The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 5, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, July 5, 1918
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

^5**v a THE DAILT. COURIER, CONNELLSVTLLE, PA. PAGE SEVEN. CC-GUNNER AND CJ-BEF _ ^-StrP* FOteXIN LEGJON ^^ GUN TURRET. FRENCH BATOESHP tASSARo' ~ Oa* of the safest* w*s * German awemr, who bad ;·*·». ptebed'*»vl*Jl** ·ul 1**4 ^ **rlaaatr winded. *V wn^ glv*» th* ·*£* treatneBt a* *BT e^avlkrt'kvtbo T*rj,be*t, bwt »^»y.. the doctor* gave hta up. Thjey thqocbt be would dlj slowly, and that It might take *ever*l week*. " dJ«r». ,'' It'waa' pretty roagh staff and : ;after' reaOa*; op at ' " - . Tb*p»aaard;w»» hi dry dock', for n- .pain.arter ber hut voyage to the Bar danene*~M convoy to th* troopship lerytbinj we* MB* rooked knew ber aid liked tar, and when ah* went around to eey Kood-by, all th* ·M were aofrr and gave IMT nttl* BKaenta, aad, wanted ber to writ* to than. Sie wa* fciag to r*t a a»r** aw* kmew In tbe otter aorpttal to torn her letter* tato.**··*,''if that abe eaoM write t*.mj I gav* her a rinf I bad mad* from a ''piece eC abeU cue, tat I gnesa abe hwThiusdred* of them at tbat. '·· " . ' · . · · · ' . . - · ' ' Vet avis German doctor; weald Dot then waa a nun* there, .who ! to get her out aa toon aa poaatMe, aaid awic apKbU inter*** la his cane, aad ! crew* were working day and night, test atayed OB day and night for ao*» tfcat* **"^ finally ·tutacat-htm'throng Tbe .case waa very, well known,. and everybody *aid ah* bud performed a mlnele. Bo BOt better akrwly. :.-.: Than a few wee** later, when he was/oat o{ d*sfor an*V wes able to walk, and ic wu'ealr a «oe*tlon of time befon b* w*aM I* released from tb* hospital, thl* nan* was trana- f*md to «· other hospital.' Bier) body were other ahip* there too--m- perdreednanghta, and - dnadnaafbta, ud battleahipe, aad isrmored cruisers, 'ail being overhaaled. . · . , ' ' · ' W* received .and placed' fan* newer design, flDed the magaato** with the highest exploclvts kaowa to naval «*e, and generally riad* ready 'for a hard Job. Onr ""f*"^"*- were fined wltt ab*a* for ear Big M and 14-lnch goo*. A M-hxh abell can tear a hot* through the heaviest armor.put* at '13400 yard*, and wDI d*" " than you wooM think. When we had coaled and bad .got ·or ctore* aboard, we dreaied for ae- tlon--or rathnv undreaied. The deck* were dear; 'batch covers bolted and davit.) .folded down; foniltnn, cheat*, table*, chain wen cent aabon, and tn- Hainiaal le tear, like our rope hammocks, went overboard. Too eacid not tod a'alngl* wooden chair or table any good-iy to ber. That w**jld*not'['ni the ward TOO**. bav* mad* m* *ore. feat it mad* thl* \ Wbeav'tb* *hip n.cleared for action, - - ' ' » a sbeU tair*Unf hirtd* cannot flirt much to *et aflni and if on* bunts on deck, there I* nothing to ban hot the rteneb fW feel itrj lad, and «be be- ·an to 07. One of tttr French oflleen aaw ber and fonnd ont. abont tbe doe- «ar,.and the offlcer went n»'»nd.ipbte te tb* Oerman. Tben tae rrtnch of- ttrr left and .the Orrniu caned, to tb* anne and abe went ortr ter ; hh» aad itopped erjlat. Tbej tatted for a little wbDe, and ttea ike p*t oat her (mode ae tf abe WM folng to leave.' Ho pot-pat hi* I was made gna captain and given charge of tbe starboard'brw turret; mounting two 14-ioch goo*. 