The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 10, 1930 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 10, 1930
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLS'VTL.LE, MONDAY, MARCH 10, 1930. lathj ffimtrter. THE COUJUKU TO., HEKRT P SNfDBB. PrssKUnt and Editor, 18TO-101«. MRS. K. M SNYf BB, President, 1916-1922. JAMBS J DRISOOUU Praiidenl and G c n c i a l Man*g«r. MISS R A DONEOAN. Secretary and Treasurer. JOHN L. OAN9. Managing Editor. WALTER S ST1SIMB1* · . City Editor. MISS LTNNE B KINCBIJ* Society Editor. MEMBEK OP American Newspaper Publisher* Association, A«ait Bureau of Circulation. Pennsylvania Newspaper Publisher* Association. Two fffnts per copy: 6XJ P«r month; »0.00 par *e*r by m*U it palfl in ad- van c«. 12c per week by carrier. Entered a« s«con« classi maltar »t th« postotBco. ConnellBvlll*. MONDAY EVENING, MAR. 10,' OUR MOST HONOltED, MOST LOVED CITIZEN. In tho history of America, from ttfi foundation until today, no citizen has been accorded more high honors, in- trusted with more positions ot great responsibility, than William Howard Taft. None have given more freely of his great talents, exalted ideals and earnest purpose to the public service than he To him such service haB been more thau a perfunctory filling of an office K has entailed obligations of n most solemn nature which he discharged with a singular fidelity to the best Interest ot his country and its jxsople. During all his career, which in- eluded the secretaryship of war, gov »rnor general ot the Phlllipines and Cuba. President ot tbo United States, dean ot the Yale law school, and Chief Justice o! the United States Supreme Court, he met the problems with ealm- nass ot soul, rare amiability ol disposition and tempauunent, sure poise and sound Judgment ol a man equipped by nature with- extraordinary abilities for the difficult and nvuHi- tudinoutt twsks imposed upon him. f The Nation will long, and perhaps vainly, seek a man worthily to be rated his successor as our most ·veisatlle, most capable, most honored and moat loved citizen. PRESIDENT HOOVER'S STATEMENT. The joint summasy of tho statement issued by President Hoover and the Department of Commerce, relating to the industrial, UIK mployment and business situation, It not, as political opponents assume, an attempt to bolster up the courage of people in the belief that condition', are more favorable than~ha\e been made to appear. It is a frank, clearly stated epitome which shows the remits of the most recent general survey of businessand ind ustry. It shows concluM.ely that the low point of business depression and un- ornploymont was reached late in December and early January and has bocn followed by steady improvement since. Unemployment is only one- third or one-half as serious as it was. following the p.uilts of 1907-8 and l»^0-22 Acuto unemployment is con- ilned to 13, or oue-futtrth of the states, while in the other 36 "seasonal unemployment," or "minor abnormal unemployment," is rapidly being absorbed It is confidently "orecaat that with: in 60 days increased construction by public utilities. Improvements by municipalities and road construction will be under * ay on a larger scale than at any previous time in the country'? history. With tHs increased activity In certain prospect there is no Justifiable cause for the feeling of pessimism that exists in certain quarters. Such sn tfoob prevail Is being fostered ar-d magnified in the inu»ieats ot the poUtf- dans who invariable seize upon an "off year' to "vi* r v with alarm" thfl conditions which, to best serve their purposes., are held to be due solely to the party in powov. AUSPICIOUS BEGINNING OF DEBATING SEASON. Students and fHenda or the Con- nellsvlllo High School will be very much gratified wiih the rtwult ot the opening contest In the 19S3 series of debates of the Favette county section t f the Pennsylvania Forensic Leaeub Tor both the affirmative and negative teams to win against their respective opponents of the Point Murjon HI? ft Hchool gives the locals a vwy promising start. The success in the initial debate miould have a tendency to arouse interest in the series from the beginning. To know that tlu home teams have had an auspicious beginning, and that the lotal school has been next to Dunbar