The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 11, 1930 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 11, 1930
Page 2
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TWO. THE DAILY COT RIER, CONNELL.SVILLE, PA. TUESDAY, MARCH II, MOTHERS now learn value of MAGNESIA "VEST M r S H I . \ S VOK MO/A.RT PRO(»RAH Members of the Monday Mutsio Club t Scottdalo and a violin quartet nnrior j 'he direction of Miss Elizabeth I BOOK KB VIEW FEATURES OFTLOOK CLUB A highly interesting i f view of the book, "The Art of Thinking," by Because It la so helpful In keeping babies and children healthy and happy, every mother should know about Philllpa Milk of Magnesia- This harmless, almost tasteless pre- ATO DANCE FIGURES FIRST TWO SUNDAYS G(-TO-CHURCH MONTH Laet S inday's fine weather after several f umlay» of cold, rain and anow ser /ed to boost church attend- Make dresses bright as new! DIAMOND DYES are easy to we; go on smoothly and evenly; make dresses, drapes, lingerie look NEW. Never a trace oi tbat| re-dyed look Diamond Dyes are ««»d. JUB« Ernest Dimnet, u frenchman, teat- j paraUon Jg n]ost effective In relieving btevens of this city will present the I and the semi-monthly meeting of the ! tho80 svmptonlB of bab i e8 and chll- ProsrTMTM «t the meeting of the Mozart OuMook Club at *h!ch Mb* Ida Wolfe , dren generally caused by souring food nl * ht - * w hostess Monday afternoon at her , n «£ lutle a5g6S tlv e tract, such as Oreon street. The re- , sour -belching. frequent vomiting, fev- - by Mrs . w . H , Hot- erlshness , cojlc . A8 a mild laxative, It dsa1a w i t h the com- 1 acts gently, but certainly, to opon the Club T at the ChritiAn Church. The program - ijjmB 3n will be in char^o of ^l\ta Poarl Keck., Members of Miss Stevens' quartet will bo Miss Glare Lucas, first violiu; j Miss Devora Simon, second; Hiss El- [ nice Grimm, third; Miss Lois Benford, fouuth. Each momiber of tho club is privileged to J n \ i t e a gucr.t and tho hope of tht president, Mrs. Peter R. Welmer, is that every member will be present, each with a g-uest. Lunch will be served by n committee made up of Mrs, John F. Dubson, Mra. Frank Stawart, Mrs. Loin a Shrallow, Mis« Lola Bei- wtler, Miss June Collins, Miss Regina Ginsburg and Mia 1 ? Sarah Goodwin. The meoting will get under way at 8 o'clock Further consideration will be given at the business session to tho spring . trttjnl of tUe chu . 'Ir*ti in the French schools with that of the children in the American HChools. The program opened with Bible miotatioiitt hy each member. Billowing the book review current events v ere dUjcuased. Light refreshments were served. The next m-jettng will bo held Monday afternoon, March 24, in the home of Mrs. Arthur P. Freed ot South Ninth street, Greenwood. Y. M. B. CLASS HOLDS JOTERESTIHG MEETING About eighteen metnbrrt of tho Young Men'« Bible Class of the First concert and the flinner members o f j U i l t e d Brethren Church attended the tho club have proposed holding before i rt ?ular nwting la*t night at the tho close of the season. I h me of Mr. and Mrs. Erm^t Whip- ki v, Morrell avonue, Greenwood. BEX S. DAVIES ADIIIESSES Business of a routine nature was MEN OF V1K8T M. E. CHURCH transacted. The committee, of which A get-togothor meeting of the men E) lvwt wliipkoy is chairman, gave a ' of the First Mothoctlst Episcopal Sun-j ro5lOpj . on day School last night in the social'y oun g room of tho church was attended by about sixty-five men of the church. ^ nrc j, The meeting was in observance of the ^, urc j. uniting of tho Men's and Young Men's Bible classe-, and the principal spak- er was Ben S. Davies, secretary of the Y. M C. A. at Dickoraou Run. Mr. Davies'"based his tuik on "Men's Work in the Sunday Sohool." Each man the , jolnt banquet of Bm cla ^ ^ tfle the present introduced himself and made known his occupation. Music was furnished by a male MRS. DAJflELS ADDKKS8KS riuarter