The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 8, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, July 8, 1918
Page 4
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r i-JT-T-1 -f -· J., JlJiJJt 5, 13Q.S. I, * V £ I F. #:·' ?%· '", HENRT P. SNTDBR. Founder »nc: Editor. 1873-lMi. t- THE C01IKIKK COMPANY. . :. - F^ttildent. ·· ·'· JAMES J. DltlBCOLL.. Stc'y and Trea-'L BuslneM Man ' JOKS ij. IJAUS. :; ···-;:. .;- Managing .EdHcr. · * : ~ l =-· WA1TEH S. SITUJMEL. " Cltx Editor. : .^MISS LTNKE a K1NCEI.U. .;· 8oci»ty .Editor.- :·_'-,,·... · MEMBERS OF : -:- Associated -P - ^ . . . . . . BureaU*ot;-C!lreol»tfoii. .-. rania X««o«l»ted?T»UI«"-, TSro cent* per copyT'sOoTper.. month; r»r year bj- malijlf '^il-ta adTanne. liitered as second 'class matter, 'at ' ' a- · Miierea as t ·*- tk*--,postofflcij, Bbapliai Unit Is--American- E*- "neditionary Porc»i.7Fl»B?*rt"» ':. ;; RALPH ;r, ! supm.: ;, ;:· '·· Company U. SUtk, Imttmar.. ; If N. A.. American Eipeul- t; tionary. I'orccs.^Vranc*. : · ·· JUCBAE^GitCSAUDO. . :: HAKotidacBBT^ ..,,".:.-. Buriary B. urt.or -FUrld.- Artii-. · ·- lery, 5Sth - !·" O.. Am ;; ary ' pnns- F. :lTtJi:B5»:l^««« S. A.. Fixrt-Myer. ,Va- . " Kompany : E. I ·· (Railway). J " dltlonary FoSce»r?ran««. "··- · ;: JAMES J. McPARTUAND. Company B. «Srd En»in«r5. :: ( Railway). 7;Eonrra« n l» ml » -- Harrlsonr -In«lanapo- ---- lis. 'indiana. RUSSELL LENHART. U. 3. a Preaiilent Grant U. ». ,1 Navy. CAR1. STEHLE, 3Td Company. ;Ut Battalion. In- « fantry Raplttcetnent Bri- - · " rade. Camp Lee. Va. Germany's Confession -AdnU Guilt of Her Crime Af»in»t Civilization Part i: ^It:;has come at last. "-After protesting innocence and brazenly denying guilt for nearly I four years,, Germany h«s, admitted.her.'eriflJe- against, civ- mzktioni:-i,, · ..,-·,'· ..;. ; She bas done it through-lier former ambassador in England, .Prince Lich- nowiky., He has been corroborated by a foVmer" director" of the great Krupp gun factory, a Dr. Muhldii. And the trutii.'or their testimony has been sub- stantiallT :admitted-by itie mail .who was Gerta'ahy's foreign .'minister when prince 'Llchnpwsky was .German ambassador t in '. ,Lon'don--namely, Herr von Jagow. . - \ . · : v-.IThe documents in the case have b,e*u. Obtained.-by_ the.'State Department_at...Washington;and' translated. Tii»y -are complete and. convincing. ' "Aflef'ieiti'Qg'forth all.the damning ···tor ·! nfA**ftlmtf*PTtmf. ''Th« Associated Press U «x-- elusively entitled to the use for pipublication....»t all the .n«w3 dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited .in this paper ahd also the ..local news published herein. N'-V ."' -. OCCASION Indiana Democrats »re plainly very much exercised bj the- thought of Colonel Roosevelt.'-.'Not''only ' President Marshall in his address to the recent state convention take occasion to make an indelicate allusion to the'ex-President, but ..the platform congratulated the country that Roosevelt-had- not beeii permitted to on- abeathe his sword in the nation's detune. That, at any rite, is 'thV interpretation, to.- be. placed upon, the plank which 1 felicitates tte country that "no hasty expedition, organized for personal "exploitatibh|""was seat' iibroad Thli deserves to take its place as »n evidence of Democratic gratitude alongside of Geors;e Creel's thaaks to God that the United States .went -'.'to w»r with Germany without .'previous preparation. - 1ETTESS. By Caroline '.Tlcknor. Are we, the women of this- country, helping the Kaiser with our pens? We are assuredly, in ; every gloomy.. ·wor- risome depressing; letter we SMI 1'. to dmmpen the spirit!! and take the heart out of a soldier in field .or camp. If Wf do this, we art crippling the army of America and .strengthening ,th« uecny, even though we are knitting day-and; night, putting our monty into Liberty; Bonds, and helping "Hoover conscientiously. In an enlightening article entitled "T»e Woman Behind the Sollier," Mri. Rkimehart has offered the following report made after first-hand study of "In ono great array camp, 50,090 let- ten are received each day, nearly all ·written by women. A careful investigation has shown that one in five, or 10JOO letters a day in that ono camp, art. of the sort to take the very soul one. of a 'man. And the investigation shoved-that on the day a man received.