tho winning school for two years in succession, lends encouragement to the prospects for the current yeai. Tho la'ler, which divided honois wit i Pony townsfilp on the opening ulgh . will be the next to cross lances \vitli the locals. It is, of course, not to be presumed that because th hons* te-ams have won th*ir ftv^t ( o n t e a t s that success In the finals is thereby assured It does beget tho icpo that tUe third year of being near; winners will be crowned with i omplete success, to which Dunbar, seven times winner, ought not reasonably to objvCt. conducted by local ministers, .all of whom have qualified bv training and experience to act an leadens. lMie courses will be three in number, each specializing in some line of study affording facilities for a more 'nttonate knowledge which is esBrntisil to a broader equipment for leadetshlp in Sunday school instruction and administration. Connells'ville having many zealous Sunday school Workers, It may safely be predicted that the registration will be large and all session* f r u i t f u l of much- benefit to those enrolling. YOUR INCOME TAX. Capital Asset*. The cost of capita! assets, sue!' ns building and machinery, loss depiecl- dtlon and salvage, may be deducted from gross income if thci r use in business suddenly is terminated. Usually such assets must be sold or otherwise disposed of, in rder to claim a loss. However, tin re is an exception. If, for example, property has been discarded by reasoi of some unforeseen cause, such as hange in the- manufacture of a product to which machinery is e»pc ially devoted, or where n«w legislation makes the continued profitable «-e of tho property impossible, the taxpayer need not have parted permanently with the property in ordw t j claim a loss. But if use of prop irty was abandoned because of depreciation or obsolescence, the taxpayer must liajfe parted permanently with it it a loss is claimed Loss due to thfl voluntary removal or demolition of old buildings, the scrapping of old machineiy, equipment, etc , due to renewal or replacements, is deductible But if a taxpayer buys, as tho site of a new building, land upon which an old building is located*, demolition of the old building is not confiid red a loss and therefore is not deductible. Th» value of tho real estate, exclusive or the old improvements, is presumed to bo equal to the purcha^ price of the land and building, plus the cost of removing tho useless building. The Baltimore Ohio Itiillroad cannot reasonably find complaint with the "breaks" which have corns to it by the favor of the Inteistate Oom- meflce Commission. Appi oval of its plan to purchase the Buffalo Susquehanna, and the issue of $63,000,000 in bonds and $5 i.000,000 in stock, would ueem to be about all that It has requested in order t o round out its system as ono of the treat Lakes- -tOiSeaboard trunk lines. With Mayor Minerd a councillor to the Peniiby' Chamber ot Commerce, ( will bo able to reach out fle-id in which its advan industrial center can be the attention of a new gr. esls. · the state vania State onnellsville nto a wider ages as an brought to up ot inter- The fate of the West Finn's "navy" on Lake Lynn shows the mountain storm to be more efficient and quicker in action in the Tteductl m ot armaments than the LoTldoa t onfereaxco. The borough, council of Mount Pleasant IB very wisely taking time and care in its inquiry nto the proposal to purchase the -vater works. Its possession by the boi ough will involve many problems advance investigation of which it is desirable should be conducted most thoroughly. Having clouted the owners of his team to the tune of $80 000 per Babe Ruth wijl begin the season with the greatest home rutt hit ol hla career. By Men--About Women Smart Set Mag xzlna IA'C! IS SUNDAY SCHOOL LEAOGItHHJP. An opportunity for workers in Bunday schools to better lit themselves for activ* leadership in thin field of activity, is to be provided by the leadership train lug school that is to cpon in the United Pr-eabytwian Church on Mo-iday, March 17, and continue for tvo wtHika, Uwv second weak s session to be transferred to tli« United Bre"hrm Church. court* of iiUAtructioa will !