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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 11, 1930
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J-iast Hi ditiori ttrtett p rice Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. The Best Advertising Medium in the Yough Region, VOL. 2S, NO.10L. Tlie M e e k l y Courier, Konndrd July 17, 1S70. The Ually Cottrlrr, Kuunitrtl Novembrr 1O, 1903. Slergerl. July IS, 1VSa. CONNELLSVILLE, PA.. TUESDAY EVENING, MARCH :U, 1030. TWELVE PAGES. LAST TRIBUTE PAID TO FORMER PRESIDENT TAFT K u i n Keats ({cfjuioin as Thousands Pass by I-tler in IIo- (uIK!H ot* Ctipltol. BODY NOW RESTS IN ARLINGTON By U n i t e d Press. W A S H I N G T O N . March 11.--The iovr t h a t a n a t i o n bore for "William H o w a r d Tai't was symbolized t'day In ii t o u c h i n g f i n a l t r i b u t e by t h o u s a n d s ot citizens of tho Capital who stt:«nl sile;itly in a d r e n c h i n g rain '.is tl:e ilnai h o n o r s of the s'ato were p a i l to t h e departed chifrftian. For two h o u r s those of high a n d low degree who ha.l waited '.n ' u e rain (iteti t h r o u g h f l i p r o t u n d a ct the Capitol, passed by t l i o catafalque upon w h i c h other Presidents lay In state in d e a t h -- L i n c o l n , (Jartleld, MoKtnloy aiul Harding. Ii was estimated ( h a t R.OOO persona pasied iiy for a final look at the nun who was beloved by so many for t' : .s KKiiii:! good nature. Other t h o u s a n d s l i n e d the streets of t h o C a p i t a l i h r o u g h w h i c h the bril- l i a n t f u n e r a l c o r t e g e moved lo A l l Soulf U n i t a r i a n C h u r c h for the simple f u n e r a l ceremony w h i c h the former P r e s i d e n t had ordered. The funeral service at the church preceded the burin! on a grassy slope in Arlington Cemetery, overlooking tho Capital. President and MTF. Hoover left the W h i t e House for the Unitarian C h u r c h at ' :25 P. M. Mrs. Taft and other members of the f a m i l y met the caisson at the church. Thf»y had remained at their home wh'le the body lay in state at the ('apitol. The body of the dead statesman wa. t a k e n from the Capitol as the A r m y Bund, waiting below played "Onward Christian Soldiers." A h u s h fell upon the large crowd waiting in the plaza. Many of them had been nimble to get into t h t rotunda. Then tfco array of soldiers, saitors ami marines, led by the- Army Band, moved slowly across t h e plaza und down Capitol Hill, in the.;r midst tho caisson bearing the body of the form e r President. The rain beat down mercilessly t h r o w i n g a pall over the- cortege. U n i forms of tho largo military escort were drab with rain. Flag? and colors hung limply to their standards. At the request ot Mrs. Taft eulogies were omitted froai the order of sorv- ico and Dr. Ulysses C!. B. Pierce, pastor oE All Souls Church, substituted poetry, Wordsworth's "Happy Warrior," Tennyson's "Ode on tlio Dt'iUh of the Duko of Wellington," and his "Crossing ?ho Har.' - ··' The honor of Hounding taps over tha lowered casket, went to Staff Sergeant Frank Witchey of Fort Mycr, Va., who blow the last buglu at tho .funerals of Wood row Wilson/ Mujor General Leonard Wood and tlio Unknown Soldier. All ranking officials of the Government from President Hoover H.U! the seven surviving members i£ f h o Su- premo Court, arranged to be at tne , graveside. WASHINGTON', March 11.