The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 6, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 6, 1918
Page 4
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( --- :; '^ v: '-' : ·'' ' ; -;; ;;: "*.·'·-"*-;"£···?';' v - l " :: " ; \ : - ; '^"^'··'/".'!"" v ' v T-: ; V:ri-OTli^ SATURDAY, JULY 6, 1918. ftmiritr* KENRT P. SNTDER, nl«r:»nd Edltjr, 1I7»- JC. M. SNTHER. ,, . JAMES J. DBISCO1X,. wid Ireas. Biiiinej* ,;jt«B»g»r;- ' JOHN. i,. OANS. Managing Editor. . WALTER-S. ; ;BinOHH»v~ -- ' ' itor.- ~' · · " Society. Edljor. li?*"'- .. "'' " ' ' . -; ,,· AMDciated Pres«. : yluiJIt Bureau ofOiren Stnnijrlirania AMoclated S TwoS«»tif jsVfeoiSv BOeiPjir 15 o«r jtir'Dy -raaM-.H paM-ln adf»n±». Enured as seccnd class ra»tur Hi* e 'T»o»tofficft, Connellsvllla,." Pa. 8A1XKDAT EYI51KG, JB1T «, IMS. :; WILLIAM -P. BHKRMAlt. Bccvital Unit I* Am*riean Ex- orw* Frmnw. RALPH F. aUOEP.i ·-: ^Ccivany ,H.,»lMb tato":;; ,. H N. A,. American Bt»««- ·' tkmary yoreei. Franc*. :; MICHAEL OMNALDO. ;; HABOL.D RICHET, ·att.rr S. l«7th 'SMS AKll- " IWT, »th DlTi»lon, U. S. K. Ei»«ditio»- ~ *c cox. J7lh.Bn»i»ieri. U. , ·· JAMES j:rSC*ABXEMII. tbncpanr . B^TWrd':.-n»«l»«*rs Bwlamlli tt f antry- -H»»laeenieiit Bri. -lad*. -Camp L«e. .Va. .. . S. Pf»»Meni;armiit.- U. » · · N a - ' ' -TS* AMOciated Pr«s« is -Jx- ciiMiYely- ·ntiVled to tha ua« for reublic».tltm--o£ all the ntws credited to. It.or.^ot taken part In come other war time activity/ The coke workers as a class have done all these thing! and more. It behooves thoiie who have done IMS to.'iet.buaj incMtajr buiy- until the job of licking the Kaiser'is flniihed so completely that there will never 'be any ..more kaisers .to. ..lick. Many persons were disposed to ridicule the peace terms to which Count Rbon, 'member, of the. Prussian home of Xlorda, declared some bays 'agb_.G«rniaiijj: was:-'- entitled. As a .ba»i* ·.fqr.;a- ; pwce?'. settlement · -they were preposterous of course, ' but they : correctly- 'represented ;the .Prtis- slan attitude with respect to what Germany, started out to achieve. 'The .Griat^er," says a writer m the ;BniMin';.v of the;, .Academy .of Science a'ndi-Art-in .Pittsburg, "proves to be the result -of an .enormous con- spiriicy; thoogbtT out hefbreh'and in cold.blood,.rn.'whlcli.Uie.Kai5er.i5 the chief 'plotter, "but "is backed by the greatest-" combination of' predatory interesti^tlie world h» iveivknown: (1) the .Junkers," bia,'"' aristocratic, conservative ; (S)i the inannf actnrers, yonng, sudaenly.'rich. aggressive; (3) the merchants; winning the worWs markets, and by meant of · kartell- throttling competttton^ and evicting competitioo the world . over; and back of all time, a syndicate of powerful bankers, directing indtutry and commerce, controlling :the press and opinion. Under these sinister ummfts : WANTED -- TOUR buainiss. RENDINE'a BABEERINQ tf A'atice to Contractor*. BIDS WaiJ* BE RECEIVED BT THE. St. John Roman Catholic congregation of Connellsville,, Pa., for the, proper erection and: completion of a school, building-, a parish house, and a Sisters' home, as per plans and specifications prepared by John H. Harm an. Architect, 632. First National Bank building Unlontown, Pa. Two proposals will be required as WANTED--BELL BOY AT SMITH follows-: First,,a proposal for the full OUSE. . 25junetfd erection and completion of the three ·------ buildings as per plat.?