The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 5, 1918 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, July 5, 1918
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

EftGB NINE. THE 7OOO EMPLOYES ONE OF AMERICA'S BIO NDUSTRi MADE NEW YORK'S FINANCIAL DISTRICT THE MONEY CtWRE OF THE WDRLDAMD HAS GIVEN AMERICA A DOMINANT POSITIONI IN THEDEVELOPEMENT OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE N HE Ur.VELUrtNttrL_ THE BECONSTBUCTION OF CITIES OESTBOttO BV WAR WILL BEOHE OF THE FIRST OF- THE TASKS OF PEACE. CVASTATED TOSS 'ATMUflAOt OFANj iNE : SUPPLY Of R4.W M A T E . .-. . BC.OF.-THt UTMOST WLOE WAR By FRANCIS H. SIMON, Pmiduit Quantity Trwt C*m- patty of Mn York. i th* chaos ot war then Is b*tta ·ad food. At flm tight th* *rsi m I* so Manifest that talk of beoe- MCBW she«r Irony. !·. ·OMJ tin hu ·Imdy e*M at l*a«t · h*»- stmi*Bsj at ttws km Vie* · trfl '·* AM '»·*· l*i 'nsitsss, · fattr* centric* have b*u i'l*M warn, Tk* panplMmallSi ot bo*l. 'MM hu b**a Mrappcd. Mui'smltimd* /i*«tt* haw b*m almdeswd. ao4 »ew | on**, to Dw*t tMspemj MMla, has*. ! NmrthctaM, tMt* as* MjfcUa id. 'TtMagM to which »r»«siis *f r*«**n. [Bon wid rrn fttmtn tarn* prsspsrt' .ty. The war has M»m tadutitwi* uid Batten* ip * :OF THE /GREAT INDUSTRIES . ...ATWIULB ·AT LEAST , THE. WAG- resource* never before known. Lox- ury and Mse-lovlng peoples have tit- come frugal and Industrious. Universal thrift has become a necessity. Naatrat .'remarries. DO ioncer. able to Import DeceMirtea, art developing tfcelr own fields and mines. They are Itfereulni their mntifactures and de- »«Jop»njt tbelr foreign trade, W« nra ·Btertn; upon an age at enterprise anil : prviwration, cot unlike that of th« BanUaaaaea, at tne closa, of laa KUola Ajts, ; T»» Or« peae* taak will bo the. So- aMbtUaaelof) at tba mat war roncfclnnl and to* roamncaoxiit of aocltty on a baidi which taa war, whttovar Ita ontcome, will b»v» unavoidably made .different from the old pre*war standard. ' · Bow great Is this problem of readjustment Is Illustrated by tne estimate that S,'i,000.000 men are under arms or directly connected with military and naval service. Bow many more, In- clodlnj women, are engaged exdnstve- ly In war work It Is Impossible to estimate. Then there are the millions wbaat energies are .directed tavanis ·uoplylttg foods Md service* ^needed only became so many own aad woman B»»e been withdrawn frem production aad distribution, So while .the daBobUiauloa at the At this time, when all the nation* of \h« world mre riving thourfat to their «otnae»rctaL financial and Industrial conditions after ttw war. It behooves the United Sttea also to talce stock ot the future. Whether peace [9 one ycr or flve yeara away, It mual txtro* eventuallT. Bualncss, however, will probably never again conform to pre-war staiulardn. Whether the United States la to be a well integrated part of the newly organised economic body depends almost ·mirely upon ibe step* which we DOW take to prepare for the adjustment of OKI buatnesa to tbe contllttoxiv that will .prevail after tba war. To aaimt In locuaific publte attention upon the very preaaLng and bntnoiilte need tor fflvlg Berione thought to our economic future, tbla' newspaper haa arraftcad wjtb ttte Guaranty Trust Company of New ?ork tor the publication ot a lerlea ot authoritative anicb* «n the coo^itioni brau0ht about by the war Ut tala ad other ceuaud«!i, and tb« atepi whlob are b«lne taken to meet thvm. a«d to prepare lor the fature. THK BDITOR. actual fljrbtera la a huge problem, tho tnaud all .the. wisdom ot mankind. dasaobltlaatioQ of tbe war taUnstetea Moreover, for Europe especially, mant I* an eaa rreater ont, .