The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 2, 1938 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, March 2, 1938
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WEDNESDAY, J1AKCH 2, 193S. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. · PAGEFIVK Basketball Basketball Sporforials By JOHN H. TVHOB1C Sports Editor BILL TEKKY HAS SECRET OF SUCCESS Every now and then you hear or read about someone who has discovered thc secret of success. In cauli- owcrdom, in the realm of grunters and groaners, the gridiron, baseball and sundry sports such a story bobs tip occasionally. · Lawton Carver, International News Service sports writer, tells about one fellow who has found the secret of success because he's going over in a big way even though not with some ot the Gotham fourth csiaters who vere taken for a ride by thc New York Giants' manager, Memphis Bill Terry. Carver writes from New York: Everybody else is taking pot shots at Bill Terry, manager o' the New York Giants and ,-iuthor of n best selling magazine piece (among the baseball writers) but his boss, Horace Stoneham, thinks he is perfect, and it looks as though the Man from Memphis will be around for a long time. · . The sniping at'Teny by the baseball writers was going on'at full blast recently, following his "expose" on the evils of the press, and it Was the best possible time to get from Stoneham his attitude toward his manager. He could go mealy-mouth, deferring comment until the fireworks subsided and thereby eliminate the chance of offending his friends among the writers. Or he could speak his piece. He spoke his piece. In reply to questions, he said without pulling any punches: "The only thing I'm interested in is the fact that Terry is the perfect manager for us. I think he has it all over the other managers in baseball--and that's why he was signcc to that five-year contract under which he is now working, -He bos givdn us three pennants in five years and I'm pretty sure nobody else coulc have done as well." * A few days later Terry popped into town for thc annual dinner of thc baseball writers, and everybody was expecting thc worst when once he and the press confronted each other but any and all altercations were .delayed to the last possible moment They say it took five people'to keep him off one newspaper man along toward early morning after everybody had been banqueting and taking on refreshments of one kind and another, but this happened in the privacy of a secluded corner, if at nil, and never made thc headlines. Meanwhile, he had sat down with thc writers in the Giants' offices anc amiably discussed his ball club, and even indulged in a little ribbing pro and con. When thc interview was drawing to a close, one of thc writers put on his topcoat and hat and sold: "Well, I've got to be going to rehearse for my part in the show the writers* dinner, the .part where we put you in thc grease." "That's O. K. with me," Tony said "I'm big enough to *ake it," and he did toko it without a wince while he ' sat through the show and saw himself portrayed as quite n reprehensible person all in good clean fun of course. · Some arc saying that once he begins to slip with what -seems to be a deteriorating club, the rcress wil' drive him out ot town, you can wonder about that one. ITo -has a flve-year contract in his pocket now --and his boss likes him. Thai sounds h'kc thc secret of success. oERMAN BOWS T.O REDSTONE IN FLAG: GAME Republic Captures Pennant in Section 14 in Play-Off. ROSTRAVER TWP: PLAYS FRIDAY The championship of Section 14, W. P. I. A. L., was captured by Rcd- stonc Township High as it defeated German Township by a score of 28 to 24 in a hectic struggle Tuesday night at Brownsville Junior High. It was nip and tuck throughout with the Republic boys taking the lead in the