-- furnished aa '3 SEWING OR I whole, the second proposal for the erection, and completion o£ the parish house anti 'a Sisters' home under one proposition and the aehool separated and mentioned and both enclosed and sealed together. Bids for the above work will be received up .to 12 o'clock noon of July 13, 1918; Flans and specifications can be h a d - a t the office of the architect, or at the residence* of the Rev. Father ·Tusek, ' Connellsvillej Pa. .St.- John WANTED--PLAIN washing. Write XYZ, care Courier. ': 6July2t* WANTED--BOYS OVER 1C YEARS of age. CONNELLSVILLJE SILK MILL CO, INC. ' 2julytf : WANTED--EXPERIENCED MALE shipping cCcrM', war work. . -SL1GO LRON ft STEEL CO. Bjulyat. WANTED--MALE CLERK. IN A 1E9S05 FKO» THI COKC . . . . . The fe» persona ,Tho. had traeitlon- ed the feuibilltT of .attempting to male* »lni; fan at the coke plalite on the J!- isnrprised, and"' the 'whole region has had occasion to rejoice. . Not only did .the.workers, 'With ji-_vcry .tsw exceptions here and there, turn out ror^worir Wp'rove their: patriotic interest Jn pushing the .war prpgram to thV'iimit ut they 'kept" right on .. th« job yesterday, showing that wbat- .ever ' enthusiasm bad : .been /a'Trawied .over* the proposition-. -t influences, German "'industry, commerce, finance, education, and gov- ertment, are fused 1 , Into a unity -soulless, greedy, ambitions, and the Kaiser the leader of them all. "So . a great dream of conquest Is worked out: Extend the western frontier to take the coal. and iron deposits and Industrial areas away from France, and Belgium, and get control of the channel coast to cut off Britain;, create '"buffer 'states out of adjacent Russia, under German domination; suppress Serbia and Boninania; affiliate Bulgaria. Greece an* Turkey,- and - so cut Europe in two, and establish a railroad -highway from Hamburg to; the Persian Gulf or Aden; then, when the time is opportune, strike "Egypt and India, and dismember, the "British Empire; then start a Holy War among the Mohammedan;, and compromise Russia in the rnle-of (Turkestan; stir up .sedi- ^tioW'intbe-Orientiahd.make China a vassal~"sUte,' -Japan to be affiliated. or. brokei) -- and to become all-power- fjil '-Tn^Asia; -than at pleasure, take prer-what'ls worth while of Africa: Tnake German colonies out of the temperate part of South America: and elH5 ruler of the "seas, teach the United States of America her place in' the .vrorld." . ' .The C'bjecta jGermany had , in view when' starting the war and what she will get on the final peace settlement are vastly different, propositions, as she , is beginning to understand and will stiji more clearly understand when Uncle Sam, as spokesman of the Atlles ut the peace council table, will present, a document indicating politely; : but:' firmly to Kaiser Bill, "Sign . . . Fourth has npt.been short-liveij. . in fact, lit can b*;»iit r that~th~e' coke work' erj 'have -been influenced by a :::' nave' been! Aoved;' : tie convictioii that they'ha'jji^aa importancej.iri the pros| «nt order' "of thing: · th'aVfnresti tha'lri " - How refreshing 1 Is the modtjsty of Provost 'Marshal General Crowder. ·Wheiii'it wasVproposed to promote him to" lieutenant general he promptly de- cliced the f honor and increased pay stating that credit for the administration 'of,-the · draft belonged ^not to ._uj*tioir^^?ew : d^n;ty.;- , !^f^t^-p^t^T^s^J^ : They have~^n ; rbroaght'tO midor-|-the./differenee-between ,a i?eal 'soldier stand the sifiatlonv'very' clearly /aaa^ttotdlns;. a-^'deik:\assiBTimaDt and .the retiring their duty and obligations they-have responded -. [th that, degree of Willingness- which those: who bad their patriotism, loyalty and ciuir« at B. * O. if ASTER MECHANIC'S OFFICE. Sjuly3t WANTED--20 MEN, WAGES .li per day. Apply at FOUNDATION COMPANY, West Penn Power plant. . 