'I bad men at gan prattle* oafly, and by tb* tlm* w* naared the DordaneUea, after UT* days, they wen la pretty fan* ahap*. n wa* about B a, m. aliaa w* drew near Cap* Hell** and took atadon* for action. Th* Dnpletx waa m front of «*. Tbe batter!** on tb* opened «p on a*, and in * few mln- ota* liter tboa* at Knm Caleb Joined in. At tb* Dontetx teBde ftr ·"·" b*ach I ud prepared t* hud hw | awaaa- fc*«^*i*** «· WM»t» thatr bat*. A». Th- H,.Tw^ted Her Wrtetaand 11^,, ,, ,,%..·***«** a hVok* Them, j (neUt ^^ «nt«»d «aiiitt«b a, gun bend*, t**. aad took bold of -her*.' And Port in th* after tarret and explodsd. - then he twteted her wrist* and.broke tkarn. W* k*ard the soap. ·'.' ··"' · .'· tkan^w*n~MB la tbat: ward-wb* . h**T 1*1:been *ar foot sine* tb* day they can* to the boanltaX **d on* of ·bam waa supposed to be dying, bat It · aa abaolot* fact that when we heard ber acnem, then waa not a man-left wooden deck; and tbat 1* covered with " ' ' ' ' . . FtntHy, we bad roll can-- «H men Tbea. we «et ami fer tt« DudaneDea a* eacort to tke DapJeta, .which bad oa board territorial and provincial French troop*-- Oaaebna, Farlatana, 'Wommna, ' IndoCblneae, ·pable, Tnreo*-- an ktnde. Wbea we bad to aqoat down on tbe HI deck and eat from metal ' ' peitea.' There liad been a node* poated before we lift that the Zeppelki* bad be- ffna.iea raid*, and we kept ·», Hre ere ont for them. ! Tbe. new* prored to be a fake, fnoogm, aad we did riot ace a ·Ingle .dear while we wen oat. , TTe made tlw^rtp to tt» DertaneDd* wltboat atcbtlnK an enear craft, keep- Int In does teach with tb* and: «T eretj initiate prepariaf for : ten JOB -fnat wevffld to tb* German. TJ»ay *M »e« aa^d to ·***t Blnv after weft.tthroBalj.w5ai bta. Tbey dM shoot what was left of Mm, te Mb* *ar*. thocuh. . ~ Km. I bar* heard p*o»U ««y that K J. a* the OsraMM we an nfbtlnf. ·M «k* katesr aad kfe *y»tem.. Well, tt *aay b* tra* tbat aome of the Boche ! not do tbeae tnlag* M rdhlnathento: BlyaaM, B*nbe .bad been trained afl hte m* te help people wbo «··· te. pat*, mft net ta canae It. Aad b* VM* M* what* b* w**ld him to «**· A* katMT or any other German. A** m*Ban*had **ved hi* We. ·» I d* a*t M* thai tbere la any U. B* broke that h* wanted to; «··* m aft the** i* to it. Kow, I asy ·actor waa. a dirty cur as* · ***q*disl. BK I any that b* 1* · fair **·** of leTthla kiad that f*a «n ftht 'not t» eoBav*. I have kot I bar* beard ear tt dM net do a men ! Bom* bag* of' po»dsr *lsriJ 'there (when thesr snooM nrrer bare bean) wen find and fa* nbt'.of the tnrat waa Jo*t Bfted off. It landed on deck, tilted tip agalaat tt* afd* of the tar- ret. On deck tfae raan at nre^wu atnqilr Steel flew m eB daraettonv. terrlne. It the time, and I do not mtnd never thought ..w* wooM of. if" ' . 7 : ;;; ·.;.