The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 10, 1930 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 10, 1930
Page 5
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MONDAY, MARCH 10, 1930. f HB £AEL1f COURIER, CONNB3LLIVTLIM, PA. PAGE FIVE. !j At the Theatres The Paramount - That very gripping drama of the screen, "A Most Immoral Lady," featuring Lea trice- Joy, which le now at the Paramount Theatre, Is dls- Hnguiehed not only for tense action and brilliant dialogue, hut for a mu«- Ical score of rave excellence. The songs sung- by Mies Joy and others of the cast were written especially for this picture. One of them is entitled "That'a How much I Need You." Another Is "Toujours"--which being Interpreted is "Always." Both these songs (ire by Herman Ruby and M. K. Jerome, well-known New York muetcal creators who are now attached to the Flret National Studious In Calfironla. Ruby wrote tho worde, Jerome the melodies. And there ie a third song--"If I Oet 'Em Under the Monn"--likewise hy Ruby and Jorome, but in an entirely different vein. All three are well worth hearing. You'll be elngln? and whistling: them ere long. "A Most Immoral Lady" le a. First National and Vltaphone production, based upon the remarkable etage play by Towneend Mnrtln. Walter Rdgeon plays opposite Beatrice Joy. Another prominent role la enacted by Sidney Blackmer.and the supporting cast la of exceptional calibre. "A Most Immoral Lady" is splendid entertainment, and will serve to increase the popularity of Mies Joy wherever it may be shown. The photography 1« eepeclaly beautiful, nnd the scenes in the gay Palm Bench resort gardens and in the Russian . cafe, stand out plctorlally. Thle is a vory worthwhie screen drama. Don't rnlee it. The program also Includes Arrvoe and Andy at 7 o'clock, a n«ws reel, featuring Graham McNamee, an all- taking comedy and Vltaphone act. Thursday, Friday and Saturday George Arllss will be seen in "Disraeli." Oust that Tired Spring Feeling. Heavier meals lit winter, less fresh air and c-xerciae. Spring find* one short-winded, listless, headachy, with weak ailing kidneys, backache, rheumatic pains, sleep-disturbing night calls. Take Foley Pills diuretic. Active, revivifying, they put urinary processes lo work in a natural -way, filtering the blood of those poisonous waste matters that cause a heavy drain on the vitality--a menace to health. Ask for Foley Pills diuretic. For Bale at C. Roy Hetzel, Wool-worth Hldg.--Advertisement. 1 Looking for Bargains f If so, read the advertising column* of Tta* Daily Courier. Use our classified advertisement. The Orpheum Settinge rich beyond tho dreams of tha moat vtelonary of Interior decorators have been provided tor tho talking screen's first original musical romance, "The Love Parade," now showing at the Orphonm Theatre. The ten hit songs featured in "Thje Love Parade" can le said to come "out of the night." Victor Schert?.- inger, who wrote the ten sougB for "The Love Parade" does his composing In his home lilgh above Hollywood--at night. It is his method to work on his mueic at night, laboring through the dark hours and sometimes paet dawn. All his musical compositions have their Inceptions while he is at hie desk, working only with pen and paper. Later he develops hie melodies at hie piano and works out his orchestrations at the pipe organ.' It was Just such a procedure that was followed In conipoelng ot euch numbers from "The Love Parade" as "Dream Lover," "My Love Parade," "Nobody's Uaing It Now," and seven other popular hits. Maurice Chevalier. .Teannette MacDonald, Lupino Lane and Lillian Roth head the stellar cast of principals in "The Love Parade," the feature attraction at the Orpheum Theatre for the flret three days of thie week. "The Love Parade" is the story of the affaires d'amour of a queen of a mythical kingdomj played by Jeannette MacDonald, who falle fn lova and marries a prince, Maurice Chevalier, Their comical marital life, the troubles of a prince concert and general life in the palace form the back-' ground for this rollicking mueical romance. A movietone act, Bound newa reel and all talking comedy are also being shown. · Thursday, Friday and Saturday Greta Garbo and Lew Ay era will be seen in "The Kiss." .Broadway Star in i American Legion Show) ' Valerie Raemier, Broadway's highest salaried show girl, was judged by «. committee of American Legion artist* to be the most beautiful girl in America. She will represent the United States in the forthcoming American Legion pictw* "Raua Mitt 'Em." The Strand Chalk up another credit mark for Raoul Walsh, director ot more than 100 motion pictures! "Hot For Parto,' his la teat all talking pictures for Fox Movietone is a laugh sensation, and brought that welcome laughter o: Victor McLagley, featured with Fit Dorsay. Polly Mornn and 'El' Brende to the screen of the- Strand Theatre Dunbar, today whore they are to he seen and heard for two days. Wateh whoee production of "What Price Glory" for Fox Films earned him a place among the first ten most euccesaful director;; in the film world proved his progre tsirenes* with the advent of talking picture* by turning out the Movietone picture, "The Cock Paramount Theatre · TODAY--TOMORROW--WEDNESDAY * + + + SINGING ' i M + J and T TALKING · A MOST IMMORAL LADY · · · .