--The body of William Howard Taft WHS borne today through a steady spring drizzle to the Capitol, where he received the Nation's highest honors iil years ago, and thore lay in state under tho great dome to receive the Jlnal tribute of sorrow of his countrymen. Slowly the flag-drapped caisson moved through the quiet streets of t h e Capitol, tho stillness of sorrow along tho route broken by t.he clatter ol the brilliantly accuunterctl cavalry escort. Tho ride down Pennsylvania avenue of the man who received, tho highest honors of the Nation in peace was like that oi a mili- t » r y thioftain. Ttiure was nothing of the ftiuoral of a citizen about it. The family was loft behind at tho house, there to bear tho sorrow of hs passing while Uia body was given for a few hours to tho state which he served so long and so brilliantly. Only scattering groups here and t h e r e watched the funeral procession HM it moved from Wyoming avenue and clown Connecticut avenue, in the neighborhood where tho big, genial man waa so well known. The .:rowcl borami.' larger tn the procession it'ared LaKayotto Park und swung into Pennsylvania avenue In trout of tlie Whlto House. I t brgau to r a l n j harder us the- procession passed t h e ! Treasury whero hundreds of (7ov- j e:-tinent rmployi s watched f r o m windows. Thousands of the Govi.rti- meut workers wi re released from their cilices at tu-on to pay t h e i r ! t r i b u t e whmi the body of former President was moved from Capitol Ii. : All Suiuts U n i t a r i a n Ciuircli. Paul M. Roland Exalted Ruler Of Elks Lodge i A single vote deckled i l l s e l e c t i o n ! o( Paul M. Kolancl as c \;ilte! r u l e r 1 of C o n u e i i s v U I e Iioclgo Ne. 503, tlrnevolent 1 Order ot ElUs, over A n d r e w ,1. R o t t e r In spirit- orl b a l l o t i n g Monday n i g h ' . Considerable interest WHS manifest in the election. A total of 130 ballots was cast. In the campaign for es eemed lead| ing k n i g h t , Walter Be-iner defeated j Charles Ft. Oaks and J. C M Uixon. | Louis J. Colo \vas elec-'ed esteemed i loyal k n i g h t ; J. J[. Hobl'ison, lectur- ! ing k n i g h t ; J o h n K. VV:iilace, aecre- j t a r y ; Thomas V. Donegu.i, treasurer; j W i l l i a m K. DeHalt, tilei ; James I I . 1 j S t r a w n , delegate to grain! lodge; J o h n ' j K. Wallace, a l t e r n a t e delegate to '.grand lodge; James K. h t r a w n , trus- | tee fur two years, u n d A. T. Morrow, trustee for one year. The newly elected ofli:cra w i l l be installed oil Monday.evening, April 14. K. A. McDowell. W. C Leib, G. O. Hoye and H. CJay, members ot the L ' u l o u t o w u lodge, were quests at the meeting. 36 Cars Will Be Exhibited In the City's Greatest Auto Show, March 26-29,Inclusive TRIAL HALTED AS MRS. SCHROEDER IS TAKEN ILL Removed to County Jail ami Soon Recovers, Under Car« of Physician. SANITY EXPERT STUDIES HER -® Believed P. W . V a . Wilt Build Own Line Into Connellsville A w a r d i n g of the coni.i act. for grading of a section of th» Pittsburg West Virginia Railroad between a point near Old Meado A- mrt the Sher- ricle. farm near Pe-n ! is\ ille, to Corrado fe Galiardi, as ai.ix unced in Tho Courier yesterday, arouses more speculation as to w h a t t r i e final route of the company into Comif llsville will bo. While it Is possible it will connect at Ponnsville with the Pennsylvania It la believed the company will probablv build its own tracks to this city, following oti a level above the Pennsylvania tracks to a point noar Coalbrook and then t u n n e l i n g through the hill and crossing tho Yough ogheny .Hiver near o!d Sodom shops. NEWSPAPER POLL SHOWS DEMAND FOR DRY ENFORCEMENT By United Pr -as. WASHINGTON. Mam. h 11. -- Thf United States wants' st icter enforcement of the prohibition laws, according to a nation-wide poll conducted by the Pathlindor, a wookiy publication here which circuIatt-H largely In rural districts. Results of the poll f!'low: Favoring stricter enforcement, 214,873. Government sale of light wines und beer, 75,604. ' Prohibition as is, 57.D-.'-". Government sale of h.a-d liquor, r6,- 502. Private sale at n o n - c l i - i n k i n g places, 24.2S2. Return of saloons, 15 1-14. The ballots were cla-.sified as 272,826 "dry," and 171,82G "wet." States voting "wet" in the poll were Montana, Nevada, Idaho, Ijouislana,, N'ortd and South Dakota asid the cll.'i- trlct of Columbia. Kansas was said to be 75 per cent dry and New York 63 · ,, . , , per cent dry. The dlvUIon was close) " p in Arizona, Connecticut, Maine, South' 1 1 c " Carolina, Virginia and Washington. Ey U n i t e d Press. NK\V CASTUE. March 11.