The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 5, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, July 5, 1918
Page 4
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""jTg ' **l --. ^ 4 , , ! ^ j t r , *?T , I ' THE DAILY COtmiEH, CONNELtSVILLE, IHEUDAT, JTJlvI a, 1915. Ji^ Batty ttrrarirr. ^,. ^~ I..".' · 1, · :-j " . ; , , ' ' ---· , ,; j . ·' ^ .-.HEfRTi!P.-Wtll*lC.~i... .v IVouader and Editor. ' ' j.. DUISCOU*. . fcfy and TMMJ" '·B«l«« 5; JOHN. 1,. GANS . : S~~. .\-. » Mlnarins Editor. ···:;. , - -,' 4- WALTER A-sirnniEi* ; ; ;·: !: .' Cltj- -Sdftor. :··_.. , · ' i"- MISS LTJ.-NE B. KESCBU* :.. Ij ' 'Soeletr Baiter. .' ·· · 55 \ · ''XEMBERS OF ?; .'.:·'. j: ' . Associated Press,"' ".'· *-··:"- ·.JAuc)lt Bureau^ ol Circulation;.... ftniwyLvanIi ".Aiiociatea -Daillea. « · - - · ' · -- ! "-. "-· .4 · ^w» cent* per- copy. We-- per; mimtn; II for year by niau if paid .In advance. littered u Record elaa»: matter ;at ttOBUT KfZKEN}, JUKI/*, IMS. ;* n Cnrter-. Onto rta* " WTLIJAK r. «B«RUAM. Ho«pttal* American Ei 7- pedltloaarT*. Franc*, ' ·; HA13-H F SUQER. · ' Ctmtmmj H, Slltk tofaatrr. JB. a. Ji.,"A..".Anwrican ;i tioitary . . HABOLD JtlCHET, ^^.^ 3Jau«ry B, IdTth Field Artillery. S»th DIvMon, U. 8. N. O.. American expeditionary^ ForetH, -France. Benjaaibt-- _ Gr»BC,TJ::». ~ 1 Compur.^It Battalion, ;·!·· : fa»try K»j4«ceTm»nt Brl- ··? (ad*. Caeav-fM. Va. : -' J : - ·::£? ~ . ' .'" - * - _L. ·luii»ely entitled to,Llt« {·publication of al 4tapatehe» credited ·Iherwlae credited in thU paper «|id also the Ivcnl new* p«- IMied herein. ;-A FIGHT Not only AmerieaKe at 'bone and ourjioldiera abroad, but onr AHIes and all jibe war-harried people* o( r :tb* Iao4* that ture .8Ulf« ed tb»j J«Ta«Ut- : inroads foil ?t£et llua btrbarlaoi, : thrilled to nev hope, inspired to a'new determination, by the-knowledge) tha". the United States, now that it IB been forced into the war, will EotfgheaJhe tbe sword until, the .one i»sue of the war--the destruction of military, "once for' all" ThaV was ' the for tie whole world, kertibte **6f President Independence Day address," delivered at the tomb of tbe man who compelled a like settlement of the 1s- sue-ta tbe days of 1776. Voicinf-the: ; 5entiment of our ova natijm and o*ir Allle.?,- and witncaeinj tieJderotloQ and singleness "ol pur- pO!«!of .both. .President Wilson de- clarid that, '"There can .be bat one issuei Tbe settlement must be Taeri can be no compromise. -So half-way dtcision. wouid be tolerable, No halt way decision is conceivable. These are the ends for which .the associated' : peoples .of the world" are' fighting- an'oV-whicH must be conceded - ; - ' ' ISt FOURTH JUT Ul'KKRATTOICll HOLIDAY. Tiere'wlirlfte'no'reciirrlBg celebration of the. Fourth of July sach ag we have "knbw'nr it·· formar ye»r». . iBe- Iin»ing yesterday it loft its character as j» ^national; liolidayJand became International holiday; For many yean; colonies of Americans domiciled in :.forei«n J 'countries have held' quiet :cel«brai)an tait ihey hare Been purely-, local.- ,in character. .Tejiteriday (tatecmen,'(Juefkls, men of affairi and tfie commpfcpebple of Biglahd^Prinee and Italy.':fludly-'and"proudly Joined withbur loldieri in'the trencbw, behind the lines, a- the supply depots, in tbe! training caiups and with the Red .Cross,'Y: M. C. A., K. pi C., and other Americans'in the most remarkable and widespread observance of our natai;day the; world has ever seen. . In addition several of the South and Centra] American countries celebrated the day with official sanction. , We need UTMrigntly understand the significance