Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 18, 1976 · Page 8
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 8

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 18, 1976
Page 8
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-Julv 18, 1976 Sunday Ga»ette-Mait n. West Virginij Your Bridgework By Jackie Wilcox South dealer. East-West vulnerable. North H K J 8 7 D 5 4 3 C Q J 9 6 West East S2 S 97 63 H A Q 5 4 3 H 10 9 D K 9 7 6 2 D J 1 0 C 8 5 C I O 7 4 2 South S A J 10 8 5 H 6 2 D A Q 8 C A K 3 The bidding: South West North East 1 spade pass 2 clubs pass '2 hearts (1) pass 4 hearts pass 6 nt pass pass pass A local player, who prefers to remain an- .onymous, contributed today's story. He was sitting South and explained the bidding sequence as follows: "My partner and I were playing a system in which a two over one response in a new suit is forcing to game. I didn't want to inhibit a diamond lead and I didn't like a raise to three clubs so I decided to temporize with two hearts. I knew ihe situation was out of hand when my partner jumped to a heart game. I couldn't think of anything bright to do so I decided to gamble on a slam in notrump.' 1 You may now indulge in a few snickers over the strange bidding but South more than redeemed himself by giving the play a masterful touch. West led the club eight .and when the dummy was tabled South could count exactly 10 sure tricks. He cashed two more clubs, noting West's discard at trick three. Next came dummy's two high spades. West showing out on the second round. Since West had obviously started with 10 red cards South saw some hope for the hand. The possibility of a squeeze or end- play seemed to provide the best chance so declarer proceeded to cash his nine black suit winners. West difficulty in choosing discards told South he was on the right tract. This was the end position: North g H K J 8 D 5 At trick 10 a low heart was led and West was in the soup. He won the ace an had a choice of returning the heart queen into dummy's K-J or shifting to a diamond away from the king. He naturally chose a diamond and South's A-Q-8 took the last three tricks. Mrs. Wilcox West G , H A Q D K 9 South East g H 109 D J 10 S -H 6 2 D A Q LAST WEEK'S WINNERS SUNDAY NIGHT DUPLICATE NORTH-SOUTH 1. jim Morrison and Bob Allen 2. Dora Grubb and B. Gumowskt 3. Russ Hennen and Lyle Gillispie 4. George Love and Bill Lonesome EAST-WEST 1. M.J. McCiiesney and Mike Chow 2. Mr. and Mrs. James Olson 3-4. Jade Wyatt and Stan Given 3.4. Mrs. Charles Leon and J.R. Bird BRID66TTH CLUB NORTH-SOUTH 1. Mrs. H.C. Riley and Harry Welsch 2. Alma Perry and Del Groves 3. Mrs. A.C. Rogers and Mrs. B.N. Kissinger EAST-WEST 1. Mrs. Harry Welsch and Alex Stover 2. Mrs. Torn Pearcy and Jim Sorrent 3.-4. Mrs. K.;. Hill and Mrs. Charles Lemon 3.-4. Esther Markham and Mrs. R.D. Patchell MONDAY NIGHT DUPLICATE NORTH-SOUTH 1. Reuben Graham and Robert Bailey 2. Mrs. Ann Pollitt and Mrs. C.E. Crow 3. Mrs. Roy Monroe and Mrs. Harry Welsch EAST-WEST 1. Linda Donley and Jim Sor'rent 2. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Barnette 3. Joe Ballew and Lew Cochran TUESDAY NIGHT DUPLICATE NORTH-SOUTH 1. George Love and Bill Lonesome 2. Mr. and Mrs. N.A. Clarke 3. Mr. and Mrs. Ken Coghill EAST-WEST 1. Linda Dontey and Murray Jacobson 2. T.B. Legg and Coy White 3. Russ Hennen and Tom Moore WV STATE COLLEGE DUPLICATE NORTH-SOUTH 1. Beverly Sikora and Jackie Wilcox 1. Mrs. Austin Mille: and Mrs. J.A. Gatens 3. Mr. ana Mrs. D.D. Smith EAST-WEST 1. Linda Donley and Murray Jacobson ?. George Haber and Bob Haber 3. Dr. and Mrs. Ed Sheen EASY ACES NORTH-SOUTH !.