The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 6, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 6, 1918
Page 8
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EIGHT. SATURDAY, JULY 6, 1918. tOYED PHONE SERVICE FOR THE LC.JUSSURED met Hill aid Conellsvffle* Springfield Companies Merge. AT INDIAN HEAD nl Hill Telephone »ws," In £ first Issie, Pr*«is«9 Extensions oi |9cn4c« u4 Betterment of Condl- «·; the C ·ne- No. 1 of the "Laurel Hill klepoone .News," from the press of Courier and in the interest of the Hill Telephone company, the of which permeate' the Indian Tallej-.and adjacent territory, made its appearance, and a little booklet it is, containing ck ia. the way of suggestions to the iilMcribera and matter ot educational - general intereat to all. In addl- 11 contains a. directory. · j.JUcently merged wrth the ConneUs- " Telephone . company, · Laurel Hill Telephone company is the stage of transition from a. iiers' asjociation to a public s*rv- ?fe» corporation, and a .strong effort is made to put the system on a where- it -will meet the demands the rapicHy developing business ae- the Indiam creek valley. f the -company has been incorporated a capital of »25-,000. ''There are i|rnor* than-100 stockholders. 1 'W. G. |Ho«*eUer oJ Champion, is president; |ptc«roy Sta-offer, Acine,.secret*ry; I. S. p£]pu«r. Champion, treasurer, and W. |^:J. Hamilton. Indian Head, general :s|».'ia«nafFr. Walter J. Miller, Wesley G. : H o « t e t l e r , Irwin S. Miller, -Jeremiah - -Brown and Leroy Stauffer com- M the directorate. . ' Indian Head bids fair- to be- CTOt ° Edevelo P'" en ' SATIONAL LEAGUZ. Testator's Besmltt, Plttsburg 10; Neir York 4. St Louis 6; Chicasgo 5. Standing of tke ClRln. W. L. Pet Chicago , _47 20 .701 New Tork : 43 23 .S5J; Philadelphia · ; 32 32 .500 Pittsburg Boston .: Brooklyn Cincinnati' St. Louis -33 -25 34 3T 37 39 42 .433 .466 .-(31 .391 .382 Today's Schedule. Boston at Pittsburg. Brooklyn at St. Louis. . New York at Chicago. Philadelphia at'Cincinnati. AMEBICAS LEAGUE. 1 re.«ird»T Besnlrs. Washington 2; New York. 1.' "Boston 4: Philadelphia 3. .'Ten innings. '. Seeding- «t tie Cl»bs. W. L. Cleveland ' Boslor. !_: New York WasrJngton _. Chicago _ St. txiuis ; .l Defalt _^ PWiadeipMa' -- _43 -41 -38 -40 _34 -?* -28 Pet. ..','55 .541 .493 .472 .412 .468 Today's Schedule. Cleveland at Boston. Chicago at New York. . ' Detroit at Philadelphia. · St. Louis at Washington. Aft THE PABAJIOIWT. "THE FORBIDDEN PATH"--A five- part Fox attraction, in which Theda s^Watem. with-the Citizens Telephone ^TM Kecksburg, by way of e; with.-the Economy Telephone . pD6mpany, Rockwood, by way of Trent, - with the Ligonier Valley Teie- company, Stahlstown, by wa? ClJaznpion. · Beginning- June 20 the requiring that subscribers call numbers "went- into effect. Bejrin- that date the exchange .--t In- Head i;,- reached by one long The o lice, there will be open d-aK from 6.30..*. V '^ 'j ?. M. .,-1 aaiiiays from 7 to 9 A. M. i 1 to 2 and 5 to 7 P. M. Outside hours the company charges ex- |£tra for service. gj- Pay stations are to be established at " n , Davistovra, Indian Head.! iJsMelcroft, Mill Run, Normnlvilte. Rog- Mary Lyade, the role in which tra is seen, is lie daughter of poor parents, .who have lived in the Greenwich village neighborhood for m£.riy years. The daughter, an only Mill and . The line from Con'nellsville to Xor- aalvine Is beinir rebuilt. xThe "News" contains valuable sug- child, has bean brought up in a narrow aad Puritanical atmosphere, and taught to frown upon everything smacking of the worldlj-. Always of a sympathetic nature Mary is a great ·fa-orite with the smaller children of the neighborhood, and when on an errand for her motuer never fails to see her little friends. 