The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 10, 1930 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 10, 1930
Page 10
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THJfi DAILY COURIER, CONNELI/SVIL,! ,E, PA, MAKOM 10, IVOv. Classified Ads Can Pat You In Touch With Many Different Sources Of Supply CJ-,ASSIFTr.D A O V URTISINd IN F O R M A T ION All ads a r o u s t r l c t c i l to t h e i r proper class f l c a t l o n and t o H e r e g u l a r style of t y p o The p u b l l s l era reserve tho r i g h t to e d i t or i eject any Uassltlod a d v e j tlslns copy E n o r a In a d v e r t i s e m e n t s should be reported I m m u d i u t e t } T h o C o u r i e r will not bo r e s p o n s i b l o for more than o n e I n c o r r e c t insertion Chnrcred ads for re ponslblft parties will ba received by tt lephono, and. If paid v I th In six days. .Msh rates will bo al]o\\ ed A d v e r t i s i n g ordered for Irregrular in- sortl ins takes tho o n t time rate. r»o ad Is t a k e n for less t h a n a basis of threo Hues C o u n t tho average words to the line An a v e i a . f B word contains bl\ l e t t e r s Ads ordB-ed for three or »U times and stopped be-fore e\plratloa will oe U i a i i s e d for o n l y tho n u m b e r of times the id appeared, and adjustment made at t to rate earned Special rates for yearly advertising upon lequest. CLAS61FIKD ADVERTISING RATEiJ. Dally rate per Uas for consecutive insertions. One Tima .............. T^ree Times ........... °* S x Times ..... ....... ° 7 WHEN AND WHERE TO PLA"J3 YOUR ADS The Claimed A d v i - n s l n K Depart- me,,» IB situated at Courier P Iace This office Is open to '* ?"rm P M t l s t m e n t s from 8 30 A M to 5 00 I M d a l l y AH ads receded up until l i n o 1 M Mil appear in edition, ihe same Vlione \our Cln*iitfl« «' **· No. 12, 13 or 400. The -Kd Taker will tfladly assist you. If desired, so t h a t tta J copy for y o u r .a la prepared in such a manner as to b r i n g the greatest .osuUs f o r you Classification Index The individual ad 'ortlsements under tha following clu.8 vacation aro arranged In A*FllA-BBJ.'lCAl4 o l d e r tor quick reference I -- Deaths 1 -- Cards of Thanks U -- In ilemoriam ^ _ yio \ \ a i » and Mourning Goods G -- f u n e i a l LHrec.uis ind Cemetery Lota -- org a _ UeliKioua and Social Kventa y _ bociulies and Lodges !0 _ strayed, boat, ffouad A U T O M O i ' l V K -A -- A u t o m o b i l e Agencies ll--Auioinoblles tor bale 12 _ A u t o Tiutks. Tr«iUors. Trallera ,3 __ Auto Ai.fceai.oues. Tires, Parts ll--Garaeea-- Au os for Hire Taxi 15 _ iloioixyciea jud BicyUes 10-- u c p a u l n K -- SJivico SUtlons 17 -- \Vuoled -- Auiomotlvo 18 -- iiuslntsi- b e i v i c e Offerea l 8 -a._\Vleju to Dine 18-b-- B a i b e r l m f , U t a u t y Purlora ja-t. -- Mist ollauci us 13 _ iJuildinjj and contracting 20-- dunning, D j e l n g , K e n o v a t l n B z \ _ Dre8»:nilt.uis and Millinery aj_ Heating. P l u m b i n g . Roofing sij _ i n s u i a n c o aud fauiety Honda 24 -- l^aundeiinK ·j S _ Moving. Tru