· "Women generally g»t f h e best of everything;. Th0 j^we s , the adornments, tho extravagant es of life aro largely for them. Am*i loan men yield to them their homai and their pockotbooks." -- Charles Evane Hughes. "The Chinese woman ' While a girl she ie a ouree to hei parents; and when married she i« a burden to her husband." -- Paul K WJiang. "Th« new silhouette is more educated. It hae personality. A woman may look like an Indi 'iduatity in it." -- Jacques Worth, Parisian couturier. "Men are vain, but they won't mind women's working eo V»ng as they get smaller salaries for tbe- same jobs." -Irvin S. Cobb. "Happiness in marriage fa a growing, living thing. Boredom i«s raie, fo. 1 the glamor remain because of the very fact that women are women. "i-Cowper Powye. Yorkers will stand for anything but a woman m tho subway." -- W. W. Scott. Great Statpe of * Buddha in Japan All o-£ us are familiar with pictures of the mammoth figure of Buddha in Japan. It may be aeon at Kamakura, a pleas-ant summer r'Wrt near Yokohama, which is also famoUs for ite beachce and beautiful mountain top views. The Daibutsu, or Big Buddha in the largest bronze casting in existence, and eits in state upon a lotus flower, with a calm and peaceful expression. His eyes of pur« gold seem to be absorbed in meditation. On his head are 803 uurla each line inches high, representing the a mils which, according to legend, ci »wled on hla head to shelter lt« bald surface from tho sun's rays. -THE LABOR OF LOVE Queen of Spain May Need $100,000 Bequeathed Her By CHARLES P. STEWART Centra! Prose Staff Writer. WASHINGTON, March 10 -- Queen Victoria of Spain may yet need the $100,000 left I to her by the ^te Alexander P. Moore of Pitteburg, a former America u ambassador at King Alfonso's court to live on in exile,. One may reasonably expect to raad, in most any edition of the paper* he may happen to pick up, that Spain has just gone republican. The monarchlelic system surely is on the totter in th,at country. But my! how long It has been tottering! If ever an obviously inevitable revolution hung fire, it has done so in Spain for the last 25 y«arw--plainly becoming more imminent with every succeeding om of fubout two dozen crises, and atill not quite imminent enough to eventuate. · *".·,, ' It happene that newspaper buem«fis kept me on duty in Europe from 1908 to 1911, and in that time I received no fewor ihan five h/irry-up orders, at intervals, to streak it from my nead- fiuartere in London to Madrid or Baroelonia, to be on hand at a .Spanish revolutlort which, in each Instance, wao supposed already to have st irtcd. Each on* looked reajly promi6ing ? too, on arrival In the Iberian peninsula. Things finally appeared to hay« settled down during the period between 19J|3 and a few weeks ago, but the simmering evidently wae going on a* violently as «ver underneath tbe lid on whfch Premier Pricio de Rivera was sitting--considering how the lid blew off recently, with vehe- Hoover's Statement Anticipates Blame For Any Turn in Tide That May Be Unfavorable as Well us Sets Stage for Credit for Hotter. Kiec"t u 1) mocrirt! KNOXVILLK, Teun,, March 10-Two m«m of the sania name, George L, Burnett, have quail'led a* candidates subject to tho Ropu illcan primary for tho officer on uu county highway j,lok tim winner. · By DAVID* LAWRENCE Copyrlg-ht 1830 by Tho C o u r i e r ) WASHINrmN, March 10.--President Hoover has decided again to employ the tmrJSoiJ, of reassurance which he adopted last October when the business situation first began to give signa of concern Ho has Issued ti statement surveying the outlook, but this time h*» makes a prediction--that within 60 days conditions should begin to grow better For two reasons the President's statement is of the greatest slgni- flnance at fils time. It i« of course an authoritative expression of the Government's opinion ot the data it has gathered and what it means, but also it Is a forerunner of the political debate that is already beginning as to the responaibUty of the Hoover Administration The fact that the statement makes comparisor s with the crash of 1907 ant! the depmssion in 1921 thus adopting an ai f uniontatlve form of explanation, is intended not only as a factor of psychological influence but !t emphasises the belief of the Admln- ihtration that economic adversity is but temporary From the political viewpoint, tho