opening period and maintaining it nil the way. Redstone will tackle the winner of the Ccntervillc-Rostravcr Township game at Donora Friday night in a second round Class B elimination contest. Hostravcr did not lose a game in Section 18 during the pnst season in competing with Perry Townshrip, West Newton, Belle Vcr- non, Sewickley Township, Fayctte City and South Huntingdon Township. BITS HERE AND THERE Harry S. Jobes, president of the Northern Fayette County Baseball League, and Frank Uher, pitcher of the Dunbar entry, were in Pittsburgh last week talking with Bill Benswangcr, president of the Pittsburgh Pirates, to get aid for organized baseball in this region . . . Foi the tlrst time since the Eastern Basketball Conference started, PitU- ' burgh has dropped more than three games. If Pitt finishes in the second division this year, Temple will be the only member of the loop to land in the front half of the circuit six ycan running. The Owls have never finished below third Within flvc years Germany probably will hove Uic largest stadium in the wor' with a capacity of 450,000 people, i will be the Dcutschcs Stadium at Nuremberg ... George Preston Marshall, owner of the professional champions, the Washington Redskins, appealed to the "sportsmanship o£ college presidents to protect us from, the commercialism of their institutions," after becoming irked when Columbia signed Cliff Battles as coach. "Professional football has n rule to protect colleges," he said. "We can't sign a school player during the four years he's schooling. They ought to draw up something like that to protect us" . . . It der vclops that some of the schools were ;olng to have pretty nifty floor clubs this fall, hence some of the howling because of the paroling . . .Westing- housc took a 37-35 setback at the hands of California State Teachers College Freshmen last week-end. Joe May didn't report it, evidently thinking it would be bad publicity on the eve of the city series . . . Two of the strongest W. P. I. A. L. teams swing into action when McKeesport, Section 6, meets Greensburg, Section 3 titlist . . , Glenn Cunningham, cistwik Kansas miler, is going after the world's fastest indoor mile Thursday night at Hanover, W. H. He'll run against a top- watch to try to beat the murk of the official 3:-19.0 . . . Jimmy Wilson. Phillies manager, has introduced a motion picture camera in the club- Printers, Carriers, Reporters Triumph In Duckpin League The Printers continued to set the pace in the City Industrial Duckpin League by spilling the Clerks in two games while thc Reporters captured the odd game from the Servicemen and thc Carriers took three straights from the Meter Readers at the West Pcnn bowling alleys. The scores: CARRIERS Dunston 108 106 Critchficld 141 Filburn ______112 Witt 87 Phillips 142 Cuddy 80 Yaw Totals 75 170 112 117 108 . _. 108 170 99 139 84 124 80 98 384 31 427 283 383 268 206 590 621 630 1841 METER READERS P. Wandel. 142 Buttermore 76 W. Wandel 105 Dummy , 87 Dummy .-. ... 87 R. Critchflcld 106 118 108 145 137 77 84 ._ 97 119 375 319 300 279 87 216 Totals 497 517 562 1576 Smith Hatfleld 1 .... Urchasko Sandusky _ Whoric I J. Driscoll .... Haggorty P. Driscoll REPORTERS ........148 89 35 332 111 109 101 321 129 92 119 340 157 130 136 423 149 135 156 440 92 171 128 391 130 151 126 413 133 153 146 432 Totals 723 740 692 2155 SERVICEMEN fisher 103 94 117 314 Towzey 90 71 120 281 Klingcnsmlth 110 80 142 341 Berwick . Hoover Silbaugh _ Dunston Totals .--153 140 89 382 .-..141 149 195 485 --110 108 132 350 ·.._ 91 91 _..617 580 706 1903 PRINTERS Phuntck ..102 103 146 351 W. Driscoll 115 105 140 420 Harrcr .124 155 178 457 C. Driscoll 74 83 103 205 Docrflcr 147 79 117 343 Galasso -- 179 01 151 421 Totals ...667 602 732 2001 CLERKS Arnold .