--Irene Schrodcr, ori t r i a l charged with She murder of Htate Highway Corporal Brady Paul, became suddenly ill n fow minutes aftor court opened today and had to l)e removed to the county Jail for medical attention. Court was im- modlately recessed. After half an hour she waa returned to the courtroom, apparently f u l l y recovered but stHl pale. Htio began t a l k i n g with Atlorney K^dgwln 11. Powell, one of her defense counsel. Irene. throiiRh her attorneys, ad- vl««d J u d g e Hild-ebrand of her condition arid !h'? jurist called tho sheriff's wiO lo take the prisoner from the courtroom. She was taken down the backstairs 'rom the courtroom luud across 'the courtyard to tho prison. Observer!; noticed Irene was pale and n«rvous when she came into court today. She winced noticeably as the question, "are you in favor of tho death penalty for murder In tho flrM degree?" was asked over and over again. The first six venlremen examined today were- not accepted. Four, all men, were chosen yesterday, and they sat quietly in the J u r y box during tl brief session before Irene beuiuno i l l . Mrs. Jennie Curtis was accepted at the fifth member ot the Jury afU't two and one-half hours of examination of 15 prospective jurors. She wa« tho only woman chosen find the first juror accepted d j r i n g today's session. Irene waa unaware, aa tho selection of the Jury progressed, that sht was being carefully watched by Dr. H. W. Mitchell, head of the Pennsylvania State Hospital for the Criminal Insane at Warren, and nationally famous psychiatrist aucl alienist. Dr. Mitchell a a t o n l y a i'ew feet away from her in the- courtroom, ready to testify for the Stale if the defense UHDS an insanity plea. State Will Erect Through and Stop Signs in the City POLICE DEPARTMENT WILL HAVE ITS MOTOR PATROL IN FEW DAYS Connellsville will h a / e it.s iirst real automobile police p a t r o l within a week or 10 days. By action of City Council last night, the offer of tho llopwull Motor Company, submitted amon; others in response to advertisements for bids, was accepted. The price it $684, with the old machine, a soda it, u part payment. The patrol will havt u body walled In by Iron screen. Tin ; .screen w i l l separate the Inte-rior f) om the driver's seat. There will also be u step and hand-rails ut the roar The only other business before the solons wa.s the enact merit, of ordinances regulating salai ies which were changed when the budget was drawn. A representative of the 'State Highway Department and Chief of Police John C. Wall were engaged today in touring the "through" streets of the city preparatory to tho erection ot signs for tho regulation of traffic. 1 The State will erect these signa w h i c h have not been put in place lo- calise Ihe city has not had tho f u n d s to finance the work. The I-ligtiway Department is now doing all that work, In addition to furnishing the signs. Connellsville already owns 0 of these piates, however, and they will be used. If more are needed tue Stats will furnish them. "Through"'streets include Crawford avenue from the city limits on the east to Eighth street, West Sid*; Eighth sti/eet from Crawford avenue to Morrell avenue and Morrell avenue to the city limits on the west; tiuyiter street f r o m Crawford avenue east to tho city limits. Will Be Staged at G* rage of Evans Motor Company. TIRES AND BATTERIES, TOO The largest and bcsi automob .e show--the nret real one thr city h is had--will lm put on by the Conner i- villo Automobile Dealers Aasociatl -n Wednesday, Thursday, Friday a id Saturday, March 20 to 29, at the gara ;e of (ho Evans Motor Company In. Ei 3t Crawford avenue, it was tumouur d today. Thirty-six cars will be x- hiblted. There were Ifi la^t year in the largest previous show. The show will be under thn dir- c- tion of a committee made up of Jo m W. Klncald, Harry G. Mason find '-I. C. tiallalin. In addition to lh« motor ehow tin re will be exhibits of ac.cessorl'js, inch d- irifi tiros and batteries. 