The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 17, 1939 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 17, 1939
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY, MARCH 17, 1939 1'HE DAILY COURIER CONNELLSVILLE PA. ON THE Radio Information At a Glance \\CAC-mi K.C 6 00--Stardust 6 15--IXemng News b 25--Spoils 6 30--News on Parade G 4o--Muted MJMC 7 00--Amos and Andy 7 15--Jimmy Filler 7 30--Lightening Jim 8 OQ--Lucille Manners 9 00--Waltz Time 9 30--Death Valley Days 10 00--Guy Lombordos Orch 10 30--Uncle Ei-a 10 45--Johnny DulTy 11 00--News Parade 11 10--Sterling Y o u n g s Oich 11 30--Joe Venuti s Orch 12 00--Sammy Kaj e s Orch 12 30--On in Tuckci ; Orch 1 00--Berme Cummins' Orch TONJGHT I KDKA--980 KC I 6 00--News bpo: Is weather 6 06--Youi Movie Magazine of the An 615--Manuel Cent dies Oich 6 3 0 -- M u s e spoif; b "5--Lowell 11 omas 7 00--Dnn i Turc 7 15--Evening Scienade 7 43--Glee Club 8 00--\\ ai den L iwcs 830--Roimnce and R h j t h m 9 00-n lant ition P.rty 9 3 0 -- M u c i of T me 10 00--Adim Hat Fight 11 Otl--News wea hei temperature 11 07--A A H. Wc^k ' nd Tour 11 1=--The Music You Wint. 12 00--A] Kavelmi Oich 1215--^ew Penn Oicn 12 30--Joe Reichman s Orch --uao KC 6 05--Mui hatUm Se emde b 15--\ews of the world fi 30--Bob Tiout 6 45--Tal of the Town 7 00--County Scjt n 15'--^um ind Abner 7 30--II btory Spea ^s 7 4i--Berinv Bui t o n s Orch 8 00--Fi st N "h er 8 JO--Burn,, md Allen 9 00--Orson Welles 10 00--Gi md C c n t i n l Station 1030--We Tie J u j 10 ·!,, -Mi sic le 11 00--News o' he wor d 11 ID--Lcighton Nobles Oich 11 30--Jlmrnv Do sev s Oich 12 00--Ben Br-rn e s Orch SATURDAY \\CAE 1 00--Program Resume 7 00--Moiring Express 8 00--News 8 15--Todij s Almanac 8 30--Musical Tete a Tete 9 oo--Musir"! Intel lude 9 05--Wise "Vlan 9 15--Sdtuiday Morning Club 9 45--F H A Talk 10 oo--Jr Crime Prevention Bureau 10 30--Junfile J m 10 45--K S T P Presents 11 00--Betty Moore 11 15--Airl ne^s 11 30--U S Army Band 12 00--Studio Tare Signal 12 00--News 12 10--Norman Cloutier's Orch 12 30--Call to Youth 12 45--Along Gvpbj Trails 1 00--Front Page DraTio 1 15--Musical Caiavan 1 30--Berme Cummins Oich 2 00--Matinee in Rhjthm 2 30--Golden Melodies ·J 00--Rhythm Rhyme 3 30--Sv-mgology 4 00--Variety Piogiam 4 30--rophatteis 5 00--Cosmopolitan Rhythm 5 15--WPA Musicale 5 30--Federation of. Non Commercial Theatre 6 00--Bob Crosby's Orch 6 15--Evening News 6 25--Musicale Interlude 6 30--Gray Goidans Orch 6 45--Religion in the News 7 00--Avalon Time 7 30--Li\ es of Great Men 7 45--Inside of Sports 8 00--Tommy Rigas and Betty 8 30--To be announced 9 00--Vox Pop 9 30--Hall of Tun 10 00--Dance Orch 1030--Glen Millers Oich 11 CO--News Parade 11 10--Joe Rmes Oich 11 30--Horace Heidt's Orch 12 00--BeimeCummms' Orch 12 30--Ornn Tucker s Orch 1 00--Shep Fields' Orch 1 so--Joe Reichman s Orch Game Protectors Arrest 2,790 Law Violators Pennsylvania game protectors have made an emiable record according to the results of the quarterly repoit made public today by W C Shaftei chief, Division of Law Enforcement For the thi ee-month period including November, Dccembei and January, which carries the bulk of the law enforcement work during the open season, game protestors brought a toUl of 2,790 prosecutions which resulted in 2 72o convictions, showing that 97 7 per cent of those persons arrested were convicted Very few persons escaped penalization the report showing only 23 per cent of those arretsed acquitted Duung the quaiteily period 4o persons were dissatisfied with the judgment of the justice of the peace or others before whom they were charged and appealed then convictions to the courts of quarter sessions