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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, July 8, 1918
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ConnellsviHe's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,778 VOL.16, NO. 203. CONNELLSVILLE, PA., MONDAY EVENING, JULY 8, 1918. EIGHT PAGES. GERMAN SUPREME EFFORT TO CRUSH ALLIED FORCES NEAR AT HAND. ALL SIGNS INDICATE Resumption Also of Drive on Italians Expected; Ludendorff Visits Austrian Headquarters to Personally Put the Machinery ( in Motion, Paris Newspaper Learns; Australians Improve Positions on 3,000 Yard Front. .GERMAN ARTILLERY GROWS ACTIVE ON WEST Bj Associated Press. Momentous happenings are in the making on the western The lull of the past few days will not continue long and it is not improbable the Germans will break it by hurling their masses against the Allied line to cursh it if possible. Correspondents at the front reporting that a new German blow is impending, obviously are unable to give ground for the · belief but the Germans liave had much time in which to prepare j LARGE QUANTITIES OF ! EXPLOSIVES FOUND IN i HOME OF AUSTRIANS By State iGaine Wuiflcns !Vh«n Hunt- Ing for Guns; Towers of ^Officers to Be Enlarged. During the last six months the state game wardens . i n pursuing their search for Srcarms in the possession of, unnaLurallzed foreigners' in the mining'and industrial sections of the stale, hundreds of guns-, revolvers .and other weapons have been taken from unnaturalized aliens. In many - instances game proteclofs had to enter the homes of foreigners suspected of possessing firearms and the discovery was made that in addition to firearms and knives, .that many aliens, notably Austnans, bad dynamite a Q d other, explosives' in their homes. Some had dynamite, capped and prepared for firing, in trunks or bureaus in their homes and resented it being removed, while others declared that liey were allowed to hold it because they were! MOTOR ACCIDENTS CLAIM IMS OF TWO OVER SUNDAY Patrick J. Cafferj Bun Down iit Brook-vale Satur' day Right. DRIVER DOES NOT STOP Victim, Well Known Trotter Man, -IVas on Jlis IVar Home I'rwn Con- nellSTille, Fonnd living in Witch and Hied at the Hospital; Boy Killed. miners. Hoards of flour otner provisions, clothing and shoes were also discovered ii» sections -where loroigners' congregate. Two accidents in which a man and a boy were fatally injured, occurred on the Leiscnring road over Sunday. Patrick J. Caflery, 66 years olrt, a well known resident ot Trotter, was motorcycle Saturday d l TM » down CATHOLICS BEGIN I , CANVASS FOR FUND ! FOR UQO ORPHANS City ami jVcarby Territory Divided Into Teams In Share of $100,000 In Diocese. "Help the orphans" is the slogan among Catholics of the Pittsburg diocese who yesterday launched a week's drive to raise $100,000 for the maintenance of 1,200 pareutJess children at St. Paul's orphanage at Idlewood. The campaign closes Saturday evening. A dozen comihittees are at work in Connellsville and nearby localities included In the Connellsvilie parish. J. "W. Ralston is general chairman of the movement here and also treasurer. A meeting of the team workers has been called for Thursday evening at 7.30 o'clock in the Knights of Columbus hall to bear reports and discuss the progress of the work. No fixed amount has been announced for the city but an effort made to have a worthy showing. Lib- SIXTY PER CENT OF NO. 5 TWENTY-ONERS WILL SOON BE IN THE ARMY SERVICE Classification of Youth* Registered June 5 Completed ' o f L o l s e t t r i n g No , , aboul 11 To meet the situation steps arc to] t , on _ The i]]jured raaQ be taken to enlarge lie powers.of t h e | h r i e d , y remove(1 to tho cottage for further great strokes and it is known they have from 30 to 40 v divisions in shape to throw into the fray. Added to this is-the fact that the Germans have not been very active for more than a. week and their counter attacks have not been carried out with the usual strength and determination. Meanwhile the Allies are busy strengthening the positions taken from the enemy in the past -week. Raids are being carried, under the act of 1917. out here and there but not in great strength except in the case of I Pending decision as to increased the Australians who have moved forward 400 yards on a front of | more than a mile in the Hamel region, south of the Somme. . game wardens Cor the purpose o£ pro- S(ate h ltol whcre he died at 2.M o'clock yesterday morning. The body ·was taken charge of by Funeral Dl- venting violation of tho explosives, and other state and federal wartime regulations. The attorney gen-| roc[()r } L sta(Jer and was la[er rc _ eral has been asked to determine the! movcfl to the Caffery home, from powers of the governor to make the | whu . h ^ tmler .,j will be held to- game wardens special policemen or| m o r r o w moving at g.30 o'clock. At members of the volunteer state police 1 9 O ' clo ck requiem high' mass will be at Brookyale, by ^Joe ^Hildock j erty Botlds and ^, ar SaT ,nss s ; amps are being accepted where cash subscriptions are inconvenient In his appeal to the people for aid for the orphanage. Ehshop . .