2july«t WANTED -- A HOUSEKEEPER, nilddl« ace preferred; references quired. Call Bell phon* »!-J. tjulytt* WANTED--WAITER,, CHAMBER- maid and third trick cook. Beat wa paid. CDPP'S RESTAURANT. Water street . · - fijulyTt WANTED--POSITION BY COM- petent lady stenographer having some experience In bookkeeping. Best of reference. Address "J. G.," care Courier. ajulySt* WANTED --- CARPENTERS AND carpenter hejp«ra to baild construction camp at Fayatte station. Good wages. Apply to A. L. ANDERSON t BROS., INC., Fayette station. Sjulytf WANTED--CARPENTERS AND LA- borora. Carpenters' wages fiZi^c per hoijr: laborers 38o per hour. Apply on the job at .Greenhouse Stop, bar. Pa. VANG CONSTRUCTION CO. ijulytld .WANTED--OLD FALSE TEETH. Don't matter if broken. I pay $2.00 to 915.00 per tfet. Send by parcel post and receive by return mall. L. MAZER. 2007 South Fifth street. Philadelphia. Pa. EJulySZt' WANTED--ANT KIND OF PR1NT- lag, whether It Is a calling* c«rd, amle bill or the · finest engraved w«ddinK Invitation or announcement. We print anything--everything--do it promctlr and do it right. Call tne man at TH2 COURIER office. Both phone*. 27-tf WANTED --THE fTT. FRANCIS Hospital Training School for Nurses, PlttHbarsr. Pa., offers a three years' coarse to young women over eighteen years of age, having the . necessary qualifications. The course includes all the branches of nursing, and in addition, hydrotherapy and RMunage. Tho hospital has a capacity of five hundred beds, and Is affiliated with the University of Plttsburg for teaching purposes. For f u r t h e r particulars apply to the DIP.ECTRESS OP NURSKS. FOR RENT--APARTMENTS. FLORENCE SnrUTZ. !4]unetf FOR RENT--FOUR ROOM FLAT. and bath, 310 6]uly3t third floor, with BBS East Cedar avenue. FOR REST--THREE KOOM FLAT, with bath, eras .and electric light. Second floor. Inquire 210 Cedar ave- IjulySt · FOR SALE--MARE AND COL1 ABE TONY. Leisenrlng No. I. SjulySt* Roman Catholic Congregation, by REV, FATHER TUSEK. Connellsvllle, Pa. JOHN-H. BARMAN. Architect. Unlontown, Pa; '. ' . iuly-i-3-i . Div»ree Notleea. Oeo. B. Jeffries, Attorney. HARRT C. DRUM VS. MABEL D. Drum. In the Court of Common Pleas of Fayette county, .Pa., No. 45 June Term, 1518. To Mabel -D. Drum, respondent: You are hereby notified that the 1 subpoena and alias subplena In this j e have been returned "??on cs In- : ventua," you are therefore required to appear In the Court of Common Picas at Fayett* county, Pa., on the first Monday of Avgust of said court, A. D. 1918, to answer the libel and complaint filed therein, and show cause, if any you have, why a divorce from the Irondn of matrimony should not be granted the llbellant above · named. THOIs. E. HOWARD, Sheriff. Sheriff's Office, July.J, 1918, july-6-U-:0-27 FOR SALE--GOOD TEAM BAT lorse^. · Inquire J. T. BURHAXS, D u n bar, Pa. ' 6july2t" FOtK SALE---9x12 TENT. 80-FOOT sound common senaei ·* havre" never doubted., In,coming to a fuller knoT/I- ·dje; of Tthe";need? of-the nation in the hoarj)f Its crucial testj the workers ortNe'reitfoTi/'arc; in; : a'Ter3r]arse T_ sense-indebted to the Fuel Adminis|\\ tration."'-When"-that body fully recog- g- nize-1 th* actual state of affairs pre- 11;; Tailing in the region,-it;.was* wisely *.;".. decided t enter 'updn- campaign of V- education. Jtyhutnber of"patriotic f : £ : - meetings were held and the war situa- ?