-2. Mrs. H.L. Lsmasters and Mrs. Austin Miller 1.2. Mrs. James Morgan and Mrs. R.E. Stone 3. Mrs. J.A. Gatens ad Mrs. B.N. Kissinger EAST-WEST I. Mrs. L.G. Carney and Mrs. R.D. Patchell 2 Mrs. C.E. Ellis and Mrs. R.P. Rogers 3. Mrs. D.L. Groves and Mrs. D.W. Thomas BEGINNERS DUPLICATE 1. Mrs. Jim Wildey and Mrs. Tom Horn 2. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Zacks 3. Mrs. Bert Barnette and Mrs. Oval Carney KVBA NORTH-SOUTH 1. Bob Allen and Larry Logsdon 2. Mrs. L.T. Snider. Jr. and Dora Grubb 3. John Cayton and Bill Lonesome J.-S. Mrs. B.N. Kissinger and Kurt Pocsi 4.-5, Mrs. Robert Bailey and Jim Morrison EAST-WEST 1. Beverly Sikora and Jade Wyatt 2. Mr. and Mrs. B.Y. Hill 3. Mrs. John Bowes and Mrs. J.P. Engle d. Jenny Petersen and H. Senman BID AND MADE 1. Dora Crubb and Jim Morrison 2. Alma Perry and Harry Welsch 3. Reuben Graham and Stan Given 4.-S. Mrs. D.B. Eakleand Mrs. Ann Pollitt 4.-S. Beverly Sikora and Jackie Wilcox BRIDGE CALENDAR W«k of July II SUNDAY Sunday Night Duplicate. 7 p.m. Morris Harvey College Union. Public invited. MONDAY Bridgetle Club. 10:30 a.m. Home of Mrs. Harry Welsch. Public invited. Monday Niyht Duplicate. 7:30 p.m. Home of Mrs. Har- rv Weisch. Public invited. TUESDAY Tuesday Night Duplicate. 7:30 p.m. Morris Harvey College Union. Public invited. WEDNESDAY Easy Aces. 10:30 a.m. D. Street, South Charleston. Closed. WV State College Duplicate. 7:30 p.m. New Dormitory. Public invited. THURSDAY Beginners Duplicate. 10:30 a.m. Home of Mrs. Harry Welsch. Public invited. FRIDAY KVBA 7:30 p.m. Morris Harvey College Union. Closed. SATURDAY Bid and Made. 7:30 p.m. Home of Mrs. Harry Weisch. Public invited. Chess Matches Caught In Political Conflict By Edward M. Foy .· It is a pity that international competitive gatherings, such as the 1976 Summer ·Olympics in Canada, cannot be free from political and racial conflicts. The annual chess team matches are caught up in a senseless hassle, too. The FIDE-sanctioned 1976 Chess Olympiad was awarded to Israel and will be held there, in Haifa, 'Oct. 24 through Nov. 11. · But Libya is holding the first "Against ·Israel Chess Olympics" in Tripoli, organized by the ad hoc Arab Libyan Chess Fed- -eration. also scheduled Oct. 24 through .Nov. 11. Apparently the members of the ;Arab Chess Federation will go to Tripoli ·but most of the Western countries (in- icluding the USA) will attend the official 'FIDE team tournament in Haifi. Russia ·will not go to Israel, but probably will not .'go to Tripoli either, and they can be ex- ·pected to keep the other Eastern European countries away from Israel, too. * * » : THE ELK RIVER Chess Club started a new tournament last week with 13 or 14 players in two divisions. Only 3 games were played: Charles Szasz and Tim Davis 'won, respectively, from Ed Andrews and Herb Harper in the senior group and Beth Keahey dekeated Jerry Drucker in the junior section. Mark Diesen and Michael Rohde, each 5 to 2, tied for the U.S. Junior Championship in the tournament held June 20-26 in Memphis, Tenn. Yasser Seirawan, who was such a sensation at the U.S. Open last summer, socred 3V2-3V 2 and tied for 4th . position. All 28 games are available for $1.25 from the Memphis Chess Club Inc., 3603 Kearney Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 38111. These books may be ordered from James Schroeder, Box 5268, Cleveland, Ohio 44101. "Leningrad (Russia) 1937," won by Reuben Fine, ahead of G. Leven- fisch, V. Rabinovitch, J. Budo V. Rauzer, '· and A. Ilyin-Ghenevsky; and "Parnu (Estonia) 1937", won by Paul Schmidt, ahead of Gideon Stahlberg, Paul Keres, Salo Flohr, Savielly Tartakower, Karek Opcen- sky I Raun, and F. Villard. This 5'/4 x B'/i pap'perback has all the games of both tournaments, indexes of players and openings, and diagrams but no notes. It sell for $1.25. "Santasiere Attack In The Wing Gambis vs the Sicilian Defense" by Anthony