^egis Canevin points out tho much higher cost of providing the necessaries of life and o'clock was found lying in a ditch along Hie roadside in an unconscious ihe wl » t orders to round up firearms wherever . . . , , . . , . . * ^ i , i i n possession of foreigners, will report American sectors have been quiet smce the activity of Saturday! anr dis( . ovortea 0{ (ivnamit( , or e!r p lo _ when the French made a slight gain near Chateau Thierry on a j gives to the state police and of flour sector adjoining that held by the Americans. Berlin reports i o r food or clothing in undue quan- tliis very local incident as attacks in strong force which were re- ] titles to Federal administrators of the celebrated at the Immaculate Con- ceplion church, of which Mr. Cattery was a member, by Rev. Father John T. Burns. Interment in SU Joseph's comfort and urges ail to generously. CQALJMTJONING To Be Inanpnrated Among DomesHe Consnraers by Order of Garfleld. WASHINGTON, July 8.--Rationing of coal to householders has been an- ceroetery. According lo eye* witneses aounced by the Fuel Administration ( as being among plans designed to pre- to the i vent a threatened shortage ot coal accident Hildock, after striking Mr. j next winter. Each domestic consum- pulsed. On Cuftery, did not get otf his machine to see how badly the man was Inthe Italian front the Italians are consolidating strengthening the positions retaken near the mouth of the Piave. Vienna admits the loss of the ground east and southeast of Capo ,Silo-.which was the nearest the enemy had got to Venice. TheM been only slight activity in the mountain zone. In the north, Che residents of tae Munuan region have thrown off'the authority of the Bolsheviki government in Moscow and joined the Entente. There is a great amount of war I district. Any disloyal or seditious re- ijurcd, but kept on going until tie and i mar ^ s or actions against the draft,! motorcycle skidded. However, he did food or fuel administrators or evi-jiiot ccme back to the scene of the reported to the.proper.authorities. operation between the coast and thi Tomoriea valley, the ItaliaVi war office announced today. The operation er will be allowed only as much coal as is found to be scientifically neces- j sary to heat his house to 68 degrees, ! COMMITTEE AGREES ON LEGISLATION TO .CUT OUT LIQUOR By Associated press. WASHINGTON, July .8 --Legislation lo prohibit the sale of distilled liquors, wine and beer after January ], 1919, and to prohibit tie manufacture of wine and beer after.November 1 next,! was agreed on today by the Senate Agricultural committee. The legislation is proposed as a substitute for' the pending Korris amendment lo the emergency agricultural appropriations bill which would stop the sale of distilled liquor and wine In T]iat c fte Besistalnt b GJTea . «,, i,i.i« ·/! t r i m ,.ml ni-rthtKi* -Miff ^" i «TM MARRIED MEN INCLUDED Those Becoming' Benedict^ Since May IS, 1917,PJaced in Class 1. CHANGE ASPJSC3J on June 30, 1919, and prohibit the manufacture of beer three months after the hill becomes law. AMERICANS READY respond To *c*t the Long Delayed Third German Offensive Movement By Associated Presa. "WITH THE A1IE1UCAN ARMY IN He/erred Classification; Board So*: 2 Begins Work Tomorrow With 246 Xames on the Boll to Dispose ofa The classification of. the class ,af, 191S, men who registered on June. 5 last, was completed by Local Board fpr District No. 5 this afternoon,, About 60 per cent of the registrants _,...,,_, , , ,, T, ,. .,1, i are in Class 1 which is more than thfl FRANCE, Julv 8.--Resumption of the I . .. ,, - _ _ -- .~--l _,_.. -- . «,iboard had expected for that division, German offensive against some part of the Allied line is believed to be near. For obvious 'reasons A is impossible to go into the subject deeply, but it may be said that other reasons appear to The remainder are scattered through. the remaining classes. Physical ex* amination of the men will probably ' take place Tuesday or "Wednesday of i boar out the statement that the Ger-| nexl w eet Of the 187 men who registered itf mans are again about to attack, be-} sides the fact that the usual resting; District 5 it is probable that 115 -will periods between attacks have been | be placed in the first class, unless concluded for all the. enemy troops | this number is reduced by disquallfl- within the near future. i cations in the physical examination. . } taken by the Entente forces." is in full and satisfactory develop-i uupplies in this region and American, French and British troops, men t.' The statement adds that-more! «re guarding it while Germans and Finnish forces have, been j than 1,000 prisoners so far have been reported advancing in force northward from Finland. Germany has not yet acted on the murder of Count Mirbach : in Moscow. The Bolsheviki government has made;*' apology: and has enforced strong measures .in .