The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 5, 1918 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, July 5, 1918
Page 10
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PAGE TEN.. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNBULSVTUi], PA. FRIDAY, JULY 5, 191S. COKE CONTRACTS RENEWED ON TERMS OF THOSE . '. There "Wiia Jfo in Xarket Situation at Close of Midyear. EXTRA LOTS OF FURNACE Ti«ted CD to Frwride Agstast JLmy U- depenA«Mie Bay Slur I" Ship- "slrafir OsiMmfl B«eklre amd By- ft»dac* Prsdmaia Bo*» Sk Gala, Special t«Th« We«kly Co*n*T.. _; MTTJ3BURG, jfaiy 3.--Tt»_,pa»iag . .eir. th» midyear date has par- ticaUr change in to* coke market ait- f^imace coke' is chanKinx ssJsUairflilly-the same aa for- \ . nearly all of the few. contracts! jjaai eKpind Jame-3* basing been're- i ·ewed, and oa th* same terms, T3ie ' is»* '«rfo»d contracts, at prices abosw I I't^jet KsVU, were all mada tor .tbe; · 'assVsBdaar.'Tsar. · They nm. gnoeraHy .'sjiaktiit from 'ftJSt to J9JX). the- a«r-i , aaje beiac abont ?!. The major i '·jottjco of fl» coke »MO«in« at tbe; baa proved a trifle: jisere ilaalsTiil. bat «tdai» no stem -of i I ee*. be*a« iiiiaWiil tai general. a» tbe ' eftrrnaf«» fcc. om* tkm-pwt hew of-: {iw*..most.of thetr rarpros .coke. In: toon, tbenj-beina; an amplej of to» total ooipnt that beeo-lm. tie o»wae K.hotrs. -A j:jew contracts for laundry coke for |t*»aKassi.haI|.orthe,year wen rande i;Teeessttr. bsjt-.a lBce-*Krt ot tbe eon-; to be met by ft COKE TttAJDE Tlw request ot the Fuel Ad- mlDlAratloii that the Fourth . of July b« observed In ttie. coke region by keeping the ovens in full operation has been heartily assented' to * by the.wwrfeers sen.- erally and the . expectation -U- th»t the ' results ot the day will be in -the nature -of : a.- surprise. . proving, M soroe-'oMcp*; that the timployes kav% a deeper appre- diatiori ft the needs, of. the nour ; than 'they are . popularly .' ..supposed to .have. : "Organized ^effort was made ati-ttoe plants to brinff. 'the request of Tr.'Garaeld to .the attention of every man and impress upon him the necessity of at; work- in " order that the war pTosrraim be not hindered through any decrease in. the knpr ply. of coking: .coal .and coke! W*ii1« it. is expected 'that every plant hi the refriozi wlri. be -able to inake .practically z. full run, as fall runs, have -.recently -been. rated, the fear is. entertxined that tomorrow Trill, show an ebb in 'th« 'spirit :of -patriotism, par- ticalariy at -tbon plants hi .the Tichiityr.ol '"-whiclTTncnlcs, dances and other- functions are scheduled for. this. afternoon and .eve- Caar.aaoptr haMns; k«pt np to requjrerociita;. and th« workers 'hsnrintr 'dispfoyba "rather Tnore Industry. . than .usual.. .last week's' production, edged vp to S52.S90 tons, a gain, of 7.M tons over the week: preceding. -' Production ; . during"' the first. luOf was' 7,880,123' tons, or .1.361,481 too* befainci .ihe first half of 1517,. Indicating a rear'v prodoo-: tioo of about M.OW.MO tons. ·taaosi aswe been i tfca pact weak trjiisj to pick up »lota'Ot.eofce to make up for tbe . m iMjimnitB expected to , and bam boa moderate- etH PnetleaUy all the dh-ect between prodoeara ·tar In tbejregion to [loose sol!