The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 16, 1939 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 16, 1939
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JI \HGH IS, 193H 1 HIS DAILY COURIUK CUJNNJiLJjbVUjL.E, PA PAGE THREE Rural Ministers And Laymen Will Meet March 25 Information At a Glance TONIGHT Ruial ministers and Idvnen will have an oppoitunity to discuss thur rural church situations in s sou h- wcst Pennsjhama regional raral church conference to be held at the Fust Me he-list Chuich, Grcensbuig, Sdtuulay, March 25 Tne meeting will be sponsoied bv the Kuial Church Dcpailmcnt o£ the Pennsvl- vania Counc 1 of Churches The purpose of the gathering is to bnng to- gethci lu-al rmmstcis and laymen of all denominations for a discussion of the problems and possibilfties of rural life m geneial and of tne ruial church in particular The program will consist of worship, discussion lectures and a panel Topics include Rural Chuich Organization and Mnnagement" Some Things Rural Churches Are Doing "The Place of the Chuich in the Rural Community," "Trends in Rjial Life "The Tisk of the Country Church and ' A Loo* Ahead foi the Ruial Church Confeience leadeis include Di O E Baker, Division of Fain Population and Rural Life United States Department of Agiicultuie, Washington, D C Di W M CleaveUind synodical executive Presbyterian Church, Harrisbuig, Prof R W Kerns extension rural sociologist Pennsylvania State College State College, Rev H C Loughead duec- toi rural work, Pennsylvania Baptist Convention, Philadelphia Dr W L Mudge executive secietary, Pennsylvania Council of Churches, Hams- burg, and Dr Mai fc Rich Department of Town ind Countiy Chuiclies Nortnei n Baptist Com ent on New York City AH meetings will start piomptly at 10 A M and close at 4 P M A lunch will be served il noon \ collection w i l l be taken to help defiaj tra\el expenses WC At--1221 KC 6 00--Metropolitan Ope*"alogue 6 15--evening News 6 25--Spoils 6 30--Goodv, ill Hour 7 00--Amos and Andy 7 15--Vocal Varieties 7 30--Mario Cozzi 7 45--Ins de of Sports 8 00--Rudy Vallee 9 00--Good News of 1939 10 00--Mus c Hall 11 00--News Parade 11 10--Bernie Curnmms Oich 11 30 Charles Barnett s Orch 12 00--Glen Graj b Orch K11KA--080 KC 6 0 0 -- N G V . S bpottb weather 6 Q6--\oui Niovie Magazine of the f-ir 5 15--Mjnucl (.oil cs Oich 6 ^0--Mub L--Spoits d 45--Lowell Ihomas 7 00--EJS.V Acos 7 H--Mr Keen 7 30--Soimnce ind Rhythm 745--1-10 Cinlain Ris"s 8 00--Meny Music 8 n 5--To be rinnounced 830--Rotrcstei PrnJdimomc Orch 9 30--Amciica s Town Meeting ot Air 10 30--Fu Manelm 1045--Mmstiels 11 00--Newb wenlher 11 15--The Mubic You Want U 00--Chick Webbs Oich WJAS--1290 KC 6 05--Deep River Bovs 6 lo--News of the World 6 30--Tod y ifrith Bob Trout 6 4 a--Nan Wynr 7 00--Coan \ Scdt 7 15--Adventures in Science 7 30--Joe Penner 8 00--Kate Smith a 00--Major Bowes Amateur Hour 1000--Tune bp Tine 1045--Americans at Woik 11 00--fvews u i t h Ken Hildebrand 11 15--Jimmy Dorscy's Orch 11 30--Cab Galloways Orch 12 00--bammy Kayes Oith FRIDAY 'Jock" Sutherland May Become State Director Hygiene By Untted Press PITTSBURGH, Mai 16 --The Pittsbuigh Piess said todaj Dr John B (Jock) Sutherland, v.ho quit as head football coach at the Univeisity of Pittsburgi, is expec'ed to become director of oial hygiene lor the State Department of Health at a salary o£ $7 500 a year ' The directoi b job, v, ith a salaiy