·$·* tion presented in an impressive* way; ;;: ;j : The operators lent most effective as- H';.~ · Distance through their plaat - organ:-; -;? : .2ations and within a comparatively! f-j ihort time every workman, no matter what his language, was fully in; formed. ^He not only learned what: hJ« fellow workers were going to do Irot i\§.-Was^QR £ VbJ 1 ed_tp...definitely make up hfs to. ing up~birhini.~ As a result the Fourth of Jiny*"worS;:"p76gratn was'^'carried throifcgh successfully" and the workers are «juch-tbe ^bitftwr for; * of the" elimination of the for- jcer : habit of celebrating the., day, but bwaifae of the consciousness'of having contributed in a most substantial way'fow'ard" helping win the war. : Bu»' the unusual "observance of thft' Fourth In the coke region is not to he th "only evidence of, patriotism among the workers. If it were possible to tabulate the names of all the niine a"nT'cOlce*yard'employes"who" hf« gnfot-ori ..the... .military, ^.service,?! both as "ydlunEeeris and as_ selectivea, the proportioc "would" "be~~rcund very much hlgihriban that in"in"any other accupatipns. ^^On Jhe three iLtberty Loan, the'Red Cross, Y. "at C. A., K. of C. and War Savings Stamp driven, -the contributions from men employed in and about the* mines -a very considerable part less-Insignificant job In. civil, life. The American artillerymen can be 'depended upon to give the Huns .til the lessrons they. nee*d In the language they, 'can .-Understand. fe- a more . . n c l i j Sam's .score .of,.94 .ships launched in one day to one empty transport sunk""by the Huns'there's no doubt .of who -will be winner of the pennant in the U-boat series'. . iTJnlike.vsome.single track towns the discontinuance of passenger train service on' one: railroad, does ' not wipe Connellsville off the railroad map altogether. dress Box 455 sold at once. · , ConnellBvllJe, Pa. Sjulylt* FOR SAI.B--OAKLAND ROADSTER In fair condition. High tenaion msffne- to. Cheap to quick buyer. Call 575 Bell phone. 2July4t FOR SALE--4,000 FEET ROUGH lumber and slightly used Roaring. JOHN ROBINSOX. Sprinefleld Road, R. D. No. 3. 29junp«t* FOR SALE--ALL KINDS OF RUB- b'er Stamps maiiufacturftd by C. N. FILLER. 309 West Crawford. 30JuneCt FOR SALE--ONE 5-TON WHIT- comb gaa motor. 42 inch gauge. In good condition. Immediate dellven'. Box SO, care Courier. 2Ju!ytfd STCALED PROPOSAJJS WILL BE RE- cetved by h« Country Controller of Fayette- county, Pennsylvania, at his officq in the Court House, Uniontown, Pennsylvania, and by the Conoty Controller of "Washington county, Penn- YRnla, at his office In the Court House, Wasfclnirton; Pennsylvania, -until 2 o'clock P. M., Monday, July 15th. 1918. and to be opsaed at 3 o'clock P. M.. U n l o n t o w n . Pa., July 16th, 1918, for the jacktnp nnd relocating of tha span of the steel superstructure on new roller nests nnd shoes ftiid the re- ring 1 of one river p t e r and uncasing the nam« In concrete of the Mononpa- a River Brfd$r« at Bellevernon, Penntrrlvnnla, between Fayetto and Washington counties. PI (ins, proposals and spec Ificn.t Ions for the above brldg-e can be preured at this office of the County Road and dffe Engineer, Court BOUSP, Uniontown, Pennsylvania, and at the office of the County Road Engineer, Court i Ffouse, Wastting-ton, Pennsylvania, for i the sum of flve dollars (95.00) per set. i Tha proposals to be submitted In du- ; lllcate (one copy to each office) with j certified check drawn on a National i Bank or Trust Company In eooJ credit In