* discouraged and peevish' letter from home he was far beldw"hi-nor- mal'efficiency." Mrs .Rhinehart concludes. JJat if a Ilk* proportion of this type of depres- eiml letters are being sent, to France, th« writers are doing their part to sap the strength and courage of one-nitli cf our forces. Is this a trifling aid to Germany,; or is it notT-;-; ; t£e past twelve.^ anonthsnit fca* been my privilegc^torread a great number of soldier*' letten^vrittan byj tb- rel*UTes,:friends, itmiuiirs, u Willis countless otkeri *T«prfnt«d by the daily press. la'aH'of'thes* :l waste? 1 ' Dr. Muhlon, of the board of Krupp's directors, does not make a summing up. He merely gives evidence that in tueimiddle of .July, 1934, he bad a business conversation with a director or the Deutsche Bank in .Berlin, who advised him that the bank would not assist'Krupps In "certain large transactions in Bulgaria and Turkey" be cause the political situation had "be- eoma' very. menacing" - and the Deutsche Bank would have to wait "before entering into any further engagements abroad." This director of the Deutsche Bank was' Dr. Helfferich, since vice chancellor, of Germany. He. explained: ."The Austrtuis have just been with the Kaiser. In a week's time Vienna will send a very severe ultimatum, -to Serbia, with, a very abort interval for an answer. * * j A whole series of definite satisfactions ' will be demanded at once; otherwise Austria-Hungary will declare war on Serbia." . This is the ultimatum about which the German authorities have insisted they were not consulted. Dr. MuhloVcoatinues;. "Dr. Helt- ferich added that the Kiser had expressed his t decided approval 'of this procedure on the part of Austria- o?- mediation "In the days I Hungary.. He had'aoid'that he re- 6'etween". the' 23rd-'and.-30th of- July,]garded'a conflict with Serbia as ah 1914. We did- 'tiiis'' after ~Mr. Sasano;* | internal affair between 1 these two (the Russian .foreign emphatically declared tolerate .an attack on .Serbia, upon pressure evince": a|iainot'' : .'.Germany, Prince JUcbnowsky 5Ums it up: 'First We encouraged Count Berchtoid (the Austrian foreign minister)" to attack Serbia, although no German interest-'was involved and the danger of a vorltV war must have been known to us.·· -Whether or not we kdew -the "text of .the .Austrian ulti- jnaXiinu£6 Serbia: makes no difference whatever. I - . . - - . ' , . . ' - ' ' - . ~ ' "Second; We rejected 'Great Brit- WANTED -- CARPENTERS carpenter hejpers to build construction cam? 'at Fayette station. Good waffes. Apply to A. Iy. ANDERSON BROS.,' JN'C., Fayette station. 5julytC thU town ia destroyed by fire, tavolVinfi: a loss.of about $300. . 1 ... Preparations arc being made by] the ·WANTED-^-TyAITER; : CHAMBBR- Fresbyterian Sunday school f o r . , a maid and thfrd : trick cook. Best wages basket picnic to be held at Ohlopyle paid. CUFF'S RESTAURANT, Water next .week. . s street. 5july7t' Harry Stout and Charles F. Hood are slightly injured when they drive their buggy into a deep "washout near the Davidson bridge, FiUsburg street, while returning 1 home from Scottdalc. Telegraph Operators' Lewis and Coburn are arreste.d on complaint of Cap- j Gibson on Sunday. They turn the tables on the captain by causing his arrest on the charge of working on Sunday. Squire Lytle imposed a nominal fine all around. Ground Is broken at Mount Pleasant for a new-opera house with a seating capacity of 1,200. Mrir. Elizabeth Moyer, 14 yearn old. dies. The trout flshjing season has closed with Walter M, P* 1 His total catch' . 