-Moscow to en- deavor^tcj; find t^ie assassi n. F,ormer,,-Premier Kerensky .believes Xfie'tieiirians will march on Moscow, but thinks the murder is the first sign ui Awakened anti-German feeling in Russia returning home from Connellsville, and it is claimed Hildock was riding 'on the left side ot the road. \Vhen | tie motorcycle struck Mr. Caftcry ft ! threw - him over into the ditch. He was injured internally. Mr. Caffcry was born ill England, i ' son of Patrick and Anna Caffery. I Thirty-five years ago he came to this [country, settling at Trotter, where i he hart since resided. He was em- It may be said tha: there are three! Notice will- be sent out'to -the new logical points for the enemy's attack' registrants to appear for examination for each household-! ~ the Chateau-Thierry region, the line! immediately the date is decided on. provided every conservation rule has been obeyed. The allowanc er, the announcement said, will be ' north 0( Chalonos and in the neigh- OI'KJUTIO.f S.; ployed by the H. C. .Frick Coke corn- pany as a track layer and was,wel ' terday advanced: their front lines in the region of Col la Pribic. the Italian war office' announced today.. In the .Mont Grappa region the Italians » the coke region. j He married Miss Ellen Molten, who · w i t h the following children survive: Mrs. Henry Herbert of Connclis- sulficient Jor comfort, but "the' t°rho°d of- Abbeville, in the Flanders thoughtless and wasteful consumer! scctor who finds his allowance gone after! From Ule °est information obtain- the end of the winter, will have only | abl e u appears that the Germans dur- hlmself to thank it he has 'no fuel i ln s the coming offensive will have be- with which to heat his house." tween thirty and forty divisions cap- Tbe administration's plan involves ab 'e of participating in the attack. a department of coal allotments in I The American forces are tonight ' resting on their arms awaiting the of- connectlon with each local fuel administrator's office, and this, system now has been completed and will be put into'operation at once-.--Each order for coal will be censored by com- rather likely, the.' American parison with tho rating of the house i will give a good account of where the coal is to be used. All consumers who have obtained a Mrs. Arthur Pederson of Pitts- | quantity of coal in excess of their aJ- ""' " ' - · - lotments, or who, by deceit or misrepresentation, have violated Austrian headquarters thetre and has hastened preparations for; another blow against the Italians. Considerable reinforcements, it is added, are being concentrated at tnssbruck and Trent. MAY VS FAR REACHING. -· LONDON, July 8.--The assassination of Count Von Mirbach, . the German ambassador to Russia, is viewed by the newspapers "·here as an event of great im]ortance which may have far reach' ing results. The Daily. Mai] and the Daily Express agree that the assassination may have momentous consequences and compare it to the murder of Archduke Francis Ferdinand at Sara- jevo four years ago. NEW COLLECTION SYSTEM home . Ttto Siste r3. Mrs. John Car: I roll nt OHphtiat. and Mrs. Mart Cbai- (iurhugF Compunr -Now i:»inp Uuu- i ton of FredericKtown, Pa., also snr- pons; Strip of 10 Soils i'ur $1. jvtvo. A new and what will probably be a ; George Juhal, 10-year-old son of more popular system of payments for ! George and Maiy Juhal of Leiscnring any rules or regulations of the Fuel Administration, will be prosecuted. WASHINGTON. July 8.'--Fighting p^£°£ place in .Moscow sheviXi forces · and between Bol- revolutionary . forcesyfollowing the assassination of von Jlirbach, the German. f or- stev. according to an official dlS»atch today from Switzerland. On leaving the German embassy, the dispatch says, the assassin took refuge in a house occupied by the revolutionary Socialists. This building w»s defended by machine guns. Details of the fighting have not 'been received. BBSSIAS ATTITUDE COJUJiW $OOJi. frotri'Field Marshal Haig today. Several prisoners were taken. The German artillery displayed activity in the Somme region during the night. It was similarly active north of Avre in the vicinity of Beaumom-Hamel and on the Flanders front in the neighborhood of Bethune. KAiSEfi OUDKBS BREAK WITH Rl'SS (JOVKKXMKNT. LONDON, 3uly.8.