'Hie contract waa a warder 1 . f.fKlay or the decoration of thx Karage, wh :h will le maiie ft plaw of leaut}' for i lie occasion. There w i l l ho spc!al llg it- Ing. Street i l l u m i n a t i o n will add to a touch of beauty xnd color. VB ~i- c.olored lig;ht», us ww« used at Chml- ma# time, will lx ai.runs io Crawf- rd avenno between CVuaRQ avenue · nd Brimstone Corner at Piit.sburg stn et. The show will bi ojwnod M r cdn«ai ay evening at 7 o'*;lofk and continue t lat night u n t i l 11. On Tliurwlay, Frl. ay and Saturday the bourn will he 1 *n- til II o'clock. Kiforlo's Orchestra of nino pie eg will play o.icb n f p h t . starting at 7 15 o'clock, aftor Amxs 'n 1 Amiy h vo "appeared in person" at 'lift s! :w room. The show will occupy 15,800 · set of floor rtpace, murb tho larj. st space ever given ov?r t a motor si ow here. Fourteen foot alslen will j ro- vido amplo room for visitors to in »·« about comfortably. .Kach «xhib tor Will have H space 20 by J ( l f-»t. Further doUilla of tho show wll be anomwed from time to ttma. VARE WITHDRAWS, PLEDGES SUPPORT TO BROWN, DAVIS Statement Made by Siclc Philadelphia Louder as He Jjeuves for South. FOURTEEN ESCAPE FROM COUNTY JAIL AT WELCH, W. \ A. By U n i t e d Pres». WELCH, W. Va,, March 11.--K ur- teen prisoners, xising a crude tey fashioned from an impression rr id.e w i t h putty, osciiped from the coi aty Jail here today. Two of the-in, dell Kline and I silver Alien, were captured at Bo; oni Creek by a posso shortly uftc; 1 tha break. A -wide-spread search was under way for the other 12. UNABLE TO MAKE FIGHT HIMSELF By United Press. PHILADELPHIA, March 11.-- William S. Vare today withdrew ae a can« dictate- for the United States Senate and pledge! hie (support to tho anti- Grundy-Mellon ticket to lio headed by Francis Shunk Brown for governor and James J. Davis for senator. Vave's formal announcement of hta withdrawal was made as he departed for his winter home at St. Lucte, Flu. PITTSBUnO, March 11. -- Judg'e James Drew ot Allfjghony county common pleas court will ho a candidate for Judge of the iale Superior Court. on tho Davis-Brown ticket, bin friends knJwti to«la} - . A formal announcement of his candidacy was expected within the next -IS hours. Board of Trade Rounds Out Year Of City Service Up 32,000 Feet. COUNTY SPEAKING CONTEST MARCH 14 AT S.U. HIGH SCHOOL DRUM, BUGLE CORPS INSTRUCTOR ASSUMES DUTIES THURSDAY Merritt McCIoy Is Made Member Pennsword Frat i Sciei'la! to The Courier. ', M O U N T PLKASANT, March 11. -- | J t o r r i t t "Jakey" M.-Cloy of G e t t y s b u r g i has been elccU'i) t o I l i a Pmnsword i f-'MU-riiity :il l h a l plucr. Studunts | »rr a d m i t t e d (o Oils f r a t e r u i f y o n l y j oil scdolrt.sili- a n d a t h l e t e ability. Of four a n c l i d itf,» McClcy ivaa W i l l i a m Kttlenka of .Vomit n e w l y elected Instruct! r of tile American Legion Drum B.ipjJt! Corps, will meet with tho orguul .atluii for Die ilrst time on Thursday n i g h t whuii a rehearsal will be . onducted. A.'l members are requested to be present. The second feature in tho Kayette county program of the Pennsylvania Forensic League, the extemporanc- j ous speaking contest, will be held on i Friday i evening, March 14, at S i o'clock at the South Union Township High School. Schools entered are Connells\'ill«, Perry Township, Point Marioa, R«d- Ktone Township, South Brownsville und South Union Township. On' March 17, the girls, boys Kiid mixed ohuruseH -and small vocal Ki'o'ups w 111 compete at tile Point Mariou High School. FISH-GAME BOARD TO MEET FRIDAY Injured jn Kail. j KAYKTTB CITY, M lPch ll.