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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, July 6, 1918
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ConnelUviHe'* Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation. Last Week, 6,832 VOI* 16, NO. 202. CONNELLSVILUE, PA^ SATURDAY EVENING, JULY 6, 1918. EIGHT PAGES. HUNDRED FIrTY PERISH WHEN LOADED EXeURSION STEAMER STRIKES LOG AND GOES DOWN --*. Panic/Follows Mishap at Midnight Last Night in the Illinois River Near Peoria, Illinois, and Many are Trampled to Death While Others Leap Into Stream Without Life Preservers and are Drowned; Vessel Sinks Immediately After Pulling off Obstruction.' ESTIMATES OF NUMBER OF DEAD RUN TO 200 t. · · · -- j i i . '. ' By Associated Prew. PEORIA, ID., July 6.--Divers, had recovered 51 bodies at noon'today in.their search for the estimated 150 men, women. and children drowned or trampled to death when the .excursion steamer, Columbia, carrying 500 dancing and singing passengers struck a sunken log in the Illinois river, shortly after midnight and sank quickly. i ·. - FEOR1A, 111.,- Jury 6.--Approximately 150 persons were ; drowned'or.trampled to death at midnight last night.when the j excursion steamer Columbia, carrying -more than 500- persons, : struck an obstruction in the Illinois river and sank. . ' The excursion party started from Pekin, 15 miles efista'nt ·:, early in the evening and spent several hours at an } .amusement park near this city and when the return trip to Pekin i^was about half completed the steamer ran-into the obstruction .' OB. the Peoria shore, during a log, smashing a big hole in her ! bow. . ' . . : . - ' . . · I The pilot signaled full speed astern and as soon as the vessel i pulled clear, of the log or rock, she-began, to settle and within a : tew minutes sank,'carrying many, persons'down. ' Soon after the steamer struck a panic occurred among the ^passengers and many niea, women and childre jumped, into the' ' water without securing-life preserver!!. Those who'could swim j reached shore which was only a few feet away. R»f Jones, fireman on the ste»mer,S7- : PRESIDENT «F WESTERN UNION EXPLAINS THE tatlmaied that between 150 and 200 persons were oa the dance Boor when th» boat *trock, and he believed many : of th*s* perished; The pilot, when ii foaud hit boat was sinking, sent dlMItu . tignals. and with to a short - tiny ifaoati from, rariom directions "·.t»lh*.re9c'ue~and began to pick recover from . sunken steamer large numbers of unrecovered bodies." rOm;"«eeo«»t-;of : ! torti weTe'badlj niunpeied. : ··' The'police oi PekJn early today estimated tie number of dead at.15'0, but Captain-H. F. JiehJ, of the'.steamer, said hie believed the number of dead more thaiulOO. WEST PENN WILL REDUCE CAR STOPS to Employes to Show Tlielr lojr»ltj to the GoTernment hf K«- nwinlng at Their Posts JCooday. In .e-tplan.itioq of the . telegraph situation with respect'to a threatened strike on Monday, arid as aiv appeal to Its employes, J^cwcomb Carleton. president of| the Western. Union Telegraph company, has issued . the following statement: "In order that employes may nave a full understanding of 'present conditions it seems-proper for me to say that on the eve of the formation of a Western Union Employes' Association, the. government is considering faking over tbe telegraph lines, because of the threat of an outside ·or- ganization, without membership in our forces. No one would pay any attention to sucii a threat, were not the nation at war. It is, therefore, pertinent to call attention to the government's point of view 'on outside unions as expressed by Postmaster General Btirleson before the House Committee on- Tuesday last, as follows.: " 'I have never opposed the government "employes organizing but if the tV.egraph . and . 