This figure represents only 16 per cent of the persons anested The report also indicates that 1 644 persons were arrested in November, 858 in December and 288 in. January More thin 60 per cent of the persons who were arrested voluntarily signed acknowledgements of guilt and paid their fines to field officers in preference to entering into hearings before lustices of the peace ShaPer, commenting upon the repoit, stated that results of the work of the game protesters for the last quaitei aie highly gratifying Boosters Club Will Be Guests of Juniors Southwest Boostci Club member s will be guests of Magic Council, Jr O II % M this evening in Odd Felloes Temple in South Pittsburg stieet The social committee is p e- panng for a large delegation from all over the county and the entertainment committee has arranged a splendid program A Home Product Bj Name 0 bAl E EYEKl'MHEBE Tjistcn lo Our Daily "SPORTS PARADE" at 5:30 P. M. (Her TTOBS KDKA 630--Sing Lex el Cider Hounds 6 45--Farm M-nkets 7 00--Wusjcnl Clock 7 15--Wcstein Tnils 7 30--Musical Clock 7 45--Russell P l a t t 8 00--News 8 05--Musical Cloot 8 16--Dr Sunsh ne Clock 9 00--Bieakfast Club "te\* 9 45--Gospel Singer 10 00--The Smile Parade 1030--Suing Scienade 104o--Tlu Child Glows Up 11 00--Junior Safetj Patiol 1115--Amencin Pun Women 11 30--Music 1145--P.CWS, Weather Tempera ure 12 00--News 12 05--Man on the Farm 1230--National Faim . Home Hour 130--Rav Kmne\-, Oich 2 00--Flank Da !c s Oich 2 30--SH\onc Seiemde 2 45--Fiom Home of Muses 3 00--Ic.s Up o You 3 15--Four of Us 3 30--Al Roth md Company 400--Club Matinee 5 00--Erskme H i w k m s Orch 5 30--Soutl \ estern Stirs, 6 00--News Sports, Weather Tem- peratuio G 06--Your Mo\ le Magazine of t le Air 6 15--Mjnuel Cont'iies Orch 6 30--Hcnf e of the Mounted 7 00--Message ot Israel 7 30--Question Bee 8 00--Don Hirsch News 8 15--Ben Cutiers Orch 8 30--Brent House 9 00--National Bain Dance 10 00--Symphony Concert 11 30--News Weather Temperlaurc 11 45--The Music You Want WIAS 7 30--Musicale 8 00--Ncu' 8 lo--Time ^gim 8 30 -Musical Rc\ue 845--Cheenc Melodies B 55--Tod o s Prognms 9 00--St Pitnck s Church 9 '0--Fiddlers f i n c y 10 00--Pnppv Chcsire 10 30--Four Corners Thontre 11 00--Neu. \ork PI ill- imonic 12 00--Kite Smith Spe ks 12 15--Music-He 12 30--Neus o t the H o d 12 45--Enoch Lights Oich 1 00--All Hinc 1 *; on D"ck 1 'O--B B C E\h mgc 2 00--Men Ag i nst i 2 ^ 0 -- B u n ilo Pichcnts 2 45--11 n Hmcs 3 00--Uni\c M ·, of Michi$,-m ·) 30--Te\ is Rincir 4 00--Todij i P u g r me 4 05--Chii t-s P ul I TO--DincepTtoi; 500--\\h t TUCL \.mcuci 5 30--Baron Llliot s OlJ B OD--Lcigl ton Noble 6 it--Ncus ol the tto Id 6 10--Silurdiv Sv', nt; 7 0 0 -- \ m c n c n i 6 at Work 7 JO--Joe E Broun 8 00--Johnny Presents 8 30--Professor Quiz 9 00--Honolulu Bound 930--S-Uurdry Night 5^-rcr der-! 10 00--Your Ml! P i nde 10 4o--Cap tol Opinions 11 00--Ncus W i t h Ken Hildfjrand il ID--Ot/i Nt Kc n 5 Oic.h 11 30--Charles Baum s Orch Blind Student Honored Income Tax Payments Fall Off $5,000,000 PITTSBURGH, Vai 17--Income tax pimcnts in the ntern il revenue office here decreased ap- proxsnatel S5 000 000 'rom last year s collections according to William D^iscoU, internal revenue collector Fust quarter payments totaled $19 713 949, compared uith last jeai s $26697354 Tils jeni s total is expected to be swelled by S2 000 000 uhen pavments arme by mail todav Dnscoll said State Mediator Sent Out fo Bring Peace On "All-Weather" Job Reds Cut Squad TAMPt r i a , Mdr 17--The Cincinnati Reds made *he first cut in thei squad Wednesday when Charlie English was sold out ight to the Los Angeles club of the Pacinc Codst League English played on option -it Los Angeles last season SOMERSET M i l 17 -- Pituck R mse-v i reurescntitHC of the St ite bui eiu of mccli ition v. is sent here Tue«d-n bj Cl ircnce J Mo ei mcdi ition boird dircc 01 to m ike an ittempt to settle a stukc uhich pre \ented stnit of uork on i six-mile link of States dre im all \seither highway Willnm Grive-; superintendent of the Connell ind Liub Cons ructior Companj, siid exci\ itior on R stretch between Husband and the Westmoreland county line which was scheduled to s t i l t Wednesday was halted b\ n E nkc c died last rhursdiy by the Johnstoun local of the Hod Carriers Union He bud he itlempted to secure 100 laborers md other skilled woikmcn r iom the Stnte employment office here but was informed that Jic \voil men could not be supplied because the st ke hid been called Robert George Allmin (right) captain of the University of Pcrnsylvama Krestlme team is pictured receiving the 1915 award from Charles Fox, J r , as the member of tho senior class who most closely approaches the [deal Um\ers t of Pennslvania athlete " A Phi Beta Kappa, Allman 18 the first blind man e\er to captain an athletic team at the school Injured in Auto Accident SOMERSET M 0 r 17 --Clarence Specimen of Rockwood is a parent a i. the Conn-unity Hospital foi tieat- mcnt of an i r j u i y to tie c p ne sustained in an automobile accident reported to ha\e occuiied Satuidiy Hospital recoids list R chard 13 ei of feon-usol is cliivu ot the c 11 PAGE THREE Mocking Birds Try North Mass, Mar 17 -Eu tenlly southern mocking birds ; no feai of *Vc\\ England v. inter weathci foi Pilt«field iciidcnts re- poit one having beer ieen eating bernes still on bushes In 1934 a bud of tins, species uas found in the Lc lox bn d sanctuii v and in 1936 one \\ ia seen tu ice Pope's Coat of Arms Child Dies, Brother Seriously Injured By Powerhouse Explosion OIL CITY Mdr 17--Fne-year- old Lori line Sibble wis f itally burned ind her bi other Clifford Jr serious!/ injuied by m cxp osion in a po^erhouie it in oil \\ell neat their hone in nenby Plumei Phi. gill burned on hei bodj face ind oied m an Oil Cit hospital her brotht-r is repoited in a cnticil coi dition Cardinal 3 hat nnd tassels in the personal CDUI ol arms (nbove) of Papal Secretary of State Ljpenio Cardinal Pacelli uili be replaced ·an h the triple tiara of the Papacv ·UICG hia elevation to the throne of St. Peter Oldest Pensioner Dies BRADFORD P i M i r \~ -- Eov, rd Pn tridgf 94 resident of this I ci v f or more th n 60 ears and be| h e \ e d to h a ^ e been the oldest pensioned employe of U e Buffalo Roches -r Pitt burgh Railway now meij,ed uilh the Bai imore Ohio, died Tuesdiv it the home of i daugh- PI Mis Herbert Blown of Hdimon, N Y CLEAR VIEW Double Glide Wardrobe Special en hro-door convenience. A touch of the handle raises the upper door; at the same time the lo^er door ··Jules d o n n out of your "«ciy, giving jou a full ^ien of your clothes. Sturd--with -nood front up- rurhS mid vood sides, top and )ottom. Equipped Midi double wood dowel drop liimarer, Utilorator rriiitiiininir Utilocule Crystal--. Size, 60x21x2]J£ jnclies approximately. Complete Home Furnishers Since 1891 LUCKV V OB1E5 -- NEVER. 1 HAVE TO WORRY ABDUT KtEPIHO MOUSE · CR. SHOPPINO- K3R ME: ATS ff -J of course iht is referring to CONNEUSVllLE"^" WEEK-END SPECIALS PORK ROAST, Galli Style VEAL SHOULDER ROAST- VEAL BREAST, for Stuffing P O R K L 0 2 N ROAST, Rib End CALLA mm BACON SQUARES ... . FRESH SAUSAGE ... CHUCK ROAST, End Cuts SUGAR CURED BACON PURE LARD.. DILL PICKLES Domestic SWISS CHEESE ...Ib. 14c Ib. 15c 2 ibs. 25c . ib.16c . Ib. 15c Ib. 15c 2 Ibs. 35c . 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