1 During one of these errands she meets an artist. Fell* Btnavente, who -has been commissioned by William Sinclair, a millionaire philanthropist, to paint a picture of the Madonna for a new parish house. He asks the beautiful girl to pose as the model. From a guileless, innocent girl she is. dragged down to the depth's, becoming an habitue of a low drinking dive and then again the revengeful woman. Miss Bara's interpretation of the role of Mary Lynde is erpieces which the NEWSY NOTES TELL WHAFS HAPPENING IN THE MILL TOWN Pennsylvania Brakeinan Hit by Bullet by Fourth Celebrant. MISSILE STRIKES HIM IN HIP IVoiud Sot CoMWered Serious; Mrs. Aua Callers Pies at Hottctter; Fcieral Held at Scottdale This Horning; Stnilemls Cet Certificate*. striking photographic cut show* "^vrong way" and "right way" to selected comedy is included. Monday, If'or turning one's -face from the -trans-;,. _ . - ,,, . . f|nitter. : Ll D? -one;inch from-transmit-i M a r y Garden - *'" " e lengthens licerS? miles; two i n c h - j 1:13 miles; three inches, 179 miles, , 21S miles. - Vanderbilt.* ORFH El-M THEATRC. "THE WORLD FOR SALE"--Featuring Conway Tearle and Ann Little, will be showu again today. Also "Toto." in his new rib tickler, a Patbe place'." ' · subject Fairbanks will be seen as a ·Caroline. 2Sc. Wells-Jtills Motor'young society man, whose liobby is Co., .ConneUsville.--Afiv-27-H. i to be bappy antl to bring happiness to anrl Mrs. James Slcoman o f ! others. The scenes, ot "Mr. Fixit" g.- Mel., have ).'Bsn visiting \ transpire in the alums ol New York, Mrs. Steeman's parents. Mr. and '.as .well as ii the home ot a wealthy Joh-3 Shallenborger for several j New York family, which is divided by "They have" returned home a r - ' t h e bickerings and.petty jealousies of pjFeomranied by Mr. and Mrs. Charles-its'members. In adjusting the heart Jj$Hamlo1p!r aid daughter. Ruth, ct D- '-affairs if two. young women, both 'of fetrott. Mich- · ' j whom are engaged contrary to their f*P' :: 'Dr. and Mrs. 'G. B. Roberts and ; wishes, some very amusing complica- Vcra. Mr. onrl Mrs. Ear! -lions arise, o£ which Fairbanks makes motored: to the Summit on j the most, f^'the Fourth'where the}' spent'the day.} !s* ; 2vC:. B.' Harper ind /amlly of Eaat '· ·· motored to Ligonler and speiit j I'Jthe- fourth. . ' · j John K«l«r of McKcesport ^r? f -ViBiting: her parents; Mr. and Mr?. * B;Wiliiani GbrbJ si Eas! Liberty. £*?,*'·;'.O.riss Georgia -McBorney spent the § : r rourth with · friends at Scoitdaic. - :^llr.-and Mrs. Edward B u d d : and ! Sp«cial to The Coarler. SCOTTDAIjE, July 6.--Wfcile Israel Shaifcr of E-verson, a brakeman on the . local' Pennsylvania railroad fr»i|Jit shifter, was on duty Thursday afternoon, a bullet fired by some unknown person lodged in his hip. He Tras i tafcen to the office of Dr. Pisijla at' Bverson, where · the bullet was extracted, and from there he was taken to his home where he was resting very well yesterday. The -wound is no(; considered serious. There is no clue as to who might have fired the shot nor ..where the person stood that fired it Mrs. Anna Iiallers. Tin bodr of Sirs. Aaa'a LaUers vat brovgbt here from Hostetter, Pa-, thfe morning and requiem high mass celebrated at St. John's church at 10 o'clock. Interment followed in the Si. John's church cematcry. frsj Lallers is a sister of Mrs. A. P. Byrne of Browntown, and of Patrick and James Donahue of this place. Get Writing Certificate*. The Peterson. Business college has awarded writing certificates to the following East Huntindon