The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 3, 1938 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1938
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, MARCH 3,1938. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVILLE. PA. PAGE SEVEN. Many Victims Swept /To Sea by Waters; Loss In Mi i o n s Continucd from Page One. only means of transmission left was short wave radio. The Pajaro River left its banks at Watsonville early today and the police department sounded a general alarm. Be.iidents were warned to leave the lowlands. The river runs through the center of the town o£ 15,000. It had risen several feet in a few hours. Sandbags were piled" in front of stores. Many homes, were flooded. In the surrounding foothills, sheriff's deputies moved about in automobiles equipped with loud speakers, -warning residents to flee, and others had rowboats to -aid in evacuation. The flood was accumulated from heavy rains, which" measured 6.25 inches here in 24 hours, and 10.65 inches in four days. Movie stars were marooned in their palatial homes in the hills and canyons. Madeline Carroll, blonde English star, was unable to leave her home at Malibu Beach and her telephone line was out, hence she had no means of communication. Gcorgo Marshall, director for ,2Qth'Century Fox studio, was missing. ,Ho left hl» homo for the studio and failed to arrive. It was believed that his car was stalled on the' flooded road. At'Laurel Canyon, on top of Lookout Mountain, Michael Whalcn, Ida Lupino and Tom Rutherford were isolated in their homes. A bridge had washed out. Those who. were at work in studios yesterday stayed there. Shirley Temple spent the night in a bungalow on her studio lot. Warner Brothers' studio converted a sound stage into a dormitory for chorines and another for boy actors. Louise Hovlck, the former gypsy Rose Lee of New York buslesquc show houses dolled her evening dress and waded from her home to an automobile Franchot Tone thumbed a ride to his .jtudio on a bakery truck. Myrna Lay abandoned her low-slung roadster and borrowed her gardener' ancient Cadillac which rode well above the flooded streets. Paramount's lot was flooded am ' Sylvia Sidney, George Raft, Dorothy Lamour, Mary Carlisle and Ray Milland rode from one set to anothc · Jn rowboats. The worst destructive force in th city proper was the Los Angele river, usually dry, which had sprcai out a block wide carrying the water from the highlands to the ocean. It was estimated that 15 person were drowned In the river and tha most of them were carried shrickin to sea. Warships anchored oilshor occasionally put out small boats t make rescues. Bluejackets picket up Lloyd Falkstcd, 26, who -wa swept out when the long Bead bridge fell. He estimated that 1 persons were on the bridge at th time and he told o£ seeing a woma and two small boys drown. Search lights from the battleships swept th shore. Much of the communication wa carried on by short wave radio. trains or airplanes moved and auto mobile traffic was confined to stree in the highland and parts of the city Other streets were submerged. Th body -of an unidentified woman drownod, was found early today ir the gutter on Riverside drive. Hospitals were crowded with per sons suffering from shock an bruises. Some weie caught by th swirling waters and carried alon the streets for a mile or more befor . they were rescued. The