^ ^ . f LATRIC | J O Y ^ SYDJSBY BLACMMER ^ WALTEll P1DGEON · JOSEPHINE DUNN + + + + Oh Joy! Hear her lift up her voice In joyona song, snappy repartee and tinkling laughter, playing a game where the cards were stacked ftgalnt her. Forfeiting her heart for a stake of riches. " Based on Play by Townsend Martin Yltaphone Act and AH Talking New* Keel Sporting Youth in "Footlights and Follies AdntlHslon--Mat!n«e lOe and S5c Night 15c and 3ftc Thursday, Friday and Satnrday George Arliss in "DUraeH" · · 4 TVcrld," a emash hit, in which "Flagg" and "Quirt" continued their hilarious adventures. .Born in Now York just 37 years ago of Irish-Spanteh parents, Raoul Walsh received his early education in the public and high schools of that city, and later attended Seton University. Following his graduation, Walsh decided to become an actor, and eventually joined the old Bio- graph Company. Several years afterwards, he felt th« urge to direct and succeeded Immediately. His fiuccasses include, In addition to thoee previously mem- tioned, "The Honor System," "Thief of Bagdad/' and "In Old Arizona." "Hot for Paris," is based on Raoul Walsh'a own story, with dialogue by William K. Wels. Walter Donaldnon and Edgar Leslie wrote the music, The supporting cast of well known screen and stage players includes Lennox Pawle, Charles Judela, Eddie Dillon, August Tolllare and Yola D'Avril. BULLSKIN PEOPLE HAPPY AT PROSPECT OF IMPROVED ROAD WHITE BRIDGES, March 10 -Bulletin township roads are the tlk of the whole community. Citizens are delighted over being promised the much looked for, and longed for road from near the Pleasant Valley Club to Mud School and hope by next year It may be extended to Laurelvlllo. During tho snowstorms last week the roads were impaesable. with no mail Hervloe, between Luurelvillo and Mud Hchool on Monday, tin Tuesday what few, drlvere of cars and trucks started through had to be shoveled out. Mrs. P. R. Chapman wa« a juror In Uniontown last week. Mr; and Mrs. Emerson Kinneer were Mount Pleasant shoppers on Friday. Mr. and M'rs. William Zelrnore were callers at Jonee Mill on Thursday afternoon. Mi*. C. H. Dillfnger of Mount Plene- ant was the guest of Mrs. William Zeinwre last week. Mr, and Mrs. James Underwood, ^r., and taby of Polecat visited with their parents, Mr. and Mra. Jamea Underwood, during th« past wdek. Mr. and Mre. N. R. Lyou« of Para- dtee Church spent Thursday with their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cooper, a couple of nice porkers being slaughtered the same day. Patronise those who advertise. Pa jama Style* in Hollywood Colony Film it*rs prefer these petch colored lounging pajamut which were produced from the softest Mua. Thete pt/Saas, which were designed by the most noted de- ngner m Hollywood, has * deft touch ia the drmped wet line ot *^*»* ORFHEUM T.HEAJTRE TODAY--TOMORROW--WEDNESDAY HEAP. I J lets Be Omni J MORE THRILLING THAN EVER ! He singe., makes love for you. The entertaiKinent idol of the world --Maurice Chevalier. Here's the production that amazed New Yorkf The screen's first original musical-romance. Tuneful! Sophisticated! Hilarious! The roguish romance of a beautiful queen. An engaging, exciting cast. Dazzling costumes. Lovely women. MAURICE CHEVALIER The Love Parade AN ERNST LUBITSCH P IX O D U C T I O N JEANETTE MACDONALD UIPtNO LANE LILLIAN ROTH (2 Qoramount Also All talking Comedy, Movietone Act and Sound Sews. Time of Shows: 1, 8:80, and 8:30 ^ + · + + · + · · · · · · · ·* * + · + · · · STRAND T H E A T R E DIWBAB, PA. Present Tonite and Tomorrow HO FO PARIS AJ.LTALKIN; Movietone Rb t wttK TIC7TOB MeUIGIJEN BE. Fashi ions Top l:o Toe Alliances . lake for Harmony. By FRANCES PAGE T, Copyright, 1930, by Style Sources. NEW YORK, March 10. -As the season advances, tho close relationship between footwear and the costume and the other accesm ries becomes more and moro pr tnounced. This "eneem'bling" is by 10 means limited, because fabrics, dole t and do- signs are taken into con ^deration and the mannor in which o ie affects the other iB continually a f mrce of Interest. . .. - ; The matching shoes and ! ag which haa been an important