'Hits the champion, was 10,056 speckled minister) bad j countries, In which he would permit he could not j no other state to interfere. If Russia Sorbia: after i inobiUEcd, lie would mobilize also, from Jlussia j But in. bis case mobilization meant im- and England, had. accepted nearly the !whole'.'of;the' ultimatum, all but two points',' in themselves not hard to adjust; -and even after Count Berchtoid (the Austrian foreign minister) was ready to b« satisfied with the Serbian answer. "Third. 'On'the 30tb of July, with .Count.. Berchtoid -.willing -to listen to reason, before Austria was touched, on the mere mobilization: of Russia, 'wit iea'f our ultimatum to Russia and on the.Slst of July we declared war on "Russia; although tie Czar had pledged his .word that as lmg as negotiations were going on not one man would be sent on the march.. We thus deliberately destroyed every chance of a peaceful settlement. «/'lt wonder that in the presence' of these indisputable facts the mediate war." · "This uncanny communication," Dr. MulUaa says, "converted my fears of a world war, .which were already strong,' into absolute certainty." He consulted with HeVr Krupp von Bohlen h:ims*Jf, in Berlin. And Krupp confirmed the news. He said "that the Kaiser had told him (Krupp) that he woufd declare war immediately if Russia mobilised, and that this time people would, see that be did not turn about. .The Kaiser'* repeated Insistence that this time nobody would be able to accuse him of indecision had, .he said, been almost co-mic in Us effect." .'"-On the day when the Austrian ultimatum to Serbia was delivered the Kaiser was on a yachting trip in the North Sea, That fact has often been whole civilized world outside of Ger- j advanced as a proof of German inno- 'iriany JayY the entire blame for "thet cenc». But when Dr. Muhlon read world, war. at. : our door. Is H not · the ultimatum to Serbta he- had an- natural that our foiis declare they will! other interview with Hclfferlch, and not rest until they" have destroyed a j h e testifies that "Helfferich said to system which is a perpetual menace: ma that the Kaiser had gone on his to its neighbors? Must they not ; north-crn cruise only as a -blind; he otherwise fear that in a few years j had not arranged the cruise on the they will again be compelled to talt« j usual extensive scale, but was re- up arras and see their provinces over-: mainlng close at hand and keeping In run. their cities and villages laid {constant touch." / the coirrase of our men, what w i l l ' they be when possibly they are con-i fronted with the real hardship and p r l - j ] vauon r which is . now the portion of their European sisters? HABVEST TTXK. i gettln' on to harvest time, the heavy work Is done, The fruits are turnin' red an* brown, beneath the summer sun; I've borne the heat an' faced the rn-tn an' stood ta week?' o* toll An' mol with disappointment an' fiomo mighty stubborn soil. FRIDAY. JULY .S 1SIW. Detfiiled report jif Lhft Connelly-Hie coke trade" lor the week ending July 2 shows a total of 18,643 ovens In the region, of which 13,583 are in blast and 5,060 idle, with a total entimated production of ia7,89S tons. Shipments, for the week aeffreffated 7,970 cars distributed nB follows: To Pittffburg. 2, SOU cars; to p o i n t s vest. 3,024 carw; to points east, 1.24* cars, an increase of 450 cars as compared with the previous "we«k. The Spanish fleet at Santiago is aunt: and Admiral Cervera and over a thousand others tire taken prisoners. The recruit* oC Company D, Tenth Regiment, who have been in camp at Washing-ton. Pa., depart on their journey to San Francisco from which place they will =ail for tha Philippine!* to join the company. The most disastrous, fire of recent years visits Confluence when an entire business block is burned, causing (50.000 damages. Thu originated in J. G. Seal's clothing- store and destroyed Tissue's entire block Including- tha Confluence Press office and the town hall. A. $100,000 fire destroys Uniontown property. Connellsvllle firemen co to the assistance of the county sc*at department and aid In e x t i n g u i s h i n g the fla.rn.eff. .The fire burned from 1 o'clock to [ * o'clock. MMlliam McCormtck' CohneUjwlll* fire marshal, suffers a cut on the head and William. Marietta ff severely.