** that may appear. The jeoke broksra an doing.. Terr , little ·psjsJasc. · Tbe TnerVat remisina QOO^ [«Mt at tbe sst lim**, a loDoara: . STvnvse^ - T - _ . . _ y* *^ f*w«ldrj. T-tCT»T seleeud A study ot tke Dotted State. Geo- losjical Surrey's weekly reports a "cot*· production,during tbe first bait "of'the year reieela two or three interesting points in the statistic*. Then bad been expected a continuous in- · crease in prodnetioQ, but this -feardly be '- said to have oceorrcid. There we* very, low production · throughout January,' and then tnere wu a sharp and continued increase up to tbe middle of Starch. After that v there waa practically no Important ·'-variation in tlte total amount of coke .mad* in the country, tnere.being sab- itantially .a Uniterm race. Another m- , teresMns point i* that the production, 'of by-product coke merely showed ;^ene lac* swing, wtei a very steady Litae to the middle of March, ind an extremely slew riee thereafter, while ,. 'front week to week toe production of If teebiK coke sbowcdrather wide vari- . v '.Titee'-weie marked when bee- ^fhivt.eoke aione is coaJidereo, ba^ put- j tbe two ctaases 'tocetber tbe flue-' i : tMUtoos were lew marked. 'A. alight has been shown for beehive jWodisction to'decrease as by-product ifjrodoccott .inereeeed. -JMore of tail will probably be seen as new |by fjoduct aftarn frl into operation in , cenoal weet Tlw Colorjido Pnel ITOB compaoy la compietir* a by- plant,:and m that case there dODatasav-M stnspty ». sBbitttntttoo Jet the oo« proceea for tJ» otiMi. using The average .rate oi pnxhietioii, -beehive -and . by: In U» Ucited States in tbe two nobths bu been about 59 tons a year, which compare* urodworJOB of about afiJMQJWO in ISttT and a prodacHon ot Si,tots) in 13Q There aze vety lew tranoaetlons .in IteSl**'-toOB.' The merchant farn»M» are '"" ' _ _ ... · '· id -ttie PRODUCTION OF IRON AND STEE MAINTAINS THE PREVAILING RATE War AHMOte Weffl SBpplled Md Ac- Bewrveo; Blast Fnaace Costa Xauwsof; Hlgk. Spoetel to Tb« WcekJr Courier. GUARANTEED RELIEF for RHEUMATISM, 20th Century Liniment Guaranteed by the Con- nellsviUe Drug Co. and All Good Druggists . It goes riffht to the spot and brtnf H soothing relief. Just rub it on: It penetrates quickly--makes you format your pa^n and..misery in no^tiiii*. : Put it on lull' strength rigHt oilt of the.bottle, ' It does not bum,, stain or leave a-.greasy residue, but. it certainly puts ivn .«nd ; to all Rheumatic Pains, Lumbago, Sciatica. N«iraljria-and Pleur risy^Palns, It acts Quicker and better than anythihfr.-you .have ever tried. . 20tti ; Century "Liniment 'has .brought relief to -ithousands. of sufferera. ,It draws all the*p'ainful Btittnesa, soreness and swelling from Rheumatic joints NO MORE BONUSES TOBEAllt^ TO BE PAD) MINERS Fuel Administration Orders Practice to Be Diseom- tinned at Once. MINES TO BE CLOSED DOWN Ifiere Orenton Peistot to "intatkm ol tt« 5ew Bale; W« IAor. PoU- ota Board to Help the Co«l Opera- torn See«n Mere 3Bs» !«·«. THe Fnel Administration has placed the stamp of its disapproval upon the payment of bonuses to mine workers and has announced its intootton ol closing down the mine* of operators who' persist in adhering to. the practice. Ttie.action is the result ol a conference of operators from Central i and ilbei -It. BO 'surely and Eppeedily, -,H seems almost like nia«ric. A singrlft.ap- plication will prove it in almost every instance. - ' Remember, there is nothing .so pood for bronchitis, sore throat, stiff, neck, lameness or*sore : muscles,' and that-re- suits are guaranteed. If you don't find quick reliet,. take the bottle back 'to ·your . drupffiBt and - get your money barJc. "What ,this truly wonderful, liniment: has done for others it can do for you ;»!«.. -. '. ' · · · / . . . . 