The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 10, 1930 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 10, 1930
Page 3
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MONDAY, MARCH 10, 1930. -iTIE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLY VILLE, PA. PAGE THREE. PURIM, FESTIVAL OF LOTS WILL BE OBSERVED MAR. 14 Will Bo Utihorcd In Evening of March 18 Witli Reading Of Book of Esther, SIGNIFICANCE OF OCCASION Tho Mlh of the Hebrew month Adar falls this year on Friday, March 1 (, and on this iny the Jews all over tlio word will oclubrato the Feast of 3'urlm--the Festival of Lots. Though this festival has nrver been considered an a religious holy day, it hae evet been held In high esteem and has assumed religious importance with ·the march of centuries. It is uehered in on the evening of March 13, with the reading of the Rook of Esther which gives ne tho origin o! this festival, and it is celebrated with great festivity and joy. The Book of Esther records that Ahasuerus, Icing of Persia and Media, depoeed his queen, Vaehti, because eho had refused to appear and display her charms before I ho princes of the roalm. Ahusucrus then chose Esther ai a successor to the unruly Vaehti. leather was a beautiful orphan living u n d e r the protection of her cousin oNIordecal--a wealthy, prominent court Jew of tho city of Shushan. At about that time Ahasueruo raised his favorite general, Human the Agagite, to the position of G r a n d Vizier. This Jiaman hated Monlecal because he had refused to io obeisance to him, and Hamiui extended his hatred to the ehtiro Jewish peo-ple then living in Persia. One day H n m n n came before Ahas- ii-erus and accused the Jewleh people of being » danger to the unity of the Persian Empire, saying that they ·were "scattered and d i s p e r s e d throughout tho land, distinct In their laws from all othor peoples, and refusing to obey the laws of the King." He prorniael the King a huge sum of money for the destruction of the J«wteh people. Whreupon Ahaeuerus said: "Do unto the people as it eoemthed good to tliee."/ When Mordecai learned of the edict of destruction, he went, about In the streets of Shushnn in mourning garb and conveyed the evil tiding to Esther. He Implored her to beeseeeh her royal Biiouee to suve he) 1 people. Though at flret resulctant to endanger her life for the eake of her people, she finaly gathered courage and pleaded with Ahasuerus to annul the evil decree against her peoplu. Tho king became furious; Haman had craftily avoided mentioning the name of tho people he thought to annihilate. The king then ordered Haman to be hanged on the same gallows w h i c h ho had prepared for Mordecai, ami issued a counter Oe- sree giviri? tho Jews tho right to organize for eelf-dofonse.. In commemoration of thi« fateful event the Feast of Purim was Instituted as a day of joy and festivity. Perfect dyeing so easily done! D I A M O N D DYES contain th« highest quality anilines money can buy! That's why they give such true, bright, now colors to dresses, drapes, lingerie. The anilines in Diamond Dyes make them so easy to use. No spotting or streaking. Just clear, even colors, that hold through wear and washing. Diamond Dyes nevor give things that re-dyed look. Thoy are just 15c at all dealers. When perfect dyeing costs ] no more--is so easy--why experiment with makeshifts? Diamond Des Highest Quality fer SO Year* FIREMEN SAVE R.W. BECK HOME AT SCOTTDALE Only Slight Damage Remits .From Blaze Near the Furnace. FAYETTE COUNTY SCHOOL ATTENDANCE REPORT, JANUARY There are more than 30,000 public school children In the school dtetrlcte of Kayette county, under the euper- | slon of the office of tho county superintendent. The State Department of ' Public Instruction publishes, at the end of each calefidar month, a report I of attendance of al! public schools of i the Commonwealth, in order for a county to be classed in the first group, every school of each district must have filed with the State through the office of the county superintendent, a complete attendance tvport. Attendance reports by districts tor tho month of January tollowe: District Pupils i Brownavlllo Borough 566 Brownsville Township 406 Belle Vernon 687 Bullekln Township 746 Connellsvllle Township _ Dawson' Dunbar ._ ! Everson _, j Fairchanc-e PELT CATCH VALUE MORE TMN$2,000,000 , HARRISBURO, March 