-.120 125 132 377 Nicholson 134 133 120 38 Craig 98 99 122 319 Wandel 89 91 112 29: Baker 96 141 135 37; Flanigan 97 108 185 390 Totals 545 606 694 1845 house to discover and remedy faults o£ his men. Thc lilm will show all thc players hitting, batting, running and throwing in slow motion Allie Lujack, Coker scoring ace, was named on the first all-Section team picked by a Grcensburgwrllcr with Graft of Scottdale on the second. Reed and Showman of the Cokers, Zcarlcy of Scottdale and Gaudino and Rudnik of Mount Pleasant received honorable mention. In Section 10, the same gazette pickec Herchko of Dunbar, E. Wingard oi Derry, P. Brant of Youngwood, VJkartosky of Hurst and Neigoot oi Derry Township for the first club and Hasson and Yourich of Dunbar, Hart?, of Ligonier, Crosby of Yiung- wood and Bucci of Deny for tin- second five. Kontva and Husband of Dunbar got honorable mention as did Kantorik and Pfrogner of Hurst and Petro and Popovec of East Hun- i tingdon ... It has been suggested the W. P. I. A. L. inagurate two classifications, one for schools that adhere to thc rules and regulations and the other for those who believe its all right for other schools but not for themselves. We know of only two ! schools that would join Ihc latter croup. I ARM HOLDS ANSWER BY Jack Sords SIGNED A oJe-Oo(.t,AR vAfrt A THAT rtIS SAUARV Be. 6v rtis sWowMfr- vMoje- of- MANAGER cerf MOST of THE HOPES fix*. ·fAe. dew YORK SIA^TS TO 1*1 Trie is «is is SASER fcsi -f\\ ·rfeeK. SOUTH COPYRIGHT. i-MS. KING FCATURti SYNDICATE. United Prebyterians End Brethern's Winning Spree Sports Gleanings Action in the Y-Church Basketball League Tuesday night was found aplenty as thc United Presbyterians turned back the United Brethren, flrst half champions, in a great game, 48 1o 39.' K. Filburn, Miller and Hyatt did the bulk of thc U. P. scoring 38 points between them. Bowmans, DeMarcos, Independents Annex Dunbar Center Games Down under, in New Zealand, it's poor business to score an ace at golf. The golfer who makes a hole-in-one has to buy a drink for everyone in the clubhouse. One player, who has sulTered the expense of three aces in the last two years, has insured him- se" against further expense from ^TM^£ f ^-i tccting the golfer against the crowd that gathers in the club when the Locals Shooting From Field Poor Despite 20 Goals in Easy Victory Pirates Leave For California OnTitleJaunt Allie Lujack Sets Pace With 19 Points, Olszewski Makes 10. DUNBAR HERE FRIDAY NIGHT By United Press. PITTSBURGH, Mar. 2--The Pittsburgh buscbull brig embarked on another jaunt in search of a National League pennant today as the first group of players left Pittsburgh for Connellsvillc High School's basketball team, featuring Allic Lujack and company, ended its initial two- game series of floor competition with Immaculate Conception High by training camp at San Bernardino, grinding out a lo'psided 49-17 victory Cal. · i Tuesday night at the High School President William E. Benswangcr gymnasium. was in charge of the party which included Pitchers Russ Baucrs and Mace Brown, Coach Johnny Gooch, and two rookie pitchers, Howard Peckman and Eddie Maximovich, who are under contract to the Knoxville, Tenn., and Hutchinson, Kan., minor league clubs. When the train stops at Chicago tonight, the group will be augmented by Catcher Ray Bcrrcs, Pitchers Red Lucas and Ralph Williams. Coach Jewel Ens, Pitchers Joe Bowman, Bob Klinger and Kenneth Heintzcl- man will be picked up ot Omaha. Other members of the pitching and catching staff will go direct to training camp from their homes. The Even though the Cokcrs scored such an 'overwhelming victory, they seemed to be stale when it came to shooting. Their passing attack swept through the I. C. defenses with a surprising case but if the number of set shots, from under and from the corners that were missed, had been tallied the score