The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 16, 1939 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 16, 1939
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, MARCH 1C, ·J UK UAiLiV UUOKlBiK. UUJS'NJiLiL.SVJ.JLJjJl.. FA. PAGE FIVE. ACCIDENT CLINICS BEING/ Songstress Arrives HELD BY MOTOR POLICE I. C. Hi-Lites i May 1 ISoiTou $ri? The three, in lie wmnei* of thc Klks' essay content or. "Wlvt Amcr- 1 icanism Means to Me" were Catherine Oonvir, first pn/c. $50; Mculha ]Lipo.skj. .second pi uc. S23: Charles ; Kaylor. t h u d prut. S10. A'.l tnree ! loans. Those who entered the con' le^l .ind did not win a prize arc to 1 be congiatulatcd jo: the splendid display of *port.-.marship 10 the w i n n e r s . Movie Fricta.\. ' The entire "tudenl body attended j ti ;no\ je Friday mommy. The mo\ le, I "The Path of Love," illustrated the j life of St. Francis Assist. PITTSBURGH. Mar. 10.--The i State Motor Police have set up traf- | fie clinics '' i Pittsburgh and Fhiladcl- j pliia to discover why "lopcalcts' in i automobile accidents occur. To find thc answer to the question why Mr. Jones can drive a cai for , 10,000 miles without an accident, 1 while his next door neighbor. Mr. Smith, has two accidenN during 8.000 miles of driving, thc police arc summonin;, "accident vcpenlc; t,." those who have been involved in more than one accident during 1- months. They arc given an exammj- tion which tests their vigilance in braking and steering, vision, reaction to glare, colo'. 1 perception and speed estimation. When the-e tests arc made the ofll- 'jcrs hnve fairly complete information \ hy Mr. Smith took two t i u c k fenders with him. Most trouble. Slate troopers 'have found, is caused by % isual defects. Visual trouble is remedied by trea'- mcnt by an eye specialist. When the "repeater" is called before the police stall, he is put at Ivs case as the troopets talk in quiet j s a Kc( , overVi Kathleen! voices. When Mr. Smith is at case he Kalhlem p ock stallcr. a sophomore is taken acioss the room to an '".-I Jass , , s , n Connellsville Stole Hospital strument called thc Tenctometer. · recovel . inf , Irom an ;lp pcnchcitis oper- Smith sits in thc drivers seat, with alion- The [iVCuUv and lhc c . n , uc| his hands on a steering wheel and Ins studenl body ui , h ' hel . ., spL . L . dy ,,. foot on an accelerator. On thc l n ~ ' c o v e i y strument board before the driver arc 1 ' red and green lights and a miniature, who , s jj ui i (!ins . cabins? highway scene. An aivow on the Sevoral 11O n-mathcmalics Undents road scene marks thc -spot whore, OVCThedl . d . t i esson o£ thc Ulgo . Smith's car should be. nometry class. Now the four inmates "Now," the officer says, "suppose of lh| _. cjjs! . , a i , accusl;d ot building .you are driving along this highway "log" cabins. Foi all whom it may i and a child runs out into thc street.! concern tho "trig" students \vish to Thc -!d light's flashing will indicate make known that they were not the hazard. You step on the brakes. | building houses, but wei e finding the the child runs back and you start up j logarithmus of number again. The green light indicates you ; are to continue. Meanwhile, the pic- '. Yc.irbook progrr!sinK. ture of the highway will move back, Thc i, t C iaiy work of the yearbook,' and forth and you must keep the ar- whicn js m chargc O f lhe senior class, row in thc correct position by mov- u progressing rapid!;.. Alt students; Ing the steering wheel, as 3ou would arc do i rlg thelr best to make the 1 