Icliis. Stoiag* 2(j _ I'alntlns. V iperlngf. Decorating 27 _ p r l n t i n t f . B.I t;«. U l n d i n g 28 _ professional services 20 _ K e p a l i l n a a d Keilnlshlng 2y-a-- A w n i n g s (,nd Upholsteiy o v -- T a i l o r i n g u j d Pressing 31 _ W a n t e d -- Bumness bervlce 32 _ Help Wuitt.d -- Female 38 -- Help Wan .d-- ilale 31 _ Help -- Malo and Female jj5 _ BolicHors. t anvassers. Agents 80 _ s i t u a t i o n s W a n t e d -- Female i7 _ Situations Wanted-- Mule FINANCIAL, -- rij __ Busincsa O u p o r t u n l t l e s '.j _ i , i \ e s t m c u t i , Stocks. Bonds 40 _ Money lu 1-oan. Mortgages 40-a -- ramlly Doana 41 _ Wanted -- ' r · Borrow INSTHUC'HOM-- 42 -- C o r r e s p o n d Mice Courses 42-a -- Miscellaneous 4J -- m s t ' U t t i o n Classes 44 _ Musical, D i n c i n g Dramatlo 45 -- p r i v a t e l i u t r u c t i o n 45. a _ p r i v a t i ) ' risu uctlan -- Musio 46 -- W a n t e d I n s t r u c t i o n 47 -- Uogs. Cats Other Peta 44 -- Iloriies, Ca.tlc, O t h e r Stock 4S -- Poultry. K S S M and aUpplles 0 -- W a n t e d -- Livestock, 01 -- A i l i c l e s f t r Bale 51. a -- U a t t o r and 5j -- IJiits and AtceSBUiles r,^ -- iiuildmes. b u i l d i n g Material. j,l -- Luibincss t nd Ultice Utiulpinent 55 -- i.-uiiu and Ualry Products 5j. a -- i n i u i p r a u n t 50 -- f u u l , fee'J. Jf'ertllUer 57 -- GouU Tli 11 K3 to liiit 68 -- Uojiieniado Things GO -- llouscnult) Goods (}0 -- J e w e l r y , iVatuhea. Diamonds iiuier) ana Taolj Announcements Deaths MAUDE ALLEN. Mau-de Allen, colred, 15 years old f o u n d dead In bed this morning at the h o m e of Walter 8. Drew In Con- iioU a \ t » n u e , for whom she had boon a housekeeper for 18 yfcars. She was a d r i u g h t e i of Mr. and Mrs 1'red Allen. Her f a t h e r was lormrly a policeman In Plttsburg and Mrs Allen lives In Knit! mo re The f u n e r a l service w i l l be held tut " o ' c l o c k Wodnjaday a f t e i n o o n at the J. IS. Slma f u n r a l home Rev K. D. ISpps, imstor ol tha Mount Ziou Bap- ·tUl C h u r c h , anl Itev. Vf. S Am-oa, pastor of the Payne A. M. B Church, will officiate Interment w r i be In JX1H Grove Cemtery ^U^S CATHERINE KINIK. M.ra Ca-therliui TCInlk, widxw of Joseph K l n l k , died Sunday tt her home at Searlg-htg following 1 an illness of complii atlans of diseases She la sur- v i v e d by several children Mrs Helen Vlaatc of Bltner Is a slstei OJ -- becJa Pit nts. b'lovtors 04 -- specials tt the States t,5 -- W e a r i n g Apparel CO -- Wanted -- i o Buy UOO.US AMJ UOAItl* -W i t h Hoard V\ itnoul Board ol) -- Kuoms, f o r Housekeeping 7U -- vacation Places 71 -- VVuero lu K i t Ti -- W h e r e to atop in Town 7i -- \ \ a a t o d -- Kc 0/113 or Board UK A I. fc.»lAlfc KIJH UUJM'1 -71 -- Apartcaui is and Fiats 7o -- h t u a i n u B S l-'le LOS t u r Ken; 70 -- i'iimia and l^ands tor lient 77 -- HJUSBS I'JT K e n t 78 -- Uliice ami Desk liootn 70 -- anore, A l u u n t a i i litKe for Bent 80 -- d u u u i u a i , Coui ti / lor Kent bl -- W a i t t o d -- t o H a n . UKAL. A 11. FOU U -- B i