of. this general observance of the day. - ittjwas .not merely an ex hibitioh of international courtesy, o an cvideBce.of cordial and friendly re lations between tie United States an the nations that .did'us such signs honor. It" was.Vjiui»t of all. a tribut tej-tSs American Cation and jtJie'Amer can soldier/ T».;'the; nation' because true to, the principles ,it ha» consistent '"" ' ' toti^sm ItB-jfoundation, has thrown 'the'weight of Its powe and rewnirce* an the mreponderan force In the ttrugtle ajairnt mllitan- antocracy and world domination. ra. tribute tc thn Anierican sgldie IOM 'of his - ralor, gallaiitry an flaring,on the Arid* of France he ha iMitaueU more than the mate for .lie «oMlCT« ol. that army whic »··. ap«nt M y«r« in preparation t 1*fy the armlet' of half the civilized world. In rwowe«fnlne», iklll, eovr '*«· ud »11 the Qualltiei that go t make lighting men the American so tier« hare shown that they are mo* worthy IDS* of wortby forefathers wh dtKlared, and wheae dewcndanta bav ·ubfteqnentlT; -maintained, those prln cipie* of political liberty that hav made the Fourth of JoJr the greates at all day*. i It !» not surprising, but 11 i« a sourc j* pardoeotAU pride, ttiat onr natio our' fightiag men' have been- th recipients of so unusual a tribute. miifFt'Dot become vain or pnffefe np 1 comiequence;. or. awrume that w« hav done all that we need to do. Instead "we must show our appreciation b presaioc forward so resolutely ID th part w« have taken.that the i Fourth of July-.will be celebrated - In Berlin, when the German people, freei of Frmsiianlsin, their own and. liberty' last foe, will join with toe whole worl In the most Joyous oceMlon mankJiw Christ child inacgeri in Bethlehem's th low! there can; b« -peace: %irst-- Tke destruction «j every ·rJMtrary. pvwer ciiywlwn Uat cap separately, Mtretlj an* »1 its siaf le elKlce, Otatai'b tfe« acwrt of ta* w»rlcl; or, if H ea»»ot ; be prtseaUy «estrty«l, at tt*-l«Mt lt»"rfdaett«i to Tirtul Japtteiec. ?«tco»«-- Tie ; rttOtmtmi of every qvestloa, wketlier of terrl. t»ry, »f (·venlgBly, ·( ecoaomic arnDgnKBi; «r of aoIIUeal rela. tlMMMp, »ri« U» oi trw ae- eertaace,*! thai »»IU«»«aHy Uie ' acfple iMcdlately c*neeraed, aid a»t:na«'ta»l« «( tbe Material, iatrmt or a4Ta«tage of any other ·atfoa «r jieRaJe.^!?* »»y «e«lr? , » d«et«»f «'-4««*e"t:Jot tike Mkr: »l;lts"owii esterlor inRienee or "Third--The com en t of .all Ha- ·rp-' 1 Uoii to be governcrJn"(Velr GOB. Stev i»«* towards each other by the laiK principles ui -rfsjeet-w the ffinon law ol chHI»d sotietj thai govern tleJudlfMiuU tftfaens ·f «11 Modern sfaWs.ln f»*)r reU- tk*» with one uwtttetKUi'tkeirad fluff all promises end comnaneV ·rkts .(tar IK ssen'dly observed. i*:'»rfi»te'j'l*U *i cDMplradfs tofthed, » 'feDlsk Injuries wriifM wlta-liBF«Bity'a»« 1 »mu- tma¥ trwl estoklMed n*o».-tbe,~ aaiidsame lotmiattoii of « iiiHiial To«rtt--Tlie eatoblhlmgat of . n ·vgKBintton tta peace wklck ahal! mAfJteaiOm thai tie earn- Mned power of frtr MrtJ*is _wlll__ ' iivwlvi of r%kt aid the ~mtm s«e»r».,Vy alerdhtf a - deniHe M»«J of optaiM to which «H »·§«, »»b«iit aad by which etery li^crairfiMMl read- \J«stpf»t'Mi»l «»!)»»t he waleaMy · e»«cMTi*l atol-»e saneUoBetl." Oirreany cannot roisnnderstand tbjf staienttnt 'of- tfirin* ^XLO ino^re tha^TiKCi can mlronfl«T»(aHd iifl itorpose and: un*lterabTCT;*fterinln.