The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 8, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, July 8, 1918
Page 6
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-'IT PAGE SIX. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVEULE. PA. MONDAY, JULY 8, i.918. -I Oe News o/ Nearby ' Towns. ·v ··· · · · · --.- · .. r SmithfieW. 3MITHFIELB,' July. .-.--Mr. lad ·Mrs. E. L. Downey, Mr." and, Mrs. X'l»rk Downey. Mr. »nd Jlre. a. A. Feither, Ray Feather and:Miu Mar7- Brdwaflerd -Fairmont, -V?.. ,".Vai., Sundf.y to'attend Vs»tlieriii£ 61 relatives and friends" ol Dr. James Brownfield »t his homeCth ere, thb.\oc- casion' being the aantvenarr ot his " ' "'' ' ' " " fi- 6-f.i.v. K : -'"'- . . . . . . . . . ... Mrs. Cunninghioj h«a ., received a .letter froci her, husband, .Oryille Cun-, . jiiniham. and also one .from tic-, war. department ttllinj h«r ot hi« ufe ar. " riTal in JSanee.. JUe :we»t'.with .a conV - lirgent from Camp .Lee, Ya. Tne coal, minej in this section all operated to capacity cm the Fourth. Tb» Stone. Coal -* '.Coke- -eomnaay ;a»d» their run on th» BJgbt f the : third so that any who desired might ; lake the Fourth, '.'.. · . ' . . ! .. This was the quieteat FourtS ex- parieaced ia'the memory of the .-oldest inhabitant. Only to* the autoa pawini throujh and a few icatterins 'report* .of Hre crackers on back lots and alleys, a atran- g«r p«sainj throujh might have ____ thought the town.waa abudonrd.- '_ A card to his moUwritrom Walter _Brownfleld..i»J». recently enlisted. in . , ta« nary., stated be had. jjaoed the ex. . aarnnioc and . wai then earoute ~via . . Waatiniton, B. C., to Fort Hoy*l; S.C. Hiaa Xaiy. S. Woolsey, who visited . relatlres in this community for sereral days, retorted to her home in Hazelwood Friday. Harry Bculey and- mother. Mrs. Aaron Hosier. Nicholson · township; _ Mr. and Mrs. C. 0. Bosley and daughter Beatrice, Srajthoeld, motored to Unientoxm Thursday evening and at- leaded the John S. «ortoa of Morton's Mill. was a boroncb business visitor Friday. · " James Miller and family ot lie-public, Tisited .-relatives in this section - Thursday. ·- ....... · - . " Born, ta Mr. and -Mrs. George Howell, July 4, a baby |irl. ---- Dr. J.- E. -Howard-made a protest sional Tisit to Bow-wood Friday. " Prof. J. T. King believes he,' holds' the record on the conservation of.gas- oline, in running hi* Ford to Heis. -tersbnrg and retnrn here, a distance? :of 40 miles,, on 1 3-4 gcllons of gaso-- ! (line. He made. the whole distance on( ; Wgh - with the exception oC Kiger's ·hill, near Smithfleld. . ., Try c«r classified advertisements. Confluence. ,- July S.-- Mr. and Mrs. J.~K. Thrasher are improving from the injuries received on July 4 in an -automobile- accident. R. B. Silbaugh and H. P. Burnworth of Johnson .Chapel were business visitors 1n, town Saturday. , '·'·-. Mr.- andrJCrs. Charles D. Bn^gs have returned to their borne In 'Windber after visiting friends here several, days. . . . . - . ' . .' Mr. and Sirs. M. K; Osier and; son have jeturned. from a visit with Mr. and: Mrs. .Charles McDonald at Deal, *».-. · - ' · ' . ' · - -,'· ··' - ' : . AIvin.'Burnwdrth was -a business Visitor to- Friends.ville yesterday. : Mrs. Ella Zufall . of Connellsville :is vlsiUng ··relatives : here at present. , Mr. and Mrs. Alvln Porterfleld have ·returned tq : their home in East Pitts- inrg,- after '-visiting. Mi. PorterfielB's pareats-: here -several . rtaysl ';. Mrs. 'Mollie^Kretchinan and graud- daugnter, Mary, Ellen Groff, left Saturday, for a .visit with Weeds at Unamis. · , ·. ^ ·_ . ' _ ..Rev.. William 'Grantz was in Humbert . yesterday holding services in the Union church, there. ' : Mrs. J. b.'Reiber has rettrrneij from aVyisit with her daughter 'and son-in- law, Mr. and -Mrs. G. A. Wagner 'in Connellsville.