when driving yojr own car." edition one ot the best ever published ' A bell sounds, the highway moves b y a sen.or csass. The junior class is crazily from sid" to side and green, llso u . or king diligently with the and red lights flash. Each time 1 financial end of the yearbook. They Bob Hove Sports Kditor. Bob Hoye has been n.unec! spoi ts i editor foi the ycaibook edition ol the "Immaculata." He is especially fitted i for this position as he lakes an acti\e i pait m all of the spoils of tnc school. Karen Mane Ccrknl of Warsaw, Poland, sister of Kirston Flapstad, Metropolitan Opera soprano, is pictured as she arrived in New York on the liner Batory to spend A month with the famous smircr. Mrs. Cerkal in also n 'lOprnno, and has sung on the radio in America. tCentral Press) Job Won by 11-Mile Hike. CLEVELAND. Ohio. Mar 16.--A wcaiy 11-mile hike insured a job for Lt'onaul Fol.sun\ Ik- trudged (.he distance from his home to thc office of Police Judge Joseph A i t l to p l e a d ) for return of his d i i x e r ' - ; license so that he ini^hr accept a job Judge Art! retuined the license and back home Woman. 100, Honored. BOZEMAN. Mont. Mar. tU.--Mrs. Mary E. Sabm, \Uiose giandfather fought under George Wavlnr.gton. has celebiatcd her t(!(lth birthday here. She was born in S.indU'-ky. N". Y., Febiuniy 0, 1839 She leccived con- Rratulatory mos^af.cs from President Roosevelt and Vice-Pi evident Gainer. Smith fails a test, the result corded. The system used heie was developed by W. J. Simon, tinffic expeit of Harvard University, and Harry R. DeSilva of Yale University. are having "ads " much success with then Odd Occurrence Listed As Cause Of Transit Crash Sole Uoj* Winner. Chiii leb Kiiylor, the third pnzc winner of the essay content, is the only boy who won a prize. Tne three prize winner'; ot both Conneilsvillc and Dunbni Township High schools were gii U. MARTINS FERRY, O., Mar. 10.-A coincidence which has happened killed, and Elwood Reese, operator of the other car, Coroner Clyde Hardesty said testimony at an inquest revealed the two cars entered switches a mile apart at the same instant. Be- causes both switches were grounded simultaneously, both cars were shunted to the same track. A heavy fog limited visibility to 75 feet at the time ol the accident, Dr. Hardesty said, and neither operator had time to slop his car before the crash. A Pleasant Hour. The students enjoyed a pheasant hour of muMc Monday afternoon J. M. Van Zont, for three years n , " upl1 ,° Cr P«dew C r s ki. gave a i='^ -r "r TM T r "'· were elected Wednesday morning. They are: President, Margaret White; vice-president, George Monser; secretary-treasurer, Betty Clifford. Thc class rnotto chosen was "If We Rest, We Rust.' Hoffs Fattened on 1'runes SAN JOSE, Cal., Mar. 10--Prune- fed hogs soor. will be the latest delicacy which California will have to offer American gounrmets. It has i just been developed that "grade C" three times switches.' PTM 11 ? 5 ea " ^ P'°ritably converted were entered simultaneously by cars traveling in opposite directions happened in daylight and the operators were able to prevent an accident. Revival Meetings At Breakneck Will Continue Nightly into hog food. Cleveland Sees Tuo Mill inn. I CLEVELAND, Mar. 10.