- but not (iRnceronsly injured by a fall from n. ladder. FOR RENT--ONE SIX JFtOOM HOUSE. Call Bell 408-R, \ Sjulytf FOR RENT--F.UnXISHED BOOMS for light housekeeiiing. 112" South Prospect street. . 8july2t-. FOR. RE-NT--LIGHT HOUSEKEEF- ner rooms. 307 East Crawford avenue. Sjulytf FOR RENT--FOUR ROOM FLAT. third floor, with gas and bath. 210 East Cedar avenue. CJulySt FOR RENT--THREE ROOM FLAT, ·with bath, gas and electric ]iffht- Second floor. Inquire 210 Cedar avenue. . · GjulySt F»r FOR SAIjE--OOOD TEAM BAY ; horses; Inquire J, T. BURHA.N'S, Dunbar, Pa. 6juiy2t" FOR SAJsK--ONE G-TOX WHIT- com.b pas motor. 42 inch gaujje. Ig j pood condition. Immediate delivery, ' Box 90, care Courier. 2julytCd A deHphtful tea party given by Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Rur.h at their Souih Side residence In honor of tho -41st ireddingr anniversary of the hostess' parents. Mr. and Mrs. John Newcomer, THURSDAY, JI7LY ,0, 1W». Detailed report of the Conn ells v III e coke trade for the week e n d i n g J u l y 4 shows a total of 3'f,375 ovens In the regrton of which 16,225 ar-i in blast .ind 21.150 idle, w i t h a totiil p s t l m a l e d production of 165,-172 ions. S h i p m e n t s f o r t h e w e e k aggregated (1.4-19 cars d i s t r i b u t e d as fellows; To Pittflhurg. 2,7OS cars; to n o f n t i west, 3, "-5Q cars; to points oafft, 406 cars, u decrease of 20 cars n.a compared w i t h the previous Rev J a p a n vhen he j u m p s f r n m an open car- "W, D, Cunningham of Tokio, displays 50 me A me ri ran h u « U o C'AX TIGHT; ,\OT TOTE. Colored troops in France, as in the Civil JVJ'ar,. in the War with Spain and at.Carrazal, are rendering a good ac- An ' the Ixrd who' reigns' count of themselves, and the stories of *--- " individual bravery which their exploits are causing to be sent back home should stir American thought to the wrongs as well as to the valor o f this ; race. ; -" ' " ' " ' . Colored men Sing bulleU in France to make the world safe for Democracy and win the Cross do Guerre. Colored men,in Florida may no.t even cast a ballot for fear the .state', would become unsafe for the Democrat party Berlin reports that the American attacks near Chateau-Thierry "broke down." Yes, broke down ail Hun opposition so'completely .that they vea-. tured' no counter attack. ·Moving picture actors and producer* haying: been declared, to be engaged in productive employment does, not ^give you license to employ all your" time in witnessing the products of their skill. Th« 21-era will not hare long to wait to help increase the weight , of numbers .that .will press the Hun against the wall. -.'The assassination of tha Gennan- amla»»ador at Moscow shows the'Ger- mmns.'that-'th* Russian* have learned lome of "the Hun tricks of frightfulness, - . v , It was a misfortune that so capable and "courageous a man as ex-Mayor Mitchel of M«w York was not spared to,render further- service to our country';-... ~ -.' · · ." A-quarter of a'milllon'American sol- not .te.counted a.big army. as,armies! are rated now.'but -with that Humbert Already on. the fighting front thV'T?!ans"."»r«" forming' some" idea of what-will-happen'-when the millions ,, . i n Heaven has been mighty good to me. It's getting time to harvest, there's a field o* wavin" gold. Where poverty was dwellin* in the Jazy days of old. Then 3 let It lie neg-elcted. as a barren patch of earth. An' 1 ncorned t' give It labor, for I didn't, know Its worth. Now I. stand an' sec Us treasure?!; there, was wealth beneath in* dny! An' the whole world If tha richer for the grain thai there's today. As I gaze upon* the splendors of the harvest time o' year. An' the joys (hat now have blossomed out