3t«ip In and eet'a bottle to*ay. The Connellavllle Driig Co.-. can supply you. HAHONAl 1EA6CE. Yesterday's Besnlu. - Morning .Games. PrtJtsbnrg 1; Cincinnati 0.; Brooklyn 2J New York 0. Philadelphia 2; Boston 1. "Ctlcagb 1; St Louis 0. Afternoon Games. Pltfabnrs 8; Cincinnati 4. iBrooklyn 4; New: York 1 Philadelphia 3; Boston 2. Chicago l;'St Louis 0. ·Ten dnnlngs. iTwolre Chteago Ne.y-Tor*.-- Philadelphia - Pittabarg.--- Boston -Brooklyn ,', Cincinnati St Louis i Clafes., W. Xj. -SL 19 ~43 23 -St 32 -32 34 -31 37 _28 37 39 · 42 _2S Pet .739 .652 .500 .485 .456: .«!li .SSI I .373 PennsylvacJa, held in Washington a few days ago, at which the recom- meodatida -sras made. The action of vrnnr i»w ·, Th ATM^^- the-operators had in tnrn been taken TOBK. Jury 3.--The Ameri- . _ ' . . . - ^ a warning from tn* J^»l. can Metaljiiarket and Daily Iron *. S^faatiTM that the bonus sy«em Steel B«port wiU reriew the steel anil WM uu-eatening to unsettle tbe labor Schcdnle. New ToA at: pittsborg. . . Chicaeo at St liools. LZASUE. iron'trade tome now as follows: Erodaetion of pig iron and steel eontinuea at approximately the rate Mtberio prevailing, which Is fairty 'sadatactory considerg all tbe ditfi- sitmttiDn It was s the ] the TpipiTig industry. own at the'conference that of sncb bonuses threaten* the entire labor ssteaflon soft cos.1 fleWa ot tbe Jl tbe distribution ot to cnntraet castomers, after the nut's allocations be*t; been ·fOt» oi The runtaces -ire .'ex- ''fjrtmftnr »o»ne dMBcalty^in ODrerJ " full ;i»e*erence list j»rescrlh|ed by I. "Wax Intustrtes Board . Jane 6, ·as nearly all the turnace* making. Bessemer or baste iron, fS : 1W:Jcohicdoo of'tomtdry grades be- -"··- ' "lit The steel-works are · mere or tew short ot iron, out · of the fwrodrtee have f*ir sized A meettnc nt the American pnHron Aseociatlon was heW .fa Pitla^ lying, last Tridar, to-dtocnss the untor- ' Blast furnaces in. a few districts are experiencing very high costs, and measures are being considered by the American Pig Iron.' Association to af- ftwd relief. The great maSirity of blast furnaces have an adequate mar- din of profit and there is little sentiment in fa*or of.taking care, of ooet furnaces by advancing the general ^schedule ot prices. It remains the prospect that Iron and steel prices win not he revised upwards to/any Important-instance at any time;: Conditions as to costa are expected to,be improved as measures- taken at Washington, both as to "work or ngJrt" and as to ntOizaUon by employers of the federal employment service. i situation of some ·.in. Tenneesee and 'Virgin- wtdch. ham especially high, coats, 4t:\djne cfai^fly- to labor conditions, .and '; another meetmg T»iH be held late this J-'week to Cleveland. The marliet re-, at the set Kmlts, as , 3 roundrjr ................ .J33.00 leablQ 1 -.-- ......... -- ........ T33.50 forge .. . ---- . - .......... : J32.00 -.Thc-ie prices are f. o. b. fztrnace. from the to , _,«rg was 95 cents up to May 22, when tf..'Jt became ?1.15. this rate obuaininK " a^ll an advance to $1.^0 occarred line 25. . . :. ' |f S»* PerwjtttsJ. Tbe Faer Admnrivtration hail ruled P:-that coal consigned,to, or divei-ted to, 'l*T. or throogh the atate fnel aihninis- :Ktrator of MaiirlMi* at or west,:ot:tbe »Scmnber^uid. gateway is-not "dtvertecV i coeJ^wahti th*7meanlns of **(;order, ToT tbe .?uel Administration 'of Jan- "r,'14. 1918, and-shippers oil such are not entitled to coileet the ante per ton permitted a»,a re- eharre. [.tie advertistinscdumns a*.Tke To* will fl*d lisim, culties of the ffituation. Dis«iib«ttion | countrr and ls Jn direct violation of is proceeding smoothly nnder the reg- I tt .