o£ Rbout $7,500 a year has been offered to Jock by the James Administration and he has promised an answer within a week,'* the Pi ess said "The ans,wei is expected to be "jcs ' Perryopolis PERRYOPOLIS Mai 16--Mis M E Townsend Mrs R R Stnckler, Mrs W. P. Lint Mrs Frank Elwell, Mrs George Pollock Mrs L L Lowther, Mrs Mary Lowther Mrs Thomas Martin, Mrs J S Thorpe Mrs Howard Adam 1 ; Mis J Boyd Knox and Mrs C F Smith at'cnded the Republican tea in the White Swan Hotel m Umontown Saturday afternoon Entertains Ladies' Aid Mrs N C Piersol entertained the Ladies' Aid Society ol the Stai Junction M E Chuich Friday evening Theie were 12 members and one guest, Mrs J. R Martin, present Routine business was followed with R social time Week of Reiival. There will be one week of revi\ al meeting in the Chustian Church from March 19 to March 26 inclusive Di W H Hanna pastor of the Knoxville Chustian Chuich, will be the speakei tor the week Dr Hanna spent o^ er 20 years as a missionary in the Philippine Islands All are invited to attend Enlertiins Young People Miss Vera Knight entertained a gioup of young people at hei home Friday night Her guests were Nell ,ind Emir a Ruth Lamnue, Elvna Evans, Robert Evans, William Wilkie, Ralph Murphy, Walter L Evans, Clarence Blair, Mary Blair, L A Brown and Mary Jane Can The evening was spent* in games and dancing and was concluded with a lunch served by the hostess Personals Miss Mary Duff, Miss Rosetta Duff Miss Ruth Pitrsol Miss Beatrice Baker and Mrs R P Kamerei and daughteis, Roenna and Newana weie visiting in Pittsburgh Saturday Mrs George Jenkins and c ons, Georga and Harold, of Clairton spent the wees-end with Mi and Mrs Robert Askey Mis Paul Wilson, hei mother, Mis Mary Culler, and a brother, James Culler ot Ravenna, Ohio, spent the week-end with Mi and Mrs James Fischer Mrs Wilson was formerly Miss Melva Culler She attended Perry Township High School Miss Virginia Kaolin of Leetsdale, who VIM ted Miss Mary Maigaret Fiancis o\er the week-end, attended Sports Nights at Herron Hall, California, Friday e\ enmg Miss Giace Masten, \\ho iccently underwent an operation in the Char- leroi-Moncssen Hospital, is i ect per- atmg at her home Rev Fred Fink visited Bert Skiles who is in Mercy Hospital Pittsbuigh, Friday Mr and Mrs L A Bro\vn and son attended t! e funeral of Mis Carl Haines of Braddock Saturday Mr. and Mrs Joseph Bakei and son Joseph of McKeesport Msitcd Mr-. D M Graham Sunday Mr arid M-s Otis Cook of Rock- ivood spent Sunday here uith the lattei s p.uents, Mi and Mri W F Pajne Woman 86, btill Quills WOLFESBORO, N H , Mar 16 -Mrs Amanda E Sdrgent celebrated her 86th birthdaj by completing a .;razy quilt containing 2,580 pieces in an intricate pattein. WCAE 7 00--Piogram Resume 7 00--Morning Express 8 00--News 815--Todays Almarac 8 30--Do Vou Remember 8 15--Hits nrd Encoies 8 55--Health Column 9 00--Lillian Malone 9 15--Gens of Melodj 9 30--The Band Goes To To An 9 45--Seciet Diaij 10 00--CeilriJ City 10 15--John s Other Wife 10 30--Just Plain Bill 10 45--Woman in White 11 00--Daua Harum 11 15--Lorenzo Jones 11 30--Youn? iViddou Brown. 