Pennsylvania equal to ten I per cent (10%) of the a m o u n t of t h e ' propoual, to be depoeited with ojther of the proposal*, the. f a m e made payable to the Treasurer of the county. The r!"nht to reject any and all proposals Is C5fpre«sly reserved. H A R R Y KJSrXGER. THOS. J. 1 County Controllers. "~ FOR SALE--COLUMBIA DICTA- phone, nev Neootyle duplicating: let- j taiice of 15S foct. more or less, ter machine. SevcraJ Sx~ rugs c h e a p ! properly line of Joseph Jj. Stader; Pvbltc Sale of Valuable Br»I E3M«afe. BY VIRTUE OR AN ' OKDGR OP the Orphans 1 Court of Fayette county, the und«rni(!Tied executor of thft estate of Joseph Mervis, deceased, w i l l offer a.1 Public Sale, on the premises, at the corner of South Arch street and Church Place, on Saturday, J u l y 20tn, ! 1518. at 2 o'clock. P. M.. all the following described real estate' All that certain piece or parcel of land, situate in tho City of Connells- vi!le, Fayette County. Pa., and bound- [ ed nnd described KB follows, to-wit: Beg-Innlnp at the northwest corner of Lot No. 159 in the Oencral Plan of the boroup-h. f n o w CUy). of Connclls- ville, -and at the c o r n e r uC C h u r c h Place and an alley, k n o w n as S o u t h Arch street; thence along Church Place In an easterly d i r e c t i o n , a ilis- to to quick buyer. Call 865 Bell. 2july4t FOR SALE--1-TON NASH TRUCK equipped with coal body and cab first-class condition. Too small for present use. Inquire C. L. WORK Connellsville, Pa, ZOjunotfd HE.DFKD TOR THE FLAG. "He died for the Flag! How easy to ' . say U! · , . Yet how can "man measure that sentence or weigh it. Or sum up' the g-lorfes of «arth that + h« tried -.for.- . . · Ueflnlnp exactly the splendors he died for? " · - . · ' , He died for the Flag:! Was he selfishly dreaming? ; · : . . TPa» he «aser for fortune and *ordid- 'schemingr · ·' '. ". - ~ '.'· ··' With-jn-eed in his heart? ."Was lie .. " ·trlvInB-.for treasure-^ ,. ..-.-. For '"soft ^days of comfort lind Indol- · '' '· ent'^lelswre?- ' -·-' · ' : _ · Oh, · no. He was flphtinff and tolling ' 'And ' for others,' ifl-^JB his- tribute -- he died for 1 Brotherst . That children mi^ht play in some sunny hereafter:. ' . . That mothers mljrht live Irs contentment 'and 'FOR SALE--FINK ELEVEN ROOM modern stone residence, largre lawn, would m a k e a fine home for doctor. Will sell at a -bargain. Adtlres "HOME." care Courier, , 2DJunetfd-sst FOR SALE--AT A BARGAIN*. J400 caah, 2 lots 60x140 in Eaai Connellw- ville, the Thos. Piper prop ertf" has a small two room house and shed kitchen. Muke a warrantee d;ed-.. Address Box 37, Martin, Pa., Fayette county. SjulySt l^OR SAI*E--SIX ROOM HOUSE, 504 Sycamore street, one door from Cedar, has bath, hot and" cold water. Four gratea'Cor burning- coal or gtLt. $2,500; 91,000 do^-n. balance in monthly payments* of |18.75 a. month. PcKseseioo July 15. J. A. MASON 1 , Second Nation- Bank Building-. 3juJy3t THE SCHOOL BOARD OF BULL- skin township will meet at Pennsvllle on July 20,. 1918. at 1 o'clock sharp, to .receive bids for furnishing coal and- cleaning' houses and grounds and to elect teachers for the coming- school With .'never a tyrant to brinp- 'them term . ^ M- KEEPER; Secretary^ He died for the freedom oi' comrade and irtTahfferj · , . · · For God .and for country h* _3tooJ to . death's danger; . totals raised .in the coke region.) For'sweet clay, of labor,-unmarredby ·TOlthouti the substantial support re- For "he^ak" to rejoice in their rlffht ceired from, thiff source it Is extremelr dovbtfut if che quotas' fixed' fcr the of possession. -, ... For all that Is. noble, for. all that. } different districts,,, could. reachod^j M The .plant on on" . - . · i truthful, naye- r .oeenj He ^^ up n j s ' 1Ife whcn his days ^.. majoy:.itfirie»^ei-; : were, still youthful. SEALED. BIDS T^ILI* BE RECEIV- ed at the office of the undersigned on or before July 31. 