The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 2, 1938 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 2, 1938
Page 6
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1'AOJS SIX. Till'} DAILY UUUiUl'JK. CUNNKlLLSVlbblfl. PA. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 2, 193S. "" "PERSONAL MENTION Kenneth Croiby o£ Weit Green 1 slicet is visiting in Cumberland. i Oppman's Taxi. Phone 700 --Ad- ' vcrtlscmcnt.--Ooct-tf Mrs. David Hubband of Dawson] was a Pittsburgh caller Thursday, i Spring coats and plain dresses,' dry cleaned and presied, 49c. Simons Cash Carry Cleaners--Advertise- ment.--25fcb-7t. Fred DeMuth, Thomas, DeHuft, Roy Scott, Allic Lujack and Miss N,mcy Spetir were among those from town who attended the sophomore mardi gras it Scion Hill College, Giccnsburg, Friday evening Gel Fayette's delicious Hard Rolls at your favorite grocer's every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.--Advci- tiemcnt.--lmar-3t Emeiion Camp of Blackstonc avenue left Saturday lor Jacksonville, Fla., to visit relatives for a few weeks. Cafeteria, Chi istian Church, Thuis- day, 11 30 to 1 00 and 3 00 to 7.00.-- Advertisement.--2mar-lt Samuel D. Oppenhcim of East Green street is in New York purchasing spring merchandise for Op- penhcim's Men's Store in North Plttsburg sUcet. TVIlss Ruth Camp of Biackstone avenue went to Pittsburgh Tuesday evening and saw Judy Garland who is appearing in person at a theatre there. Jerry Solicit, returned Tuesday morning from New York City, where he received an honorable discharge liom the Navy On the return trip he visited friends m Philadelphia and Il.irnsbuifi. William Myeis, son o£ Rev. and Mri F. A. Myers, sprained his, ankle Tuciday evening during a basketball game. He is confined to his home In East Green street. Charles Kunklc, J r , and Donald Blasey attended a dance given Friday night at Scnion Hill College, Grccnsburg J. F. Lohr, Mrs. J A. Murray, Roy Lohr and Mr and Mrs. C. R. Kunklc attended the funeral of Elton Keslnr Sunday at Ursina. Mr. Kcslar was a relative of Mr Lohr. Mrs J. H. Bittner of South Arch street went to McKcesport this morning to visit her sister, Mrs B. F. Gll- christ, who Is 111. Mrs. Jnmc!, A. Cowglll of Blackstone avenue was Pittsburgh visitor today. Mrs. Harry Vanstonc of Chestnut street, who underwent an operation at the Conncllsvillc Stato Hospital, returned home Tuesday evening. She is able to be up In her room. Gilbert Jones of Pittsburgh, son of Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Jones ol East Cedar avenue, is seriously ill at the Mercy Hospital, Pittsburgh. Rev. C. George Shupe, pastor of Trinity Reformed Church, and C. A. Purbaxlgh attended a meeting of the Westmoreland Classls held Tuesday at Youngwood. Mrs. Howard Spark* of Indian Head, who was a patient at the Mercy Hospital, Pittsburgh, lor two weeks, returned to her home Friday. x Priscllla Laughrcy, who underwent an operation two weeks ago at the Uniontown Hospital, is convalescing at her home at West Lcls- cnung What Course to Follow If You Have Colitis Aunt Het By ROBERT QUIUJ5N "Jane's house is Rood enough foi anybody But let two 01 three start remodolm' and a woman that Rots the fovcr would remodel a mansion " Grim Reaper O LOGAN CLII.SDEMNG, M. I. THE I'URM colltll' Implies In- flamnwtlon o. the large intestine. In order to understand Us nature, we must knou. tomcthlnK of the structure a n d (unction of the colon The colon or large intestine, hn« an internal lining of mucous membrane, two muaculr ccata of circular and l o n g Itudlnous muscles, and on outaldo coal of serous connective tissue so that It makes a f a i r l y tough, flexible, cxpan- Dr. Clondenlnc »lve and elongated tac. It la A ell supplied with nervca 10 that derangement of Its function! arc felt In the form of symptoms or pain Its most Important function 1 Uint of holding bulky digestive products and waste until they can ARTHUR SHANNON Arthur Shannon, 02 yearn old, n resident of West Lclhenrlng for 55 years, died at 7 o'clock this morning at his home at House No, 10 there after a short illness. Despite his advanced afie, he hud been quite active until about ,1 week ago when m- rmities and complications con- i United to his death. Mr. Shannon was born in County rlcade, Ireland, the son ol the late rlr. and Mrs,. Arthur Shannon, cnmc o this country In 1883, locating lit Vest Lelsenring. He was united in tuiriaec In 188B with Mory Buckley y the late Rev. Father Kcttcll. pan- or of St. John's Church at Unlon- *\vn. To thii union were born two hlldren, Catherine at home and Mrs. 