The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 5, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, July 5, 1918
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

THE DATT,Y COURIER, CONNELT.SV1LLE. PA. FRIDAY, JTTLY 5, 19'18. UNIVERSirV OF CAUFORNIA SWIMMER MADE HONOR MAN AT CAMP MEADE, MD. ' ALU.BRAVES,VOTE TO DO USEFUL WORK.IN WINTER. All tbe players, of the Boston National league team voted to enter at the close 01! the season, if they are not draftedefore that time, some occupation classed by the government as "useful." Men above tlie-draft age, as well as those subject to call, figured In the voting, l^oiir members of tbe team areln-class 1 A of the" draft.. TWIRLERS STAGING UNIQUE COMEBACKS i -' , Mos! Spectacular Was That o Earl Hamilton of Pirates. . , . atndcatrat the: University of California, j.-i»«oa'i*'aiiiiiirbi rtown Jwrairtlh, t»afc appttotloa fer entrance to tfce balDlaa- ocboaland M an-other appUcnta,' bavin* tbe Wgiest'per t»^'toT**tarmrft'*ttxtot6tAItottrim»mbti*Et* --Tit j'l«'btijisilSii«rd»j» ka «·· a'ctupkn swianer -oA t£A DM t«dflc coast i raoirda for"ti» iWyard aad 3»-yard swtaaV.~ U -.. · · . . OMK-HTT *TA£«. Seott-Ptrry, tbo Mr pltckor aV 3 'lmia*b»fit «iniy'ftaB tbe Boo" ' te«vi» wMkaejf a trial la la today a"OR*att twtrlcr' loapa.. Coo- tkat ~tte. tac «M«MXIHMI ^. kTWKM !sl ,~TM;~ jf»«l» MMMIX FRAIIK BAKER AFTER BIG BATTH*6 HONORS BfcSCBALL STORIES ooffef to «oed tor had nerves. I» on. It to Pete KJMnff Is lost to tbo He left t» Join fba nary. , Dot*. ·a kae *ev«n brothers, of tbem ebner ball players. ' · · "·;, '. , ' JU vPfckiand 'of tbe "Boston Brave* la kKHor tb* ban hard and ofttm. Oaata, Cuba · ·doyed.wbuOnc tm*m hoDo. Beds have DOW ·In that (|T« tb* · ·· ', BB ttuailu, otCTTtd, froa» tb* St. Loots Bii/nao by Oiliiuitias, haj been tbe draft. . THnalai1nii|-| new 'abort fielder, IKn^MVM* %· ' « ,,,. , , aL mtmwwtt, M a 7o*v***or xv ettjr leacaa of New OrWaaa. .Law WendaO. OUnta, to now catebtog for tbe New I.(·don dab of Ike Fistora toagaa. · · · ·at be ·pennant Athlettes contenders, bat r a greatly Inipimcd ban team at that. · · · Harry Barak tire jams third basemen secured br SL Pral from Mar- .ttnsbar» baa bean ca*cht t* Me army drafL the tatdlnf Atbletk*. -b»a--Bot bat-any of hto ·aBU""!*"!*"* kind of ·So had fr*ooi y«u to 1917, average tvf -to be,onJQ. rood to nilii nniiii lit Is How.Tork Tankeem."T-aker "ba* ·Jwaj»"t/eem;a'-jinaon- with the. ''bit. sad from th* Interest be-ir taking ' jbto pfeytu lt-ur:beBeved by Mana- and : otlcr New Yorkers jta»t b* WM gtv» Ty Cobb and Trts Spartar;a_nan for the batthw banora .illtke Jokosc*, dreutt. "-_:'. · SECOWKGUESSERS ASSET :tay» Manooii MeOraw--Havo ; lilts toot of Horn* Taom. ·mate major Ie«g»«, or, for mrQ£0r , "MCOBd cneaotn"--fans wbo, sutlaria ptav baa (one wrong, demand :know why ffee naioager dWn't do ··ad ao, laaaiad of employing tbe .straUaT. be d*etoed m»ot advisable. Huoom. 2oba McGraw to not one of tbbao wko look with disfavor, oc tkls make the Giant d to," aaya mail/ tbi kind of ^fc"attend erarv game they poaalMy earn- amd-wba-bave tte lo- ?neri»ko* ft* bojpe team at neart. Tbe:; " · · ' ' a»li|iii'tn1 w *TM[ the"one fat tbev3»H eoastraliied-to'" Stab* Ibe aiatter up"wtth"iji« 'nmiiager, " :m| a feBenr wbo-ba» tbat nmcS Inter' iaij'Jn baaee«n la, I toatead, an" i» : rjie sport." rAMT MANAGER IS NEW · ·GoaelMra Art Things of P*at in ASMT fcan Leaa"*-* 51 *TM 1 "* Rowland ;i .flsins It Atone. . ttere «re no such things as coach- ir»-witn American league clubs tbe« s tiayi. igie,old-timor».wko-«ot-o»t.o* h'the'llne* and help ·«oj»,t 1 »3, nlBne ? ti ~ are "assistantTMBagers."; ; Th« Tao Sal pfoa* of UK Pactflc Coast leagne last year; cvt.away to -a bid atmrt ftla Oppoabnc Inftelden aaon _to b* be- wfUend when' '0081110 