o k u i s at iioul «J -- Business i . u p i r 6J -- i''araia a a J L*LU( 6-1 -- H U U S U J 101 aa,e 81 -- DoU for bJUe SO -- tinoio M o u i u u l n , l.ako tor Sals 87-- . s u b u i b a i ) D r ialo 8v^-To b x i l i a i He -- Estato 8J1 -- W a n t e d -- d e a l Kstats AbC'I'lUA -- l.Jvt AU-00 -- A u c t l u j n t rs. A u c t i o n Sale* ^ut^ce» j 'ui Sale fur bale Cards of Thanks Wo take this means of t h a n k i n g o u r m a n y f i lends mid n e l R h f o o i s f o r t h e k i n d n e s s a n d sym- pcuthv e\te:idecl us ducln; our recent bero.ivomont, tho death f our husband and f a t h e i . Mr. C. H" Pierce A l s o w e wish to thaok the choir, thos. \\lio sent floral ti I b u t c a anct Uio«;. who *,a kln3!y don itcd tho uso of t h c i i ( . u s Mis C It Plan o and Flowrrs nnd Slournlii? GoodK 4 pt'NERAL, D E S I G N S -- A i d bovKjuots a specialty Osl vee's F l o w e r Shop, 103 K. Cawford Avf Phone 424. Strnyod. iai 10 LOST--Black and tan hound, raos-tly b K u k , short hair Lice ise Io 153. R e p a i d If returned to J. W Ita,wk. Jr., Hcottdule, Pi. Automotive Antotnoblioa For Sato 11 WT3 (JAN OFFER YOU- Several real bai sains '» Uaed Cars If you w i l l stop In today B v a n s lotor Service, West C r a w f o r d a v e n u e Phone YuU LI* Bi; SURPHISKJ-i--If you stop In today a n d sto w h a t e a l v a l u e s w e aro offering In good Us d Cars Uasy Terms. West bide M tor Companj, Wo»t Crawford a v e n u Ptione 407 and 408. R - K - M - n - M - B - E - R YOU CAN BUY--The b e - t in E x c e l l e n t Used Curs here d u r t n t our "MARCH UfeiJD L'Ail SAIJC " a p r h e s l o w e r t h a n e l a e v v h c i e . Con l e l l s v llie-Olds- mckbllo Co , 1.17 Kaht Apple street. Phone 5T-4. TALK ABOUT TOUR BARGAINS: YOU SilOUIjU SEE WHAT HEAL BUYS WE HAVE ON SALE A Hide Will Con\ luce You OAKS 1020 1028 1U2U IDliT A H K YOU O \ K ol tli ·avers n u u -i^u the satt^Hed money olaalUed t h r i f t A COUflThOUb AD-TAKER Will |fla,il liclii y j j to \ \ o u l d. l O s u l t - p i o - ,::::,,,, jjj I f J y U (.j^l l i - l J - l ' J O U I l U U3k £ico Chevrolet Cou, es (2). C h e v i o l e t Cab loleu C h e v i o l u t Coa h. C h p v i o l e t C o u j o l'"ord Tudor t dan. C h e v r o l e t Coai hes (2) tiUu Coupes ( i t . O a i t l a n d Coupe TRUCK 1027 Dodg-o, 3-ton j'oiit Truck, Vilili 2 nosv tires oj rear Cheap. lO^S Chuvrolot 1 1- -2-lon Truck 10a8 Two, Cliuvrolc 1-2-tou Trucks. TTiAJJES! TEftili- TRADES! MASON MOTOR COMPANY Tiades--Open Bun tays--Tcrm». WEST APPLE STREET. PHONE 105 Automotive Service Stations Ifl DON'T FORQET "ONE-STOP" SERVICE [ FIRESTON3S SERVICE STORES. INC W. APPLE ST. COR. MEADOW LANE. P1TONE "21." ' RADIATORS--Rebuilt, repaired an^ cleaned Aiuo repairing, Loiw rales Fuehrer*a R e p a i r Shop, 115 North Flist atreeit. Phone 2012. BusineM Service Business Service Oltareu 18 rOU CLEAN YOTJR HOUSE EVERT ·V\"HY NOT YOUR FURNACE ALSO? IT'S JCJST AS IMPORTANT--Our Sup*r Service Vacuum Cleanor does the tiick and tor less money. A. R BOTE.R WARM AIR HEATING PNGINBER PHONE 