j and Mrs. John Miller 'of, SmiUifleld street, was playing on a couch yes-! terday he fell off,, suffering a compound fracture of the right forearm. He Is six years old, letter From Orerjfw. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Walker hanre received a letter from tfleir son, Frank Walker, who Is overseas, stating that he was very much surprised to have John Fltzpatrick of this place, who Flowberth W. Rlchesitor is the first American Indian aviator to join the j Ialnyette eecadrllle. whlcU Is now a part of the American Hying forces in France. IN MISERY FOB YEARS Mr*. Courtney Tells How She | Was Cured by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. Oskaloosa, Iowa.--" For years I was simply in misery from a weakness and awful pains--a n d nothing seemed to do me any good. A friend advised mo to take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. . 1 did so and got relief right away. I can certainly recommend this valuable medicine to other women who suffer, for it has done s u c h good id I know it will help Army for about three years., lo come into bis quarters to see him the day he" was writing Mi letter. Paul Mullfn and Lewis Brown, who are members of the army school in Pitts-burg,' are home for the week-end. Mlsaes Anna and Blanche Galley have gone to Washington. D. C., where the former will taico np government work. Mr. and Mrs. John Grantz and family of Cosaocton, O-, are the guests or Mr. and ifrs. John Grantz of tills place. Mrs. Catherine Dnllinger returned home on Saturday from LJgonier. sphere she has spent a week with friends.' · Mrs. Anna Mortlctrore has returned home from a visit paid Mr. and Mrs. Dick Mortimore of Connellsville. We8t ^ orttxa*, Iowa. Why will women drag along from day to day, year in and year out, suffering such miseTy'as did Mrs. Courtney, when such letters as this are continually being published. Every woman who snffem from displacements, irregularities, ia- flammation, ulccration, backache, ner- voosness, or who is passing through the rf "fe should rave | Bpec j a i aSvice write Lydia E. Pinkham ; Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass. The result of i*s long experience is at your service. Yonr Child's Skin will be free from chafing, ftcafdmg emptioni and all porcneaa if you use Sykes Comfort Powder For more than 25 yean it has been healing end preventing fckin »orca«u. 2Sc at the Vtnol and other drug ztorea The Comfort Ponder Co., Boston, Mass. PARAMOUNT JHEATRE 10e --TODAT-- "THE BUSINESS TRIUMPH OF A DEBUTANTE" IS PICTURED IN THE "WINNING OF BEATRICE" A 5 ACT METRO SCREEN DRAMA OF ROMANCE AND LOVE, STARRING BEAUTIFUL 'MAY AlilSON ALSO A GOOD COlfEDY IX 2 ACTS. --TOMORROW-- " " '·_, . - Sor.ic strange current of mystery was sweeping her along." Her father had been killed, her lawyer too, and her sweetheart accused- of the murder. What was it all about? See Irene Castlo In the tlirUl- ] ing play "THE HILLCREST MYSTERY" Also a Good Comedy. C. Euon, Dunbar, and druitglsU ;ev- crywhere. -- ^ LOCAL A?n LOJfG DISTANCE MOTISI3S. Trl^tate S70. W W f Inffolfr? Kcsldence 101 Haas Bell 848. I f . IT. - PA. PKACTICE THKIFTi ' SiTlag.iccoaat ut Itaak Solvri Thrift ''" pa. of the,way» -to pwctlpe to opeii a savlncs account with The Citizen* i National Dank and. Increase tiie-account ae much u. poulbls by odlltioml deposits. Tbli plan- will lead to a Jcdleloru, careful handling t "o£'y^yri-.. p«Monal'- or. hoiiMhold expenses and you will eaasUatly have a'-llttla nonay left orer for joiir bank ··.craunt, W« corilUllr, lwrtt» deposits .1 my amount. This bank Is Ideated iibsblutely Removes ·· Indigestion.; Druggists ORPHEUM THEATRE TODAY AKD TOMORROW DOUOLAS PAIRBANKa IN "JER. FEEJT" An Arteraft Pictuie. Alse a Gaod Comedy. CHICHESTER S PILLS W^ . f l M . M . - - w f t A --COMIKG-- Guy Empey In vox imr Good Music An Essential in Every Home The New Edison Essential to Good Music Music has been deemed essential in the various great military cantonments throughout this country. Its value in developing proper morale--its' value as a developer of patriotism--and the keen pleasure it gives'the men, have been quickly recognized. · ' What good mimic does for the men :Jn camp, it "will do for the rest o'f the family at home. Too many homes are without music, and need not be, when the NEW EDISON can supply them with actual re-creations of the world's best music, both vocal and instrumental. Free Concerts on the NEW EDISON Every Day--Come and Bring Friends We know you'll enjoy these concerts. Every one does. They are absolutely free and your attendance carries with it no obligation whatsoever to buy. Come today or tomorrow, just whenever and as often as you wish. An attendant will gladly play your favorite selections.