- ·':· ~. · - Samuel Grantz -has returned to his work in PUtsBurg after visiting bis parents here several · days. Clarence Brown has returned to his work in Fairmont,- W. Va., after visiting his :parents ;1 ere for a few days. PLAYER HAS NERVE TO WEAR MUSTACHE Dunbar. DONBAR. July 8,--Mrs. Ada mana and daughter Rachel, Mrs. -Var- garst Carr and Miss Sadie Patterson of Brownfleld, motored to Baltimore, Md-., and from there to Philadelphia, where they will visit relatives. Gasoline, 26c. Wells-MiHs Motor Car Co.. Connellsvllle.- ; -Adv-2T-4t Mrs. 0. G. Tischer was calling on .friends in Conellsville .Saturday night Mrs. Ada Semaas and Mrs. Margaret Carr spent Sunday in Brownfleld-with friends and relatives. - Mrs. Margaret Jacobs; Miss Mary :Hogan, H. Boughmer and.3. Ganteau motored to Washington,. Pa., Sunday. John Wishart and Emil Grociien motored ffom Somerfield Sunday^ with twi n«w cars. . Mr. and Mrs. 3. W. Greaves visited in Connellsville Hupday. Mr. and 'Mrs. .'·.' Adam Wortman! of .Bast Millaboro, are the .guests of ifriends and relatives here over Sun- .a»T-'.'. .. . ' ' .'". . . ' . . . Mrs. L. Caneo spent a few hours in .Conellsville Saturday night: . . Mrs. Millie Hay and . daughter ·loved here ··iake their home at present with her 'sister, Mrs.: Wi S. Gaddi*.. . . . _ , . . . ' Mis* Ruth WUhetm' of Dicker son Rim, was the guest of relatives here over Sunday. - . - "Mr. and Mrs. Ed Crowe visited ia Connellsville Saturdayj . ,, ; 1,. Charles Wprtman of! ^ sp»nt.a few hours here Sunday... , Miss Grace · Wilson, who: bis spent Ike past .winter in Ohio. ^teaching school, returned home to spend.the summer with her parents. ' . Misses Birdie Kelly and Evelyn Kelly returned home from PltUburg irhers they'had spent the pant week. f .Earl Tirisnart visited 'in : Pittsburg Sunday. -·· · - . - - · - Mr. and Mrs. William Wall of-Ak- jon, 0., who have been the guests- of 9Ir... and. Mrs. Andrew .Wishart,.-rfr turned home Sunday. Patronize those who advertise. If Tn Wart 9»»eOU» · Advertise la oar cis»«i3«d ool- onut~.OB»~«e«t"a. ward. It hss .been some years since a ball player has bad the nerve to wear a mustacha during the playing season. but this spring Catcher John Henry ot the Boston Braves grew on*. Mustaches, went on't of existence among bail.players when John Tltns-left the big leagues some years .ago and none has had the nerve to display one until Henry came, to bat this- year. He probably became brave enough :to sprout one because be plays with the Braves. CATCHER FOR BILL DONOVAN J. Howard Barry'* Father Wai Member of Many Clubs--W»i Diaeoverar '-'.,.; : of Buck Htraoo. - ' J.-HowsjMl Berry was a Dame known In'-baseball circles.before the now famous an-round.athlete.of Pemn becoion a headUrier on account of his wonde£ fid versatility and skill In sport J. Howard Berry, Sr, was a professional ball player who was a member of more dobs than usually Is the.ex- perience'.of even the most migratory ballplayers. . ' He" was a playmate In his youth of Jesse Burkett.. He played for Bock- ford, 111., under-Huga .Nlcol, with the Athletic* of Philadelphia, with Tom Burns of Hartford, with Wnterbury as catcher for Wild Bill Donovan, wlih Philadelphia Nationals, and other minor league and semi professional teams. It was Berry, Sr., who'recommended Buck Herzog for hla first professlonnl engagement with the Tort: York club of the Trl-State league. JOHNSON LEAGUE GIVES ·ALL CHEST TO SOLDIERS President Ban Johnson ot the' American League of Baseball inb«, announce! that In re- ·pcnw to an appeal of the Red Cross for. baseball niulpment for the use of hospital units over- .;aeas hla. organlratlon has appropriated. ISflOO for the pur- . poce and that shipment of par. aphernalla will start Immediately for Franc*.'' -The shipment win Include 2,000 balls, SCO bats, SO first basemen's mitts, SO catchers' (feres, 150 Inflelders' ; mltta, 100 chest protectors and 50 masks. FRENCH SOON BECOME REAL BASEBALL FANS As Enthusiastic Over Hit for Three Bases as for Boot H«v« Net teamed That Most Danger- ou* Plat* to Stand, and Watch I* Behind . Bit--Blfl Entertain. . ment for the Strollers. Are tjie French people baseball