worst danger today was t residential areas below flood contr dams. Many of these sections wcr evacuated. Reservoirs were rapid filling from the mountain torren near Tujunga, Pacolma, Santa Anit San Dimas, Eadon, New San Gabrie Old San Gabriel, Paddingston Davil's Gate, Saw Pit and Live Oah In some places water was runnin over the spillways. Near Burbank, the Los AngeL River overflowed and deluged 2 homes. Residents along the cast bank the river between Glcndale and Lc Feliz boulevard were ordered b Army engineers to evacuate. When Malibu Beach, playgroun of the movie stars, was isolate Coast Guard boats put out to rrmk rescues from the sea, but they cou not approach the coast because of th * rush of waters. In Ventura, -10 block's of housi SPECIAL MEETING Davidson Trotter locals United Mine Workers of A mcrica Saturday, March 5th S P. 31. lEIDEKICHAXZ HAIL East Falrvleiv Avenue. Win., Hincs President District Xo. J. slEWS OF DAY AT SCOTTDALE BRIEFLY TOLD Special to The Courier. SCOTTDALE, Mar. 3.--John J, oynt of 1408 Hill street, Wilkins- urg, paid a $12.50 fine before Jus:e of the Peace Don Kcnnell /ednesday evening for not having a ·;ckcr on the windshield of his car. nformalion was made by Highway atrolman J. A. Trumbctte, who nbbcd the offender in Broadway. ' Special Lenten Service. Special services ushered in the snten season at the Trinity Evan- elical and Reformed Church with a pccial service Wednesday evening, 'he pastor Rev. Norman W. Shol- enbergcr, was In charge. Services were also held at the St. ohn's Church both in the morning nd evening. Church Has Meeting. The Alvcrton Church of God held n all-day meeting at the church Vednesiay, with a dinner at noon nd a program observing the World Day of Prayer in the afternoon. W. C. T. U. Han Session. The topic of the Woman's Chrisian Temperance Union at its Tuesday night's meeting, held at the \*orth Scottdale home of Mrs. C. A. Colborn, was "The Education of Youth as to the Harmful Effects of Alcohol in the Body." West SMc /Spcciiil Blenil COFFEE Fresh FIG BARS 2 Ib. Pkg. 23c Jumbo Size LAKE HERRI5G All Kinds IWIAUS'S LAIKU CAKES Special 35c Per Pail 89c 3 Ib. Bag 43c 3 Cans 20c. were flooded. * Garden Grove, bc- wccn Long Beach and Santa Ana was under a foot of water. Water rose to the second story windows in Venice and surrounding owland areas. Lifeguards trucked n three rowboats from the beach and rescued hundreds of families. It was estimated that 5,000 families had left their homes. Army rucks were put in service to carry blankets and cots to refugee centers at Monrovia, Venice, Inglewood, Canoga Park and other points. Among the dead were six persons killed by landslides -which crushed a score of homes in the hills and two ranchers drowned when a footbridge collapsed near San Juan Capistrano. Everywhere, automobiles stood abandoned in the streets, with their motors submerged. Refugees were crowded into public buildings and police stations. Motion picture theatres and schools were opened to them in some communities. The Long Beach municipal auditorium was n«.de a Red Cross station. Army supplies were coming in from Fort McArthur at San Pedro. Mayor Frank L. Shaw presided over the disaster council, which was formed after the 1933 earthquake in Long Beach and now faced its worst task. The council set up headquarters in Westlake Park and relied on a short wave radio station for communications'. There were thousands of appeals for help. SAN FRANCISCO, Mar. 5.