1C. -- Although pelt prlcee \vere below average during the past open season, officials of the Game Commission estimate, according to preliminary reports, that the total value of the catch in the State will exceed 12,000,000. February 28 war. the laet day of the season for all fur bearing animals, Including mink, muskrat, otter, opposum and fikunk. The season for raccoons which is classed both as a game animal and furbearor, ended on January 15. There te no open season on beaver. Trapping them te puriiahable with a $100 line. Smithton SMITHTON, March 10 --- air. and Mre. Edward Sarp and sone, Donald and Edward, Jr., at Latrobe were gueete at tho home of Mrs. Sarp's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. John Roseman, Thursday. Mre. George Grouse was hosteee at u bridge party at her home hero on Thursday evening. The evening was spent at bridge after which a delicious linich was served by the hoe tees. Favore were awnrdi-d to Mrs. Edward Wagner. Tho60 present were Mm. William Brlant, Mrs. .Louis Barthels, Mrs. Edward Wagner. Mrs. Louis Malogne, Mrs. Brucn Hayes, Mre. Mor- rieon Smith and Mrs. Paul Stoop of Jeannette, MIeses Leami Hay, Mildred Hoenshel, Clara R;ipp, Gail Morrow »nd Miss Caehtophor of Charlerol. Mrs. Rajrnwrwva Pokorney was a recent Bea/lsrHle visitor. Mrs. Amertcue Vidale was a Wild- woofl vilstor Thursday. Dr. and Mrs. Goorge Miller of AnVbrldge were guests aV tho home of , friends at thia placo on Thursday. Francis Douglas was a West Newton visitor Friday. Patronize those who advertise. Dickerson Run 1KKERSON RUX. March 10.--MTS. I. Jj. Blair i« conflnod to her home at Liberty, Mrs. Blair Is suffering from a carbuncle on her neck. "W. H. Simmor.ri \vus a recent business caller at McKet-'s Rocks. Mrs. Jesse Harper who Is ill at her home w i t h pneumonia. Is improving. Mrs, Pearl SIdow of Connellsvllle wa*i calling on friends V.ore lust evening. Mr. and Mm. diaries Weaver of Faj ette Oily, wa* the gtietit of friends hare Friday evening. George WttlN?rK of Mahonhigtown Wtut a business calior bore Pet 96 93 D6 SO 94 96 y( 92 96 96 95 94 S7 95 05 SI 92 93 93 SO So 98 D4 88 95 2 93 93 87 85 88 94 96 95 83 77 All requests for perioct attendance certificates and seals :hould be forwarded to the office of the county superintendent at least 30 days prior to the closing of school, In order that these documents may bo forwarded to teachers In time for distribution. I · Franklin Georges ._ Henry Clay Jefferson Lmzerne - ... ! Lower Tyrone Markleysburg Masontowu Menallen New Salom ..,, Nlcholflou North Union . Ohlopyle ._ 631 138 301 134 482 405 924 2245 274 946 2792 213 47 8C7 1379 6X4 861 3704 107 657 1D65 572 Point Marion Perry ,, ...... --.-- SaltlEck South Brownevilio 1569 South Connellevllle 524 South Union ._ 2123 Springhlll 704 Springfield 434 Stewart 205 Smithfleld 200 Upper Tyrone 423 Vanderbilt 212 Washington 1097 Wharton 284 Warton Independent ,, 36 MANY SPORTSMEN WILL SEE BIG GAME PHOTOS THURSDAY SOOTTDAJJE, March 10.--A large gathering of sportsmen Is expected Thursday night at 7:3i) o'clock at Arcade Theatre where six reels of motion pictures on haw big game hunting is done will bo shown. Frank H. Friedhoff, well known sportaman. of Johnstov.'n, who has made four trips to Alnaka, will present the pictures as a benefit for the ticottclale Baseball Club. FOUR ESCAPE DEATH; TRAIN STRIKES AUTO RUTHERFORD IN WASHINGTON Special to Th* Courier. GREENSBURO, March 10.--Four persons had narrow uscapes from death at 8:05 o'clock lust night when the Nevy York Expret.f, eastbound, struck the coupe In which they were riding at the railroad creasing in Larimer. Three of the four occupants were admitted to the Westmoreland Hospital, but none was 'believed seri- oiwly hurt. The automo-blle was t'e- molished. Minnie Melr, 28 year.i old, of 206 Weet Ninth etreet, Homestead, suffered a deep cut on the forehead and minor bruises and lacerations of the entire body. She did no* recover eon- sclouenese for some time after the accident.' Elizabeth Melr, 21 yoars old, n sister, of the eame address, received deep lacerations of tho knee and minor body bruises. Orbteon Lynn, 26 yearn old, of 249 Braddock av«nu«, Turtla Creek, suffered laceration^ of · ' t h a body and head. Special to The Courier.! SCOTTBALE, March 10.