11 45--Road of Life 12 00--Studio Time Signal 12 00--Neus 12 10--Melodies 12 15--The ONeills 1230--Cditeis of Elm Street 12 45--Smgin' Sam 1 00--Armch-m Quaitet 1 15--Sophisticated Ladies 1 30--Bemie Cummins Oich 1 45--Vo ce of Experience 2 00--Palmei House Oich 2 lo--Polly Entertdirs 2 30--Kitty Kcene 2 45--Musical Trial 3 00--Mary Marhn 3 15--Ma Peikins 3 30--Pepper Young's Family 3 45--Guiding Light 4 00--Backstage Wife 4 15--Stella Dillas 4 30--Vic and S^dc 4 45--Gill AJone 5 00--Dick Tracy 5 15--Your Fjmilj and Mine S 30--Jack Armstrong 5 45--Orphan Annie 6 00--Stardust 6 IS--Evening News 6 25--Sports C 30--Neus on Parade 6 45--Muted Music 7 00--Amo.s and Andy 7 15--Jimmy Fidler 7 30--Lightening Jim 8 00--Lucille Manners 9 00--Waltz Time 9 30--Death Valley Days 10 DO--Guy Lomba-do s Orch 1030--Uncle Ezia 10 45--Johnny Duffy 11 00--NEWS Parade 11 10--Stalling Young's Orch 1130--Joe Venutis Oich 12 00--Sammy Kaye s Orcb 1230--Orrm Tuckei s Oich 1 00--Bernie Cummi is Orch Movie Business Finds Newspapers Best Media For Bringing Results NEW YORK, MJI 1C--"The advancement of the sc een has been gieatly aided by the Amencan ncwspapeis" Slid S Chailes Enfield who told a Wainei bales convention that newspapeis %\ould ic- ceive 98 per cent of the 19J9-1940 advertising budget ot Wai ret Brothers Pictures, Inc He sa.d that the e^cpei iem.e of the company over a long peuod of yeais had satisfied them that newspapers were the most valuable advertising medium for motion picUucs Candidate Files Early LINCOLN Neb , Mar 16 --John G Moore took no chances on filing too late foi Nebraska's 1940 prmary election He 1 sted his candidacy foi the Univeisity of Nebraska board of egents one yeai and 15 dayb in advance of the filing deadline BIRDS EYE FROSTED · F O O D S Lenten Suggestions Cod Fillets Ib. 23c Boneless, waste-free fillets Reidy to Cook Halibut Steaks, Ib. 45e Boneless center cuts Flavor sealed an Other Good Values Squash box 19c 16 oz--Cooked, ready to use Spinach box 23c 14 oz--Washed cleared, ready to cook Peas box 23c SCHNEIDER'S MKT. ROBERT L BOBBINS 800 West Crawford A \ e n u e Phone 457-158 CONNELLSVILI.E PA K0KA 6 30--Musicai Clock 6 45--Fa-m Markets 7 00--The Mus c il Clock 7 15--Wcste n Tiails 7 30--Music il Clock 7 45--Urcle Hu «· 3 00--K e\\ ^ 8 05--Mjsical Clock 8 15--Dl Sunsb nc 8 30--Ml sical Clock 9 00--Shopping Circle 9 15--Lindas Fust Lo\e 930--The Editors Daughter 9 15--On the Mall 10 00--Tena md Tim 10 15--Jane Arden 1030--Bob C 10! b i n one 1 0 4 -- l l o u s e b o i II nn h 11 00--Mary Mirhn 11 15--Vic and Sadc 11 10--Pepper Youngs Family 11 45--Getting the Most Out of Life 1200--News \vcathcr temperature 12 15--Voice of the Farm 12 30--National Taim 5, Homo Hour 1 15--Faim Radio Ser\ ice 1 30--^ omen In tne News 1 45--Happy Gilmans 2 00--Betty and Bob 2 15--Arnold Grimm's Daughter 2 30--Valiant Ladj 2 45--Betty Crocker 3 00--KDKA Home Torura 3 30--KDKA Bookworm 3 45--Tea Time Tunes 4 00--Club Matinee 500--Bany McKailej 5 15--Adii.m Roll til Tuo = 30--Don \Vinslow of the Nasy 545--Tom Mi-^ Stiaight S looters 6 00--News sports weather 6 06--You Mo\ le Magazine of the \u 6 15--Manuel Coi tiaieb Oich 6 30--Music sports 6 45--Lowell f homas 7 00--Diamt firm. 7 15--E\e?ring Scienade 7 45--Glee Club 8 00--Warden Lavveb 8 30--Rotmnce and Rh thm 9 00--Plantation Pdrty 3 30--Mirch of Time 10 00--Adim Hit Fitht 11 00--Neus weather temperature 11 07--A A, A We-k r nd Tout 11 15--The Music You Want 1200--Al Ka^hn-, Orch 1215--New Pei n Oich 12 iO--Joe Heiciim n s Otc WJAS 7 30--Musicale S 00--News 8 lo--Time Again 8 30--Musical Re\ue 8 4a--Cheerie Melodies. 