of dismal days an' drear; ·S«e the apples' in the orchards 1 , an' - the acres rich with grain My thoughts borrin to wander to the Flanders' fields of pain An* my heart starts beatln' faster an' my hopes bepin t' climb As I think o' joys ws'll gather when - it comer our harvest time. "WTien the bitter work Is ended, an' 1 we've silenced every gun. "When the rain of hate ia over, an* the · victory is won, From the bloodshed an' the anguish, an' the faith our children keep Souls In tune with Truth an h Freedom , It shall bo our joy to reap. We shall know for all our labors, all our griefs an' all our tears, A harvest time of riches that shall last for many years. riage in which, hf 1» riding when tho horses tnke fright nt a Pennsylvania railroad train In New Haven. James Gray dies of I n j u r i e s received In an explosion at i;ho Dunabr Kurnoce.* Active preparations are on for tho departure of Company D to the annual encampment flt Gettysburg. Extra drlllinK has been fn progress and since the arrival of the new Spring-fields th« men have been doing excellent at the rifle range. H Is expected that tho pla.nt of the Slifro Iron ft Steel company wil! be ready for operation within a month. | The new machinery IB arrrring- Sally I and the West. Perm Electric company I has Installed two Immense transformer*. , Plans are nclnsr made- for the merchant^ picnic which will be held at Kenneywoofl park, Pittsburg, A u g u s t 6th. The Dnnhar township rchonl hoard elect« tcarhers for thp coming term, There we.TM HT applicants . for 66 schools. Jordan Stan ton, a 11 year old col" c»red boy. in lectured b; FOR SAT^E--l-TON NASH TRUCK, oquipped with coal body and cab; fir Nt-clays condition. Too small for present use. Inquire C. L. WORK, Connelisville, Pa- 20junctCd LOST--IN DCNBAR, BROOCH BE- tween news stand and residence of Mrs. Klla Hamilton. Reward if returned to News Stand, Dunbar. 8JulyIt THIS CON'NEL.LSVLLLS NEW AND Second Hand Furniture Com.pH.ny nra now prepH-red to do upholstering- of all klnriit, having on- hand material of all j thp latest patterns. "We alao r e p a i r , locks, make keys, etc. 123 South Pittsburg: street. SjulySt Administrator'* Sale of Real KM lute. THE UNDEKSIGNKD, AD.MLVIS- trator d. b. n., u. t. u.. of the estate i of Elizabeth Sarnes, deceased, will'-! otter RL public SiUe on the premises on j East CruwCorri avenue in the ciiy oC|" ConnellBvtlle, oounty oj FayetLc and- state of Pennsylvania, on Saturday, · July 27, A. U 11*13, at 2 o'clock P. M., i All that certain piece, parcel or Jot j of land in the city of Coimellsvlile. j county of l-'uyntte .ind .state of Penn- J syivania, bounded and described a j follows, to-wit: j F r n n t i n f - nIxty-Hlx ( 6 6 ) feet, more or ICHS, on tho south Hide o£ linat Crawford avenue, formerly East Main street, In adid city, and extending f back- wouth. preserving the s'anut! width, a distance of une hundred j sixty-five (HR) feet to 'CJiurch Place. · or Church Alley- Bounded on the north by said Crsi.wford u venue; on the south by sftil Church Alley; on the si by ^ private allry; nnd on the west by lot I No, 94 In the oriprlnu! plan of the town ', of- Connellavitle. Containing one- j f o u r t h (i£) of an acre, more or le»s, and b P l n p known und tlcHiffnated HP l o t ! No. Sfi \n the nrigirjal plan of t h e town 1 of ConnelLsvillf:. j And being the same pieco, parcel or I lot of land conveyed to K!!z;tbetn · Barnes by dotd of Samuel W. Bnyd. shocW of l-"oyctte county, dated September 13, 1859. aiul recorded In th,Recorder's oiHce for Fnycttc roomy/ Pennsylvania, !n Deotl Book Vol 51 P;iffe 411. ' Upon which Is erected a two-story frame house, contaiiunu two store- ' rooma rind living apartments* There : is alMo erected upon Bald pleee. D,TI-C^I : or lot of land a threi:~iHcry brick i house, containing" ore storeroom and ; living apiirtmetUB. j Termji'or S»)e:--Ten O0£ per c e n t ' of price on day of sale, bal- ' ance oC one-third. (1-3) of (he