1918, for the re-laying: of Main street.. "Went Newton, Pa.. from Water street. to Sixth street. Specifications may' b e ' seen at the office of the borough clerk. Council ro.- ser\-ea the right to reject any. or all ·bidg. By order of Council, ' A." ADAMS, Boroug-h Clerk. 6July2t-flat' thence alon^- property l i n e of Joseph L. Stader in a-, southerly direction, .1 distance of 1G5 feet, more or less, to Kalrview avenue; t h e n c e alonp Fair · view avenue in a -westerly d l r r c t l o n , a distance of 158 feet, more or leus, to an alley, k n o w n as South Arch street; thence along: said alley, k n o w n as South Arch street, !n a northerly direction, a distance ot 165 fact, more or less, to the place of beginning-, and being 1 Lots Nos, 159, 151 and the western part of Lot No. 143 in the General Plan of the Borouph of ConnMlsvillc. anil beinff the ssme premises rold and conveyed to the said Joseph M*rvls by- deed of Elnora B. James, Executrix of the estate .of A n t h o n y H. Banning, deceased, dated December 6, 1910. and recorded In the Recorder's Office of Fayette county. Pa., In Deed Book. Vol. 3J3, at pag-e 153. There is erected on said premises a livery stable nnd a garage, and several out-buildings. .This property Is well located, being-; only 165 feet distant from Main street j or Crawford avenue, and la well : adapted for business purposes'. Terms of Salt--Ten (10) per cent on day of sale; balance to m a k j one- t h l r d of the purchase price, on con- rmation of sn.l«i by the Orphans' Court of Fayette county; one-third within six (6) months from confirmation of sule. and one-third w i t h i n twelre (12) months from confirmation of sale, ' The deferred payments to bear Interest at six (5) p«r cent per annum. and to be secured by bond and mort- -age, with thirty (30) day set. fa, and nsurance- clauses, with the privilege :o the purchaser to anticipate .all of said payments at any time before the maturity. SAMUKL S. MEKVIS. Executor of the EsuatC'Of Joseph Mervis, ·Deceased. S. R. GOLDSMITH. Attorney. CHAS. M. PEE, Au«ttoneer. / -ESTATE OF CHARLES LAUGHUN,.! late rpf-.the borouffh. of Duhbar;. county .j ol-Fayette,^ and state, of PennBylrania, deceased. '-Letters of acim i bis t ration ( ·on the' above "named estate" having t beenf granted, to 'the underaicnad. .no-/! :tlcedB-hereby. glveJi to.all persom-'Jn- d«bted'to"-said, estate 'to 'mak* Immediate /payment, and to. those having clalnw agrainst the^same to- present !them properly authehtfcated .for «\-. 'tl«in«nt. . JOSEPH"- .-Li. SJTAJ3ER,' -Ad- Yninistrator, Connells*v'illc; -PennsjlTmti-- la-^.H^G; \aiAT, .Attorney;: ,."=:*;:'';.c^v' ; "^v' Baby Chicks By Piroel Post t,o your door. Send your money now.. H'« will . Bhlp at once,»T' Po«t ..eharres paid, Barred .Plymouth .Rocki and 'Rhode lalacd Reds at 25 . f o r . . , . . j 4.50 · 50 for. J......'. ..| 9.00 . 100 f o r . . . ·..-;..;.,$i7;50 Also White and Brown Leghorns at · , . ·25 (or...·.'.-....;. |-4.M . 50. f o r . . . ; . '.j'8.pO · .100.:-for....·...:.. If fifi.60' BLUE R1DGK POtJI/TltV FARM , Bell.. Phpnje .1779. Uniontown, Pa- f John -Dug'ga.n, Jf., Attorney. JACOB GACSIK VS. ANNA GAC- .alk. I n - t h e . Court,of Common Pleas of Fayetta county, .Pa.. No. 475 March Term, 1918, To Anna Gacalk, reepondeht: · . · .'