-reement, made in \vlaahingtOB olatioias.. The more important war " " ' * * . · · " ' .- . - ..-- .-- actfaties, shipbuilding and sb«Jl- considored the most important, are w«ll supplied with steel, with, occasional exceptions, and are on October i, when 46 cents a ton for increase was allowed on the of soul, and which to »)lko both'the operators and the accumulati portJoas of the reserves that are regarded essential to safety. Supplies of steel remaining fall far short of covezias the entire preference list, to the extent of fundshtng tnU quotas equal to con- somjitive capacity, ot by reason of de existence of considerable stocks in the hands'of moat manufacturing cancmnera little hardahip Is being perienced. . · : ' Under the teat of four weeki practice the prefereoee list it foond to be -Quite comprehensive, toaving bat. little tonnage oottide, and tbe problem of talftug eare of the ence list : jiroes tie reverse of easy As, to .te Hoes of consumption omitted., they are in many .cases fairly well: provided with stocks, and it ii onderstooa'tbai no. objection, will "be made at Wasiiagtcm to tbe distribution of small quantities of steel cal- culaied'to "round oat stock* and permit the stock to be utilized, tbie fur- a bosineae sttmoloB. FURTHER IMPROVEMENT NOTED IN BY-PRODUCT OPERATING CONDITIONS Better Coal and I«bor Stapply Beport- ei for t%e. Country-as a TChsle; Omttat Xtmrtmg 4MvNO Tew. Operating - conditions in tne byproduct industry improved further tlurtng the week ended June 22, the plants being operated at 89.5 per .cent of their present capacity as against S8.5 per cent dnriss the week of June 15, says the;weeily report of C. E. Lesber of the United States Geoloz^- cal Survey. OFor : the week to* pro- dnction was 4f3,52 tons, from ovens baving a capacity, of 546,972 tons, ai compared, with 484^90 tons from ovens hovhig-a capacity of 547,470-tona ring tbe week of June 15. A better sirpply-of by-product coal and improved labor conditions are reported for .the country as a wboleV while repairs to plants caused. sflght- lr greater losses than ctaring the treek preening. .- . . Material improvement was rerort- ed by operators in Indiana, Kentucky. a»d Tennessee while operators in' Alabama,: New Torfc and .the western states leport the only material' de- Beehlre coke prodnctton ta a« United States during the week end-: lug Jinx? 22.' inehjdrac the Connellsville; Gri and Latrobe dt*-. tricts, wai estimated at 604.JOO. tooii 7 aa acatiist 661,000 tons during tho preceding, week, or a Ion of 57,000 Verckama who adv*rtii» tbrtr (oodi Tte Daily Coarkr. BesBlts. Morning Games. . Cleveland 4; St Loots 2. Boston 11; Philaderphia 3. New York 7; Washington 0. Chicago 7; Detroit 6. Afternoon Games. Washington 4; New York 3. Philadelphia 2; Boston 1. Cleveland 9; St Louis 8. Chicago 2; Detroit L Standiag of the Clabft. W. mine .workers. In connection with the abolition of the bonus system the information comes from -Washington that the War Labor Policies Board, after August 1, win help coal .operators to secure labor. Coal, however, must take its relative rankV»of third ander the scheme of priority in the distribution of labor; shipyards and Aterials for shipbuilding coming first, railroad materials for necessary repairs second and monition plants and war supply industries fourth. No coercive measures win be employed in the rettistribattoB ot such