'telephone lines are taVen over the employes should jiot be affiliated, with any outside organization, 'the sole affiliation should be with the government and no outside organization should be allowed to influence their action.' "From the foregoing It would appear that the policy .of the company is precisely that pi the Fostmasler- General. When your association is formed , It is proposed that 1 the com- i pany mike an exclusive contract with " |it under -which the company's, condition of employment, sickness, benefits, pensions, life Insurance and any other matters affecting tiie Interest of em- ployes, Meanwbile^you may be urged to do 'something foolish by self-seefc- ing individuals who hope to improve ! their, own position- and sn'ch an indl- ; AFTER A BATTLE ON THE WEST FRONT MAJOR JOHN PURROY MITCHE, FORMER MAYOR OF NEW YORK, KILLED WHILE MAKING FLIGHT Accident Occurs This Morning at Aviation Field in Louisiana and Former Executive Meets Instant Death; Attempted German Raid on American* in Lorraine Meets with Disaster. British and French wounded in the same battle are being treated at a casualty clearing station on the western front by Red Cross nurses. From, tbe'picture jt can be seen that no two men have been wounded in the same place. One has his eyes : bandaged, another his toft arm, another his loot, whilo still another is having a piece of plaster stuck on his nose. TWO HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND AMERICANS QNJTGHTING LINE By Associated Frcss. irASffJXGTOJf, Jnly --Americaa troops actually on the fiRhttng line In Europe about July 1 ·Timbered 261,000, according to Information given today »r (jeneral Jfarcltychicf of staff, and other members of the war council at tlidr weekly conference with mi-m- bers of the Senate 3fillitary Commit- j tee. UNION SERVICES IN CITY CHURCHES BEGIN ON JULY 28 Arrangement Will Continue For Five Erenings Ending August 25. BENEFIT DANCE To Bo Given bj Connellsvllle Military Band; Proceeds for Hed Cross, Tho ConneUsvUle Military .band will give a benefit dance in the hall of the Elks' home on East Crawford avenue on Friday evening, July 12. The dance SPECIAL MUSIC PLANNED First of Sntnrdoy BTOnlng Street Meetings,, nt Brimstone Corner, This Evening;.Sefen Other Sen-Ices During Months of July a»d August The .churches of Connellsvillc will anito their evening services for five will be preceded 'by air con-'Sundays, ·beginning . July 28. The cort given on tbe porch of. the homo j meetings will be Held as follows: between 8 and 0 o'clock. ! A special! Sunday evening. July HUNS TRY TO RECTO GROUND TAKEN FOURTH By Associated Press. ' · ' LAKK CHARLES, La., July 6.--Major John Pnrroy Mifr- che], former mayor of New York City, and an officer in the army 1 , aviation service, was instantly killed this morning at Gerstnei; aviation field here while flying in a scout machine. The accident occurred at 7.30 A. M. on the flying field, ac-« cording to reports\ received here. Gerstner Field is 15 milea from Lake Charles. BEAUMONT, Tex., July 6.--According to officials at Gerstner Field, where Major John Purroy Mitchel was,killed today, Major Mitchel -was in a single seater scout machine, and had been in the air for about half an hour. The machine fell 600 feet in an isolated section of the flying field. Officers could not determine the cause of the accident. Mrs. Mitchel was at Gerstner Field but did not witness the accident She will accompany the body to New York tonight NEW YORK, Jnly 6.--John Purroy Mitchell, killed in. an: aviation accident today, became a flyer for the army after having been defeated last fall for re-election as mayor of New York. He had served one term as-the chief executive of the country's biggest city, the youngest mayor ever elected to that office. On. July 19, next, he would have been 39 years old. Major Mitchel went into army service with previous military training, having taken the course at Plattsburg while he was mayor. Upon joining the aviation corps he was transferred to San Diego, California, where, after successfully covering the cadet training, he became a full-fledged flyer. He was frequently mentioned as having shown unusual daring. ANOTHER OFFENSIVE EXPECTED. WASHINGTON, Jnly 6.--Preparations now are being mada by the Allies on the western front to meet another heavy. Germ;* assault, General March, chief of staff, told newspaper correspondents today at his weekly conference. 