The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 15, 1939 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 15, 1939
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15, 1939 1H.1S DAILY , UUNfS]jI-iL.SVIijljJS, FA fAGE NINE The Daily Courier Pattern MAKE A NEW PANELLED FROCK! PATTERN 9004 nere s the front-fulness silhouette dial the most up-to-date young women arc adopting and Maiian Martin gives it a very liesh, new glamour n Pattcin 9004' Another point--it s made quickly and easily foi theie aic few and the Sew Chart directions aie leally helpful There are only two pattern pal ts to the front with the soft panel held )n by a mi row belt or coisolet gndle If you uant a paiticulaily d ,-imatic eftect have the panel in plain color with the frock in i gay print (It is equally chic in the same color anc fibuc as tlie rest of the dress') The pretty sleeves may have their puff caught into a sla'h--01 they miy be open Pattern 0004 ma be ordered only in misse' and women s sizes 1*1, 16 18, 20, 32, 34, 38 and 40 Size 16 requites 4% yards 39 inch fabric and 1 3-8 yaids ruffling Send FIFTEEN CENTS in coins for this MABIArv MARTIN pattern Be sure to unte plainly your SIZE NAME, ADDRESS, and STYLE NUMBER Send today for the vuy popular MAWAN MARTIN B O O K OF SPRING PATTERNS' 'iou a n s o h e ALL your spiing sewing problems as you look it over from cover to cover Every style is flattenng and easy to stitch, whether tor -m!dren juniors, misses or matron^ The granc choice stresses paitly favorites, brida attire all-occasion flocks, sand-and- Bea cloths . with Budget Ideas highlighted' BOOK FIFTEEN CE~I1S PATTERN FIFTEEN CENTS BOO!' AND PATTERN T O G L T H E H TWENTY-FIVE CENTS Send your oidei to The Daily Counei, Pattern Depaitment, 23.J W 18th St, New Yoik, N Y You're Telling Me -- By BILL BRAUCHEK War is like a Saturday night spree When it's over everj one has a headache--and no money ' 1 ' Appears as though General Franco won't mafce much of a dictator Recent photos show he hasn t been able to work up c\en a second jrrndo scon! T T The eun is losing iia red color, say astronomers Getting pale over what't going m arouna here, no doubt ' ! 1 Don't blame the wife if she wants to take a vacation tap this spring The new frocks dcsigneis report feature gypsy Colors and design. ' ' I A rclurninff explorer claims to wvo found the "happiest village vi Ac tyorW in a South American na~ 4t)c town. iMost amazing fact is 'hat all the inhabitants arc i elated 'o each oiho i i f Chicago husband, missing for 35 7earo, returns and then disappears igain Maybe he came back foi him tootrbrusli. _ £-6 NOAH-"WHEN A MANCS HAIR WAVES SCOP-3YEI, IS IT A PERMANENT WAVE "» NOAH-WIUU THE. cucuA^BEJ^s Be LONE- SOME-, IF TV VINESAKL LOSES ITS NOAH=CAN --Y "? W « JOE PALOOKA A Quick Call. By Ham Fisher "" HEUUO-XMISS HOWE--I b6TTA~')~ YES THIS L FIND MR.WALSH ER -4~ IS MISS \MR.PALOOKA QUICK- HOWE. ) ·»--^.i D'RESTRUNT'S 3E I CAN'T ., . ._ .' NOBUDDY [(/WHERE DEY ARE. DIS HERE'S SHRIMP-- D'YA KNOW WHO X AM-- I GOTTA SEE RIGHT AWAY -FAST--- OHHHH--YES--YES - -- WE CAN'T REACH THEM---THEY'RE AWAY--MAY X SEE YOU --PLEASE --YOU CAM TRUST ME. I KNOW WHAT IT'S ABOUT. W--E--L- Lr GUESS " MEBEE I KIN -AM' WEBBE I M A SAP PER TRUST1N' A TWIST-- T GUESS MEBbt I VS^ON'T-- I _ I SWE TRUST OUR H ,_. YOU KNOW ANYTHING MB SO X CAN INFORM THEM BARNEY GOOGLE and SNUFFY SMITH A "Friendly" Act. By Billy DeBeck RADIO PATROL By Eddie Sullivan and Charlie Schmidt GOOOX - ^S^'- ME V«0\W SV\E V S OT 5CWS f\^' SCTOS WK7TM\ I 1919 K m Ttui « Svod e»le 1 OH, I'M SO SORRY ftBOUT THE \N1NDOW WAS VERY CLUMSY OF ME WELL , vwm DO YOU BIRDS WANT JUST KIDS Faint Heart c^e TVon n Lady Fnlr. By Ad Carter MARJ'RY JONES IS WRITIMS HER AUTOBIOGRAPHY AN' IN IT SHE'S SONS TO MARRY THE HEAD OF THE NAVY- AN ADMIRAL BUT-MY BO/-THE HEAD OF THE NAVY IS NOT THE ADMIRAL--TKE SECRETARV OF THE NAVY IS OVER HIM AND THE PRESIDENT IS THE COMMANDER-IN- CHIEF OF THE ARMY AND NAVY USTEN-MARJ'RY-HOW WOULD YOU UKE TO KNOW TWAT THE ADMIRAL IS NOT THE HEAD OF THE NAVY-THE TOP MAN IS THE SECRETARY OF THE NAVY AN THATS WHAT I'VE DECIDED TO BE HEY- MARd'RY! MUGGS McGINNIS By Wally Bishop HA 1 HA 1 LOOK AT THAT HE. VAMKED TMC3SE MAILS RieHT OUT WITH HIS TEETH It 500O OL'ROCk: 1 .' ATT LAST ' TO EAT IN THIS BOX BUT WE'VE NO w^y TO PULL THE NAILS OUT OR PRY ITOPEN" ........ TATA 1 AWPUL. I VE GOT TO EAT SOWE- THING SOOM» ·WERE OUT CLOWN^ \ n i : SOOa AT'S HOUSE 'K^'NO - H£'S AHOFtt-ttSHWM-,..^ ARMED-WE UL. TIM TYLER'S LUCK A Couple ot Groundhogs Dig Tlicmsfibos Out. By Lym Young TAKE MV \OUHSSTeRS TO OUD MAM DAIX'S 100 DAT, IvttSTAH RADDY THEMTHERE BoR _ _ j - ~ ; f "BCRF5OWTWO OF HIS HOiSSES AND RIDE BACK TO BEI-HUD THE FOLIA BIG SISTER By Les Forgrave TM-EP.-7 HONEY YOU JOS PERHAPS ID/ RUM 'LOMG TO OS M^lJ3 "CO - / PRONiT ROOtvl TAKE VT EA^V. VF I VJEEOS VO HEL.P VAOL.USR.' IS MORE OF coosisj eosl Vvl^O ' ME 1 (v^v VE-S, BOT- X MEAN VJHAT AR.H OOli-iG HERE MV GOODKHSS' / \NMO AWE YOU 0 i VMHAT DOES INS HER- KVTCHEN BUT--

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