802. CONNI9LLSV1UJO, Pa Heating, Plum blng-. Roodng SS HEATEiRSI FURNACES! HEATER81 Repaired arid cleaned. All makes "From W h i t e It's R i g h t " 130 South Pittsburg St. For service, p h u n e 018-J. QUALITY FLUMBINO-- And neatlng. WUllam Seller* C o m p a n j , South P i t t a b u r g St. Phone 816. P r o m p t Service. lunnrance and Surety Bonds INSUP.ANCK ALL K I N D S EXCEPT LIFE FAYETTE HBALTY CO. PHONE 1375 T. t'. GARDNER, MGR. INSURANtK--"W« -write It Atl kinds Cook and Laujrhlln, I n o , Insurance, 800 First National Bank Building. Phone MCI. INSURANCE--All k l n d a . excepting 1 Ufa. Bertha Cunning-ham, Ins., Notary Public. 4uU First National Bank Butldlntr. Phono 43S Res 1083-R Moving, Troeking, B4 OLOTFKL'l Y'8 TRANSFER--Local and long dlstainca. Opp A r l i n g t o n UotaL Phon* 842. Residence 410^-Rlng M ToJiorlag and rresslng 80 RICIOIAN CLOTHES--All $22 00 Sold only by Simons Cash and Carry. Phone U'G5 Employment Help WantciV--Mulo 88 NOW ON DISPLAY TIIU NEW NASH ST'IAIGHT EIGHT JO VANS MOTOR COMPANY , EAST CRAWFORD A VIS. PHONE 7T. K \ e r y One In A I Condliton TRADED C A H BARGAINS Lower Prices Th in Llaowhere WHY QO S U O P P I N C r ? -- T h e r e ate no comparisons--come In ind look t h e m over, 1029 Model "A" Fore Tudor, has been t i r l v e n only 12,Dl 0 miles 11)20 Model "A 1 Fora Roadster 1020 Model "A 1 ' Ford T o u r i n g Car 10i!0 Model "A" Forl fatandard t'oupe 10J7 Pontlac hedan Easy Payments, I'radoo, T r i m s ' HHTZEL-YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY AUTIIORIZJKi I-ORD AGENCY SCOTTJJALB, PA. PHONE 470. Aoto Acce«soriDH, 1'ires, Carts IS NOTIC.U--We Pay i'as!i Cor your old w o r n out car or · ru k Bring it to UH, or phone "88" and we'll call for It. P'ayotto A u t o Wracking Co , Mc- Coimlck avenue. GALLEY'S DUCO A D BODY SHOP- Body and F e n d e r Repairs-Duco and top \ ork. We save you money. PI one 1073. ANNO1 NCING To Our I-Vlerrils And TI a I'ubUc At Largo THAT WK HA\ B SI3CUREP-- Tho terv!cts of -- M R VLOYL KESfeLAU-- Who luvj lipen a m p l o j ed by tho Connolls- · v l l l o Motor Com a n j , t o r m e i l y Conn o l l a v i l l o BuU-k Company, for the past e l c \ e u yeai -i Llko h i s brother, * l«r!. ' ho Is )cn « 11 to be ono ot the host export -lerruinlcs m t h i s Chock Bvrrjf Job FIILLJ1R \3RUSH CO--Has o p « n i n * far o u n g m a r r i e d man w i t i i j r Must b» neat appearing, c u u r t e a u i and hard n v t r k e r Similar posilioiix n o w p a y i n g 340 pl- week. U n l l m l l e d op- p o r t u n i t y W r i t e K E S m i t h , 805 Peoples Bank lildg , McICeespurt. Pa, V/ANTED- to r J ! Klett'-lc R e f i l B t r a t o r ' j Sc«. Mr Croflierfi at Arltn«-U'n Il'atel Tuesday, b e f w e e i i , 4 to S P, M. CAR WASHER WANTEJ--Experjerre necessary. Apply at once Cor.nelltville-Oldsmo- Ml« Company, 117 East Apple street. Phone 574. WA^TEn--TWO MEN EXPERIENCED JN 1NHTALLMRNT BUSINESS FOR CANVASSING A N P OOU,ECTINO, P E R M A K N T POSITION. SA1/ARY. V/RtTE STATING EXPERIKNCB TO "P" CARC J3OX 700, XJNIONTOWN, PA. Solicitors, Canvassers, Agents