composed of C. HerLort Ellis. UNIONTOtVIV JEWISH JTJMOKS Charles D Bailey, b. G. Hoover and M"». A. I. Danlela of East Crawford Homer C Davis. Mrs L. G. Hoover avei u »« president of the Connellsville was the accompanist Lunch was Section o-f the Council of Jewish served at the close of the prayer meet- Woi ion. addressed the Council ol Ono Class to be- held Tuwuliy night, 17, in the socla'l room of the f- K. Huy, assistant superintenden o( the Sunday school, gave an intereet ing talk, aftei which the tiofit 6.n hostess eerved a delicious lunch Ha ry Kuhns, president, ha! charge little bowela in constipation, colds, children's diseases. A teasponful of Phillips Milk of Magnesia does the work of half a pint of lime water In neutralizing cow's milk for Infant feeding, and preventing hard curds. Its many uses for mother and child are fully explained In the Interesting book "Useful Information." It will be sent you, free. Write The Phillips Co., 137 Hudson St., Now York, N. Y. In buying, bo sure to get genuine Phillips Milk of Magnesia. Doctorn have prescribed it for over 50 years. "Milk of Magnesia" has been the TJ. S. Registered Trade Mark ot The Chas. H. Phillips Chemical Co., and its predecessor, Chaa. H. Phillips, stuce 1876.--Advertisement. f tti« business meeting. ing. SPORTSMAN'S AUXILIARY PLA3S FOtt HIKE Mrs. W IT. Friend ant! daughter, Mrs William Slough, were, hostesses at the regular meeting of the Woman's \uxiliary to the Fayelte County Pish ind Game Protective Association last light at Mrs. Biough's home In Craw- ,ord avenue, West Side. Plans for a liike, onie time this month prodding the weather is favorable, -were di Mrs. Irene Miles will be tb leader. ThirSv-fho members attended fie meeting served. last night. Lunch watt Special Execnthe Meeting:. A special meeting of the executive board of the .Fayette County federation of Women's Clubs will be held RUurday afternoon In the White Svan Hotel, Uniontown. Presidents ol the various clubs int he county will also attend. Because of the resignation of Mrs. Joseph J. Thompson, wh« has gone to Philadelphia, to reside, Asia B. Dllllner of Uniontown will provide Other members of the executive board are Mra. Harold Blaney of Smock, Mra. Sharpe Cameron of Brownsville, and Mrs. C. L. Stoiner of Uniontown, vice-presidents; Mia. Bess M. Snyder, and Mrs. Arthur P Freed ot Connellsville, secretaries, and William Baum, treasurer. Lutheran Missionary The regular monthly meoting of the Woman's Honve and Foreign Missionary Society of tho Trinity Lutheran Church will be held in the church Thursday evening at 7:45 o'clock. An mU resting l-eson is promised. A full attendance Is desired. Study On Friday evening at 7:!? o'clock at the Trinity Lutheran Church, the opening meeting of the mission study her enrolled in Uie class Is asked to clashes will bo conducted. Every mem- be prr*nt. Jew sh Juniors of Uniontown at its regular meeting last night. Mrs Daniels' message was concerning council work and ways and means oi mak ag more Worth while progranyi. Mra. William Goldstone and Mrs. Max llacl off, also of this city, were guests at U e meeting. COFVTY HEALTH ASSOCIATION WILL MEET JS UMOKTOIVN Tb Fayette County Child Health Aeso latlon will meet Friday night at 7:30 o'clock in the Uuiontown public library. Announcement has jutt been made that JMis« Sibyl Cox of Mill Run haa been appointed to represent her distri -t in tho network ot association activi'ies. Dr. Marcus Jaquette will give .m illustrated lecture oa "Development of the Teeth." DAUGHTERS OF Kt'TH TO MEET AT MAVIS HOME The Daughters of R u t h Class of the Trinit - Lutheran Church will meat tonight lu the home o*t Mrs. Prank "W. Davis, 208 East Greun street. The committee consists ot Misses Maiy and M.irgaret Brickmsn, Mra. Edward Baer, Misses Elizabsth and Mary Ankeny, Mrs. G. T. Barker and Mrs. H. W. Burgo. Christian Church Events, The Senior Christian Endeavor