Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 24, 1975 · Page 61
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 61

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 24, 1975
Page 61
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I IE August 24,1975 VALIANT 1»»7 - feed cattttoa. tttt. VEG A GT - Wit Ra4i*Hir«i. a** rc . canditioM^ Wort. Excellent coo*- ItodL CaS H5-5M4 attcr 1 VEGA - GT Hatchback - l»72, mo- root. AMFM 4 ip««a 722-3031 VEGA - l»72, radiq lap* condiltoQ, 3 spvd . nM«W. VEGA Itn-Good condition. $1,700 VEGA 1»7 GT. U4M. Evening!. 34J-7444. ^ VEGA, l»73, automatic, air conditioning. 7H-21J3. VINCE PATERNO'S PONTIAC GMC 500 WASHINGTON ST. EAST 1WS* WILL BUY CLEAN LATE MODEL USED CARS Harvey Shreve Ford jtj. 60 Wtfl 7274306 PKKEO TO SAVE 71 ReMult 10 Automatic ...... . 74 Peugaol 504 A-jlomatic ...... 1UK.V 71 Reotutt 14 Automatic ........ H5»5.00 74 Renault » Automatic ........ 1IM5.W 71 Renault W 4 ipd. 30,000 milei IM7 CHEVE LLE. 327 ernlne with high lilt cam, solid litters, four speed, in excellent condition. J500- Call 1974 White Monte Carlo 14.000 milts, excellent condition. 744-6ii3, 345-1414. isk for Vantssi. W7I VOLKSWAGEN41l4door sedan AAA/FM radio, automatic air conditioned, 2 heaters, fully reclining seats, new: piston, valves, cylinder, fuel injections, radial tires. il.MO. Cill 343.12*7 between 12 and 7 p.m. M-lap«rt«4, Cm bn BASIC Transportation--Sunbeam IW-lour door. UOO. 343-I2U BY OWNER - 1975, Flat 124 Spider between 9 and 5 call 343-W1. AUDI/PORSCHE TRADE-INS 1974 AUDI FOX - 4 cyl. Smoke blue with blue-gray Interior. Automatic Irans.. lactory »lr, tinted glass, rtdl- 4l tires. 13,000 miles S449J 1974 VOLVO 144 - White with blue cloth Interior. Automatic trans., factory air. tinted glist, radial tlrei. Low mllctge .- S4t95 1972 TOYOTA COROLtA DELUXE Station Wagon. Automatic tram., power Steering, power brakes, lacto- ry air. Gold with brown vinyl interior 12395 1974 OPEL MANIA RALLY - Green with black leatherette Interior. Sun root, mag wheels, new tires. 4 cyl, 4 speed Inns* stereo tape 12995 1974 'SUPER CHEYENNE - '/i Ion pickup. lUtomatlc trans., power steering, power brakes, lactory air. UOOO miles. SHOWROOM CONDITION 14495 1973 PORSCHE 911T - 4 speed trans., am-lm radio, stereo tape, radial tires, stabilizer bars Iron! and rear. Blue with saddle tan leatherette Interior 17595 1974 INTERIM DATSUN 2MZ 2 + 2 COUPE - Gold metallic with black leatherette Interior, 4 speed, air conditioning, tinted glasss, chrome mag wheels, steel belled radlals, 4000 miles 14395 JIMWEGMANN'S Kanawha Porsche/Audi 2125 MacCorkle St. Albans 727-2N1 OPEN DAILY 1:30- Sat. 1:30-5 BY OWNER: 1972 Renault 15. 42,000 miles. 11,300 342-2932. 41 Peugeot 4 sod - ............ ......Mt5.« "I Mercury Comet 4 cyl. Std. Tr»n. 11I95.W 73 Ford CusJom V-l ......... ..... 11495.00 74 v. W. Super Beetle Auto. Stick shift SM95 V 72 Ford pickup 4 cyl std. traos.UQK4e 70 Plymouth SaWUte auk) air cend... 11295.W 73 Chevrolet Suburban -- automatic. power steering, tow package, heavy duty trailer hilch, heavy dvfy suspension and load levders 45 oal fuel tank nice tow vehicle OUT HOUSE SPECIALS 49 Renault 10 automatic .......... 