Great weight may ) tang on small wires. And big savings o'i little lines in The Daily Courier's Cl issified Section. Classified Ads are life lines leading to savings and satisfaction! Phone Vour Ad 12, 13'or 490. Named as Slayer Anthony MortellHo, young cor - -rict uerving · life sentence t r murder, has been charged with tl- s fatal itabbing of Edward Bed with, hoad keeper at Aubtun prison. Auburn, N. Y. MorUlH' » ic alleged to hav« plunged a kni e into the keeper's back as ! a marched by on the ws-y to t) · prison dining halL Merchandise , Feed, Fonlliier Merchandise Wanted--To Buy 66 CLEAN WHITE RAOS--Wantcd. W»l par Bo jp*r pound. Courier Company. COPIB8 OF THE DAILY COURIER-- Threo. Dated October 81, 1920. Will pay 26c for each copy. The Dally Courier Company. WANTED TO BUT--Flat top typewriter desk with typewriter compartment at aid*. Call Bu»in«B» Office, Courier. Rooms and Board Booms Without Board PITTSBUH.O STREET, SOUTH, Oil F r o n t bedroom, large and comfortable Booms for Housekeeping 60 CRAWFOftD AVB., EAST, S07--Three room f u r n i s h e d light housekeeping; A p t , bath, porch, private entrance, Real Estate For Rent Business Places for Rent 76 STOREROOM--At 111 W«»t Apple St.. s u i t a b l e for any purpose 13x40 Inquire 6 lOo W«.!l Paper Company. Uonttes i or Kent APARTMENTS, HOUSES, STORB- KCIOMS A N D OAHAGS--Inqulr* 138 Went Peach »tr»et Phon* 475. SNi'DBR STRKEIT, 20«--A «lx room tnodni house, with electric, bath, ,icalor Itenta at $26 per month. KaquJre A B Wo.ffon*r and Bon, 1000 Woirt Crawford avenue. Phone 148. SOUTH SIDE--Fiv* room »insrle house, f u r n a c e , r a n t rea«on»bl« Cell 1018. Real Estate For Sale Houses (or gale CONNELI.-miLE COKING COAX, -I2o d c U v B r t d . Uc at the minu. Wt»t Siila Coal C o m p a n y , N m i t i street o raer Lai«!iii !;ijf u v t j i u c Pho 10 10TS, Jl otis eh old Goods If OK SALK--OH jitove. ga.t range, jom- L!natloti rangra k t t c i i n ctijlnc! extension table, s e w i n g machine, beds and drcfcBLTa. !-·;!.'« Storage, lli» East Peach btreet, P h o n * CO. Musical .Uerc.!iundlne 62 FOR. SA Piano G r l m n i , jIi, -- Qood Packard I layer Cheap I n q u i r e Fl fence Alverloti, Pa. ,or i h o n o j j, bcottdale POPLAR OHOVE--Six room frame huviHe w i t h bath, gas, electric lias hot v t a t e r heating syatej.i, cemented cellar, stationary tuba. House In In b e n t of l e p a l i B . Home 1» located near car slop. G r o u n d s consist of tiirop lots with nlc« gardon «pot. Will sell at b a r g a i n price of $4.1500. Tarm.«, part mo/rtK-ane I n c j u l r s A. B. Wagroner and Son, lOOa West Crawf o r d n v e n u e P h o n e HH. CAN'T FOOL US A T W A T E R ICKNT RADIO bAX.US A N D HER VICE PHONE 162B 1UV.DIU -- fk-reeo-Uria. Fr«e c!«inon»iratlon Radio Bur\ Ice C » , IBo Bouth P l t t a b m g »tru*t. Phono 160 IflDISON AND 1'UILCO-- Radio*. Free demonstrations Thomas J. L,leb, 112 Weal Appla street- Phon 1062. AGENTS--Either ae,x, to Introduce or Spo/ry, to kill ninths, loaches, and many o t h e r Insects A spiomlld seller for purt or a l l t i m e work M S Pittsburgh Insect Bx- t e n n i n n t o r C o , 208 L i n c o l n a v e n u e , Plt/tst urg, Pa HlttiaUons Wanted -Mulo 37 ?!)