-David, A meeting of tho directors of the MrKecver, 3fi, of KayiMe city suffered layette C o u n t y VM 8 h Ciame Proloo nijiiries of f l i p head, back and lr«s : l i v e Association w i l l bo h e l d on !Vi- Sa tin-day w h e n IIP roll front a m o v i n g day e v e n i n g ut H. I,. Kreppe s t o r e on K L J K O H SMITH. Reaching higher than six niles yesterday, over Roosevelt Field, New York, Ifilinor Smith, American aviatrix, set a new world's all tude record for women. She also icUls the world's solo endurance am refueling endurance marks, and now she wants the fourth--the w rld's record for her sex in speed f ying. Her altitude is believed to have 32,000 feet. A mass of material relative to activities of the Board of Trade in its first year and reports of numerous committees wore received at tho annual licwiion of 1he directors of that body, hold last night. The lengthy meeting waa crammed w i t h Interesting items, and although tho board has nothing tangible in the way of indu«trlw to show for its work in the initial year it has handled a nines of details in connection with civli: work which has made its presence !j?re profitable hi other chan- nel« for Connellsvllle. "It ha» created and encouraged a new interest Jn the city," said Charles T. Kepner, president, "If it haa done nothing else, that much Is surely worth while." "Do you think th® board is an asset to Connellevllle?" he was anked. "I do," was the .positive reply. Coneiderable time was given to the discussion of new industries. The added industries committee had a lengthy report. Some proposals were disregarded entirely, others wore referred hack to the committee for ad- dllionji! Information. Members of that body went to Pittsburg today to secure facts desired by the directors and 'another journey, to a Western Pennsylvania city, will be made later Uii« week. The a n n u a l election of directors will take place this mouth. Ballots i'or the "primary" will be placed in the mall very BOOH. These will go to every member and they will n-elect various candidates, mailing the ballots back lo tho office of the secretary. That election -will he completed by March 30. In March 28, at. the Khvanis Club, the membership will vote for directore from among the group of nominees. There will be seven directors to elect, their terms having expired, anil one vacancy to b« filled. Nathan P. Hyndman Dies in Pittsburg; Coke Sales Manager Nathan Patterson Hyndm.-i.ii, 81 years old, a figure ill the coal i n d u s try for halt a century and sale i agent of the Washington Coal Coko Company, w i t h headquarters at Pawaon, since, very soon after it began operations, riled on Monday at tho homo of his son, T. Malcolm Hyndina'i, 563? Beacon street, Pittsburg, after a long Illness. Mr. Hjrridman was oorn at Mauch, Carbon county, and cam© to Pittsburg as sales agent tor the Con nollsville Cok« Iron Company in 1S82. Before that he was an employe of the I/oh!gh Cc-al and Navigation Company. After tho Oonnollsville Coke Iron Company was solti to the H. C. Frick Coke Company in 1889, be wag identified with the latter company for a year. Then h-e resigned to er.ter the mino supply business and^at the samo time served aa district manager of the Haznrri Manufacturing Company, wire ropo makers, ot Wllkes-Barre. He re- tutnod this position for 45 years, until tho company changed hands tv/o years ago. lie wan made sale* agent of tho Washington Coal Coke Company of Daweon ia 1804 and held this position until hia death. Mr. Hyndman was a member of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Pitts burg for more, than halt a cen'.ury. Ha joined Calvary Episcopal Church. In tho 80s d u r i n g the rectorate of fie late Dean Hodges, In 1896 h© jo ned the Church of tho Ascension in Sbadyslde, to which bo belonged at tho r .ime of hia death. He served as vestryman in Ascension Church from 1902 to 1325, and was secretary and treasurer from 1906 to 1919. ? Mr. Hyndman waft director of the Clergymen's Wfe Insurance Association for the past 25 years. He was president ot the Laymen's Missionary League ot the Piltsburg Dtocvso since 1S94. H« was a former secretary ot the board of trustees ot St. Margaret's Memorial Hospital, to which post he ·was appointed In 1909. Mr. Hyndman married Mar Roes of WUkes-Barre in 1S72. Ho levies one daughter, Mrs. L.ulu H. Ste'iman of Mauch Chunk; two eons, Hugh n. and T'. Malcolm Hyndman of I'ittsburg and live grandchildren. GEORGE REEDY GOES ON TRIAL FOR MURDER OF HIS SWEETHEART Special to Tho Courle', UNIONTOWN, March 11.