--Ais soon as Emperor William heard of the assassination of Count von, Mirbach, the German ambassador to Russia, according to an Exchange Telegraph dispatch to Amsterdam, he ordered n Inaugu- j Xo. 1, ivas fatally injured yesterday j company. | afternoon aboul. -1.30 o'clock n e a r ; service i Lelsenring when struck by a'n auto- garbage collection has bee rated by the city garbage at the rate of ?1 a month as-previously, a coupon system hus been started Smith, a local negro. It is said that under which a customer is supplied ; witnesses to the accident say it was with a strip of coupons, one of -A-hich .'unavoidable. Smith removed the in- is given the collector each time t b e j j u r e d boy to the Cottage State bos- garbage-is removed. A strip of JO tickets is given, each customer on the payaient of ?1. By the coupon system the customer pays for the service rendered. Heretofore, the garbage may have been collected i Greek church at Leisenring, Coroner once or several times a month, and i S. H. Bnum of Uniontown will con- the customer paid ?1 for the service, | duct Inquests into both accidents. No MAYCURTMDELIYERIiES Local Merchants Have Conservation Question L'nder Discussion. Merchants ol Connellsville are seriously considering putting restricted delivery sen-ice into effect fensive and if it happens that the selves. Registrants .married since May 18, 1917, and -who have no children have been placed in Class I, nnder the recent ruling by Provost Marshal Crowder. If a registrant has been married since that time and has a, child, however, he is given deferred classification. If a registrant has been married since January 15, 1918, no deferred classification is given; enemy starts against the pos'itions [regardless of whether there-are. chil- held by the Americans,'wh'ich seemsj dren living'or unborn. · troops! Local Board for District No. 2 will them- begin the classification of the 1918 class about tomorrow. · The board has 246 registrants to classify. Physical examination of the men in Class 1 will begin immediately after the classification. Orders were sent out ifrom Washington for local boards to begin ' classification immediately in order that the physical examinations could he conducted and the twenry- ! oners inducted into the service some- PRISONERSJSCAPE Three Sarr Way Out of County Jail Today at Franklin. By Associated Press. FRANKLIN Pa.. July 8.--Three prisoners escaped from the Venango 'county jail early today by cutting! -their cell bars with a hacksaw and j ' TM e m August, two knives improvised as saws. They! Bmrd No ' 5 win alBO **** ^ the were Thomas^Fahey and Thomas Car-j re-classiflcation of men wno have beeff reU, iwaiting trial on a statutory' Placed in the class for limited mili- . chargi;. T o d y ' s jail delivery makes service. There are some o f , mobile owned find driven by A r t h u r ' h e r e , and instead of makiug severai I a totai of eight men who have escaped i these men who were rejected from. pital where he died a few hours later of internal injuries. The body was prepared for buirial hy. Funeral Dl- i rector J. L. Stader. Funeral services were held (his morning from the WASHINGTON, July S.-Intima- Porelgn Secretary VOD K uehlmann lo lions were given in official quarters, | break off negotioations with the Rus- today that a formal announcement in regard to the present attitude of the United States government toward : Russia might be expected shortly. j : . So far there has been no official statement of any kind to'-throw light upon the important decision reached · Saturday wb.en President Wilson disc-Hesed the urgent appeal of the Al- · JJ'es (or joint action in Russia with · the heads of the state, war, and navy · departments, and the chief military · and nnval officers. Unofficially, how- i .trer, word went forth that a deflinita : policy of action had been determined HIT . tie Bolsheriki. sian delegates in Berlin. on that would end the long period waiting that followed the rise of (SGBXA5 AHTttLEHT ACTITK ' OX IVllHi FKO.VF. . PAIUS. July S.-- There was some activity last night by the artillery on the »'5sterly side of the Marne salient b*t*e4n the forest of Villers-Cotter- «ts iind the Marne, today's war office shows. No infantry engagement took : SIX KD,I,KI. THIKTKK.V ' SWGITJIB TO Vi'OUXDS. WASHINGTON. July 8.-- The Army ; casualty list .'today, contained 50 | Mines, divided as follows: Killed In j «etion, S; died of wounds. IS; died cf i accidents and other causes. 2 ; wound; t4 «*Terely, 29. ' ! JtBSTBAIJAXS .ADVAXOK O.V ' SOOO-TAHD VKOST. ' IX)NIXN, July 8.