--Edison Department, Second Floor Annex. The ahovo Illustration is of the Edison official Laboratory model . There are a number of other styles, in finishes to go witi yonr othRr "fine fur- nitnre. ,Trices varied. Wanted Styles in Women's and Children's --Children's onerpiece Bathing Suits in a ! number of good colors,--at 76c and $1.00| --Ladies' Wool 'Jersey Suits.--at to, W.9S | and np to $11.50. I --Ladies',Cotton Jersey Suits,--at $3 to to- I --Ladles' Surf Cloth and Mohair Suits.--at S2.6B to $8.00. Separate Bathing Tights, cotton,--at $1.25. Wool--«t «U». Bathing Caps More attractive than ever in tholr pretty shades and delightful new color combinations, of pure rubber, and excellent values, at 2Sc to SOc. For Your Vacation Trip You Probably Wffl.Need Many people are planning early vacations this year because of increased fares soon to go in force-which has accounted.for-a great demand for luggage. Exceptionally well are-we prepared to meet it with cases in all wanted styles for both, men and women, to say nothing of the finest assortment of traveling bags and trunks in Fayette county. --Bag's to sell at $3 to $85. --Cases to sell at $1.50 to $25. --Trunks to sell at $6 and up. Dainty Summer Neckwear White Washable Satin, georgette crepe, fllet and organdy collars--attractive styles--at 75e to $4.50 each. Women's Silk Hose Dependable Qualities in a number ^ of shades. Including brown and tan, at CL25, H.7 12.23, $2.50 pair. . Women's Silk Gloves A big assortment in white and colors with contrasting embroidery--at $1-25, $1.50. $1-75 pair. Toilet Goods Dainty and lasting Perfumes and Toilet Waters, including botli best French and domestic makes. Service Flags Silk, cotton and wool Flags with one ' or two stars, all sizes.--at S5c to $-4.00 each. . Soldier Kits Soldiers' khaki-covered Comfort Kits, waterproof, either complete or to be filled,--at $2,00 to KM each. Social Stationery Latest ideas of Eton, Crane and Pike in white and all suitable shades,--at 40c to $5.00 box. Orders left here for social engraving of highest order arc promptly and carefully executed. Children's Parasols Children's Parasols in various popular sizes-plain colors or fancy designs--with silk loops on handles--at 25c to S1.SO each. Linen Towels Irish Linen Huck Towels, soft finish, with hemstitched borders,-- at ?1.50 to $2.00 each. Women's Colored Umbrellas Colored Silk Umbrellas in green, purple, brown and blue with satin borders and silk loops or very smart Bone ring on handles, -- at ?6 to. J10. Minerva Yarn In all-silk, all-wool and silk-mixed, showing -all the new bright shades suitable for Summer sweaters, -- at 55c to 75c halL -Minerva Khaki and Oxford yarns for armyiand navy, -- at oOc and COc ball. Embroidery 40-inch Swiss all-over Embroidery in small designs, suitable for waists and dresses, -- at- $1.75 and $2.00 yard. 27-inch Organdy Embroidery Flouncing for children's dresses,-- at S2.00 yard. Porch Cushions Beautiful cretonne porch cushions in assorted floral designs, -- at $1.00 and $L£0 each. Knitting Bags A new assortment of cretonne knitting bags, in. many colors and styles,--at S5c to 53.00- Foulards 40-Inch printed Silk Foulards in navy, tanpa, black and plum backgrounds with white and colored designs,--at $2.50 and $3.00 yard. Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% on Every $100 You Spend--Save Them. STOCK AHT) TAILORED TEST OF STRIPED IJTNElf. Smartly mannish sleek and tailored vest ef striped linen for wear with the tailored suit. ; . · THE THEATBE THAT PLATS ONLY THE BEST Come When You Please. Stay As Long As Yon Like. THE HIT OF THE SEASON "THE MILLION DOLLAR BABIES" A Cast of Artists Featuring Miss Nina Belle, Late of Aborn Opera Co. Al. Berger and C. B. Gayles, Comedians That Are Puniy. SIX BEWITCHING DANCING DOLLS Special Scenery Wonderful Gowns On' the Screen--Helen Holmes in "THE LOST EXPRESS"

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