p u r - i Ghana price on delivery of « dwecl with- i in thirty f30) duys- from the date o f ; wale, one-thirrt fl-S) in sis fi mnnthB f Kcw« of the P*»t Con- donee d from tb* rtl»i of Th» Courier. SolMon for squirting water into ,1 pausing passenger train w h i l e he IK watering the flowers in Dr. H, J. Coil's yard, Rev. W. A. "Edie tenders hia resignation as patitor of the First Presbyterian church ..on account of failing health. Slitta .lenn Thompson dies jifter a sickness covering a period of two years. Elmer Foltz, 23 years old, son of -D. C. Foltz, narrowly escapes death when he is thrown from a roller coaster at Shady Grove park. Two thousand people at-tcnd the TCnlphts 1 of Mai In outing at Uncle Point park. Three special train? leav* this city for the resort beyond, Pitts- burgr. Burgess A. D. j from the date of delivery of dnod, and stream of · Hip remaining one-third (1-3) in' out Pennsylvania (1) year from t h e dnto nf delivery of deed, with t h p privilege to tho "purchaser to a n t i c i p a t e deferred payments (U any time. Sniri deferred payments to bear interest at (he rate "nf six ("%) per ctnt per n n n u m , and t o , be secured by bond and mortgage on ! the premises, with sixty ( G O ) dny. 5 MClre TaciaK clause and with iriBur'inc* 1 JAMES J,. CGCHRAX. Admin"- Istrator d, b. n., c. t a. of the estate of Elizabeth Barnes. deccaHed. II. C. J MAT. Attorney. CHATIT.ES M. FEE, ! AuctloncA". " l - ·*--"· -- ' -- TOUR HENDINE'a BARBERING U WANTED--PLAIN SEWING OR washing- Write XVZ, care Courier. , 6 j u l y 2 t » r., J» »* flne;..for worklnr. in the bav« : not-found; a single Me th'at did- garden u yesterday, was for attending not ;r»atW courage arid' "rtjeer^' and j'cburch: , .· '. · - . ; - hopHfuln*M. The 'rrlten made the bestlof eteTTthtng, they made lit ,oJ theit daijgers, Illnetis and hardship*; they! joked about the rats and vermin the cold aSa?e!rQie~irfanifb]d ·discom- forti UH! deprivations. But never one com|4*int or murmur have I yet seen peiu^;b^ajiold!er. Apart from any regulations' of the censor, it lias been evldtat;Uiat every soldier is -taking paiO» to. send ;back home only that which will cheer thoM left behind. I*! it too much then' to ask of wires lad'liiothers. sister* and, sweethearts that^j they ; shalll" refrain from, putting ;r"A-' »*rilp^rnewfp»per says . that the Gorman jjcopie's-dwiro for peace la :jnCJtrong'''that' "sensible aceommnda- tion from the Allies Is bound to bring it«; realixatlon."" It will- come ' much quicker if the Germans have the pood sense to .'accept the conditions Presl- dent Wilson laid down in .the Independence Day address. j -»nd - gloomy- .forebod- tag, ^household annpyances into their letters, wb'ich' are' M* vital Vfactor in · the lives ol the men who have gone out to stand ; - between : them and 'the Garoaa. sum*? No doubt there are thousands of linely, anxious, tired, karasaed women on this aid* ol the water, but as yet they have suffered nbtking when compared with t belr acros« the seas, and yet th« in of England are smiling, the 9t France are smfling and even m^-ot Belglnm are smJtin« i t^«*r tears If the American «r ·»··" oa«-flf tfc of tb*m, are The TVronir IVord. ' - .· Boston . Kcrald.. "TepresBlnir news frorn - the west front," has 'been too general , a com- f Harry ment. It nefthir state* the -fnct '.. starts a pood effect, "peprcssitip" Is the wrong: term;' like many another word first to-come. I t ' i s - t h e worst to use.- If 'the day ever breaks news of .reverwi!. bier,.or,,"little, really deprfBses our people'' and. takes th« spirit out of -our work, the bells will be r.ung \n .Berlin. ' . . . · · ' : ""Thc" rlcrht '/'word Is ... "sobering." Heaven knows, even if our allies do not, how we still need sobering to cur duties toward the elemental tfood things--the decencies, the libertiewH- that Prussia and 'her *rrca.t accomplices have" flouted : and- imperilled. 