Bolioeber roimsjop. Tbey do not know what to-onect. ;· Won Six Straight Garnet for Hug Bezdefc and. Then "Qiilt Team to Enter Navy--Don' Orlmr la Making Good WKh Dodgera. Several major league pitchers hai flgured In aoiquc comebacks this sea son that have attracted more than th usual attention. ' Perhaps the most ipectacnlar of a was ttat of Earl Hamilton, lately c the Pittsburgh Pirates and now a jac tar in" Uncle Sam's navy. HamlUo wa» a castoff of the St Louis Browns His work last y««r rtaraped him a» haa^nmzier, for *he did not succeed in wkming n gome for Fielder Jones. Sent to Colurobns, In tbe America; association, Hamilton anowed little bet t«t form, but deaplte this fact Jo Tinker aold Mm to the Pittsburgh club and had he stack with the Pirates h nlcht rank as the leading"southpaw o the National leugno, today. Hamilton woo atx atraight games for Hugo Bex dek's team''and then aald good-bye to enter the navy. Another comeback Is Dan GrUier tbe Robins. Grtner la also a St Loai caatoff, tboagh be was with the Car ·dloak) lEtead of the Browns. Mlllc 'Bufgliu asked for waivers on him las fall, and Brooklyn refused to waive, ·o be became a Dodger. He Is a bl rffjrt-hander wKh a g»?d spltball, anc Unde WUbert EobiMoo Is so well sat Mled with his TV oik tfjat .he Is assurei! of a refnlar meal ticket In Brooklyn. SBm Love, who first joined the Tan kee» In 1918, failed to stack up a'major'.leagner nntll tills Mason be- caoae b« refused to take tbe game se- Jloaaly. When inner Hoggins go bold of Lore and storied after him hammer and tonga, tke Mg pftcne Teaa Gregg, brought buck to the big low from the Interuttionftl league b; .Obaaie Mack, hai been pitching grea ·all for the AtM^lcs. and Grover Low dermflk of the Browns Is another comeback who is still, attcklne arorod. Perbaps the most · Interesting feature 'amour tbe pitchers baa been furnished by Joe Wood, who has developed Into a fletder and has been the means winning a number «f gamea for the Cleveland Indlaaa throagh bis hltttnc. PITCHER CLIFF MARKLE REPORTED AS MISSING i that doesn't can» s»ch.j'pi«p tt 'inanager la tte-«eopaoii. Hen t the'inanager . Bed 'Scorr- Charter 'Wiigner; ,Cle»Iand Indiana, Hjriaaj^nrjiiiefer? Newport Yankees, J^addjr O-Cooh«" Browns, Jteiiay Burke; De- * toniWcfc Altroek and t^oige McJlrlde pmle Mack h*«. »o iaarfstant «lti« e Cardtnala li Joe Sngden, ftmooa "old National I'.-agu* catcher. Joe 1» coaeblBg tke pltohera aad art- IOK'H acoBt · · · Detroit tana are ponntof Hugh Jen- Dings and Bill Donovan becanco tbt Tilers' -pitching ataff aosoa to weaker .than laat y«ar. * · · ".Uyaterions Fred Walker If back In the company with which be good laet year, having at(ned with Pat Dooovan'a Syracuaa . Tbe HBwaukee -tonn,' moder tke management of -Jack Bga*, fora Provideb'oe pflot,-'haa bean tbe bbr fur- prise of tbe American association. . -. . .. v ' · . · . * \ ao'Cnka'are'blch'la tke Natlonol leacne race In spite, of the loss of Alexander, which speaks volumes for tbrt managerial akffl of Fred Mitch*?. Looks like Joto JfcOraw really bad beloed the Cincinnati Reds when be let Matty have George Smith. Win or lose tola collegian to pitching good ball.' * * * Micky LoLong, former PrritHe, and Dow -the property of the Kansas Ctty A. A: -club, has been signal -by tbe tebanon dab In tbe Beilebeoi. Steel h»*ae. . . . · * * 9vMentrr LeaBe Noaamaker landed Jnl tfie':right place wben be Joined tbe St Loata Browns. " His baekatopplng ana hititog this season ban been tbe work ol' a top-liner. The Cardinals are now being. called thn "Inotholers" In the Uotmd atv, meaning no.doobt they might as well be cratlWe looking throagh a knothole as "on 'the playing field. , , » * * Catcher John Peters, -aecured,, by ClTelanfl from New Orleans, succeeds Jai Billings, woo enlisted IB the naval- reserves after -learning -that be* VHWld be caQed in the draft. · * * ^; ^ Few catchers in' major league baae- 'bajl'can Ixjast of the nniqne' record of jAn Hei^'of ' the Braves! He""is en" ' year In tie big show and has yet to have a finger broken. . ' , ' . " _ " · · · ·Owing to tk* : «bortaa».o/;B«n«l, toe to bit dcnianda for. aoMtenr' imt- forma, tba'amrnfMtnnn declare that ta» ·ttnadoo ,may'b«coiB« ao acute- that tbe. , fovamiMnt wn take over aH factor!