'atrick McCarthy, of Uniontown. 'here are also four stepchildren, .Villiam Hertein of Uniontown, John leflorn ol Oliver, Michael Heflern 3f Ralph and Mrs. Patrick Walsh of iVoirton, W. Va, 40 grandchildren and 26 Brent-grandchildren. The body wus removed to the Mc- Vonnjny Funeral Home at Uniontown to be viewed by Uniontown riends of the family before being returned to the home at West Lcii- enr'ng. The Juncral will be held Saturday.the hour to be announced. Court Permission '·· Sought to Publish County Law Journal UNION-OWN, Mar. 2 --A petition asking court authority for publication of a legal journal in Fayette county was presented to Preslden Judge Harry A. Cottom of Fayette county courts. Petitioners are S W. Caiklns, O'Nei Kennedy and W. Brown Higbcc Calkins is publisher, Kennedy cdito - a-d Higbee counsel for a Uniontown newspaper. , Presentation of the petition oc casicncd much surprise as the news * paper which these men publish twc ^ weeks editorially condemned public , ation of the proposed law journal. "· Judge Cottom indicated the cour would make no decision on the jur . nal controversy for several week : and not until a hearing has been hel : and briefs submitted by those favor ~ ing and opposing publication. '~- group o£ younger members of the ba -- petitioned tho court recently for au --thority'to publish the legal journa tooklnc (or Barfianu? If so, read the advertising columns of Tho Daily Courier. Dr. Clondcnlng will answer questions o: general Intercut only, and then only through his column. ibo conveniently eliminated. The (second Important (unction Is dc- lUAcring to the body the water {which has been Imbibed and pourec 'into the small Intestine during digestion Absorption ol minerals, sugar zialt nnd some drucs taken place from tho colon, Most of the bacteria which tmva ormccl in the Intcutlna) content* jre detoxified or killed after they each the large Intestine The chief accretion from the colon is mucus ta function la obviously that of a ubricant I Colitis can be said to exist only vhen thelo Is demonstrable evidence of inflammation of the Intestinal wall 1 or lining Various Form* There arc various forms .and causes of colitis f (1) Ameblasls. This is becoming more and more common! In tht United States, and Is due to (the Invasion of tho mucous membrane of the colon by amobla parasites Amobae uiually enter the body with contaminated food. When they Invade tho mucous membrane of the colon they usually cause ul- ccratlons These ulccratlons may bo quite deep and lead to great Intestinal unrest, with pain and cramps, diarrhea and the formation of blood, pus and mucus Besides the examination with the X-ray, diagnosis will depend upon the recovery of the amebo from the (tool. When treatment u promptly ana properly given, acute amcble colitis rwponda very rapidly. Most of tht treatment Is designed to kill off the parasite. For thl« purpose * number of drugs have been used, such as Ipecac and Its derivatives, eme- tine, stovarsol, vrloform and bismuth resorclnol. Ai In »U forms or colitis, reit with the use of a soft, low residue diet, should be instituted. fn the United Stntcn today nearly any chronic diarrhea should bt suspected of being ameblc. ENGLAND ENLARGES AIR FORCE Continued fiom PJKC One pl.mcs, wno not given Bui credible hOiueCi have icportcd tiint Britain is well on Uic way to 4. llect of 10,000 planeb, the Ri en test In the