\EhlcS will da-jcama the parlod ot .rebnlUUns and re- . .. _ of peace. Tbe needs of every European country along'these lines must be studied. But with tills period of reorganization sneeeKsfmiy passed, the nations affected by the war foresee a new. era of prosperity. Countries debt are planning to reduce Ibelr obligations and eventually capture tbe balance ot trade. They are planning intensive cultivation of tbe soil, enlargement of Industry, development of their merchant marine. While America's rebuilding and de- rely light, and she will accordingly nave an ' ' . w ,. HHr ^-~--y idons .TrtlKaiso' hav v / certain material' advantages; 'One-.ofi' these will- be the imietus-',glven by] tiielr-cctossal national debt»,"wnich -will spur them to redoubled effort* TOward a o.uick .upbuilding oi: their lorelgij trade. I They will have- colonies rich Iq. raw nJaterials, which Have developed durtognhe last three yetrs a higher def: grse. of productive efJcSency. The.v; wilt have an Intimatf acquaintance v;ltli,tbe-conduct of foreign trade ana at least a.Jramework ot an -orcanlzaE tloh lor perfecting It. They will hav«j. a' system-of foreign lit.nks with staffs; of traiued men. They will have a dot gree of governmental assistance and:, support, hitherco, at least, unknown to American traders. ; . " .' ~ ·'· r But' America lias certain otherVadJT. ; vantages over them. She has a hagep gold reserve on which to build 3Wllt£ sufficient not only for oar own eiilerJ; prises, but also to give foreign-ald£ We-Have a banking system cbaracter-t soma.of our rival nations; as(: Ideal, 'a system' lending Itself taC.thej: extension of American financial hoosesj: abroad. In this.a beginning.has beent made, not"_settlrjg'up, brancht . banks nnd foreign: offlccs,-bnt-alsd,*pyp organlzjng commercial.banks, :.-. ." ft · · " ' Then, too,' 'Aiaerica~has"arform-7ofp. . .government in :wbicn''neT':cdBzens:h'e- ~ " Ileve. Other'. nationB.generaJly^nrjder-p ,stand tliat'sbe.has-no terrilioriaMm-i; . Maoris. : Finally,' tuts:-conntry^lsrnetfc likely" lo..he cursed .withJ..ths.";olassj:; struggle; ::.....::,,. :.'.--'..·'....::"::v.""~"".:' g " . -Bcoriomleiiny, heVrposiaon' ls'"s6Ud.| With an Immense and varied popnlfi-t tiMi, she is u'ssrired'of. a richness'andl__ variety of productive 'efforts" thatj_ rightly directed, should "give her'pre-"' eminence. Sbe has an abundance 6f antilled farm land," IndtatosHble]^ mines, rich 'forests "and ampTe wafcrj supply. Our inventive genius is pro-l verblal. And we -shaU .Kav«:at:thE|.£- close of. the ivnr_. a. merchsjit-jnarine/ - ·" such as America ir any other nation! '.. bas never before known. -And yet, while every otter great na-j '-_. don Is attacking" Its ftture "prepara- - tlons under carefully' organized gov-} -^ ernmental direction, we In the'TJnitedi ^ States are logging behind." There has) . been so for no organized undertaking] -of tbe 'problem of reconstruction as" a| 1 . whole on the part of the Governmentl r While it may le fniriy assumed that! "'such departments as those of th« 4 Treasury, Inteiior, Agriculture, Com-! r- merce and Labor are-devoUng much of) ± their time to reconstruction measures,} ~ there Is as y«t-no-fl§3ency*or the" ~~ ordination of tbelr findings -and: suggestion of general poUdes; it be Congress ttself, a. porely r body. ' While up-to-the present time imfivld.}.-. rtyta, ; corporations:: and . «Bsotf«tt6osj:"t have done a great deal In the ,desultor| ry, detached sort.of way,.no^jncdium! for tae iDterchange rf opinion or for' co-operattre effort bos been created.! This country seena not, yet to have! sensed the tact that tb«-d«y of iml!-' vidual effort! and purposes, u dlsdn-; gnlsced from eo-operattoa «od pobtici -service, has passed; that tbe-war has- cstabUshed not oalr f» interdepen-j deoce of ncaons, bait-also tbe lntertie-1 peodence of l»d!tldna)(i and classes.] tbat eo«3xaon^xbd«rstajaH£ing, COCIH RMri M\_nnA*tt+ti..^ ··« to be the nel and ar« At Theatiras XHK "THE lOBBTDDBIN PATH."