f«ns? 00 1» 1»; anyone .who was out on the Bots de Boulogne on a recent Sunday and law the thousands of excited Purl- ·tana · crowding aronnd the' two baseball diamonds wonld answer that question "Oui.r Tie games were staged between the Medical Department Bepalr STiop-No. 1 and the Searchlight Division, on one diamond and the Red Cross drivers and T. M. C. A. nine on another.; Bnt the fans didn't know who was playing-nor did they care, says Stars and Stripes. Whenever someone cracked not « blnger for three bags, a cborns «f whatever is French for "Atta boy!" rose from the crowd. And whenever the shortstop made a boot and let the ball get through to left acid. Die tans liked it just as well as 11 be'd made the assist. And the Paris games are the first in history where the nmpiro has n chance'with the bleachers. The reason Is that they dont know what or why or wherefore Is the umpire. And .the umpires, to date, aren't giving interviews to tto Paris dallies eiplaln- · Ing the duties of their positions. But these new friends of our national game must learn that the woret ^place to stand while watching a gnme 'Is behind the catcher. In the recent games they were crowded wifhfn two feet of the plate and It -was imnossl- 'ble to keep them bncfc. "C'est dnnser- eni!" an American -would yell at them. "Ah, cml," they agreed and moved back all at two inches. Those games tan for only flve innings, and within that time there were several casualties. "When a fonl came screaming over their bends, they langh- ed; when the catcher let a bad one pass tapped a fan on the head, everybody came back for more. There are bound to be some serious Injuries when the lencue opens if provisions are not made to beep the enthusiasts from acting as backstops. Aa a baseball game it wouldn't have got very many' paragraphs on a home sporting page, bnt as rjitertaln- ment for the strollers to Boise de Bon- logoVlt was a world beater. SATlOXAIi LEAGUE. · . . Yesterday's Results. Chicaco 6: New York 1. , .St. Louis .3; Brooklyn 2. ·Brooklyn 2; St. Louis'!.. .. Cincinnati 5; Philadelphia 2. Philadelphia 4; Cincinnati 3. .*Ten innings. . · - .Standing of the Clubs. . : ' '. . W. L. PCt. Chicago _1 49 20 .710 New York --43 26 .623 Pittsburg' _ Philadelphia | Boston ----. (Brooklyn -Cincinnati. -_ St. Louis _ Gny Morton gave evidence the other day that h"e hud completely recovered from the bad nrm which kept him one ot the game the greater part of last year, when he shut out the lied Sox with one hit, winning 1 to 0. Chivington'a New Job. Tom Chlvinpton, former president of the American 1 association, is with ffie Colonels as business manager. _35.- 34' .507. __S3 .34 .493 __3I 30 .443 _.?0 38 1441 _27 · '40 - .403 __27 44 .380 Today's Schedule. Boston at .Pittsburg. Brooklyn at St. Louis. New York at Chicago. Philadelphia at Cincinnati. AXEBICAJT LEAGUE. Yesterday's Results, St. Louis 3; Washington 0. Boston ----Cleveland -New York _ Washington Chicago ..._ St. Ixinis Detroit __ Philadelphia. Standing ei the Clubs. W. L. 31 33 31 36 36 38 41 44 -.43 --39 35 36 Pet. .575 .56« .557 .526 AM .486 .414 .371 Today's Schedule. Cleveland at Boston. Chicago at New York. Detroit at Philadelphia. St. Louis at Washington. 1 TCire BUI Pusses. WASHINGTON, July 6.--After President Wilson sent word to Democratic leaders o! his desire for the immediate adoption, of the resolution nmpowerins him to take ' over the telegraph and telephone systems the House today, acting under a rule limiting debate to two hours, gave him the legislation requested by a vote of 221 to 4. Just Over the Bridge Connells-rflle (West Side) SERVICE STATION Carroll Battery Co. A Factory Trained Battery Han. Emphatically Asserts Worn Out. Lagging Men Can Quickly Become Vigorous and Full of Ambition 7 A DAY FOR 7 DAYS Don't blame the man who Is perpetually tired; his blood needs more red eorpuBclea atid his brain and nerrea ar« cr»Ttnp for food. Oiren the rJfrht hind of medicine, any ttred-out. Inactive, larvtur