Society vill hold a businasa mauling followiig the prayer service on Wednesday aight Election ot officers will take p ace. Miss Louise Corvin, a mombei of tho society, will be leider of the jirayer meeting. The official board will meet immediately after the service next Kun- day moi ning. A cat die nght communion service will be neld Thursday, April 17. The deacoae: ses will have charge of the planning of the service, with JUss Beulah (rilmore on the committee. The i hurch officers' nominating committia will meet at the-close of the regular prayer service on "Wednesday Otterbeiii Guild. Tlu Ottcrboln Guild of the First United Brethren Church held its regular meeting last night in the church. ; w A w thcrlte of Vlne streeti Mrs Business of a routine nature was witherite and Mrs. William Wagner 'hureh Work Society. The Cuurch Work Society oi Trinity Reformed Church will moet Thursciaj night In the home of Irani uotde. AlLBny Quilting. Th( Mary 19. Dick Bible ClRaa of the First United Presbyterian Church will hold in al'-day quilting Thursday 1n tho home of Mrs. E. J. Twigg, Carnegie avenue, instead of the homo of Mrs. David Nixon as previously plann d. A covered-dish lunchoon will be seivcd, With Mrs. Ida Snnmnn. Missionary Circle No. 2 of the First Metho.iist Protestant Church will moot- a t the home of Mrs. Ida Seaman of Pal i f e r street, South Conncllsvilla, Thursi,in aAternoon at 2 o'clock. EiimgreHcnl lid Society. The Ladies' Aid Society of the Bvangtheal Church at South Conn e l l s v t ' l o will mt^et tonight at 7 ' 3 0 J are hoste sses. Dames of Malta, Saint Omar Sisterhood, Dames of Malta, wi i meet Friday night lu Oiid Fe-llows Hall. A large attendance is desired. C. E. liallf. A rally of the Fayette County Christian iSndoavor Union will be held Tuesday right, April 1, in the Christian ChurcJi. O. R. C. Auxiliary. The Ladiee' Auxiliary to the 0. R. O. will meet Thursday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock In Odd Fellows Temple, South Pittsburg ' treet FISE PROGRAM ARRANGED FOB CHIUSTIAA ENBEATOR BANQUK* Ben S, Davies, secretary of the Y. M, C. A. at Ditkeraon Run, will be the principal speaker at the annual banquet ot the Senior Christian Endeavor Society of tho First Methodist Protestant Church Thursday night at 7;30 o'clock in the social room ot the church. Mr. Davies is a former president of the Fayette County Chri-stlan Endeavor Union. A. R_ Umbel of U iontown, county president, and county officers residing In ConnellsvHle, will also give short talks. The baa- quet will bo preceded by a brlel business meeting, beginning at 7 o'clock, of the BoclMy. TRI-COUNTY COUNCIL WILL MEET Jtf MAY The regular meeting of tho Trl- County Council of the American Legion Auxiliary, which was to havo been v held Wednesday, April 3, has been postponed to the first Wednesday in May. The meeting will be held In Uniontown with the auxiliary of that place hostess. The date was changed on account of the state president, Mrs. Frank B. Emery, of Wll- HamsTiort being unable to attend in April. LEiIO?i AUXILIARY SELECTS ,I»ATE FOB ANNUAL CAH1 PABTY Friday night. May 2, was chosen as the date for the annual card party of the American Logtoa Auxiliary at the regular meeting of the organization last night In the Legion rooms, North Pittsburg street. Mrs. k. S, Robbiue, president of the auxiliary, will appoint the committees at a later date. Mrs. Mary Fiynn ot North Third street. West Side, a member, was reported oa the sick list, Y. of F. W. Auxiliary. The Ladies' Auxiliary to WaJter JE Brown Post, Veterans of Foreign Ware, will hold Ite regular meeting Thursday night at 7:30 o'clock in the Post looms, North Pittsburg street A good attendance is desired. C. }\ of A. Will Meet. Court Annuuciata, Catholic Daugh of America, will meet Thiir-sd.