28, the Tml Administration Orders Street ' ~ Ballwujii t'onpwiics to.Cnr- ·-. tall Some Statfcw. % The West Penn Railways. coanxiny jhas rectiived notice fTom.the : Pennsyl- S«rca for .the bodies was aban- ivania Fuel Administration to adjust ' . i donid at * o'clock this morning until ! of stops so that a num- daylight eame. Approximately ^'0 bad .; hereof stations will be discontinued. | been recovered, only a -portion oIJThe order is to go into effect. by July * whom had been identified. .Jjs; The new, schedule must be ap- \ Tki» Booming only the hurricane j p rove d by the county chairman of the ? (reck of the steamer, is risible above j^, e ; Administration. the : water. sX With the;, break o{ day divers went ; down into the sunken steamer' to i bring up .bodies ot the hundred or J more victims of the disaster believed. ; to bt'.between the crushed decks of i the bb»u: ; 'One ' ot the under-water i men' wa», Gwrge; HolTerspn, who re\ covered many bodies "ironi, the East- Tbe West Penn will not be effected' by tbe new , ruling as much as a city railway'company. With its-Interurban lines the Wesf Penn does.not have frequent stops and there' are long- distances between stations at most points. member; ·largely;.' Ian, proposes on his own ax-.tbority-to call you loy»I men/and women of tb.2 "Western ..Union from your, work in order to defeat the association which you are about to .form. I am confident you .will answer this attempt by an-aditional demonstration of .your loyalty-to your government by continuing 1 at your cost of duty -without fear of criticism by right-minded people." TROOP SHIP ASHORE Canadian Steamer Xay be ft Total loss, Report. By Associated Press. OTTAWWA, Ont., July 6.---A Canadian troop ship, the .City of Vienna, G, . W. Ever- program will be provided tor this oc- Presbyterian, chttrcb; Rev. . , £ include -UHe'-binrf 1 s:-nK»t|-Buc!!:ncr"tp predde??lev.. W.' J.: p'opiilaf numbers'' and solos by. Miss!hart to preach. \ Mary McConnell and Lester 'Crawford, j Sunday evening, '.August 4, at the The *mcing hours will be from 9 i Baptist diurch; Rev. G. L. C. Richard- uniil 1 o'clock. Kiferle's 12-oloce jazz son to preside. Rev. E- B. Burgess to orchestra will render the best selections in its repertoire for this occasion. Thfe entire proceeds of the affair are to be donated to 'the Eed Cross. Ticket committees have teen appointed lor the distribution of tickets for this event, which it is, hoped, will have the hearty copperatloE and support of Connellsville people. ' MAY USE WOMEN preach. . Sunday evening, August 11, at the GEKMAX SAIDEKS REPULSED. PARIS, July 6.--German troops las't night attempted to raid the American'sector in Lorraine at XiVray. The war office-announced tocay that the enemy., was completely repulsed-4n-this -~ effort'as he was "in raiding attempts at points on the French, -front. : AMEBICAXS U5BEK HOT FIRE. -' LONDON, July 6.--The German artillery was active last night in the region between Villers Bretonneux, -northeast of Methodist Protestant church; Rov. j. j Amiens,' "where the Australians, assisted by Americans, have recently gained valuable ground, according to today's war office 1- Proudfit to preside, Hev. J. S. Sbow- ecs to preach. : Sunday evening,' August 18, ai the Lutheran church; Rev. J. S. Showers to preside. Rev. G. "W. Buckner to preach. Sunday evening, August 25, at tbe Methodist Episcopal church; Rev. J. H. Lombertsoa to preside. Rev. I. N. Nace to preach. . . 1 The music will be furnished by the Necessity For Them as Conductors | choirs of-the churches where the serv- Xot Pressing, Uow«vcr.' | icos are held. If labor scarcity becomes morej The program for the Saturday evi report. ROSS JOHNSON, MILL RUN, MARINE, WOUNDED FIGHTING IN FRANCE street In Connellsviile, . Uniontown, Gi-eensburg and other communities when that boat, capsized in the ! on tj, 5T stenTit may be necessary to · Chicago river in 1915...,; '· " Almost .at .the. same, hour hearses } bejmn arriving from the scene of the cut a -number of street stops but otherwise it is not likely that other ( changes will be necessary. In some {/disaster, bringing the.Brst of-the bod- O f the litties on the system stops; are 1 ies of the victims. Soldiers detailed j from Camp BradKqr and Herting were i in Pekln early to preserve order. ; Coroner K L. Clary of TaieweU ; county early this morning swore Tin a J Jury and left with the : members for ' the »c«ne. At that time 19 bodies: had J b««n identifled and seven injured ;?er- i looa were in hospitals. Alt known.! :Ticthn» were, residents ot Pekiu or ; noiffcboring villages. made at every other street. Under the orders received today one ont of be discontinued, The.