E. Santasiere (original analysis). Twenty- five pages of analysis by Santasiere and 2 more by James W. Schroeder, on this fighting attack against the Sicilian. Both . English, and Algebric notations. Paper- ·^ b a c k , 8'/ 2 D V e v s ! '4# " C a m b r i d g e Springs, 1904". All the games, diagrams, and occasional notes, except that Pillsbury's famous win against Dr. Lasker has its own introduction and a special set of notes. This 52-page paperback sells for $3.00 and is a worthwhile addition to any player's library of famous chess events. Cambridge Springs was Frank J. Marshall's greatest triumph and one of America's most important tourmaments. Marshall finished a full 2 points ahead of World Champion Dr. Emanuel Lasker. The 16 contestants also include Janowski, Schlecter, Tchigorin, Showalter, Teichmann, Marco, and Mieses. * » » THIS DAY IN CHESS 1905 Maroczy first at Ostend over Janowski and Tarrasch. Chinese Celebrate Mao Tse-Tung's Historic Swim TOKYO (AP) -- Almost every able person is swimming in China's rivers, lakes and coastal waters this summer to mark the lOtttwnniversaryyof Chairman Mao Tse-tung's historic swim in the Yangtze river, the official Hsinhua news agency said Saturday. Mao swam 15 kilometers (almost 9 miles) in one hour and five minutes on July 16, 1966, at the advanced age of 73, Hsinhua said, riding the "winds and waves of the turbulent Yangtze." The broadcast monitored in Tokyo said in Kwangtung Province, South China, "nearly 14 million people or 26 per cent of the province's population, are swimming in the big rivers and the sea." It said some 100,000 people are swimming every day in the Red Flag Canal in Linhsien County, at the eastern foot of the Taihang Mountains in Honan Province." In Tsingtao, an important port city by the Yellow Sea, Hsinhua said, "over two million people go swimming every year." It said that many of the workers can now swim up to 5,000 to 6,000 meters in the sea. CHARLESTON OPEN MONO AY AND FRIDAY'Til 9:00 P.M. OUR ENTIRE STOCK OF SWIMWEAR CHOOSE FROM A LARGE SELECTION OF ONE AND TWO PIECE STYLES AT GREAT SAVINGS SIZES 5-13 8-18 REG. 16.00-22.00 8.00 TO 11.00 COX'S SECOND FLOOR good ol' summertime sales clearances means you save 30% ,o 50% WOMEN'S T-TOPS FAMOUS MAKER SUMMER TOPS--T-SHIRTS--TANK TOPS AND FANCY STYLES. REG. 7.00 TO 16.00 SALE 4.67 TO 10.67 SPORTSWEAR MAIN FLOOR WOMEN'S SHORTS 100% POLYESTER IN ASSORTED SOLID COLORS AND PRINTS-ELASTIC WAISTBAND SALE WOMEN'S LOUNGEWEAR SPECIAL 10.99 CHOOSE FROM THREE FASHION STYLES · NYLON PRINT ML) MU · STRIPE CAFTAN WITH ROPE TIE BELT · ZIP BACK HOSTESS GOWN WITH 3 /4 FULL SLEEVE AND V-NECK LINGERIE SECOND FLOOR 1.99 2.49 WOMEN'S LIGHTWEIGHT WEATHER COATS REG. 17.99 TO 21.99 20% OFF UNLINED PANT COAT LENGTH AND LONG LENGTHS. BAL-MACHANN STYLES TWO AND FOUR POCKET FRONTS BASEMENT STORE FAMOUS MAKERS Junior SPORTSWEAR Wide selection of Junior Sportswear Includes coordinates and separates. Choose from The most popular colors, pants, jackets, skirts and tops. Sizes 5-13 Values to 35.00 and Less Junior Sportsweaji Second Floor ' SALE MEN'S LEISURE SUITS REG. 50.00 TO 115.00 Cox's Main Floor 30.00 '» 69.00 Summer and year round weight leisure suits. Two and three piece models. The savings time to add to your wardrobe. Woven polyester fabrics. Colors: Maize, Lt. blue. Mint, Tan, Navy, Bottle Green, Rose, Grey. Sizes 38-44 MEN'S FAMOUS MAKER LEISURE TOPS 100% POLYESTER COLORS: Tan, Navy, Burgundy, Green, Brown, Lt. Blue. Sizes 40-46 REG. 18.00 To 25.00 SPECIAL 8.90 MEN'S SPORTSWEAR MAIN FLOOR TODDLER FASHIONS SUMMER · SHORT SETS · SHORTS ' · T-SHIRTS GIRLS' 4-6X SUMMER FASHIONS · SHORTS · T-SHIRTS · HALTER DRESSES ASSORTED COLORS I ] ' I I PRINTS THIRD FLOOR

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