·.. ' Bom*., .'of the heavy armor pten lOVwWu. wm *Aot- ttwMf the old Clanaaid .looaad mon' Bke a ·Matter ,.a*n anyttdnf eia* t* m*v Aa w* drew Merer the enon they b*«n , oat ' * np .,1fea]| ontaf shrapoel on n* and m no Urn* at an oar fanMl. wan shot foal of ·OMV *UM *1 flliWA Wai ^tUfttjfK COMs** ·and te tbem. Natarally w* w«n not Jml takJof aO Ha* ponariraeDt wllkeot *oy com*. back. Oar ganj wan at tt fart and fnm th* way ibe tre IDC tt ·lanQMalavM* Jfjf (IBM 0*1 f9f t6 pleea* that I know ot aad per- jaK ·* «*· *· aar ether ···aBanld ^aaonW Baa, 4aB^aVat ^^^ »1^«**»** «·*·}· aB WanojJaT w"W*» thet ]«· ha** ·*«*** ever tbere; wa are n tbe » I haw* been OVram, a*td I have iraJa. Aad I ka*«. he'sat, asking every now and then how .the fight waa going and tben,*ort of doainf off for a while. After haM an: boor of action : -we put- aoout and atarted away, (tin flrtnf. As a parting: slap /on the back the Turks ton off one of onr big-gun tur- nta, and then away we went, beck to Breet w/th. a caaoalty U*t. of only 1 We did not hsrre much fronWe gueas- tng that tt was dry dock for us agmta. W* got back to Brest .after a qntet voyatt, patching ooraelv**, np when we eoaM on the way, and again tber* waa (he rush work, day, and night, Oo .fet tnto^iBbepe and do it over "y*!"- Tbey toned n* ont In 12 days and back we went to the Turk* and their We were ntcky gotttor. 'inahon,. ooty receiving' a ju*ty amaeh astern, whan th* Tnrki got our range and landed two peacbea before we got.out. We .nearly ton our rodder off retting mwmy. Bat we .had to come back right ·war, becawje we .had carried eulte Ounner Depew Oi Frencti-Seller U»l- ' : '. .. '' form. a nonb*r oc beavr and wen given th* Job of nmnlna; them aabore. It wa* day and night work and a gnat Job.for-fan, becao**, while yon 'never knew wben yoa woold g*t at, you bad good reaaon to fert yoa womM get lammed by a cot* nttl* ebeB or a datotr bit of shrapnel before the Job waa ever. ' Aboard aHp tt wa* oeck work, of eoar**,.and U waa not nmcb better then than aabore with th* tana, be- cana* j tb* enenr Uvuche* wen near th*. shore and; they ·ahns* trying to pick a* off wl w* abowed on deck. I gne*. we war* a regular aaootlng gcllery f or tnem, and some of onr men thoofbt they did not need all tbe. practice they wen getting, for quit* a few of aa acted aa bull'* eyes. Bat we did not mind the ballet* *o moch, Cbey-mak* a clean wound or put yon away entirely; annpnel .man yon np and on play aU kind* of tricks with vartoo* part* of your body' without kimrig yoo. A* for shells--well, mincemeat' 1* th* word. The Narrow* ware thick with mine* and there had been a great deal of damage -don* tben, *o after a whOe tha BriUah detailed their Tarmontt traiften t* go in and sweep up. Tbey hafl to fo up unprotected, o onna, and they 'atarted off one night all wdl nnta tbey at tn* Harrow* and atittoi Theav before yoo coold nd R, five or atx *»»ii hflaTil* wen psayBf oe one of AVe trawten and. sbtO* wen sphHktnf the water *fl over her. Both bank* wen atopty bulging rway potat blank at them and I i tkwofnt tbey would get back. They did get/back, faoogh, bat ·onie ef them had hardly enough men left to work ablp. -Bat tbat I* tb* Limey*. They win get beck from anywhere while alive. ;'^'}:;·'. :' ; A rbap aboard one of the trawlers ·aid a ab*n went throngh the wheelhouse between tto quartermaster and htmadfand an the Q. at. said was, ·Gaw hlknay, that nckled." "Bat I very bad,* · tnow their shooting aald tn* other