--Position by farmer, mar- rloJ man, general f a t m w o i k or dairy Inquire Room No 1, Webb Hotel, Scottdale Financial Family Loans 40-A NJSED QUICKLY? 84 Hour Courteous Servlc* Ou CASH LOANS Up To |300. SMALL MONTHLY PAYMENTS -- Come In fur f u l l Information -- J u s t Phone, "84" or write PERSONAL FINANCE COMPANY 112 W13ST CRAWFORD AVEN0B, CITY Instruction Private Instruction--MusJe 46-A INSTHUCTION -- Private, mandolin, piano, b a n j o , gultai. ukulele Glb»on School, above Kurtz J e t t o U * Store. Live Stock Horses, Cattle, Other Stock 48 V\'o Can ^ o \ v , E A R L KES--5LAIVS SHOP HEAR. RHODI MOTORS BLDO , wrT si UK. piroMi 2033. FOR RALK--Fresh cow Te*td Inquire Paul Volts, 1K03 South Arch Street PEOPLE WHO READ the classified ada *now h o w , when nnd where to spend money moat p r o f i t a b l y . TIiBRS'S PROFIT as Weil as int»r«»t ia U a cUstlfleil new* STBWAKT WARN Kit RADIO--1 ear I t befoie h u i i i K A. A. Clarke Drujj Stole, N o r t h P l t t u b u r g utreet. Phone 104. Specials ut (He Stores 64 IT WON'T LE LONG NOV J ItBFOKK--You H P p l a n t i n g your b a r d e n Stop in todaj itud loi k over our garden t " u l t , O u f « r j o u r garden seeds and t e r t l izor f i i»m ut now! Frisbee IlaitHvaru Co i j 4 W Crawf o i d u v e n u e P a o n o U H . JIALIf PRICK A!D LES YOU C A N GET -- Any sUo, "Ka t Fail" C u r t a i n Iloda tt-hlch w i l l t any door o! window, i'liom tie It 25o I-.OUCKS I I A R U W A R B COM ' A N Y HO W. CRAWFORD AA D PUC NMO 135. "1 don't even believe that girt baa a hei^rt" "Say, don't tell me that, boy, with those low-necked dresses she wears," Question "If ail th» -world w*r« ap'pl* pliv--" Thus runs (to ancient wh«ez« What it It were, I a»k, would I Rata aa a hunk of cheese? pet 'NotW Meal Ticket in Hurry "Whatl" exclaimed the tawnraiice agent, "yon carry no policy to take care of your wife's future If you Bhotrtd 11«?" "I don't need to," retorted th* victim, "she lu so sweet and pretty she'll never have to worry about th« future."--Cincinnati Bnaulrer. Auctions--Legals NT? c Notices 01 TAKE JVOTICB!. THE COUNT? COMMISSIONER 3 OP Fayetta County, Pennsylvania, will oflfcr tor sale the following deBcrllwl b u i l d i n g s On.o main b u l M f n i r 144 tt x20 f i to w h t c h there is attached two addl lonal bul!(Iing-«, one 80 ft.xlS ft, and ona 05 ft x!6 f t ; and two separate IJUlW- EB 24 ft x!6 ft. All buildings are erected In sections and can be taken down and m o \ e d to another location v«ry h a n d i l y These buildings would be klpal for a Contractor's camp cons-trviction. They are in a good state of pre isrva- tion h a v i n g bean recently palnfd. They are located on an Improved hlffhway easy of accost and cou d bo loaded on trucks art; th« b u i l d i n g Bit e far delivery to any point whera a roadway ta available. Furthr informaitlon may be obtained at the Office