--All telephone and telegraphic communication with Los Angeles 'failed shortly after 1 A. M. today. The clcphone company reported jts wires were out 11 miles from Los Angeles, either because of a washout or a landslide. Postal Telegraph and Western Union likewise reported a failure OH all wires. The telephone company said that its service between San Francisco and Los Angeles was "suspended indefinitely." DOJf'T SLEEP WHEX GAS PRESSES HEART If you can't eat or sleep becauso gas bloats you up try Adlerika. One dose usually relieves stomach gas pressing on heart. Adlerika cleans out BOTH upper and lower bowels. Union Drug Company.--Advertisement. fc This the Reason You Are Constipated? If you're wondering why your bowels don't work right-stop and think about what you cat. Bread, meat, eggs and potatoes. All good nourishing foods-but all concentrated, lacking in "bulk." And you need "bulk"! Some food that forms a soft, spongy mass in tho bowels--help. 1 ; them move. It it's this lack of "bulk" that's causing your constipation, Kcllosg's All-Bran ta Just what you need. It soaks up water and softens like a sponge. And this sort moss helps your bowels move. .In addition. All-Bran gives you Nature's great intestinal tonic, vltaminBi. £atthls crisp crunchy cereal every day, drink plenty or water, and enjoy happier days. All-Bran Is irmdo by Kellogg la Battle Creek. Sold by every grocer. RE-PAPER CLOTHES CLOSETS WITH Jtolls. contalniiiL; :i(! .squnrn feet, cos-t $1.00 Protect winter garments from moths. Re-paper clothes closets now with aromatic cedar paper. Guaranteed to retain odor for five years. WALL PAI'Kli -- -- liUPAS 1'AIXTS 122 So. PHIshurp SI. Phono nn SWEET CORN American Beauty Sweet Evergreen Corn Pure Cimo Granulated Sugar. Pillslmry's Best. COFFEE Chase Sanljc PEACHES Chase Sunborn. It's Dated. Bonita's. Sliced or Halves. 2cans]9c 25 Ib. sack $1.29 241/2 Ib. sack 99C 2 Ibs. 49c 2 large cans 39c 6 cans 25c This March Sale of groceries is typical of the savings you can expect at the West Side Market every -week-end. No matter whether you shop in person or via your phone you'll get quality groceries, lowest prices and courteous · service. ·] , · The holder of Number 442 wins (he floor prize awarded' last Saturday. I'lciisc call and " delivery Heinz Catsup, Q7/» large size, 2 for O I- C Dried Apricots, 1 f\ per Ib ! 1»/C Dried Peaches, OC _ 2 Ibs. £t)C^ Flako Shortening?* «_' 4 Ib. bucket J «J«C Weideman Barley Of* ' 3-- 1-lb. pkgs. ,,_ 2.0C Trueworth Cocoa O£ 2 lh, rjin ,.,, ...,. . ^JL Heinz Tomato OQ., Juice, 4 cans -- £*f C · Loose Peanut *)C,» · Butter, 2 -Ibs ^«C King Nut OLEO 2 Ibs. 27c Good Luck ·,, . "· ·'- . Margarine. ",- ' · or Nueoa 2. Ibs. 39c Packed In Oil or Mustard. WHITE CROSS MILK OF MAGNESIA, 16 oz. bottle 15c ROYAL GELATIN AND PUDDING, 5 boxes ,, 25c JELLY BEANS, Fruit Flavored, per Ib IQc SUNBRITE PEAS, Early June, 2 cans : · 19c OCEAN BEAUTY TUNA FISH, 2 cans _ _ 35c PILLSBURY'S PANCAKE. FLOUR, 2 boxes 19c RITTER'S BAKED BEANS, 3 large cans ,, 25c HITTER'S PEA SOUP, 5 cans ,, 25c LONGHORN CHEESE, per Ib 23c Blossom Time Fancy Columbia Rlv-' or Spring Packed Salmon Steaks In Oval Can each 25c Clearhrook BUTTER Special, 2-11). Roll 69c Guaranteed Strictly Fresh · Country EGGS 2 Doz. 45c Tender Leaf Tea large Pkjr. '. 