1295.00 70 Renault 10 4 spd ................. 1295.00 49 Dodge Coronet..: ................. 1295.00 Ford Fairlane 500 Air cond. 1195.00 VILLAGE RENAULT/PEUGEOT AUTO SALES INC. 3900 MacCorkle Avenue. Kanawha City 9254427 CO8VETTE coWik* aM CtfiKwx t*«y *o*i. Call 144-7594 THE V^TTE SHOP. CORVETTE HI*, (ad FasfeacX COB pJeteJx reitwad. M7« lirm. C»U CORVETTE t»»t - 3j», . Very fat cofljttita. am. OMJDl CORVETTE 1M9 - 427. low mileage, excellent coaditioo. Best «Her 346-2715 alter * p_m. CORVETTE H72, both tops. po»er steering, power brakes, tilt wheel 16,400 miles. Musi sell. M7W. Call 1-2SMDM atler 6 PM. CORVETTE \n convertible. U.2K. alter* 774-3114. CORVETTE 1*72, convertible. 4 speed. UtKL Call 774-2*47. CM] OATSUN \m - Air coadi- i'ta*. MM *et*s, OrMge cotarw. Caod caad.'ioA. AH«r .. 77* r?*-3JU. OATSUN 5W, Wl R«t 4 seMCL rttf- 1 pjo- UMTMHMa c*Ms Tuu. or T»4jfi. -- 11V, ViOf tkw, at* paint tab. Up* pUy«r. . 727-lSW. F-G»s or E-roodtfM IW C*ro»ro - r*ct re»dy. phis teofen ult cv tr«il«r. iMW M4-2MS. FIAT - 124 Spider oonvertito, MM. ROM miiti. tl. H8. Atttr i. MMrM. FOft SALE - IM4 VoUwMfea. Good condition. MH. 7«4-CC. MG-A HU at» tops, an (art. HMO bnl otter. C*U 744-1674. BUS WS. J2S» *oj ·mvttt p»/m»h, v will Vide tor snail Of of «omJ »»lue. 776-aoc. MOUNTAME8 OATSUN SAAB SM Iht 7I« - The $»v«r S Co/QMS 34MU3 KARMANN Gldl Volkswtatn W1- »110B. nany extras. 744-004?. MAZDA If74 RX4 Coup* - air, 4 S0««d. 7,M» milei. U400. ]43-»a. NOW OPEN-JAY COLEMAN-S IMPORT SERVICE CENTER, INC. Tuoc-uc. BrtXes. ShgcXx Tire*. Etc. I Ffetcfier Sq. Duotar, W.V*. "AT THE TEXACO" WATCH FOR GRAND OPENING Ttt-NR VOLKSWAGEN BUS \W - 7 ptuco- ag. 7JS-3H4. VOLKSWAGEN Karnuon Ghit WO. Gcod condition. USD. 744-17J4. VOLKSWAGEN SQUAREBACK 1MI - good condition. 1*00. Call 7iMI« alter 10 a.m. VOLXSKfAGEM - OK, OK, ar«.744-9MC. W*5. Good iCS Ca» 74MU4. VOLKSWAGEN rt« Uaboa «.g» 2 (tor, 14,000 mites, «,*» Atttr 4 PM.HMB1. VOLKSWAGEN 1974. Stdao. eiccUfll condition, radio, better. 30.900 milM. Muvt ieU. U*4tll VOLKSWAGEN ins Beetle - sxceJ- Met condition, sticker price vat O4SO will sell 13100. 755-7*31. CORVETTE l»74 - T-top, Fully equipped excep) no power wlndowi Red with black custom learner Interior. Real lharp. Call dan 7 to }. W-2512; evenlngt 4 to ». W-1337. MGB If7l-goed condition, wire wheels. H,m. l-5«t-«*S«. DATSUN 1»71 510-tulomatic, air. new tires. 11,400. 7M-1H3. SAVE GAS! BUY A VOLKSWAGEN FROM ROLLYSON'S 502 UOAI ST. (brinlM 34M456 SPECIAL (9 CORVETTE bl«,4 spaed transmission Convert!- '3W5 UiTED DODGE SKlitUL-JMtKfMtthtIJtri-l RENAULT I»72 - 25 mpg In Iowa, ». It5. 34J-IOM. 343-7375. ' 737-77*2 AOTOffiiHiSARKNJR BU$iE$S...NOTAS0EUE!ASK.. ·DKK MOORE ·JOHHRESLER · RALPH HtKmS or MKE CUERVO H CMEVIOLET ««e* ·_ 73 MEVIOLET». lofy oir cond. or«*n Slodi #P9 3M5 73 PORTIAC CWond Pri.. »M W«k I.W.I. . 