--Fayette coualy'a only murder trial ot the present term got. under way at 10 o'clock thin morn-ing wuer. George Reedy, 32-year-oHl Alabama negro, was arraigned bs-fore Judge Davis W. Henderson by Clerk Patrick Noon, as a preliminary 'to the selection ot a jury. The negro is s.ccused o! having chased his sweetheart away from her home at Jamison, neav Perryopolis, first by a revolver and tl en w i t h thrusting a penknife into ler heart. The- murder occurred, on December 27, last. ' Eliza Byrd, fh: victim, nad been playing a victrola and danclig with a younger colored buy in the parlor of her homo w h e r e Reedy boarded. Reedy is said to have w a r n e d the girl to keep away from other mi n. He Is represented by Attorneys i. harles L. Davidson and Bui'dette Coldren, appointed by the court. At 2 o'clock this afternoon, three jurors w-efo chosen from tl e first 11 called. Those accepted w»-re: John Abel, laborer, of Kalrchan-jo; Mrs. Isabella Fornwalt, German township, and Clarence L. Dalzoll, assistant mine foreman, German township. DUNBAR TOWNSHIP WINS TWICE OVER LOCALDEBATERS Ijeisenrfng 1 Outfits Move Inlo Klrst Place in Forensic League Unit. MEDICAL DETACHMENT INSPECTION TONIGHT, HOWITZER WEDNESDAY The regular Federal inspection of the- Medical Detachment, 110th Regiment, National Guard of Pennsylvania, will he h e l d - t h i s evening at 7:30 o'clock at the State Armory on the South Side. Tomorrow evening, the inspection The Weather Mostly cloudy and colder toi ight; light rain changing to snow; Wednesday, f a i r is tlvo noon wcnth-er forecast tor Wesiern Pennsytviiniu. Temperature Record. t r u c k t*u t h e City roai'l Pell» Vernon-Fayptte the West Sido. is desireo A large ........................ rSi M i n i m u m .......................... M Mean ............................ ______ -Hi of tho Howitzer Company will be conducted. Among the ofncere who are- in the city today for the Medical Corps inspection are: Colonl Halley, Captain Lilly, Colonel John Aiken, Captain Permin, Major Houston aud Captain Goodrich. WEST NEWTON WILL GET CITY DELIVERY OF MAIL ON MAY 1 " W A S H I N G T O N , March II.--Postmaster General Brown Monday nol.i- licd Congressman A d a m M. \Vyant, Republican, \VeBtm6relnnd county, Pa., that effectives May 3, city delivery mall service will be inaugurated in West Newton. DUNBAR TOWNSHIP · BOYS ARE FREED OF ROBBERY CHARGE UNIONTOWN, March 1).--A jury this morning acquitted Charles Wilgus and Walter Wilson, Dunbar township boys, of robbery charges, but convicted them of assault and battery. The boys were illeged to have taken 25 cents and a handkerchief from Wilbur Cope « Cter way- laylng'hhn on the highway last February S. It developed, however, that there had been a previous argument between Cope and one of tio defendants in which Cope had got the better of it. Whan the parties met again the battle was resumed. Cope claimed he was knocked down and robbed. BANKING INTERESTS FINANCE BOOTLEGGING RINGS, FORD'S CHARGE NEW YORK, March 11.