-- Australian last night advanced their lin JIKVQICTIOS RAKES IN MOSCOW. LONDON, July 8--A serious counter revolution has broken out in Moscow, according to .a semi-offiiiia! Wolfl Bureau telegram dated on Suaday. Fighting of great severity -is taking place in the streets between Bolshe- viki and -Social revolutionists. A1UES T.4KK 1,000 PHISOXKKS IX ITALY. ROJ1E, July 8.--Italian and French troops in Albania on J ily 6 began an regardless of the number of times tie garbage was hauled away. The coupons are good until used, however, and by giving a coupon with each collection of the garouge, the customer is sure of ?1 .worth of service before another payment is necessary. . Alien Registration Cards Here, All German women who have registered are asked to call at the city hall on July 8, B and 10, to receive their registration cards. Women who have date had been se:; at noon today. DEATH TOIALJN DOUBT Recovery of Bodies From Sunken Excursion Sllwuner Continues. '' By Associated PreSH. PJ3OR1A, III., July 8.--With federal and state officials already at work a strong probability that the Taiewell county grand jury will : be reconvened, every effoPt is beiirg made to i fix responsibility .for the disaster to trips to each pan of the city, to have ! only one delivery in each section. i The matter has been under discussion for some time but no definite action has yet been taken. The Conservation Division, War Industries Board at Washington, is calling on the merchants to assist in the conservation of man-power by curtailing deliveries and return privileges! In some stores the return privilege has already been reduced to 48 ho'-irs, and in others it is 24 hours. Some merchants feel that the delivery system has been curtailed by then: as.lar as possible as individuals and nothing more can be done until there is a concerted move on the part of every ·merchant in the city. not yet turned in their pictures are , t h e - CTCllrsIon 9teamer Columbia wUch to do so_ immediately, as no_ regtstra- j sanii; ,,, Ule in , nois river FridElJ , mid . tion cards can be i.ssued to them until all- requirements are filled. Street Falls 1". Soine residents of South Tenth street, "West Side, are without water as the result ot a pitfall in the David- j son mines in- that section. The pit- posts are being pulled there and a section of the road fell In last evening, .causing a break in the water lincs^ night. The exact death toll is still unknown. It is more than-100 ajid probably is close to 150. COUNCIL'TO ABOLISH OFFICE OF SEALER OF WEIGHTS AND MEASURES SOON, SAYS REPORT City council may shortly take action jeept for incapacity, inefficiency or conduct unbecoming an employe or lor other'just cause. Besides the salary the inspector .is allowed expenses. It toward abolishing the office of sealer of v/eigbts and measures, held by J. S.' Bryner under'appointment by former Mayor Rockwell Marietta. This learned on good authority.-- " It is' is contended the expenditure is not is justified. 1913. The law makes the tenure of office "dunks; good.,'behavior"-and fixes 'Mtriiie the Somme slightly on a f r o n t j t b e salary at not les» thai $1,000 a It J.COO y«rd», »ys the official report' year, which may'not .he reduced ei- The view is taken .that. if. tested : in the courts the appointment . of an employe for life, whe'ti not under the civil service, would not . stand. i Whether action is 1 to bu taken/immedi- Bryner was appointed to office injately is not known. . It learned, 1014 by Mayor Marietta under . an-i however, thatr'the' matter has progres's- thority of an act approved July 2-l,ied to the point where legal advice has understood members of council have secured competent legal advice that should such 3. step be taken there- Is little probability of the action being successfully contested, in court. DUNBAR RALLY_THURSDAY Firemen Will Reorganize Company; Liical 3lcn to Assist, At a rally of the Dunbar Fire department to be held at that place on Thursday night, the reorganization of the company will take'place. It Is hoped that, a better company and better conditions will be the outcome of the rally. Fire Chief W. E. DeBoit and Superintendent of Public Safety M. B. Pryce will attend the:meeting to assist in the reorganization. 1 been that council will in serting its reported intention ot eliminating the Partly ' cloudy tonight; Tuesday, fair- and .continued cool-is the noon .weather forecast.'. for Western Pennsylvania, Temperature Eecord. MIS'.'.-1917, ' Maximum:. ---68 .-. 