--A flr» jcrt Tsot yrodnctloit In wMch Theds Bar*, tit* famcoa sown Mtsr, runs the KdBBt oi all human uxptiiencea,' Is betas; ihowB today. IB this sup«r .Miss Ban, ttnaBke* the productions in which she baa b««i sppooilng and rstoras to a story ot contemporary life, sad ccn-li- tlons. She appears In tha role of Mary Lycde ,vho first ant a rllm- mor of hope .come Into hw bedrag- aflcd life wben an artist uks her to PCS* a* a model for palatine a Ma- dcnaa. At this ntudlo she meet* Hob- the othiir itronsly English, an irell as vrlta'the 'adreotures ol Mil Ingol- uy; who'is'one of the three men. in lore wtUi Cliarming Fleda Druse, the heroine, · . OViLIAHS WITH RED CROSS SETS ASKED TO TURN THEM OVER ert Stoelalr. a wealthy town, who Immediately'; about new ' Wonec, Wlio Toll Ceaselessly, Com- pbti ol Improper Use of Com- · ierts for Soldiers. "Women knitting outfits for the Red Cross have corn-plained to'.Gouhty Chairman J. Fred Kurtz about civil-' tans wearing articles made- by them. " " has developed that men of cona«KM in tts pretty Hrl. »-»? « the camps, and having o TM aa» one oa tat have sent some Mary goes oat with Sinclair. It Is the ° their kniUed articles home to their st.ry of so m»y working girls. He »«"'· O*»« e « s promises to marry her but he does ! f"* 3 net. Sh* leeks refuge among the ' dreis of the popuhice. There the artist finds ht-r once more« Agia he asks her to pose for him, this time 'tor » portrait to be entitled "Sin." ' She meeta again the man who had caused her downfall. Sinclair Is about to be married. Mary threatens j blackmail, and he pays her money. Then Mary tells the whole story to Barbara and the' betrothed, sympathetic, plans with)her to get revenge on Sinclair. The denounement gives Miss Barm some of the fluent, opportunities for acting. Mary refuses to marry Sinclair and later marries .the »pectfu!ly siuawst that any man in the service who receives duplicate articles of tha kind mentioned, tura oyor the extra ones to tha Red Cross lor' redistribution .Instead of presenting' · them'TO frieada; and that such.per-] sons who have received inch articles or 'garments up to this time do th6 Prittstown. PRITTSTOWN, July 5.--The Mount Carmiil United Kvangellcal Sunday-school held their annual picnic at the Ore' Mines yesterday where an all-day celebration was held. A large turnout of the school waa pres- j ent and the day was enjoyed by all. | Miss Mabe 1 . Faith entertained a | number of her young friends at her home on Saturday evening. The: evening was« : spent in games and other amusements and at. 10.30 an elegant lunch was .served.' Tbe follo.wing were present: Misses Charlotte MI1- ligan, Mary Malinda Gradler, Eva Freed, .Mary Hough, Grace Mardis. training have" since been physically rejected, and one-their return home i Flora DaTis - Ora , ,, , have kept the outfits. It Is request- |Detwiler, Lacartha Bel^.Minta Dale . ed that: they be' tamed la to the Red ! pritta ' . Panel, Ruth Homer Cross :Eor redistribution.. Chairman' artist. Miss Bara is.ably tupported able articles upon leaving. *y Hugh Thompson, as Ro'oert Sin- elnjr, Sidney-Mason,' as Felix BeBa- Tents, and other stars of unusual excellence. A selected comedy is Included. THE soissoir. The Forry L. Brott Stock company that has been appearing at the Sols- son theatre for the past two weeks, Is becoming : more popular every day. The vaudeville acts that are presant- ed In Stock- "With love in their hearts and p-~ foundly appreciative of the splendid spirit prompting the young mon ot A-neriwi to serve their country arid the-, world, the women of Fayette county/toil ceaselessly and willingly In . the; preparation of comfort garments .fof the departing soldiers, each man being presented "by the Red Cross with a sw-oater arid certain other, si "Unfortunately, some . few . of the men so'provided.'are^.rcjected.-aTid ce- tnrned'home aftCT .reaching! camp, again becoming civilians, arid, without farther need of:the articles presented them by the Hed Cross. It is, because they have no '-'further; nso : for.,these knitted.-articles, -and- because" we are confident',the'y ; will' -understand the real reasonVfor the fepuest, namely, that other :.departing^ soldiers'"might be uoutatted. with 'them', that -tie rer finest is made of' not. retiLined conjunction with ,tho Brott j in, the'.'se'rvice that · they: immediately" company met with instant. return, to. the. Hed Cross: branch oi favor and added greatly to the enjoy-1 auxiliary whlch'ontntted them an of .. ._ _-_,_^ . -. these artleles:-; , " . ; . ' V , - - ; . . . , - " i ,' "In so domg, .they will .demonstrate their appreciation;-of..H-aktiwas. djjae, '"-'"·'--·*--· Bvidenc'e th'sir,'loyalty ment of an. Toiight the company ' present a change of bill, and the offering will be » laugh-provoking comedy entitled "Jessie Jamas." There will be an added attraction In presenting a .novel and .unique Cama- tecr prize contest which will furnish barrel of laughs to those who are tacky enough to atten. THEATEE. "THE WORLD TOR SALE."