20c iredlum Plig-. lEc Small Pkg. Oc Tea Balls 8 for 5c Gold Bond Sliced, .Vienna or Rye BREAD 3 largo loaves 25c Bonltn, California SARDINES In 3Iustaril or Tomato Sauce 2 Cans 19c . MACARONI Elho. Connellsvllle Made. NOODLES Fine, ISroad or Hedium. MACARONI La Prcmiad Brand OVALTINE Chocolate Flavored PEAS OK Hart, Large and Tender Peas DOG FOOD Purd'.s. A tasty food for yoor pet. GREEN BEANS YMmp and Tender CORN Livingston's Golden Bantam B A N A N A S Golden Illpe Fresh Beets, with tops, bunch ---------Maine Potatoes, 15-lb. bag ---- California Oranges 1/jirjje Size Doz. 29c :tedium Size Doz. 19c Small SJzc, doz. J.": TANGERINES Doz. 15c K a l d w l n FANCY APPLES Per bu.95c Florida Oranges, large sizo, doz. Baldwin Apples, OC/, 8 ibs. tiOC California. Oranges, 1 C _ small size, doz IOC Delicious Apples, OC-, fancy, 6 Its - £«5C R e d Delicious A p p l e s , fancy, M Of* bushel «JJ..£i«J Seedless Grape OC/» Fruit, 6 for £3C Spinach, fresh, l C / » 3 Ibs IOC Calif. Celery, 9C. n 3 bunches £OC Button Radishes, -| ft 3 bunches 1UC Fresh Peas, or* 2 Ibs ZDC Sweet Potatoes, Of* large. No. 1, S Ibs. ^DC STRAWBERRIES Pint Box 15c Cauliflower, large head ..-_..». « California Carrots, 4 bunches ~...~...... Idaho Baking Potatoes, 10 Ib. Leaf Lettuce, 3 IDS. Green or Yellow Wax. Beans, 2 Ibs.TM New Potatoes, 6 ibs. ,, _ ,, Fresh Tomatoes, Ib POTATOES-NO. 100-11). Buff $1.45 Government Inspected T S Finest Quality SWIFT'S SELECTED BEEF We Have the Best Beef in Town! Fresh Beef Brains, per Ib. Rump Roast, Ib Rib Roast, short cut, Ib. Chuck Roast, center cuts, Ib. Beef S h o u l d e r Roast, center cuts, 1 A _ Ib. ISfC Beef Shank or Neck, Ib.. Plate Boll, 1 Ib HAMBURG 2 Ibs. 29c Tenderloin and Sir- or* loin Roasts, Ib. _ £OC Veal, Pork and (-A Beef, ground, 3 3bs. cWC Ready- to-Serve Whole or String Half Pure Pork SAUSAGE loose or link Ib. 19c Pork Shoulder, calla style, 5 to 6 Ib. average, 1 A Roast, Ib. 1**C Homo Rendered LARD 50-11). Can $5.25 FORT PITT BACON e or Half, ier ave., 23c Whole or Half, heavier ave., Ring Liver Pudding 2 Ibs. i Italian Hot Sausage fresh* Ib. -,,,-,,-.-_,,,,-, t Pork Liver, pound Pork Shoulder, whole, Ib. ,,_......__.. Fresh Spare Ribs, Ib. Canadian Sliced J Bacon, Ib. ______ Tt Neck Bones, O 3 Ibs.' £ Fresh Hams, whole string half, 10 to 12 Ib. average, Ib. i or 22c Wilson's Certified or White My String Half Whole or Veal Loin or Rump 1 A Roast ,lb 1./C- Vcal -Shoulder 9Ax. Chops, Ib. Veal Chops, rib or Loin, Ib. Veal Shoulder center cuts, Ib Veal Steak, Smoked Sausage, Ib. 25c Roast-- Smoked Callas, Jb. -Cottage Cheese, 2 Ibs. Jiluck Uinvk HAMS larprcr Average, Ib. 25c Veal Breast, - 2 ibs. _T_ Lamb Shoulder · 4 or 5 Ib. in a'piece; Ib. Genuine Spring Leg of Lamb, Ib. Lainb Rib Chops, ib. Lamb Shoulder Chops, Ib. " Lamb Breast, 3 Ibs Home Made Liver Pudding, per Ib. Roast, 17c 21c 30c 20c 25c 15c Platter Sliced Bacon, Ib. 29c Fresh VEAL HEARTS Ib. 15c Small Wieners, OO Ib .. LO Club Wieners, I 7 Ib. 11 Skinless Wieners, OJJ Ib. ._ £tt) Frying and Stewing Halibut. Oysters. Fresh Pig Feet, · 3 Ibs. Spiced Lunch Ham, Ib. Sliced Corned Beef, Ib. Ring or'Long Bologna, Ib. . ...... Leaf Lard, in cone, Ib. T- Forty Fathom Fish, fresh, Ib-- ' Roasting, C H I C K E N S Ib., 35c SPRING CHICKENS Ib. 39c Fully Dressed. Jumbo Minced Ham, Ib. ,,..: Sweitzcr Cheese, :lb.'__i__:: :_i. 1002 West Crawford Avenue

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