73 CHEVROLET ».., ·, 4pMd Horn., CHOICE MCONDCAft HtAOQUAITMS LMOC scucnoN of 4i mi n MOM. CAK-WAOONS-fKZUH AiwAn -OKOUNT moo OUt WAItAMY a 10fS- S 37!5 S1U 1975F-100 IKttt STIHl WEST IT MMTLM MENE ALL DAY TODAY AINES LINCOLN MERCURY 344-3572 73 CHEVROLET GT Hatch- 7 3-T-IRD kD«n t KHI Uiwk, dm. '47S5 Stock #340. '199$ 13HOVA SS 4 ie«d horn, rtd t-hiH. s^*^ »2895 74PONTUC roof, Mli, Stock fP30 Grand PrU. black ·iflyl oo*c.. SHW «4aid.. » UO 77 DATSUN Pickup 4 cyl 4 if~4 S \ 9H \ n MUSTANG "l*Q* r outonolkUAff J 7J COOGAKIU 3 *»·«· J 77 O«VT l*fola 4 dr. "«aat (*.' 77 PlY. Fory 4 aV. tiny) lap 1 arfaSl? 71 FOKO LTD Squn «aaon-»ap'.. 7)'TOONO Wagon lr«- I WSW... J13 71 Omi CM. lUal lorgain ... i IW| 71 COMET 4 dr. automatic.... 7ICOMfIIir.«cyL3ieMd. J13W] 71 COUGAJI Cpt. WMH "laroal 7IVCCAWa«aiiAukMaK ... 71 OCVT Capnca 4 di. Hdtop . 7IOU)SOhmCpi.cwta..... 71 PONT. 4 ·. Cotatna Uw .. . 1 7*91 70 OOOOt Poln 4 it. tan. . . 1 4VT| 70 TOMNO SouiraWaionaula. 112f*| 7DMBtCUXrCBi.V-liMlmgticI 0**, 70CHEVY H Tan P.U. Automate SIN9] *9 HONDA-300 Dnoni" haa . 1 2*9] tfOVfU4r.*n,\lf i S 6Mj I 3»! 49 SATCLUTE 4 ·. g . . , 4*rOK)X12*i.MtwM*ic VNKIPATBNO PONTIAC-GMC $ 2995 117 fl CAMT«MLEIU,3H cnic i ten 144 ElN If HNfkWN 7S3-3797 - y -SKCIAL- 1975MONZA TOWNE COUPE includes FREE $205 truck top] Get it on! Mazda will mount this touqh convertible iO|j imanufacturer's suggested retail value S205) onany. new 1974 Mazda truck you buy. So now you can get it all: the flexibility of a great pickup plus · extra protection and style. Offer good through August 31.1975. 411WASN.ST.E. M.341.M51 SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SculChl|.-iri! -IHMlL'il 4 cyl. engine, 5 speed trans., radio/heater, WSW tires, white with white interior red accent. Stock #192. ALL DAY SWAY t CtlMLM · MMtT · PACE! ·MATADM OVH100 CAIS TO CHOOSE FMNN! W. Va.'^Largest All-American Dealer $ 50 CASH I WE CANNOT BEAT ANY DEAL DmeUiWe-SmUot lif Tntt-ii (hmiei-lif Distmti FREE VACATION in Fla. or Las Vegas With Purchase of Any New Car $ 4167 ChiloW t^Efe. I Jr Raines Mazda * Wff \ 51 HHacC9r.leAve..S.1N.. So. Charleston A ' . . itDimhir TnlRriHoa 2695 NITRO,W.VA.-735-81«J US GROW at DunbarTol Bridge PHONE 768-1251 DON SMITH'S AMC JEEP OPEN DAILY. 8 A.M.-9 P.M.: Sun. 1 to 5 P.M. 44HthAve..Huntin£ton-Ph. 523-9407 SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE 70 FORD Torino, sport coupe, V-8, outo., power steering brakes, radio, heater. $ 1295 LEWtSIMUMTHS SURFACE CHEVROLET CafeiiCmkS49-2il3 lEWSHPMENT SPECIAL LOW KKEKFORt All MY SIMMY YOUNTAMTWinK VOLKSH(AGE« ?n-»Wft. 33L«I at* ttrex u * nut g after 4. J4»3t»t.__ VOLVO IW - SUP. Catt tor itJaroi*- liaa. 7P-4MB. _ XKE COUPE 1J79-4.X DC. paiat, Btw Wei aec exltrrat ah« job cnfome wheete. «xc«UMt coaditiab. 13,500 or best stter l-Stl-32«S or _ 2W FL, 4ol*nalic tranvruuen, air conditioning. Mint condition, ocriect nectiaoicallr. U.400. Call tan**. Florida, ( 74CIEVIILETi »2W5 lint, t 4°fl i 3»9l 6« CXPS 2 d.. H*u)). outwwlk S 599 iMSAnUI1EHdKp.O.Auto. S 5991 6(CCX)GM Small Vt Auto.... t M9 ·7FOM)Pid l upV(3ia«d.... 67 FO«D Hdlap cp. outomafc. ,67 COM£T 4 dr. m* V8 outo . ,67DC»GtCpCQVtomoK.... 67 PONT. TMO. Cpt. "Starp" . 