world It was" disclosed that between April 1035 nncl Match 1038 approximately 4,500 pilots nnd 40,000 nit men had entered the service com- paicd lo the piovious three-year average of 000 pilots nnd 4,800 men. Another Court Chapter Added to Church Dispute UNIONTOWN, Mnr. 2--Another chapter in the congregation trouble at St Mary's Greek Catholic Church at New Sulem was aired before Judge II S. Dutnbauld In a crowded courtroom today The hearing in fin Injunction proceeding brought against Rev Father Anthony Knapik, pastor, and his followers to icstrain them from interfering \vith offlccri elected Februmy 6 was just another court angle that adds to months of litigation which has kept the church in the limvlight SAYRES FUNERAL The funeral service for James M. Jnyres, who died suddenly Tuesday, February 22, at his home at Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, was held Saturday afternoon at the Charles C. Mitchell funeral chapel. Hcv. G I/. Vaughn, lastor of the Flntwoodj Baptist Uhurch, officiated. A quartet composed of Ethel Ruth, Cora Bess, Roy ind Randall Shearer, sang "In the Sweet Bye and Bye" and "We Are Going Down the Valley One By One." Burial was In Mount Olive Cemetery. Mr. Sayres was well known In Connellsville where he had spent the greater part of his life. A few years ago, with his family, he moved to Cuyahoga Falls. He was the last member of his family. Mrs. D. Hutton who died several years ago, was an only sister. He was an uncle of Mrs, George Romcsburg and Mrs. Samuel Shearer of Connellsville. SISTER MARY GONZAGA Sister Mary Gonzaga, G3, of Mt. Aloysius Academy, Cresson, died Monday afternoon in Mercy Hospital, Johnstown, where she had been n medical pntient since October 24. Death was attributed to a complication of ailments. Sister Gonzaga, whose name before she entered tho convent was Mary Flynn, had been stationed for many years at the Cresson Academy. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Flynn and is survived by one sister, Mrs, William Solsson of ConnellsvlUe, and one brother. Rev. Father Anthony FJynn of Philadelphia. ~ MRS. HARTMAN'S FUNERAL Tho funeral service for Mrs. Rebecca McDowell Hartman, 75, widow J. \V. Juclkins Dl« S W. Mctrlcr today sent n message to William J. Metzler, his son, announcing the death of his maternal grandfather, J. W Judkln', who diud at 10 25 o'clock this morning In Cleveland after a stroke. Mr. nnd Mis Met?lcr who were In Florida were called north and Mr. Metzlcr went directly to Cleveland Mr. Judkms wns 90 years old of John Haitmim and a former rcii- dent of Dunbar nnd Conncllv. illc, will be held Thursday afternoon at 2 30 o clock at the hcme of a niece, Mrs. Hurry Sagcr, at Somerset, where she died Monday Interment will be in Lincoln Cemetery In Somerset county. PERSHING EMERGES FROM COMA; TAKES SOLID FOOD; TALKS Continued fmm Page One that Idea and said "Oh yes, we came over here, didn't we?" A short time later he v,a^ taking s.olid food--cooked cereal--and was drinking orange Juice Two days ago few thought he would be alive tod ly nnd no one dared predict he woul 1 be taking food. But today he Deemed to be so much better that Frank Pcrshlng, hli nephew, planned to return to his ratal Springs, Calif, home PcrshmK. once *o near death that noises did not matter, has become aw..irc of the viorld around him. Conv crsatiort is low and halting on the gioumN of the sanitarium; no one wishes to risk disturbing him He talk* occasionally to members of his family, but their vmts to the sick room ore infrequent because moit of h s time now Is taken up with sleeping and eating. But he notices the sunshine that streams through his window and p unts the cacti plants in the desert a silvery green. By turning his head he can see the mountains that surround his desert cottage The most recent bulletin on his condition, couched m the careful, scientific language that doctors use, nevertheless had optimism between the lines LONDON, Mar. 2 -- A i r forces estimate* of 173,500,000 ($367,500,000), the giejlest in the country's peace time history, were published today as a prelude to an ofilcial "white papei'' on the defense problem. The all estimates \\erc firtt in a progiam of defense activities which weie expected to tell the country, L"uropc and the world that slow moving Great Britain, whose it Is that she never wins a battle in iny war except the last one, was at last well on the way to loarmaTient Today came the air estimates and the White Paper, forecast as the rros,t outspoken exposition yet made of the government's determination to rmkc Great Britain again the foremost military power of Europe Tomorrow come the army estimates, Friday come the navy estimates Both aimy and navy estimates were expected to be the biggest ever In pence time Mond t the government planned a full drci,s deb ite on the entire defense program, past present and future, with Prune Minister Neville Chamberlain leading for the cabinet. No Strip-Teaser Delia Llnfl . . . objects to removing dress "I am a singer and actress, not a itrlp-tcase performer." So said Delia, Llnd, Viennese actress, making 1 her movlo debut in Hollywood, M she walked off the act when she objected to a scene in which she was to change from street attire Into paJ»mM. "I won't undress before any camera." Miss Llnd shouted --Contra! FIYII Somerset Dairymen Elect, SOMERSET, March 2.--E. M bhaulis of Holsopple was reclected piesidcnt of Somerset County Milk Producers Association, D. G. Stufft, Stoystown, secretary, Edward Smock- cr, Fneduns, treasuier, and J. E Rhoadc, Stoycstown, vice-president. Hosiery Workers Vote To End "Work Stoppage" By jjnited PrcM 'HILADHLIfHIA, Mar. 2--About 11,000 Philadelphia hosieiy workers will icturn to' their looms Friday as result of a masi meeting at which 5,000 voted nine to one to end their "work stoppage," called as n protest .igalnst n wage scale revision by a national aibitration boaid. A two-day "holiday," including today and tomorrow, was agieed en to permit American Federation of Hosieiy Workers m New Jersey and New York opportunity to vote on the question. About 6,000 paiticlpated in the walkout in those areas. Why Not Try our classified columns when you want something? KesuHs follow. EXCURSIONS VIA BG LOW HOUJN'D-IRir SAXES $4.50 WASHINGTON $4.75 BALTIMORE SUNDAY, MARCH G Lv. Conncllsvllle 1:45 A. M. Return Sunday nieht. A FULL DAY FOB SIGHTSEEING. THOUSANDS OP ATTRACTIONS. Consult Local Ticket Accnt for Details. BALTIMORE OHIO RAILROAD THE « Tomorrow · Friday WHAT CAUSES EPILEPSY? IS THERE A CURE? A booklet containing Uu oplniou «r funoui docton on thii IntmiUng (object wlli ba lent FBEE, while UieT tut. to any reader wrlUnc to the Educational DlTlilm, Ut Flfut JLTtnua. Nrr York. N. X, Sept M.3S,r Paramount Theatre LAST DAY TODAY THURSDAY ONLY "Hey, folks! He's what I've been hollerin' for!" ENDS TODAY 2-TWO BIG FEATURES-2 VlUi Claire Trevor'- Donald Woods Alan Dinehart Alan Baxter THRILLS'. Patrick Knon loi» Phis K E V S TWO THRILLS! A n n --TOMORROW OM/Y-W H E R E V E R M O T O A P P E A R S |Something Exciting Is Bound to Happen!) --and-WHAT PRICK SAFETY (Crime Docs Not Pay Series) TOJIORROW 3VIGHT RADIO GIVE-AWAY NIGHT Through the Courtesy of the Aaron Company Tomorrow Evening, We Will Give to Some Person a $200.00 LATEST MODEL R. C. A. VICTOR ELECTRIC TUNING RADIO COJIK: AND imrvo YOUR STCBS WITH YOU'. YACHT GLUB BOYS JUDY mm and BEN BLUE KEAHORE WHITNEY JOHNNY DOWHS BETTY GRBLE UARRY CRABBE L E I F E R i K S Q H FAHCHOHETTES DOROTHY UMOUR A swingialional musical comedy of lummer camp where, (ova h made to order and everybody orders irl Ir'i the loop-the-loop of lovn and laughter... song and dance...gagt and gab! MJUMOUNT nciutt · pmcno tr oionoi AKIUMIAUO dazzltng with dancingl H f A«T TIME" ' "PARIS IN SWING" . ,*THRIU Of vX Pius "PQPEYE" as an added attraction Thrilling 'oi\ 3toi (·nine The Jack Pot This Thursday Will Contain 10 Ciisli Winners -» cry Week

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