The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 10, 1930 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 10, 1930
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE. .'HE DAILY COURIER, CONNE^LSVILLE, PA. MONDAY, MARCH 10, 1930, William Howard Taft 1906-13), tho Metropolitan, University, Chevy Chaee and OoHinoe Clubs, ot Washington, aii«l ( h e U n i v e r s i t y Club | of New York He was nKo on f h e National War Labor c o n f e i e u e e board durhiK its existence, and he was president of the League lo Knlorce Peace, and chancellor of the Smithsonian, In- slllntlon Tht- degiee of LL. D -won giv«n him by Hftivard, Miami and the Vnive-rsity of PniMsylvama. William Howard Taft w j s not by nature a politician His highest ambition was fulfilled frhen he was honored w i t h the office of thief justice "My father was a judge," We said, "and 1 wanted to follow the ea'me uueer." It was Ills judicial nature speaking. In| tlie Judiciary he found his true life ·work ' Much Interest In Ounbar-Coker Debates Tonight ON THE FRONT LIN! S OF LEGION ACTIVITY Legion Community Sur MILWAUKHFJ. Wtfa --The department of tin- American seeking to lepeal WMi and tory by agnln w i n n i n R Lh Trophy which is -iwaided eac the J-egion department thiil community fiorvire. Afe th-0 all pobte in the state are be Jo conduct ,1 of actuul various cotnmuiil : f u l l y plan conditions .les /ey de con sin jeglon ks 1938 hU- i Drain h year to excels in first step ng urged ed study In the Awarded Crobc T)o Guc EASTON, Pa-- Giuseppe ( member of Brown and I^ym the American Legion here received from the French ai at Washington, a certifloa him the Crolx de Guerr« Palm. The decoration wan feeivice on the Verdun. fr Salvero Serv«i with Compo Infantry. Second DIvielon. trc. ulvoro, a i Post of recently ibaesador e giving with the or heroic nt wli«re ly II, 9th In tho Payette t o u n t y debating schedule ot the Pennsylvania Forensic League will canter in the Connollflville-Dunbar Township competition tonight. C nnellsville, sevwal )ea-s j n n n e r up T o Dunbar, seven tlmet? county champions. atarUd the 1930 program with a double victory over Point Marion whereas the I-reieenrlng rep- res-en tat iv-ea «hnred the competitions wltli Perry Township another ken 187 --VJorn dt Cincinnati, Ohio. Sep-M902-- tetulx r !." I ISTS--Oradtiated from Yale- second ( In his class 1SSO-- Gi actuated at law school, Cinc i n n a t i College \dmltted to 1004 Ohio bar samo year lSf.1--Appointed assistant piosocntinj? ]»07 attoiney of Hamilton . C o u n t j . Ohio. 1U08- 1882-- Appointed I niled States in- t e r n a l revenue collector. 1?SS--Adjutant solicitor of Hsinultou conn . Ohio 1910 lvsu--Man led Helen lleir-on of Cui- c'inmill, on J-nne 1!) 1912 1S87--Appointed judge Ohio ior Court, to nil \ a e a m v soquently elected 191'! Appointed frolicitor-g-eneral of United States bv Piesident l l a r i K o n Mot Hoosevplt for 1911 titft t i m e Appointed t'niled State* ( i n u i t 191 t -Dean of l.iw school, t Diversity dt ( i t u i n n . i t i A p p - n n f e d hj President . \ U - ' 1 ! ' ' U K m l e y to presidency of Plnlip- p i n o commission, find later be- 1U21 c a i m governor of islands , In p e i M n a l Interview with Pope 1-eo X l l t at Vntteau. arranged