students: Ruth Leighty, Rebecca. Leighty, Edith Shannon, Christina Null. Delia Pin- frock,' Edward Honsberger, Wendell Null, Frances Houaer, Stewart Msln- tyre, Gladys Ruth, Delia Reagan and Janet. Bair, Ruffsdalc; Veronica Mc-Mahon, Maude Hill and Dorthea Leighly, Tarr; Helen Myers, Carl H. Johnson and Beaidah ' Baker, Scottdale; Grace Albright and Helen Balcerak. Mount Pleasant; Wayne House, Dorthea Ohms, Kathryn Shirer, Harold Quartz, Mary JliHer, Florence ·Hhoadman, Freda. Bailing and Irene Belstel. Alverton; Grace Taylor, Ruffsdale, , Will Present Plav. The girls of Noble chapter of Willing Workers of the World Wide Guild ot the Baptist church will, on Tuesday evening in the church, give a play entitled "Worth While Girls at Work." i This will he follnivcd By a musical i yr.osram. There will be no admission but a. silver offering will be taken. Family Reunion. The family of Joseph Loucks on Broadway held a family reunion and picnic on Thursday. Those present i were: Mrs. Lawrence Metzler, Mrs. Edward Boyd, Cecil« Loucks, C. J. Loucks, Mrs. Mary Brandt, Gary. Ind.: Minnie. Florence. Pauline May and i Clara Loucks, and the Rev. and Mrs. [ Laubacb, the former being pastor of j the Reformed church. A'picuic din-j ner was. served. Personal. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hafcr and daughter Eioise motored to Irwin on Thursday and were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Grant Kiatigh. Mrs. B. C. Fair of Latrobe was the guest of Scottdaic friends yesterday. ' Tom Boyle, who has just completed a course in the government auto training school in Floridu, has been made! a wagoner and has charge oC six men \vho drive trucks. His furlough is for four days and ne is stationed at Long .Isitnd Sound. Lieutenant Donald Porter, who is going from Columbia university to Fun Sill, Okla.. stopped off and spent the Fourth with Miss Ireno 1 Loucks. .Mrs. William Mcl-aughlin of Bver- son, is visiting her daughters, Golctte and. Bess ,who are engaged in gov-. eminent service' at Washington, D. C. | Mrs, John Duggan, Jr., is giving a party today at her country home, j "Linger Longer," at the Summit, for Mrs. Mary Byrne Wurtz and Mrs, Mar- gusrke Kennedy Byrne. . RICHES IN THE CELLAR Let *»ery trip t»" dw cellar !· · trip to « stormy* HOVM for canned or *rml TC(«tall* and Fruit*. Writ* Ih* Nataaul War Gardai Conufliauoo, W«Unttm, D. C., encknimf 2 c«nt» for Mataf* on a Iroo conaoBC · and Who to Patronize. Those who advertise in The Courier. Dally --THE-- FMULTf EIESTMJMANT EVERYTHING COOKBB UKB AT HOME. Strictly Fresh, Clean and Pure. ASK FOR DUE SPECIAL CLUB BREAFAST AND SUNDAY DINNER, "Onr Pastries Are Delicious Became They Are Homemade." NEXT DOOR TO WEST PENN WAITING ROOM. Meyer*daie.' MBYBRSDALE. July 5.--Mr- and .Mrs. Walter .Dodson and son, Claud, liave returned to their home in Connellsville after visiling relatives and friends b.ere for several days. Rev. and Mrs. A. S. Kresge of Hynd- .^T^lr^.' Amanda JIarper spent the | : SsS'ou:tS with Mr. and Mrs. Charles .felBavia . of Fayette. City. ^Irs. :Davl3 .pFaiwi baby returned with .them to i£j^ i^«rd -a. fe\v. days with her mother, 'tjlr* Amanda Harper. . . . . :'·-.·Jlr. Brobeck ot Butler county is log-with -his daughter, Mrs. W. ·jgv-X .-tiller- at-the Hotel Vandcrbilt.- PitioDize those who advertise. Dunbar. July 5.--Miss Jessie is spending a «·* »W» bfr sister, Mrs. Dris- ttreet. " Wells-Mills Motor .