^ night in the social room of the 1m maculate'Conception Church for Its regular business session. The meeting will begin at 8 o'clock. Perry Class Meeting, The Dorcas Bihle Class o£ the r'erryopohs Methodist Episcopal Church will meet on Thursday eve- by tho Ct anellsvllle Ministerial Aaso- elation. ' TW, report ehowu ; M«-m- Mnr.-h a A . M . P.M. A Ohiiroh Baptist , Christian B r e t h r e n ...180 Kvang-elJct t .IDS M t ...SfiO M. P. First Pros ..650 U n i t e d B r ^ t h B 4 4 United Pr. a. 505 Lutheran Reformed Pa.vmo M. ,1,2-12 . . . l i f t H. . . 00 78 ,it) 1S2 1H2 jao \~1~l 10S 350 8(5 '00 , Dian , ond Dyes owe their ^ the abundance of pure anilines th«jr » contain. Cost more to make? Surely. .M. P.M. Bnt yoH pay no ISO To j__i.,X. - __fK«» it-r d^ Oeators-- ioc, 81 34 RO SO 40 180 B8 75 13 07 1ST 02 n 2 2RO I f M inn 2i!0 J O S 21fi 4B 80 da I2B 124 104 J80 21 M. D. L BROOKS' BODY TO R vACH HERE FRIDAY Diamond^ JDtyes Highest Quaint *» SOMww Th* bodj of Marshall D. L. Brooku, 64 years ol , a former resident of this community, whos« death occurred on Wednesday evening, March 5, at San Diego, Gal. will anrive here at 1:80 o'clock Frici iy morning over the Baltimore Ohi-i Railroad. Saturday . t 1 P. M. the hotly -will be taken to tin home of a orother, Norman Brooks near Indian Head.. At 2:30 o*ilocli Saturday afternoon ta- torment b '.in the Lutheran Cemetery at Indian Head, with members of the 3 '.lies' loiige conducting the ritual. Funoi al Director C. C. Mitchell will have ch vrg*.' MT Brook, waa well known in this city. H« w is bom in Spring-field towtwhlp, a i on of the late Jrwin and Hannah Bro ka. For a time he was ernrpky*d at various Union Supply Company sti rea and later was employ*! In 5oniiellsville, being In charge of the shoe atore of K. M. Hunt CXwnpany md later managlag the Bhoe (leparto nt ot Kobackeff'* store, H-e was ojxs itiag a stationery store In Mount Pl asajtit when hia health failed and h left there In 1925 for tho West, ilre , stopping at Santa Fe, N. M. When there was no Improvement In his i nMtion he went on to San Dleg»o, C ifl., living retired. He was nit rrie-d to Mlas Minnie ir 10*0 home is ( ln Cou- Th r« no children. A ulster, Mrs. I ollie Miller ot Johjia- IOWB, and tw brothers, Sharks L Brooks of And 'Paon, Ind., and Norman Ilrooks of Ind an Hoad, also surrive. Mrs. Brook? i« iccompanylng th^ body from C.ilifornti . died 18 months ago in the Connelts- Tille State Hospital of Injuries suffered when atruok by a train at W«st Newton. * The funeral service will be held Wedii'esciay afternoon at 2 o'clock in the Pore home. Interment will be In Newton Cemetery. THOMAS NEWPORT DIES AT WHITSETT DEPEND 01 f ZEMO TO STOP ITCHING TTue soothing-, leallngr, Invinlblo Kemo for the torture of Itohtng: Skin. This clean, rgllablo 3,mUy antlaepllo helps brlnK rollof in thousands ol homes, stop* l u h l n g at 1 draws th« heat «nd sting: out ot the skin. Zemo haa been lor twenty yeara with remarkable Thonma N«wport, B4 yars old, died at 4:30 o'clock Monday afternoon at his home at Whitsett from complications. He is survived by his wife and the following children: Mrs. Stewart Hough, Fayette City, Mr*. Betisie Newport, Soottdale; Mrs. Paul Basforth, Mrs, William Shepler and Mra. George Huskey, Whltsott; Donovan, Earl and Thomas, Jr., Whitsett. Thomae, Jr., 1* a well known ba.aebaU player la this neighborhood. Joseph Wolfe Is a stepson. There are 10 grandchildren. The fuaaiaral will be heUd Thui-sdaj efUnwxm. A brief service will be held at the lat« home at 1 o'clock followed by a full one at 1:80 o'clock at the Olive Branch Baptist Church j»«*r Smithton. Interment will be m*d* In the church cemetery In charge of Furawal Director Ira Blair Son. CHARLES PIERCE DIES IN OHIO nucceas tor all forma of innoylnf, shin Irr tatlona, "Belief wlUi first application, thousands say. 86c, (!0c and $1.00. J U dealers.