--The volunteer ,flre department was called out laet evening to the home of Raymond W. Beck in Weet PItteburg street. In some manner flre had caught from the furnace. The quick work of the firemen saved the house from damage except above the furnace on the flret floor. The flra jinx follows Mr. Beck closely. It has been less than a year elnce he woke up to find his entire home wa« on flre. The houee burned to the ground, with his garage and a truck. The Becks had Just gotten their household furnishings gather** together and -wer* beginning to enjoy their home again. At Dinner in Washington. Thomas H, Rutherford, president of tha Westmoreland County Soouta, left this morning for Washington, D. C., whore ho will represent this district at the Scout dinner this evening. The dinner is being sponsored by mem- bere of the Cabinet' and representa- ttvee of tli! leading national organizations In behalf of Scouting. President Hoover will epeak. Legion Meets Tonight. The regular meeting of Thomas A. Lewellyn Post of the American Legion will be held this evening at S o'clock. Plans of the drum corps will be discussed and likely a reorganisa- tion held Tuesday at 8 o'clock for bugle*, and 8:30 o'clock for drums, J. Lowell Mtlea will be in charge of music Instruction. Fair Manager TV anted. The committee In charge of the Industrial fair, to be held at the armory tho week of April 7, John H. Gordon, John Ruth, Gilbert Stauffer, Ivan Hernley, Vincent Sois«on and Charles K. Lewie has chosen Charles Trimble as general manager. Thta fair Tvlll be froo to the public and will be open each even lug d u r i n g tho week and noesibly several afternoons. In EHSuy Contest. Thirteen students of the fclgh school ar» taking part In tho prize f6«ay contest which is being sponsored by the American Chemical Society. The funds are being provided by Mr. an-1 Mrs. G. P. Garvln of New York City as a memorial to their daughter, Patricia. The six national prlxeB are each a four year echolar- «hlp at any recognized university or college In the United States and $600 annually. The state prlzee are cix awards of $20 each. Along w i t h thia six name* will be chosen for honorary mention. The local students entered are Michael Tarello, Marvin Miller, Donald Eicher, Jeanne Baker, David Walthour, George Smoker, Irene Bailer, Ada Catherine Miller, , Ruth Fortney, Florence Stauffier, Nekia Darling, Margaret Kurtz and Dorothy Nell Reiley. Court Lainbingr to Meet. A business meeting of Court Lambing for the C. D. of A., will be held Monday evening at the St. John's School Hall. This Is the regular meeting. Country Club Luncheon. Mre. 1). T. Gilbert and Mrs. Roy Loucks are the Scottdale hoatessee and Mrs. Rosa Matthews and Mrs. Frank Davle, the Conne-llBville hostesses at the ,St. Patrick's bridge luncheon that Tvill be held at tha Pleasant Valley Country Club on Tuesday. Guild to Give Flay. The members of the Otterbeln Guild of the United Brethren Church will present a ilay entitled "Dearies.," under the direction of Miss Mildred Stoner at the church on Tuesday evening, March 11. District Meeting. An all-day meeting of the McKeee- port district of the Woman's Foreign Missionary societies will be held In the Methodist Episcopal Church on Thursday, March 13, beginning at 10 o'clock In the morning. The Woman's Missionary Society and the Jubilee Circle will eerva luncheon. Admitted to Hospital. Junior Chestnut, colored, of Kiefer- town, wae admitted Saturday to the Memorial Hospital at Mount Pleasant tor treatment. Ruffsdale RUFFSDAi/B, March 8.---Mrs. Vernon Taylot- and son of Greensburgf spent Thursday with her mo-ther, Mrs. D. Beckner. Mrs. J. Sh/rader and Mrs. Earl Loucks and son of Greens'burg spent Thursday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Denlker. Rev. C. Faust, pastor of the Christ's Reformed Church, held services each evening this week. Mrs. Julia Kepple and son cf near Youngwood were calling on relatives here recently. Cella' Kennel spent Wednesday In Frank Gangware, 40 years old, of Qree-n-sburg. Larimer, driver of the .-ar, was only Mr8 . M , Taylor of Greensburg spent slightly Injured and was taken to his home. Cyclone Hit* Brazil. BUBNOS AIRES, March 10.--It was feared many were killed and Injured and much property damaged by a heavy cyclone at Bella Vista, Corrten- tes. Communications wore disrupted and no details have been gained. llftndlte Bind Six, Clot 11,000. LONG BKAOH, Oal., March 10.