fel- lovt can quickly be made Into a real ltv«. ·nerfetlc and ev«n ambitious man. Bo »ayn a student of the nervous ·ystem who ndvieti» all men and women who f«el worn out and who Und it hard to get up ambition ·npuvii to talc* a regular job to yet a pfl.ckaijo of Elo-feren at any drugfflit Tht« Is the ne-w discovery tljat pharmacieta are reconimenfllng 1 'because it is not expensive and npeedily puts visjor and ambition Into people who despaired of ever amounting- to -·.nytHng- in life. People whose nerves have been wrecked by too rapid living, too much tobacco or alophoJ, have regained thslr. old-time confident* and *fi*rRy fn 1»M than two waeks. No matter from what caiiM yo«r nertea ·went back on you; no matter how run down, Barrou* or- tired out you are. get an original package "of Blo-feren at. once. Take two tablet! after each meal and on* before bed- time--Mren 'a day for sewn days-then one after each meal till all ar« gone. Then If you still lack ambition; it your nerv«« are not steady anci you haven't the energy that red-blooclod, .ke«n-mlnd«4 m»n posseas, your pur- chaBe money -will be ajladly returned. jr«t« t* Par«!«!··· i There !· no secret a.bout the formula of Bio-feren, It in printed on every package. Here ft f e: Led thi n; Calcium Gly c*ro- phosphate; Iron Peptonate; Manganese Feptonatc; Ext. Nux. Vomica; Powdered Gentian; Phenolphthaleln; Olearesin Capsicum; Kola. Extraordinary Sale CEDAR CHESTS AT THE Zimmerman- Store Dozens and dozen* of the newest styles in every size to choose from. The latest period designs are here, as well as the less ornate storage chests. Every chest embraced in this great collection (the largest in the city) is made of genuine Tennessee Red Cedar .and every one protects garments absolutely against moth destruction. See the Stirring Values in Big Cedar Chests at $14-50 $19.50 $24.50 Plain or Copper Trimmed Styles Zimmerman-Wild Co, The Big Store Near the Bridge Cpnnellsville's Most Progressive Furniture Store LET AN EXPERT DO IT TCheit You Arc Sot tp to the Mark Il*st See Xc First, . Specialties: All Stomach disoiucs, Blood, disease?. Asthma, Bronchi tij, Itkeu mutism, Eladdcr and Kidney diseases. Nervous disease's and all dis- ·onJerod cohdiUoita- oT both 'sexes. . 1 accept cases only that can be helped or cured. DR. fiMl«y Onlr DIJDIGESCE Ilf THE GAEDEX PATS By .diligence and care in the garden, the production is enhanced many fold. So with accumulating money -- regular deposits with us, aided by the interest we add, assure the growth of funds. Start an account with us. This - ib the only bank in this community paying 4% interest on Savings Accounts. Another Liberty Bond Issue In October Another opportunity to make a splendid investment and at the same time help win tie ·war. Belter get ready for it right NOW. Join our Liberty Bond Club. And pay for a bond in easy, ~w«elt- Jy instalments. Come i^ for full information. ·r Y. M. C. A. Calls for 4000 Men The following /olunteers wanted immediately for overseas' service:--500 Business Men; 500 Chauffeurs and M=chanics;3tX)P;i;-5«cal Directors;500 SocialSecrct:ir;e$;2iKK)HutSjcretaries. For information, write E.D. Poui-h, % Y.M.C.A.,347 Madison Avt: N.Y.f -! - * Want Ad--1 Cent a Word. Yough House RESTAURANT LTnder Ncn Management. A Clean Quiet Place for Your Runtly to Eat. Let Us Know What You' Want and How You Want It GOOD SERVICE. Sit. C. J. Armstrong, Prop. MOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS 'BOTH PHONES OPPMAHS TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. atronize Those j - Who Advertise.; BBSI NATSONAL BANK 129 W. Crawford Are, ConnellsriDe. Tlie Br.nk that Dues Things for Ton" Checking Accounts Invited. READ TEE COUBEER. J. N. Trump W/HITE LINP W TRANSFER U MOTOR TRUCK «· WAGON*. ItOVING AND BOI9T1HQ l-IA-VOS A SPECIALTY. omc« KKt E. Grap« Aflcy, Opp«- ·Ite P. R. H. Depot. Bnfh »E»K--M She Had B«en Slthmr, Pe}« Wonld Hire Been in

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