chap to me. moat have thought the flue wa* behind them. 1 Coming Back from th* DwdnneQe* 'a gold strip* *ent for me and aaked me wnetber I thought there other ex-navy -fanner* in the State* that, woold Mrr* -with the Fnaeh. I told them the eouniry was fall of good gunner* and: b* wanted me, to write to aU I knew aad f*t tham to com* over. Be did not mean by thU, and neither do I, tbat there were not food rumen In the E'rench navy, be- caoa* there wer* late of them. Bat yoa can n*ver haw too many handy boy* with the fun* and he waa very anztoo. for m* to get all I could. I bad DO way of reaching the ex-garble* I did knew, *o I had to pea* up thl* mortnsdty to ivmulL by mafl. Who* w* wen in Breat I got per- laatoa to fo aboard a *abm*rlnc and a petty officer abowed me anond. Thl* wa* tb* first time I waa in tn* Interior of a ·** and I told the officer that I woadd like t take a sptB m the tab ayaeff. H* Intiadnced me te tb* commander, bat tta*-n*ttr offtcer *ald b« dul not thtok they wodd tat n* ,.» srtay aboard. I snowed tt* eom- " Dtander my paarport *nd talked to Mm tat a wbfle, and h* **U be, ·rouM feak* aw on' their ,pnetlc* -rnss* two day* hcter If tb* Old Man ·;av* nw wrlttea pwslaaloB. :. . So I not-footed It back to tb* Oaa- snrd aad whUe 1 dM not [irmakis that I weald get any amarlran fonnen for him In excbuf* for tb* written per sahmtea, be ww fn* to thtok mat K b*wasi*aite. U ***a***i thoofb be Cd tefea tt Oat way, for h* gave me * n*te te tkw «nb eoamaanoar and **nt wanted Mamy to go too, bat th* Old Aboat fl«* mtanta* late- *t algmv ·d fin de*U*f*M, tw* oa-cack bew, and *M d*nd ahtad. Tb* ta «t mmVofl* »ama«)i and «b» o*. ·trojen ttend wttk their wavoy. Xk* saw* a** a ||M* tt M* ofcafl WM aatosH jann) feat taoaa. B* *a*i **· fe, tw* laia^sater, I went atsard ·· the BMfatec and bad bnakfut wttk nteaab cnw and a gnM break- f**t It «·*, te*. After krMkAsst tber HISTORY MAKING BED-ROOM! 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CoIlDpsibl« as Low as Beed Car. riage* Onlv-- $22.75 Magnttcient : designs up to tbe .most elaborate carriages that are made at; a proportionately greet saritiK. Retrigerators--G ood. Talnei--as Low as $12.95 These are the popular TOP-ICER style. .They are built on scientific principles which insure economy of ice. Good-size Side-leers as r _ $24.75 COMPARISON ALWAYS PROVE - "YOU'LL DO BETTER" AT OoanelkviHe's Most Dependable Furniture Store. I squatted down on the fleck beneatn .the atroctare. Then the gm engine* *t*rted up and inade-an awftd:racket and. (book the old tab' from stem to itern. I .coald ten that we bad: eat looe* from the dock and w«ro moving. After a while they that 'off''the gu engines and started the motors and we began to mbmtrge. When we were all the way under I looked flmngb the perl- ecope and aaw a Dutch merckantman. We (taxed under about half si boor and then:cam* back to th* surface. On* of the gnrbie* wa* ten*Btf m* later on that this earn* sob bad gone ont of control, a few week* Befon and kept drrmg and Bvtog antfl an* ·back bottom. I do not know bow many fathom* down It waa, but It wa* farther than any cnasmanrtar wxrald take a enb if be coald help tt. TM* farby aald they