would, at least have been doubled. Allie Lujack was no exception, being way off form and he probably missed-more "easy" Held attempts than he lias all season. At that he lod the scoring with 19 points--two more than the entire parochial team. Marakas and OLszcwski were exceptions and they pliiyed brilliantly. Marakas showed plenty of spirit as flrst workout is scheduled for next h( , mjxcd m tnc scrimmagcs at thc Saturday, under direction of Mana- bank board to takc most o£ the rc _ gcr Pic Traynor. Inflelders and outfielders are due in camp one week later. With the Pirates again rated potential pennant winners, Manager bounds while ''Shafsky" laid flvc neat double-deckers into the net to register second high individual score. Incidently it happened to be more points than he tallied all during Pie Traynor lias indicated he would thc past w . p. L A . L . scasO n. give his young pitchers a chance to Thc Owls sccme d determined to Thc DcMarco baskctccrs toppled In the only other game played the i the St. Rita five, 27 to 23, Bowmans ! sharpshooter, is playing, Christians disposed of the Church of j spilled Quality, 30 to 20, and Morrell i Brethren in an easy fashion. 42 to | lost to thc Independents, 31 to 17, in 26 with Photy Pcrrus setting thc pace j the Dunbar WPA Recreation Center with 14 points. The line-ups: Christians Pcrrus, f Conway, f F. Cartwright, c . K. Brooks, g H. Brooks, g P. Cartwright, fi Totals Church Brethren H. Lepley, f Truxcl, f Zimmerman, c -Meyers, g Van Hoy, g C. . 7 . 3 . 2 V. Vis. 0 0 1 0 0 1 Basketball League. The scores: ,.,. Independents G. 14 j Bigley, f _.._ 5 0 McDowell, f 1 5 D. Nygren, c 5 4|Yutzy, g :__. 0 F. Pis. 0 10 0 2 42 F. Pts. Totals _ 11 4 26 Non-scoring substitute--R. Lepley. Referee--Stillwagon. Umpire--Harper. United Brctliren Stone, f Rude, f B. Miller, c F. Miller, K Robinson, g' G. 3 4 -- 5 -- 2 3 Totals -United Prcs. D. Filburn, f _. R. Filburn, f Hart, c Miller, g Hyatt, g G. 1 ... G 4 _. 5 .... 6 2 8 1 3 0 10 1 5 I 7 5 39 F. Pts. 22 Totals ... Referee--Slillwagon. Umpire--1 lurpcr. Games Thursday. St. John's vs. United Presbyterian, 7 P. M. Presbyterians vs. Church Brethren, 8 P. M. Christians vs. First M. E., !) P. M. CLERKS KNOCK OFF CARRIER BOWLERS The Carriers toppled thc Carriers two out of three and barely dropped thc third--by 10 pins--in thc City Industrial Duckpin League Tuesday night. Thc mutch game had been delayed from thc previous week and was rolled lifter regular competition Tuesday at West Penn bowling alleys, thereby giving botli outfits a double-header. The scores: CARRIERS Yaw . . . . . . _ no 103 I I I Filburn . 100 127 140 Witt ..127 103 115i Ciitchflehl m 101 If, Dunston 109 15I{ U7 Phillips , 1J4 13(1 84 Maloy, g ... Daughcrty, c _' J. O. Baker, f Yurieh, c H. Nygren, f Totals ... Morrell R. Uhazie, f Henderson, f _. ·Baunhman, ( P. Uhazie, g Habina, g Kalker, f _. Fredrick, c Trimba, g 1 31 F. Pts. 1 17 5--31 4--17 11 Totals 8 Score by quarters: Independents 12 8 Morrell 3 4 Referee--Jarvis. Bowmans G. F. Pts. Bruno, f . Cooper, f Jarvis, c . Bogusky, g Caruso, g Totals 14 Quality G. McDowell, f 2 Baker, f fl C. Harvey, c .4 L. Harvey, R 3 Ghent, g 2 Totals Score by quarters: Bowmiins Quality Referee--Yurieh. 11 1 1 0 0 0 2 30 F. Pts. I 0 2 I 0 4 4 2S Cream of tennis competition in which the best professionals will be pitted against the best amateurs in an open tournament will shortly be demanded by net fans, it was prophcsizcd by Karl Kozcluli, Czechoslovakia pro star. Jack Wilson, Boston Rcdsox pitcher, went to Columbia College, now known as Portland University in his teens and his big ambition was to become a football star. "You're just the man I've been looking for," the grid coach told him as he sized him up as a halfback prospect and when Jack told his father about it, the latter said: "You'll do nothing of the kind. I want you to concentrate on baseball. I think you have thc makings of a big league third baseman." His play at third wasn't so hot but he did swell upon being converted into a hurler. If Sammy Baugh, the brilliant football pitcher of thc Washington Pro Redskins, can make thc grade as n third sacker for the St. Louis Cardinals this summer, he may give up the gridiron game. He told friends that he likes baseball the best. 4 10 14--30 0 6 16--26 St. Rita Salntina, f Isola, f Pepe, i Testa, K Candorla, Totals G. 1 ....S _ 0 2 4 10 G. 8 P. Pts. 1 3 Rev. Harold J. Martin, Catholic j priest and former Fordbam Univcr- I sity baseball pitcher, has been rc- * | elected president of the Canadlan- ·* i American League for three years. 0 Father Martin, a teammate of Frankic Friseh at Fordham, is !hc only clergyman ever to head a professional ball league in the Ameri- 5 can Nationnl Baseball Association. 0 j 10 [ A lot of kopeks i:i 350,000 and vice 7 ] versa but it will take more than a 4 ! triumph in the $50,000 Widncr Cup :it Hialeah Park at Miami March 5 for War Admiral to equal the money- winning · record of his sire, Man O'War. Last year's 3-year-old champion, now in training at Hialeoh Park, has won 5181,300 by finishing first in 11 ot his 14 races. His daddy amassed $249,465 by winning 20 of his 21 strats. 8 Lizza, f M. DeMarco, f 3 J. DeMareo, c 1 Dunaway, g 2 Parker, g . ... 3 23 F. Via. 0 12 Take it from Bryan "Bitsy" Grant, Atlanta's bit of tennis dynamite, j this boy Bobby RiRgs of Chicago in ' time will be regarded as one of the world's greatest netters. And "Bitsy" who lias played them all should know. 1 WEST PENN BOWLING LEAGUE Standiiifr.of the Clubs. prove themselves. Failure of veteran members of the staff the past three years has prevented the Pirates from finishing in first or second place, ' The Pirates haven't won a pennant since 1927 when Owen (Donnie) Bush was manager. The closest they've come to winning was in 1932 and 1933 when they finished in thc runnerup spot. The Pirates will depend mostly on Russ Bauers, Cy Blanton, Joe Bowman and Jim Tobin to do thc regular hurling with help from Rookies Ken Hcintzelman, a . southpaw, Truett Sewell and Marvin Duke, and veterans Red Lucas, Bill Swift, hold down Lujack's scoring in thc manner in which he was guarded was any indication. But their efforts were to no avail as the Cokcr ace hit thc cords with six field goals and seven charity tosses. Lloyd George, Owl forward who starred in thc initial encounter, wasn't in the starting lineup due to illness but when substituted later came through with one field goal. Thc Night Riders gave a good account at the free line, scoring seven out of 10 tries while the Cokers only tallied nine out of 20. The Doldemen rimmed the hoop for 20 goals while Coach Trump's lads were held to five. Mace Brown and Ed Brandt.- i C. H. S. still has two games to The outfleld mr.y have a new face play before hanging up its basket- when the season opens, if Johnny j ball togs. Dunbar Township High, Rizzo, high priced rookie, proves his worth during thc training grind. Rizzo will be given a chance in left field, and should he fail, Woody Jensen and Johnny Dicksh'ot will be waiting to fill the gap. Volts, Ohms, Cycles West Penn Winners Bowling on the West Penn alleys Monday night, the Volts won life odd game from the Meters, the Ohms took three straights from the Amps and the Cycles made it two but of three from the Watts in thc West Pcnn Duckpin League. . AMPS Kuhns --134 Sly 107 Allen 98 Quinn 104 Stillwagon 98 Brooks 100 Totals 543 OHMS Sapanarn _ 109 Ward 137 Hughes 134 143 62 113 129 103 107 120 105 152 165 72 82 397 274 363 398 273 289 595 624 1702 Adams Lewis Totals 146 .._ 94 171 136 131 139 84 177 105 129 110 150 517 378 394 395 328 680 661 METERS Section 10 champs, will be met in a home and home series, the first game to be played at thc local gym Friday night and th return contest at Lcisenring Tuesday. I The line-ups: Connellsvillc G. F. Pts. Lujack, f 6 7 19 Showman, f _-- ~4 0 8 Marakas, c 4 0 8 Stipa, g 1 2 4 Olszcwski, g 5 0 10 Totals 20 9. 