of tha County Commla- eloncrs. Sealed proposals for the purchase of the buildings will bo received by Uio County Controller u n t i l 2:00 I 1 M. March 30th, 1930. AJox R Duncan, Controller. marcilO-19. Meyersdale NOTIOT V E Younkln, Attorney. ESTATE OF HARKY R NET) I, DB- eeased. Letters of A d m i n i s t r a t i o n on the Kntato of Htyry K Nath, latf of tha City ol Connellaville, County of Kayette and State of Pennsylvania, deceased, having been granted the u n d e r s i g n e d , notice Is hereby given to all crnons Indebted to said Estate to nial- » Immediate payment, and to those having clajma agralnst the same to present them, properly authenticated, for settle* ment. Mary B. Ncth. A d m i n i s t r a t r i x , 112 East Peach street, Oonnellsvllle, Pennsylvania 10fob-8t-mon. Coyotes In Packs. GREAT FALLS, Mont., March 10-Attacking In pack*, with the persistent cunning and ferocity 01' their kind coyotes have taken a he ivy toll of deer In the Jefferson national for- forest. Bancle o£ ravenous "yellow wolves" of the prairie ranged far and wide seeking deer. Their movements orer heavily erupted enow ar* swift and sure-. Rangers have Deported many partially devoured carcasses. Unconscious 26 Days HEADLINES This page is filled with headlines of interest to everyon ·. Every one of the ' ads in each column h is a special message for someone which mrans quick saving and much satisfaction. 3on't miss this important news of the d? y! Always Different--In Opportunity The A B-C- Classified Ads Always the Same--In Service Knocked from his bicycle by an auto, Jack Harvey, 14-year-old Ukiah, Cal., boy, has jemained unconscious for 26 days m a hospital. Despite an operation, declared successful, the youth has remained in K deep coma. MEfYElRSiDAILE, Marcli lO.--Mr. an* Mrs. C. R. Weaver, their two sons, James and Gten and th« fonaer'8 father, William Weaver, lett «arly Sunday morning on motor trip to Washington, D, C., for a visit wlta. relatives, returning homo today. Dr. J. W. Wenzel went to Petersburg, W. Va., Saturday where b« was called by th« death ot Ma uncl*. George Willis. Mr. aad Mrs. Samuel Sees* of Johnstown, spent the week-end her* at tha home of the tatter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Deeter. Miss Stella Bowe, teaching school af New Kensington and Mlse HHzabeth « Johnston at Monongahelal, motored hero Friday, the former to vlflit with her parents, Dr. and Mre. W. J. Row«, while the latter went on, to Salisbury to spend the week-end at her home. Mrs. Lewis Bisinger of Acota, Pn , is spending a few days here with, friends. Miss EBtolla Shulte, a student at Junlata College at Huntingdon, Pa., spent tho week-end here with her parents, Mr. and Mra. Henry Shult*. Steve Eeslngler of Johnstown was a Sunday visitor Lpre at the home of Dr. H. C. MoKlnJey. Mrs. J. H. Vanslckle of Urslna spent a few daya here with her sister, Miss Malme Forquer at the home of Mrs. Bertha Stanton. Mr. and MXB. Walter Flke and little son of Somerset visited relatives and friends here Saturday and