could bear tb* plates cracking and It waa a wonder tbat ther did not cramp)* op from the preesnre, bat *he weathered it, prea- ·oro kotton ud alt and tea qnarter of an boor wa* on the sorta**. WhOe on tb* nrfac* tbey Kgbted aawto, *obiaerg*d again, and *D*n, onr tbe horfena can* eight batdaahtBB, ·*· eorted by Z*pps aad fl»*lio/*ri. Tber toated their tab** baton fluy cot ta rang*. Finally tb*y M go. Tbe Ont shot ials*nl. bwt after that they got tote tt food and,tn* gany *add at bear w**,.-tt* koockmc *f *ob hrjncbed two torpedoes at'less than a mile before fflvlng, to get avcay from fae deairoyeri and the garb? aald at Itaat one of tnem wa*' hit: These snip* must have been Borne of the luckr ones that 'came down : from flui Korth ceo. The garby *ald be thov^it they were off the Dutch coaat a* tt* ttete, btrt h* wa* not Bnt, tWs crnlee that I was. on was only a piactlce crnlse and we did cot meet with any excitement in the short Urn* that w* were oat TO BE'.CONTINUKU, TAIE A SUNSHINE TABLET FOR TRY STOMACH'S SAKE There iiayw was such a. niarrelouB pfaseirtptloa 1 . tQT.. stomach- dl*tr«a -and IndifusttoB aa MI-Q-aa. .'No^deator::ev*r'- wrpt* » botter one; if* doabtful W 'any doctor ever will. It lit so rood that' A A, Clarke "says monvr baekr If It doein t nlivre. ;.A. wbinsurin. Maiaw oaUa..Ui-o^aa.,thfl s«n*biB« pruacrlpLlon b*oana« she heii BMSLiao majkT soar, mtsgrabl*, aa;cra[- vatln*- drwcaptie* uinuid Into happy, ch6*i tul, av eet buman b*in*-a In a lew days ay taking- Ml-o-na. Xh* ataiaaeh 1« reupotnlbla for thr«e-fo*rtii« ot tb* nsrvoiumng and half the aOverr at the world. A woman ean h*.v« i nrst-clasa atoauwh and yet b. mUtrbU if. *« has a iustiand who I* a nerve** dyspeptle. i It you hrva IndiinfUoa, belehiaa; ol fa*. baaiviiM** afur ·atlaa-, Croirar ·euatien rittac- eathic, aonr atonaeh er any miserable stonech dlRnrbanoe th«i pmKcjvtlcmxoalUdi m-o-n» wtl!; put ran rlftt; an« krmc mnihto. Into your llf« l» a WMk. , ·A ianre box at M-o-oa tablata co«t oalr M capita at A. A. Clarke's in« br small land saar to: iwnlow,--A*r. RECORDS i An ""event of no iacooBderabie im- porteMWtio phooosrapb. ooneis in the DtK»uBoB*ieBt by'Columbia of the fest jlaa»lia Secord from fie atatiuMjuitm Opera, O^eatra. This S«toffc Mga«ass«wa sow riarvs ei- iUuuina, azul uOcua m of reeorda $anom . raoaie wZ btat tin* aaperb nnid tnCh jor, and ; watch eagcriy to etbct* fa« tto-sam* soenK." i __ _ ^--\ Mam*l eritm an payon; tribote win mereassB*; iwqntncy; tine days, to tbs nKfisntlr lovely ro» wuea kas bnaajbt tbe beantifal Iterar arto lame The ao jroung soprano n*ka* b« r Colinat«a fobwt n a record that indudei "ftwwrt aad low" and "Mkhtr laf " . W e w TEbrii FhiiBsa" momc Orchestra. made a. TOUT of ti« National Aimy -CantcmmamX g ' ooncerta to tlio^soldieta. -This tends especial 1 interest to the Coiumlua Record of the P n - moiac, Victor Berberlfs ."-Aajericaa' " and 'on lie reveiae licaUx. "*" f iAip from. Colombia are " 'l.Maemet'B "Slegis* '" : -' by Sasia Na- '..··-" : PT oar wapeonf byr-the best danoe or- cneafeas, novelty i and' humorous reo^ aeif-h phaBms..vanehr. "··; ' OTIS CLA3CFIEO ADS. OKLT le A

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