67 CHcVT in.aia 4 dr. Gold... 64FOteOw.VSAuMw.ic.. t 499] 44 CrMTSlEK 4 df. "Air Cand". S 399 ] SFOtUJd,,^, ......... I MARION'S AUTOVILLE XNOrfN FOR A GOOO tmJTATION LOCATED MTBISKTIOM OF KG I LiniE TTLES MOUNTAINS 1 h Mln horn 7* AM, Oty Lnnin an ll. 42 Towdi Crau I Ann. !5SiiL.t^ nnYtidoti WafM. V4 ««flm. **·**· ^JKivKS: if.g, p«« v IX^M, Ivjetwy air o prindlwand csrr. S 1W5 7 Z FORD Caxnhr S^i». naliw ngon. V4 fOt. pa»«ri)Mig,p»v o«4.. KnMd glau. ratia/lBatar. IM. ^ J 21S5 74 CHEVROLET c^,, door hardtop, V-l tHgiM, ayUm«tic tront^ power iliiring, pow«r due bf^*n, fadorx oir und, vwvt roof, rintW 9«u. (fcvfW) top*, WJW fe'M, wt'* wfiMt coy- many othtr «]ihotl You con w« l*ww RAINES MOTORS M j r . l p l ' l u CLOSE OUT «. RENAULTS RENAULT R-17 "THE GREAT GORDIH" SAVE UP TO $500. ON COUPES CONVERTIBLES 1974V2R-12 FREEMRCORDITKMUNG WITH OUTRIGHT PURCHASE OF SEDAN OR WAGON -SORRY NO TRADES- R-17 Convertible VILLAGE RENAULT/PEUGEOT AUTO SALES, INC. 3900 MacCORKLE AVE., KANAWHA CITY 925-6627 OUR BARGAINS BEGIN WHEN YOU W THEY LEAVE NO DOUBT WHEN YOU DRIV! IMPALA I w Mil HLH 3 seat station wagon, tail gate, factory air cond., tinted glass, tilt steering wheel, AM radio/heater, antique white, roof carrier. B,". 1 ."* ...................... '5143" I 9 Hfll HLH 4 door sedan, factory air cond., vinyl roof, tinted gbss, AM radio/heater, silver. .'4616 4i I w Iml HLH Sport coupe, medium red, AM radio, stereo tape, vinyl roof, radial tires, tinted glass, factory air cond. WnSMM.30 M7C775 ·w....- 1/01 75 iKw ALA Sport Coupt, bright blue metallic, AM radio, vinyl roof, rear seal speaker, tinted glass, factory air condition. '4598" I 9 mllHLH 4 door sedan, factory air cond., vinyl roof, tinted glass, AM radio/heater, medium red, chrome 4608" ' I v mil HLH 4 door sedan, factory air cond., tinted glass, cruise control, radial tires, bright blue metallic, chrome S*£ .'4963" I W ffnl ALA 3 seat, station wagon, factory air cond., tinted glass, AM radio/dealer, stereo tape, radial tires. medium rtd, roof carrier .'5113" t* NOVA e t V H v l H 4 door sedan, 4 cyl. engine, automatic trans., power steering, AM rodio/heater, medium blue, rally wheels b"."^ ............... ....... »3495" I v RVlH Custom coupe, automatic Irons., power steering, power brakes, factory air cond., AM radio/ heater, medium green. K*? ...................... J 4213 M I V . RvlH 2 door sedan, 6 cyl. engine, automatic tram., power steering, AM radio/heater, bright! yellow. fe 1 ?* 0 ? ...... . .............. .'3552 s4 I V Rw I H 2 door coupe, 6 cyl. engine, power steering, er brakes, AM radio/healer, radial tires. CHEVELLE 9 75 CHEVELLE Malibu coupe, automatic trans., power steering, factory air cond., tinted glass, AM radio, stereo tape, radial tires, midnight blue metallic, rally wheels. - J ---- W«$4M7J5 TSCnEVELLE J, W l 4245 21 Malibu coupe, 6 cyl. engine, automatic trans., power steering, power brakes, tinted glass, AM ' 3356" I D NUVA Cuslom coupe, automatic trans., power steering, power brakes, factory oir cond., vinyl roof, AM , radio/heater, antique white. 