--Harold H. Burton, mayor of Cleveland, has predicted that the city will reach thc 2,000,000 population mark by 1B65. Rccept census estimates show 1,250,000 persons in Greater Cleveland, and 925,000 exclusive of 43 suburbs. The revival meetings being con-', ducted at the Bieakneck Church ot! God will continue with Rev. Joseph Hull delivering the gospel messages. Large attendances have marked thc meetings so far and Rev. G. W. Byrnes, pastor, extends an invitation to the public to attend. Services are held every evening beginning at 7:30 o'clock. "My Skin Was Full of Pimples and Blemishes from Constipation" says Verna Schlepp: "Since using Adlcr- ika th,c pimples arc gone. My skin is smooth arid glowo with health." Adlenka \vashes BOTH bo\\els, and relieves con- btipation that so often aggravates a bad complexion. Union Drug Company, and Burns Drug Stoic.--Advertisement. Xoiv Jliiy IVt'iir FALSE TEETH W i t h Uttle \Vorrj Eat, talk, Iau f ;h or sneeze u Icar o£ Insecure ,'nlbc teeth dioppihn slipping or wabbling FASTEETH hold. platet. firmer and irore comfortably This pleasant pov,dcr nah no gummy, gooey, pasty tjiste or /eelln£. Doesn'i cause nausea It's alkaline non-acid) ChecJcb "plato odor" (denture breath) Gel FASTCETH at an drug bVorc.--Ad- vertisement. WHAT Does Your Home NEED? 9 Roofing O A biff selection of all ts'pcs. Guaranteed rooiinfi: at very low prices. 9 Lumber B For interior and exterior use. Also siilcboard, wall board and roofing. , 9 Millwork 9 Window s, sasli, entrance and interior doors and other quality millwork. ~9 Supplies ij^ A conipleli; stock of all tlie best ImililitiK supplies at .1 real Seville. Stone Work 15 -- I'HOXK -- 17fl» Two Yards: .UcCormu-k AUMUI*' N o r i l i A r c h '·Slroct NEVER UNDERSOLD NEVER UNDERSOLD 5c LIGHT HOUSE CLEANSER 10c SHOE LACES Itlsx-k or Hrni\ n 60c WH.DROOT OIL TONIC, cut to MAX FACTOR NORMALIZING CREAM... 75c LADY ESTHER CREAM 25c DJER KISS TALC Cut to 2; for 75c DUSTING POWDER Cut to .. $1.00 YE AST and 8RON TABLETS 50c EAU DE COLOGNE lOc SHOE POLISH S2 ELECTRIC TOAST ER Cut to S2.50 TRIPLE HEAT ELEC. HEATING PAD (Paste) Itlack o SOc TEK TOOTH BRUSHES 25c GLYCERINE and ROSE WATER (4 75c FEVER THERMOMETER 8 oz. Bugler Tobacco, Papers Free 25c DR. LYONS TOOTH POWDER 25c CITRATE OF MAGNESIA SOc VICKS NOSE DROPS S2.QQ S. S.S. TONIC Cut to 75c BAYERS ASPIRIN TABLETS (100's) S1.00 I. V. C. PEARLS Cut to 25c ANACLN TABLETS Cut to . ST. PATRICK SPECIAL Green Spearmint Leaves (candy) !b. 6URRC9I Don'l I r j to get ncM in a da} . .. ihif is asking too much oE Nature. Re- mcmbcr,.she has ccrt;,m n a t u r a l pro- that 3UM cannot he humcd. Thcrclorc, it )ou are pnlc, drerf, lack a .?cn appftilfthavc foil v fight aj d ted iitn*dov.n...z frequent sign 50c PHILIP'S MILK OF MAGNESIA ESc SAN1 TAB NIPPLES 3 for 25c I O D I N E do try in tlic simple, caiy nay *o m-mj- million? approve-by s t a r t i n g a course ot S.S.S. Mloori Tonic, Al all ditigioics in t'^o si/cs. \oti mil find [fie larger sue more ecu- noiniul. o s s s. (.a 60c CALIFORNIA SYRUP OF FIGS 7Sc DEXTRI MALTOSE Cut to 50c MEADS PABLUM Cut to 25c CASTOR OIL (40z.) S O A P S A L E 60c ALKA SELTZER lOc 2-INCH BANDAGE 25c Sulphur and Cream of Tartar Lozengers 'J'riide in Old IViislici 20e EPSOM SALTS Pound !5c Sw Spirit Nitre Easy Terms If Desired ORDER EASTER EGGS NOW JELLY BIRD EGGS POUND Special Sale Limited Quantity New 1939 Westinqhouse Washers ·* :irnilnl 7kY fl'l 1 Don't Delay-Order Mow This l i i a i i d now S-lb. capai-ity washer \ \ i t l i :.iiioiiii.tiu wrin.^or is; i l i c hpsf liny on Ilif 1 washer i n i i r K o l . Si-f it i n d a s ! Service Radio Electric; Co. 121 \V. Ainilo Street. I'hniic i l l ) ? l-'iiyc((c (.'ounlj's l.iinrc^t A ) v ) i l i i i i i c i stun..

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