--After binding the proprietor and five employes, three yegga blew open the office sate at Kllp*trick'.-i bakery aud escaped with a,bout 11,1*00, late la»t Thursday with her sister, Mrs. .T. J. Houser. ' Roy Hart of Youngwood waa a business caller here Monday. Mrs. A. R. Schaffer and son, Donald. of Scottdalo visited relatives hare on Thursday- Mr, and Mr». Arthur Young of Uniontown were visiting ihe latter's mother, Mrc. Mary Rial, who hae been 111. Mrs. J, Reed of Tarr spent Friday with her mother, Mrs, Anna BU- helmer. Mrs. Mary Kelley of junker visited her mother. Mrs, Rebecca Hous^r on Thursday. Use 4tur t:lK««itled advertisement. Value ! HE newest styta ( HOOSIER--the Tu-Tone Beauty--with 10-piece cutlery sot and 31-piece dinnerware FREE! This special introductory offer is for one week only. Cutlery and dinnerware included for price of cabinet alone. You'll admire the beautiful new; finishes -- Spring Green with Ivory, French G rey with White -- or highlighted Antique Oak. Come in tomorrow! Choose the finish that pleases you most. Five dollars Assures you immediate delivery of complete outfit. NEW HI-TONE HOOSIER BEAUTY ··with cutlery dinnerware · · FREE This IMMEDIATE DELIVERY for ONLY DOWN Complete Home* Furnishers Since 1611 happy days Many frapp y re* turns! Congr inflations! Telephone your greetings of jevery kind--it's friendlier. T E L E P H O N E CAPTAIN CARLSON NEW COMMANDER OF STATE TROOPERS Special to The Courier. GREENSBURG, March 10.--Cap-aln Albert Carlson, new , commander of Troop, State Police, arrived In Greensburg Saturday and nssui i«d command Immediately upon arrival. Captain Carleon Is ono of the original members of the Pennsylvr niu State Police force and rose from the ranks. His period o£ service. Ai tea from 1905, w,hen the force was org HJ- l*ed.. He has held his captaincy for the past eight or nine years, and iaa been stationed with G troop In'Po ta- ville; D troop in Butler and more recently was in command of the Si ate Police Training School at I^crshe; . At one. time Captain Carteo.n '.'as a flret'sergeant under Captain Thoi ias J. McLaughlln whose resignation fi om tho force was announced Satun ay, when Captain McLaughlln comman led TPOOD E at Lancaster. ALL HOME DEBATES OF D. T. AT TROTTER SCHOOL BUILDING Announcement was made today that ·all of the debates on the home floor of the Dunbar Township High School are conducted at the Trotter school auditorium Instead of at Leisenring No. 1 and the contest tonight with Dunbar Township will be held at Trotter. Similar arrangements will be continued for the entire year. Lisbon Eight-Hour Day Fails to Help Matters LISBON, March 10.--In an endeavor to provide jobs for the unemployed, the government has decided to enforce strictly the eight-hour work law promulgated in 1919. Nobody.Is allawed, nnder any circumstances, to work more than eight hours, or to work for more than, five Hear What You] See! THEATRE Hear iWhat You See! I Today--Tomorrow--Wednesday | consecutive hours. Offices may not remain open after work hours, neither may factories run overtime. Little good effect Is being noticed. In order for a-concern not to; work Its employes more than live K(|nsecu- tive hours it will close down for luncheon instead of hiring additional employes. Some concerns which need a few more employes to .;omplHe their work within the eight h o u r cluy, dismissed some of their Id em- ployes and hired more new ones, at half the wages of the forme". Anybody Who fcols encrgHic and would like to work long hours may not legally do so under any circumstances. Confluence CONFLUENCE, March 10 -- Mrs. Thomas Edward» oi Markelton was visiting with frlende in town Saturday. E. R. Beggs Is improving from ill- nces. J. II. Woodmancy of Ohlopyle was In town Saturday transacting business. Mre. Ralph VanSlckle has gone to Meyensdale to visit friends, Mrs. Bruce Treutle aud little granddaughter, Betty MacBuruey of Connellsville and Mrs. J. C. Nichols of Somerset are visitors with the two women's father, T. R. Brown. Mr. and Mre. Harry Hanna left Saturday for a visit at Somerset. , Mtes Annabell Elliott has returned f',-om a visit -with her brother, RobertV Ellllott, at Hyndman. J. C. Reed, who works at Bast Pltte- ; burg, te hi« family here. j M. K. Goller was a week-end buot*' ueaa vlaltor to Somerset last weak,

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