I! f (klicate matter of eon'tcate I ehurdi lands in P h i l i p p i n e * -- RecjanvQ J-etrctury of War under Roosevelt -- Opened first legislative assembly li Philippine 1 ! - Elected ('resident over H i y a n 1y popul, r majority ot 1,269,(100 \ote«, t l i - o u g l ) ftoot.eveJl'f; «np- port. --Broke w th Roosevelt over na- llonal ro iKvoi \iitlon pollcie" Defeated for president by "\Voexl- j o w \ \ l l e m a l t e r Roosevelt had split Kej tiblicans -Hueame- Kent professor of law at Yale President of American Har Asfic ciation --First p ««ld(*n( of American i n s t i t u t e of Jurisprudence. -- Appdl'itf 1 by President Wilson ,is mem er of National War Labor Hoard foi a r b i t r a t i n g labor dhptnp'f -- FCndorso i peace t r e a t y of Versailles a id Ijiague of Nations. --Appoint* d Chief Iiistire by t H a r d i n g on J u n e 30 n\ U n i t e d Pre-s \ \ i l l i i u n I low d rd Tatt v\us a icpre- t . e n t « i t i v e of a prominent CMtu-innuti l i t m i l y His father wae a judge ot lupenor Kiurt of Hamilton t y n n t y . j lie was graduated \vith ho not a in hie clab« .it Yalf a n d - w a s class ouitor. i lie studied law in the Uw sclixl o f ; the Unlvennhy of ClucSnndtl and afterward at t n o Yale university hchool oE law. from which he graduated with tho degree of LL B Returning to Cincinnati, he was admitted to the bar and 'began tin- piactice of law in his father's law office. Ho was employed !y Cincinnati newspaper* as a law lepoiter, and goon a f t f r w a r d wa« made ashi'itant prosecutor ot Hamilton countv. At 2!) he wae made a judge/ of the superior court. Hts Intimate knowlodg" of law, and s U c c i e f u l conduct of cases in the euperloi oojrt, causcl him to be made t solicitor general of the United Statefi j ill DH and u Judge of the tederal urc nit lOitt t at "5. , ( !Ip w a s dean and jiroft-s-sor ol l a w , 5n the University of C i n c i n n a t i , 1896-' IftOO, atti r - w h i c h he w a n sent to t h e 1 Philippine Islands as then flrht civil governor On* 1 of hie duties at. h i l governoi wos to go to Koine as She icpresenuittvp ot President Hoosov^lt, to n-egotiute the p u t t h a s e o£ UIP luruis of tho it liflou^ ordeif in the inlands. Judge 'i'aft wat made S w i o U u y ot \Viir in t i ctibiiK'l of PientdeiU Koohe- ·velt. Felnnary 1, l i t u l u t l e i t w i e i e- appointment to tlit\ I 7 mted s iprt'mp Conn I Bucked l KooHe»«l(. He \VI.M eluctcd President ol I h e j I'niletl S t a t u s on the Republican ticket and o c t i i p i e d that iflH'o t i o m 190*1191.5 f i e «w 4ieiont(:Ml hv Wood row \Vilfon 'ii tho cleeiioH ot J'»li w i t h KtHisove't r n n i u n s nv ,i I'ro^i ( f ^ a i v i and oppwinK h n n H e t n u i K u o m t i c pi t o l d f i i i j iii j l e i t t bee iin' p K i t e s ^ o of law h. Ya!i t I n i \ e t s H HI I'll".. ,uil ( onUniUHt u u l l l ' '111 i i p p o i u t t n ' i i t as Clnet J u s t i c e of t h » ! I lilted States S t i p i e r n e Com I Uf w a s oMiIii iinni J u n i iu t')^l li r, u in!oii oj i )u i i e . j i i n i j i o j t . t n i c I of t n e supn me C o l t . , .1 ,i m' cstnU , i| H'l'n Cental u i* « i \ i i - i i f i i l \\4,v i . , l i l i t i u I i n ,1 k t t u . iu \ \ l i u u In s u d i V K l t l t \l\f~ ( I I I I . l U J I l f , \ l l l l t * . \vit'i those at t h e fcamc Uiblo He al- w a j s hud an iniustng Incident lo relate and w«s i « u a ) l In a pleasant mood. Hie ox) ressive- smile and plene- uiK -manner i iad him an agreeable c o m p a n i o n and added U) his popularity as a public shaker. Prior to becoming chief just ce, h» was one of the greatest t i a v d e i s ot hta age, and wlwlher on s e a or land, in the Far Kat.f. Russia, Central Europe or Amer- Icn was a k »n observer and ait Indefatigable w irker. On one of the ' r i p s whjcli ~1 o and Mrs. Tatt mad«, hi-, Hecretary ivat left behind to enjoy u vacation, vlir Taft wrote his next r*tjx»t in Jon ,' hand. Mr«. Taft saw him- lolliTg v ith the pen and naid "^V'lll. why d-m't, vou quit 9 " Jle answered, with a smile: "it's a good Hnng !·( write rxtr i !OHK reports, so folks v,on't roal t icm and find youi mis- talteb " Although a lorfie man, he kept his Iwxlv m guo condition by diet and exercise W h e n on shipboard, he vralked hue m i l e s a day on deck. For !i man ot his sii-e- and wplKht, he wan ttnu'timlly acilve on nib teel, lint after i n illnestf in hia G9th year he, wa« ·i»-ilor«l to limit his exercise lo a half lioin a duv Vacations PiitMed In ( niiadn. Hi--, tefiea Ion \\as f-uund m lead* UiK. travel, t. unia and golf. IHi, vaca- Lioim vverft f .«,h«d witli hla family In theii Hiimmi !· liouae on the noith shoie of the -it. Ijawreiue river, 1n the piovince of duebec, Canada. Hie eetate was near tli fcutnmei' h»us«a of his t w o brotheii and their families, in oidlnaay fram» lioiwe, hat in grounds on which a ttuio was t h e landscape Rctrdener, hi ntehed witli taste and ornamented vlth many evidences of friendship f n n n the Philippine Islands Here he wjn l i a p p y fi'i.t^ trom the lormality o W a s h i n g t o n society, he pafitei! J i l H a y s in w o l k ami csciea- tlon. and nfo ingliN in sound slo«p i j ; i i u t n l k I iw n u l l U n v j e i s p o l i t i c s w i t h p o l i t i c . u«, ,ii I, miiMc «IK| ( . i n t e n t e v e n t s w i t h w h o e v e r i i t c l f r n("d iiti i n - t t ' j i ' ^ i I n i h n u I I I " p n b l l i ,nldi e.---t H v s n e f m n l t ex pimsioii-t ! o p i n i o n s t o i n i f d bv e.x- Imiit,! ' \ e s[i ll i, or the Tne listing of any competitive endeavor betwee-n the Colters and D. T. is always the signal for a larg attendance and it Is hop^d t h a t tho High School A u d i t o r i u m hei^e and the one at the Trottor building will TJ* filled to capacl y with tmpportere of both teama aa they strive for the top of T lve debating slate. The Con3*e-lNville n e g a t i v e team will Tie at homo, meeting the affirmative club of the txjisenrlng institution, white the local afl)rmatlv« ep*aU«ra travel to tho Dunbar tow iw hip campus for an encounter with the negative representative*. Other debater will hud Peiry Towns h i p mooting North Union Township anl South UiowriBvilte clashing with Point Marion. Tomorrow night South Brownsville and North I'nlon will meet In a postponed debate. On Thursday night there w i l l be th'i third round of (he contents w i t h Connc-llsvillo meeting South Brown«- vi'le, Dunbar Townthlp encountering North I'nion and Perry T o w n s h i p clashing w i t h Point Marlon Everson EVKHSON. March 10- Mrt Harry Scchrlst and ehiMron