issue this past season appear to be deflnit ily established and. continued into the new season. Belts and gloves tave also been Included in this mat :hed accessory group and recently hosiery, mainly for evening piirpc 3es, has' been matched to tho shoes, but only as far as past«sls are concer led. ·Now another deviation cccurs for It. Straw lacds which liav achieved an unprecedented amount of attention in formal'. inlllliiery J j r spring are featured for footwear purposes. Sonie are made entirely of fine visca threads and others combine ,-tepa with henip. Hair is also utiliz id. : Lacy designs are worked out in s nail, concentrated effects and als j ;.;,'in the spreading or widely spaci tl design. Mesh effects,are also ictrodi ced which fit in with the prominence- accorded cotton; mesh fibrici for d ess purposes. Usually!'a dull and shiny surface ia presented, especial 1': in those fabrics showing : th-a comb nation of visca and henip, ; It IB als ^brought out in all visca fabric by tl e showing of a fine plain meeb 'backgi iund with design worked out In liaske weave effect. ' .' These are shown In pas (fits, and high colors or white to ibe dyed. While they are quits Btrorij, they are usually backed 1 with olthei a matching or contrasting color. Hair is shown for sportswear purp jses In an ombre striped effect. Trade-in TIRE SALE Special Allowance on Your Old Tires for next 6O days Through the co-operation of th« makers of India Tirea we are enabled to offer a special allowance during March and April. Drive in--leave us look over your old tires. A liberal allowance will be made regardless of condition. If they are completely worn out they will still have a cash value during the next 60 days. Here are prices on INDIA TIRES "Built to Out Wear Any Tire Made --Bar None." fill WOW ftlMMM WCANM THt CKEATIST OMI.VPmtTt.ATIK AND SMCKCO ·HCCT ROOM AWMM CtMHNM HUbKII OMLV B1T«VI!IM TNMI COM4 29x4.40... 30x4.50 28x4.75 29x4.75 29x5.00............ 30x5.00 28x5.25 30x5.25 31x5.25 29x5.50 30x6.00 31x6.00..... 32x6.00 33x6.00 .... $ 9.20 $10.10 $11.15 $11.55 $12.00 $12.40 $13.50 $14.40 $14.85 $15.30 $16.45 $16.85 $17.40 $17.95 TrtKM HEAVY TIB MH| MAKt A pwrtcr USL Batteries To At Ford, Chevrolet, Oldsmoblte, Uurant, Etc. 7 $ / -95 JOE'S TIRE SERVICE 'Jos. Opperman West Crawford Ave. Just Across the Bridge Henry Opperman Phone U*« our clitislfled advert semeut. COUNTY EDUCATIONAL RALLY NEXT SATURDAY IN UNIONTOWN SCHOOL A county-wide educational meeting; will be held in the Senior High School building, Fayette street, Uniontown Saturday, March 15, beginning promptly at S):30 A. M. and closing promptly at 3:30 P. M. Th« following ll«t of noted educators ha« been employed for the occaeion: Dr. C, F. Hoban, director of vienaE education, Department of Public Instruction, Harrisburg. Dr. Robert M. Steele, president ol! State Teachers College, California. Dr. G. d. Hill, Department of Commerce, State Teachers' College, Indiana. A Charles B. Dickey, superintendent of Allegheny county public ech|61s and member of the State Council ot Edu- cation Department of Public Instruction, Harrlsburg. Dr. Q. A. W. Rohrbach, head of the department of history and prlnciplea of education, University ot Pittsburg. Dr. Milton D. Proctor, superintendent of the Uniontown rjubllc schools. In addition to addresses made by the foregoing educator^ a series of cdnfreencee will be hold during part of the forenoon eeesicn. Music, both vocal and instrumental, will be furniehed by the Utilontovvn public schools, in charge of B. F. Eckroat, director of music, Unionto'wn High School. "Wo do not expect every teacher of tha county system of schools tb attentl the meeting, but we do expect all t'hat ar.e Interestetl in public school work to put forth reasonable effort to .attend," BtakHt the county superintendent. An urgent invitation is extended to all schoo directors of the county to attend ta« m#etlnif. There is room for advancement in every department of the county organization, and all officials and employes should be anxious to avail themselve* of opportunities to reader faithful, «e«icicn4 service, In the cause of education, Mr. Carroll Says. All persons Interacted in th* education and training of the children of the county are invited to attend. Ten Years at College. MINNEAPOLIS, March. 10--After spending 10 years at the University of Minnesota and earning three degrees, Thomae Rigor of the Philippine Iwlands will leave for his home to de- vole the rest of his lite in the improvement of his country. The doctorate degree will be conferred on Rigor March 20. He already has earned degrees of bachelor of «r»« and master of ocience. / CtaulfiM Ato.

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