Sunday. Miases LolB Hartley and Helen Hay, teaching school at Central City, spent the week-end here with their parents and friends. Mrs. William Bngle of Salisbury visited friends here on Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Claud Davis and llttte daughter of Somerset were visiting and shopping here on Saturday. Miss Regina Knecht of West Salisbury, was a guest at the home ot her brother-in-law, John McKenzte, ou Sunday. Mrs. Margaret Prtel, who tfpent several weeks here, with her mother, Mrs. Mary Lynch, bus returced to her home In Pittsburg. Mrs. W. L. Dahl vieited In. Greensburg during the pa»t week. Safe Protected try On*. LA GRANGE, Ga., March iO---The third time that bandits attempt to blow the eafe In the poet office here they will he gassed. Aay attempt to molest the safe from which. $47,000 hae been taken In the past three yeans will result in the release ol poteonoue gas. Six Killed In 00 Blast. BUCHAREST, MarcH 10.--Six were killed and many seriously hurt iu the BaUau oil field region this morn- ins by the premature explosion ot a pneumatic torpedo during the drilling of a well. Menagerie In Garden. KINSTON, N. C., March 10--A negro in Craven county chased 13 deer from his garden patch killed seveu rattle- enakea, and found two «etting8 ot partrldgw in the Inclosure. !u~exlco»GaAtemala Peace Falls. MEXICO CITY, March 10.--Efforts to compose difficulties between Mexico and Guatemala arising from a raid on a border chicle plantation last month have reached a deadlock* Dirty Looks Barred. CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., March 10.--. A JudBo ih the Oity Court here threatened to "lock up" an attorney for giving the court a "dirty look," a Today's Cross Word Puzzle ACROSS 1 Clear 7 Map tt Custom IS Sword · 14 Part of the leg 15 Part of the body 17 Thrlcci throe 18 Mafo singers JO Heal property 22 Twelve months yp. 28 To rcifret a* Kellroad post offl-* (abijr.) 35 fUeamshlp (abbr.) 24 Ono of the con»U l- latlona 87 Identical 29 Sleeveless grarmt-nt 30 Long period of ttrno Jl To canter 15 To look «t «lo»'ly 88 Like 40 Anger 41 To make * mistake 43 Bone 41 Htgrh -backed 46 Bitter 43 43 Old French coin 61 Private *bnr. 81 Propelled a boat 64 Apparatus for heat!n«r »6 City of Greeo* 68 Tremulous DOWN 1 Hearty 3 Attendant 3 Brother of Abet 4 To pass unnoticed ft Of, used In word phrases 0 Atmosphere Answer t* Previous Pui«l» , . no PH anna an anas aaa an naann cjns nn a aan QEH a na san raana a'ann QBD taann uinn snann DDGI 33 anas no (ic Srinnaa omnan - - t A rell«ton 8 Carrlae* » Man's nlcknam* 10 81IU 11 Curl ot hair 15 At n* 1« On* of th* pUMtH 19 Floor covering SI Resort 2« Uure container 28 Ever contr.) 31 German knight 15 MetsJ-bearlrir rodk 14 River of EngUad 16 Country of South America 15 Period of ttm* S? Breaks out 38 Village of Entfana 3» Word us«d In th* Bible of uncertain meaning 4* Dull greenish color 41 Six and on* 4B Rushed about 4T Harvest Rt 50 Noe tn ID S District attorney M A ooktinat at*K

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