have relumed to their home at Avalon after spending th« past week here a* the gucfitfi of Mrs. Sechtlet's parpnt?.. Mr and Mrs. G r a n t Orbin Mr. Scchrlst vieited h«ro on Friday cv-ening. Frank Slavin has returned to bis home in Unlontown after «pendin(? several day* her* ae^ the. guest of i datives Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Thomas, former rijsldenie of Everson who spent s«v- e-al day? here with, their three* sonn, hav« re-turned to their horo« In. Con- flueuoe. Vanderbilt V A N U E R B 1 L T , Marc-h 10 - Iflanchf Darr of Star Junction was ia town Thursday calling on friends. Mrs. O-p-nn Morrison of Stnr Junction viKited Mra. Aada Heoitty Thursday Mrs William Hammon of Washington, Pa, is spending the weelc with her mother, Nfre. William Ohrlat of liberty Mr. and Mr». WaH-er Rlchter of Brottdale- wae visitins? frl«nd« hero Thursday. Ua« our "want" advertisement Veteran Employment Aid. WASHINGTON, D. C---Ti« United Stale Department of LalJor vill set up soon a number of employe ent agon- 'ciee throughout th» couni ry to aW World War veterans in fi idlng em- ploytn-ent, according to Am jrlcan Legion rehabilitation officials here. An appropriation of $100,000 h. s been eot aside for this work. A I)i»earie of Servl -e. SIOUX CITY, ' I o w a -- Th i Monahan Poet News, official publ cation of Monahan Post, the Amorh in legion, recently entered it) tenth year as a Legion publl«atldn. Tho I e-w« !« the olde«-t IvCRlon pape- In T(r a and on« of the oldest In tho Unlloc States Legion Burial Pi FREEMONT, Mich. -- Th of the American Legion h cently given a plot of Maple Grove cemetery 1j commlsfilon which will he huria of World War vefe pout plan« lo beautify th eroet on it n monument to dead. it. local post re was reground in th» city ised tor the ans. Th« · plot «nJ World War Plan for Junior Sf 'les, 1'IAST ORjVNGB, N .7.-- last Orange po'U of tho AmerU an Lep on pUine to enter at leant ten teams In tho 3930 Junior Bfeball wnflpetition, to an announcer ient by Paul Young, athietic officer ( the poet, Labor Supports I,( OMAHA, Neb.-- In a P cent article the UuionlHt, official pt bl'^-allon of the Central Labor Unloi ot Omaha, itrgod «x-8«rv1cenaen who ('r«m«nib«rs of organizMl labor to joli the American L«glon in th- meml irahip drive of Omaha Pn«i FAIRCHANCE MAN GOES TO TRIAL IN LJQUOU CASE March 8 -- Joblmy Mickey of Fairchance w nt on trial this morning; before JiuU j Thomas H Hudson on a liquor char e in the last case of th« first weeh of criminal oourt. He tlenkd that he sold to Frank King, ag«ut for p lice, 13 pints ot moonshlno or that e had ove.r- tnrnHl a pan of moonshi « at the time bottles found in tho g rrott ol hla horn*. He s.aid tlmi th« 2 empty pint lHttlteu f o u n d In Hie g irrett of his homo were theie by . ccid«-nt. Ho said that while he was riving Squire Harry Rush back to towi from a highway -job, th* SQUiro put the box containing the bottles into his car antl then forgot to tak« t h e n out at the end of the ride- TweJve ont^-g-ailon vin ga.r Jugs and n three-gallon jug wr In the attic of the house in which ia lives when lie moved there M1cke ' said. Harry Fleming, local chemist, f aid th« moon- Hhin-e, presented as ev dcnoe, wa.s a very good giade OUT A EM? New Vegetables for Variety f o ' li t » (i t ; i i 1 - H I 1 M'.i U t « i o i i ! i n t i l l .t* t'l' 1! e t i t i t i *)i t i l pi M i n t a i ui»~! i u ' Hill \\ ,1 i li tt i!l i u i t i i I (u to t h e J K ' I ' I I UnJ I M l f s ^ l ' H ^ i ) f t i n (Oil I) ' ' ! ' V I m i i l l U i l l l . ) t i ju i -ona! h«i hi'-, l u i i ^ t 'I . i l l % i*. ' n i t . i' i p i i i i i - ; I; \ \ , i » in., i us-fnni \ \ h e n M n l n ; i n u 1 i.lo « i i h h f n I « v l o ^ v !