--Adv-2"-4t. r of Unlontown, v,-as e yesterday. borne ' from few 'Airs j man, are spending a few days here with relatives. .Miss Lottie Forney of Berlin, is a guest at the home of'her. uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. N. E. Miller. Mrs: Anna Hurley and sister. Miss Emma Weber, spent Wednesday at the Wilson. D.Saylor farm in Summit township. j .Mrs. Evelyn Dyke of Pittsbr.rg, is j visiting at the home of her parents, Mr.-and Mrs. C. Cl Naugle. Mrs; William- Dailey · and little daughter of Belle, Pa., are visiting at the home of Dr. and Mrs. W. H. Ryland. Miss Kathryn Keidle of Mance, is spending a tew weeks at the home ol Mr. and Mrs. Glen Crowe. Miss Eva Hoover, a teacher in' the public schools at Dnquesne, is here to spend the'summer .with, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. -John Hoover. Miss -Mildred Rush of Hyn* is visiting relatives and friends-here for a wenk.- - - · '·'. Two Giants of the Great latex. , Regular steamer service between Detroit and Buffalo. The two Giant Steamers o£ the Great Lakes--City of Detroit III and City of Cleveland III --tiake daily trips between Buffalo and Detroit, leaving Detroit at .5 P. M., leaving BuffaHlo 6 P. M. Daily service is also given between .Detroit and Cleveland. . The steamers Eastern States and Western States leave both points at 10.45 P. "if., arriving at des- j tication early the following morning, j Ftnir .trips weekly are made between . Toledo, Detroit, Alpena, Mackinac Island and St. ighace over the Coast Line to Mackinac. Railroad tickets are^ionored on all D. C. steamers.-Adv. Van-Horn of Scottdale, is, at the home of her brotoer- io-l«r Md Bister, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Price, - i ' . . . . - . ; Jliss Etnet kinton has returned to;. her home in Hyndman after 'a visit here with her cousins, the Miss« 8ld«. ' ' : ' . ' . Born--To Mr. and Mrs. Glen Crowe Bunrfay. June 3D, a dau/^ter. luae Bndbum. Sr., of Lonmc.-n- : s, is T/Mttng at th* home ot Us son, Bradburn. Jr. \ · lOc 15c PARAMOUNT THEATRE Program For Next Week The home of the best pictures for the best people in Connellsville's best and coolest theatre. "Tho Business Triumph of a Dobutante" is Pictured in the fwnssise OF BIATB1CE" A 5 Act Metro Screen Drama of Romance and Lovo, starring beautiful May Allison. Also a Good Comedy in 2 Acts. TUESDAY Some strange current of mystery was sweeping her along. Her father had been killed, her lawyer too, and her sweetheart accused of the murder. What was it all about? See Irene Castle in the thrilling play, "THE HILLCREST MYSTEKY" Also a Good Comedy. WEDNESDAY "The God of Gold," Bluebird Presents Priscilla Dean and Ella Hall in "WHICH WOMAS" Prom the Book--Nobody's Wife. Also an L Ko Comedy in 2 Acts. THURSDAY World Pictures Presents Ethel Clayton in "THE MAS HUNT" This story tells of a modern girt and the manner fn which she makes a man become her husband despite the number of times he has refused. Also Pathc Weekly. FRIDAY SATUBDAY Goldwyn Presents Magnificient Mary Garden for the second time on any screen. The most celebrated woman in the world In "A SPIE!V»n SETJfEK" The story of a woman who paid her great debt in silence. Also a Good Christie Comedy and Weekly.--COMING-- Wm. S. Hart in » "THE 10SE AVENGER" William Farnum in "BOUGH AND BEADY" pARAMQUNTTHEATRE 10c --TODAY-- 15c WILLIAM FOX PKESENTS THE UNIVERSAL 'AND GREATEST .STAR EVER SCREENED IX HER BEST AND LATEST PICTURE--THEDA BARA IN A THEDA BARA PRODUCTION . "THE FORBIDDEN PATH" FORCED FROM HER HOME BY HER FATHER, MARY LYNDE, THROUGH A MAN'S PERFIDY, SINKS TO THE DEPTHS. ' ALSO A SIDB SPLITTING COMEDY AND UNIVERSAL WEEKLY. "THE BUSINESS TRIUMPH OF A DEBUTANTE'' IS PICTURED IN THE . "WINNING OF BEATRICE" 4 5 ACT METRO SCREEN-DRAMA OF ROMANCE AND LOVE, STARRING BEAUTIFUL'MAY ALLISON ; ALSO A GOOD COMEDY IN 2 ACTS. Buy War Savings Stamps Save Gold Bond Stamps Men's Summer Suits with a Goodness That Goes Clear Through Yes sir, clear down to the lining. Soundness of fabric and tailoring, attractiveness of design-and color, correctness of style and fit have been winning Fayette's best-dressed men to Wright-Metzler Suits more this season than ever before. The reason?