· Ton we hereby notified that the mibpoena and *H»8 subplena in this case h»ve be«n returned "Non es in- ventiiB," yon are therefore required to [ nppear In th« Court of Common Pleaa ' of Fiyette county. Pa., on the first Monday of August of said court, A. D. 1918, to ana-wer the libel and complaint filed therein, and show cause, if any you have, why a divorce from the bondB of matrimony should not be granted the llb«Ilant above named. THOS. L. HO-WARD, Sheriff. Sheriff's Office, July I, 1918. July-6-13-20-27 H O M E S FOR SALE 3 Room House, South · Connellsvillc » 5 Room House, !N. Prospect St 5 Room House, N. Prospect; . i 50 5 Room Double House, "WTieeler i OOO 8 Room House, N. 7th =' St 80O 3 Roam House, Snydertown l.OSO 6 Room House. N", loth St. 1,^00 6 Room. South Connells- vMle, rental $15 »,»» 5 Room Cottn^e, Franklin 4 Room House, S. Sin St.. . 1^350 4 Room H'ouae, IDUi St liJJOO 4 room House, South i)th Street -l^SOO 4 Double Houaes, E. Crawford Avo., 8 rooms each; rental -?20; each J,.1fM · I Room Houae, E. Gibson. 1,650 6 Room Double House, W. Crawford 3,700 10 Room Double House, N. ' Prospect 1300 ; 8 Room Iouhle House, Hyndman St 2,fXH 6 Room Modern House, Sou th St '..." 3.0OO 8 Room Modern House. E. Hill St 2,000 6 Room Home. P o u l t r y Lot, Frances A v e 2.30O 6 Room Modern House, 10 Room House, Hyndman St 2,fioo 8 Room House, S. Oth S t . . 3^(M 6 Room Modern House, Jefferson St VWW · Room Modern House. · N. Sth St 2,300 6 Room Modem H'ouse, · flth St., W. S *30fl 12 Room Modern Home. stabje on brick rorud.., 3^00 6 Room Modern Home, N. Sth St., We«t Side 3.WO 6 Room Modern Home, Ogden St S^IOO B Room Flat, Franklin Ave Z,COfl 8 Room Modern Home, Aroh St. 2.70O 5 Room Modern Home. N. Sth St., \Veit Side 2,500 30 Modern House. Morrell Ave 2^»0 8 Room House, 12th St... 2.8O0 5 Room House. E. Piilr- vfe-w' Ave 3,WH 10 Room Doublo House. Franklin Ave 2^SO T Room Moderr. Houe, W. Crawford Ave 2,850 8 Room Modern House, K. Sth St 3,000 7 Room Modern House, B. Poach 3,000 8 Room Moderu House, N". Jefferson 3.OOO 12 Ponhle Hous*, W. Crawford Ave 3,000 8 Room Modern. House, E. Crawford Ave 3.OOO fl Room Modern House. JefTeraon 3,000 7 Room HOUKR, 1011 Aetna St., South S i d e . . 3.OOO 9 Room House, lot 200x134, Francis Ave 3,OOO 6 Room Modern Honne. near Lelnetirinjr a.3OO 8 Room Modern House, Blfjwi St S^MM) B Room Modern House, S. Sth St 3,300 8 Room Modern House, Jefferson St. 3,300 B Room Modern H'omse. E. Murphy Ave - 3,r.oo 9 Room HFodern Home, 12. Fnlrview Ave a,5(K 8 Room Modern House. E. Gibson Ave n.-'JOO 0 Room Mod, House. Arch St., 1 above B. O. depot 3.5OO 0 Room Housp, Highland Avfr f 3.5OO ' : 12 Room Double House. S. JHli St -rt,roQ 6 Room Modern House. 13. Washington Ave n,7OO 5 Room Modern House, S. Sth Si. ;.. 3.700 6 Room Modern Home, N. Plttsbure St 4.OCK) 8 Room Modern House, S. Slh St 4.0OO 8 Room Modern House, S. Sth St -4,000 8 Room Modern House, S. SLh St. -1,000 0 Room Modern House, N. PlUnburp St 4.OOO 32 Room Double House, S. 4th St -«,ow» 7 Room Moderr House, E. Fairvicw' A v e 4.20C 10 Roum Double House, Davidson Ave 4,30i S Room Modern H'ouse, S. Sth SU 4,50O 8 Roo^n Modern Home. Vine St 4.50H 5 Room Modern House, S. Slh St 4,500 0 Room Modern House, Lincoln Av«. . 