· i«- in, 't - \ ' ' h i t i J A . ' i I ' f " i" n"t i « n i i ' k i h i ^ ' !-)· i ! t i - i t t M I K w i! h n i '·'f, nn-.i « ·.! i v i i i j ' i ' i" M i u i K ' ! ' . . l o i n - r . u i n K i' »n PIP ' i l r " i , i » , « s » ! t n t o t -« .' i ' ) i i ( ' i n r \ t ) H ' ' ,H .I 1 -- j »J.l ( , !) t , , ! f ·' ' M i l l i ) l \ . tl 1 D l l Hi- \\a- (1 t . i n i h u t ut m a i i j l t ^ u u . s anil i i i t h k on i v - i d e i III^H of i,nb- jt-( i He \\t". lie SOU o[ Mplioti/.o and Louise \I Pan of ( i i u l n u c t t i Ohio l l i n man ia e to Helen l l e i i u n , the (iiuiKlity i l o h n VV H e i r o n ot C'm- c i n n a t l . m a !mp-y one Three ( b l f l r e t i w » i ' e 1«M) lo i h o m - f t o b e i f M p h o n / o I l r t r n l U i i f i n fn'- 1 ' h a r l p F I I f v l ~ ni i n b o i o f t h r f o l l n u l i t e SOCK l i p s i I - ( l u l l - Tne A m i u a n H.I \- ii : l i i ! ,\,i( U I I K I 1 f i i u i hObir \ t t n lied Cut.* i t V e g e t a b l e s 10 v « n v tin- monotonj of i b t H l a p l e b ol l U u m e n u are welcome-l K row UIK in !he laft few e i i b hiu piodiKc-tl i i e v t i u l i H t v e l l l e s One toni- ins uito moie Hncl inoi e p u p u ' a r u»c is (he I t a l i a n g i e e n b p i o u d u g h r c x ( o i l Uioc'coh, HS commonly k n o w n belote t h i s Introduction ai lived, was ,1 v a r i a n t ot the cauliflower Wcl praf · t l t a l l - v m d ' c t i n g n i a h a b l e from it when c coked I ' n l l X e Hie cauliflower, " t h e ftowei ' nT I t a l i a n h i n r r o H Is not nn i m p e r f e c t fo-m ni In the oaiiliflowflr except tTuit it ifi n f s ^ r l a stem, t h a t |y w p v a j ^ J nd f l o w e r ( h i t t e r s crow n to The green ' flower" p n i t of s l i p v p j r p i a h l p is a head of R i e e n h n d e of D e r f e t t f l o w e r s which when t h e ) stand too long lu UK Into yellow blooms bi tard This vegetable when steamed Some 1 boiled If l-ot»"'x its d Steaming develop? it. It is a delicate oaull as ii c a n be clesc d i f f e r i n g somewhat ft 1 in taste H is easily r l a n d w h e n the main 1 i velops tides branches- 1 heads ft requires t nipnl as c»bbdi;c 01 CD Something n w in Ui i i., offeied. TW» is the \\liH-li IB U'ally inustt i broad-le.ived nuiblard of l h « mustai d JJiet ix bv ten Inc. line tiavoi of tliu o ;i)s. a l i i v o i i t e d market open nilar to mus- IB at its beat imes if over- -licate flavoi ower flavor so ·{·bed although mi oauHfloWer ised from seed eal !« cut cie- also bearing .e same treat- a l i f l a « e r · line of greens new "spinach" -d, the Florida II is the best is making big itii and h a v i n g d-tlrne jli bulled li.iv lani-y, Uie datk ^I'L-BI ·^old lih v a l n u lieen a r e c e n t is k n o w n us tnc\ "Des- tracts The t h i c k (les Hn board q u a l i ' y . 