-new order is to conserve power which is used in starting a car after it has been stop- pad.' ~ two stops will switches excluded. WAGES OF SHOPMEN Mehl, brother of Captain H. j jinbj«ct of JReport BT W«ge Board to nd purser o! the boat, who i Director General IcA ·' S. Jlehl, and _ ! lost"*li» wile, made the following I statement regarding, the diu»iter: I : ' ; The vrhole thing .was-, over in an ''instant.. I was in the cafe of the boat [ coast. All the troops a'nd the crew were safely removed. Official announcement regarding the vessel was made here today through the office of .the chief press censor. It is thought, the ship will be a total loss. The City of Vienna, ot .6,111' tons gross, is .'owned by EHermaji Jjine, Ltd., of Liverpool. The vessel was built in HD14 and has-been in use as a government transport almost from the'time of her. launching. ' BOSTON, Jnly 6.---The rescue by an American-patrol boat of 700 troops from the Canadian troop ship City o£ Vienna, wrecked .off -the Atlantic coast, wa.s reported here today. open air meetings at Brimstone has gone ashore on the Atlantic! acute .women conductors on cars a r e ' a possibility. The West: Corner, beginning this evening and Penn Railways company however, jsjeoalinuing to and including August not yet contemplating resorting to| 2J ' is found below: women .conductors although .then: isf -Saturday, July S--Chairman, Rev. a chance, that sometime in the future ;ree Undetermined,' Boport From ReneriU Ptr- shing Today. HTCTTDRED FOURTEEN ITT MARLYE CASOALTt LIST. WASHINGTON, July 5.--Two Marine Corps casualty lists today contained 114 names, divided as follows: 1 Killed in action, 6; died of wounds, 115; wounded severely, 21; wounded,, Says Official degree undetermined, 62; missing.. 18. . . · . . · Nejscra;. speaker. Rev.'H. A . ' In th« Marine Corps casualty list today the name of Jloss S. Johnson of Mill RUE, appears as amo*ng the wounded, the degree of his wounds being undetermined, Johnson is a son o£ Mr. and Mrs. the company will of necessity nave to j B^TM- Dawson; chorister, E. W. Havi- US AlTh oush' the supply of men for! Saturday, July 13-Chairman, Rev. FIVE RECRUITS ENUST : we hid struck a submerged log 2nd si' heard mr brother, the captain, 'ttry, i put 'everybody upstairs.' The crowd i;rftih«d for the upper decks. On :my [return I- saw my wife running ahead ; of me up the companion way. I fol- XcAdoo. WASHINGTON, July 6^-Recom- mendatirins of. t h e . Railway Wage, Board oil -the question of increased j Only J2 More Tucaneics in_ Ompanv pay-, and,; working .conditions of railroad ! shopmen have been completed and forwarded to Director McAdoo. TKe're was no Indication .what' the I - G JVoir; Eqalpment. Here. Five new mem-tiers have been sworn General ! into Company .G, making the strength | of the ;unU, counting the two officers, . A .strenuous drill was held at . . board's decision was. The shopmen j the armory .last -night, and ererr night -*- ^gher wages thu, |jpbfc«d her fkirf but it slipped from !.My itase f '- -Then the "boat -".vas [|||UB(* In total darkness. I ' "At th»t time the water was up to .; the Materooms, immediately below tha nue-on one side and up to the the pilot house on the listed ; -"-Mr*. Heman Xehl, wife of the ca.p^ ' tain. wa» bleeding from a wound on ; the lide of the head when she told ',!·«· »torj"p» the accident., 'I w»» oh the dance floor deck at the time/* pie ·Mid. "It was all over before yob 'could »»y '«k»t.' When th« boat li.n- : ed something most have struck me :o the head. I came to ik:the w»t«r [·id grabbed » handrail on the bbal jirjust had »en»e enough to.pull my: : Mlf in and get a life preserver. RoTd- -rir OB with one hand to tag boat and I Via other" to the preserver I krpt (··pat until iome men pulled, me in." f' : »,Doctor. L. H. : Clarey, coroner of jliiiaw*!!.