labor, it was stated; but raw .materials, are to be withdrawn from industries turning out non-war products, and labor so employed wffl be aasUt- . ed in reaching places where. It can . best nerve the country from a war- j helrtnK standpoint , I Operators generally approve ot the | determination to put a shs to the , pernicious bonus system. Repeated | effort? hare been made since the coal i situation became actrte to have the practice discontinued. Those operators who were opposed to the pay- ; ment ot 'bonusee,* Mid who realteed | the dangers that would follow a continuance of the system, were often obliged to resort to it in self-dtfense. The effect was to add largely to the, cost of production and to place a premium, upon the smiting of men nbooffrom plant. By the public the operator who paid the bonus and the miner whs, accepted or demands it has been as unpatriotic as they have been greedy, hence both have been tainted with profiteering of a most reprehensible.kmd. Clavelmd --: New York _ Boston _ Washington . Chicco ' St. Louis -Detroit Philadelphia -43 _38 _34 _34 -2S Pet .573 .567 .563 .53-1 .493 .472 .412 .373 Today's Sekedde, New York at Washington. Boston at Philadelphia TOw to Those who KlvtrtiW Courier. IB The Dairy TELLS HOW TO GET BACK OLD TIME AMBITION Discoverer instruct* druggist* everywhere not to take a cent of anyone's money unless Bio-fercn double* energy, vigor and- nerve force in two week*. 7 A DAT FOR 7 DATS SNYDERTOWN LOSES TTest SMe ]BlUei» AM Anottec Tie- tory Winning Gnme.Wi. The W,est Side Hilltops won another; victory "yesterday afternoon when the JSnydertowiT team was .defeated 9-8. The game was played on tbe fielti at.Trotter. The Hilltops scored three runs in the first inning,' and then Snydertown took the lead until the fourth frame when the score stood tied 7r7. In the fifth round the Hilltops added two more tallies and never lost the lead. '.;' . Smitke pitching for the W-est Side had five .strikeouts and Schrock for Snydertown bad 6. The-score by innings: Snydertown ..... ,,tt 4 1 2 0 1 0 « 0--8 'AST man or woman who finds that tfctr ars ro1na* backward, ars not M stronr » Oi*r used to be, bav* lost eonndsnc* la thdr abUltr to aocom- pllsn thlncs, sx* nervous and nut down ·houM tsks two Sio-ttrm taMMa «fUr..| ·aeb mea) and on* at b«dtlm«. 8«v%n a OSJF for s«v«a days. Tb«n taks on* «Tt«r each mml until Ik* npptr Is *xhs4ut*d. . . Then 1C your n«rvousnew Is not gon«w it TOO da not led twico ss stronc and imvcMto ·· b*for*. II your slacfflslt AlsposltMa ha not k«*n chaacM to- a vlvorons setlv* on*, back th* WBI ** take (etSfaesiTwltnoat. eosanxnTM Me matur what CTCIIIIS. worrr-- ovsrwcrk--too macfi tobacco or sJoohot --h«»» w*ak*n«d your body .ind wrseksd your nerv«s. aay taicfist arwher«'is-au(iiorlMi4 to refund rour oa nqusct f£...Bio-fsrMi. ths »lsmai«r of Wood, muscli and _ DM mat *· lost what le datmed «or it: .' Is no ·West Side 0.0 4 2:0 0 0 x--9 STMJDNCnOHWiaS Clrr Stars lose to Craek Coke :-. : Town Agsregaflo*.; Star Junction walloped the Payetle Cfty aggregation at Star; Junction last Tuesday in an interesting' game, the-flrial 'score being .S-3. .Star Junction.; has developed a crack team and out of seven games played only one das been lost -Last Saturday, a'15^ iuing. vgame was played wifi California with the score 1-1: The game was finally called on account o f . darkness. The! score by innings: Payette C3ty 1 0 0 2 0 0 D C 0--0 Star Junction-- 0 1 0 0 1.1.32 x--8. 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