1 bakertj In an individti, skin ia h a r d e r t i i a n t p o t a t o or Iwiidiid sf| be iplit erfsiH v \ l t h k n i f « o r ( l e a v e r I f tool Is hand's th sqii h r i i l e i i u n t i l RoCt a n d a n d bilked, "' t a k e n popular h e a v i l y ribbed or u ui fecjna nti oduction. It Moines." in the i is of the best al£ a squash 1 fiCi v i n g The ie eat Her s w e e t ash b u t i t can h e a v y bnu hei in UK h K H lien ish m a v he p.n - heu cut lu h u f f == TROUTMA^TS YOU Mttft Have A New Spring COAT 1 Everyone Is Talking About OUR New Fashions-- THE NEW COAT SILHOUETTES are fitted, flared, belted, or side tied in Vionnet mariner. COAT DETAILS are vastly important, seen in intriguing capes, cbllars, cuffs. COAT FABRICS have a distinct character beautifully exemplified in supple tweeds, coverts, wool crepes, broadcloths. FURS for that rich, luxurious trim. The very smartest of spring styles arc being shown at this price, including the popular Cape Coat. Fur and self-trimmed models ... . The graceful, chic women will want the tailored and dressier models. The Cape Coat of wool crepe is (rimmed of natural squirrel TROUTMAN'S Your Choosing A BOLERO Is Fashion Right! Georgettes, Flat Crepes, Prints, Chiffon. Lace and Self-Trimmed Models The Bolero has increasing importance in spring fashion. They are so attractive and look so dainty upon the figure--· "Now You Musi Ha\e One!" The jaunty Bolero Dresses are in (he new spring shades with the beautifying trimmings. What an opportunity to buy such newness for this price. Malce your selection while Our stock? fl* "1 Q P are new Models are self-trimmed and some are made of georgette with lace bolero ,,. $29-50 Troiitman's--Second Floor. TROUTMAN'S New 1-Piece Foundation Garments Just Arrived For Different Types of $5.00 These garments are a miracle of clever designing . , . and the subtle things they do to your most difficult frocks is well nigh incredible. You'll feel so slender and chic and sylphlikc in one, that you'll regret not having discovered them eooner! Modeled for the different type of figures--for the heavy figures . . . heavy btripe coutil boned model, for the medium and average figure .\. lighter weight and more lightly boned model, and slender figure . . . the boneless model. All are attractively made with an expert corsetiere, in charge of tho department, for the proper fitting of all figures. Other I-Piece (Jnrments from »1 to $10. Trontnian's--Second Floor. TROUTMAN'S Leave Your Orders NOW for Rose Bushes and Shrubbery! A d v a n c u orders a i e N O W vj einjj taken f o i j n d Shrnbbeiy, lot as soon a.-3 t h e y a i c ' lioin ( h e n u i sei v The, Mt.ilha) w i l l soon modi t a l e ' f, s u f l i i n n i h to ii n u n p l . i t i t - I l l R D o H i i ' i l . i h s Si r TROUTMAN'S Pure Silk Crepe da Chine Underwear $2.95 The Chemise, Frencli I J a u I f e "5, Steplns, Bloomers, Dance Ses, and Slips a i p «f tl.» beautiful tailored models w i t h laoe trim The Willis fire of the l')in- cess Model w i t h the new fli top drill lull h K i i t foi t h e ni w ill i -'-eh TROUTMAN f S "t-iiiy of the Valley" $1.00 The -showing of a new spring flower in a number of different shaprs Hri^luon up UIP pnf-rmblp w i t h this f!n\\ or. - Flrnt

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