-county, aent the following ·ttletrrtmi to the chief ot police at Qii- fltgn """PIe»»e «nd at once proft-s- irtOEa: direr with complete outfit to neit-weet will be, put in by the men. Several f - non-commissioned were '-appointed: last night. TO CALL TWENTY-ONERS Cmwder Orders "Work Speeded That Mc» Jit; Be Inducted ii August. Special to'The Courler.' WASHINGTON, July 6.--State dratt executives were directed by Provost Marshal General Crowder today to have local boards call up for physical examination "immediately all new. registrants under the selective draft law who hare been placed in'Class 1. ; ' , District and local board* and medical advisory- bodies wil Ibe instructed to speed their work so as to have new Class 1,men available for call to the colors in August Tw» SeMerie* Cninltted. The.weiner stand B of;Gu» Mel» on West 'Crawford avenue WM robbed Thursday night wefnen, chewing gum and cigars being UXen. A confectionery store on tlie Pi.inacle was also entered early yeiiterdfjr morning and a quantity" of · candy and cigarcts taken tor 1 E. Mossoly, Freeman E. Pranks and* Robert Lyon. Three sergeants appointed temporarily last alight are Robert Springer, James List and Austin Atkins. Horace Atkins was made musician with the rank of corporal. The-uniforms for the company have arrived and ; will be issued,at drill on Tuesday;-' evening: . -The company 1 leaves for Mount Gretria on-next Friday evening. . ' - ·· UNKNOWN KILLED Body Fon«d at Broad Ford Bears Paper With 'ame Indian Creek. An- unknown. man was. hilled; -yesterday afternoon at Brp'ad. Ford-by second No. 16 Baltimore: -Ohio passenger train: ' The body was brought to Connellsville arioremoYed to. Funeral* Director J. E: Sims' parlors. At noon; today the !body .had not been Identified. .A paper on, .which; was : writtea Indian Creek wSs found oh his person The BUppoBition.^ls 'tliflttjhe'ha in that eectW lookln^fy'work street car crews has been greatly diminished the supply has not altogether given out. Many of the old.employes, with the exception of the - .veterans have left tile railway company for employment with coal and cokb companies or are entering the army. CIRCUS IN WRECK One 3tun Killed in Biirnum A Bailey .Smu.ib in Ohio. YptMGSTOWr,', ; 0., July 6.--One man was killed as tbe result of a'rail- road accident at 6 o'clock this morning, when Bar'num Bailey's circus train No. 2 crashed into the rear ead New York Central New. York^ Chicago limited, at Girard, four miles west of this place: . . The man killed was Thomas Kooney, .25, Aiurphysborp, 111., a hostler. .GARY, Ind., July B.--John Nelson, Joliet, a circus employe, whose back was broken in tbe recent Wallace- HagenbacK. wreck n«ar here, died yesterday, bringing tire total list of dead to 65. ISO Helmets Wanted.' Miss Harriet Olarki supervisor of the knitting department of the Bed Cross, announces thai a call-for 150 helmets, for tbe navy . Has. ;8een-. i rg ?i ceived, and asks that all persons'" in-' terested lend their assistance in supplying the amount. · · . . BKBIP J. S. Showers; speaker, T. J. Hooper; chorister, .John Davis. Saturday, July 20--Chairman, Rev. J. L. Proudflf. speaker. Rev. W. B. Purnell, Dawson; chorister, John Dans. Saturday, July 27--Chairman, Rev. W. J. Everhart; speaker, Rev. Dr. H. W; Millen, Scottdale; chorister, Robert I,: Werner. Saturday, August 3--Chairman, Rev..George Walker Buckner; speaker, Rev. T. H. Hughes, Scottdale; chorister, R. O. Clabaiigi].' Saturday, .- August · ID--Chairman, Rev, J. tL Lambertsou; {speaker, Rev. David E. Minerd, Dunbar; chorister, Mrs. C: E.-S',cut. . ' . · Saturday, Rev. G. L. Her. George Georgeoff, v Dniqntowu; chorister,'Chafes D. Bailey. Saturday, August 24--Chairman, Rev. .Dr. E. B. Burgesc; speaker, E. W. Homer; chorister, James .Charlesworth. - ' . . , ' . i.Jdlin Johnson, who reside about, two miles above Iviill Run, and is well known in that community. -He has been in the service about eight m ° nth s. ' The list also contained the name o£ I Herbert D. Serger of Ligonier, as I missin S '° action - . August. 17 -- Chairman, . , C. Richardson;, speaker, feet below. Fair tonight and Sujiday is; the noon weather Jorecast 'for. Western Pennsylvania. Temperature Jlecord. 