4,ft5O 34 Ftoom D o u b l o House, E. Crawford Ave -1,700 10 Room Modern Home. S. Sixth St., West Side ... -1,800 tt Room Modern House, E. M u r p h y Ave 5,O9O 5 Room Modern House, "W; 1'each St n.OOO 8 Room Modern House, S. Sth St n,ooo 10 Room Modern House, E. Washington Ave G.fMK) 6 Room Modern House, E, Crawford Ave * .. 5.2OO 10 Room Modern House, Lincoln Ave K.C5O 16 Room M o d e r n Double House, S. 9th St 6,000 17 Rotfm Modern H'ouae, Race St 7,fiOO 8 Room "Dwelling-, 5 Room · Flat, Store Room 22x51 and (! Room D w e l l i n g , all modern, situate on S. Plttsburp St.. rental ?120 per month 12,000 BRICK HOMES FOB SALE. 12 Room Modern Brick, N. 3rd SL 5,r»00 8 Room Modern Bungralow. E. Crawford Ave 5,SOO S Room Modern Brick, Vine St ft.OOO 16 Room Modern Double Brick, W. Washing-ton Ave Oj500 14 Room Modern Double Home and one 5 Room House, E. Cedar Ave.. S,!fOO Brick, "Wills Hoad . . . . . »,ooo 12 Room 3-story, ex.. fine 10 Room Modem House. S. Pitts*) urgr St. .. .' 10,000 13 Room Modern Home, "W. Apple St 10,UOO Store Room and Dwell : I"K. frontage GG feet E. . Crawford, ' near "Brimstone Corner 32 f OOO House, E. Green St... 11,HOO 8 Room: Modern D o u b l e - ' · Snick, E. Fairview Ave. 12.OOO 14 Room Modern Double Brick, E, Fair-view Ave. 14^00 FARMS. ; 9 Acre Fruit and Poultry Farm, near city ...1.700 10 .Acre Fruit and Poultry Farm; near c i t y . . . . . . . : B^SOO A. E. Wagoner Co. 1W» W. Crawfvrcl Av*., W138T SIDE. CrOZVlVEL Both Pltanea. There is a lot of special hot -weather raiment in our stores for the July demand. Don't -wait. until the last day, buy now what you need and benefit by the savings offered. The prices may not be possible again for a long time. Men's clothing, boys' clothing, women's, misses', and children's clothing, of every description; cool, hot weather, July specials. Many of them are a class of goods that we will not be able to duplicate on, perhaps we will not be able to get them again for years. Mills that manufactured these goods are out of business--the Government is using them for making clothing, blankets, underwear, etc., for the.soldiers; prices are advancing. Many of these lines today would cost more wholesale than our retail prices; therefore, if you are in need of anything in the way of raiment for men and boys, if you are in need of any summer dresses for women, misses, and children, or goods to make summer dresses., skirts, or shirt waists, buy now, buy while you can get the goods. You can get ractically what you want now; later you will be obliged to take what you^ can get ·3 Laree Department Stores, Located in Fayetts, Westmoreland aad AJlegheny Counties. AT Thursday, Friday, Saturday July llth, 12th and 13th A Money Saver -For YOM An Ideal Spot rrfrfff * j * j **************······»**+*++**»»»f»t**w, -^ for a Home of your own--in the coming residence district of Connellsvllle. Out in the open where there's plenty of fresh air and where the "kiddies" can romp and play to their heart's content. And it's 1 only a 5 minute car ride or a 15 minute walk from "Brimstone Corner." At Poplar Grove $80.00 Right now you can buy lots measuring 60x140 feet- quarter acre tracts--at Beautiful Poplar Grove for as low as EASY PAYMENT tEBBCS GLADLY There's city water in front of every lot and the first Standard Public School of Fayette county is just within a stone's throw. , Think of it, these lots cost only $80,00 and upward--even as a matter of speculation they'll prove one of the best investments you've ever made. For full particulars and information write C. B. McCORMICK, fe P. 0. Box 1W. COITXElLSTIIiE, PA.'

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