--Advertiae- itug at the homo of Mrs. Bssington of Perryopolls. \ EBtella E. B. ICarUn Class. The E. B MarlJn Bible Class of th« o'clock at the home ot Mrs. J. K. Ship- ' F!vst Ba l t!lt; Church will meet ley of S o u t h Pittsburg street, South Thursday night in the home of Mrs Coniiol sville All members are re- , Walter FlUe, 216 South Prospect, quisled 10 be present. Priscflla Sewing: Circle. Miss, Minerva Keffer will entertain .he Priscilla Sewing Circle Thursday night at her home at I'o^lar Grove nsteacl of Friday night, Marriage (Vnnoiuiced. Announceme?it In made of the marriage of Miss Nelle Pearl DeVault of Srowufleld and Edgar Robinson of Hutchinson, which took place February 26 at Cumberland. The bride was employed, by the Bell Telephone I/ompany in Uniontown previous to her marriage. Mr. Robinson is in the employ of tho Martin Baker Company of Uniontown. Hoine»Coinlng Banquet. A home coming banquet for Boy Scouts, Troop No. 1, of the United Brethren Church will be held Friday night In the social room of the church. Over 250 boys have beon connected with this troop the past fifteen years. Laurel Hill W. C. T. F. The Laurel Hill W. C. T. U. will meet WedTi'dsday in the home of Mrs, S. L. Johnson of Laurel Hill. Liberty Woman Hostess. The Bast Liberty Kantywork Club will m-eet Thursday with Mrs. Lyda L,int ot Liberty. Suffered Severe Pain With Large Pimples. Healed by Cuikura. "My facs was covered with pimples and blackheads The pimples f/ere large and »ed ^nd after a tew days would tester 1 suffered severe pain and it was hard for me to do tny work. Th^ uched so badly that f could not sleep wed at night Mv face lookecl tumble on account of them The trouble lasted about iighteen months 'I used other remedies without success 1 began ustntf Cutlcurp Soap aid Oiutrnent and couid lee an improvement 1 continued using them i id in about five rnontlis I was completely heali A" (Signed) Frank Karo, Htllsvitle, Pa. S.ap 26c .Ointment 25 and Soe. Talcum 25e. Sold everywhere. Sample «*ch (res. ·\!dress. Cuticur* LjiUoralonei Dcot H. M»ld«n Ma**." SPORTSMEN WILL GET FOX SQUIRRELS Three dozen fox squirrels have been ordered by the Fayette Coiuity Fish Game Protective Association and will be distributed In tho woods of the founty upon their arrhal the next few days. Sale. Will be held by Friendship Bible Class, Reformed Church Wednesday, March 12, corner PHtslmrg street and Falrview avenue.--Advertisement.. 8inar-3t, SMITHTC'N SCHOOL PRI1S CIPAL DIES Kay Albert G-i mble, 28 yeans old, principal ot the Smithton. schoole for the last five year i, died Sunday morning at. 10 o'clock In the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Pt re in South Huntingdon township, n var Smithton, with ·whom he had r aided.^ Mr. Gamble collaped eome reeks -,ago in the school room. I e want bora and reared at Weet ^ awton, a eon. of the late Mr. and M fl. William Gamble and was well kt own In educational circles tnroughoi t thia part o£ the- atato. Deceased is survived by one sister, Mrs. John t naa] of ConnellBvllle and three brothe, s, Fred Gamble of Waat Newton, Don Gamble of Youngs- 1 ' town, Ohio, and D lie Gamble of Minnesota. A brothe ·, Galen Gamble, Mrs. Edward O*Neal of Mlza street Is home from 'Ashland, Ohio, where she attended the funeral of her brother, Charles Pierce, a former resident of this locality. Mr. Pierce died Tuesday ot last week. The funeral service Wae held Thursday. Mr. Pierce was born at South Con- nellsvllle 56 years ago and Jived there until he went to Ohio 32 years eogo. His father was the late J. K. Pierce of South ConnellBvill*. His mother, Mrs. Carrie Helms Pierce, survives, also his wife, who was Mis* Ada McCor- miek of South ConnellsviU*, and five children, and two brothers anil two slaters, William Pierce of South Connellsville, Janres In the Army, Mrs. Edward O'Neal of this city and Mrs. Cora Smith of South Connellsvilte. Prior to the onset ot hi a illness about two years ago Mr, Piere* was foreman of o. machine shop at Ashland. Baked Ham and Fish Snpper. By Royal Circle Class of U. B. Church Thursday evening, March 13th, from 5 to S o'clock. Tickets 76 cents. --Ad vertlsement.