86 . Minimum 56 69 Mean 64 78 The Yough river remained stationary during the night'jat' feet b DATE FIXED For Consideration of Petition to Close Fayctte to Gronso Routing:. Notice has been given that the Board of Game Commissioners has fixed July 26 as the date for considering the petition that has .been filed for closing Fayette county to the hunting of ruffled grouse and Virginia and Hungarian quail. for a period of three years/ and ring-neck pheasant tor a period of two years. Parties interested for or against such action mnst file their approval or objections prior to one o'clock of the day fixed for consideration of the in the same manner iu the last three general service on slight delects,. bn£ ] months. who can he put in some branch re--. lieving other men for heavier duty. . The limited service men hr.d been placed in Class B, and some of these DINER DERAILED Traffic on B. ,t 0. Tied Up al Banning By Accident to Xo. 15. Traffic on the Baltimore Ohio railroad was tied up for a few hours Saturday afternoon when the diner on train No, 15, left the westbound track and turned over on the eastbound track. No one -was injured. The wreck train from Connellsville appeared on the scene, ani removed the the car from the track, while wreck crew from JtcKeesport summoned to relay the track torn up by the wreck. will likely be placed in Class I. SUFFERS SCALP WOUND South ConneUsvillc Tt'oman Steps- From Jloving Street Car. Stepping from a South ConnellsrSla street car in West Green street wiile in motion resulted in a s«rero scalp wound to Lizzie Bardnosky of South. Connellsville, yesterday morning. The woman, according to persons riding on the car, had been acting qn««rly. 'While the conductor was collecting fares hear the front of the car she ran to the rear platform and Uniforms Issued Tonight. Uniforms will be issued at the Company G drill tonight. The company ! equipment arrived last week and has , been prepared for distribution. A full i and medical aid summoned. The turnout is_ wanted tonight and also from the car, striking her head on the bricks. The car was stopped immediately petition. every other night this week, as the company will drill hard up to Friday, when it will leave for Mount Grctna. Somerset Boy In Battle. Harry Swank ol Somerset, who is in the service in .France, writes to a friend that he came through the battle all right but that he is in the woman wes her home in, an automobile. She was on her "way to attend church.' SOISSON THEATRE CLOSED His. Fred Bobbins Gives Up Lease and Will Tnkc Seeded ItesU . - -- - 1 Mrs. Fred Bobbins has terminated hospital with, a very sore toe. Swank | the lease on the Soissoa theatre owls with the marines and helped to '- . . . . . . . . - * u5 uw fight the Huns at the Uarne ing to the fact that the Soisson will June, undergo some complete changes, such" as improvements and interior decorations. The future policy of the theatre has not yet been decided Mrs. Frei Bobbins in the meantime will take a much needed rest. The Soisson has been under, the. Robbins management for nearly. 12 years. Mrs. Robbins took charge a Two. hundred to 250 miners at.the! work. Thn men took up the cry and 7K "' TM d a hal1 as ° at * C dcath ot SHORTAGE OF WATER FOR WASH DAY AT ARNOLD CITY PLANT IS CAUSE OF STRIKE Arnold City plant of the :Pittsburgj walked out. Coal company near Fayette City did; not work today because of a shortage ot water--not at the plant, but in the homes ot the men. Their wives--the washerwomen--were responsible, .For about two months there has been a scarcity.because of supply secured 'through the Fayette .City Water company. For that length o f . time the women .have been carrying; water, it is · stated, . a mile to, a mile and a half for domestic use. . Today 50'women, with empty buckr gts,-.;appearea at.the mine and- announced ..that'if'the company did not provide ivaler there should b« no The company, it is stated, had promised to provide a supply but had neglected to do so. It was expected steps would be taken today to establish water wagons daily. her husband. TO LAY SIDEWALKS rennsy Advertises for Bids for Concrete Work Along Property. The city was notified to/Jay by the Pennsylvania railroad that bids for . the laying of concrete sidewalks on Earthquake Recorded. WASHINGTON, July 8.--An earth-I the Noruf Pittsburg street property, of quake of considerable 'intensity and (the company have been advertised.' centered about 2,500 miles, from Wash- ' ington, probably in South America, was recorded, by George town university seismograph this morning. Tremors began at 6.42, growing in inten- will take place of the bricks, Notice that ·the" siderralfc must be laid was served on the company on June 14, and the'matter was taken up immediately. Tie concrete sidewalk* sity and' ending at 8.50- are in bad condition.

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