8 5o--Toda s Piograms 9 00--Lutheian Innei -Mission 9 15--Minaatt in S 30--Joyce Jordan 9 45--Bacheloi s Children 10 00--Young Dr Malone 10 15--Myrt and Marge 10 30--Hilltop House 10 40--Steprrother 11 00--Volkv,ems Musicale 11 15--Scdttergood Baines 11 30--Big Sister 11 43--Aunt Jenny's Stories 1200--Mory Maigaret McBnde 12 15--Her Honor Nancv James 12 30--News o£ the World. 12 45--Our Gal Sunday 1 00--The Goldbergs 1 15--Life Can Be Boa itiiul i 1 30--Road o£ Life 1 45--This Dav Is Ours 2 00--Doc Bditlc s Daughter 2 15--Ths. Life and Lo%e of DC Su-jn 2 30--American School o£ the Ain. 3 00--Maune Band 330--Keyboard Conceit; i 00--Men b Choi from Noti e Dame 415--Tod ys P-ogiams 4 20---Matinee Promenade 445--Al Beinards Mmstiels a 00--Ruth Cailnrt 5 15--Howie Wing 530--B-uon Elliotts Orchestra 6 05--ManhaUin Serenade 6 15--Neus ol the world 6 JO--Bob Trout 6 45--Talk of the T o u n 7 00--County Seat 7 15--Lum and Abner 7 30--Hibtorj Spe-iLi 745--Benny Bui tons Orch 8 00--Fust ·? -liter 8 30--Burns ind ADen. 9 00--Orson Welles 10 00--Grind Central Station. 10 30--We The Jui} 10 45 -Mu-. c ile 11 00--'Seu.s of the world 11 li--Loighton Nooles Orch 11 30--Jimmv Dorse} s Orch 12 00--Ben Bernie s Orch Germ in Club Disbands CLEVELAND M i r 16--The Un- teistiUm gsven m ti Germ n-Amei- jrjt. club once one o r the laigest f i i - teinal gioupi, in h s ci \, h i s dissolved nf ei 6b i e o s The lodge h id paid out moie til in $G5,OQO m bene- fitfa dunng i f s c\3 tenet WPA Spending Showdown Nears In Congress By JOHN R BL\L United PicSb Sid r Caneipondcnt WASHINGTON M i l 16--The House Deficiency Apptopnauons suo commute" begu considei ition of Pic 1 - dert ROO-.C e l t b i cv ieque'-l foi S l o O O O O G O O on 1 ichtt money toe 1 ly TV.O pu\ itc polls bv consciva ive Democ als coui tea oily th ee out o£ 12 Tiembeib of the com- mutcc is ceitam to suppoit the Ad- miristiation Polls o£ the ub committee one by a committceman indicated that five Democrats and foui Republicans might oppose an} attempt to speed the bill to the flooi Opponents of the bill feaied the possible loss of at least two of Micse, but the Ad- mmistrat on would need seven \otes to leport t to the House While the sub committee prepared to discuss the lei ef situat on with ' Woiks Piogiess Admim^tratoi F C I Harm gto i today its acti g chair- ·tidr Repiesentative Chflon A Wcodium D Va called foi a showdown on Government spending policies nirrediate economies in sp- piopilotions jnc 1 r f jll congic^ionaE m \ L 1CJU on of WPA I h u c 5 no doubl Ihd we I ivc |ot to cut expenses and right away," 'oodruTi told the United Pi ess in an i mterv ie\ 1 'This thiiK h«is icachcd a show- do-i n I£ they (the 'idmmislration) c n come in hcie and diag another ? I o O O O O O O O out of the Hou'e after Corgie s h is ebUb!i--hcd a polity on tnifc 'hmj's iooU \ c i daiK It v.iH be a distnu gm e bil.uit.ion ' M 111 ( O L D S 'I I l i i J n F,A Do u h t sc_nsule people ha done c L i n n g the !dst 84 yei Tdk Fa thai Tohn b Mcdw-ine Do t \\ i t u n t i l colds lo vei youi 11 i t j ana Ici\o ou exposed ·noie scuous U ne s Bui'd ne l existing powci V v i t i F tl Jo in s Medicine--fice £iom haim ful M O I' V M ) I I i n K \\IIV trillions o people riming the past 84 yeaib h u e used and endo sed Fithet John s Medicine foi colds nd .as a body buildei It is because its high icputdtion--\Unch no amount ot adveiubing alone could hdvt piodutec--is built on pi oven ment. 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