1 4 4 ' 4253" radio, radial tires, dark brown metallic. I w vnCVLLLb ' 3639" Malibu coupe, power steering, power brakes, factory air cond., vinyl roof, tinted glass, AM radio, stereo tape, silver. ' 4304* I v vflLVLLLL power brakes, factory air cond., tinted glass, AM radio, radial ( 4292 W Malibu coupe, power steering, tires, medium red, Malibu sedan, power steering, pow- e-r brakes, factory air cond., vinyl roof, AM radio, sandstone ' I 9 RUVK 2 door coupe, 6 cyl. engine, automatic trans., power steering, AM radio/heater, silver metallic K$ M ? ..................... .'3567* 71 HflVl I w nVm Custom coupe, automatic Irani., power steering, power brakes, factory oir cond., AM radio/neater, 4253" 4245 4S Mdibu Classic landau, power steer- ' metallic, rally wheels. Stf 4 ". 1 . 4 !..... I V VllClLLLL ing, power brakes, factory air cond., tinted glass, AM rcdio, . ...................... 4607" / D VntVLLLt Malibu coupe, automatic tram., power steering, AM radio, radial white sidewall tires, silver 3568" ' metallic, rally wheels ' MONZA Town coupe; automohc trans., power itnring, vinyl roof, AM radio/heater, wsw Tires, dark blue metallic, heavy duty battery. Bl tt r.- y ? i W InvllLH ' 3774" Town coupe, automatic trans., power steering, vinyl roof, AM radio/heater, bright yellow, heavy duty battery. W« $4119.75 I v mwlltH ( 3774 M Town coupe, 4 speed trans., power steering, radio/heater, WSW tires, firethom metallic, heavy duty battery. I w fflUnAiM '3622 s ' ^ own coupe, V-8 engine, 4 speed trans., power steering, power brakes, vinyl. roof, tinted glass, AM radioAeater, dark green metallic, sport suspension. ' 44 '" 5 ' I W mwRLH 4014' 1 Town coupe, 4 speed trans., power ster- ing, vinyl roof, AM radio/heater, antique white, heavy duty batter ' I 9 InUnvH 3662" I W VllClLLLC Malibu coupe, automatic trans., power steering, power brakes, factory air cond., tinted glass, ' 4105* , AM radio/heater, dark red metallic. Stf 4 "." 5 I v VllEilLLLk Malibu coupe, automatic trans., power steering, power brakes, tinted glass, AM radio/heottr, 3639 17 cream beige. N« $412 ' l O vflLlCLLL Molibu coupe, automatic trans., power steering, power brakes, tinted glass, AM radio/neater, dark red metallic. ' 3639" 75 CHEVELLE trans., power steering, tinted glass, radial WSW tires, dark Malibu 4 door sedan, automatic red metallic. 54 ""' ' Town coupe, 4 speed trans., power steering, vinyl roof, AM radio/heater, antique white, heavy duty batter * I 9 mwIlLH 3622 5t Town coup^ outomatk trpns,. power steering, vinyl roof, AM rodioAealtr, Inco silver, heavy duty battery. ' 3774" 3583" / D VjlLlLLLCi Malibu 4 dear sedan. automaKc trans., power steering, AM radio/healer, radial WSW tires, silver metallic. "' S. 1 . 4 ".". 4 ' ..................... '3568" I J vntltLLt Malibu 4 door sedan, automatic trans., power steering, tinted.gloss, AM radio/heater, WSW 3598" I D LnLltLLk Molibu Classic coupe, cmtomalic trans., power steering, power brakes, factory air cond., tinted glass, AM radio/heater, stereo tape, landau option, midnight blue metallic. tires, radial tires, sandstone. ' 1 OPEN SUNDAY 1PM TO 5PM 1 · THE BARGAIN HOUSE OF WEST VIRGINIA IS WEST VIRGINIA'S # 1 GM DEALER C O AII AT Aft (* OT 0 MOTORS, ST. Hplfl ttnMMt WMfiyMMf! NIW CM SHOWROOM 727-2921* WEST VIRGINIA'S TIMBER 1 CHEVROLET ft OLDSM0B1LE DEALER RT. 60,300 MacCORKLE AVENUE AT ST. ALBANS BRIDGE TWCKCWn ·727-439( SUNDAY 1PM TO 91MW

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