1918 1917 , S3 63 Mean 73 f The Yongh river remained stationery during the night, at 1.00 foot. SERVICE AT DAWSON Dnioatowa Sinister WJU Deliver Ad. dress Tomorrow ErenlBg. · - The twenty-third Sunday evening community services of the churches of Dawson : wlll be held'. '.tomorrow night in. the Cocliran Memorial Methodist. church,' with Rev. ' W. Hamilton Snisnce- of Unfontown, occupying the pulpit. Following the service there a meeting of the 'community service committee. Thde committee expects. to publish the honor roll next week if all addresses can .be secured by .that time. Persons- having boys in the .service majf aid in Its. completion by turning in.. their Rev. H.'-'A: B»"m TIFTEEK IK AK3TE KttLEB, FALLS OVER CUFF Former ConnellSTUlD Girl Has Thrill, j missing, officers, 413; men, 14"il37! ing Adventure Jicar Rockrfood. Cecelia Newcomer, 13 years old, BATTLESHIP TO BE REPORTS WASHINGTON, July .6.--The Army, casualty list today contained 43 names, dividert as follows; Killed" in "action, 15; died of -wounds, 2; died of aero- plane Accidents,-!; died -of diseaseroji. died of-accidents and other causes;: r;j wounded "severely 17; missing, 2. BRITISH CASUALTIES FOE WEEK TOTAL :7,33C. I IvONNDON, July 6.--British casualties reported during the week ending today reached an aggregate of ·17,336. The .losses, were divided as ] follows: Killed or died of wounds, (officers, 140; men, 2.596; -wounded or daughter o" Mr. and .Mrs. William ^iewcomer of Rockwood, formerly of COEnellsville. had a narrow BUILT AT BROOKLTIT. WASHINGTON, July 6.--Two of the escape j'U.OOO ton battleships authorized by Cong from aerlcNis injury Tuesday evening Congress -will be constructed at the when she fell from a cliff on Highland, near Hock-wood, and landed 'oa the side of her face on the rocks 20 "While sitting on the ellff with several ot her playmates she lost her balance. The injured child was picked j up in an unconscious condition and Brooklyn Navy Yards. Secretary Daniels, it was learned today, has approved ' tbe building of way's- at that yard ror this -purpose. XOBEL PEACE PRIZE FOR VAE (WASHINGTON, July 6.-- " heodore carried to hec'home a short distance I Roosevelt today asked Congrjss .to re- away. A physician was immediately i turn to him the .Nobel--piace"' summoaed and discovered that both I fund which he donated f. -assist " wrisU were .sprained, but no bones-"TM"""""""-1 ""'-'- 1 -had been broken.. One eye is badly bruised and swollen. Th'e child is a promoting industrial pea/ and-whicn". has never been uned. He said he proposed to expend It in ws-r relief wort through the Red Cross Y! M. C. A., Knights of Columbus," Jewish "^war tund and other relief organizations. ·' MOTIF. PLATEBS CLASSED AS THEATRICAL WASHINGTON, July niece of 3Irs. Martin King of South Connellsville, and of -Mrs. George Swailop and Mrs. H. B. Pecn of Connellsville. On Wednesday her cousin, Grace Zimmerman, the four year old child of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Zimmerman, Jell at tbe home oi her aunt, = Mrs. Martin King, dislocating her col- j Picture players are classed, as 'legiti- lar bone. " j mat.e theatrical performers" in an or-: der announced today by Provost Mar-" snal General Crowder. or. Rev. . B. Purnell. fetors AVta Twice. :The ; Spring.Garden Stars of Dawson on the-Poumh twice defeated tayton oa the latters grounds, the morniBg score being '9-6, the afternoon, 6-6. Sent t» Jail. Clyde Miller, arrested lor shooting Mrs. Theressa Kuplner in both limbs at the-home.of her father', John Geisler of Lelsenring, on Tuesday, bas beer, committed to jail. He -will, be given, a ..hearing , ; befpre Alderman Mimic when the 'prosecutor is able ,tq..appear. . ." . . TW11 Oil State Road. state highway department Two Leave Forfeits. Two prisoners arrested for train riding and trespas^toB-i.on the 1 Baltimore Oliio raiirbad-'each paid » 53.50 forfeit and were released. Therr were no other arrests made.' . · -Se Oruen let Local Board for District No. .2 hag i 5s i lot yet recieved orders as to (he quote j making preparations for oiling the j of men who wflj-be sent to Csnrp L«i»( state road to Vanderbilt this sum-; in. the flre-day period beginning' nJBr'-a,gali . . ' '22. ' :

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