1*1 the news be bad or good. A It Is our on* busin«*»'to paj»h bur. flght; to " .'our, remotest' fitting for.. It. to- ·make this war our first, prim, Individual ^concern-" We can well postpone for a little our gayetieii; w* must retrench pur luxuries. - . This war' FRIOAV, JL'LY 2*. 1S88. Detailed report of the ConnelJsville coke Iro'Je for the week ending July 14 sSows a tntxl of 13,061 ovens in the region, of which-8.S68 ovens are in blast ana 4,13 idle with a total eati- muted production of 72,093 tons. ·The Hhipments for the week aggre- eatfed 4.HD cars distributed $ follows;. To PittBburg, 735 cars; to points Sveat, 2,175 cars; to polnts^oaat, 1,250 earn, an increase of 340 cars as compared with the previous week. .The Tough Fishing club leaves in a special car over the Pittsburg Lake Brie railroad, for their, camping grounds on the St. Clatr f!T«r, Mich. consists of D: F. Bvcttt, E ""'.-,- Norton. Grant Snyder. Charles, ' .nd Richard Stout, Samuel WANTED--BOTS OVER 16 YEARS of as«- CONNKLI-SV1LLE SCLK MILL CO.. INC. ^ j u l y t f WANTED--EXPERIENCED shipping- clerk; war work. BjulySt WANTED--HI ALE CLERK. IN- quire at B. O. MASTER MECHANIC'S OFFICE. ··* E J u l y S t WAJSTED--20 -MEN. per day. A p p l y WAGES *S-75 FOUNDATION K.vr OF C1R.C U I. Al'l OX. Stute of Pennsylvania. County of Fay-1 oLte, jia, - i Before me, the subscriber, a Notary Public wltliin and for aald County and · State, personally appeared J. Wylio '· Drt8CoU» who belnK duly sworn accord-; ine" to law. did depose and say: ' I That.-he is Assistant Alantig-er aC C[r- j culdtion oC *JTh* Courier, a dally n u w n * ' paper publluhDri In Connellttvilie. PJL, j and that the number of papers printed during the weak ending Saturday, July «, 1918. waf as follows: .July 1 6,800 J u l y 2 8.7W J u l y 5 C 754 J u l y 3 6,775 J u l y C e,77? Tota.1 33,890 Daily average 6,778 ·That the dally circulation by mont-hc for tho year 1!/1S to date was as follows: 1218 . Month. Daily Av. January 175, aC3 6,520 February ...15C.105 6,507 6,567 Month. Daily Av. COMPANY, West Pcnn Power plant. . 2julySt.. WANTED--LADY STENOGRAPHER to start to work. Tuesday morninjf, July 3. PANY. TR1-STATJ3 CANDY COM- Sjulylt ' CJarkj . George Portar. Stanford Hyatt, Bdwurd Porter, toiiiif P. McComick. TV: H. Templeton. Dr. G. W. Newcomer and Dr. J. B. ~£n.os. .George l e accompanies them a« cook; . . Georgre B. Snyder repreacnta the Conhellaville lodce of " t h e Junior Order. United' American. Mechanins at "the 29th annual convention held at TTIlkes- Barre. : "'/-;f . . . - ' ' " . . ' .Patrick: iMcCleiry, driver o'i -..the Tjei»e nring- hack Is painfully injured when; he Is thrown under, the. feet of his ' - " - ' ' of --mules wlS . . ad justing. -..'the harness. The mules?became ed and ; .ran off. trampling, on Cleiry drawing the. hack over body. · " ' · * Mc- hia VMfchael Smith .and MatthiJui Bedner the Deith works by a fall of slate ;Brlgham Montgomery of .--. sues a. challenge'to any coke'drawer the T«5t !» a l|fe-and-death: affair; frf-the* fepion to ; draw ovens.with Titm at th* -worst, it would be shame forlfoy^a period ot als hours UF and everlaetlitg contempt. Cyrus l^chard s slaughter housti- near WANTED--TO Il'JSJKT PRIVATE sara-g-e or stable in. vicinity of RaCf- and Patterson street. Phone 747. : SjulyBt* WANTED -- A HOUSEKEEPER; middle age preferred; reference* required. Call Bell phone '333-J. ' · ' . ' · . - . SjulySt* WANTED--CARPENTERS AND LA- borers.- Carpenters' wag« 2%e per hour; .laborers 38c per hour. 'Apply on the job at Greenhoua* Stop, Dun bar. Pa, VANG CONSTRUCTION CO. ' -' · ' . - . ' f j u l y t f d W ANTED--OLD FALSE .TEETH. Donlt matter If broken. I pay |2.00 to U5.00 per set. S*nd by parcel post and receive, by return r mall. L. AIAZER. 2007 South Fifth -.street,. Philadelphia, Pa, . . . ;..'. _· ·,'.. '. ;.