49 Non-scoring substitutes -- Byrne, Evans, McClurc, Murray and Reed. I. C. H. S. Fette, Geiger, f Porter, c 1 Hunt, George, g G. .1 F. rts. 2 2 Totals ...5 7 17 Non-scoring substitutes -- Sidow and Hoye. Scoring by quarters: C. H. S. ...14 JO 12 13--49 I. C. H. S 2 8 5 2--17 Referee--J. John. 671 2012 U. Murray Elslcy Hild Potthoflt _. Duller Dague 1G4 Pierce 102 Two Welterweight Fights in Pittsburgh Ring Monday Night PITTSBURGH, Mar. 2.--Promoter Juke Mintz announces the greatest indoor fistic card of his career for 356 Motor Square Garden, Monday night, Totals 669 675 599 1943 VOLTS Bail- -. Ncwmycr Davidson Purbfiugh .... V. W. Jones ...163 106 160 109 ..117 Silcox -..106 190 123 136 134 149 115 109 120 165 128 104 107 4G2 340 401 369 370 328 Totals 655 732 WATTS 627 2014 1 27 ! Tot:.lL Craig .... Wandel . Nicholson Arnold .. Flanigan Baker Collins . Totals . 572 CLERKS ·.. 100 134 _. 94 ... 76 . ._.. 188 . -.. I l l 616 547 Totals 13 Non-scoring substitute--Mnnzoln. Score by quarters: St. rtilii 7 1 10 5--'23 DeMarco . 12 Z 2 5--27 Referee--Yurieh. 100 143 104 143 159 no 71 I 105 LOS Divorces Film Star. ANGELES, Mar. 2.--James 627 651 101 A. Clifford, Beverly Hills restaurant 98 manager, won a divorce from Ruth 129 Clifford, star of silent lilms, who also 104 h;id iisked for -i divorce, charging un, ciuc friendliness of Clifford and .1 1 sirl secretary. Clifford testified his 5371 wife had an ungovernable temper. Meters Volts Watts -_....:.._. Cycles _ Ohms Amps W. - _ .. 14 13 12 9 ._ 9 U L. 7 K ret. .667 .619 .571 .128 .429 .285 .... 161 120 180 Witt .. J. Murray Godfrey . Wamhoir ................. 129 A. MoniHI ............. 1:ili ____________ 130 ..... ________ 51 .. ..... ________ OK Bertram Fair ____ Deckei- 156 131 123 95 95 103 7S U9 142 92 152 158 J55 Ull 59 459 343 455 382 386 332 189 137 Frleileiis Tops Berlin, I Somerset Township High of File- I Totals dens came through with a 43 to 13 decision over Berlin at the latter's lloor. The home club never had a chance. G;irrett Wins 10th Game. Ciarrvlt closed iU basketball schedule with a 29-23 verdict over Shnnks- ville, the triumph being thc 10th of thc year ns against right losses. Lindsay Moorman _., ^Condiif j Kunlclo '· Fitzgerald . Bishop Price I Toluls 736 608 706 2050 CYCLES ...141 122 90 135 136 134 172 152 93 110 32 fil 110 114 187 160 146 160 137 80 103 430 385 416 March 7. He has two main bouts heading thc card, supported by two six rounders an dboth he and his partner, Barney McGinlcy, stake their reputations at Pittsburgh's leading fistic impresarios on the calibre of the show. Two welterweight battles head the card.. Each fight is a ten rounder. Thc winners will be matched and the ultimate victor will fight Barney Ross, world's welterweight champion, at Forbes Field, next summer. Tritzic Zivic battles Tommy Bland of Canada in one of the tens. Bland licked Fritzie on Christmas day and 7-ivic has been clamoring for u return match ever since. The sensational Leonard Bennett, Detroit Jewish lad, who spilled the beans recently and whipped Roy Chapman at Motor Square, is bookea with the roughest, toughest welter in the world, Bobby Pacho, Mexican knockout artist,/in the other-ten. 652 657 One of thc six rounders will show 484 ; Harry Krause. hard hitting light- 340 weight from Liberty, against 223 Ray Sharkey. pride of Cleveland and 327 i rated the greatest youngster to be · 1 developed in Cleveland since the 770 W19 i dayar of Johnny Kilbanc.

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