Ad minis tuition is beginning to realize that it will lie blamd for things beyond its {ontrol, and that it might as well set trie stage for the credit that It will s"-3k to have bestowed on it when conditions get Tjetter. v U is always customary for the "out's" to hold the "in's" at fault for any unfavorable turn In the economic tide and the speeches in Congress Indicate that tradition is being followed in evory respect by present day critics. One of the reasons why the President hesitated in October to issue a slatement was the fear that if matters became worse his influence as a spoken man of optimism would be diminished. Already his defendf-r»-ln Congress are pointing to his statement of last t autumn as having been issued at the rlrht tlni^ and a having averted gr^ator disaster. ' There is no doubt that tho official Information gathered by Government agendas in responsible for Saturday's statement o! hopefulness and tln»ni8e of a dofbilte period of time in prodiet- ing tha upward turn of the curce of busin«M Secretary Davis had his figures on unemployment criticised when hf became too definite and oi course 1C the Admihistratlon'a prophecy utteied by Mr. Hoover isn't fulfills^ thore will be plenty of crittciBm. On the other hand if business doesn't get bettor, tho Administration's goose may be cooked anyhow In the congressional elections. So speaking from the political angle. the Hoover policy i» one of overything-to-igain-ancl-nothing-to- f lose Besides the mere announcement of a dellniie period during which the i low point In business has passed and better conditions are to be expected may of Itself furniah a stimulus which will accelerate the business momentum of the country. There never wag a time when the power ot publicity of the White House was u»ed more intensively for economic betterment ot all because it has !ecom* an accepted doctrlce that buBlnosa le- pie»sions are largely psychological anyway and that psychological Influ- snesw slone can remove them. Classified AdvertlRementfl Bring esuJ'tb when placed in t!b« ool- unm* »t Xto* Dolly "Dinner Table Duel" With Mrs. Gap Has Never Existed That widely publicised social du 1 at Washington hsu't been n. duel t all so Jar as at least one of its «u posed principals, Alice Roosev* It Ixmgwc,rth, is concerned. Mr» Lon ;worth doesn't car-a, and Ee?er h IB cared, whether, as wlfo of tha Speak «· of th* Hous«, she outranks Mw. Gar a, sister and hostess of Vice-Preside it Curtis, at official social functions. S le would be perfectly happy eating \ e- tween our most onecure CongressTM m aad ttt« youngest fledging diplomat Th« flrst direct word upokon by W 8. Ixmgworth oti the controversy U at has kept Washington society «etlr or a year is contained hi an fnterr! w published In the current teeue of Dailq Lenten Devotion Meeting Life's Demands." SCRIPTURE ' Memory verse: "What doth the I ord require of thee but--" Mlchah 0'8 Read: Michah C:8~8. MEDITATION Every person must complete this sentence for himself The inde of one's moral nature in the way In ^hlch he does so. This i« life's Inal examination in spiritual insight. Vith the decay of outward authority B any have jumped to the conclusion that there te no authority. \ Riglt and wrong is u matter of "As* you lik it." There is nothing required But I wsa who have adopted this view do not eeem to be a very happy lot. J oral requirement* aro the laws by \ hlch one lays his course It in not al ?ays easy to answer Mlehah'e ifuestion but no one can come to terms wit! Ijfe unless he asks It and koejis on a king it. PBAYER Teach us Thy laws, O Liord. Ii form us oE Thy ways. Make the pa h of duty clear to us and give u the heart to pursue it. Out ol the difficulties of the day, may we fet I the joy of having done that which Thou has required of us. In the sti 3ngth of Christ our Lord we «sfc it. imen. Smart Set magazine. "A"y one who knows me knows perfectly well that I don't caro In the least where I sit at dinner," she remarks, dismissing the Oann-Long- worth controversy as a thing that is non-existent, The rumor that she and Mrs, Gann are not on speaking terms is equally without foundation, she says. Mrs. Longworth, whose remarkable poise an,d charm won for her the newspaper appellation "Princess Alice" whon her