- Never was really good clothing so scarce, and never did so much depend upon the^business integrity of the firm that sells you. Fourteen years of square dealing.and right treatment are having their results. Men's-and Young Men's Styles at $15, $20, $25, $30 to $45 Think -what it means to have assembled ?or your choosing the very best models of Society Brand, Hirsh Wickwire and Michaels-Stern, for ,.we doubt if it would be possible to name three other equally and as deservedly famous makers in America. All sizes. All colors--plain, stripes, fancies--and the handsomest; patterns we could find. Be certain to see the Soils featured at |25 to $35. f Haberdashers to Men Who Care --Thins Shirt* $1.00 to --Silk Shirts S2.SO to $10. --Half Hose 2Bc to Sl-SO. --Oxfords $4 to $10. --JTeckties 25c to --Belts 2oc to $1.50. --Handkerchiefs lOc to SOc. --Arrow Collars 20c. Women Like the One-Corner Embroidered Handkerchief There's one man in Ireland who sends ns the prettiest and daintiest one-corner einbroideriecl handkerchiefs we can get to sell for popular prices. The work is beautifully done, the designs are dainty and varied, and the linen is always of good quality..,' Even at 25c there is good choosing, and better of course at 35c and TEc. ,.; / REMNANTS of WASH GOODS Useful lengths-of Voiles, Ginghams, and thin VhH; Materials for Dresses or jj Waists as well as hearier White Goods f or Skirts are here at much reduced prices. I Ladies' Slip-on Sweaters $4.50 to $6.50 These new Sweater styles are deservedly popular and are enjoying a ready sale. Being sleeveless and low neck, nothing could be more comfortable. The color range is pleasingly varied and includes green, copen. blue, rose and salmon. Sizes to fit all. Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them. Jitle iind r Trust Compan '.;' Thoroughness That is expressive oS our service--nothing is omitted to make it complete, accurate, prompt and courteous. We take much pleasure In satisfying our Customers', requirements. Checking Accounts are solicited. MOVE BY AUTOTRUCKS BOTH PHONES ORPHANS TRAHSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. WORLD'S GREATEST Saxaphone Orchestra To Feature Big Dance at Shady Grove Pack, . FRIDAY, JULY 12th Wright's Orchestra Of Columbus, Ohio Selected by Leaders of the Music World as the Best Feature Concert Intermission. ·8 P. M. to 1 A. M. Admission $1.00. COMMITTEE B. E. stiller C. Ray Goodwin Homer's Gothing Socx: 3CCOOOOOOOCOOOOOQOOOOO COCXXXJOOOCCOOOOCOGOOGOOOOO J. B. KURTZ, NUTAK1 PUBL.C ' AND REAL E»TATB. { No, * aooaooooooooocoooooocoooob ORPHEUM THEATRE --TODAX-- J. Stuart Blackton, th Master of Sereencraft Presents "THE 1VOJILD POE SALE" Featuring Con-way Tearle and Ann Little. Don't tail to see this great story of ^ne Great North-west and racial conflict ."His Ne-w Rib Tickler" with TOTO, the Comedian. Douglas Fairbanks in An Artcraft Picture. One sight oJt "Doug" doing "stunits" in Im"MR. nx-nr maculate evening dress will be enough to start you laughing. Coming Soon--Guy Bmpey in "Over the Top." PATRONIZE fiOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPEB. BEAD THE COUBIER. | A Complete Stock o£ New Batteries on Hand at All Times Willard Service Station 115 First Street, West Side.

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