**,' In that caae ball play" to ba'made of pa- KM . CUE KarUe, fonMr lank** pMebar, la the flrat of the baaabaO pbrjon ID Uncle Sam's service to Jwra ate namn on tbe caaualtj- list He baa been re-* portad. aa-mliatog by fc««nd Peracioc. il- started his baseball career !n the TKLMM leegne. the Tanks baring Mm in rbe fan of. 1915, wban be pitched the team to half a doaan victories. Early In 1916 be showed good form only to fan off ia mldseuon and be was sent to Toronto. Be pitched for Toledo in the American aanchttlon but H*HH.TOH WITH NAVY TEAM Onfly Lcwta* Military Wamomd Org«j- ' iaUon h Considered Boat On - Bar! 'Bamnton, b «»n°*i"g at tb* Hare laland navy yarf, attaches hira- f to tbe ball -tevn managed by Duffy Lewis and widen is eonaUered fbe best mflitary diamond organixa** tfcn on the Pacific coaat. How long W team win be permitted to devote Its war efforts to basebaD. however, In Tlnr of rewnt government orders, is not predicted. There Is a aen- tlmeot growing that Lewis' player* ahooU sea and prove tber renlly SINGLE,HIT SPOILED .GLORY Dan Qrtnir Came Within an Ace of ' Pitching No-Hit'Game Against Philadelphia dob. -, D«n-fetn«r, who has been pitching for a long time and was sent back to the minors a few years ago, Is doing a the.Dodgers., He came' within an^ace of pitching a no-hit game against the Phillies liar 6? He held' his opponents hltless' until two, were out'in the ninth, and then Cravaib spoiled his record by.~. singling' over aoeond base. .'· ' - · IGAR THEY ARE DELICIOUS CENTS DIAMOND · NOTES Baldenao Acocta-to back with the Atlanta Cracker*. · · * Bert GaHla la acdalmed BJ tbe beet orier on the Browns' staff. · · · Chitrley Bltfcerg keep* rtEbt on play- ag brUHant ball at third base. · · » Enb Perdne's batting record of .014 booM' elect him. to Cfenrder Idler TJtOlry Man ChucJc Wortman Is fted- ng it draVnlt to break into tbe Oub incnp. * * » ' Earl* Ne«le of tbe Beds plays closer the fence than any other left fielder tbe National leagne. * * * * I. W«ldon Wyckoff, pitcher laet ear for the Boston Americans, has cen signed by MLaneapolls.' a colt is catching regu- arly for the Cubs, who will lose Kll- efer, Daly and Elliott In the draft Cbet TbonuH should strengthen tbe Indiana, for when Steven O'Neill is bsent only, a rookie; Is : left to catch. Buffalo continnes to make changes, imoog rsoent acquisitions' ua Tom McCabe and Marty Morpbyi" ootfleW- f. · * * In "Swede" Blsberg tte White Soi ive as clever a utility infielder asi Is to be found In major league 'com- panV. * · · President Hempetead of the New Tork Giants has the major league baseball scores cabled to Franca every BOXING MOVES IN BAYONET CHARSE. SHOWN BY CHAMPION BENNY LEONARD Patronize 1 Tbos* Who Advertise, , The close relation between boxing proficiency aod ability with tte bayonet was shown to the marines In training at the Mare Island barracks by Benny. Leonard, world's champion lightweight, recently. He showed them how the- tricks employed io land a punch on an opponent serve equally well in Jabbing a Bocha with a bayonet He is shown, here Illustrating the moves in a bayonet charge, while some of the marines go through the same action, part of them with gloves and the rest with gate. X3000 Try Our Classified Ads. § It's Money Wei! 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