-ition,L of the. United; Slate's ud our Allies to back np these terms. A It is » flght »nd al ««-'". to'the flBish. la,wSfch the.whole rot: our HEABT TO vTDT. Arrangement for the formal opening of the Republican campaign in Pennsylvania, will shortly be core pleted. Senator ..Willlaii E. ..Crow state chairman, will announce the several committees within a few day and the time :.and .place for the for mal notincatlon of the'candidates wll be decided upon. Unlike th* p*tnocr«(ic state organ ization, which hs denied Its candi date the, time-honored right of nam ng a campaign manager and other wise indicating his wishes, the Republican committee will leave to Sen ator William C. Sprotil, the Republi can candidate, and Senator Edward E. BeWelznan, his running mate for lieutenant governor, the selection o the place for formal opening of the campaign.] ' Chairman' drow proposes to make the notification meeting a grand rally of Pennsylvania Republicans at which all the fore** of the party may attend nnd aflsist in arranging for campaign work. This gathering will follow to none .extent the example set by the tccent meeting of the Republican state committed when all differences between^the separated elements were barmoniiea. The result will; W that the party will go into the state eon- test with -a united front and with every member and worker determined to.roll up the bi(tjest majorities ever recorded In the' hwtory of the "imperial Republican . Commonwealth." ;-?The battle cry wfll'te "win the war" by compelling efficiency, economy and haste in our preparation for the straggle ahead of us and by bringing every voter to know that he has an important,.part In achieving; success of .^il^l^ greatest,'of .all 'Sur under- Tfte Anst.railans aerrt a giant craclc- er thrcmifh 1 ' the-Hun ranks yesterday lost tofftt them-*itou- thatf ttiey'wcrc ha.vinfr^i' .lit. tie-celeb ration of .American Independen:e Day'.Vall. of : their own. Wllll ailt'.'Kafier. 'i.undirstahd what ".'A reiBn'^f^TAW.-bawed/on 1 the '·.consent of the -tfeTert:ed-an r l.su8taled by'the will be Not nOTrf-^rpeihapsjT.^Ht^ne^.will 'know ·efore.- auppiijr ,:Fo.orth,.;:o£.:Julr rolls around which, by the way, celebrated! in Berlin. ... . . - .by l . . i l l be IrlTen-to,the;MijiUjj;-wl«)t_» rcilstleinwii.' Gennajry ; «*nnot ; wift- stajll. A neirhbor'i house was bumlnr down; fury wais Intense; ., ' Th*-~flam«s went spitting, towards the ally,: tb« clonda. . of amok*...were dense,---. . ' · ran to share the fight, but 'iine 'looked^down th« .street, And said: "Mr-~ suppers ready, now, and 1/11 and eat." .'. ·me wer)i1 l» nnw, abliie with bate. ,t:-''th"c ski**, wjflr'nre af.e'red;-';.'-.... The^flelo^' of Frimce .today 'are strewn "' · v~wltK.yyouniF. 1 an'd. roanly deadr:..^ .·'· "Xna^T'ipt^T^^eard /.aVnwin complain- that "i he waa aalcejS 'to. eat . ·' - ·;-.:";·."" fits" 'ahar* -of sacrificial bread tb^Blve ·' tlMr-w*)rriors; wheat. ' . .-.^i:'''.-"'^ And. !· Have 'heard 'a man: demdr,:. wh'eii . called, upon-to .-aid,, : ' V : . ' . That it would Interfere with aoine-pet' iure-plan. he'd.raade-^ '-· ':.-· heard »n*.aa-y,- la tfm*']tk*"tbiii,- wltti an'."th*-world at BTip;-4;"--. . Tliat h«-i,would,-i'net deny MraMtf a almple. nahlni; 4rip! -···· : ;\*--'-';:r'--.-\ Oh, P*tty · imen. ' torcet ytMTMlre*! There is a lot of special hfct veather raiment in our stores for the July demand. Don't wait, until the last day, buy now what you need and benefit by the savings offered. The prices may not be possible again for a long time. Men's clothing, boys' clothing, women's, misses', and children's clothing, of every description; cool* hot weather, July specials. Many of them, are a class of goods that we will not be able to duplicate on; perhaps we will not be-able to get them again for years. 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