father was in the White House, mlso takes time to deny the long-lived story that a« Washington's most sought after hostess she has become a silent power in politics, that her famous evening salons take the fqrm of political round-tables where Republican leaders, with her counsel, formulate tho policies they are to pursue in high places. "It is only natural, she will tell you, that a great number of her friends are people whose chief interest Is poll- tics, and that in the course of an even- Ing political problems should come In for their share of discussion. As for anything more formal than that--» Ridiculous," she will «ay Since her White House days when she stood out even among tho striking personalities ot the Roosevelt family, Mrs. Longworth. has appeared periodically in tho public eye. Th-a- birth of her only child, Paulina, after she had reached her fortieth year attracted nationwide interest. And on this Mrs. Longworth expresses an interesting opinion in the Interview that the child of a mature mother te the moat fortunate. "She came to me at an age when I had no desire to escapo from my r«- eponeihilities," says Mrs. Longworth.. "Had she been born when I was a great deal younger, I might have welcomed distractions that would have taken me away from her." Abe Martin "Who rocalJs ivhen Jovars i »ed to inll Instead a' wlilw" "J don't know whal iny family's to nJo unless t Uiimie my car an' Ipavc it unlocked,' snj'i Joe u e p h o w , who's Ijaoii out o 1 wo year*. CHARMING WOMEN MAKE MALTA DESIRE OF MANY NATIONS " ·"'··' ' '"· i To vteH Malta IB to follow in the footstep*) of Ulysses and the -Vnosf.le Paul, to cay nothing of tho Olympian Gods, Phoenicians, OTeeks, Oartha- glniane, Romant), Arabs, Normans, Germane, Spanish, French an-1 English, who have all battled for poanee- slon of the island, When you see the treeless rock you may wonder why, but on Bhre you will discover that the great charm ot Malta IB the charm Of ite beautiful women whoa* faces are well eet off by their cnrloiw black head drew-like a crocs "between a sunbonnet and a nun's reil, ahd this loveliness haa combined wftA !t« political importance to make it tbe doe Ire of all nation*. FAMILY CLUB ANSWERS QUESTIONS OF CHILDREN "As th* mother of several -Alldren, I know that there ar* times when we must concentrate on other things than childish queries and confidences, and that we can not always stop to answer Questions," writes Florence Hadley la The Farm Journal. "Not being walking ency :lop«dtas and dictionaries combined, w-) Are not always qualified to answer all the qu«stlott»,,accurately. Finally I developed "an Idea that has' proved satisfactory. "We call it the 'Question Club Hour.' 'The club oonalsta of the fa;nlly plus the dictionary and such reference books .is the famtty library provldss, and borrowed. Information v/hen necessary. ' "If the children ask questions when I am busy and can apt answof quickly, the eldest makes a note of it; then In the evening, If possible, or If not, at some convenient hour, we have- our club meeting and 'look up* and 'talk over' the questions. Before we look them up or try to answer them, the Children are required to ttlnk ot an answer themselves and to give their opinions in good mence sufficient to blow General d* Rivera clearlout of Spain and all th way to Pario for an indefinite stay, according to the latest cables · · · The fact Is that guessing on what is going on In Spain probably Is about ^ R accurate in Washington as anything that tbe correspondents actually on the ground are abJ« to send out ot th« country. The Spanish censorship to as airtight an institution as can well lw imagined, in seasons of disturbance. General Damaso Berengu«r, wlio succeeded General de itivera as premier, did indeed momentarily lift if following the latter general's hasty departure Parlsward, but promptly slapped it badk again, saying tbe correspondents had abused their increased privileges. As Berenguer sees matters, he doubtle«e was right. It is true that the correspondents seized the opportunity to report crowds in the streets, yelling, "Down with the monarchy!" and "Death to the king!" and to quote Don Jose Antonio Sanchez. Guerra (who ie not an obscure individual, but himself a former premier) as declaring; that "events are movinic toward a republic." The government could hardly havi» been expected to like this. · * · All indications are that th« threatening state of Spanish politics led King Alfonso to install General de Rivera as dictator In 1923, In the hop of creating a 1 Fascist regime, similai to Ben Ho Mussolini's in Italy. CLAIMS PROOF OF GOD FROM FACTS OF HYPNOTISM The pose) billty that a new scientific proof of the existence of a personal God may be deduced frolp the facts of hypnotism was suggested by tbe Rev. L. W. Greanted of Oxford University, England, In a recent address In London on "Faith and Worship." The admitted fact* of religious experience, like encouragement "by faith or eatlefaction from prayer, frequently are explained by psychologists, th« English cleric stated, as due to abnormal suggestibility of tn« wonthtpcr. The moet extreme example of abnormal suggestibility, h« continued, is hypnotism, in which state the mind of the hypnotized person Is virtually closed to anytbirg except suggestions from tbe hypnotist. But this very atat*, Reverend Oreneted argued, shows another significant feature. There Is a personal relation between ·abject and hypnotist.. Accordingly, the argument continues, tb« very existence «of psychological phenomena of faith, worship, prayer and others implies something similar to this personal relationship. It a worshiper feels happier and more satisfied after eome act of prayer or worship this may be due to suggestion but that suggestion must originate, Reverend Qrensted insists, in some external, personal source. * This Is nothing .but another w*y of stating the hypothesis of a personal God. Any supposed scientific proof of Qod, as distinct from personal or religious proofs, Is eure to arouae Interest among philosophers. It in already urged, however, that the, tact that hypnotism can be caused by mechanical mean* like rotating mirrors or brought about by tbe hypnotized persons himself in what is called "self-hypnosis," weakens the, force of Reverend Grenated's argument. Babbits and Tick*, BOISE, Idaho, March 10--The relation between a rabbit and a sheep consists of a tick. At any rate, since regular drives have been made on packrabbits, sheep ticks have disappeared almost completely from the southern Idaho range, according to Federal biological survey reports. MACHINES MAKE SOVIETS RIVALS OFO. FARMER Whatever we may think of the treatment of Russian peasants by the Soviet government, we must watch, with Interest the Russian experiment in big-scale power farming says an editorial in The Farm Journal for March. , Elnormous areas of land have been tafksn from farmers, and the farms thrown together." Tractors will be used exclusively, except for a f«w saddle horses ridden by farm managers, The Grain Trust experimented with, some 20-odd combines last hummer, and will use over 1,000 ot these machines in 1930. According to L. J. Fletcher, wh6 recently returned from Russia, the laud Is generally level and free from trees and w«t«r ^oursea Joi the Ukraine, Caucaus anet Volga districts, wbero the grain-growing project centers. Fences are practicaly unknown, Besides, nmqh of the grain-growing region is dry. In most parts o£ the country, the harvesting season is just about rainless, a condition made ex- pr*ssly to order for the tractor and the combine, Wlieat-growert In the tTntted States may be confronted with new competition in the next few years. Onion Capital Gets Railroad. HOOPER, Mioh., March 10--Despite the fact that tne village of Hooper to BO small that it tan't given a place on the map, It la to be given ^i railroad, The village is the onion capital of Michigan. More onions are shipped from the little village each year Uiaii from ajl $ cut «i tb« «t«t«. njoy your evenings at home with ATWATER RADIO There'sfnotning like an open Are and ail Atwater Kent these long evenings. There's n o t h i n g like an Atwatcr Kent any evening k . . Say the word and we'll prove it for you with* this wonderfully beautiful and home-like cabinet model. Home demonstration, if y6u like. We guarantee satisfaction ind make the purchase easier with our liberal payment plan. Screen-Grid ·' Lilt TUM* ' UNION SUPPLY CO. Sixty Store* In Kin« Counties of

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