--The New York 'World carried a special dispatch from Detroit today quoting Henry Ford as saying financial interests in New York City were aiding and fl- iianclng the bootlegging .rings t£ this country. Ford, tho 'World said, charged t h a t the newspapers ot the Un tod States were c o n t r o l l e d by wet i n t e r e s t s and printed o n l y w h a t big bu? luces' mtu and their advertisers wanted them lo pviut C. H. S. TIES FOR SECOND Scorirfi- a double victory over the Connollsville High School representatives Monday night In the second round of the competition, the debating teams of the D u n b a r Township HIj;h School went into first place in DIP Fayette county schedule of the Pennsylvania Korensio League. As both the afHrnmtlvc and negative clubs of tho Connellsville institution lost to the Leisenrins speakers, the local school went Into a flve- way tio for runner-up position. The others in the deadlock are Perry Township. Point Marion, North Union Township and South Brownsville. Point Marion took two decisions over South Brownsville while Perry Township broke even with North Union Township in the other competitions. This evening, North Union and South Brownsville will debate. They had postponed their first round contest. Thursday night will find the ?ix schools In the third round o£ ihe schedule with tha negative teams traveling. The array follows: Connellsville TH. South Brownsville, Dunbar Township vs. North Union Township, and Perry Township vs. Point Marion. The fourth round of the contests is on Thursday night, March 20, w i t h the fina! events on 'Monday eveniiiR, March 2-1. In event a tie exists, it will be settled on Friday evening, March 28, The Dunbar Township High School's affirmative team, Gayle Strielder aurf Robert Realty, defeated the Connellsville negative speakers, Eleanor Don- nadlo and Margaret Small, at Con- uellsvillo. Dunbar Township negative chib, Edna Bryner and Robert Harjwr, won from the Connellsvlllo affirmatives, Pauline Jlohm and WiJUarn Snair, at Trotter. Perry Townshf i negatives, Ithiel Jay Knyder and Idea bomagno, won over the North Union Township affirmatives, Adelaide Burd and ireion Lukotch, at Perryopolfs. Perry Township affirmatives, Craig Martin and Mary Thrasher, Jost to tho North Union Township negatives. Gilbert. \VHson and Earl Harris, at North Union. Point Marion affirmatives, Georgia Anderson and Paul Tarr, won team the Soirh Brownsville negatives, ;ii South Brownsville. Point Marion negative!, Jessie Scott and Clarence Clark, won front thn South Brownsville affirmatives nt Point Marion. In the opening round, Connellsvillr; scored a dual win over Point Marion while Duubar Township broke oven with Perry Township. Elks Will Hold District Rally Here on April 6 Central District Association, Benevolent Protective Order of Elks, w i l l meet in Connellsville on Sunday afternoon, April C, ut 3 o'clock at local Elka Home. There will bo representatives of the organization fronv'this section of th« State and the gathering will be addressed by several speakers, prominent figures in the lodge. Families of members will be guests at this rally, a regular monthly meeting. An interesting program will be arranged. NATIONAL REPUBLICAN CLUB GOES ON RECORD FORWODIFICATION MOW YORK, March 11.-- Tha National Republican Club was on re-cord today for repeal of the I S I h Amendment. After f o u r hours of bitter debate, in which parliamentary tactiiw verging upon the purely technical were fre- q u e n l l y restored to, c l u b members voted -101 to 345 for a resolution calling upon Republican representatives. in Congress tj "advocate aud vote for r«pc:il.'' Those on the m i n o r i t y wide dkl not wish to put the club on record lie, elthur wet or dry. Morf than 2W) members attended t h « meeting wlille proxies from member* throughout the country made up the rerft of the vot?. Tito total vote represented about 45 per cent of the cluliVi approximate membership ot l.UOO. The prohibition issue- wa« forced last February 1!) when 15 metnbens, headed by Frederick H. Coudert, Jr., by petition compelled (he secretary to c u l l a special m e e t i n g to vote on f h » resolution, proponed by Coudert, Republican taiwlidaio for district attorney last fall.

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