--A rtory th»t breathes the very essence M the out-of-doors and the charm of tfl'Sf lor*, togethernrith a lov«-story ot unuwuil interest is. Sir Gilbert rark*rs "The World for Salii" dl- for 'them and' patriotism; - ccasioaaloaally, ' one inan will. gat' s. number of tiie- same garment, through the Red Cross, and irom 'friends;'and ^ it .frequently hap^- jpens thai the duplicates are.s»nt back* home by such soldier^ to civilian friends, who, in the wearing of same, create adverse · comment arid rascon- tent, for perhaps the sweater;being · worn by a. civilian, aft borne is one i that .some loyal -woman has labored j i and tolled in. the making for a. sol- ·"--'- "-- - use, and which she Red Cross for that Maude Glassburn, James Louis and Bell, Charles Shaffer, George .Atkinson, Eoy Hide- hour, Rue Hale Pritts, Joseph Gradler, Ray Heuser, Messrs. Zuck, Poole and Silliman, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Eckman of Scottdale; Mr, and Mrs. William Faith. aud sons and daughter. Miss Mabel. Miss Pearl Wright .returned .Sunday from a 10-day, vacation spent witi friends'at Mill-. Run. . r ;.. Sirs.,Jesse Rough spent Sunday kt Mount-' Pleasant.with, her uncle and aunt,'Mr. : -.ahd Mrs. Jacob Leasure. .· Mr. and Mrs. "Abram Jiidenour and daughter, /Beulan,' re.turned ; Sonday evening from a week'siVacation spent at New; York; and Trenton,. N. J. , Mr.-.:and. : -5irs. Fred . 'Campbell of Jnhiata,'.were r here over." Sunday', with, the;.family of-, their da'ugfiter. "'Mrs. Charles-Ridenbur. . - : · ' . : ' - " . ' '·Mr..i.nd.LMrs;. Samuel Marflls 'and children -"motored to Saxton, Bedford county^'and are' spending the"we'ek th'ere.with friends. - . ,'' ·.'. '·· " "Mi.- and Mrs. Raymond B; MciB'eth of Pltts'burg. and. Master. James- Brady j were:here over. Sunday with their par- j ents, Mr: and Mrs. Jofin'Milllgan.' ..Grace Hichter. o£::'BncKhahnbn- hei'e. for. .the l.weftk. ; with. .her-, grandparents,";Mr.. and Mrs. J.;I* Freed; : · Charlotte-'Mijligan,.-is -.spending i a: few.--days :in,Pittsburg with the family ,'of her. cousins,'.Misses Edna.and Ethel Tfnittin.gton aiid- oth'ec^frlen'ds: Mr. arid Mrs.. Kmanuel Dannecker and' ,daughter : .of Scottdaje- ; returned to.-.their home .Monday/after, a ['.week at. the home of'their parr ents; Jlr; and Mrs/.'-Atirani- Ridenour. reefed by J. Stuarr. Blackton The purpose, and that only Acting on a scenes are l»!d in Canada and daal \ recommendation just wared from tbe wlta the fen? between two small,Hed Cross national headquarters, the towufilp*. ·« a JYeBch Canadian, I Fayette County chapter would re- ON WHEATLESS IUKi$ vo. MO rerjui cuaxtv JOODS OQHTAUONG FOR The-Greatest Price Reduction Ever Offered This Season on Women's and Misses' Wearing Apparel COATS, SUITS and Up to $32.50 Values for .. .$25.00 Women's and Misses' Polin Suits .... '.^. ' $27.50 Women's and Misses' Silk Taffeta Suits$32.50 Women's and Misses' Men's Wear Serge Suits $25.00 Women's and Misses' " Coats- ' - ' .. r i" ~ .~.'--..'TMt ,, SIS- SIS $15 $28.50 ^Women's and Misses' Silk Taffeta Dresses . . $22:50 \yomea;s and Misses' Silk Crepe de Chiue Dresses _.. . $27.50 .Women's and Misses' Georgette Dresses 1 ._:_ $21.50 to $28.50--only one of · a kind--Coats, Suits, Bresses Men's Union Suits $1.00 and $1.25 Values. Athletic styles, short sleeves , fine quality Balbriggan, 7Q/ special for - ' "** "A Men's Work Pants Values, $1.09. Made UL good serviceable materials, also good heavy khaki, Special! $1.00 and $1.50 Corsets Discontinued jstyles of finest grade Corsets, mostly all sizes and styles. 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