--1 lmar-3t. YlHlts In Kttsbnrf. Ralph Goe of Vimderbllt spent the week-end In Pittsburg -with his son- in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mra. John Eidrod. Patronized those who advertl««. SOUIVBtUWSISEVBMiai ONLY 4 DAYS MORE A triple saving on ^Wear-Ever 99 Theme Dealer* an *nppl\y Loucks Hardware Co., Connellsville ~j Troutman Company, Connellsville Every Building in Pennsylvania owneri *··· inaiTichuiDy end ww oc- threlj -- create the conditiotM «rhiok dei^v mine die co»t of their fire ioraranoeu To eitabliah Fire Iiuuranee RatM for £* Tarioof properties in jwu state in keeping with ihelr Individual oondldons «wraftd measuremem and estimate of the ifirv hasarda in praolieallj vrtxy oonnnw«ia| btdldinf In P«auufl vania. Inspecdon end Rating Bnreans Consider the task of ranr«r/ing praodoally ·rnry oommereial building in this state*-* with detail* of construction, oocupancp, protection and exposure kept on file. Ev*n then 7011 have ai i incomplete idea «{ the faupecdon and rating semicef invelved In estahliahing fire insnt inee ratea.' This Is the Job done by the Undennrltetf^ 'Association of the Miiddle Departmentv Philadelphia Board of Fir* Underwriters (Philadelphia only), Philadelphia ban Underwriters* Aseodation. and Beard of fire Underwriters of Allegheny !oontv (Pittsburgh and vicinity) with their extensive staffs of trained engineers. Bnghic«tng Standstrda smd Laboratory Teata Fngfinnsliig standards publf«hed By National Board of Fire Underwriters mearehea and testa of the Laboratories pertaining to the strength anil msefolneeB of materiaU and devices art ( available to these rating erganiaationi. Snonld an owner, desire to improve HI) uropeHjr whet* standard conditions do not already prevail. Information showing him how to do it wiUi be eupplied free of chargj^ directiy througii hia insttranoa agent Ot broke*. Conrtmictire work of this remit* |B AFreeServloo mD999 ntfllf ·tmtly BaYinnf ptxj|ni'li 0wncn md mcutitie* «· to tpe«iO«ation« f 6r lation off Are proteetive devices~--oonununity; fireprevontion program* and all fire safety, activities. All of this sarrtoeb free. Pahtle OM of dieee and oAer meacorw ol iDomorvatkm afforded by Stock Fire Inane* ·nee Is a principal factor In the constant decline In the average fire fauorance rate la Ifajt Wintry lar more than twenty yean, T H E R A T I O N A L B O A R D O P F I B B U N D E R W B I T B H S ·· JTebn St«e«ft, HMtMNUL O*0*WflUt1pN or nu Tour Dates Mar. - - 14-28 Apr. 8-17 May - - - 9-29 June - 6-18-28 July - - 12-26 Aug. - - 16-30 Sept. - - 10-19 Oct. 11 Nov. 8 Dec, 3 ASHINGTON Of THE .IIIGICT WAY $32.70 covers all expenses for fire days, f r o m Connellrrille. BALTIMORE Th«M Baoortwl Toura offer *n M««t way to Ttalt your wonderful Nations) Capital at low cost Railroad, hotel and all light-seeing «- penaea Included for five delightful d»ys. Those not desiring tho AU-KzpenBA Tour may purchase reduced round-trip railroad tickets at tare of $9.80, good for 10 days. · For DeBcrtptire Jos. P. Taggart Booklet or Kc»er- A. O. P. A, ration* Coanult * w r " f "» Trmrt Ticket Affii1v *·*»?«» OHIO RATLROAD FOR SALE fl. C. tUlt'K COKK COM1-AAI FBOFEBTf X^nemont Houses Home Sites Factory Sites Farm Lands Used Machinery, fiiaop Tools, Building ami Mine Supplies Mucli ot the property (or Mi» U advautageouBly located wlU r»- jpect to water i»t *iec:r!o f«jw«r ·uppiiea, railroid ·Idlng* and par- ad roads. For full Information tu regard to prices and terms, apply to Super- tntendeui ot nearest MJu« or ticott- Jaie Office. H. C. Frick (3oke Company, Scottdaie, 1'enoa. LAWN LIME We have high grade agricultural lime for lawi and gardens. 50-poun4 sacks. Consolidated Coal Supply Co. Yard: Arch {, B. A 0, R. B.--Phone 1ft. Yard i McCormlek A?e. P. B. IU--Phone 1700.

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