- ,5july22t* WANTED-r-THE .. -; ST. FRANCIS Hospital Training-'.School, for-Nurses, Pittsburg,' Pa^j... offers, a 1 three year^ 1 course to. young, wpnien over, eigrhteen years. of a-ge, having -the -necessary qualifleatfohs. · The'course includes-all the branches of nursing, and In addition, hydrotherapy ;and massase. Tim hospital has a capacity of five hundred beds,, and is affiliated with, tho University .of Pittsburg- for .teaching purposes- ,-:For.'further, particulars apply :io ;: the. DIRECTRESS OF NURSES. 29june7t Ma.rctv 170.732 April 173,823 May 181.259 C.713 That the daily circulation by months for tb* year 1917 to date was as follows: . 1917 January February March April .... May 5,446 6,143 C.133 i 8.167 ! June July ...157.261 ...130,852 ...1-19,431 .. .130,180 ...149,162 ...141.596 ...153.57B C.3M 5,452 6.S34 6,557 August : 1GB,535 September 154,193 October ICG,233 November December 153,132 155. S4ff '6,127 . G.234 i Total 151,343. 5.865 Anil further sayeth not. J. WYL3E DRISCOLL. Sworn to and subscribed betore me this 6th day of July, 1918.. , .J. B. KURTZ, N. P. By -Parcel Post to your 1 door. 'Send yo.ur money-now. "We will ship at once, Parcel Post charges .paid. Barred Plymouth .Rocks and Rhode Island Reds at 26 for .....$ 4.'50 ·50 for : $ 9.00 . 100 for .;..,. .$17.50 Also White and -Brown Leg 1 - horna at 25 for... ..J 4.00 50 for 9 8.00 100.. for ...J15.50 "· DLUI3 RIDGB POTTLTIIV FARM Bell Phone. ; 1770, Uhiontown, Pa. Your attention is called to the liigh class groceries in the grocery deartments of our department stores. Sixty-three grocery stores ill Payette, Westmoreland, and Allegheny Counties remember; every one of them taking care of a growing business. There is a scarcity of goods in most every line; there are abnormal advances in prices in all kinds of foods we hear daily through the newspapers and other sources, and they are all true. Yet, notwithstanding this scarcity of goods and the abnormal high prices, we believe that we can take care of your wants. We have been successfully purchasing- goods in most every line in quantities enough to take care of our trade. Of course sugar, flour, and flour substitutes, the quantity is regulated, but we have been taking care of you according to the rulings of the Pood Admirfitrators for Fayette and Westmoreland Counties. Our prices speak for themselves. · They are higher than a year ago, two' years ago, we admit that, but we insist that they are not unreasonably high. We insist that they are lower than most competitors throughout the sections where we operate. During the next sixty days the weather will likely be hot; perishable goods will be hard to protect, but our facilities for taking care of them are such that you will find this class of goods always in good order. To the farmers in our vicinity or other producers of vegetables and all sorts of country produce: We invite you to bring your goods to our stores; we will pay .you market prices either ·in cash or trade you good, high class merchandise. No difference how large the quantity of butter, eggs, cheese, fruits, vegetables, anything; you produce, we are able to handle it ·3 Laree Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. AT Thursday, Friday, Saturday July llth, 12th and 13th An Ideal Spot for a Home of your own--in the coining Residence district of Connellsyille. Out in, the open where there's plenty of fresh air and where the "kiddies" can romp and play to their heart's content. And it's only a 5 minute car ride or a 15 minute walk from "Brimstone Corner." , I · At Poplar Grove Right now you can buy lots measuring 60x140 feet-quarter acre tracts-^at Beautiful Poplar Grove for as low as ..,,. EASY PAYMENT TEHMS GLADLY AIUUSGED. There's city water'in front of every lot and the ^*rst Standard Public School of .Fayette county is just within a stone's throw. Think of it, these lots cost ouly $80.00 and upward--even as a matter of .speculation they'll prove one of "the best investments you've ever made. For full particulars and information write C. B. McCORMICK, P. 0. Box Ui. CONNEILSVILLE, PA.

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